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Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy For You

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. That is a perk of the job, right? None of my friends can whip out a dildo and toy with their bald kitty at work. I am double lucky. I can masturbate at my phone job and my stripper job. I masturbate a lot too. Yesterday, I came 32 times. I counted. Not sure it is my record, but it is up there as the most cums in a day for me. I had worked the last shift at the club and a guy had me in the VIP room masturbating with him. I gave him some guided masturbation techniques. I love telling men how to stroke their cocks for me on the phone, but when I get to do it in person? Well, my little bald kitty is dripping in excitement. This guy did not have the biggest cock in the world, but it was not small either. Plus, this man was so nice. Much older than me. He told me he has not had a boner in over a year following heart surgery. He is a widow with no special lady in his life. He decided to come to a strip club to see if he could still get an erection. He had his first wood in over a year seeing me strip to Aerosmith’s Crazy.  I was happy for him. I give guys boners all the time. That literally is my job. But this felt special because it was special. He got the VIP room so I could give him some release. I would have fucked the old guy, but he is still loyal to his deceased wife. I almost cried hearing him talk about her. She was a busty blonde too. We masturbated for about 30 minutes together before I got his cum shot on tits. I love making men cum, but this was a cum I will never forget.

Moist Mistress

Big Tit Fucking

It’s been at least a month since I’ve seen Michael, he’s been having some issues with his girlfriend- no matter how I’ve tried to help she refuses to fix anything. A woman can’t always expect a man to stay faithful coming at his neck 24/7. So I let him cum down mine hehehe. Gosh how much I’ve missed him! He walks with such confidence and he uses his cock in such a sensual way, I beg for more. The thickness he holds, how smooth it feels wrapping my tongue all around that rod, feeling it pulse as I suck and twirl my mouth up and down to his balls. Licking between each nut than slurping them into my mouth while stroking his cock. Mmmm I love gliding my tits around his dick too, watching his eyes roll back as he calls my name. I could care less if she even found out because I know she can’t take care of him how I can. He picks me up, puts me onto his counter and kisses me like he’s in love all over again. Eats my moist pussy like the dessert he’s been waiting for. I have him sit down and I slide on top of him- slow strokes, making sure he feels ever motion he’s been missing. He turns me around and continues to kiss me as my hips move to the rhythm of his playlist in the background. Oh I can feel him coming close because I am too. Without pulling it out he bends me over and fills my cunt with all his sticky seeds. Gosh how I still crave and miss him-but I was proud that I could be his safe haven for all the times he would need.

Mommy Fucks Youngster

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex

I fucked my daughter’s tight little pussy last night. Eating and fucking her tight black pussy always turns me on so much. The way her small mouth sucks on my wet pussy makes me cum so hard too. I think it’s important that as I mom I teach my daughter how to properly please a man or woman. When she grows up, she must find her place in the sexual world, and that’s being a filthy whore like her mama that all the men and women brag about. Every day after she gets off the school bus from her school, I make sure I put her in the bath with her rubber duckies, clean her up nice and good. After, I take her to my room and make sure that small pussy of hers is ready for me. For her very young age she is learning so quickly. I love to demonstrate sometimes for her to show her how it’s really done. I eat and finger that little pussy of hers. Her little body shakes uncontrollably when she cums. Every other weekend I make all my sisters, her aunts, come over and she eat and finger fuck each of our pussies until we all cum. My daughter is the youngest but best pussy eaters in the family. We all take pride in training out little ones early. It’s a family tradition.

Panty Soaking Coed Fun!

Cheap Phone Sex

I got fucked with my panties on all over my dorm room bed while my roommate was sleeping! I brought a guy home with me from the bar last week after drinking on St. Patty’s day, he was a tall red haired sexy senior who was also in my advanced class. He cuddled with me in bed as we made out drunk and high as fuck. As my roommate was falling asleep he began to play with my pussy, pushing my panties aside to feel my tight holes. He finger fucked me until I came all over his fingers, god it felt so good already I just wanted to ride his cock! He surprised me pinning me down and pushing his dick into my slippery wet cunt with my panties still on. Feeling the material of my panties rubbing against my clit as he pounded me was so fucking hot! He flipped me over so I was bouncing on top of him, riding his thick cock, I squirted all over my panties soaking them completely as he unleashed a hot load of cum in my cunt.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Birthday Bash

When you are invited to a cum slut phone sex whores Birthday bash, expect the kinkiest of fun. As my slutkin was about to get another year older, it meant allowing her some say. I decided to let her have her kind of party. Her first words were Lots of pervert batter for the cake! I laughed at her and knew just what to do. She wanted two parties. The first one is a little secret party and I invited about twenty of our favorite men. We had a special kind of dress code for this party, Naked!

Yep my slutkin and I naked and all the pervert men too! We decided it would be a cake batter milking extravaganza! I was not going to deny her the pervert batter for the cake and we set up a nice big glass bowl to collect as much cum as we could from these men. When she saw how little cum produced by each guy in the bowl she decided she need four times as much!

I told her she would have to figure that part out. She went to each of the guys and told them to text 4 friends for sperm donations! I could not help but laugh about all of this! But this was her desire! We made a white cake with white frosting and you guessed it there was a special ingredient that she was going to really enjoy watching all of her school friends and the neighborhood milfs eat that up! I know these guys deserve a little compensation for their supplies. We certainly took care of them and filmed the cake being prepared and recorded the milfs and girls devouring it! Will you help make the ice cream?

