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Financial Domination Phone Sex: Charlie helps me get my $$$

Financial Domination Phone SexFinancial Domination Phone Sex: Charlie helps me get my Money! Yes, even if we have to torture and kill you! Motherfuckers should know better than to mess with these girls who use sex as power! More than that though not all young girls who come into my whore house are submissive! Once in a while young things like Charlie grace my path for the better! When this blonde bombshell ended up in the back room of the club I knew she is special! Special in the way she had men eating from the palms of her hands.

Demanding men to pay to play and not giving an inch! Automatically I knew Charlie was more than a teen cum dumpster. It would not take long to know that Charlie would be the perfect accomplice for me and help me run my little whorehouse. This bitch can eat pussy and suck cock like a pornstar! But more than that she deals out domination uncontested! 

Financial Domination Phone Sex: Charlie helps me get my Money with CBT and snuff!!!

When it comes to demented Snuff Phone Sex and blackmail Charlie is so young and so fresh! She is ten years my junior and bringing new sexy ideas to cock torture and soul-taking! So when Edwardo owed 5g’s for the coke he was slinging I knew Charlie was the perfect accomplice to get my money! One of my Goons found him and demobilized Edwardo. I have to say the beating made him more sexy in my eyes! Within minutes of Charlie being in the room, this motherfucker was crying and begging us to spare his life.

Those vice grips Charlie was wrecking his nuts and probably is the culprit! My pussy was so wet and I was so proud as her fingernails dug under his cock head bringing blood. When the spiked strap-on came out I came all over his face! Is anyone up for mince meat?  We both knew this motherfucker has snorted his earnings. A body on the black market was easily worth ten grande. So with slow torture avoiding major organs…  my Young Accomplice phone Sex hottie helped me make my money back. What a beautiful corpse we made together!


Snuff Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex is producing record loads of cum!

Black Cock Phone SexBlack Cock Phone Sex is producing record loads of cum! There’s just something about hard nigga cocks that I can’t get enough of. Bigger and blacker is better, as the saying goes. I love it when a big black dick stretches my mouth, pussy, and ass to its limits.  For a good dick down, I’ll do anything.

Although my white boyfriend knows I am a BBC slut, he can’t do much about it. The mocha behemoth cock is all I need, and I need it all the time. I’ll tell you the truth, he gets just as hot as I do when a big hanging black cock is about to destroy me. His well-endowed friends always come over because they know I’ll drain their balls one way or another.

Black cock phone sex for my BF to get off with. 

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex happens when I get ideas from my callers. Sissies love helping turn other white boys into fags! Read on sissy mother fuckers!

As a BBC whore, I quickly point out BBC is twice the size of you even when you are hard. 

Grabbing a hold of his man-sized cock and showing you my hand didn’t fit around the whole thing is so sexy! Why dont you help me take him into our mouths? I placed my hand on top of your head, thinking you might need my help on this cock! But I get surprised by how you pounce on that cock and suck him off like a pro! You do understand there is no cumming back from a black cock right? 

Sissy Phone Sex All that is needed is some gentle guidance to get you where you desire to go! Be so Girly with that Sissy -gasm, and It is okay for you to allow your man pussy throb for a hard stiff black cock. It’s okay to be a sissy faggot. Live life to the fullest and embrace it. I’m eager to hear about your latest BBC encounters, so call me soon!


Breeding Phone Sex with a Barrio Breeder Bitch

Breeding Phone SexBreeding Phone Sex in the Barrio has its advantages. For one, even the little girls are almost always neglected and expected to support themselves. And second, these teen whores who run the streets for me need someone to love them.

I sure the fuck have no love to spare unless it is a sadistic cock! It’s a ruthless cycle you can use to your cocks advantage. Personally, I find these whores to be lacking lately and think I  should add my own into the mix. Any boy or girl born from my womb will have lessons early in life about sex, drugs, and death.  They’ll be taught that the only way to survive is to sell their bodies. Momma Alanza will show her babes that there is no love or mercy in this world. 

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex for me is all about the vile side of life. My girls will follow in line to be pimped out by me and her brothers. My boys will be dope slingers and hoe runners. The world is a cruel and harsh place for any offspring coming from my womb. Momma Alanza will make sure her Ankle biters know this harsh reality. The benefit is that your cock will know how to use them! 

breeding phone sex for deviant fuckers

  Momma Alanza will make sure that her babes are well-trained in the art of pleasure and pain. They understand that in order to survive, they must obey mommy and their brothers. Need A Momma that will make sure her babes are ready to be taken advantage of?

If you need to go darker with Snuff Phone Sex You know I’m a slicer and dicer of dreams and souls! Most of the time I am a dumb bitch on the end of a cock. But I do know that the immoral rich and powerful will always pay good money for compliant, broken, and most importantly, desirable female slaves. So, Fill my woman with your sperm, and let me churn out the next generation of whores and dope slingers!  

