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Early Fall Girly Getaway

Black Girl Phone sex


I brought my horny daughter and her hot friend to a lakeside resort so we could enjoy some black girl phone sex time and a little early fall weekend fucking together.  We all needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world so I figured the post vacation crowd lake was the best place for it.  I was totally right!

Everything was so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end.  From the marvelously maintained hiking trails that led us on a wonderful, clothing free trek through the woods to the most perfect little alcove we found along the beach that turned out to be a stupendous spot for pussy licking, it was all so spectacular.

The sun setting on the water provided a perfect backdrop for our sapphic sex sessions.  Ever see two tight teen twats so ready to be fucked that they get really pink and plump up and start dripping uncontrollably?  The way their viscous vag juice caught the colors of the sunset… I don’t care what anyone says, it was pure art.

We stayed up late in our cabin talking about the cocks we’ve creamed or dream of creaming and the positions that make us squeal the most.  I think I really blew them away with my double dipped fingering and super fast tongue flicking.  My daughter’s friend said she had never squirted before then, I’m happy that I was the first one to make her gash gush.  I’m going to have to plan more of these weekend getaways with my girl and her super hot black friend.  We had so much fun!


Welcome To Katy’s Wet Wild World!

Bisexual Phone SexHi! I’m Katy, your favorite brother fucking coed cumdump! I’m always hot and ready to talk dirty while I soak my panties for you. I love talking about all the kinky things I’ve done with my brother; we have been fucking for years so I have so many nasty incest sex stories. When I’m not fucking my brother, I’m at school making all the frat boys lose their minds over my tight sweet fuck holes! I’m also a proud and sexy bisexual who craves munching cunt just as much as I crave a big dick in my pussy. I’m the best phone sex you’ll ever have, when you tell me your fantasies you’ll find out that I truly am a nasty no taboo fuck doll who can’t get enough cock!

Naked Teen Pictures And Young Bald Pussy For Uncle To Use

I caught my uncle jacking off to naked teen pictures and I didn’t know he would use me to fulfill his Rape phone sex fantasies. When he saw me in the doorway, he didn’t stop stroking his big man meat. He stared into my eyes as he jacked off and walked towards me. He grabbed my head and rubbed it on his head, calling me a spying bratty slut and telling me how he was going to give me a big lesson. He forced my nose shut, making me open my mouth to breathe.

Naked teen pictures

Once I opened my mouth, he shoved his fat cock in it. He started using my mouth to jack off as he kept looking at naked teen pictures. I started tasting gooey salty juice cumming from his cock and uncle told me lick his pre-cum. I forced my tongue to it and did as he asked. He then bent me over and put the naked teen pictures on my back as he slid my panties off. My uncle rubbed his cock meat on my young bald pussy and drooled over the naked teen pictures. He couldn’t stop, he wanted more so he pushed up inside my young bald pussy hole hard and fast. He covered my mouth so i couldn’t scream as he pounded my little hole until he came inside me. She slid my panties back on and warned me to keep quiet as he removed the naked teen pictures off my back.

Roleplay Phone Sex for Tight Holes

Let’s talk about some Roleplay Phone Sex possibilities, can we? I know you crave the tight Jasmin pussy and my little girl loves that pea pod. So it’s essentially super hot to have some kinky roleplay phonesex calls with perverts. We can talk all about the tight sweet holes on Emily Jasmin. She is my daughter and my way to make great money.

You may not reallize how many guys love to play with a young daughter and young mommy together. It’s super hot and popular. I love to party and get my little young princess to be just like me. She smokes weed and drinks with me. I even put cocaine on her holes and in her nose. She is such a little tease and whore.

Mommy and Emily Jasmin need to make rent for the new month! What can we work out big daddy? Do you have any ideas on what you would pay for this bald pussy or butthole? Or maybe to have a mommy and daughter share your cock? We promise to snowball your cum!

Roleplay phone sex

One Last Summer Fuck Fest!

I can’t wait to get back to school and start fucking again! I had a lot of fun this summer but I’m almost ready to head back to campus again to start being a filthy coed cum dump. I took lots of cock working at a local sports bar in my hometown between partying and taking little trips to the beach. Daddy and Mom are traveling for the rest of the month so I was excited for some time alone before I officially start packing up again but little did I know my big brother was going to pay me a very special visit. I came home from work to find the whole house lit by candle light and a really beautiful bouquet of red roses waiting for me. My big brother was home and I couldn’t have been more excited!
Black Cock Phone SexJake descended upon me, kissing me hard and making me wet just by the way he massaged my tongue with his. I knew tonight would be amazing because we hadn’t seen each other in months, my pussy was pounding already, I felt myself getting so wet. I tore open his shirt and dropped to my knees to slurp on his cock. Jake fucked my face for a bit before he picked me up and threw me over the dining table, with my ass in the air he pounded me from behind. I came almost instantly and my tight pussy milking his cock made Jake cum hard in his favorite place in the world, his little sister’s pussy.

