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Guided Masturbation, JOI, CEI and Prostate Fun with a Sexy T-Girl

guided masturbationGuided masturbation with a sexy shemale is a unique experience. Sure, any naturally born woman can tell you how to stroke your cock, but she does not have a cock or a prostate so she cannot know 100% what it feels like to stroke a cock or play with the asshole. I have been stroking my cock since I was a teen boy. I have been playing with my ass since I was not much older than that. The only masculine thing about me is my ten-inch cock. I love helping guys with jerk off techniques and cum eating instructions too. I believe in cleaning up any mess you make. I love to combine JOI and CEI with prostate phone sex. Most women cannot find the prostate with a GPS, but I can. I find that spot all the time with my big cock, long fingers or even a sex toy. I have a few regulars who only call me for prostate play. One of my regulars called me last night with his new Lovense toy. Do you know what that is? It is a prostate vibrator that I can control. When you get it in the mail, you get instructions on how to set up the remote control online You send me your link in an email or an instant message and while we cyber or phone fuck, I can control the speed and intensity of your anal toy. I have one for myself too. Now, do not get any ideas. I do not let men control me. That is because I am a dominant tranny phone sex woman. I am all about being in charge of your ass and your orgasms. Sure, I jack off too with you. But this dominant T-girl wants to help you control your orgasms, eat your cum and have the hardest cum that only a prostate massage can give you.

Let Me Give You JOI Tonight!

Guided MasturbationI can’t wait for you to call me tonight so I can give you jack off instructions! Being a kinky fantasy fuck doll makes me crave cock all the time, I love telling men what to do with their hard meat. If you call me for jack off instructions, know that I am waiting with my pussy throbbing and wet for you. I’m so horny from hearing you stroke your cock; I’ll be finger fucking my tight little twat as I tell you just how to jack it. I want to hear you going faster and faster… building up that delicious pressure until I suddenly say stop! When I tell you to let go of that rock hard cock, you’ll be begging me to keep going all night long!

Voyeur phone sex with my neighbor

voyuer phone sex

I let the neighbor be a perv and watch me while I finger fucked my ebony pussy. I knew voyeur phone sex would get his blood flowing right where I needed it to! I don’t have any blinds in my living room for occasions like this one! I laid back on my sofa and gave him a voyeur sex peep show. He was about to walk straight into his unit with the dinner he picked up for his family, but this peep show was too good to miss. He dropped his bucket of KFC and watched closely as I fiddled with my strawberry skittle. His mouth was watering for a taste of my kitty, so I decided to sample this good pussy right in front of him. He damn near pressed his face against my glass while I sucked the cream from my pretty fingers. It was like licking icing from a spoon! I got so horny when I saw him reach in his pants and start stroking his rod. He was packing some serious heat in his Levis! If I weren’t such a cock tease, I would’ve stuck my head out the window and let him throat fuck my throat and drained him before returning him to his wife and those ankle biters he keeps pumping inside of her. I’m sure he would’ve loved having my juicy dick sucking lips going up and down his stick too but I don’t know if he could handle it. He shot loads of cum all over my window and wiped it off with his white t shit. I’m not too sure how he’s going to explain the big ass cum stain on his shirt to his wife but, whatever. I just make a pussy puddle on my sofa while her husband watches. Plus, my window is sparkling from the cum cleaner he used! I don’t give a fuck what he tells his wife as long as he comes back for another peep show. Shit, he can even bring her if he wants.

Tease & Denial Phone Sex is my favorite way to play!

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

I love tease and denial baby. Tease & Denial Phone Sex is my favorite way to play! You love to get right to it jerking your cock and getting it nice and hard, but instead of letting you be your normal hands-on self., I am going to tie your hand behind your back. I am going to jerk your cock starting slow then going nice and fast squeezing your cock I want it to ooze then when I think your close, I back off. I love to edge you, take you right to the brink. Then make you wait for it. You know I’m in complete control!

You want to cum so bad I know that you do. The way your pull at the ties and begging for release. Oh, isn’t that cut babe you said you want me to squeeze. Squeeze your balls tight while I jerk just the head. I’m playing with you babe I’m deep in your head. You are my slut and I want to be the one to let you cum. Not when you are ready baby. No when I fucking done!

I know it feels so good right when you are climbing to the ledge. You think that this is it and you will get what you want. But I want you to beg me tell me how badly you need to cum. I know those balls are heave the release of the pressure will be second to none. You know you want to empty those balls in my hand. But maybe I be super nice and let you finally let loose but if I do you have to promise to squirt it as far as you can! I want to see it squirt to baby so give me that load aim for the wall baby I want to be covered head to toes. Cum for me baby cover my pretty whore face. See that was worth it baby. This isn’t a race!

hot ass sex on the 4th of july

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I love hearing all about gangbang stories. So  I am anticipating a gangbang tonight. I’m wearing a short little dress and heels with a g string.

I can’t wait to get plowed by a dozen dicks. My cunt drips thinking about getting a cock so nice and hard then getting nearly a dozen ready to pop.

I’m going to be one hot, fully penetrated slut. My tight cunt and ass won’t be so tight after I get what I want tonight. My fantasies have lead m to finally give in and enjoy cocks all a the same time. I want to be covered with jizz and white In red, white, and blue. Also, a little ass stretch and pound might leave me all red and blue.

