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cum slut phone sex

I just got back from a trip to the islands with my favorite sugar Daddy. My hot, little cunnie is worn out from getting fucked and pounded so much! Daddy has a huge boat and he loves taking his favorite cum slut phone sex lover out for cruises. We were out on the water for 5 days, just me and Daddy with his crew of deck hands. I had so much fun and of course, I made sure that Daddy did too! I know what he likes and I don’t mind being a naughty slut and taking Daddy’s cock. Sliding my soaked cunt up and down Daddy’s stiff, wrinkled shaft and making him bust is the least I could do for him. I drain his balls and in exchange, he spoils me, takes me on nice trips and buys me anything I could ever want.

I spent the first day bouncing on his dick and making him bust over and over. Being so much older than me, Daddy could only cum a few times before he had to tap out but, he sure did love watching his sugar doll princess get filled with hot jizz for the rest of the day! He ordered his deck hands to hold me down and pound my little pussy and asshole for him. Daddy knows how much I love being passed around and man handled like a little fuck doll slut. He saw my tight, hot cunnie oozing with cum after his crew was finished with me and begged for me to let him eat it. I had so much fun with Daddy and his deck hands but now I’m ready for some new dick in my life…


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big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex is made for me. I was not naturally blessed with big tits, but a patron bought me some nice fun bags when I turned 18. I have kept them in nice shape too. They are my get out of jail card. Sometimes, I get in trouble, or I do not want to wait in line or perhaps I want something pretty. I just flash my tits and get what I want. Men are so weak for a hot body. And I do have a hot body. I used my body to get a friend’s teen daughter out of trouble. The girl got busted for pot. She was at a rave when the cops showed up. Because she is a teen phone sex girl with pot, they put her in a holding cell. I put on tight jeans, a tank top and high heels to bail her out. My friend and I look a lot a like but she has no tits. I pose as her mom to get the girl out of jail. Her bail was set high, but I had the cash. But my plan was to get her out of jail for free. Now, I am a good friend. I would pay her way out, but I let my body do the trick. And it worked. The cop in charge has done security at the strip club. He knew who I was, but he had no clue that Shelly was not my daughter. I took him to a supply closest and played 30 minutes in heaven with him. He was not that endowed, but he was not small either. I sucked it up because I was fucking for a good cause. As I sucked his cock, he fingered my wet bald pussy and made me cream. He had nice strong hands. They almost made up for his lack of girth. He was strong. I am a tall sturdy goddess, but he picked me up with ease. I wrapped my legs around his body and bounced on his cock until he came inside me. I still had his cum inside me when Shelly got released with nothing more than a reprimand. I had to spend zero money to bail her out. She will have no record this even happened. I am such a good friend.

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Cock Control

Alanza is taking Cock Control of a small white cock! Be very careful if you come to play, because you will be giving me the power to undercover your true nature. I have A sort of radar for people who need some BBC training. 

Me and my stallion BBC daddy love forcing sluts, men, and sissies to take cock. I take great pleasure in seducing any and all whores on a massive Black dick!  Being the demonic dominatrix that I am I can convert good girls into all-out cum whores! Call it a skill, if you will. Creating cum dumpsters whenever I need raw entertainment. I love seeing the look of fear on an innocent girl’s face when she realizes she’s been turned out on black cock. 

When I see an under cover sissy who is trying to blend in as a normal guy I can almost instantly tell that they will submit to my dark plans! And that is to make them worship my black daddys monstrous. There is no stopping this whore from getting what she wants motherfuckers! This is my world, and you will be my cum guzzle slut. I take so much pride in seeing my mandingo turn sissies and whores into good little fuck toys for us to play with.

And even some straight men have the urge to suck on a big black dick. I am not one to judge if you just want to worship a BBC with your mouth once in a while!

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Financial Domination Phone SexWelcome to my world Loser, you are nothing more than a weak man who is willing to do anything for attention! You know in order to have a superior goddess’s concentration you will need to surrender.. Get down on your knees before you even dial me up. I want you immediately aware that you are going to lose complete control and willingly give in to every and all of my orders.

