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Cheating Phone Sex Holidays are Here and I Want You to Stuff Me

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is what men need all the time, but even more during holidays. I am that slutty mistress you can stuff with your man cock and gravy after the holiday meal with your family. I thought about going home for the holiday and seeing my folks. But I have so many married lovers who will want to see me, especially on Black Friday. I have this tradition of not shopping on Black Friday. That is so I can be available for my married men. Their wives will be up early and hitting the stores. While they are spending money, some of their husbands will be visiting their favorite gfe phone sex mistress. I am the real winner. I up my GFE game over the holidays too. That way I get spoiled even more at Christmas. I do love taking care of men, but I like to be spoiled too. I am spoiled by them. Last year, I raked in thousands of dollars in gift cards and presents from all my married guys. They cannot take me out on the town, but they can show their love for me in other ways. And they do. It is worth not going home for Thanksgiving to take care of men like you. My married lover next door will sneak me over a plate of leftovers, so I will have a Thanksgiving meal. If I am lucky, he will stuff my turkey too. I have a few dates arranged for tomorrow, but most of my dates with my married men phone sex lovers are for Friday. I will be one busy girl then. I sometimes get lonely not having one steady guy in my life, but then I realize I am a slut who likes lots of variety in lovers. If you are lonely over the holidays baby, we can keep each other company.

Married Men Phone Sex Makes You Feel Like You are the Only One

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is something I excel at doing because I am a professional mistress. My family and friends all ask when I am going to get married and start a family. I have never really been the type of girl to settle on one man for the rest of my life. I like variety. I like more than one cock at a time. I like being spoiled by multiple men at once. I have several married men I see. I do not see any of them daily. Some I see weekly, some I see a couple times a month, and others it is more sporadic when we hook up. I have a lot of lovers though so that I never have to go long without cock. Most of my married lovers, however, think they are the only ones. The like to feel special. They like thinking that I am only seeing them because they are that special to me. I am a gfe phone sex slut because I love to make men feel special. I get a lot in return though.

 My married lover next door knows I am a slut. He can see the guys coming and going. He does not mind though. He likes that his secret lover is a slut. This morning he came over to fuck me while his ball and chain was at church. I had a pussy full of cum from another lover, but he knew that already. He likes sloppy seconds. Some men do, and I never mind. Been plenty of nights where lovers have overlapped, and a lover thought I was just that happy to see him. My lover next door understands me more than anyone. He will eat or fuck my creampie wet bald pussy.  I adore him because he accepts that I am a slut. There is no hiding or any shame with him.  He left me with another creampie before I even started my shift today. I am going to leave his cum inside of me in case any of you horny men want some sloppy seconds too.

Fantasy Phone Sex Let’s Us Be Anyone We Want

fantasy phone sexI love fantasy phone sex calls. I can be whomever I want. You can be whomever you want too. I am not a mother, but I have a mom body, so I get calls to be mommy often. At first, I did not like it because it made me feel old, LOL. But I am 35 now. I am mom age. Guys often fantasize about a mom with big tits. Normally, when I am out and about, I do not get hit on by men who assume I am a mommy. They hit on me because I am a sexy BBW. But recently, while shopping, a man asked me how old my little ones were. I was not sure if he thought I was pregnant. I am a thick girl. Or if he just assumed I had little ones because of my age and my big mommy boobs. He seemed like a nice man, but it was odd to flat out ask a stranger about her little ones. It was shaping up to be just like a roleplay phone sex call. I pretended to have 3 young daughters to see where this led. He offered to take me shopping. Turns out he did think I was pregnant. I do not think my stomach is that big, LOL. I do not need nursery items, but I told him I needed some new shoes and clothes to wear while I was pregnant, and he bought that. I guess this guy has a thing for pregnant women. It is a huge fetish. Do you like pregnant women? He was very generous with me. He wanted to fuck a pregnant girl. I feared he might know I was not really knocked up when he saw me naked, but I felt I owed him. I could not invite him to my place. There was nothing there that would support the charade that I was a mommy. We went to his hotel room. He was just in town for business. He had a huge cock. He made me squirt with it. I played along with his phone sex fetish. Either he really believed I was a pregnant mommy whore, or it was just his thing to pretend. Either way, I got fucked and treated to a shopping spree so that is a win in my book.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex is Fucking Hot

naughty neighbor phone sexNaughty neighbor phone sex is something I enjoy. Everywhere I have lived, I have seduced a neighbor. Most men wish they lived next door to a busty babe like me. I have lived in my current house the longest. The reason why is my neighbor’s wife is my landlord and he collects the rent and does the repairs. He is also my favorite married lover. If I move, I would likely never fuck him again. The convenience of him getting over to see me after she goes to sleep is too easy to give up. I mean he jacks off for me in his office window which faces my bedroom. I masturbate for him too. We even have a ton of mutual masturbation phone sex because we can talk on the phone and watch each other rub one out. He is the best neighbor ever. His wife is a shrew though. I do not like her. She is not nice to me, nor is she nice to her own husband. I think she is a dyke. But I do not judge women like that. I eat pussy too. I just do not like how mean she is to her husband. I hate mean people. Her husband may not be the most handsome man around, but he is one of the kindest. He has wonderful bedroom skills. I mean he knows how to make a woman cum. He enjoys making me cum a few times before he cums once.  He has adjusted the books a bit in the past to make it look like I paid the rent in full when I was a bit short. I keep him around though mostly because he is nice and loves to give this sexy BBW a hot squirting pussy. Think you would like to live next door to me too?