It will be pretty festive to have all the hot ass sex on America’s birthday. I can’t wait to write all about it next time on my way to have fun night on south beach.

Cheating Phone Sex Whore

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My brother in law has been checking me out lately. So, I decided to make a move! I roofied my sister and knocked her out! Me and her husband fucked for hours in the same room as her. He even had the audacity to put his cock inside of her limp body after he got through fucking me. He told me my pussy is so much better than my sisters and he wouldn’t even have stuck around this long if it weren’t for me. I dropped down into a split on the edge of the bed as he ran his cock in and out of my wet cunt. My sister has no idea that her husband shot loads of cum inside of my cock craving pussy. Omg his cock is so thick and long I can see why she is head over heels for him. I am so glad my sister let me move in with her I am going to fuck him regularly. I think it would be really hot if we broke it down to her and instead of being upset she can just have a threesome with us. Nobody is off limits and that includes my sister’s husband.

My Secret DP Breeding Session!

Incest Phone Sex

You want to know my secret? I once fucked my daddy and my brother at the same time in hopes of getting them to breed me as a very young girl. I’ve always had a special relationship with my daddy but when me and my brother started fucking things changed. We had to sneak around when daddy was home and it made me shy away from daddy’s touch. One night me and my brother were up late, fucking in his bed, trying to be very quiet when the door opened and daddy walked in. He pulled back the covers finding me with my cunt stuffed full of my brother’s cock. I could see daddy was upset but I could also see his dick getting hard in his boxers. Being the slut that I am I knew I could make daddy forget about his anger by sucking him hard and making him fuck my pussy too. I slid off my brother’s cock and popped daddy’s out of his pants, of course he was shocked but I could tell he wanted to fuck my cunt too. Once daddy slid inside me next to my brother’s cock, it was perfect, I could feel their dicks sliding against each other inside my stretched out cunny. They both came in me as my pussy pulsated, I felt myself orgasming all over their slippery thick cocks. I hoped I was pregnant with daddy or my brothers perfect incest baby.

sexy college girl porn I made a few

 Sexy college girl porn

You know college days should be filled with bad decisions, alcohol, and party favors. When a group of us went down to Tijuana from San Diego, we knew we would be getting into trouble. We hit the bars, and I began drinking like a fish. All my college classmates were enjoying myself. We had the music playing and lots of drugs going around, and I went on stage at the bar and began to hop on the pole and dance my ass off while everyone in the audience got their peckers nice and hard. 

I was so into attention, so I went back to the hotel with a group of classmates and let each of them fuck my holes. Before they did, they pulled out their phones and began to create some sexy college girl porn. When we returned to the states, my videos out in the bar in Tijuana were everywhere. It didn’t take long till my porn video began popping up everywhere till it finally hit the dean. 

I was going to be expelled, but the dean got a head start on my approval letters for future job endeavors. It was easier to blow him than to have my spring break in Tijuana get to my parents.

Stretch My Ass Daddy

Hardcore ass fucking Tina

I’ll admit I’ve been craving for daddy to fuck my ass for weeks now. I’ve noticed his cock get hard every time my tits would brush against him while I hug him hello or goodbye. I told him today was enough- I wanted him to tare my shirt off and stick my tits in him mouth while I pull his cock out and stroked it with my smooth hands. I pulled my tits away got down on my knees nd slobbered all over his cock getting it nice and ready to pump my ass. His moaning kept getting me wet until it dripped down my thighs. I pushed him down to the ground- climbed on top and slowly began to stick it in my tight little hole. He was surprise I didn’t put it in my pussy- But God the look on his face made me feel so good. I rode his cock like a good little girl, then slipped it out and through my cunt. Daddy got me so fucking wet that switching between holes was something I knew pleased him-no time wasted. Letting him fill my ass with all that cream made him so proud, I never thought I would see him smile and rest so well after fucking his babygirl.

Guided Masturbation with a Mommy Whore

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I taught my horny boys how to jack off. I also taught most of their friends too. What can I say? I love young boy cocks. I especially like them young and hairless. My boys are teenagers now. They have some pubes, but they are still my sons, and I will always want to fuck them. A mother’s love knows no age limit! But I do miss those hairless cock days. My oldest son brought home a playmate for me. He is in this mentor program for the summer. It is like a big brother camp. He mentors a younger boy all summer. They play together and my son tutors him. I think my son joined this program just for his mommy phone sex whore. He knows I am a boy cock junkie. While the boy was over for dinner last night, I decided to have a little fun with him. He was spending the night. After dinner, the boys played some video games and I shamelessly tried to distract them. I sat in a chair and played with my pussy to until I had their full attention. I was drinking wine and I had done a few lines too. Coke always puts me in a horny and bold mood. I did not know this boy or his family. He could easily report me to someone. I was just hoping he was at the age where he was horny but had no clue what to do about it. My sons pulled out their cocks to jack off for mommy. Our young house guest followed suit. I loved looking at his hairless cock. I signaled him over and asked him if he would like to become a man. He just nodded his head with this horny grin on his face. I sucked his hairless cock until he was hard enough for my wet bald pussy. My boys watched as I fucked this young boy into his first orgasm. He humped my pussy for a few minutes and came. The boy was so innocent that he thought he peed. I swore him to secrecy and told him we can do more of what we just did if he keeps coming over. My sons will be my wingmen for the summer.