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BBW Phone Sex is What Married Men Want for Christmas

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex? Is that what you want for Christmas? I know I want big cocks for Christmas. I am such a naughty girl. But I am the good kind of naughty. Do you know what I mean? I am cock crazy. That is why I have so many married lovers. It is not that I do not date single men. I do. I just have not found one who satisfies me enough to make me give up all the other men. Monogamy may not be my thing, LOL. My mom keeps hounding me for grands, but I am almost 35 now. It is possible for women to get pregnant into their late 50s, but I am not sure I want to be 45 and pregnant. I just like the freedom to fuck who and when I want. Some days, I have many lovers. This is my busy season too. I have a special calendar to mark down when all my married men phone sex lovers want to see me for Christmas. They will be coming by all month long to spoil me. I give them a token of my appreciation, and I drain their balls. They usually bring me gift cards and presents. It can get tricky scheduling all of them without having any overlap. A few know they are not the only one, but I am a skilled GFE babe. I do my best to make each man feel special. I used to do those special arrangement sites, but they started getting overrun by scammers. All the married lovers in my posse are guys I have met out and about. Want to pick up a sexy bbw mistress like me? I can give you some pointers. I know I am getting older and not many sugar babies in their 40s, but I am still enjoying this gfe phone sex life, so I am not settling down anytime soon. Why would I? I get all the cock I want. Plus, I get spoiled, and no one tries to monopolize me. Being the other woman is the best life.

I Love Strange BBC!

Black Cock Phone Sex


My favorite part about thick and veiny black cock phone sex is the reveal.  Getting to know some strange ebony bone is so fucking exciting, just the thought of it makes my mouth water and my pussy drip!  I love to seduce black men because landing a gigantic BBC makes my creamy cougar cunt so moist and wet.  I can’t even wait to get the guy back to my place before I give his crotch a complete inspection, I get super handsy with my black kings as soon as I know I have him hooked.

When I get any guy’s attention, one of the first things I do is get my hands on his hog.  I want to know what I’m working with before we get to it, gives my mommy holes a chance to anticipate what’s about to happen to them.  When I have a fine hunk of black man on my hands, I’m always extra excited to reach into his pants and get my digits on his fat donkey dong.  I don’t care who’s watching or where we are.  Once I’ve reeled in an ebony skinned god of a man, all I can think about is how big his cock is and how hard he’s going to hammer it into me.  Pulling it out and playing with it right then and there is just a must, on my end.  Or in my end, if that’s how he wants it!

I’ve sucked off a ten inch tall boy of a massive mahogany muff stuffer under the table at a restaurant, jerked off a giant black ball bat whore banger while we were ponied up to the bar and let an extra long super-duper dark dong titty fuck me on a balcony overlooking a busy city street, all because I get a little over zealous and eager to touch and taste a BBC whenever I get around one.  I can’t help it, they taste good and feel great!


Party girls phone sex Accomplice

partygirls phone sex Tis’ The season for party girls phone sex! In honor of all the fucked up men who love the perverse and Nasty! Let me bake up a nice batch of Psychedelic gingerbread cookies for my little Angels in my care. I have the basement all set up for our play date. I am so happy your daughter came out to play with my Sweet little nice today. Although she has been showing some racism and calling her an Oreo cookie baby today. So excuse the slap marks across her face. Oh That butt plug in her ass. Well Now that we are all down here in the basement I can tell you, See, Your party whore might have gotten into the Ganja and Shrooms as well. That shit creates a very dark desire inside of me. So, when yoru little bitch started her bullshit I knew her ass needed beat and opened up. Im sure she wont remember a thing in the morning. SO If you like, I can make it up to you. Try a cookie and have both my Niece and your daughter as a daddy ccok buffett. Cum see this no-limits whore and let loose! I’m not afraid to fuck up a man, little or any cock that comes my way! After all Alanza is just a needy fuck toy accomplice!