Married Men Phone Sex Keeps This Sexy BBW Busy Fucking

married men phone sexI love married men phone sex. Married men are my kryptonite. It is not because I have daddy issues or anything. I do like older men, but I am in my 30s now, and there have been some younger lovers in my life too. The thing I love about married men is that they rarely get jealous or possessive. I like to be a slut. Monogamy is not my thing. I have always been a female player. My friends used to think it was because I was insecure and needed attention from a lot of men. They now know that I am a sexy BBW, confident in my skin. I am just horny all the time. I have a libido that rivals any man. I need more than one lover because one man cannot keep up with me. Hell, three men cannot keep up with me. Women can fuck all day long. Men, have a limited amount of cum in those balls daily. I think that is the universe telling women it is okay to have lots of lovers. Not that I need the universe’s approval. I will fuck as many men as I want. And some days, like yesterday, I have more than one lover. This sexy bbw phone sex slut was juggling men yesterday. I had a different guy over every couple of hours. When you are involved with married men, they never have big blocks of time that they can spend with you. That makes it easier to juggle lovers. Sundays are football days, so married men can say they are going to the pub to watch a game, or over to a friend’s house. So, I scheduled 6 lovers over. It rarely works out that I can get that many in a day, or that everyone I scheduled shows up on time.  But it worked out for me yesterday. My pussy got pumped full of cum. All day long, I had to take a whore’s bath to clean up my sloppy, wet bald pussy in between lovers so no one knew I had a creampie. I love being the mistress, especially on days when I can get fucked every couple hours by a different married man.

Big Tit Photos I Will Always Pose for if the Guy is a Sexy DILF

big tit photosI posed for some big tit photos earlier this week. Normally, I am working with legitimate online outfits like Score or some other big boob magazine. This was not a company I was posing for this time, however. It was an individual guy with money and a personal collection of big boob photos. He was older than me, but he has been photographing big titted ladies since the 90s he said. He is an artist, and curvy women with big racks are his muses. Artists have long loved my curves and boobs. Even if it had been a line of bullshit, I would have posed for him. He did pay me for my time, but it was more about how he looked to me. I get weak for handsome older men, especially if they get hard for this sexy BBW phone sex slut. I love an older man with a big, hard cock. Boyd is the kind of man than makes my pussy purr. He has salt and pepper hair, a little scruffy beard, and he gets a rock hard cock staring at my big tits. Part of the photo shoot was outside, but we ended up in his private studio. I saw some of the artwork women like me have inspired before and it aroused me. He is a seductive artist. Talented too. He celebrates women with curves, so I celebrated his big cock. I love sucking dick and titty fucking. My melons are barometers for a big dick. If your cock can snake its way between my big tits and still have room for my mouth, you have a cock worthy enough of my wet bald pussy. I fucked him in his studio. I was always going to fuck him because he was a sexy DILF, and that is my kryptonite, but once I realized how hung and talented, he was, I wasted no time seducing him. He got sexy photos of me, and I got his big cock and a little beer money.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore Glenda

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is what a sexy BBW does best. I mean I am a greedy cock whore. I think my body is nice and curvy because of all the cum I get. You could call me a cum whore. I was swallowing loads of cum long before I was fucking. I got a taste for cum from one of my teachers, then confirmed I was a cum whore with all the DILFs in the neighborhood. I love cum more and more each day. I love married men, but the problem is that they cannot just come over at the drop of a hat because spouses are often around. Even though I try to have many married men phone sex lovers in my life, sometimes I find myself alone for a night because none of my married lovers can get away. I hate when that happens. I am a sexy BBW though. I can always find guys down to fuck me. I have big tits, a phat ass and a pretty face. I needed a cum fix last night. With no married lovers available, I had the choice of the glory hole or a bar. I opted for both because I was hungry. Hungry for cum. I went to the glory hole first. It was busy too. No women but me, so I had all the cocks to myself. I sucked off a couple dozen dicks. I had a belly full of cum before I went to this local dive bar near me. I do not go there much, but when I do, I always find a lover. The bar was packed. It was a sausage fest though which meant I could have any man I wanted. I brought home Brad. He is an older man, my plumber actually. He recognized my big tits. He has been to my house a few times. A working-class DILF. Nothing wrong with that. He pumped my pussy full of cum and slithered home to his wife. My pussy got his biggest cum shot. My belly got all the cum shots of the men in the glory hole. It turned out to be a great night after all.

