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Cheating Phone Sex Any Place I Can with Married Lovers

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is so much fun. Honestly, I love being the mistress. I have all the sexual freedom in the world, and married men rarely get jealous. I have a married lover who can only be with me on his motorcycle. That is because his wife tracks his whereabouts on his phone. He has cheated before, but with me it is has been over a year and she has not found out yet. We meet somewhere and I hop on his bike. We fuck in parks and wooded areas. We have fucked in many a roadside gas station bathroom too. Rarely do we get to fuck in a bed like normal people, but it is okay by me. It kind of spices things up, you know? I do have a rental property I used as an Air B and B, and it is in the country about an hour from the city where we both live. His wife’s spyware is not exact, so if it picks up the general location of the farmhouse, there are lots of roads out there perfect for motorcyclists. Honestly, doubt she would ever pick up on anything if we not there for long. My Air B and B is empty right now, so this morning, we took a drive to fuck. I love married men phone sex so much that I bend over backwards to take care of my married lovers. I really wanted to spend some quality time with him. He is hung. He is handsome and he is an awesome lover. We have had a year of quickies in odd and often public places. Not that I am conservative or even traditional in the bedroom. I can just do my best moves in a bed, I guess. I am an exhibitionist, so public fucking never a problem, but a bed is nice because of the time factor. Never a fear of being caught fucking in my own bed. We fucked for 45 minutes, which was a record for us. If we get ten minutes, we are lucky. His wife started texting him halfway through and he ignored her. He was enjoying my wet bald pussy too much. Can you blame him? He told his wife he blew a tire out and was waiting on AAA. Well, he won’t be able to use that excuse again, but we got 45 minutes of hot sex in today.

Sexy GFE Phone Sex Babe Glenda

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is my favorite for many reasons. GFE callers love to be worshiped by a sexy babe. They understand the concept of give and take. They are not selfish lovers. They are also not mean men either. Life is too short for any woman to spend time with a man who does not appreciate her curves and everything else she brings to the table. I am a sexy BBW. I realize that I have some meat on my bones. I am mostly tits and ass, and there are plenty of men who appreciate that, so I never need to waste my time on men who simply do not appreciate me. When I get guys who are into body shaming women, I do not roll over and take it. I am not that girl. I was never that girl. And I will never be that girl. I dish it right back because I know that if a man feels the need to body shame a woman, he needs a mirror and a healthy dose of small cock humiliation phone sex. Mean spirited folks are insecure. The men who like to go all mean guy alpha on a woman often have beer guts, hairy backs and small dicks. I had a caller last night who started off sweet during the billing process, but as soon as the call started, he was like, “Fat bitch” this and “Fat bitch that. I had to check him quickly because NO man body shames me. I am not desperate for attention. I have plenty of men in my life who can take care of me without that kind of bullshit. This guy on the phone meant nothing to me. I did not need his attention. I did not need his money either. A ten-minute call will never make or break me. So, I gave him a much different phone sex call than he expected. I put him in his place. I shamed him for being a body shamming, narrow-minded tool.  I tossed in some cock and ball torture too for shits and giggles. Let him be a warning to you. I am a full-figured goddess. If I am not your type, move alone. But if you call me and attempt to fat shame me or turn me into your bitch, you will meet the girl that caller did last night. I am a sexy GFE babe. You be nice to me and I will be very nice to you.

Married Men Phone Sex is My Favorite Then and Now

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is my favorite. I love married men. I have since I was a schoolgirl and started an affair with my best friend’s dad when I was a teen girl still. I had long crushed on him. It was chance encounter. I was babysitting, and a storm hit. He drove me home or tried to but we had to wait on the side of the road for a bit because trees were down and there was flooding. I was scared and his attempts to comfort me, led to us fucking. It just took one time for him to get addicted to my big boobs and young bald pussy. We fucked until I graduated high school. I still see him from time to time. I live in the next county over, but my family is still in his town and so are many of my high school friends, including his daughter. I paid her a visit recently for her birthday and her father had surprised her too. I thought she was going to bust us just based on his reaction to seeing me. He reached out on social media, and we started an affair again. He was my first love and my first heartbreak.  He is likely the reason I crush hard on older men. He came over to see me last night. In the middle of the night to fuck the girl he fucked when she was a teenager. The best friend of his daughter. Talk about hot ass sex! He is a silver haired fox now. And he still has a big cock that works just fine. He told me not a day goes by that he does not think about me. He thought he ruined me because I was so young, and heart broken when we had to end our affair. If he only knew that he was the reason why I love married men.  We fucked most of the night. Sadly, he is still married. But I won’t get my heart broken this time. I have many more married lovers than just him.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex is the Perfect Way to Weather a Storm

