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Married Men Phone Sex Still Makes My Pussy Purr

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex holds a special place in my heart. I lost my virginity to a married man when I still went to high school. The dad of a friend. It happened one stormy night when he drove me home after babysitting her baby brother. And ever since, I gravitate to older men. Even though I am in my 30s now, older men still love me. I act and look younger than I am. Plus, I have these great big tits that make me stand out in a crowd.

Sometimes, men recognize me because of my boobs. The other day, I went to the local farmer’s market. And it appeared packed.  Although I did not go to pick up anyone, I met a man from my past. He said nice melons and I thought he meant the cantaloupe, LOL. He might have meant to be cheeky, but I missed it at first. When he said my name next, I looked up immediately and couldn’t place him.

I went with it and acted like I remembered him hoping my memory would jog itself. And eventually it did. One of my former high school teachers. I live an hour away from where I grew up, so I never expect to see a ton of folks in my town. Once upon a time, he gave me hot fantasies and a wet young bald pussy. When he taught me as a schoolgirl, I do not think he had been teaching long. Now he has the whole DILF thing going for him. And that look makes me weak.

A Sexy Dad Makes Me Weak

So, I did what I do and invited him home with me. I saw the ring on the finger, but I did not care. Why would I care if you don’t care, right? As I sucked his cock, he told me he looked me up. Told me he had a secret crush on me back when I was his student. That made me suck him harder and use my tits too. I love big tit fucking while I suck a cock. And the guys love it too.

We fucked for a few hours before he left to drive home. Not a close booty call, but worth the trip for me to sneak into my hometown, rent a no tell motel and fuck my old married teacher with the big cock. He is 20 years older than when I first met him, but just as sexy. And I wish I would have fuck him back then because then I could make a cock comparison.  But I know his cock works now and that’s all that matters.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex Weather is Here

titty fucking phone sexWhat I enjoy most about the warmer weather is titty fucking phone sex outside! Not all sexy bbws enjoy exhibitionist sex, but this one does. And one of my married lovers likes showing off my body and big tits on the back of his motorcycle. We play games. I put on a tube top and my helmet. We drive out to the country where he drives fast down some old scenic winding roads. My tube top falls down because nothing can contain my 44 EEEs, especially not a tube top.

But I love doing it because my lover considers me on display foreplay. No matter how fast he drives, people driving by us or folks out in their yards will notice my tits. Yesterday, we drove through Amish country and shocked quite a few Amish studs. However, one guy fell off his horse doing a double take to see if he saw what he thought he saw. And for a moment, I felt bad. I don’t want anyone to get hurt checking out my big tits. But I knew this exhibitionist ride would lead to some much needed big tit fucking.

I Love Showing off My Big Tits to Anyone Who Wants to See Them

And it did. John and I found a little field out in the middle of nowhere. He laid down a blanket and fucked my big jugs. He did not last long. I think the Amish stud falling off his horse to check out the first pair of tits he likely ever saw gave him a raging boner. But he bounces back quickly with me. With a big load of hot sticky cum on my tits and face, I decided to play with my pussy. That kind of show brings any cock back to life quickly.

And it did. Just like I anticipated. But this time he rabbit fucked my wet bald pussy. And it felt wetter than normal. I attribute that to the vibrations of his hog, exposing my big tits, my lover, and playing with myself. We both came a few times, before we headed home. I just hope no one got hurt checking out my big boobs.

GFE Phone Sex Babe Glenda Enjoys Washing Her Car with her Tits

gfe phone sexThis GFE phone sex babe enjoys the warmer weather. I just hate hiding my beautiful curves and big tits under layers of clothing. I need men to see me body. You would prefer to see me half dressed than fully covered, right? Since yesterday felt like a summer day, I decided to wash my car. My neighbors love it when I wash my car in front of my house. Well, most of them do. I will always have a few bitchy female neighbors who hate me because their husbands beat off thinking about my sexy BBW body.

Although it still felt a little chilly outside, I wore short shorts and a bikini top. My tits barely fit in my top, LOL. No doubt, I looked like I was posing for bit tit photos. Perhaps, I was. A photo shoot for my male neighbors. Across the street, a single mom lives with her teenage boy. And he is a peeping Tom. More than once, I caught him spying on me. When I noticed him in his bedroom window with binoculars, I amped up the show.

