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Princess Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW Who Loves to Be Spoiled

princess  phone sexI may not be the typical princess phone sex slut, but I am a spoiled brat. I enjoy taking care of men. I enjoy them spoiling me back too. I have a new daddy in my life. He is filthy rich too. I am in my 30s and I am a sexy BBW too. Most sugar babies and princesses are in the their teens or 20s. I am 35, but this rich sugar daddy is in his 50s, so he still has a sugar baby 24 years his junior. He lives out of town. I met him last month at a club that was next to his hotel. He just came in for a nightclub, and got a sugar baby. He is really into the whole sugar baby thing too. He got me this new mini dress that says Daddy’s Rich, lol. He usually gets his sugar babies on special arrangement sites or he hires GFE’s on escort sites like Private Delights or Eros. He found me on accident, but he is spoiling me none the less. He is paying a few of my bills monthly and sending me gift cards weekly to places like Starbucks and Amazon, and a few clothing stores I like. Men spoiling me gives me a wet bald pussy. He came to visit me this week. He is in town for business but staying with me. His wife thinks he is in a hotel, so he is paying for a hotel as a cover in case his wife calls the hotel to check up on him. He paid the front desk clerks $500 each to transfer his calls to his cell phone instead of ringing his room. He has done this before. But I do not care. I am being spoiled. In the bedroom too. He has a huge cock, and even at almost 60, his cock is rock hard. I worshiped his cock all week. I sucked his cock in the morning and afternoon and night. And all in between. He loves to eat pussy and have hot ass sex too. My booty is his. It can be anyone’s who spoils me too. Sexy BBWs like me make perfect princesses and sugar babies. We are greedy for your cum and eager to take care of your cock.

Married Men Phone Sex Slut Glenda Likes Married Women Too

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is my favorite kind of call. That is no secret. I love married men. But guess what? I like marred women too. I have a sexy new neighbor. She is a tall, leggy blonde. Trophy wife. Husband is equally good looking, but he is never around. I recently befriended her. Last week, a bad storm rolled through. We were without power for almost 24 hours. She was home alone because her husband was out of town. She came over to see if I had an extra flashlight she could borrow. I invited her to just stay and hangout with me. I do not like being alone in the dark. I had a fire going to keep the house warm. I had a bottle of wine just opened. She wanted to stay. She does not like to be alone in the dark either. We chatted and drank wine. I confessed I was a phone sex babe. She admitted to being a former stripper which is how she became a trophy wife. One thing led to another, and we were naked in front of the fire eating each other’s pussies. I am a bisexual bbw. For her, it might have been the two bottles of wine we drank, and the romantic atmosphere created with candles and a roaring fire. She was nervous at first. She has been with other women, but not since she got married and signed a prenuptial agreement. But I am a loophole. She told me the prenup said she could not cheat on her husband with another man. I am a sexy BBW. All woman. It did not say she could not be a cheating phone sex whore with the sexy BBW across the street. Her husband never once checked on her. She kept checking her phone, until she was lost between my legs eating my pussy. I fucked her with a strapon. I used my fingers, my tongue and my sex toys to make her cum. She did the same for me. She says she wants to see me again. I think I have my first married woman in my rotation of married lovers. She is going to spice things up for me.

GFE Phone Sex Babe Glenda Takes Care of Married Men

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I consider myself a professional gfe. For those who do not understand what that means, it is the girlfriend experience. Many married men, or rich men with demanding jobs, just want a girl who will be there for them. Take care of their sexual needs and their emotional needs too. Now, I am not a hired girl. Many men wanting a GFE will higher an expensive escort. She will spend the night or even a week with a man. I am not an escort, but I am a GFE for my married lovers. Most of them do have sexless marriages or wives who do not put them first. I love to take care of men. Married men phone sex lovers are my weakness. I love to hear about their day. I like to know what is going on in their lives. I like to drain their balls dry. Drain them in a way their wives never will. Now, I am not submissive. I am not a bitch either. I take care of men and they take care of me both sexually and financially. I do have this job, but as much as I make great money as a phone slut, the real money is in being a GFE. My married lovers, and I have a lot of them too, enjoy spoiling me with gift cards, and cash. Some even pay some of my bills monthly. In return, I am the wife they wish they could come home to every day. I suck their cocks. I lick their assholes. I let them fuck all my holes. And on top of that, I genuinely listen to them. They can share the ups and the downs, the hot and the mundane with me. I know we have never met, but I can be your phone sex GFE too. I can never have too many married lovers on or off the phone.

Do You Look at My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosDo you look at big tit photos? What about mine? I have natural 44 EEEs. They are real. They swing and jiggle too. Men love my big bouncy breasts. Girls like them too. I picked up a coed the other day. She was cute and hitting on me. She kept telling me my breasts were amazing, so I was certain she was a at least bisexual.  I am a bisexual BBW. I love to play with women almost as much as I enjoy men. Women eat pussy so good. I have always appreciated the female body. This girl was busty and hot. Not as busty as me, but every bit as hot. Women compliment each other on hair, and looks and clothes, but never breasts. Not unless they are trying to get to that wet bald pussy. I was certain she was hitting on me. I was at Starbucks, and I live just around the corner. I invited her home with me.

