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GFE Phone Sex Slut Loves Married Men

gfe phone sexI am a gfe phone sex slut. I am built for a lot of cocks. Women call me a whore all the time, but I know they are just jealous that their men prefer me over them. Why would a man want a skinny flat chested bitch when he can have a curvy, big titted slut? I do not charge men to fuck me in real life, but I do enjoy multiple lovers. One man will never be enough for me. Never enough for me. If one of my married lovers wants to tip me or buy me presents, that is welcomed but not necessary. I fuck married men for a few reasons. Number one is because a married lover rarely goes fatal attraction on me because he has too much to lose. I do not need some love-lorn man stalking me or trying to control my every move. I also do it because I have always juggled a bunch of lovers and men get jealous and stingy with my holes when they find out about other men. Married men are willing to share you because I share them with their wives. I do not get a ton of quality time with any one of my married men phone sex lovers. That means there is never constant texting about where am I and big brother shit like that. I answer to only me. I also prefer married lovers because it is fun to put a bitch wife in her place. Even if she does not realize her man prefers me to her, I know he does and that is all the satisfaction I need. Most of my married men, I seduced because their wife was snarky to me. Toss some shade on a sexy bbw, she will lob it right back at you. It is not my fault married men prefer a sexy bbw phone sex slut to some boring skinny bitch. Keep your man happy or I will.

GFE Phone Sex Done Right

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex. This sexy BBW will be a professional mistress for life in all likelihood. Me and one guy for the rest of my life? No thank you. I say that now, but that might change soon. I keep meeting great men. They are all married so I put them in the rotation. I would make a good wife because I will never lose my love for sucking cock and swallowing cum. A good mistress will always be a good wife. The problem is women who just want to have a Mrs. in front of their name for whatever reason fake a lot during the dating stages of their relationships. Once that ring is on her finger, however, she stops sucking dick and being a freak in the sheets. I love married men phone sex guys because they are always undersexed and wanting to please back. Men love to make women cum. They just need the opportunity to shine. Being a good GFE means not only taking care of men, but also letting them shine. I let Marc shine between my legs all night. We spent the entire day together because his wife went to see her sister. We rarely get but an hour or two here and there together. We had a wonderful 24 hours and we spoiled each other to the max. Started with a bike ride in the country. That was followed by a picnic and some outdoor fucking. When we got to my place, I showed off my skills in the kitchen. Look at me. Do I look like I skimp on meals, LOL? I worked up his appetite with a pre dinner romp. We ate dinner, then we fucked to burn it off. The entire day was us fucking and eating. He fed my wet bald pussy and I quenched his appetite like a sexy BBW mistress does best.

Big Tits Phone Sex Gets Me Out of Trouble

big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex requires a woman with big tits. I am a busty babe. My boobs are 44 EEE and they are all real too. Do you like my big boobs? They are my get out of jail free card. I sometimes get into trouble. I am an exhibitionist and a speed demon on the road. About twice a month I get stopped for something. But with natural big jugs, a pretty face and awesome cock sucking skills, I can get out of anything. One of my snotty neighbors complained that I was washing my car nude. It was Sunday morning. I was up at the crack of dawn before anyone else. Sure, this sexy bbw phone sex slut was nude, but I was on my property. No one was up. At least, I did not think anyone was up. Two handsome police officers showed up, but by then I was back inside. They informed me that they received a public indecency report on me and were obligated to come out. I explained that I am a lifestyle nudist. Okay, so that was a fib. I am not a nudist, but I am an exhibitionist. The cops were checking me out. I was naked still. They both had tents in their uniform pants. I apologized saying I thought it was okay to be nude if I was on my property. I walked in between each officer and placed my hand on their cocks. I unzipped their pants, and neither stopped me. I was sure I could go further, so I got on my knees and stuffed my mouth with both cocks. Yummy, thick cocks. Both officers gave me their biggest cum shot too. They sprayed my face and my big tits. I licked their cum off my boobs while coyly asking if I was getting a ticket. They smiled at me and passed me their cards. Now, if I ever get pulled over or in trouble with other cops, I can name drop. I am never in trouble long. Not with my banging body and deep throat skills.

