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Hot ass sexOh yes, 2 sexy little bimbo bitches playing outside and ready to be fucked. Look at this whores tight little ass pipe about to be stretched out over this dildo. I love using stupid whores like the sex toys they were made to be. It just makes my cunt so wet and ready to be used by a big cock. Do you like two slutty bisexual whores fucking each others holes for your entertainment? Well, looks like you should call me then so I can tell you all the things I do to my friends pretty fuck holes. I am sure we would be your favorite set of sluts to fuck and use all night. Just promise you will fill our ass holes with your load when you are ready to blow though! He-he, I will be waiting for you!

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Being a sexy barbie slut, I went on Foot Fetish Phone Sex to have my pretty feet worshiped. “Yes, I want you to suck my toes” I told him as he was on his way to my place. As soon as I opened the door, he was on his feet kissing my slippers. “Crawl and follow me to my room”. I laughed as you followed me on your knees. “You are kind of pathetic and should be lucky i let you see me” I laugh. As I sit on my chair, I start to wiggle my toes on your face.

That mouth of yours is already drooling. Before we start you need to clean my feet with warm water. You will be drinking my feet water, so we don’t use any soap, just a bit of honey. Once we are done you drink down some of my feet bath water. “Kiss my feet now you little pervy man”. “Tell me how lucky you are” “I’m so lucky to be around you and to let me kiss your feet” you respond.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Then I stuff your mouth with my sweet pretty toes, and I even wiggle back trying to kick your tonsils. “Your cocky is hard isn’t?” I ask you. Then you nod and beg to pull your cock out. “Fine but you will also like my Wet bald pussy”. I bend over and make you lick my pussy, and you stroke that cock on my pretty feet. I fuck your face with my pussy, and it feels so good. Finally, I start squirting on your face and you are pumping your semen on my feet. “Now rub that cummy lotion into my skin”. It has always kept my feet soft and pretty.

Phone Sex Freak Shares BDK’s BBC With Sexy Mommy

Big Daddy King Always Makes Me Crave BBC Phone Sex

Big Daddy King paid a visit to one of his favorite phone sex barbies. Millionaire Daddy just came back from a very busy few weeks. You know BDK is always jet setting to grow his empire and find more horny snow bunnies to add to the harem. The Black New World Order needs as many white sluts as possible and Big Daddy King takes his job very seriously. He is making sure his name is synonymous with huge black dick.

One of his latest trips was to Jamaica. Daddy was hosting a party at the sexiest resort on the planet, Hedonism II. Big Daddy King was the man of the hour. He’s the man in any room he walks in to, but this was an extra special occasion. They opened a brand new wing in his honor. Even more groupies flocked to BDK and that huge anaconda he swings around. 

Guided Masturbation with Daddy Made Me Cum All Over My Hands

Daddy didn’t forget about his girls at home. He even sent us videos of that thick black dick railing tight white cunt. He gave me a call and we watched it together. Guided masturbation with the king of all kings is extremely sexy. I watched the video of him fucking that cute little whore and slid my hands into my custom made thong. I slid my fingers into my tight pussy, wishing it was his cock instead. His voice and seeing his cock, was enough to make my legs shake like he was there fucking me. 

Seeing Anaconda in action makes me remember why I submitted to the BNWO. That thick, throbbing black dick is hypnotizing while it’s sliding into a young bald pussy. Getting coated in wet cunt juices and getting milked by her tight slippery walls. He made her squirt all over his dick. I wanted to suck his cock clean so bad. I was so jealous. But I still came to the video he sent me 4x while he was out on vacation.  

The other girls that worship Big Daddy King loved the video too. It made all of us miss Daddy’s huge cock being inside of us. So of course, Daddy stopped over on the west coast to check on his needy little snow bunnies. All of his whores were excited. But I got a special visit. I’ve made it extremely obvious how much I crave Big Daddy King’s approval and attention. So I did all the things that drives BDK wild. 

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My Young Bald Pussy Was Begging for Big Daddy King’s Anaconda

I couldn’t even wait for the man to settle in. I was on my knees in my BDK bedazzled thong immediately. While he’s telling me about all the hot sluts he fucked on vacation, I’m reminding him why he made me his new favorite toy. My mouth, pussy and ass are always for BDK’s use. He is the Supreme Being. The rightful leader of the Black New World Order. The one and only Big Daddy King. How could I ever say no to him. 

We had even more fun than usual on his last visit. He thought I should invite my mom over to finally meet Big Daddy King. We look so much alike. Blonde hair, perky tits, and a fat white ass. Aka exactly Big Daddy King’s type. My pussy flooded watching her gasp when she pulled down his compression shorts for the first time. That meaty cock is so fucking impressive. I know it made her insides ache to be filled. 

