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Fucking in the Gym

hot squirting pussyNothing gives me a hot squirting pussy like fucking at the gym. I love a good sweat set of reps on the end of a huge cock! When I’m not chasing down rouge druggy whores who owe me money, that’s what I get for getting them Addicted to Meth! I’m at the boxing ring scouting for a good dick! Today I hit the weights and wanted to spar with the newest instructor. Fresh meat is always on my radar. Cock meat that is! I spent an hour lifting and stretching watching this hot mother fucker take jabs and dance around the ring. My pusssy soaked through my gym shorts and panties. He was tall, dark and skinny. Just the way I like them and that dick meat flopping around in his shorts had me wondering how big it would grow inside my tight juicy snatch! As I stepped into the ring he laughed and Said he thought AL was dude, but I was definitely female. “Would you have taken my lesson if you knew I was female?” I asked, tilting my head and squeezing my big sweaty titties together. “I will always take a hot body and ass like yours,” he whispered as he threw the first Jab. We had gathered a crowd as we danced and tussled. I wanted this motherficker to take me. And as soon as he got me in a hold I pushed this ass back at him and felt a nice big hard-on! There is no way you’re going to hide that dick, and did I mention I took my panties off so his cock was only seconds away from my pussy and ass hole? The men in the crowd saw this and began chanting:fuck that whore! Fuck that whore!” He held me tight as he unleashed his dick! WIth one great push I was ass up, face down in the boxing ring! When that mother fucker pushed into my ass first, I knew he was not going to be easy on a slut like me! I through my ass hole back and gave the whole boxing gym an ass fucking show! I bet you nat to know if i cleaned his knob after he fucked my dirty shit hole during Hardcore ass fucking, huh? 

Adult phone chat killer

adult phone chatI can still smell and taste her blood off his cock. This adult phone chat killer snuffed her out way too fast for my own liking. What was I supposed to do when she kept biting me nad screaming like she was being tortured. I mean.. My little victim was being tortured by my mans BBC, but she acted like no other girl we had ever had. This is what I get from kidnapping a white girl from the suburbs. But she was so pretty and blonde and petite, and well young! I knew my man wanted to put his black cock in a tiny white girl’s body. I had to take her from the strip mall while she was chatting on her phone. Easy enough to say her friend just got hit by a car and clicked the kill switch in my pocket so her phone went dead air. She ran and was thrust into my truck and away we went. Right to my dark meat daddy who took one look at her and his dick got so big and hard! SHe was frightened already and that monster cock made it worse. If she was from around these parts she would be used to seeing the occasional BBC. But now I had to strangle her with a quickness all because she was a biter and screamer! I could have had so much more fun!

Slutty Accomplice momma

accomplice phone sex

Slutty accomplice Momma here to be your next obsession in bratkin and young lady destruction. Or self destruction if you wish! I enjoy your fetish with a whore mom who is intent on pimping out her sluts to your cock.  You see me out looking for some man meat to party with and you corner me and say the code word. I look up at you and ask for a Newport menthol 100. If you really want some Pixie fluff, I need a cigarette and to know who sent you! I am horny because you know the code word, but dealing in coke is much more safe in these streets. Big daddy has a few girls he is willing to let you get a hold of. And I have two little sluts in my house that are prime for a p-cock like yours. But if you want to be the most sick and vile brat fucker, I’ll have to call in fresh meat! I see your cash and my cell rings. It’s a go. I take you down into the tunnels under the train tracks and waiting on us is a sweet little Ginger who is scared and lost. Or so she thinks. I have had her knocked out for days just to place her here to wake up. Untouched, and perfect for you to fuck and me to destroy for you after the fact!

Ass eaters Anonymous

anal phone sexI’m waiting for my ass to be licked by you! I need an anal licker to eat out my shitter! I can already feel your tongue sliding deep in my brown hole and fucking me like you haven’t had a good meal in days. You poor neglected bastard! Slow the fuck down, this ass is meant to be savored! I know how you like it. Either me sitting on your face or on all fours so you can go at it like a hungry lion after some raw steak! Even better for you if you like your steak rare and with a little creme sauce on top. I’m talking about cum filled ass eating at its finest! Cum and eat at Alanzas, this isn’t Applebees but you will be served the finest ass delicacie you have ever had the pleasure of! Stick your tongue nice and deep and get every last drop of my ass juice. And then I want you to shove your schlong deep in me and ass fuck me until we both cum!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex whore

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

This Erotic hypnosis phone sex whore knows exactly what makes your fucking clitty throb. I’m able to get deep in your mind and pull the most fucked up shit that arouses a tiny dick slut like you! I try not to go straight for the gold when I have a sissy on the line who needs punishment! New sissy whores always try to beat around the bush when it comes to telling me about that sissy stick. Cum dump. So, I get all extra sweet and start talking about big dicks and how good they feel shoved up my own ass.  

You sluts always tell on yourself, you always leave yourself wide open for me to wiggle my way inside your mind. Ass eater. You would love to live as a sissy eunuch slave that has no balls and an ass hole thats open for all the bull cocks! Dressed up for me, kissing my feet and licking my ass hole as I leave you dazed and confused? This is right where you need to be. And lort help you if you bring party favors, because your ass will be high as hell as I encourage you to keep on puffing, snorting and rolling! Butt Fuck slut. I’ll have my strap buried deep in your sissy pussy while you beg for more! 

