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Babysitter Phone Sex with stunning Teen Naudia

Babysitter Phone Sex Babysitter Phone Sex with a young whore like Naudia is everything I could ask for! Naudia Naughty, I like to call her. She is that little whore that babysits some of the brats of the families that I run dope for. And she is always willing to help a bitch out when it comes to reducing how much a kilo cost. That’s right, sweet tight ass and pussy trapping daddy dick for me. Not only that, But keeping a keen eye for youngsters that have high potential to run some cash. 

Sweet tasting Nadia is skilled and helping me tame and awaken young sexuality. Who do you think taught her to use her ass the way she does? When you go looking for accomplice Phone Sex, We are fucking deliciously devious together. 

Babysitter Phone Sex gets Naughty with Naudia and I

Last night one of my papis got real fucking intoxicated on that good shit. He divulged some dirty secrets while he was buried in my ass. He talked about his sweet little babysitter sucking his son’s cock. Apparently he viewed them on his security footage. You know me I just had to tell him that we had to set her up so he could fuck her sweet tight little ass. 

Naudia was well aware of our plan; she would never do anything where she got caught on purpose! She might be a whore, but she is anything but stupid!

Accomplice phone sex, anal, and entrapment! 

 When we showed up “unexpectedly” she was ready to act out his Bratty Girl Phone Sex fantasies on her asshole.  I have to say she is quite the actress. We fed him lots of Coke while she worked on that cock. Then we brought his son in so I could have my way with his young dick and ass. Oh!! I guess that he wasn’t expecting us to fuck his son up the ass. But seeing how much a son enjoyed it He didn’t flinch when Naudia pulled out that strap on it fucked his daddy ass! The best part of that cum filled night? Naudia had set up her nanny cam and we caught everything on video. Let’s just say we’re going to make a lot of cash on that free Coke we just got!

Accomplice Phone Sex

Cocksucking Phone Sex : My love of cock draining and teaching YOU!

Cocksucking Phone SexCocksucking Phone Sex harlot Alanza wants to suck your balls dry and teach you how I do it. It should be no surprise that I enjoy a nice meaty cock beating the back of my throat up. Oh, Fuck, How I love a little facial abuse while giving head! The men who pound my gullet, are also the same men that I mother in my pussy. Getting Oral makes people go nuts and want more and more. The same applies for sucking cock. It’s an a-dick-tion after a while. Slurp one cock and you’re done. My nasty little ass loves the gagging and drool dripping as my eyes roll back in my head. 

Cocksucking Phone Sex harlot Alanza wants to suck and teach you to suck! 

And when your cock sucking curious the only teacher for the job is a cock whore! 

There’s nothing quite like taking a man into your mouth, feeling his hard cock slide down your throat, knowing that he’s enjoying every second of it. I’ve been at this for years and I can assure you that size doesn’t matter. I can make even the smallest dick feel like a goddamn king. It’s all about the technique, honey. Trust me, I’ve sucked enough cocks to know a thing or two. And if you’re still nervous about going all the way you’re in very good hands my Sissy Training Phone Sex! I’ve got this, baby. Can’t wait to show you just how much of a cock-sucking whore I truly am. You know what? Forget about the toy. Let’s just get right into it. You won’t be disappointed, trust me. I’ll be your personal guide through the world of cock sucking, and I promise you that your dick will thank you for it afterward. 

This is what cock whore life is all about, baby – the pleasure, the satisfaction, the feeling of complete surrender.

Female bondage leads to Torture and snuff at Mistress’s hands for you!

Female bondageFemale bondage Whore Alanza gets used and beaten to death by her Mistress. All of this death scene is watched by you and your mean cock.  Watching my body, strung up like a marionette. Skin glistening with sweat and tears, my mouth open in a silent scream. Master’s cock is out as your Victim (me) pleads with her Mistress, voice broken and weak. “Please, no more,” I begged her, chest heaving as gasping for air. “I can’t take anymore, Mistress. This is more than I ever asked for.” Mistress’s eyes were ablaze with lust and Evil, her gaze never leaving my beaten and bruised exposed Skin. Oh, How I saw that loves the thrill of control, the exhilarating feeling of dominance over my slut whore soul! As you watch, your dick begins to grow hard, lusting for my pain and death

Female bondage leads to Torture and snuff at Mistress’s hands for you!