Mommy and I Share the Biggest Cum Shot from the Biggest Dick

We both shared the Supreme Being’s anaconda. He had two identical barbie sluts licking and sucking his cock. Fighting over who got to slide the majority of it into our mouths. All you pathetic white dicks have been imagining mommy/daughter play like this. But only a BBC deserves that type of treatment. I got to watch his superior cock slide into her Milf pussy and the way she gripped his meat. Watching her get fucked was like watching me take his cock. I loved every minute of it. She was converting to black dick as soon as she came all over his cock.

I played with my pussy like a horny little bimbo. I couldn’t wait for my turn. It was so worth the wait. Feeling such a huge dick push it’s way into my pink twat felt like heaven and hell at the same time. I didn’t know if I could take so much dick at once. But I still wanted him to force every inch of his cock inside of me.

I begged to be fucked like the dirty slut that I am. And if there is one thing you can count on Big Daddy King for, it’s balls-deep hardcore ass fucking. I felt like I was going to cry when my legs started shaking. And then I could feel it. His thick cock twitched inside of me and I could feel his load exploding inside if me. Filling me completely. I swear big Daddy King not only has the biggest cock, but the biggest cum shot ever. I’m so lucky to be one of his toys.

Phone Sex Babe Glenda Loves Masturbating with Callers

phone sexPhone sex babes love to get off with our callers. I know I do. Even though I did earn a college degree, I prefer to work in the adult industry. My friends constantly tell me that I am wasting my potential. I love them, but I am where I want to be. They cannot rub one out on the job, but I can. In fact, I get paid to let men hear me masturbate. Best job ever, right?

Last night I did a marathon masturbation session with a guy too. When he called me, he said he would jack off, but he mostly wanted to hear me play with my pussy. I thought to myself even if he did not want to hear my pussy, I still planned to masturbate. Some guys do not care if I cum or not. But that does not mean I do not still masturbate. Perhaps, I do not get off on every call. Some guys do not turn me on.

mutual masturbation pornNow, I know what you are thinking. “Do I turn her on?”  You do not need to be the biggest cock in the world. Nor do you need to be the best-looking guy around. Since I am not really fucking you, looks and cock size do not matter much. I just do not get into body shaming calls. Mutual masturbation porn requires you to think I am hot. Since I am not submissive and I make it clear that I love being a sexy bbw, I do not get the body shaming guys thankfully.

I was happy to know that my caller who wanted to hear my pussy purr for him appreciated everything I had to offer. Not a body shamer. Just a horny man who enjoys a woman cumming a few times before he even comes once. I shared with him how I like to touch myself. And I even told him how to stroke his cock for me. Not only do I love rubbing my pussy for men, I enjoy guided masturbation calls too. I came about a dozen times before he even came once. It felt amazing too.

My friends can tell me I am wasting my potential all they want. But I know when I hear a man cum hardly on the other end, I am doing the Lord’s work. I bet you agree too.

Spreading My Cunt By The Pool

Bent over with my pretty wet bald cunt spread out by the pool is my favorite. I am obsessed with all the stares from everyone as they watch me be a desperate attention seeking whore. I can’t help but want to be fucked in every hole. I mean look how pretty my cunt and ass hole is as I wait for a cock to plow me. Being pounded out in public while people watch has recently been something that has really turned me on. Especially by the pool in my complex; theres so many sexy guys with their GF’s just watching me. They are just waiting for someone to have the balls to come use me right on this chair like the fleshlight I am so desperate to be. So why not call me so I can make you cum while I sit back and  relax while I rub my cunt for everyone! I bet I can make you cum so hard to thought of my whore body milking you dry!wet bald pussy

Guided masturbation instructions by a hormonal Hot teen slut

Guided masturbationI sent my Naked teen pictures to a reg of mine,  he couldn’t believe it was me… My nudes were exposed in 9th grade, someone got ahold of them and created a Myspace account using my nudes with my phone number below every pic. I couldn’t change my phone number, my parents would have freaked if they ever knew I got myself into that sort of trouble.

Oh, Ashley and I dreamt of becoming Playboy bunnies; we posed nude and took some hot shots of one another…

After all, we did go viral, and that’s where we got the naughty idea to start an ad on Craigslist offering a “Babysitter” service. Whenever we got a response from a Daddy, we would respond with Guided masturbation instructions with nudes attached of Ashley and I scissoring. The word got out, Ashley and I got pretty popular. We started setting up dates with guys and meeting them at upscale hotels.

Eventually, we were being flown cross country just to suck a set of old saggy balls. Rich men love young pussy! Guys would pay us a lot to keep our mouths shut. It makes my pussy so hot when men are into crotch goblins. It brings back so many hot memories of when I was a Hot teen slut and would get my Young bald pussy mounted by older perverts. Older men have paid me just to lick my teen-tender pussy lips. 

Biggest cum shot with CBT and My ass hole

Biggest cum shot

Biggest cum shot expert Alanza wants to drain your balls empty, repeatedly. Let me stop you before you even think that I give a shit about your pleasure. This post is all about cock and ball torture in order for me to get the biggest cumshot you’ve ever had.