Cum slut phone sex

Hot Squirting Pussy

My hand snaked through his hair, and it only seemed to make him hornier. He was eating my cunt up to cloud nine, licking my golden lips up and fucking down. That good little boy spread my pretty lips apart so all my sweet nectar could flow from my pussy hole.He licked all the way down my slit, pressing his tongue into my dirty ass and then slowly winding it back up; taking the time to explore my cunt before reaching my little clitty bean once again. My lover started flicking his eager tongue back and forth until he again reached my sensitive little button.I was moaning because like any little slut I love to have my cunt eaten. He gently blew on my clit and kissed her. Back down he went, into that untamed pussy jungle and spreading that crevice wider, tasting every drop of juiciness I was leaking for him. Back up he came as I was getting ready to, reaching that rosebud of mine again. He opened his mouth and closed his lips completely around my button, and I nearly fucking squirted. He bit my clit, just a little bite and then started licking and making little circles around it and I was so close to squirting. That’s when he pulled away with a smile, and let me edge down for the fifth time. I was so desperate to cum, I told him I’d do anything. “Anything?” He grinned evilly.

Hot squirting pussy

Tease and Denial Phone Sex Fun

Tease & Denial Phone SexDo you like to play games?  I have one to play with you that is lots of fun.  It is called Tease & Denial and it is always a good time if you are into that kind of things.  It you like a mind fuck more than a regular fuck than I am your girl.   It starts out slow with a Sensual Domination role play that gets the party going.  If you like to let go and embrace that little sissy come out and play in a safe space while you let me drive for awhile.  I promise to always play safe and we will definitely go at your pace. 

Once you feel comfortable in your sissy space we move onto more tease & denial games like cuckolding.  Cuckolding is where the voyeur in your comes out and you get your kicks off of watching someone else take care of my needs while you hide in the closet and watch while a real man and not a little Sissy like you takes care of my sexual needs.  If you are a good little sissy I might end the night with guided masturbation if you prove that you are worthy.   Are you ready for some tease and denial fun tonight? 

Serious Squirt Session

Squirting Phone Sex


I got a new toy in the mail yesterday and have been on a squirting extravaganza ever since!  I’ve barely given it a break for a single minute and now everything in my house is soaking wet from my hot pussy juice.  I’m not fucking joking, I’ve sprayed everything in the place with my cunt cream and I could not be fucking happier about it.

I’ve gotten so dehydrated because of that magnificent mail order man substitute that I had to start drinking water while I’m playing with myself just so I could keep up.  I want to make everything moist with my mommy juice so, even when I’m fucking the hell out of myself, I have to make sure my pussy is primed and ready to shoot at all times.

I like to use a pussy pump to make my snatch extra swollen, plump and pressurized so I can see the jets of silky slit syrup surging from between my swollen flap meat.  It’s a perfect pairing with my newest fake fuck stick, just what this squirting slut needs to really make my gash gush and cover everything in my sticky goo.


Shemale Phone Sex and Edging

shemale phone sex

In the mood for some sexy shemale phone sex?  My dick is always hard. It makes some of my fellow T-girls jelly that I can get so stiff many times a day. I take hormones and they can give some trannies dick issues, but not me. I have great edging techniques too. I will edge my pretty cock for a solid hour or so and not allow myself to cum too quickly. I like to save my biggest loads for your ass and mouth! Some of my fellow sexy shemales beat off nonstop. I am now the best of both worlds. Although I have a cock, I think and act like a lady. That means I have some self-control when it comes to jacking off. I enjoy guided masturbation. I help men I fuck and men I talk to on the phone last longer. No one likes a limp dick, not even a sexy shemale. But here is the deal. Most dick issues are related to misuse, LOL. Sure, age and health are a factor, but if you are a healthy man, you should be able to cum a few times a day at least. When I was a horny teen boy, I jerked my dick raw and drained every drop many times a day. The key is edging. Give yourself pleasure longer and hold off on the cum shot. Stroke then stop. Let that cum build up in your balls so you can have the biggest cum shot when you need to. Trust me. When my sexy shemale cock is pounding your asshole, you will want to shoot your load across the room. If you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, let a sexy shemale help you edge. I know how to drain every last drop of cum from your balls.

I’m addicted to wet bald pussy!

wet bald pussy

I bet you enjoy my hot pics with all my sexy friends. I love wet bald pussy, and I wasn’t always bi. I was too insecure about sharing my man with another girl. After much consideration after hearing my then-boyfriend beg me to let us have a threesome, I caved. Now all I want is cunts. Don’t fret. I enjoy cocks still, but there’s something about turning a friend into a whore that has me wanting to do it all the time.

The truth is that girls know how to have fun. After all, My sweet pussy hole deserves all cunts and cocks in this green earth. I’m ready to explore, and that shows very fast. I’m all in for some dirty escapades. 
I love to rub pussies. They are so warm and feel so good. I let my ex-boyfriend talk me into a threesome that got me into fucking girls and letting men watch. It’s a sort of domination to have a man watch as you please and get please by women. Its power and control. 
When my ex watched me and my friend candace have our fun, he couldn’t hold back and ended up exploding everywhere. It felt so lovely to see him struggle. He couldn’t finish the job. All he could be sitting there like he was useless. Candace and I were in our world. My ex had the biggest cum shot ever splurt out, and all I could think about was how come I had never dipped in the lady pond sooner. 
From then on, we ditched him and moved on to a man packing down under, and I am happy.
When you have two girls, you better satisfy both of them, and if you can’t, you will be dropped. Ever since then, Candace and I have kept our hot new bond. Sadly different schools kept us apart, but we still always get together whenever the other one Is in town, and you know me, I must find the same kind of vibe elsewhere, so I found my hottie friend Rosie and she another hot blonde. I got a type.

biggest cum shot

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