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Romantic Phone Sex Grows More Special with Every Encounter with My Prince, James

romantic phone sexMy romantic phone sex side continues to blossom with my beloved James. I woke up with him naked, in bed with me after our first night of passionate love making in the Sybaris Inn.  Actually, I woke up because he was licking my love garden. At first, I thought it was all a dream. One big sexy dream. But it was no dream. James was loving on my love button, making me squirt all over his face. And for a moment, I felt bad. Like I was drowning him. However, the big smile on his face told me he loved my juices.

After my love gave me a hot squirting pussy, I felt the need to return the favor. So, I took his love gun in my mouth and used my breasts, my mouth and my hands to give his rocket the attention it needed. I felt like our first night to together as lovers was magical. And every time we become intimate our magic will grow. He is the ying to my yang. I made him cum hard. Afterwards, we laid in each other’s arms listening to 80s love songs planning our day. And we both agreed we worked up an appetite making love.

We hopped into the rain forest shower. And the temperature felt perfect. But everything seems perfect with my prince, James. We washed each other up, and almost made love again, but decided we needed fuel for round two, LOL. He put on his dark blue long sleeve shirt, grey slacks, a tie and his white blazar. Very 80s chic. I slipped on a romantic looking floral sundress with strappy sandals.

I Love How My Prince James, Makes Me Feel Like a Special Princess

But my prince gave me a gift before we left for breakfast. Although he is all the gift I need, I appreciated being spoiled. I opened the box and found a beautiful gold locket in the shape of a heart. Inside was a picture of us standing in front of the Michigan State statue on our first date. This way James is always close to my heart. Perhaps, this is the best gift ever. So sweet and personable. And special. But everything about James is special.

The day awaited us. We left to eat, walking through the garden to the little Italian bistro nearby. We stopped by the swing for a romantic moment before heading to the eatery. The waitress thought we were newlyweds from the way we acted. James held my hand. And he often caressed my cheek and my hair looking at me like a man in love.

After we ate, I felt like a Disney princess with what James planned. He arranged a carriage ride through town. We could feel the warmth of the sun caressing us. But I always feel the warmth of James’s love for me. And I hope he feels it from me too. Birds sang and we held hands, kissed and even stopped for pictures. I know I was glowing too. Everything about James makes me beam. We told each other I love you. And we both meant it. It’s been a whirlwind romance, but I think our love was predestined.

When James is Near Me, Love is in the Air

We got back to our suite and enjoyed some time in the hot tub. And you know that led to more love making. I thought we might both overheat, LOL. However, we paced the lovemaking.  I sat on his lap, wrapping my legs around him. And we kissed forever. And I stroked his love rocket while he rubbed my magic love button.

Eventually, I guided his magnificent cock inside my pussy, and we made wonderful love again in the hot tub. I got lost in his eyes. And at one point, our heart felt like it was beating as one. We worked up a sweat and more of an appetite. However, we cooled off in our private pool and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Every moment with James is special. And every encounter gets better. This phone sex babe’s heart has definitely been captured. And I cannot wait for future dates.

Financial Domination Phone Sex hand over the dough.

Financial Domination Phone Sex              Financial Domination Phone Sex hand over the dough. All of it. Going to crush and destroy you. You have choices. First choice hand over then money and nothing happens to you. Don’t hand it over and the next thing you know is going to be plastered all over the net. Everyone will know that you call me. You beg me. I am not above blackmail, and I will do it. Give me all the money and no one knows that you have a thing for feet and being humiliated.

            To begin with it will be the foot pictures that have a foot job. Is that dick? I know it is. Cupping your cock. That today is worth $500 cha-ching. Going to run that card. Got the information. You don’t after all want theses getting out. You do have more than Phone sex fetish to be worried about. You have the foot, the humiliation, subjugation, among others. Want me talking? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Make it dollars and we will be in business.

            Now that don’t mean that you won’t be paying daily or weekly but a thousand will keep my fingers from walking over the keys of this here keyboard for a least a day. I will demand that you pay. Time and time again. Sooner or later you will be broke and I will discard you but in the meantime you pay more I tell all your secrets.