The only way to pleasure my Wet bald pussy is by swiping my silky smooth cooch lips with your American express card, so make sure to have your wallet handy! You are my financial servant, the moment you clicked on my profile; you knew that there would be provocative photos.. I hope you are aware its going to cost you! Even just a glance at my naked curvaceous body and the thought you instantly had of my perfect scam pillows, has already accrued you substantial fees.

As soon as I pick up the phone you know better than to ask for my time, immediately I expect you to mention your $100 tribute just for looking at me. Then we can discuss how many minutes of my precious time I would be willing to spend with you..  Your hard earned money belongs to me, the moment you hear my voice you become powerless! 

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You are weak and in your most vulnerable state, through my Phone Sex hotline you know that I am going to drain you of your weekly earnings. I expect 100% obedience, not a percentage short.  Your money is earned to serve my needs and wants, you are my property and there is not a thing you can do to change your fate.

From this day forward you are to fund my lifestyle, I am to receive tributes regularly while on or off the phone, my email should be flooded with gift cards to my favorite places. There is no looking back loser, you are my cash cow, my pay piggy! A financial slave is what you are and you shall pay up with no contemplation or resistance. Prepare yourself for merciless Financial domination Phone Sex with absolutely no sort of pleasure or Sex involved.. The only one getting off is me, with your wallet! 

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Bratty Girl Phone Sex

I throw such fits Daddy makes me work these lines for Bratty Girl Phone Sex. I didn’t quite catch what he wanted from me last saturday. Daddy likes to go to parks and appreciates men staring at me. But last weekend was a bit much. It is warm down on the panhandle and Daddy takes me to the nude resort when it’s that warm out.

Once we arrived Daddy spent no time spreading out my blanket and pulling me under his arm before parting my legs and hanging his hand over my groin and cunt. He knows how I am. Once I feel the heat of his palm I want his fingers exploring inside my fuck hole. I started to push my nipples forward against his muscular arms. Pulling Daddy’s hand lower and gliding back and forth. It didn’t take 30 seconds before an old pervert came to service his cock with my cunt. Daddy can’t get enough of watching me be a filthy cum dumpster.

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Hardcore Phone Sex is what this hot milf loves. I love when men get rough with me. My mommy holes being violated in front of my princesses is also super hot. Teach the little sluts what mommy holes are for. Those little mini’s of mommy are meant to learn and make me money.

Breed me and make me birth more little fuck dolls for perverts. I love to be pregnant and lactating. My nipples are so tender and big when I lactate and to squirt mommy milk all over that pervert dick as I starts to slide inside the mouth of a young slut. I love it. Rubbing my cunt while my brats get violated and used. My pussy will certainly squirt when you turn attention to me then start getting really rough with me.

Hardcore Phone Sex

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bbw phone sexBBW phone sex will get you off. I promise. I have curves and cush designed to take a pounding. That is what I said to this guy Shane I met at a bar last night. He was one married man who was playing hard to get. I am not use to being the pursuer, but when I see someone I want, I pull out all the stops. He was just my type. Married, handsome and social. He was talking up a bunch of guys at the bar. There were not many girls in the place, and no one with big tits like mine. I had on a micro mini dress that accentuated all my curves. I was on a mission. I wanted a handsome married man to fuck me. I was not looking for anything but one night of fun. I have a posse of regular married lovers, but no one could come over on a Saturday to fuck me. So, I went trolling for cock. My plump wet bald pussy was hungry. Shane bought me drinks, but he was clear that he was married and not cheating on his wife. I chatted with him, then went to flirt with other men. I wanted Shane though. I am not used to rejection. It does happen, but not often. Most married men will cheat once they realize I want nothing from them but passion with no strings attached. Shane, however, was holding his ground. When he went to the bathroom, I followed him in and flashed him my tits. He told me I had a great rack but he did not pay for sex. He thought I was a hooker. That was the problem. When I explained that I was just a sexy, horny girl, he caved. I went back to his hotel room across the street. Perfect. He was not even from here. He ordered some good wine to his room. He had a Jacuzzi tub in his room that we made good use of too. His cock. Where do I begin. He was a white guy with at least a foot long dick. He gave me a hot squirting pussy and now I am addicted to his cock. It took me awhile to get this guy, but I did and I got the fucking of a lifetime. Sometimes, persistence pays off.