That’s right making your dick feel good doesn’t always result and your biggest ejaculation. Have to come to me looking for the most coming you’ve ever had be prepared to give yourself a little pain twatwadd! By the time I’m through with you, you’re going to have this big cum bubble and you’re going to be begging for me to let you lose it all over the place.

Edge play to get your biggest load

Make sure you have a nice warm towel to make your balls a cock feel better and to clean up your fucking mess. Pain Slut Phone Sex Express pulling in the station. Speaking of pain whores I find that military men love to get the most pain for some reason.

And when an officer came to see me I knew right away that he would be my cock ring punishment. A little backstory on my military man is needed. He hasn’t blown a load and many months. Things are backed up deep into this prostate. I found out that he can only get his dick hard enough to get the job done and squeeze out a little squirt.

And at first, I’m able to get him nice and throbby and thick now he’s focused and he’s driven but still he just has a dribbling cock. So I take out three cock rings each smaller than a thirst trying to get into that perfect erection that is past the point of swollen.

You know, that kind of cock that will fuck the shit out of you in a heartbeat because it’s so painfully erect! The tighter and tighter the bands go on his balls! Seems the more he begs for me to let him release. But I’m not done yet I take on a vibrating dual ring and I put it right over his cock head that is pulsating and flowing down like a nice water faucet.

Cock rings and ass make you blow the most

And when the time’s right I back my ass up onto his fucking dick. Teasing it with my pink Polly pocket little asshole. My military man cries out and begins to spurt! I pop my asshole off real fast and turn around! It is so fun to start slapping the shit out of his cock. And that is how I get the fucking biggest and longest cumshot of that military man’s career! 

Hot Phonesex is the Best a Man with a Small Dick Can Hope For

hot phonesexI love hot phonesex calls. What job lets you lie naked in bed all day while making money? Yesterday, I never put on clothes. I can be lazy with this kind of job, LOL. However, I found it hard to be lazy when the phone kept ringing. That is not a complaint. I love talking dirty all day. I enjoy helping men masturbate. Masturbation is a gift we give ourselves. Helping men cum all day is a gift to me too. Nothing compares to knowing you are the reason a guy busted a nut.

My last call last night was a long one. The caller required some guided masturbation techniques. My caller claimed to be a virgin still. Hard to believe, but when he sent me a picture of himself naked, it became easier to accept that he was telling the truth. The guy did not have a dick. Sure, there was a little lump between his legs. But that was a clit not a dick.

He confessed that he dates women. However, once those women see him naked, they make up an excuse as to why they cannot fuck him. Not me. I told him the truth. His small dick is too small for any woman. Not even a big wallet and a great personality can compensate for a dick that small. Although having a small dick does not mean you never deserve to cum. It just means you do not deserve to fuck women.

Honestly, I felt sorry for him. He seemed like a nice guy. But that small of a cock is like a death sentence. Women need something they can feel. This guy’s cock was so small it would disappoint a flesh light, LOL. Well, he got to cum. And cum with a sexy babe who’d never fuck him. Small dick? Not a problem for phone sex. Although a sexy phone babe may not fuck you, she can still make you cum. A phone bone is likely the only bone small dick wonders can get.

Footjobs Make You Squirt

Foot Fetish Phone SexHave you ever notice how beautiful my feet are? From my heels, to the arch, all the way to my toes my feet look gorgeous. Come over here and kiss my toes. Get on your hands and knees and worship my toes. Show some respect to the feet of your dreams. Now, I want to have some fun with you. Pull your pants down and take out your cock. Use some lube and jerk off to my feet. You do want to cover my long toes and perfect arches with your cum, don’t you? Pump your dick hard, emptying your balls out on my pretty feet. I can see your cock quivering in anticipation. Why don’t you let me take over? I’ll rub your cock and balls with my feet, giving you a sensual foot job. I’ll use one foot to rub the head of  your cock while the other one explores the entire length of your cock. I see that you can barely contain your cum. Don’t torture yourself. Squirt your cum right on my toes.

Beat Your Dicklet to Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sex

Look at your useless pathetic cock. You must love cuckolding phone sex, don’t you? A girl like me would never pay attention to your pathetic little dicklet. But that won’t stop you from begging for it. That’s why you pay me to talk to you. To remind you what women actually sound like. This is the closest you’ll get to female attention. Someone you pay to pay attention to you and your ‘needs’. Even still you are extremely lucky. Letting you hear my voice while you tickle your throbbing clitty is a fucking blessing. It doesn’t matter what I say, does it? I can talk about how fucking weak your little prick is, or how I would never touch you and you’d love it. But what really makes you beg is knowing that I do fuck bigger and better cocks. That every night I’m being carried away by a tall stud with a massive cock. That I have no problem getting on my knees and worshiping him with my lips and tongues. That I take every inch of him down my throat until I’m a sloppy slutty mess. Then I bend over and let him use me like his little toy. He impales me on that mandingo dick and makes me scream for him. And all you can do is stroke that pathetic excuse for a penis. Sweaty and alone.