She was happy to come back with me. I had no clue where she lived, but she had on sorority letters and she used her college ID for a discount, so I knew she was a coed. Likely every bit of a decade younger than me, but that excited me more. I was going to eat a coed cunt. Oh damn, did that coed cunt taste so good. I mean wow she was a hot chick. We 69’d for hours eating each other out. Her pussy was drenching my face. I showed her how much better a sexy bbw could eat her pussy than any frat boy. She is not lesbian, but she told me I was the hottest chick she had ever seen and I made her want to try a bisexual encounter. I gave her a hot squirting pussy. It was her first-time squirting. She did not know she could squirt. She hit on me as a straight girl. But I think she left my place, a bisexual babe for life because I ate her pussy just that good.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex is This Sexy BBW’s Fetish

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. It is no secret that I love to be naked. I enjoy exposing myself to men. Anyone who wants to ogle my sexy BBW body can. I never shut the blinds. I expose myself to men in the park, truckers who drive past me and my neighbors too. Being an exhibitionist slut is my fetish. This morning was a warm day for this time of year. Likely too cold to be in my back yard naked, but I like it when my nipples get erect. It was in the high 50s. I went to Starbucks to grab my favorite latte, then sipped on the warm drink in my backyard naked. No one ever complains about this sexy bbw phone sex slut naked in her yard. Would you complain if you were my neighbor? I doubt it. You would love seeing my big tits and bouncy ass. Most of my neighbors are married and work. I was outside a little after the work rush, so I was not sure if anyone was home. I was horny, and hoping at least one neighbor was home. I lucked out. The neighbor behind me was working from home today and I was just the motivation he needed to start his day off right. He came to the fence and jokingly teased me. “How am I supposed to get any work down with you naked,” he told me with a smile. I invited him inside. He hopped the fence and was fucking the shit out of me not ten minutes later. My nipples were so hard that they could have cut glass. My handsome neighbor sucked on them until my pussy squirted. He was fingering my wet bald pussy while nursing on one of my tits. My boobs are very sensitive, so I came hard and quickly before he even fucked me. We got to the fucking once my pussy was sloppy wet. He has a great cock. Perfect for my plump pussy too. What a great way to start my day.

Wet Bald Pussy Needs to Be Played with and Fucked Often

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I am a chronic masturbator. Can you relate? Somehow, I think you can. I get lots of cock. I get all the cock I want whenever I want too. But that does not mean I do not practice self-love! I was playing with my kitty this morning before I started my shift. I woke up horny. My pussy still had cum in it and that almost always guarantees that I will play with my pussy. I love to savor cum. I had my fingers deep in my cunt playing with last night’s cum from a married lover when I realized I had a peeper. It was none of the usual suspects either. I have some teen boys who love to spy on this sexy bbw phone sex slut and I let them. But this was no teenager. This was a cop! I love a man in uniform. I went to the front door, peeked my head out to hide my naked body and asked him what was up. He was serving a warrant, but he had the wrong house. He was on the street of the same name, but he needed the court, but that was a few streets behind me. I was not sure he saw me rubbing one out or not, but I saw the bulge in his uniform pants and new he caught the show. I opened the door wider so he could see my naked body and my big tits. He looked around and pushed himself inside my house. I asked him if he wanted to frisk me. I love roleplay phone sex, and this was like something straight out of a call. I frisk his pants, and ended up stroking his big hard cock and slipping it between my tits. A fluke of nature and I ended up getting pounded and filled up with more cum. I also added another married man to my rotation. And, I think I have a get out of jail free card too.

Phone Sex Fetish for Married Men and Public Fucking

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have many. Married men and public fucking are two of my biggest fetishes. Sometimes, I get to combine both fetishes at once which always makes for an awesome experience for this sexy BBW. My bestie works at a local history museum. She is curator. On Monday, she asked me to come have lunch with her. The museum is closed to the public on Mondays, but she had me come in through the employee entrance. There were only a handful of employees there. One of them was an older, married man with salt and pepper hair. Men like that are my kryptonite. I love DILFs. He took an instant shine to me. I think it was my big tits, pretty face and nice round booty. My friend got a long work call, so her handsome coworker gave me a private tour of the museum. Can I say how hot it was to be in that museum with so few people around. I am an exhibitionist phone sex slut, so you know my head was racing. The thought of fucking a married men in the middle of a history exhibit combined two of my fetishes at once. He was coming on to me. He tried to remove the ring on the sly, but I caught him. I told him it just made me want him more that he is married. We found a closed part of the museum that is being curated so it was more secluded. There were people behind the scenes though that could have caught us at any point. That just made it a hotter fuck for me. I was bouncing my big beautiful ass on his cock in the middle of ancient artifacts with people not 50 feet away. He had a huge cock that made me squirt everywhere. I wanted to fuck him all day. I mean I am a married men phone sex fan for a reason. I got his number. He wants to see me again. I combined two of my favorite fetishes in one fuck. That was a good day.