I am an Exhibitionist Slut Who Loves Flaunting her Sexy BBW Body

I pulled my tits out and used them as sponges to clean the hood of my car. And I could see him jerking his dick. Although I could not see his cock, I know the way a body moves when a guy jerks his cock standing up. Many men jerk off for me. Not only do I like to watch a man be the master of his domain, I also enjoy a man cumming on my huge boobs. Too bad he would not come over and fuck me. A hard cock is a hard cock.

Even though I prefer older, married men, none seemed to catch my afternoon show. Perhaps most men work at that time of day. Exposing my tits to my neighborhood turned me on. Gave me a wet bald pussy that needed fucked. So, I signaled him over and snuck him in my house to fuck. Although young, he knew how to fuck. Clearly, he was not a virgin. He rabbit fucked my holes like no one else ever has. Filled me with cum a few times too.

Perhaps, I have been too hasty in saying no to teenage boys. If my neighbor boy represents what all young boys can do, I need more teenage cock.

big tit photos

BBW Phone Sex Babe Glenda Has No Time for Losers or Posers

bbw phone sexGuys love bbw phone sex. Many men do not even think I classify as a sexy BBW. But according to Hollywood standards, I am a big girl and a curvy one too. I do not care what a scale shows. And I do not care about what other folks say because I am healthy, sexy and confident. Because I am a confident woman who embraces her curves, I do not allow anyone to body shame me.

I met this little ass wipe, Bryan on the Internet. He seemed normal and nice, even if a little hickish for my tastes. But I do like to give people with potential a shot. We had a nice date, but I felt no sparks. So, I did not intend to fuck him. However, he wanted to go back to my place and fuck. I mean he took me to eat at an Applebee’s. How basic is that? Bryan came across as a broke bipolar loser. And I do not fuck losers. I am a gfe phone sex babe. Not a basic bitch.

One moment he was sweet and nice. But the moment he heard something he did not want to hear he went off on me. So, he needed me to teach him a lesson in manners. I acted like I changed my mind and I wanted to fuck this bottom feeder because he bought me dinner at an Applebee’s, LOL. I stripped him naked and laughed at his little dick. And I should have guessed he had a tiny one with all the shade he tossed my way when I originally said no to his advances.

Basic Bitch Boys Never Get Any Loving from a Sexy BBW

Before he got violent with me, I kicked him in the nuts sending him to the floor swiftly. He may not have asked for CBT phone sex, but he got it. Body shaming never works on me. I am a confident sexy woman. Although, I wanted this loser hick out of my site, I also wanted to give him some payback. So, I grabbed my sex handcuffs and put them on his hands. Told him that I just arrested him for bad behavior.

Even though he kept hurling insults, I video taped him. Showed his pathetic little shrimp dick and his bad boy behavior. And I uploaded it to a site where women rate the men. Boy, it got lots of hits and thousands of shares. Bryan, the broke bitch boy body shamer, became a viral sensation overnight. He will never date in my town again.  Most guys love my curves and know how to treat a woman. And for little losers like Bryan, well let this be a lesson in how to treat a woman.

Big Tit Fucking with a Sexy Doctor in His Office

big tit fuckingI got some big tit fucking at the doctor’s office today. Or perhaps, I should say my cute doctor did. He is still in med school but has an internship at my doctor’s office. Sadly, I am a pretty healthy girl. I rarely go to the doctor, or I might have met Matt sooner. We had sparks at hello. But of course, like most men, he noticed my boobs first. My panties felt wet as he took my pulse and listened to my heart. This was just my annual physical.

But I wanted to play doctor with the doctor. His hard cock brushed up against me, and I almost passed out. I felt a snake not a cock. Although I knew I should be on good behavior, I found that too challenging. So, I told him he gave me a wet bald pussy as I grabbed the bulge in his pants. I slowly unzipped him trying to see if he would stop me. He never did. In fact, within 5 minutes of unzipping his pants, he locked the door and put his cock between my tits.

Sometimes, I Can Get to Play Doctor with the Doctor!