Isis The Pervert Encourager

Naked teen pictures

A pervert like you spends nights browsing social media and looking at naked teen pictures. They make your cock so hard that it just twitches, doesn’t it? No worries you can tell me, I get nothing out of telling your naughty secrets. So what that you like looking at slutty naked teens on the internet, men have been doing that for a long time. Just admit their tight young bodies are so much more appealing than that used-up wife of yours. Or those other women society would deem more appropriate for you to gawk at. 

Don’t listen to them. Instead listen to me, when you see a hot teen body doing a slut provocative dance online. Listen to me as I tell you just how easily she could be yours. To hold, worship, taste, and fuck hard. Willing or unwilling does it really matter when sluts like that tempt you so? We aren’t deviants for no reason you and me. When we see something we want, we aren’t going to let anything stop us from seeing it through. I’m more than happy to be that sexy hot phone accomplice, you have an idea but I’m the one with a plan.

How I Started Fucking My Brother!

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

Growing up in a conservative home made me and my brother crave incest fucking! Growing up my parents were very strict and religious which made me and my brother very rebellious in our younger years. We would stay up late, basically watching anything our parents told us we couldn’t on my brother’s computer. One night he showed me some really dirty porn while he whipped out his hard cock and started stroking it right in front of me. I was so curious about what all those naked people were doing on the screen but also, I was itching to touch my brother’s cock. He told me I could suck it or touch it and I couldn’t resist; I reached out and just started stroking it with my little hand, it felt so big and hard. I was amazed at the sensation of his cock pulsating in my hand, I had to suck it! Once that hard cock slid in my mouth, I was amazed at how my brother moaned and guided my head down further. I gagged a little and spit all over it which made my brother blow a load all over my face. I liked the way his cum tasted and from that moment on I think I became obsessed with his cock!

Summertime In Our College Town!

Bisexual Phone Sex

Being a coed cum slut means setting up your own summertime orgies when you are off from school! The summertime in my college town is very unique, most of the students are gone back to their hometowns but some of us stick around for the fun parties around here. My roommate and I got so bored after work yesterday that we decided to throw an orgy at our place! We got lots of alcohol and drugs to get the party started, we just danced and kissed until some guys started showing up and watching us. We put on a little show for them by sixty-nineing until we made each other cum, by the time we looked up from eating each other’s pussies, the room was full of hot guys with their cocks hard. Of course, we let them fuck us! The orgy began with me and my roommate getting fucked doggystyle face to face and it ended with both of our cunts leaking loads of hot cum.

Beach Voyeur

Voyeur Phone Sex



Last weekend I was in Key West at a nude beach with my titties and tight shaved pussy out for the world to see when I caught some mother fucker with a camera taking pictures up my snatch while sun bathing! He was laying below me on a towel pretending to look at his phone and that asshole was straight snap snap with his camera, I know he was close enough to see every fold of my beef curtains, my hard clit and not to mention straight up my taint to my puckered pink hole. I knew something was up when that prick was pulling on his junk and pitching a tent for everyone to see. I’m sure he was licking his filthy lips when I noticed a Hot guy and my cunt started to twitch and and I could feel my pussy juices start to side down my inner thigh. I was so horny for the hottie walking the beach I didn’t notice the perve taking pictures! Good thing I saw him and gave a swift kick in the nut sack for not asking permission! He will think twice next time.

Fun At The Family BBQ!

Incest Phone Sex

My little pink bikini got me in serious trouble at the family BBQ this weekend! Seeing my brother for the first time in months got me hot between the legs instantly but of course his wife came this year and got in the way. I had to be smart to get his attention and get him alone so I did what I do best, I put on my sluttiest little bikini and laid out by the pool with a cold drink. My little cousin was being a total cockblock, just hanging around, making me look at his young teen body. I couldn’t help it, I got turned on seeing him rub sun tan lotion all over himself. I went inside to go to the bathroom and the little dork followed me, upstairs away from everyone else my little cousin had the balls to whip out his cock. I think he heard that I’m the college cum dump and wanted to see if I would react. Looking at his cock made my cunt throb, I just put my hand on it and he nearly came. I sat down on the bed in the guest bedroom and started sucking him off, he moaned and started bucking his hips into my face. I deepthroated my little cousins cock and it made him cum hard down my throat. When I looked up with a mouth full of cum I saw my brother at the door watching, he stepped in and closed the door behind him. Next thing I knew my brother had me face down, ass up with his cock in me and my little cousin was stroking his dick getting ready to shove his cock in my ass. God I came so hard on my brothers dick as my cousin watched him fuck me.

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