Hot squirting pussy prepared to be used as your Cum dumpster

Hot squirting pussyImpregnate my Hot squirting pussy! I am going to give you the sloppiest Deepthroat blowjob ever… I feel so depraved. My pussy is drooling for your cock… Use my body as your cock sleeve and pound in and out of my Tight shaved pussy until your blow a huge load inside of me.

Make me your Creampie slut!

Dominate my entire existence, own me, and make me your whore. I am a Nasty freak in dire need of releasing this filthy slut hidden inside of me. My body is yearning to be used by you… I crave every inch of your dick! Round after round pounding in and out of me, making my Wet bald pussy spit.

A Nasty freak like me will wear you out.

I am going to fuck you so much you are going to start shooting blanks. I am such a fucking whore for cock and cum loads. I doubt you will be able to handle me… Are you up for the challenge? You better be! You won’t have much of a choice with me.. My raging hormones will keep you up all night with your hard dick buried inside of me.

Use my Big bouncy tits to prepare your cock for my Sloppy wet pussy… Slavery phone sex

I am ready to serve you in every and any way possible… I await you with my jaw dropped on my knees ready to take your throbbing cock balls deep. rest that swollen scrotum of yours on my chin and feel my tonsils guide up and down your dick as the ridges in my esophagus grip your cock. Make me your Slavery phone sex whore.

Gang Bang Phone Sex with Tamara and her Sorry Sissy

Gangbang phone sex is your punishment! You disobey Goddess, this is your reward. You wanted to have Goddess’ attention, guess what? You got all of my attention you pathetic simp! Since you disobeyed me, your days and nights will be filled with dicks, that are wayyy bigger than yours and probably much more than you can handle, fucking all of you wet, sloppy holes.

Gang Bang Phone Sex

Come over here bitch, crawl over to me, and I’m going to put you into your uniform. Strip all off those clothes off Sissy whore, those clothes are for men and you’re a measly, dirty, cock swallowing cunt! Let me put you in this red thong that has this cute, bedazzled bow in the back. Turn around, let me see how this little ass looks in it. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide, I want you to prepare for these BDKS who are about to tear your ass and mouth to pieces!

Put on your pretty red bra and look, I even got you a pretty red wig to match your sexy outfit. Now go ahead, do a little twirl. Don’t you feel like a happy whore! Who would of known red would be such a good color on you. Your like Wendy’s the bitch from the burger place but better. You’re going to be Wanda the Wet Pussy Sissy and since you’re all dressed up, it time to show our big dick friends just how Wet and Whorish Wanda is!

Come on in guys! Wanda is ready for some hardcore phone sex, dick swallowing, and anal fun! Go ahead and fall to your knees and let all those BDKs take control of every part of your puny, measly, bitch ass hoe made body. Let those big cock slanging niggas show you what being a real man is all about. How does it feel to have all those dicks in your hands, throat, and inside your precious, little man pussy? They are fucking you so hard your sexy red wig fell off. Are those screams painful orgasms, or a moment of meat filled blissful ecstasy?

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Makes My Neighbors Horny

naughty neighbor phone sexDo you enjoy naughty neighbor phone sex calls? I am the naughty neighbor of your wet dreams. Most of my neighbors say that about me. Well, at least the men do. Last week I got new neighbors behind me. It is a rental and every few years or so, someone moves out and someone new moves in. Kind of exciting to me when I get new neighbors. Never know if a good fuck buddy might move in.

Last week, I flirted with my new male neighbor. He watched me masturbate in my pool. We both knew he was watching me, so I gave him a welcome to the neighborhood show. Although I had hoped he would be single, I met his wife the next day. Now, this naughty gfe phone sex babe assumed the wife found out and came over to yell at me. But she appeared to just want to get to know her new neighbors. Hot woman. So, I was glad she did not yell at me.

I Love Fucking Hot Wives Too

But she seemed as interested in me as her husband. She could not take her eyes off my tits. She did not have any of her own. Perhaps this was a case of boob envy. Or maybe she was bisexual. So am I, so I was not judging. I just struggled with what move I should make on her if any. But she cut to the chase. She said we had a moment the other day when I was in my pool. Holly fuck. She thought I was masturbating to her. She must have been watching me in the window above her husband or next to him because I never noticed her.

