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Wet Bald Pussy Needs Cock That Can Last Longer Than 3 Minutes

wet bald pussyI love to play with my wet bald pussy. I can never masturbate enough. Can you relate? In the phone bone business, I talk with a lot of chronic masturbaters. I have learned a ton of edging techniques to help men just like you last longer. Let’s be real for a moment. No woman wants a minute man. We are barely warmed up when you cum. Then you cum and are done, leaving us high and dry. I have had plenty of minute men in my past. I have had plenty of small dicks in my life too. Those days are gone though. The new me. The mature me does not open her legs or her mouth for anything less than 8 or 9 inches. And, I started a phone sex career to help men become better lovers for the women in their lives.

Chris called me because he is a 3 pump chump. He has been married and divorced three times. He cannot keep a girlfriend either. He has a nice cock, according to him, but he comes quickly. I did tease him a bit. I mean three ex wives and a series of failed relationships later, and he is just now calling for some help? He should have known he needed help sooner. I did some edging games with him like Red Light Green Light. I enjoy edging games, mixed with some tease and denial fun. I could hear him slapping his meat over the phone. He had a big enough cock that I could hear. I doubted his issue was from lack of size. He was no monster cock, but he was big enough to get the job done. His issue is what plagues many guys, too much porn and too much masturbation.

Edge play phone sex

Edge play phone sex

I am in need of dirty submissive who can endure the kind of treatment I have in mind for them in an edge play phone sex session. I want to put you on a leash and lead you around the house. Or better I want to pull you around by your cock, forcing you to follow my every move. I want to lead you to the bed by your cock, I know that you trust me to give you the best nut busting orgasm you’ve ever had. But. cock control is a part of what turns me on the most. I want to tie you down in some bondage on the bed and play with your cock, teasing it. Putting the tip of your mushroom head into my mouth while making an O shape with my lips and seductively looking at you in the eyes. You like that baby? I’d say as I watched you squirm. I bet you wish you were having some hot ass sex instead. Well, maybe I can put you in between these big tits and jerk your cock off with them. Don’t shoot cum shots on tits though. No Cumming for you. I’ll jerk you with my tits and expect some guided masturbation tips from you so that I can keep you from going over the edge. You think you can take it baby?

Cum in My Panties, Pervert

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Oh my God! I just caught you searching through my panty drawer and finding just the right one to wear. Wow, you are such a freak. I can’t believe I found you being a little pervert. I’m going to tell everyone just how much of a pervert you are. They will call you the “Panty Pervert” and we will laugh at you for the rest of your life. I see that you are rock hard right now as you are wearing my panties and hearing me chastise you. Now, go ahead and jerk off. That’s right, put your tiny cock in your hands and jerk it. The only reason it fits so well in there is because it’s practically nonexistent. Go down from the tip to the base while you’re listening to me tell you what a disgusting little panty thief you are. You shouldn’t be allowed within 50 feet of any panties with the way you act. I don’t care if you have to lick all the cum off of the panties yourself: I want them back. 

Creampie Phone Sex with a girl like me is a dream

Creampie Phone SexNow that I’ve established how much I like to fuck a crazed man with too much love and not enough spent cum, and drag the Creampie Phone Sex out of him, let me tell you about a wonderful time. It was mid-winter, and things were actually pretty cold for where I lived. I’d found this one guy taking pictures of this one girl, and I decided I could do with a little heroism with my daily grind. I took his hand mid-picture. “What do you think you’re doing?” He was pretty surprised at being called out. He was more surprised at the gentle pair of lips on his a second later. It overwhelmed him, shocked his system and ordered a reset. Pressed against the wall, I kept it up, overloaded him on purpose. I dragged out every bit of his lust and threw his camera away while thinking about his cum shots on tits, specificaly mine. He didn’t even notice its absence, couldn’t, he was too focused on what was happening right in front of him. That ‘what’ being my top coming off in public, and my red lacey bra coming right after it. Pressing against him, my body urging him while my lashes fluttered and my tongue grabbed his. It took him a moment to grasp that he should be grabbing my ass, pressing me against him and grinding along, but I gave him that long moment because I was enjoying drawing all the crazy to the surface with my tongue work. It’s not public indecency if you’re pretty, then it’s a show. I was about to give a great show using this guy’s cock. He’d never think of that poor girl ever again, he’d be too busy remembering the time my titties squeezed his dick on a campus and I drained him of everything he had all over my face, shoulders, and mams. I’m a slut, and this is how I make bread with cum slut phone sex.

Guided Masturbation Calls Leave Us Both Drained

guided masturbation

I did a guided masturbation call last night that left me drenched. I do all kinds of calls. Mostly, I do gfe calls, small dick humiliation, cuckolding and accomplice type calls. Variety is the spice of life. I still do submissive calls because I am a sexy switch. It is not often enough, however, that I do mutual masturbation calls. The reality is many men do not care if I cum or not. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of callers want to make me cum, but they are not most of my callers sadly. More than half of my callers hang up when they cum, leaving me high and dry. I get that I am a phone sex whore, and you are paying for a service for yourself. But us dirty talking women love to cum too. Women in this industry do not look at this as just a job. We are horny women who want to get off with our callers too. So, when Todd told me he wanted to tell me how to masturbate, I was excited. He wanted to make me cum hard. I listened to his instructions. I got two dildos from my panty drawer. That is where most women keep their special toys. I got into the positions he wanted, and I double penetrated my pussy and ass. He was telling me exactly what to do. He even edged me. He did not want me cumming too quickly. My cunt was getting creamy. It felt so good to let a man take over. He did most of the talking. I could hear him slapping his meat and it sounded so good too. I love hearing men jack off for me. When I was allowed to cum, it felt like the biggest cum shot I have ever had. I squirted. I drenched my bed. Calls like that are too few and far between. If I make you cum, you should make me cum too.

