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Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard.

                 Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard. Lubricating your dick, rubbing it up and down over my ass hole. Right between my cheeks. Having me hold my nice firm cheeks open. Ass beckoning you in. You are able to see that my pussy is already wet and waiting for you to enter.

        Pressing into my ass, relaxing but adding enough pressure around you to make you even harder. I want you to fuck me even harder. Driving your balls into my sopping wet pussy. Getting them coated with my juices.

        Usually, I would want you to cum inside of my ass but this time I want you to cum in my mouth. When you are getting so very close, I want to suck on your cock. Along your length.

        You are so close. Give me that cock to suck on. Taste all of you and my shit on your cock. Turning around, lips on you, pulling you into my mouth. Tongue running down your length over the mushroom head.  Hand cupping those tight balls all filled with cum. You taste like my shit and your pre-cum is gushing.

        Let is all come out. I will swallow all of it down my throat. That is what I wanted. Thank you.Ass to mouth phone sex

Hot Phonesex Do I Crave it Or Not?

hot phonesexHot phonesex is my addiction.  I love hearing a guy stroking that big hard cock, it makes my pussy cream up the moment I hear it in his voice and hear that cock being wanked on the other line.  Who wouldn’t get a little hot and bothered when you are being told by the sexy voice on the other end they want to stick their big fat cock in your wet and ready cunt?  I can barely take it some days, my vibrator and dildos stay here with me at my desk.

The first time I remember having phonesex is with my best friend. We both liked a guy at school and we were each trying to impress him. We were having a sleepover together and called him.  He would tell us how he was masturbating to our voices. So we proceeded to take pictures of us getting it on.  Sent some of us makng out as we described to him over the phone what we were doing. He loved hearing our tongues going down each others throats.  Seeing it in the pictures just added to the effect. We ended up getting so loud her neighbors came to check hearing a girl screaming. Only no one was hurt, it was my friend who just so happened to be a crazy loud person that sounds like she’s dying when she’ about to cum.

Who else came really hard? Our little boy toy on the phone. Turns out, he wanted both of us and after our 2 girl phone sex called, we had real life sex with him soon after.  Phone sex these days is like foreplay.  Good to work up to the real thing. So of course I crave it. Monday, noon and night.

Hot Ass Sex Can Leave Your Balls Drained Completely with Me

hot ass sexHot ass sex in the mornings, I love. Fall is my favorite season. Bonfires with my boys. Hiking too. But the best part of Fall may be Friday Night lights. Neither of my boys play football. However, each of my sons has good friends on the football team. And those boys seem like bonus sons since they are around all the time. And have been staples in my house for years.

So, I go to games to be an unofficial milf cheerleader. I love looking at tight ends. Can I tell you a secret? One of these boys love it when I play with his ass. He begged me once to put a finger up his ass. And you know me. I am a milf phone sex whore. I did it and the boy came so hard. He watched some prostate porn once and got aroused.

Some Boys Love a Prostate Draining

My sons know I fucked the boy. However, they do not know that I played with his bottom. He swore me to secrecy even though I told him it does not make him gay. Sucking another cock or taking a dick may make him gay, but not prostate fun. But if a boy or a man wants my finger in his ass, he will get it. I am kinky like that. Plus, the male G spot is the ass.

The boy happens to be the star quarterback and we have played many times. In fact, we sort of have a routine before a game. So, he came over hours before his last game. My son assumed he came over to see him. Although he did, he visited primarily so I could drain his balls before the game. I took him into my bedroom. He bent over like he was at the doctor’s office. I dipped my finger in lube and put my finger up his tight teenage butthole.

Once I found his G spot, he came so hard. I love prostate phone sex. When I find the right spot, I can drain a gallon of cum from a guy or the star quarterback of the high school football team. I can drain you too, if you let me.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex is Part of My Self Care Routine

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex, I consider pure joy. Like going for a spa day or getting my nails and toes done. I rank it up there as part of my self-care routine. Recently, I got pretty sick. Took a couple weeks to bounce back. I even needed to make an ER trip last week that hospitalized me for two days. Ruined my girls trip I had planned too.

Even though I knew I needed to be there, and I am grateful for the care I received, I picked up a stalker. You would think a sexy blonde Bimbo like me would be ecstatic to find out that her handsome admirer is a doctor. I would rather be single and stay a professional GFE than marry a creepy doctor with a small prick.