Big Tit Photos are Best with Cum on the Tits

big tit photosHe wanted some big tit photos. The problem was we are in two different states. He is some guy I met online in a chat room. We have been talking dirty for a bit now. We are not obsessed with each other. I have never been a girl who obsesses over one guy.  We did some cam to cam the other night and he saw how big my boobs really are. Now, my pictures do not do my tits justice. They are all natural. And they are 44 EEEs. They bounce. They sway. They jiggle. I showed him that I can even suck my own nipples. When he saw me sucking my own tit, he got obsessed. Obsessed with my natural big tits. I told him one of my specialties was big tits phone sex. Now, he believed me. He wanted photos, so I sent him a few. I had him screen shot and record our little cam to cam show so he could see my boobs in all their glory. When he showed me his cock, I did get a little obsessed. I am not sure if his cock would be as big in person or not. If the camera can add ten pounds to a woman, can it add inches to a cock? I really was not sure. But it looked big. It looked thick. And I could imagine his cock titty fucking me and coating my jugs in cum. One of my favorite things to do is lick a man’s cum off my tits. I love titty fucking. I went and got one of my largest dildos and amped up the show for him. I titty fucked my own boobs with a pink dildo. He was masturbating watching me. We both wished he was really in the same room with me so that I could get his biggest cum shot on my tits. Pretending was hot though. We both came hard. We both became a little more obsessed with each other. And we both promised to try to hook up in person some time. He had the big cock that my big tits need. Do you?

BBW Phone Sex is the Best Job in the Adult Industry

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex keeps me busy. My entire life is fucking. I phone fuck. And when I am not on the phone, I am getting fucked or thinking about getting fucked or trying to get fucked. There is no better job for me. I went to college. I have a degree I have never really used. I have friends who have normal white-collar jobs. And I have friends in the sex industry. My friends who are escorts or cam girls are far happier than my friends working in the normal workforce. I am a happy woman too in the adult world. Why would I want to be in an office doing something that stresses me out and keeps me away from home when I could be doing phone sex? I make more money than most of my friends. My escort friend makes more than all of us combined, but she is smoking hot. Escorting has some risks though. I found out the hard way. I went with Gina on a date. The guy wanted a sexy BBW to join her and him in a hotel room for a night. I was going to make $2000 for the night as my cut. That’s what I make in a week and that was just for a night.

 At first, we were having a good time. I thought this would be all about him watching two girls play together before we worshiped him. That is how most of my 2 girl calls go. Gina did not warn me that this guy wanted to get rough and body shame a BBW. She knows I am not submissive at all and I am not into boding shaming. I have a theory about body shaming men. They are insecure about their tiny dicks and they need to make some one else feel bad to feel good about themselves. I am a gfe phone sex babe and I do not tolerate jack ass behavior. So the moment things turned ugly, I took his money and threw it in his face and told him I wanted no part of his old broke down tiny dick. I added no amount of money would make me subject myself to his rude behavior. Gina was pissed, but not as pissed as I was at her. I left that hotel room with my dignity. Got home, texted a hung fuck buddy who loves my thick curves and fucked him until I came a few times. Then I went back to my phone line to earn some money the safe way. I much prefer the phone bone world. Safer and I keep my dignity and my standards.

Married Men Phone Sex Equals Mutual Masturbation Fun

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex keeps me busy! Not only do married men love me in my personal life, they also love me on the phone too. I did a super long call with a married man last night and I think I am in love. The first hour of our call was just talk. Getting to know one another. We talked about shared experiences, things we like to do and our sexual fantasies. The next two hours was pure bliss. He wanted to worship my pussy and ass for as long as I could handle it. He did not know who he was talking too. This sexy bbw phone sex babe can go hours being worshiped like that. One of the perks of being a female is multiple orgasms. I can cum easily. Plus, I can squirt. I do not squirt every time, but if you listen to me, I can help you make me squirt all over your face or cock. I love to squirt. I have a theory that the term multi-orgasmic means that I am cumming two ways at once. I have a deep G-spot orgasm from your cock and a clitoral orgasm from your finger or mine. When I have two orgasms at once, I squirt all over the place. I was doing that last night on the phone with my GFE caller. Now, I know he was not really eating my pussy or rimming my asshole, but I go all out on GFE calls. Any calls really. I get into the role plays and the conversations. That means I masturbate with you. On my longer call last night, I was bouncing on my big suction cup dildo and rubbing my clit imaging it was my caller’s cock and his finger rubbing my clit. I had a hot squirting pussy too. I love to cum with my callers, even the single ones!