Sexy college girl porn makes you a star

Sexy college girl porn

My friends and I are in a sorority together and we like to make sexy college girl porn. We met a loser in one of our algebra classes and he was so shocked that us ladies would even stop to have a chat with him. We invited him over to the dorms in order to have lots of dirty fun. Little did he know that we had plans to humiliate him! Us girls were giggling and laughing, we had him get completely naked first. We all laughed at his tiny pathetic cock! Giggling and laughing while wearing our sexiest lingerie. His tiny cock was already hard! I had decided to sit on top of his face, grinding my cunt against his face and he let me as we laughed at his pathetic little cock. He was so humiliated. You’re going to be my panty sniffing slave. I am so close to Cumming through my panties, my hot squirting pussy just came hard all over your face. Oh….Oh…. Oh! I came so hard, orgasming. The other girls took their turns on you. While watching you be humiliated, once we used you all up and covered you in are hot squirting juices, I got out a huge strap on. I stuffed my silky panties in your mouth so that no one could hear your screams. You’re so desperate. You want to be fucked deep and hard up your ass. I rammed that big, huge cock up your ass, and you loved it. I thrusted myself deep and deeper until I was balls deep in. You took your hardcore ass fucking like a good bitch while the girls pointed the camera in your face. You’re such a good porn star baby, I say as I slide my cock out of your ass deciding that I’m finished. The other girls continue to have their way with you, making you pose for the camera.

Pain Slut is the Perfect Whore

Medical Fetish Phone Sex


Lie back in your chair and let the dentist take over. You have no idea what I’m doing so you let me do whatever I want to you. You don’t even question why I strap you to the chair. I tell you to open your mouth and I play around in there, poking and prodding at you. You take the pain perfectly, which makes you the perfect slut for me. I put a mouth prop in you to keep your mouth open as well as give you something to bite on. I get into my tools and hide one behind my back. This experience is turning you on, so I slip your cock out of your pants and suck on it. Once you get completely hard, I shove the anal dilator in your ass. I don’t care how bad it hurts, you need to learn how to take big cocks. You are the perfect whore that can be beat and stay on the streets. Take that butt plug inside and don’t let it out until I tell you. I don’t care if it hurts, you can take it all!

Dirty thug Phonesex


Dirty Thug phonesex whores like me and my girls love sharing cock and getting dirty outdoors. What can I say when a rival gang fucked with us last week and shot up our clubhouse I knew I would have to get revenge. Most gangs have a head bitch that runs the girls and makes money for weapons and drugs with her body. And I knew the head bitch of my rival was looking for a way out. She is one fine-ass Latina that I have been sneaking to fuck for the last year! So when the opportunity arose to kidnap her and make her one of us I couldn’t pass it up! I set up a time for us to meet with a couple of my hardest-hitting thugs. My new bitch was so excited to meet with me and had no clue that these big dicked fuckers were going to pound all her holes until she cried mercy! My bosses wanted her dead, But I convinced them to let me have all control over her, I would keep this bitch in line. 

She was stunned when I walked up to her and gave her a right hook, blooding her lip and knocking her to the ground. She has one option and she better get with the program. My brass knuckles don’t play! I was on top of her like white on rice to give that painslut phone sex I love so well. Beating her and making her take these homeboy’s cock until she was beaten, cum filed, and exhausted. When the men were done with us, I held my Ruger to her head and asked her where her loyalty lies now! Guess what the ex-head slut is going to be my bitch now! I look forward to training her and using her sexy Hispanic ass! 


Pain Slut Phone Sex