I played it off. And hoped it was not a trap, LOL. But she seemed to think I was into her when I never knew she existed until she knocked on my door. But I went with it and ate her wet bald pussy in my living room. She ate my pussy too, and even used one of my dildos on me. Before long we broke out one of my double-sided sex toys and fucked each other.

I have fucked husbands and wives before but as the third wheel. Although I have not fucked her husband yet, it is coming. And this will be the first time I have been the secret mistress to both the husband and the wife. Now, I know you wish I was your neighbor.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Cater to Your Foot Fetish Too

milf phone sexThis milf phone sex slut caters to all sorts of fetishes. Most mature sexy women do because we learn about different kinks and fetishes the longer we live. Although I am known mostly for my love for big black cocks and cuckolding, I also posses a strong foot fetish. And that fetish grows stronger as summer approaches. I traded in my winter boots for strappy sandals. And now that my pretty toes can be on display again, I got a pedicure for Mother’s Day.

Do you like pretty toes? Sexy feet? A foot job? I felt ready for a foot job yesterday. The weather cooperated with me too. I wanted to find some men who enjoy foot fetish phone sex as much as me. And I did. I found a few. Even though I am a size queen who wants cock bigger than her size 8 feet, when it comes to a foot job, I can give in on size. I’ve given my husband a foot job many times in our 30-year union. Although I do not fuck him, I sometimes reward him for being a good cuckold with a foot job.

You Might be Too Small for My Pussy, But My Feet Don’t Care About Size

foot fetish phone sexWith a few exceptions, I use foot jobs as a consolation prize for average white dicks or losers who show promise as a cuckold. Mike got a foot job in the park yesterday. Despite my nice rack and banging body, he could not take his eyes of my feet. So, I knew I had a foot job boy. A pair of strappy sandals and red toe polish brings foot boys out in droves. Mike appeared to be an average white guy, mid 30s, well groomed and handsome. But my guess, his cock would underwhelm me.

And I was correct. I took him into the woods and asked him if he wanted to jack off on my feet. He could not speak, but he nodded yes. I unzipped his pants and pulled out a pathetically average cock. Maybe 5 inches tops. Although bigger than my husband, not big enough for my cunt or ass or even my mouth. But my feet? Why not. I wanted some cum to hydrate my feet and keep them looking shiny.

This mature phone sex babe found a few more men not good enough to fuck yesterday too. However, my feet didn’t mind their tiny dicks. Perhaps, you would like a foot job from my sexy feet also?

Edge Play Phone Sex

Edge Play Phone Sex

Good evening my lovelies. I’m so glad you came back for more. What do you say we get into some edge play phone sex? I’m so ready for a little cock control fun. I get wet and horny just keeping you from that climax you so desperately want.

                I push you down on the bed for starters, and I blindfold you so you can’t see me coming and you never know what to expect next. I wrap my hands and mouth around your dick and feel it grow in my mouth. Then I head over to the dresser and pull out a few toys that I’ve been dying to try on a man like you.

                The first toy I use is my shock wand. I put it on your thigh up near your balls and you let out a squeak as it zaps you for the first time. Next, I put it on your left nipple, then right nipple. I tell you to stand up and stick it on each of your ass cheeks. After you sit back down, I finish up on your balls again.

                You reach for me and beg to touch me, if only for a few seconds. I lean in towards you, sticking my soft tits in your face and tell you to suck on my nipples. While you bite them, I reach down, sticking three fingers inside my cunny and fuck myself real hard. I can tell how much you just want to cum, so I tell you it’s time.

                You start to wank it, and in no time bust a nut all over me. How do you like that cum on tits you just blessed me with?

Sometimes Your Phone Sex Fetish Becomes Mine Too

phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? Your secrets remain safe with me. I have too many fetishes to name here. Perhaps, I am just a kinky babe. One of my fetishes, I developed from men like you. Want to know what it is? Well, I love to have my sexy ass eaten, rimmed and fucked.

Many moons ago, I met this great guy. He checked all my boxes. However, his cock appeared underwhelming at best to a babe like me. But if I rejected him, I also rejected his money. And I needed it. I met him at the club. Married man who loved sexy buxom blonde babes. So, when I saw his 5-inch dick, I made up an excuse about being on my period. And I suggested hot ass sex instead. He did not even question me. He wanted my ass.