Cum slut phone sex whore Janie

cum slut phone sex


Last night was wild and I can’t wait to talk about it with you! You should already know by now that I’m a limitless, cum slut phone sex freak. Taking dick and getting filled with cum is all I can ever think about. I went out last night, looking for a new fuck buddy. The bar was empty so I got smashed and called my older brother to come pick me up. I was super horny and needed a hard cock asap! I had planned on having my brother drop me off at the dealer’s house so that I could get some dick and party favors but plans changed really quickly once he got there to pick me up. I was too fucked up and all I cared about was getting my cunnie blasted with cum. I started rubbing my pussy and telling him that if he didn’t fuck me right then, I would tell everyone about the time I caught him sucking our step dad’s dick! I knew he would do whatever it took to avoid being exposed as a cock sucking, fairy bitch! That’s how I ended up riding my brother’s dick in the backseat of his car, minutes before walking in to talk to our parents. There’s so much more to this story and I can’t wait to share every nasty detail with you!

Wet Bald Pussy Keeps You Busy When Snowed In

wet bald pussyEating wet bald pussy is a great way to spend the time when snowed in. My fellow stripper bestie, Savannah, got stuck at my place last night. She is still here. We were at the club last night because Cyber Monday is a good day for women in the adult industry. Wives are buried in computers searching for the best deals. Their husbands can say or do anything, and it is in one ear and out the other. We were in the club with lots of rich men who left their wives at home to spend their money. We had this one rich real estate guy in the VIP for hours. We were milking his wallet better than his wife. By the time we were done for the night, the snow was everywhere. Our cars were covered. Now, I live two blocks from the club. Savannah has a much longer drive. I was not going to drive two blocks in a foot of snow with no salt down yet. I sure as fuck was not going to let my fellow blonde bimbo go 30 miles in that shit. We bundled up and hoofed it to my place.

wet bald pussyYou might wonder what two sexy strippers do when there are no men around. We do a lot like eat each other’s wet bald pussy. Savannah is a great cunt licker. Seriously, I have had a lot of men between my legs, but no one eats pussy better than her. She is part lesbian. But then I think all women are. We were snowed in. We are still snowed in. The club is not even open today and it is open every day of the year.  First day it has been closed since the Covid shut downs. We fell asleep in each other’s arms last night, so that was just how we woke up today too. We started licking the alphabet on each other’s pussies. I mean it was a winter wonderland outside. We were not getting out. We do not need cock to keep us busy in a snowstorm. Sure, we both love cock, but we had each other. We had wet bald pussy. We had wine. We had Christmas movies too.

wet bald pussyIt was sort of a nice night snowed in. It will be two nights snowed in soon. I broke out the sexy toys and even made a fire for night two snowed in with my fellow stripper. I used to hate being snowed in when I was younger. Now, it is all about the company you keep when snowed it. Want to be snowed in with us?

Fuck my ass and pay me with Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Fuck my ass and pay me with Financial Domination Phone Sex. I love taking full control of your hot dick and wallet. You pay to see my ass and fuck it while I take control of those little green papers in your bag. Watch me step on your cock with my heels and count how much money you have. I’ll take all that I want and you’re going to let me, baby. I know that you can’t resist my huge ass and perfect stripper body. My slutty fuckholes are even better with how fucking wet and tight they all are. I fulfill all of your Phone sex fetish dreams and financial domination kink. I promise to rock your cock’s world and make you cum harder than you ever had before, daddy. 😉

Hot Ass Sex: I Put the Ass in the Hot Ass

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. I can thank years of squats and running for giving me a fine ass. Black men love tits and ass. Unlike a lot of white men, they want a thick girl. One with a nice booty like the one I got. I could look like a catcher’s mitt and still get plenty of black cock because of this ass right here. I picked up a man this morning running in Millennium Park. If I do not wake up with a big black cock in bed with me, I go for a run in the park. It is my second favorite pastime. My ass in yoga pants brings out men of all ages and races though. I met a black man at the park with a fetish for big butts. When I jogged by, he yelled, “Baby got back.” That got the song stuck in my head, LOL. I turned around, jogged up to him and asked him if his anaconda needed buns. We laughed and exchanged some flirty discourse. I am in my 50s. This guy was 30 tops. My endorphins were raging and apparently so was his cock. I could see it jumping in his pants. I think he has a phone sex fetish for white women with big asses. He jogged back to my place with me to fuck. Best way to start a day. My husband was at work already or I would have fucked this boy in front of him to start his day off right. My husband is my cuckold. He is a voyeur. I turned the nanny cam on so my husband could catch the show remotely. This young man buried his face in my ass, which was no doubt a bit musky from my morning run. He licked and rimmed my asshole before his cock came out of his pants. He spanked my ass with his stiff as a board cock. When he started to give me a hardcore ass fucking, I lost it. My body was quivering. I love anal sex. I love black cock. I love cuckolding my husband. I got the trifecta this morning with one black cock.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex

Hey little weenie.. In the mood for Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex? Haha, I love a little winky! There is always so much fun in taunting a pathetic man while he tugs his disappointing mutant clit.. Good thing, for phone sex huh? I mean in a literal sense I don’t have to see it! Which means you don’t have to go through the shame of whipping that pathetic micro peen out and having to deal with the look on my face when I do..

What a let down you are.. Let me guess you also suffer from premature ejaculation because naturally we want the things we can’t have.. You find yourself addicted to porn and beating your meat to women that wouldn’t actually give your pathetic ass a chance in real life. We all have flaws but yours isn’t one that you can ever get over.. I mean what kind of man would actually want to accept his pathetically small cock? That’s nothing to brag about is it..

I already know, when you call me you are going to make a pie out of your dick.. For some reason you think saying your cock is 2.76 inches is going to make it sound any bigger.. LOL It’s the delusion for me.. 9/10 you found yourself a woman who married you and not for what you are offering in the bedroom but because you overly compensate for your lack of.. Lucky you, having a small penis comes with a thick wallet… Somethings gotta give.. Right?

Hahaha, well don’t forget to have your card ready so you can slide it between my firm scam pillows! Financial Domination Phone Sex is a good match for a small penis.. You know how to satisfy my Hot squirting pussy don’t you? That’s right, pay up!  

Cuckolding Phone Sex

Toilet Slave Gets Showered With My Golden Piss

Golden Shower Phone Sex


You love being my little toilet slave, don’t you? You love having my golden nectar in your mouth and covering your body. When I’m with you, I never have to use a toilet. You are always there to gather my piss. You love it when I piss in your mouth and I drank so much water that I’m going to burst. Get down on your knees and open your mouth. I’m going to piss inside your mouth and I don’t want you to spill a drop. Catch every drop of my sweet piss and swallow it all. Don’t you love how warm and tasty it is? We’re not done. I still want to cover you in my piss. Get in the shower and lay down under me. I’m going to piss all over your face and neck. Don’t you like the taste that is on your lips from my piss? Now, rub all the piss from your neck and face onto your chest and arms so you can be completely covered in my sweet golden nectar.

Drugs Phone Sex Fueled Holidays are the Best

drugs phone sexIt was a drugs phone sex fueled weekend and I am happy about that. I went through the blow Marcus gave me before Thanksgiving too quickly though. He was not available when I needed more, so I had to see another guy. This guy really made me work for his coke too. He wanted to tag team my ass with his brother who was visiting out of town. They were black dudes. I am not trying to stereotype black men, but they do have the best blow and they are much more willing to trade my fuck holes for drugs too. This guy is a friend of Marcus, my normal dealer. That means Darius knows all about me and the dirty phone sex things I will do to get my coke. It is anything too. Darius had a huge cock, even bigger than Marcus’s cock. His brother, however, was like monster cock size. He was so big and so thick that I could not get him all the way down my throat. That has never happened before. Darius made me suck his brother’s dick all the way down by shoving my head on his shaft. It felt like I swallowed a big snake. I guess I did. What he did to my throat is nothing compared to what he did to my asshole and pussy. He slammed my holes so tight I was gaped and sore as fuck. Again, that rarely happens. I have fucked a lot of cock in my life. I came home to fix Thanksgiving dinner walking like I had rode a horse for the first time. Cum was leaking out of my ass from the hardcore ass fucking they both gave me. My sons saw the cum, but luckily my in-laws did not notice. They hate me. They think I am a gold-digging trophy wife. Maybe I am. But my husband loves me for the whore I am. My sons love me more though for the whore I am. After dinner, they tag teamed me too. They love sloppy seconds.