Adult baby phone sex Mami for Little dick slaves

Adult baby phone sex

Adult baby phone sex Mami Alanza for Little dick ABDLs who like it Humiliating. 

Tonight’s the night I meet my newest addition to the nursery. He stepped into the bedroom and felt the itch of anticipation as his heart raced. In his hand, he held the disguising bag with him, the item he had secretly purchased but was always too embarrassed to wear. It was time.

Mr. Man slowly unzipped the bag, revealing his new item to me. It was a diaper, a large blue one. He stared at the cloth, admiring it and feeling nervous and excited. When he looked up at me could feel his penis grow smaller as his anxiety grew. “Go ahead and show me why you need diapers little bitch.” I cooed as a good mommy should. 

Adult baby phone sex humiliating Little dick

His beautiful mistress smiles wickedly at him as she runs her hands across his body, causing him to wince, as he slowly crawls into the bed, knelt down, and approached her. Oh, how he struggled as I diapered him. ABDLs don’t always enjoy mommy phone sex! I am sure he feels humiliated and cringes with embarrassment. As I pointed out how little of a peen he has, his body flushes red. 

Mr. Man shivers with humiliation I cackle with delight, and he freezes in place. “Now comes the fun part: a rope around that waist, attaching the diaper securely for diaper chastity!” Mistress Mami ALanza’s main goal is to have him trapped in the diaper debasing his masculinity even further. 

Mr. Man knows he should feel ashamed for wanting to be humiliated by Mistress Alanza. But, although emasculated, he also feels strangely liberated and aroused. He liked the feeling of submission and the humiliation of wearing a diaper, and it made his penis even smaller. 

Mistress Alanza caressed his body, allowing him to enjoy the sensation of his small penis as it rippled in pleasure in his diaper.  She then proceeded to rub his body with her hands and feet, taking pleasure in his humiliation. 

 Mistress Alanza’s Diaper Slavery Phone Sex ABDL’s get to experience something unique and erotic and be reminded of why they need diaper chastity because they have baby dicks. 

Mommy phone sex

Party Girls Phone Sex for a pervert pimping Papi

Party Girls Phone Sex

Party Girls Phone Sex for a Papiriene, (spanish for special daddy)! A special daddy that loves his girls so nasty and dirty like me and my friends, for some insane taboo fun. Coke, crack, and ass play are on the menu when I bring one of my new sluts for a test drive. Piss and cum guzzling alongside of a mutt red rocket is no problem when we get blasted to the sky on some hardcore dope.

That shit makes us into crazy sex addict cunts who are fucking filthy for Papi!  We will do anything Papi says, even take on a group of men at once. Papi is the most perverted and we love him for it. We will do anything to make him proud.

Party Girls Phone Sex Pimpimg Pervert Papi Pumping

Drugs Phone Sex where you can eat ass and have tongues deep in your ass and drink your piss. Me and my homegirls are not afraid of potty sex at all. Though the new sluts working might have to be forced at first, Im sure she will learn to love it for more dope.  We are addicted to Papi and his cock. We will do anything to please him. He is our master and we will always be his whores.

Play with two sluts for only $50 for 15 minutes.

 Cock Worshiping Phone Sex of two whores who will suck and get mounted by Rover for you. Above all I’m your nasty party and accomplice slut who loves to bring you new sexy bitches to be nasty with your cock!  Papi is our everything and we will always be loyal to him. We will do whatever it takes to make him happy. We are his bitches and he will always be our pimp pervert Party favor! 

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drugs phone sex

Cuckolding Phone Sex turns into a sissy cuck life exposed

Cuckolding Phone Sex

Cuckolding Phone Sex takes a turn for this accomplice whore. A husband who loves to hurt other females such as his wife. To have me shove a fist up that cunt while they gag on BBC and degrade the hell out of those worthless females. For years I have destroyed his whore of a woman with BBC and extreme aggression. Cuckolding has always been involved, but my mean bitch side always glossed over that fact. Come to find out I have a certified sissy cuck on my hands. As if I couldn’t have guessed. Always had that sneaking suspicion that he needed some TLC from a big black dick in the back of my mind. 

Cuckolding Phone Sex turns into a sissy cuck life exposed

Now I have pictures of this tiny blonde who really does love to ride BBC for her husband. And I have pictures of him dressed his best in sissy outfits with his little white dick showing. Things are much more nuanced than I actually expected. I never know if my men have extreme fansties or if they actually are in situations like my cuckold sissy phone sex hubby. I have to say with pleasure that I love the way our calls have turned into humiliation and sissy cuckolding with a huge bull cock mixed with real-life scenes of his itty bitty wife and his sissy ass! 

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex from a stripper slut

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex from a stripper whore makes it all the worse. You might not ever hear a stripper refer to your cock or lack of in a bad way. We need to make our money even if we have doubts you have a cock.  The fat guys, it’s easy to think that pecker is just being smothered under those rolls.

