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Impregnation Black Cock Lover Debbie

I fell in love with being a breeding whore when I met my favorite black boyfriend in college. He had a big black cock that I always wanted to suck and worship. I would deep throat his BBC until it leaked and depending on his mood, he would creampie my asshole or my pussy. After a while he wanted to make me his and impregnate me. It didn’t matter where we were if he was horny, he would fuck me. His loads of cum were big and I could feel his semen pumping deep inside me every time. He made me love the feeling of his cum rushing into me, my pussy would twitch and cum hard. Finally, he succeeded and got me pregnant

Interracial Phone Sex

. Which only made me hornier, and my tits swell up. We fucked more and he even love milking my tits as he used them to jack his big black dick off. Now all I want is a creampie deep in my holes, I want to feel cum pump in me and get me pregnant. 

Anal Phone Sex Whore

anal phone sexAnal phone sex is what I was born to do. I have been getting fucked in the ass since I was a schoolgirl.  My mom had my brother pop my cherry. It was not a pleasant feeling at first. He popped my anal cherry before my pussy cherry. For years, he fucked my ass because my mother did not want me to get knocked up. She just wanted to watch us fuck. My mom was perverted that way. But she gave me a love for cocaine, boy cock and anal sex. Now, my boys are horny teenagers who love to watch hardcore ass fucking porn, especially if it is a milf getting rammed in the ass. This morning they woke up horny. Morning wood is the best for me but its frustrating for my boys. Can you relate? They wake up with stiff dicks. They pee but their cocks are still hard. They can never wait their turn, so mommy accommodates them at the same time. I have three holes, and a couple of those holes are super tight. I love to fuck in the morning, so I got on all fours and let them release some morning tension. My ass is what got reamed. I mean they did not want my pussy. That hole is not tight like it used to be, but thy way they ravaged mommy’s butthole, it might not be that tight anymore. My sons asked me to share some of my dirty anal stories. I mean I share my anal experiences on phone sex calls, why not with my boys. I told them this story about how I was in a bar one night drunk and some guys sodomized me with their cocks and the pool stick. They came in my ass to that story. My little horn dogs love that mommy is an anal whore.

Littles Pornography Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

I had those cunnies scissoring and those peckers pissing their pants! I work a day job and it involves watching twerps run around all day like chickens with their heads cut off. I can’t fucking stand little rugrats! The only thing that makes those suckers useful is filming them fuck one another and posting it for mega prices on the dark web. Yesterday I literally set those fuckers up for a gangbang… I lathered their fresh bald cunts and slobbered all over those peckers! I stripped them down naked and had them fucking each other; at one point one of those little fruit cups started pressing his cock up against another boys ass. I guess he was curious, that shit turned me on so fucking hard. I couldn’t help myself. I thought it was only right if I joined in and showed that pecker where his cock belongs! That’s right in pussy… Deep inside my pussy… oh fuck I orgasmed and squirted all over the place! I am going to make so many copies of this littles pornography. I know for a fact this one is a heavy hitter! I guess working at an animal shelter for twits isn’t so bad after all. Not only do I get paid hourly but I get paid to fuck, suck and deliver what perverts crave!

He Wanted My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosHe wanted some big tit photos. The he is my cousin. We were raised together after his parents died in a car accident. He is older than me, but we feel like siblings more than cousins. I know he was banging my mother when I was in high school. He was in college then, so it was legal. They are not blood related. My cousin is blood on my dad’s side. My mom just needed a young hard cock. I do not fault her for that. I am in my 30s now and those younger guys are certainly appealing. Like I love them too. Back to my cousin. He begged for some tit photos. We shared pics and Skyped while he was in the military. I love his big cock. He loves my big tits. There was plenty of big tit fucking when I was a schoolgirl. I took some tit selfies for him since he asked. He is in a different state now working as a prison guard. He is horny. No hotties he works with. I went overboard and took like 50 tit photos.  When I sent them, I got a dick photo back. That lead to face time. I love watching him stroke his big cock. He sometimes calls me sis, which makes my pussy drip wet. I love fucking him. He loves fucking me. There is no shame in our game. We talk about having a little one sometimes. Can you imagine how big my boobs would get if I got knocked up? I am already a 44 EEE. We masturbated together thinking of him knocking up my little fertile pussy. How fucking hot is that? I got a hot squirting pussy with my new toy. I sprayed my computer screen. I was so worked up thinking of having my cousin’s little bundle of joy. I know I cannot get knocked up masturbating with my cousin a few hundred miles away, but he is going to see me soon. Maybe you could knock me up too. I would love to be your breeding whore.

Hot Night Out

Adult phone chat

Your sweet slut has the best idea! I went out partying with my girlfriends and invited you to the same club. You walk in and watch me dance with a girlfriend. I kiss her soft lips and let my tongue slip into her mouth while I look at you. I know your cock is getting hard and wanted me, isn’t it? You come over and touch us both to move with the music. We walk back to the hallways leading to the restrooms and we end up naked and eating each other’s pussies while you take out your cock to fun us in the dark hallway! Everyone is watching as you start fucking my pussy from behind. We finished the night off like this as others watched and touched us!