naughty neighbor phone sexNaughty neighbor phone sex is the best! I bet you agree, don’t you? Who has not wanted to fuck a neighbor at some point in their life? I am a sexy BBW. I am accustomed to getting fucked all the time. Whenever I want. Sometimes, however, Mother Nature throws me a monkey wrench like she did this weekend. A huge storm came through my city. I was unable to work Saturday night and most of Sunday morning because I had no power and no phone. My street was in the dark. And let me tell you when it is in the high 90s outside, you do not want to be without power. No power means no air conditioning. And no air conditioning means a hot and bothered phone sex whore in more ways than one! My cell phone was about to die, but I needed some cock, so I texted my married lover next door. I knew his wife was home. There was no where any of us could go because the roads were washed out below our hill. Luckily, we are on a hill above the river, so we were not flooded. But we were stranded. My married lover told his wife he was going to check on me and a few other neighbors. He brought me some bottled water and we fucked like wild animals in heat. It was fast and hard. I mean his wife could have come over at anytime to check on him. Luckily, she did not. It felt good to get pounded hard. In times of stress, I fall back on fucking. Making myself feel good and others feel good is a great way to reduce stress. My lover ate my wet bald pussy too making me cum so hard I could barely talk afterwards. I kind of liked having the power out because it gave my sexy married man next door an excuse to come over in the day. Usually, he is like a 3 am booty call after his wife is deep asleep. The power finally was restored, so I could cool down, but by that time I had a pussy full of cum. Mother Nature may toss me a monkey wrench sometimes, but this horny woman is resourceful.

BBW Phone Sex Bisexual Babe Glenda

bbw phone sexI am a bisexual bbw phone sex babe. I do love my cock. I have a big pool of married men with neglected cocks that I can call on anytime to fuck me. Now, because they are married, I cannot always just call one up and have him come over. That is why I have so many in my phone. But I like pussy too. When I was a schoolgirl, I would play doctor with other schoolgirls. We were young and sexually curious. We would look at each other’s girl parts. Maybe watch each other pee and even lick and rub our pussies. We did not know what we were doing yet but playing with each other’s young bald pussy felt good. I suspect most girls explored this way. Now, I know what I am doing between a woman’s legs, and she knows what she is doing between mine. I love eating pussy and I love being eaten. I have a few women in my phone too that I can call when super horny. I also pick up women frequently at clubs, especially when no suitable men around to take home. When I am horny, I am not very patient, and I need cock or pussy. A few weeks ago, I brought home a hot curvy gal. We have hooked up a few times. She is a cool chick. Turns out this hot chick is married and married to one of my lovers. I did not know if she was playing me or if it is just a weird coincidence, but I am leaning towards the later. She is fucking hot as fuck, and she can give me a hot squirting pussy. So can her husband. I have no plans to give up either. Ideally, I would like to have a threesome with them, but I need to see how things go. I want to see how this will play out. I am not willing yet to jeopardize either relationship with my knowledge, so I will just keep being the other woman for this couple.

Taking Big Tit Photos for My Older Cousin

He wanted some more big tit photos, so we took a ride into the country Saturday. The he is my first cousin. Naughty, I know. But we have been hooking up since I was a teen girl. He is almost ten years older than me, but he came to live with us when he was in high school. His parents were killed in a car crash when I was still a schoolgirl. His mother was my father’s sister. He went to Iraq after the 9.11 attacks, and we would talk when ever we could. We did a lot of yahoo instant messaging back when that was still a thing. I think we even did some AOL message rooms. That graduated to phone sex and Face Time calls. He came home permanently two years ago. He is married now, but still loves to full around with his sexy BBW cousin. He knows I love married men. He may be the best married lover I fuck because he is family. We are only cousins, but honestly, he feels more like a brother.

We drove out to this renovated farmhouse I rehabbed over COVID. I inherited the land and the property. During the height of COVID it was my project. It was a DIY labor or love. My cousin helped a lot with the roof, landscaping and electrical wiring. Now it is an Air B and B rental, bringing me nice extra money. I have no renters there until Friday, so it is my love shack when empty. My cousin is like all my lovers. A man who appreciates a sexy bbw phone sex slut with big tits. I posed in the Sunflower fields on the back of his motorcycle. He got some hot pics of his busty cousin. I got a few hot pics of my own too. Pics of his dick between my tits. Pics of his cock in my cunt. Pics of his cum oozing off my body. It was a wonderful day full of naughty fun. I love being a kissing cousin. Do you have any dirty family stories to share with me? I would love to hear them.