Ass Sex is Better Than No Sex for Men with Average Dicks

But before he fucked my ass, he ate it. Sniffed it. Licked it. Fingered it. And I loved it. It became a thing for us. I was his first anal experience, and he loved it. Now at that time, I was no stranger to anal sex. In fact, I loved it because there was less risk of getting pregnant. But no one ever rimmed and licked my ass like Bill. No one. So, he expanded my ass fetish.

Now, I am almost 40 and offering up my ass to rich guys with tiny dicks every week. But no woman wants a monster cock in her ass. So, in the VIP room I offer up my ass for any man with less than 7 inches of cock meat and a big wallet. And guess what? Men eat it up. And they eat my ass too. So, sometimes a man’s fetish becomes my fetish. I love rim jobs phone sex. And I can sit on a man’s face for hours. So, rest your jaw and your tongue, because if you have an underwhelming dick, the best you can hope for is eating my fine ass.

Medical Phone Sex Hot and Sexy Fun With The Sexy Lacey

Who loves a fun Medical Phone Sex  roleMedical Phone Sexplay? It’s hot as hell! There’s something about the mix of power dynamics, vulnerability, and taboo that really gets people going. Plus, let’s be honest – those scrubs are kinda sexy on a man. Here’s an example scenario:

*Walking into the exam room with a sultry smile* Hi there, Daisy. I hope you don’t mind if I start without your permission. After all, it is my job to make sure everything is in working order down there.

*Blushing and nervously chuckling* Go ahead…I guess…just do what you have to do…

Perfect! Now then, let me just get these gloves on…mmmhmmm…and spread your legs for me sweetheart. *Slowly slides fingers along my inner thigh before parting them wide* That’s it – now we can really get started!

As you begin your “examination,” you lean in close to whisper dirty little secrets in my ear, your breath hot against my skin. Your fingers trace circles around my entrance before dipping inside to tease and probe gently. “Mmmm…you’re so wet already,” she murmurs with a wicked grin. “I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you?”

I gasp as you begin to penetrate me slowly with one finger, then another, stretching my tightness until it feels almost unbearable.  That hurts!” I cry out in mock pain while arching my back in pleasure.

You produces a thick rubber cock from behind your back with a wink as you lube it up expertly before guiding it towards my cunt. With one swift motion, you impales my wet pussy  on the massive dildo, moaning loudly at the sensation of being filled so completely by something otherworldly large and hard.

I begin to ride hard and fast on that fake cock – grinding against every inch of it like there’s no tomorrow! The sight alone is enough to make any man watching lose control; seeing this gorgeous pussy take charge like this is beyond hot!

Fetish phone sex drop a house on a witch to get the shoes.

Fetish phone sex

                Fetish phone sex drop a house on a witch to get the shoes. After all it’s all about the shoes. What a great thing about shoes. They encase the feet. Everyone has a kink. Shoes happen to be my secret downfall. It all started when I was young. Very young. Seeing those Ruby red slippers reading the book and they were silver. Tapping them together. There’s no place like home. There is another place. A place where you get the most magical shoes.

          Somewhere over the rainbow. All you need to do is drop a house on a witch to get those shoes. Those beautiful red shoes. Glimmering with rubies. Now they are gorgeous, and they have magical abilities. In other words, any fetish you have is at the tap of those shoes. Three times. First time you say your fetish want. Show me the shows. Repeat it a second and a third time. You get what your fetish demands the most.

          Foot fetish phone sex just drop that house on a witch to get the wishes.

          Ordinarily I would stick with the shoes but when you really think about it you have the Foot fetish that shoes cover. Add in pantyhose or even stockings and you have a whole lot of fetishes all together now. Next thing you know you are going to be coating those ruby red slippers and even cum in them. Ever fill up a shoe with just semen? Try it once and you will learn that there is no place like over the rainbow.

          In summary, to have your fetishes, cake, shoes, and eat it too then you fly over the rainbow. Drop a house on the wicked witch of the east. Throw a little water on the witch of the west and finally follow the yellow brick. Tap, tap, tap and it must be remembered to say the fetish First time, second time, and third time.