Teach her how to be daddy’s good little slut!

Phone SexYeah baby fuck her tiny pussy just like that! She is a dirty little whore for you! Use the hairless pussy like a fuck sleeve and treat her like she deserves! She is a good little cum dumpster. Your cock is so huge and is stretching her tiny hole so wide! I love how you use her hips to bounce her up and down making her take every inch of your massive cock! I was shocked she it fit to be honest! I know its nice and tight inside her pretty little cunny isn’t it baby?! Oh yeah, she feels so good for you! Such a good little cum whore she is! She was practically begging you to ravish her holes, and baby she didn’t have to even ask you twice. You lift her up enough for your cock to slide all the way out and sit her tight ass right on your cock. Yes, baby make her ass gagging! Use and abuse every hole and teach her how to be daddy’s good little slut! Fuck her little tiny tight ass so hard and deep that she is screaming for mercy! Make her beg for the mercy like she was begging for the cock! “nope, now you know better baby! You’re going to take all of his dick baby girl just like a good little cum whore! Your going to let him cum deep inside your tight ass and after he fills you to the brim your going to come sit on mommy’s face so I can clean that ass for you! You know mommy loves to taste your ass after its been used!”

Cum slut phone sex with Janie

cum slut phone sex

If you’re reading this, then we both know what you’re looking for! You don’t want to miss your chance to blow your load for this cum slut phone sex hottie! My little pussy is perfect and tight, just what your hard cock craves! I’m soaking wet from fantasizing about bouncing my tits in Daddy’s face while I grind up and down on his dick. Daddy isn’t here tonight so I need is your big, thick dick to work my slutty fuck hole and stretch me out! I’m not the average cum slut, just looking for a quick shot. I want you stroking your dick and edging yourself as long as possible while I tease my clit and talk dirty to you. I’m going to make sure you blow a load that will curl your toes and have you hooked on this nasty, little freak! Talk to you soon!


My Sons Said I Needed a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingMy boys thought mommy needed a hardcore ass fucking this morning. I cock teased them last night and they got their revenge today. I was having fun with my black drug dealer. He was pounding the hell out of my pussy and ass. Marcus teases the boys too. He was saying things like no way their tiny dicks would fit inside me after he gaped my holes. That was likely true. He is about 10 inches long and he has the girth of a Coke bottle. My own fist will feel loose in my ass after him. I guess he was cuckolding them. It was funny. I sent them to bed because Marcus got tired of their whining. They wanted to fuck their mommy phone sex whore, but I was otherwise engaged. They got their revenge this morning though. They stormed into my bedroom. They were mad as fuck and horny as hell. They started calling me names and telling me they come before anything else. I never really saw this level of aggression in them before. It was a hot thing to witness though. They jumped into bed with me, ripped my panties off and fucked my anal creampie. I still had my dealer’s seed in my ass because we fucked until about two hours before the boys woke up for school. I had no time to shower. I ddi not know my boys would be so aggressive this morning and treat me like their submissive phone sex whore. They did not mind the sloppy seconds. I think they were just too horny to give a fuck. It worked out well for me though because Marcus’s big cum load was just the lube, I needed to get two boy cocks in my ass this morning. The life of a mommy whore is never boring.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy For You

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. That is a perk of the job, right? None of my friends can whip out a dildo and toy with their bald kitty at work. I am double lucky. I can masturbate at my phone job and my stripper job. I masturbate a lot too. Yesterday, I came 32 times. I counted. Not sure it is my record, but it is up there as the most cums in a day for me. I had worked the last shift at the club and a guy had me in the VIP room masturbating with him. I gave him some guided masturbation techniques. I love telling men how to stroke their cocks for me on the phone, but when I get to do it in person? Well, my little bald kitty is dripping in excitement. This guy did not have the biggest cock in the world, but it was not small either. Plus, this man was so nice. Much older than me. He told me he has not had a boner in over a year following heart surgery. He is a widow with no special lady in his life. He decided to come to a strip club to see if he could still get an erection. He had his first wood in over a year seeing me strip to Aerosmith’s Crazy.  I was happy for him. I give guys boners all the time. That literally is my job. But this felt special because it was special. He got the VIP room so I could give him some release. I would have fucked the old guy, but he is still loyal to his deceased wife. I almost cried hearing him talk about her. She was a busty blonde too. We masturbated for about 30 minutes together before I got his cum shot on tits. I love making men cum, but this was a cum I will never forget.

Interracial Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

Big black and thick dicks is my only desire. Two dicks for my two little hands to grip, as I look left and right while on my knees horny and astonished once again. The thing about Big Black dicks is every time you get one it feels like the first time you ever had one. It’s like you crave it as you are getting dick slammed up your pussy. As big as a black juicy dick is It’s never enough for a thick delicious hoe like myself. The way a long dick dances in my pussy just makes me weak. I have to finally confess to myself that I am a Big Black thick dick addict and I don’t want that to ever change. I love slurping on 4 chocolate balls at once. That is how I floss and brush my teeth. Cum is my tooth paste. In other words I am a sucker for black dick because it’s never a disappointment. It is a true pleasure put on this earth from the Divine.

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