Now, I have some big knockers. Takes a big cock to fit through them and come out the other side. But he did. So, I sucked his cock while he titty fucked me. I could feel my heart racing. What a great way to get my pulse up. I may be a sexy BBW gal, but I get good cardio workouts daily. Perhaps, I should thank men like my hot doctor for the cardiovascular help, LOL. I love to fuck.

We did not have much time because he was at work. And a nurse would be looking for him soon. So, sadly I did not get to fuck my hot doctor. However, I did leave the office with a clean bill of health and his cum shots on tits, well my tits. Oh, and his number.

Bisexual Phone Sex BBW Loves Pussy Too

bisexual phone sexDo you know I like bisexual phone sex too? Yes. This sexy bbw loves pussy almost as much as cock. Don’t worry men. I will never go 100% lesbian because I love cock too much. Recently, I traveled for a photo shoot. I have been a nude model for big tit magazines like Score for over 10 years. Covid dried up the photo shoots. And I am in my mid 30s now, and guys like really young women with big boobs or like sexy grandmas with big tits.

I worried I might just get lost in the middle. But I still get called to pose nude. When this outfit I have worked with numerous times asked me if I wanted a free trip to Florida, I asked when I could leave. Florida is warm this time of year, unlike where I live. Plus, big tit photos pay me well too. And I want to see some concerts and travel this summer. So, every penny counts.

This Sexy BBW Loves To Eat Pussy and Suck Cock

I flew down to Florida Friday and just got back. And let me tell you what a wild time I had. But I did not get any cock. Surprised? Not because I did not encounter any hot men. I spent most of my free time with my sexy married photographer who happened to be a woman. A sexy older woman who enjoys eating pussy.

She traveled to photograph me from New Orleans. So, she knew no one in town, and neither did I. It started off as two hot women looking to cut loose. But after the first night drinking together, we discovered we both like eating wet bald pussy. And after that, we spent every night after the photo shoot in one of our hotel beds making each other cum hard.

Her room had a Jacuzzi tub, and we had fun finger banging in the water. And we had fun playing with the jet streams too. Sadly, we had to say our goodbyes yesterday. But hopefully I will work with her again. She is a great pussy eater and a sexy mature woman. And I swear I can still smell her cunt on my face.

Big Tit Photos Lead to Pussy Eating Every Time

big tit photosI love posing for big tit photos. My boobs love the attention and so do I. I have graced the pages of many online rags like Score. Guys love big tits. I find men either just want big tits and a big ass or they want long legs. If you like sexy bbws, you might be a tits and ass man. My photographer seemed like a T and A sort of person.

Most men get boners when I show off my tits. And that includes photographers. Sure, I have fucked my share of photographers. When they pop chubbies while photographing me, I know how big their cocks are, and I get weak. But this time, a female photographed me. And she made my wet bald pussy pulsate and drip. She looked good to me. Maybe younger, but not by much.

If I can seduce married men, why not married women too. My big tits appeared to hypnotize her. And I felt lost in her gaze. So, I asked her out. Told her I wanted to thank her for making me feel free and sexy in front of the lens. I had no idea if she went both ways or not. Most girls love pussy too. We enjoyed dinner and drinks. Afterwards I suggested a nightcap in my hotel room which included a Jacuzzi tub in the room.

This Sexy BBW Loves to Eat Married Pussy Too

She came with me. We drank vodka drinks in the Jacuzzi tub. Before long, I made my move. Usually, men and women hit on me. But she made me so fucking wet that I made the move on her. First, I kissed her while caressing her big boobs. Then I started fingering her sweet tight pussy. She kissed me back. And she started fingering my cunt too.

I wanted to taste her though. And I whispered in her ear, “I want to taste your pussy.” She took my hand and let me to the bed where she gave me a hot squirting pussy and I did the same for her. We spent the night in my hotel bed fingering, licking and nibbling each other’s bodies. Best photo shoot yet.

Big Tits Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW Leads To Hot Sex

big tits phone sexMy boobs scream big tits phone sex. Sometimes, I like to tease men out in public. Occasionally, like yesterday, it leads to a hook up. See this sexy blue dress that hugs my curves like a glove? Well, I put that on to go grocery shopping. And I did not wear a bra or panties. With or without a bra, my boobs look big to most men. They jiggle when I walk, but they jiggle more when I am not wearing a bra.