Married Men Phone Sex is My Favorite Because I Lost My Virginity to a DILF

married men phone sex

Married men phone sex is my favorite. I love talking to married callers and I love fucking married men. My first crush was a married man. He was my best friend’s dad when I was in high school. I was a teen girl with not much experience, but he taught me everything I know now. He was the man that made me love both married men and older men. I ran into my first love over the weekend. I still see his daughter, but we live in different cities. I went home for the weekend to see my mom. I drove by to see if Amy was home too. It was our town’s annual fall festival. Pumpkin carving, carnival games and things like that. I go every year and say hi to old teachers, and friends. See my mom too. Amy was not home, but her dad was, and boy was he happy to see me. I see him every couple of years, but he had some health issues last time I visited, and we never fucked. Well, he was feeling just fine this weekend. He is on Viagra now. He is only 60. That does not seem that old to a 34-year-old phone sex slut. His wife left him a few years ago for some boy toy and that hurt his pride. I guess it was because of his dick issues, but he had a big boner hugging me. I knew he had not taken his blue bill because he had no clue I was stopping by. We were alone in the house, so I helped myself to his cock. How could I not? This was cause for celebration. He was hard and I was wet. I showed off my cock sucking skills. He was my first blow job and my first fuck.  I let him give me a hardcore ass fucking over the weekend. I was his first anal experience. It felt nice to give him a first. We fucked like horny teenagers all weekend. I told him he needs to road trip to see me too. A woman never forgets her first. Hopefully he pays me a visit soon. I want more of that big cock and I am sure he wants to fuck a woman who does not make him need a little blue pill too.

GFE Phone Sex I Love Because I Get Spoiled by You

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is my specialty. I am not a submissive girl. I am not some BDSM chick either. I like to be spoiled and I like to take care of men who take care of me. I like to be equal with men. Now, I rarely meet men who try to dominate or body shame me, but I have encountered a few. I have a little shit who has been making things troublesome for me lately. He started off as a suitor. He did not like that I rejected him. He wanted to go out with me, but when I politely declined, he started body shaming me and stalking me. I can me a dominatrix phone sex bitch when I am pushed. This little punk got wind of an affair I was having and threatened to expose me to his wife. I did some thinking and decided to make him think that I had a change of heart. I did not have a change of heart. I do not like bad boy behavior. I am a gfe. You treat me well; I treat you better. You treat me badly; I treat you worse. I met with Trey last night. Amazing how he thought his bad behavior won me over. I guess some chicks fall for it. I just needed a reason to get into his place. When I started telling him how I did not appreciate how he handles rejection, he got mouthy with me, and told me, “Bitch, watch who you are talking to like that.” That is when I kicked him in the balls. I got him down on the ground quickly. I am a sexy BBW. I sat on him. I made him eat my fat ass while I squeezed his balls tightly, digging my fingernails into his scrotum. CBT phone sex skills are something I have acquired over the years dealing with disrespectful losers. Trey will not be bothering me again. We came to an arrangement. I hit him wear it hurt: his balls, LOL. He will think twice about not playing nice with me. You should take heed too. I look like a nice chick. I am. Just do not push me, or I will push back harder, loser.

Cum Shots on Tits is a Hot Gift and Almost as Fun as Fucking

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits is such a hot gift. I have the perfect boobs for cum too. Big boobs need cum. That is what I told Jeff last night. He was a different kind of guy than I usually go for. That is because he was still a boy. A cute boy, but a teenage boy, nonetheless. Now, I have fucked a few young boys. The age is not a problem for me. I do not have much of a moral code. I fuck married men. I have fucked my BFFs men too. So, why not fuck some jailbait boy? The key for me is cock size. I am a sexy BBW. I require a cock big enough that I could feel. This boy just was not quite the right length or girth. But he was cute. He was nice. He was persistent. I tossed him a bone, I guess you could say, even though he was the one with the bone, LOL. I posed for some big tit photos for his spank bank. Plus having naked photos of his hot MILF neighbor would make him popular at school. I looked at this hs a learning experience. The boy was a virgin. He is the only one who has ever touched his cock. I was going to just let him jerk off while he watched me strip and snapped some photos on his phone.  I agreed to let him titty fuck me. My big boobs will swallow up a small dick, but my tits do not need a big cock to cum like my pussy. He had never seen real boobs before. He almost passed out on me. I rubbed my big jugs all over his young prick. He was dripping precum all over my big tits I felt like such a Mrs. Robinson! I am in my thirties, but this was a young teen boy. He did give my tits his biggest cum shot. Doused me in his teenage cum. He is a young boy, still growing in all the right places. He will get to be fuck my wet pussy if he is patient enough.