BDSM Phone Sex has the leather straps digging into this slave’s flesh as I beg for my life. I know I fucked up and owed thousands to the drug lords. My habit must have gotten the best of me. Please, I’ll get the money for you, Master!” I cry out as she takes the sledgehammer to my fingers. Two on each hand are shattered and Mistress Of Murder is eyeballing my head with the hammer. I have two choices: to be sold into a kinky brothel where I’ll die anyway or to be killed right here on the spot in a bloody gory scene! What will Master choose in our snuff phone sex adventures!

 I take a deep breath as I await his answer. Will he choose mercy or does he want me dead by the Sledge hammer now? I close my eyes and prepare myself for the worst. Somehow I will die for my transgressions, this I know! 

Shemale domination porn for Joe and I is intense!

Shemale domination pornShemale domination porn for Joe and I fuel intense masturbation sessions with my ass! It’s not just the big titted well hung Asian T-women we enjoy either. Skinny young lady boys who are fresh from high school get his cock hard too. A cock that is poking out of his black thongs while I cream and piss my panties for him, that is! I fucking Love Tranny dick so much, and being able to find a man who wants to eat my ass while I’m sucking a nice shemale cock is so orgasmic. I light up my glass dick and go hours fucking my ass with my huge dildo as we watch and fantasize about our chicks with dicks.

Shemale domination porn for Joe and I

My Joe knows I can take a huge load of cum in my mouth and swallow it all like a slutty little bitch. If I had him with me I would kiss him goodbye and snowball his mouth with shemale cum. I already want to piss in his panty whore mouth as He eats my ass! It’s a craving that we both desire in our naughty Asian T-girl wanton lust! Something about not wanting to wait to have another Tranny dick in my mouth excites him. My ass is all his during our calls. I fuck my ass and use my fingers thinking about Joe and all the ass eating he does when that meth pipe is going hard!  He gets off on it and so do I. 

Tranny Phone sex and Meth , my ass and you in panties….

So if you are into Tranny phone sex and partying while playing, You know I can handle you just like I do my Joe baby! My ass is a smorgasbord and I have a hot load of piss and Tranny cock cum for you too!

Forced Feminization Phone Sex for Nick and His wife

Forced Feminization Phone Sex by Daddy Alanza for Sissy Nick. His wife is now a proud BBC whore and so is my little bitch! Jose’ shots all around in congratulating my bitch for taking the necessary steps into being forced on BBC bouncing right along with his tiny little wifey-poo! This is what you get when you fully train a cuck into being a pink cock cage wearing little faggot. 

A used to be a man now turned whore who bounces that Bussy for me daily on a dildo in between getting a BBC fix. That’s right, I wiggled my way in with lots of time and attention and seduced my pet into fucking Black cock right along with his woman. Not only that now full threesomes are happening to her young teen sister too! I even heard a story about a younger slut who’s going to be opening her bald cunny up on BBC all because his wife married a tiny dick little sissy bitch who needed to bloom. 

Forced Feminization Phone Sex by Daddy Alanza for Sissy NickForced Feminization Phone Sex

Sissy nicks wife and tiny little sister have that Black cock cum filled Hot squirting pussy all the fucking time now! Thanks to me forcing my Bitch Nick into being a slave for cock. Look at that spade whore all caged up and gooning away dripping but never cumming! Just think how many cocks are going to love those snow bunny whores! Black men deserve white pussy and White boy Bussy!

Give your wife and your ass to the Black superior race today! 

 Black cock is superior and the Black New world Order has begun! Yes I blast whores with tiny dicks who have began fucking and sucking cock all day and night! He is a pathetic little Sissy Phone Sex whore who needs it!

Mommy Phone sex Lilly Is a Perfect fuck date for Mister Pussy

Mommy Phone SexMommy Phone Sex Lilly Is the perfect addition when I go looking for a nice most slut that can take a big fat cock. Bonus, is that she often brings that perfect little blonde over to play with me in my bed. Well one of my favorite paying clients just left after telling me that he wanted a threesome with another whore mommy, I knew just who to call.

