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Teenage Dirtbag Wants Cum

Adult Phone Chat

Can you see how wet my cunt is for adult phone chat? How about can you hear it? My fingers fucking my slick cunt nice and deep. I imagine your cock deep inside of me when you tell me how much of a dirty slut I am. I want you to show me how much of a dirty slut I am! I demand you to let me sneak out and come over and you finally give in when you see the sight of me on my knees waiting for your cock to fuck my teen throat! My lips drool at the sight of your cock coming closer to my lips. I open my mouth and swallow you down my throat like I have been promising you I would do baby! I gag and choke as I feel the sheer size of your cock stretch out my throat. Give me your fat load of cum daddy!

Blasphemy Phone Sex Goddess

Blasphemy Phone Sex
I put you under my spell and now you can’t get enough of your blasphemy phone sex Mistress. As I sit on my throne with my legs slightly spread you see the dark hole that should be my cunt evolve into a veiny demon cock. You try to be the God-fearing man your momma raised you to be so you drop to your knees and pray your sissy fag urges away. You really want to play on the dark side and let me play in your backside! Every time you get on your knees to pray, your brain will be taken over by my spell. You won’t be able to worship anything as your mind gets flooded with sinful thoughts of being gagged by my soul-corrupting
cock again. You’re such a cock sucking bimbo that you don’t realize it’s my demon seed that has your enslaved and indebted to me. Each time you suck down my poisonous precum, the spell I cast on you makes you worship my superior demon cock until your throat is hoarse. I don’t feel like sucking your soul out When I’m done with your pathetic soul I’ll shrink you down and stuff you away in my pussy for another day.

Anal Phone Sex whore Zoe

Anal Phone SexAnal Phone Sex makes my pussy throb. I want your huge cock inside my tight asshole, fuck me so hard I can’t breathe, and my ass is bleeding. I want my hole to twitch and throb for you to switch my asshole to my pussy, but you won’t stop because my fuckasshole is so tight. Spank me and call me your good for nothing whore, I’m all yours, and only for you. FUCK, FUCK ME. I want that hard dick cumming hard inside my ass. I need your cock; I need it now! Watch my pussy drool for how good you fuck my ass, see it throb and beg for that fucking dick. I want you to cum all over me, invite your friends and force me down and make them fuck me. I need it, I need it so fucking bad. Your slutty whore wants your mates’ dicks and their cum all over her. Fuck me.

Fill My Pussy

big tit fuckingI love the way your hands squeeze my titties as I rub my Fucking clit fast making my pussy so fucking wet for you. I go down on my knees and grab your cock stroking it while I suck on your balls. I fit both balls in my mouth and stroke your cock at an even pace making you so fucking hard. I take your balls out of my mouth and lick all the way up your shaft. I look in your eyes as I take the tip in my mouth and watch your eyes roll to the back your head. I take you all in sucking that big fucking cock into my mouth bobbing my head up and down. I make sure that your cock is nice and fucking wet before I stand up. I lay down and let you crawl over top of me lining up your Cock with my tight wet pussy. I moan as you shove that hard thick cock into my so fucking fast and deep. You fuck my tight fucking pussy so fucking hard and cum all inside of me making my cunt full of your cum.

You want my young bald pussy

young bald pussy

My best friend’s dad has been eyeing me for a while. I know he wants this young bald pussy more than life itself. I finally gave in to his pleas when the money was right.

I told him I would take up his offer and fuck him in his daughter’s bed. My best friend has no idea that her daddy is a pervert who preys on her hot friends. A quick buck was made, and I left him wanting more. I quite simply always get what I want. I’m pretty happy to exchange some hot sex for the right price. I don’t love a big daddy cock, and he had the right equipment to handle my tiny body. Whenever I get that cock pushed in balls deep in me, I know I will make a daddy cock explode.

Cum Filled Cunt

Biggest Cum Shot Tina

                You can either cum all over this pretty face or deep inside this sexy cunt. Better yet why not cum inside all my fuckholes Honey? Make me your filthy little fuckdoll-suck these juicy tits and nibble on these hard nipples. Tug them-suck them, babe I need you to treat me like your personal whore because that is what the fuck I am. I want nothing more than to fuck you and all your friends, I’m a brat until I get what I want-but I can be really sweet if you show me a good fucking time by making squirt all over that cock while pounding me against the wall. You can even bend me over and shove your fingers down my throat if you need to shut me up-gag me. I’m flexible too honey-so twist me in whatever way gets that cock balls deep in me before you unload all that thick, creamy, hot cum that I have been craving. Then let me slurp you clean so I can enjoy the flavors of our pleasures baby.

Cum Shots on Tits Look Great on a Set of DD’s

cum shots on tits

I love cum shots on tits, especially my tits. Now, at the club I must make all men, well most men, feel special. I do not just fuck anyone, but I will milk anyone’s wallet while doing my best to adhere to certain standards. My big tits are like my measuring stick for cock size. The way I know you have at least 8-inches to fuck me is if your cock can go between my DD’s and break on through to the other side to slip into my mouth. I will start most guys off in the VIP with at least a titty fuck. It is the way I know if I can milk the cock and the wallet. Guys tip way better for a blow job or a fuck than a titty fuck. But money is not everything. Hot girls need to have standards. This sexy gfe babe is accustomed to being spoiled in and out of the bedroom. Very few men measure up to how I am now accustomed to being treated. For the right price, I will let any VIP titty fuck me.  I do more big tit fucking than actual fucking because most cocks are not big enough to satisfy me properly. I was pleasantly surprised my James last night in the VIP room. Not very tall, nor very handsome, but rich as fuck. Is he the biggest cock I have ever had? Not even close. But he did slide between my big double D’s and poke out the other side by at least an inch, so he was above average cock size. His wallet was well above the average Joe’s wallet though and since his cock was not pathetically average, I rode his cock in the VIP room for a nice cash donation to my beauty fund. It takes a lot of money to stay looking fly. James is like most of my phone sex callers and VIP patrons, married and in need of good ball draining. If you got a decent sized cock and money, you can get pussy out of your league.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Thigh Highs