Men Love Big Tit Fucking Me

big tit fuckingI love me some big tit fucking. This sexy BBW slut has perfect tits for it too. Last night I hooked up with two men into my sexy breasts. They were attending the same community cookout I went to yesterday. New guys in town, renting one of the homes. My neighborhood is a mix of homeowners and renters, with a few air B and Bs. It is a nice community. These guys have one of the air B and Bs for the month while they attend an art program at the local university. Grad students in art at NYU. Older than me, but not by much. Swedish guys too, so they had a cute accent. They were attracted to my blonde hair and big tits. I love a man with an accent and last night I had two. As I was showing off my cocksucking phone sex skills, with one of the guys, the other one wanted to draw me. I felt like Kate Winslet in the Titanic getting drawn by Leo Dicaprio. He did a great colored pencil sketch of his friend’s cock between my big tits. It made me feel extra sexy to be an artist’s muse while I was getting fucked. I do not think that has ever happened to me before. I enjoyed every fucking minute. I spent the entire night with these two men. One is married, but his wife and daughter are back in New York. The other guy was divorced. Both talented artists but excellent lovers. They knew how to worship a full-figured woman too. They licked my wet bald pussy. They rimmed my ass. They fucked each hole I have too. They did not let a single ounce of my juicy body go untouched. When I left their rental this morning, I was covered in cum and I got a nice colored sketch as a parting gift.

GFE Phone Sex Slut Loves Married Men

gfe phone sexI am a gfe phone sex slut. I am built for a lot of cocks. Women call me a whore all the time, but I know they are just jealous that their men prefer me over them. Why would a man want a skinny flat chested bitch when he can have a curvy, big titted slut? I do not charge men to fuck me in real life, but I do enjoy multiple lovers. One man will never be enough for me. Never enough for me. If one of my married lovers wants to tip me or buy me presents, that is welcomed but not necessary. I fuck married men for a few reasons. Number one is because a married lover rarely goes fatal attraction on me because he has too much to lose. I do not need some love-lorn man stalking me or trying to control my every move. I also do it because I have always juggled a bunch of lovers and men get jealous and stingy with my holes when they find out about other men. Married men are willing to share you because I share them with their wives. I do not get a ton of quality time with any one of my married men phone sex lovers. That means there is never constant texting about where am I and big brother shit like that. I answer to only me. I also prefer married lovers because it is fun to put a bitch wife in her place. Even if she does not realize her man prefers me to her, I know he does and that is all the satisfaction I need. Most of my married men, I seduced because their wife was snarky to me. Toss some shade on a sexy bbw, she will lob it right back at you. It is not my fault married men prefer a sexy bbw phone sex slut to some boring skinny bitch. Keep your man happy or I will.

GFE Phone Sex Done Right

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex. This sexy BBW will be a professional mistress for life in all likelihood. Me and one guy for the rest of my life? No thank you. I say that now, but that might change soon. I keep meeting great men. They are all married so I put them in the rotation. I would make a good wife because I will never lose my love for sucking cock and swallowing cum. A good mistress will always be a good wife. The problem is women who just want to have a Mrs. in front of their name for whatever reason fake a lot during the dating stages of their relationships. Once that ring is on her finger, however, she stops sucking dick and being a freak in the sheets. I love married men phone sex guys because they are always undersexed and wanting to please back. Men love to make women cum. They just need the opportunity to shine. Being a good GFE means not only taking care of men, but also letting them shine. I let Marc shine between my legs all night. We spent the entire day together because his wife went to see her sister. We rarely get but an hour or two here and there together. We had a wonderful 24 hours and we spoiled each other to the max. Started with a bike ride in the country. That was followed by a picnic and some outdoor fucking. When we got to my place, I showed off my skills in the kitchen. Look at me. Do I look like I skimp on meals, LOL? I worked up his appetite with a pre dinner romp. We ate dinner, then we fucked to burn it off. The entire day was us fucking and eating. He fed my wet bald pussy and I quenched his appetite like a sexy BBW mistress does best.

Big Tits Phone Sex Gets Me Out of Trouble

big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex requires a woman with big tits. I am a busty babe. My boobs are 44 EEE and they are all real too. Do you like my big boobs? They are my get out of jail free card. I sometimes get into trouble. I am an exhibitionist and a speed demon on the road. About twice a month I get stopped for something. But with natural big jugs, a pretty face and awesome cock sucking skills, I can get out of anything. One of my snotty neighbors complained that I was washing my car nude. It was Sunday morning. I was up at the crack of dawn before anyone else. Sure, this sexy bbw phone sex slut was nude, but I was on my property. No one was up. At least, I did not think anyone was up. Two handsome police officers showed up, but by then I was back inside. They informed me that they received a public indecency report on me and were obligated to come out. I explained that I am a lifestyle nudist. Okay, so that was a fib. I am not a nudist, but I am an exhibitionist. The cops were checking me out. I was naked still. They both had tents in their uniform pants. I apologized saying I thought it was okay to be nude if I was on my property. I walked in between each officer and placed my hand on their cocks. I unzipped their pants, and neither stopped me. I was sure I could go further, so I got on my knees and stuffed my mouth with both cocks. Yummy, thick cocks. Both officers gave me their biggest cum shot too. They sprayed my face and my big tits. I licked their cum off my boobs while coyly asking if I was getting a ticket. They smiled at me and passed me their cards. Now, if I ever get pulled over or in trouble with other cops, I can name drop. I am never in trouble long. Not with my banging body and deep throat skills.

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