Let me tell you about the fun that Lilly and I had, letting his cock and his mouth do all the work on our sexy bodies. 

Normally I call Lilly when I need to go to accomplice Mommy. Her blonde little slut takes cock so well and her holes are so sweet. But even when it’s just Lily and I we can use a very big cock. Not any big cock, a big black cock belonging to the one and only Mister Pussy! See, I love when he piles drives me after eating my pussy and ass, but sometimes I need another sexy woman to show him those deep throating skills. And I don’t want my man bored, so I want him to taste sweet pussy whether it’s teen or mommy Lilly really puts up the best peaches and cream in the industry.

Mommy Phone sex Lilly Is a Perfect fuck date for Mister Pussy

And whether it’s Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with both of us purring and getting off in your ear. Or a sexy scene that you have set up, just know that we want your mouth rocking like a hurricane. We want to use your big fat cock and drink down that chocolate! I mean fuck when Lily fucking came spinning on his big fat black cock, I squirted all over his face. Mr pussy put it down on us so good that we want him to come back and play some more. I’m that filthy bitch that will bring in the sexiest blondes, and what is life without a mommy. So bring your ass over here and come play with both sets of these fucking big bouncy tits and beautiful sexy yummy pussies that we have for you. 

And had your looking for some incest ; our Accomplice Phone Sex goes as hard as your cock can get!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex


Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex for forced incest fucks

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexErotic Hypnosis Phone Sex stripper whore makes you do bad things and pay up. Just let your mind free as you spend your money on me in the club. Taking me to the back room I soon have you confessing every obscene scene that has been playing in your head for years.

In this scenario, the undercover erotic hypnotist delves into the depths of the man’s mind.  Exploring his darkest desires and fetishes. She skillfully manipulates him, seducing him to confess and act upon the illicit scenes that have been haunting his thoughts for years. As he succumbs to her control, he finds himself willingly surrendering his money and indulging in the forbidden pleasures she offers. 

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex for the twisted incest fetish

What has been on your mind is it submission, Incest desires, Snuff even?

My voice is a siren’s song, luring him deeper into the abyss of his own filth. A Man’s mind is her playground. “Incest desires?” he asked. I nodded, “Is it your own sister, perhaps?” His eyes widened in shock, but I knew I had his kink pinpointed. “Yes, it’s true. I’ve always wanted to fuck sister forcefully, she is such a tease too!”  I laid the palm of my hand on his forehead,  “It’s alright, don’t be ashamed of your Incest Rape phone sex fantasies!  In fact, we can make them cum to life.”

Slipping further under my spell, he found himself divulging every lurid detail of his sister’s forced fuck!  He spoke of the forbidden pleasures he and his sister had shared in their youth, the taboo acts they had secretly performed behind closed doors. It was as if he was unburdening himself of a heavy secret, the relief washing over him as the words left his lips.

 Rape phone sex fantasies!

With each revelation, your stripper hypnotist became more and more turned on, my body responding to the darkness of his confessions. As the man spoke, I began to suck on his hard cock in the dim VIP room. Your sister is long overdue for a brutal fucking. “I can help you with that.” “Close your eyes and let me guide you,” I commanded as I sucked his cock like a golf ball between laying in some suggestive hypnotic triggers.  He obeyed my instructions, and I could feel his cock grow even harder in my mouth. I released him with a loud slurp and looked up at him. He smiled and nodded, telling me he was ready. Now go find your sister and do to her exactly what you want to! And report back with all the sordid and evil details! 


Panty Boy Phone Sex for sissy nick with updated pictures!

Panty Boy Phone SexPanty Boy Phone Sex with Sissy Nick makes me wet!  It’s time for me to get inside your head and make you beg for cock. Just ask my Sissy Nick who went from a BBC cuck to a sissy bitch in panties and a cock cage!  Oh baby, all I want is to take control of your weak mind and cock craving body. One thing is for sure Sissy Nick is ready to be my panty slave forever!  Look at that dildo vibrator pushing inside my Nicky Poo! Sending me pictures of himself clad in a skimpy outfit of lace panties and a Pink cock cage has my whore leaking his white sissy clit! Yes, this is Sissy Nick, now fully owned by his Mistress, AKA me.