Breeding Blasphemy

breeding phone sex
Easter is for breeding phone sex. The most fertile time of the year for misbehaving Catholic Spic girls like me. I still go to Mass to confess my sins. I have never payed attention to rules of life and i have many sins that I seduce men with! My sins have drove many a Father to denounce his faith to be able to fuck my puta little ass. I love having the Clergy men’s offspring, sometimes they would do anything to have you not tell! Men in the cloth are ruthless nasty P-men who gave up sex with adults to destroy young ones right in the church! My God sometimes they even pay big bucks to be able to have a little hole to fcuk to death so they can fill her with all their sins! Put them to rest as they have called it! Put your sins to rest in my little pussy and create another little pussy or ass so you can put all your sins away this easter as we snuff the tyke with Blasphemy phone sex! Who cares about a dark skinned bitch anyways? They sure don’t! And I hope you don’t either!

Prostitute Accomplice

Prostitution Phone Sex

Prostituition Phone sex gets bloody in this accomplice roleplay. 

He needed a slutty prostitute and thigh-high black boots to be his accomplished tonight. He loves leather so of course I dressed in one of my many leather black mini skirts my black lacy panties. Added my corset to make my tits Bob out as we pursued our next victim. I had my switch blade tucked into the top of my boots. The first guy we saw on the boulevard was our target. He looked like a family man. Perfection! 

 I pulled out my knife and pushed the blade into his back and made him come with me. I asked him if he had a girlfriend or a wife or even some daughters that he’d like to invite to our party. And I made it very well known that the only way he will survive would be in fact to bring us another playmate along. My sexy man who was making me his meth Mama for the night ideas for this mother fucker soon as his daughter came into sight. He pulled out a Glock and popped a sneak out one by one as our victim was screaming for his daughter to run. But I was three steps ahead of him and I captured her quickly, bringing the switchblade up to her knife and watching the blood run down between her small titties. Tonight she would be our sex slave and I would keep her on the edge of life just as long as she’s serviced my dirty cunt and sucked my main man’s cock! Me and you both know they didn’t survive. I need to be glad to hear that they are both cummed dumps before their bloody demise! Join me for accomplice phone sex so filthy you will cum twice! 

Partying & Tranny porn pictures

Tranny porn picturesI love masturbating sexy to tranny porn pictures with my favorite tranny fucker! My dirty panties and ass hole get quite the workout when we are partying and sending tranny sex clips back and forth as I get off for him! You know, I have always wanted to know what it feels like to have a real cock. Your bisexual bitch loves fucking women and men woh her big fat strap-on! I often wonder what it feels like to feel the vagina walls and anal cavity wrapped around my dick! I like to think it’s like that for small dicked men, trying to fit a clitty inside an ass or pussy! But my tranny man has a decent dick, he is just a chicks with dicks lover.  Personally I have always loved tranny porn and have been with a  cross dressing man with a nice dick before.  But to have a woman with a cock, tits and beutiful ass who wants to fuck and be fucked? Oh my god, it’s a new Goal for me! The nights I spend smoking ice with my shemale lover make me want to go to an escort service and have the wildest night I have ever had! Have you fiucked or been fucked by a hot T-girl? Please let me know how sexy it was! 

Snuff out

accomplice phone sex
This sultry slut wants to snuff you out. But not before we take care of that God awful cunt wife of yours! Your impending doom is going to be enhanced by watching me torture your fat cow whore! No less than ten big black cocks will descend on her body. I will make sure that bitch knows you sent me to do this. Because she might start begging the man she loves to save her. But that hard cock that I am pushing my sharp fingernails into is going to love watching her holes be bloodied. I think you will enjoy her suffocating to death on BBC. The question of the day is will I let you cum before I cut your cock and balls off?
I’m so fucking wet thinking of all the ways I can kill you. I know I will have a tray of cocaine to help my brain figure out the best way to kill you!


the accomplice whore who loves murder and fucking! 

Own my Hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy You know what gives me a hot squirting pussy? Bowing down to Mistresses who treat me like worthless slave whore. Women who get off on men hurting and fucking other women raw! Men have that effect on me too, but a mistress directing every movement so the cock who is using me only has to worry about gaping my ass or impaling my cunt so deep, is very fucking hot! My mud pipe has never been so sore as when two cosk are pushing in my ass at the same time! Her giving this slave slut over to multiple cocks makes me dizzy with pleasure! Not every day I get to have a sexy woman who can bring me to my knees for a group of men who like rough anal sex and abusing a stupid hoe like me!. Most of the time I am in control. But even a nasty bitch like me needs to be brought down a couple pegs. My Mistress makes sure I know who is in charge. Slapping my face and spitting in me and letting me know just how worthless I am. I love BDSM phone sex no matter if I am the whore in charge or the slave who is begging for some cum from you. Disclaimer… If you’re going to Dom me you better bring a nice fat dick to play with! I promise to squirt all over you in submission.

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