Cyber Sex Phone Sex Sessions

cyber sex phone sexDo you know we do cyber sex phone sex session too? I love cybersex. That is how I got into this line of work. I was in high school when my cousin went overseas with the military. It was shortly after the 9.11 attacks. I was fucking my cousin. He was like a much older brother because he came to live with us after his parents died in a car accident. His mother was my dad’s older sister. I lost my virginity to a neighborhood DILF, but my cousin taught me ever thing I know now about sex. I give great head because he taught me how. We would instant message on Yahoo and do cam to cam. Eventually, we both got smart phones and then we could text in bed or anywhere. We sexted all through my college years too. He was the one who said I should do phone sex because I had years of practice talking dirty and sexting with him. He is back in the states now and he is married, but we still sext and fuck. He came by last night after his wife went to bed. He is just like a one of my married lovers, only we are related. I love that I can see him now. We went 15 years without seeing each other in person because of the war. Well, I saw him three times over holidays when he would get some leave time. But now that he is home, we are making up for lost time even though he got married last summer. Still a newlywed but cannot get enough of his big titted cousin and her sexy bbw pussy. He made me the sex machine I am today. He also made me the skilled GFE phone sex woman I am today. This sexy mistress is just a phone call and an Instant Message away.

Cheating Phone Sex

cheating phone sexI love cheating phone sex. I am a phone mistress and a real-life mistress too. Married men gravitate to me. I think it because I am a sexy BBW with big tits and a voracious sexual appetite. Even when I am not trying, I pick up married men. Last night I was out at a dance club with my BFF. She is married, so we do not get to go out much like we once did. I am honestly not a big club girl. There is always some drama I inadvertently started because some chick gets jealous that her man is gawking at me. I really hate drama. Married men love me though. And I love them. It is because I take care of them. When the bartender was hitting on me, I did not see a ring. I brought him home but turns out he leaves the ring off, so he gets more tips. I told him I like married men phone sex guys. I still tipped him well when I thought he was single and of course I would have taken him home too regardless of his marital status. Married men are not complex, and they are not prone to drama. They rarely get possessive of you too. This guy was my age and just a nice guy. He fed me shots all night and when I was set to call an Uber because I was too drunk to drive and so was my bestie, he drove us home and let us put my car in his parking space. He dropped her off first. Part of his plan, I think. He wanted this sexy bbw phone sex slut to himself. We titty fucked and he fucked my pussy and ass too. Left my sheets a sloppy wet mess, but I never mind the wet spot. He was a stud in the sheets, nice and cute too. Maybe I will see him again, maybe I won’t. But, I will always have a hot memory of the married bartender from Cavo.

GFE Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I am the perfect mistress. I have loved married men since I was a schoolgirl. My first two serious high school crushes were on a friend’s hot dad and one of my teachers. The friend’s dad was easier to nab than my teacher, but in the end, my persistence and big tits got me my men. Those two loves set me on a career path of married men. I am in my 30s now. My friends tell me that is too old to keep chasing married men. But I do not see myself married, ever. My mom is like, but I want grand angels and then tells me I am not getting any younger. I do not need to be married to start a family. It is not the 1950s! What I have not told anyone, including my married lovers is that I am stopping all forms of birth control. If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. I make good money as a phone sex slut. Plus, some of my married lovers are very generous with me. I have been able to save some money for a rainy day or motherhood. I would never force a man to leave his wife and marry me. I do not want that. I would not hold anyone financially liable for my bundle of joy either. I am in my 30s, financially solid and quite capable of doing motherhood solo. I love the idea of my boobs getting bigger and my belly becoming rounder. I bet you do too. Pregnant women are sexy as fuck. Horny as fuck too, unless they are married. LOL. I hear from my married lovers and callers all the time that their wives never wanted to fuck when pregnant or anytime really after they said I do. This is why I do not want to be married. I never want to stop wanting to fuck, LOL. Married men phone sex is the best. Pregnant or not, I will always take care of men.