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Sissy Nick is giving you ideas isn’t it?

My married sissy bitch is completely and utterly mine. He loves the way his Mistress makes him beg and plead for cock. All the cock his old lady and young sister-in-law is getting. Your crazy Bitch is down for hearing how the girls in that family pop that Wet bald pussy on Mega cock! But for a girly ass fucking needing whore like Nick there will be no mercy. I’ll make you my bitch In time, just like I did him. And if exposure and humiliation is whats knocking on your balls, I’m down to fuck you up!  You better start sucking my cock and begging for mercy or I’ll have you over my knee for a good spanking!

Sissy Nick, my loyal and submissive panty slave, has taught me everything I need to know about satisfying the insatiable lust of a sissy. He’s learned the true meaning of being a good little bitch, and I’m sure he’d love for Mistress Alanza to share his experience with you.

Beware Motherfuckers who need a little cock because you have a little dick! Guess who is in charge now of your ass fucking and cocksucking lessons! I give you only what you really want, baby, and I won’t take no for an answer.

Hot ass sex with Alanza and Valentine will blow your mind

Hot ass sexHot ass sex with Alanza and Valentine will blow your mind, load and bank account! Nothing beats a pair of curvy big tit and ass women to make you go Oh my god! And Valentine and I will have you seeing heaven while still on earth!  The night started easily enough as my Hot Milf friend came slumming down to the east side.  She was not alone, she had her beautiful young daughter with her. MMM, I was eager to meet them both, and I knew the night was going to be wild. Your accomplice slut watched as they both arrived, and I knew a couple of big spenders who had the cash for a night of Taboo ass!  You bet your ass I wasted no time and quickly introduced them to the men.

The girls had a blast as they danced and teased the men. A night of debauchery cannot be complete without Valentine giving up that ass on a big white beer can cock. Damn, she was teaching her daughter exactly what it took to be a whore down in the hood!

Hot ass sex with Alanza and Valentine will blow your mind, load and bank account!

Hardcore ass fucking for mommy and daughter and her Whore friend? What could make multiple men blow their creamy cum ropes harder?  Watching as Valentine gets her ass pumped, I gave her daughter a roofie and lubed up her ass with coconut oil. Down that tiny pink ass went on the next cock paying big cash!

Hardcore ass fucking Whores teach Valentines daughter some new tricks!

All I have to say is helping my Milf whore mommy Friend get her ass and her daughters’ ass turned out made me so fucking hot!  The girls were soaked in cum by the end of the night, and they were all smiles as they left the party. As they made their way home, they were already planning the next wild night of debauchery.

Hardcore ass fucking

Mutual masturbation porn and Murder make me moist!

Mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn and Murder make me moist! When I go on a killing spree I use hardcore snuff to get me and my men in the mood.  Now it’s not always Kill movies, sometimes it’s bloody accidents caught on Video that Help me pum- pump big strings of gooey cum from my accomplices. What a way to set the mood for even more brutal acts by my hands!  

Do You love the feeling of being in control and the power we have over the helpless Victims. Stroke you sadistic cock as I push this Bullet inside of me and expand my ass with a large butt plug during our heartless Murder escapades.  Let’s cum together and watch this helpless victim struggle and scream in pain, our pleasure is only heightened by their agony. 

Mutual masturbation porn and Murder make me moist!

Malevolent plans were meticulously laid, every sick detail carefully crafted to ensure maximum devastation. Mastrubate to the perverse scene of our twisted fantasies! Me and my accomplices find  solace in the cold embrace of death.

Your snuff Mistress Alanza lives for the hardened erections fueled by the violent acts we are about to commit.

I’m betting you have some revolting Rape phone sex fantasies to stroke about as well. 

Can I bring you a girl from my Harem and we dismember her as You get that big vile cock off for me?  Would you like to join us in our twisted game of murder and mayhem? Let’s make it a night of pleasure and pain, and take no prisoners.