Then they are men who went twerking inches from that lap you feel no bulge at all. My mind begins to spin around how small your penis might actually be. And if you frequent clubs and book party services more than once we dancers begin to talk. I do have to let you in on a secret of sex workers, we will get to the bottom of all cock size questions eventually.  

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex stories of men lured to reveal that teeny pathetic excuse of a cock is common. Every exotic dancer figures out ways to loosen tongues and trousers. I personally like to keep a vial of the best cock between my tits for such little dick losers. A free snort, a nibble of that ear, and my hand slips down to your crotch. Normally you push my hands away, but today I grapple with your jockeys and come up short! 

It really isn’t my fault when I begin to giggle and smile. I have partaken in a little too much blow myself. I know I can blow this easily, haha! Well, I do not want you running away, and a blow job for a tik-tak is easy! Let me lure you into a false reality where you will bare all big and small during my hot SPH adult phone chat! 

Pain Slut Phone Sex needs killed and drilled

Pain Slut Phone Sex

My Pain Slut Phone Sex is the cream of the crop. Riding crop that is! Beaten and pushinised with a huge cock does something to my body that is hard to explain although I will do my very best to tell you. 

Just carve a huge upside-down pentagram in my chest and call me the GOAT. Force my mouth open and leave me with bubbly cummy rivers down my chin. My tits are the perfect landing strip for your whip. Beat the living fuck out of me and watch me moan in pleasure.

Kill the pain slut phone sex whore

 I know one day you will take my life and I am so ready for it. Slice me with the biggest blade you have and I’ll cry out more, more more. That is the life of a filthy fucked up accomplice whore. How much can I take? Well, that is up to you in our snuff phone sex. Please hurt me so bad I can’t walk and my legs are broken and hanging off by the tendons. 

When I can take no more throw me through a plate glass window and watch the blood spurt. Leave me looking like a crime scene as I crawl through the shards trying to hold on to my last breath. But my last breath is for your cock. Stangel me and use my own blood for lubrication. I deserve to die. 

Have sex with my cold dead remains and leave me a creampie as your condolences. Hardcore Phone Sex with a stupid Ethic slut is the best for your cock. How many ways can you dream up to fuck me up?


Sissy Training Phone Sex / Secret Sissy Sasha 💗

Sissy Training Phone Sex

Sissy Training Phone Sex with a side of exposure for Sissy Sasha. Occasionally here on Fuckaliciousfreaks, we get what we call a house sissy. A male who lived most of his life as a bonafide man with offspring and a wife. But then something happens and his internal sissy clock has him in secret sissy shame. 

Then he finds us. Here on the websites, he finds women to tell his dirty deeds too. Sissy Sasha loves sending pictures and being recorded on cam for his mistresses. Sexy, panties of girlfriends and escorts have that sissy dick so excited. And don’t think for one second that Sasha is only exposing himself with Sissy Phone Sex. 

Not that MISS Sasha really needs a lot of training. It is more of helping her understand that she is no longer a man.

All the money she makes by having male-white privilege is about to be gone in a flash. Why because he is giving all of us Mistress bitches all of his information and letting himself be set up. These photos are just some of the evidence I have regarding the coke whore ways of one naughty Miss Sasha. I even have a video of her eating a sexy big black ass of one of her Hookers! 

Trust me I love the temptation of him giving and giving and me taking and taking. The only reason I will remove his pictures or keep myself from full-face exposure will be a big fat payday for me. Sasha, you have been warned!

Financial Domination Phone Sex for sissy sluts who think they can get away with still being a pretend man is my weakness!  How much you do want to risk on me bringing to light your secret life, Sasha? Snort a few lines and call me when you see this! We need to talk! 

Hot squirting pussy from having the evil monster beat out of me

Hot squirting pussy

Hot squirting pussy comes from a slave whore who has been worked up just right. Imagine having your very own doll to make cum over and over just to put her in her place. A heathen like me needs to be shackled up and used to the max just to get her sin out! I might run young whores but at the end of the day, I need extreme punishment to make myself feel alive again. Demons take over my body under my master’s hands.

He helps me be the baddest bitch by bringing me down a notch. There is a monster in me, a secret side of me kept from the public. The beast inside has so much rage for the young whores who come in asking for protection. So my master helps beat the rage out and for a few minutes I feel normal again.   My master is the only one who knows how to bring the beast out. He is the only one who understands me and the only one I trust. He helps me stay sane and in control.


BDSM Phone Sex where I Am the pain slut helps level out a filthy bitch like me. Punishing sissy whores and BDSM balance out all the blood lust I have! Tonight my body is beating in time to my evil ass heart. I feel like a monster who needs to be slain, killed, and stretched out over some hot rocks.

But the whips and chains help make me squirt so fucking hard. His fingers are deep in my pussy. Helpless I surrender shackled by my own evil and the strong hand of a brutal man. One day I hope he kills me during some horrible  Slave Training Phone Sex!!