However, I am happy to drain his wallet dry and blackmail him too. Blackmail phone sex calls provide me with the skills I needed to drain this loser dry. While I laid in a hospital bed hooked up to IV fluids and only semi-conscious from pain meds, he showed me his dick. Creep, right? He acted like he had never seen a hot female patient before.

Size Matters To My White Girl Pussy

He wanted to play doctor without my consent. Luckily, he did not see my phone because my blonde locks covered it. Even in a drug induced stupor, my brain functioned. Perhaps, my big tits put him in a trance because it appeared they held his focus, LOL. I recorded it all. Even got his little dick on the video. Along with all the creepy things he said and tried to do to me. He may have groped a tit, but I did not let him put his small dick in my mouth.

On my first day back home, I found him on Facebook and messaged him. Of course, he sent me an unsolicited dick picture. Go figure. Like any woman wants to see a small dick. None I know, LOL. He sent his phone number too. I texted him my little video. Although,  I know blackmailing a doctor could send me to jail. But he has far more to lose than me. I know he is married with like six fuck trophies. However, the stunt he pulled at the hospital could cost him his medical license, his job, his family and his social standing.

Of course, I asked for money. I missed a lot of work and a girl’s trip with my besties. I told him to consider the money he gives me a small prick tax. He paid up within 30 minutes. I love modern technology. Makes blackmailing guys much easier. Sick or not, this phone sex babe never wants a small cock.

Cheating Phone Sex Weekends with BBC I Look Forward Too

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex weekends I enjoy. Usually, I fuck black men in my marriage bed with my husband near by to watch. I made my husband my cuckold. And he loves it too. But an old lover of mine wanted me for an entire weekend. He rented us a house on lake Michigan. I enjoyed a romantic getaway, and my husband was nowhere nearby.

Most of my black lovers enjoy fucking me in front of my husband. They love humiliating him for his small dick and inability to please his hot wife properly. I shame him too. Even though I love him, he does not measure up in the bedroom. I met Walter, the black lover I spent the weekend with, about 30 years ago when I posed for a nude interracial photo shoot.

His cock starred in the shoot! We hit it off and started an affair that has lasted 3 decades so far. We live in different parts of the country, but we get together twice a year to fuck our brains out. Even at 62, Walter’s cock works like a horny teen boy’s dick. Always hard and ready to fuck. This is why I prefer to be a black cock phone sex whore. Black cocks never seem to have issues even with age.

Black Cock is the Best Cock for White Pussy

Walter acts like a gentleman too.  However, I do fuck my share of younger black men who enjoy just pounding the shit out of a sexy white milf like me. Not that Walter cannot rabbit fuck like a young black man, because he can out fuck an army of teenage boys. But he prefers to take his time and make sweet love to a woman with his 11-inch black cock.

And I never mind slow and steady in the bedroom. Walter made me cum so many times, I lost track. We ate out at nice restaurants. We strolled on the beach. And we fucked. Perhaps, I married the wrong man. Walter knows how to treat women in and out of bed. But I do love my cuckold husband. And if I had married Walter, I would not be a cuckolding phone sex woman, right?

Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard

Adult phone chat                 Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard. Which you know you want to cum. We are able to chat about everything. Cyber and put it on the speaker to just talk into your phone or computer. Hands free.

         It will make it that much easier for you to pull your cock out and start to jack off. Have your lotion and I am able to turn my vibrator up on high and the sound will not hinder our ability to have a lot of fun. Guiding you and talking about your biggest fantasies.

        In summary, you will have the biggest cum shot and cum all over my pictures while you are chatting away with me. Jerking off to my pictures, knowing my sultry voice, or sweet voice, inflecting the tone as you please, causing you to cum that much harder. Bringing you back to me time and time again.

Medical Fetish Phone Sex with an amateur slave slut, maybe..

Medical Fetish Phone SexHis latex gloves fit like a condom on his masculine hands. When he slipped his fingers into my Young bald pussy I intentionally clenched the walls of my cunt. I knew the pervert had to of been in this field just for that reason, to feel around in a woman’s cunt and then fantasize about it later. the first time I ever had my Gyno visit I could tell by how flustered he was and the fact he didn’t stand up for at least 15 minutes after having his fingers buried in my cunt.