Hot Squirting Pussy? Is it a Myth or a Reality?

hot squirting pussyI love a hot squirting pussy. It can be hard to give a woman one, however, if you cock is too small. Only huge cocks I thought could make a women squirt. I have never been sure still if it is pee or lady juice, LOL. I often masturbate to squirting porn. Do you ever watch that kind of porn? I am fascinated by it. Some must be fake though because there is so much liquid spraying out of some porn stars’ cunts. I was watching some squirting porn last night and smoking some great weed. I got horny and decided to see if I could make myself squirt. I was not sure if I could or not, but it was worth a try I thought. I got out my red yoga mat and a big dildo. I started impaling my wet bald pussy like the girl in the porn I was watching did. I followed her every move. I was sloppy wet, but not squirting. I was getting frustrated. I did my best though. I watched about an hour of squirting porn before I found one that had a girl making herself squirt on her back with her legs pulled to her big tits. I got in the same position as she was and did my best to recreate the same angles, she used to masturbate her pussy. Suddenly, I felt my body convulsing. I was shaking and quivering. I felt amazing. Not long after the shaking and quivering came the squirting. I drenched my yoga mat. I just wish I had some one like you to coat my juices on. I wanted so much to squirt on a lover’s face or cock. I drained myself dry, but guess what? I was so super horny that I did it all over again. I would have preferred some guided masturbation from some one like you, but at least now I know squirting pussies are real. Now just to get a cock to make me squirt.

Imagine Me Riding Your Cock

Guided masturbation


I want you to think of my pussy as you’re touching your hard cock. I want you to imagine me sliding up and down your cock as you slide your hands up and down your dick. Go as slow as you can, but keep a good rhythm. I do not want you to cum just yet. Now, imagine my pussy bouncing on your cock faster and faster. Now, rub your cock faster. Imagine everything that I am doing as I ride your cock. My tits are bouncing up and down for you as I am bouncing. My nipples are there for you to play with and make them hard. My clit is hard and I like to rub my little clit when I am turned on and getting fucked. Think about all the ways I would talk dirty to you, telling you how much I love your cock and need it in my pussy all the time. You are jerking it faster and harder now, aren’t you? Go ahead and cum for me. Squirt in front of you as you imagine coming inside my pussy like the little cum whore I am. 

Guided Masturbation, JOI, CEI and Prostate Fun with a Sexy T-Girl

guided masturbationGuided masturbation with a sexy shemale is a unique experience. Sure, any naturally born woman can tell you how to stroke your cock, but she does not have a cock or a prostate so she cannot know 100% what it feels like to stroke a cock or play with the asshole. I have been stroking my cock since I was a teen boy. I have been playing with my ass since I was not much older than that. The only masculine thing about me is my ten-inch cock. I love helping guys with jerk off techniques and cum eating instructions too. I believe in cleaning up any mess you make. I love to combine JOI and CEI with prostate phone sex. Most women cannot find the prostate with a GPS, but I can. I find that spot all the time with my big cock, long fingers or even a sex toy. I have a few regulars who only call me for prostate play. One of my regulars called me last night with his new Lovense toy. Do you know what that is? It is a prostate vibrator that I can control. When you get it in the mail, you get instructions on how to set up the remote control online You send me your link in an email or an instant message and while we cyber or phone fuck, I can control the speed and intensity of your anal toy. I have one for myself too. Now, do not get any ideas. I do not let men control me. That is because I am a dominant tranny phone sex woman. I am all about being in charge of your ass and your orgasms. Sure, I jack off too with you. But this dominant T-girl wants to help you control your orgasms, eat your cum and have the hardest cum that only a prostate massage can give you.

Let Me Give You JOI Tonight!

Guided MasturbationI can’t wait for you to call me tonight so I can give you jack off instructions! Being a kinky fantasy fuck doll makes me crave cock all the time, I love telling men what to do with their hard meat. If you call me for jack off instructions, know that I am waiting with my pussy throbbing and wet for you. I’m so horny from hearing you stroke your cock; I’ll be finger fucking my tight little twat as I tell you just how to jack it. I want to hear you going faster and faster… building up that delicious pressure until I suddenly say stop! When I tell you to let go of that rock hard cock, you’ll be begging me to keep going all night long!

Voyeur phone sex with my neighbor

voyuer phone sex

I let the neighbor be a perv and watch me while I finger fucked my ebony pussy. I knew voyeur phone sex would get his blood flowing right where I needed it to! I don’t have any blinds in my living room for occasions like this one! I laid back on my sofa and gave him a voyeur sex peep show. He was about to walk straight into his unit with the dinner he picked up for his family, but this peep show was too good to miss. He dropped his bucket of KFC and watched closely as I fiddled with my strawberry skittle. His mouth was watering for a taste of my kitty, so I decided to sample this good pussy right in front of him. He damn near pressed his face against my glass while I sucked the cream from my pretty fingers. It was like licking icing from a spoon! I got so horny when I saw him reach in his pants and start stroking his rod. He was packing some serious heat in his Levis! If I weren’t such a cock tease, I would’ve stuck my head out the window and let him throat fuck my throat and drained him before returning him to his wife and those ankle biters he keeps pumping inside of her. I’m sure he would’ve loved having my juicy dick sucking lips going up and down his stick too but I don’t know if he could handle it. He shot loads of cum all over my window and wiped it off with his white t shit. I’m not too sure how he’s going to explain the big ass cum stain on his shirt to his wife but, whatever. I just make a pussy puddle on my sofa while her husband watches. Plus, my window is sparkling from the cum cleaner he used! I don’t give a fuck what he tells his wife as long as he comes back for another peep show. Shit, he can even bring her if he wants.