If I see a cute married man, I bend over so I can flash him my pussy. And I can gauge their reaction. Okay, this is my trick for determining who has a cock my wet bald pussy could feel. If I flash my pretty cunt, the man always gets a boner in his pants. No noticeable signs of a woody, I am gonna pass on the guy. Sure, I guess that makes me a cock tease to some guys.

With a Sexy BBW You Never Know What Might Happen

However, the guy I see with a huge boner in his pants gets to fuck the shit out of me. In the grocery store, in a car or back at my place. It all depends on how much time the man has or if the wife is in the store too. Last night, I thought I had my man. His cock appeared huge in his jeans. His smile told me he wanted me. And I wanted him. Sexy older man married and hung. Why would I not want him? But his wife came around the corner quickly and our moment ended.

But he ditched her, at least for long enough to bang this pantyless sexy bbw in the Giant Eagle bathroom, LOL. We locked the door. He pulled my dress up, exposing my pussy and ass. A few fingers in and out of my cunt and my pussy felt like it was drenched. Before long, I had hot ass sex with a stranger in my grocery store bathroom while his wife shopped in the store. I love grocery shopping. You never know what might happen.

Cheating Phone Sex Drains Your Neglected Balls

cheating phone sexYou know you want some cheating phone sex with a sexy BBW. Your wife need never know that I gave you a virtual blowjob that drained your balls completely. One of the reasons that I have not married yet is that I do not want to become your wife. However, I do not mean that literally. All I mean is that I want to always give you head and I want to always swallow that cum and spread my legs for you.

But there seems to be something about marriage that changes women. If your wife still fucks and sucks you, congratulations because you are in the minority of my married men phone sex fans. Most men feel compelled to call me because their wives lack any sexual interest in them anymore. But that is not the case with me.

As Your Phone Mistress I Never Lose Interest in Fucking You

Because I live to drain the balls of married men. Call me a sexy GFE who puts you first. But I am not altruistic necessarily. Perhaps, I am a cum whore. I love the taste of cum and the feel of it on my face and big tits. Most women hate cum on their face. And some do not swallow. Spitting is for quitters. And I am not a quitter. I have so many married men in my life because I am a good cum whore.

One of my married men stopped by this morning to get his balls drained before work. Boy his balls appeared full too. We have not hooked up in several weeks, and I could tell no one else had drained his balls either. It only took a few licks and some big tit fucking, and he exploded everywhere. Protein for breakfast is my key to having energy all day. He left for work lighter and happier. Perhaps I can start your day off well too.

A Cum Filled Wet Bald Pussy Needs Someone to Clean it Up

wet bald pussyI told him to eat my wet bald pussy and he did. He showed me that he was a greedy cum slut. He knew a guy just fucked me. So, my pussy looked like a porn star’s cunt after a gang bang. Now, I did not get gang banged. But Ted’s cock looks like a porn star’s cock. I measured it once and it was over 13 inches. One of the biggest cocks to ever fuck me.

And Alex knows that. He is some little beta bitch cuckold wannabe. He is married, but I do not consider him a typical married suitor of mine. We met years ago through mutual friends. Went out a few times, but his cock underwhelmed me. So, he got put in the friend zone. Later he got married to some normal, boring woman. You know, like your wife.

But Alex knew his cock looked small to most women. And he longed for his wife to cuckold him. But she would not. However, I will. The man has more money than he knows what to do with. So, I do not mind making him my cuckolding phone sex partner. Why would I pass up the chance to let a man spoil me? And with him, I get to let out some aggression. We all possess some frustrations we need to get out. And a willing submissive man makes the perfect outlet if you ask me.

Not all Married Men Can Fuck Me. Some Can Clean Me Up Afterwards

When I invited Alex over last night, I knew Ted would be coming over later. I wanted them to meet. Plus, I wanted some gift cards. Why spend my money when I can spend someone else’s money. I mean I am a gfe phone sex babe. Men need to spoil me to fuck me. And sometimes they need to spoil me to eat out my massive creampie too. I told Alex what to bring me, and when he arrived with what I wanted, I gave him his treat.

Alex licked up all the cum Ted deposited in my cunt. And he licked all the cum that splattered into my booty hole too. Alex found a way to be in my orbit with a small dick. So, maybe you can too. Spoil me and get a tasty treat.