I knew he had a hard which was exactly why I pretended to forget my panties. I know he wrapped my thong around his cock like a cock ring and probably jerked off to Naked Teen pictures of a sluts who looked nearly identical to me. I acted like a bimbo and pretended to be unaware that I didn’t have to take my shirt off. So, as is I had already provoked him when he walked into the room to see my Big tits and hardened nipples from the chill of the a/c.

The sound of the latex snapping against his manly hands as he stood over me while my legs were spread right at the foot of the medical bed, made my pussy wet. He didn’t even bother asking his assistant for any of that gooey med lube stuff. I went home that day and masturbated to the thought of him fucking me right there and his assistant joining in. OM G that would be some Hot ass sex, I want him!

Phone Sex Babe Glenda Loves Masturbating with Callers

phone sexPhone sex babes love to get off with our callers. I know I do. Even though I did earn a college degree, I prefer to work in the adult industry. My friends constantly tell me that I am wasting my potential. I love them, but I am where I want to be. They cannot rub one out on the job, but I can. In fact, I get paid to let men hear me masturbate. Best job ever, right?

Last night I did a marathon masturbation session with a guy too. When he called me, he said he would jack off, but he mostly wanted to hear me play with my pussy. I thought to myself even if he did not want to hear my pussy, I still planned to masturbate. Some guys do not care if I cum or not. But that does not mean I do not still masturbate. Perhaps, I do not get off on every call. Some guys do not turn me on.

mutual masturbation pornNow, I know what you are thinking. “Do I turn her on?”  You do not need to be the biggest cock in the world. Nor do you need to be the best-looking guy around. Since I am not really fucking you, looks and cock size do not matter much. I just do not get into body shaming calls. Mutual masturbation porn requires you to think I am hot. Since I am not submissive and I make it clear that I love being a sexy bbw, I do not get the body shaming guys thankfully.

I was happy to know that my caller who wanted to hear my pussy purr for him appreciated everything I had to offer. Not a body shamer. Just a horny man who enjoys a woman cumming a few times before he even comes once. I shared with him how I like to touch myself. And I even told him how to stroke his cock for me. Not only do I love rubbing my pussy for men, I enjoy guided masturbation calls too. I came about a dozen times before he even came once. It felt amazing too.

My friends can tell me I am wasting my potential all they want. But I know when I hear a man cum hardly on the other end, I am doing the Lord’s work. I bet you agree too.

Breeding Phone Sex whore Savors Creampie’s in Fuckholes

Breeding Phone Sex

What is on the other side of being a Breeding Phone Sex Slut? Cum cum and more cum. I can’t seem to get enough of loads of cum being pumped inside of me, but some would say I have an addiction. But how can it be an addiction if it’s healthy for you? The truth is girls are only happiest when they are making men cum inside them. No matter what other women say, I know they can’t stop smiling when they get a nice fat load inside their fuck holes. Our most requested calls always include breeding fantasies. Everyone loves creampies and nut butter.

I take so many loads of cum each week and each week I still have that craving for more and more cock. There is something about feeling a cock fill you up with its jizz that brings me to my knees.  Daddy does have me on birth control but sometimes I miss a pill or two or five because I love to play with the danger of baby batter. Daddy loves to watch me have my cunt at an angle where he can see a thick creamy load push out the sides from a stiff prick using my fuck hole. Then he grabs my ass and pushes my cunt lips together seeing that luscious mess inside me.

Age play phone sex goes right along with a dirty sexy Mommy.

                Age play phone sex goes right along with a dirty sexy mommy. I’m a nasty mom. Playing with brats that hang on my ankles has the juices flowing down my leg. Look at that creamy goodness.

        By all means come and lick it up my sweet little one. You want to taste mommy. Follow it all the way up to the hooey gooey goodness of this nicely shaven pussy.

        Delve your tongue between the folds. Sucking out the cream filling. Tongue getting deeper inside of this pussy. You are such a good boy. Eating all your candy. Loving it too aren’t you little one.

        Mommy wants to suck out the creamy goodness from you too. Pushing you back down. Lying beside you, one leg raised so that you may continue to feast on your candy.

        Taking your pee-pee into my mouth and sucking hard to pull out your candy filled creamy center. Pressing on your balls to milk out every drop of you. Leg hooking around your neck pulling you in deeper.

        Let us cum together my little one.Age Play Phone Sex