Posing for Big Tit Photos

big tit photosMen love my big tit photos. I bet you do too. From an early age, men love looking at boobs. I was the bustiest girl in my school. My mom would try to strap my boobs down fearing that people would not give me the right kind of attention because I was bustier than most adult women and I was still growing. I felt like my boobs were my best feature. I learned early in life that big tits would get me further in life than my brains. I am smart too. I am not a blonde bimbo. I graduated Valedictorian in both high school and college. I never did much with my education though because I found out I could make way more money doing phone sex and escorting. I am in my 30s now. I still do phone fun, but I no longer escort. It made me quite a lot of money in college though. I love being a sugar baby. I am 34 now, and that is a bit old for being a sugar baby, but I have discovered that married men love me. I am a sugar baby to them. They spoil me. And in return I let them titty fuck me, fuck my pussy and ass. There is no cash transaction between me and my married lovers, but they know how to spoil me. My sexy BBW curves are a stark contrast to either their skin and bones wives, or flat-out fat wives. I have curves in all the right places. My boobs are bigger than any wife’s tits too. My big boobs still make me the most popular girl around. I picked up a new married lover this week flashing him my big tits while we were stuck in traffic. He followed me home and we exchanged numbers, as well as cum. He was in a new Porsche car, with a Rolex watch on his wrist that cost as much as his car. I am not an escort anymore, but I still give the best gfe phone sex experience because I know how to take care of men, especially married men.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I masturbate several times a day too. I can fuck 4 cocks and still want to masturbate. I had two lovers over last night. So, I woke up full of cum still. I was too tired from fucking to shower. I was still nice and creamy. A load of cum can stay fresh in a warm pussy overnight. I made my tea, sat on the bed and masturbated a few times. I hope you masturbate. I think everyone needs too. Masturbation is like the best thing you can do for yourself. I love helping guys jack off. I do it with guided masturbation on and off the phone. Watching a man stroke his cock is pretty hot. I like to hear it too. I know so many women who have never rubbed one out. I blame religion. How can a woman tell a guy what makes her cum if she has never made her kitty purr? Most guys have jacked off. Some jack off too much then cannot cum when they have a cunt wrapped around their dicks. Moderation boys. Everyone needs a healthy dose of masturbation in their lives. Too many times you cannot cum with a partner. Too few times and you cannot tell a partner how to make you cum. I stopped using vibrators years ago because my pussy was getting too trained which gave me problems when I was getting fucked. Every man wants to feel a woman cum on his cock. I love to get a hot squirting pussy from a cock hitting my G spot. Sure, a battery-operated boyfriend can do that, but nothing feels as good as a warm cock shooting cum inside you. No battery-operated boyfriend can replace that sensation. So, when I masturbated this morning, I just used my fingers so I could feel that warm cum from last night. How do you masturbate?

He Wanted My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosHe wanted some big tit photos. The he is my cousin. We were raised together after his parents died in a car accident. He is older than me, but we feel like siblings more than cousins. I know he was banging my mother when I was in high school. He was in college then, so it was legal. They are not blood related. My cousin is blood on my dad’s side. My mom just needed a young hard cock. I do not fault her for that. I am in my 30s now and those younger guys are certainly appealing. Like I love them too. Back to my cousin. He begged for some tit photos. We shared pics and Skyped while he was in the military. I love his big cock. He loves my big tits. There was plenty of big tit fucking when I was a schoolgirl. I took some tit selfies for him since he asked. He is in a different state now working as a prison guard. He is horny. No hotties he works with. I went overboard and took like 50 tit photos.  When I sent them, I got a dick photo back. That lead to face time. I love watching him stroke his big cock. He sometimes calls me sis, which makes my pussy drip wet. I love fucking him. He loves fucking me. There is no shame in our game. We talk about having a little one sometimes. Can you imagine how big my boobs would get if I got knocked up? I am already a 44 EEE. We masturbated together thinking of him knocking up my little fertile pussy. How fucking hot is that? I got a hot squirting pussy with my new toy. I sprayed my computer screen. I was so worked up thinking of having my cousin’s little bundle of joy. I know I cannot get knocked up masturbating with my cousin a few hundred miles away, but he is going to see me soon. Maybe you could knock me up too. I would love to be your breeding whore.

Roleplay Phone Sex is Hot

roleplay phone sexI love roleplay phone sex. I have a married lover who likes to play naughty nurse. It makes him feel better about those prostate exams. I have a cute naughty nurse outfit. I never mind putting it on either. When he texted me last night, I knew he wanted to come over and play naughty nurse. I look hot as a busty nurse. I diagnosed him as having full balls. I told him it was my responsibility to make him feel better. His wife is clearly not doing what she is supposed to do, or he would not always come over with such heavy balls. As a naughty nurse, I can play with his prostate. I have no clue why women get weirded out over putting a finger in a man’s ass. A lot of men call me for prostate phone sex because their wives refuse to do it or even shame their men for wanting it. The male G-spot is in the ass. It is not fair, I know, but it is what it is. A smart woman would wet her finger and work it right in her man’s ass because a man who is fully drained is so very grateful.

My married lover is so happy when I drain his prostate that he gets me presents. Backed up balls are never any fun for a man. Men need a prostate massage when it has been so long since they have cum that they cannot get all the cum out with just a couple orgasms. My finger was up my lover’s ass many times last night. My mouth was on his cock most of the time I massaged his prostate too. I wanted to swallow all those loads I extracted from him. I am a cum guzzling whore. There is a reason I love giving a man his biggest cum shot. This naughty nurse went to bed with a belly full of cum. I slept so well too. My lover went back to his wife a few pounds lighter and much happier. Win Win.

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