Foot Fetish Phone SexFoot Fetish Phone Sex isn’t something I come across every day, but when I do I love it. I was wearing my favorite thigh highs while I was rubbing a guy’s hard bulge and I felt so horny! The feeling, the hardness, everything. My smooth and small feet were ready to give him a proper foot job. He reallyyy loved it! He even had me stand up and rub my foot against it at first as a form of domination. Fuck my pussy was dripping! I was so damn desperate for him to cum all over my pretty feet. “Fuck, it feels like silk on my cock!” Was the best compliment ever! It was like a damn cum fountain when he came all over my thigh highs! “That was the best foot fuck I have ever had.” He groaned. I giggled, “thank you, honey!” It felt so good to have a hard cock between my feet. I can’t wait to do it again! After that I face rode him and came all over his handsome face. It was back arching! I was in heaven with his damn tongue.

Black Cock Phone Sex Because Mature Woman Need Big Cock

black cock phone sexI love black cock phone sex because I love black cock. You mostly see me with hung black lovers. I do fuck some white cock, but they are big cocks because I am a size queen. One of my husband’s friends found out I am a slut wife. I do not know what got into him though. He thought because I fuck black dudes, I would fuck anything. I fuck black men because I refuse to fuck anything. If I was just some horny, desperate housewife, I would fuck my husband. Unlike many cheating wives, I love my husband. I just do not fuck my husband. That is because he has a tiny, limp dick. His friend, however, does not have a limp dick. He does not even have a small dick, but it is pathetically average. So, when he stormed my bedroom after dinner one night, I had to put him in his place. He was drunk and his dick was at half-mast. I could still see he did not have the length or the girth this cheating phone sex whore craves. He was going off and my husband was passed out. He was worthless to me in that moment, so I had to take care of Alan on my own. I called up Tyrese who is a black young lover of mine. He does not live far from me. He loves to help me cuckold white men. I told him I had a drunk white man with whiskey white dick who thinks I am a race traitor and needs put in his place.  Tyrese was over in less than 30 minutes. He came into the house with his huge cock swinging prepared to dick slap Alan. I had Alan tied up to a chair. Men always underestimate my strength. I am a strong bitch. I did not need Tyrese after all, but since he was there, I made Alan watch me fuck a real man. I am a cuckolding phone sex wife. Any chance I get to school an average or below average white guy on the importance of cock size, I do. Alan was not happy, but he will back off me now. He may even have a better understanding of what this white woman’s pussy needs.

Bratty Girl Beer Pong

Bratty Girl Phone Sex


If you think my daughter is a coy little snot when she’s on the line having bratty girl phone sex with a head game loving loser, you should see how she treats the simpering sacks of semen who are always around sniffing tail and trying to get a piece of her tight teen pussy!  They’re so hard up for her high end hump holes and she fucking knows it so she just strings them along and teases the everloving shit out of them!  Who knows if she’ll ever actually put out for those poor pud pullers.  Lucky for them, her mother is always there to give them a cunt-solation prize!

One of her friends threw a keg party the other day and she invited me and my sweet mommy snatch to tag along with her.  I do love a good not-quite-college-aged kegger!  They’re full of hot music and even hotter bodies, plus there’s not a better place to find a bunch of young, drunk and willing cocks to let plow their way inside of me.  I’m pretty sure that’s why she and her gaslighting girlfriends like having me at their parties in the first place, to help with the dick deflection!  Not gonna lie, I don’t mind one bit.

The beer pong table is where all of the real action was.  My daughter and her friend are fucking pros and teased the guys they played with the entire time.  They flashed titties and bald little slits to throw the guys on the other end of the table off of their game, made out with each other, twerked a little, standard slut girl stuff.  It totally worked and none of the other teams could best my beauty and her bestie no matter how many times they rematched.

Most everyone was pretty cool about it, but when one of the starters from the school basketball team lost for the umpteenth time and couldn’t get a pity fuck from either of his hot ass opponents, he started to get mad.  That’s where I came in to play.  I cooled him down really quick like only a mommy knows how.  Like every man, he just needed to bust a nut and I have the perfect cock loving cum caves for him to choose from for making his drunken dick dairy delivery.  I started with a blow job right there in front of the whole crowd to help ease his fragile ego in a quick fashion.  When he was done with the head, he threw me up onto the beer pong table, rammed his rigid rod right into my pussy from behind and started pounding me really hard right next to my daughter. 

My girl just laughed and told him that her daddy does it harder, which was simply the honest truth, but still kind of messed up to say.  The best part was when he told her that it could be her in my spot if she wasn’t such a bitch and all that my hurty-flirty little girl said back to him was “I would be in her spot if YOU weren’t such a bitch, but have fun fucking my cum dumpster of a mother!”  The whole party erupted in a simultaneous “OHHHHHHHH!!!” and my girlie walked off with a few super hot young studs.  I was so proud!

I let the guy finish inside of me, but he didn’t do it with much gusto.  I think having the fact that he had to settle for fucking his beer pong rival’s mom instead of the real object of his desire just kind of took it out of him.  I told him he was fine and that he’ll find another pretty girl to try and domineer then eventually disappoint, but it won’t be my daughter.  Then I made him clean his jizz out of me with the shirt off of his back.  Fucking simp.


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