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Force Fucked By 10 Nigger Cocks!

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I got shared by ten big black cocks on my way home from work yesterday! I’m currently out of college working as a waitress at a local sports bar until classes start up again. Lots of handsome niggers come to this bar to watch sports and meet women. After my shift yesterday I saw a large group of black stallions hanging in the parking lot. They offered me a ride home and I told them I was having a party at my place down the street. Of course they came over but there was only me there to entertain them! We drank and smoked some weed until I was feeling really freaky. I started shaking my ass and stroking the cock of the nigger grinding against me, that set all the other BBC’s off to get hard for me. They “ran a train” on my wet little pussy until the sun came up, I took nigger cum in my pussy until I couldn’t even squirt anymore!

My Morning Ritual!

2 Girl Phone Sex

Every morning I wake up with a soaking wet cum drenched pussy! When I roll out of bed I reach for my favorite fuck toy and watch a little porn on my laptop. Before I get up to sit in front of my mirror and masturbate I make sure the light is just right so I can see all the loads I took last night leaking from my slutty fuck hole. Every morning I sit in front of my mirror masturbating thinking about how exactly I got fucked the night before. I think of every single cock my cunt took and cum so fucking hard knowing that men love using my sinfully sexy body to satisfy their perverted fantasies. As I squirt I feel all their cum leak out of my pussy into the towel I’m sitting on and sometimes I even have a little taste!

Nude beach fun with uncle dax

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My uncle Dax is so hot! It’s always quite weird to call him uncle since we barely have a four-year age gap. We practically grew up like siblings. My uncle looks so much like my dad, a younger version, of course, and we all know that I am very fond of daddy. When uncle Dax comes over, he always takes me on some gnarly adventures. Lately, he has had me try all his hot spots that I can now legally go to, and that’s always a blast. When uncle Dax told me he had a special surprise, I got all excited, and if I’m being frank, my cunt got slippery wet! Dax and I have a special relationship. We have long crossed that incestuous line, and we don’t apologize. 

I knew wherever he took me, it would be memorable, and boy was he right. Uncle Dax told me not to worry about dressing up because where we were going required little to nothing. Once he said to me that I could guess it was going to be a private affair. After a good hour’s drive down the pacific coast highway, we ended up at a secluded little lagoon. A big “Clothing optional” sign stuck out like a sore thumb. There was barely anyone around. A nice-looking throuple and a few couples. Uncle Dax and I made a run to the cove and began to frolic on the beach. the turquoise waters and sunny sight felt like I was in the Caribbean. I couldn’t contain my eagerness and happiness. We made out like teenagers in love. It didn’t take long to make uncle Dax fuck me right on the shoreline.

Sharing Cock For Money!

College Coed Sex

Sometimes being a broke college student makes me do crazy things for money like sharing a cock with my roommate and letting someone film it! I was really strapped for cash this week and needed to make a quick buck for a girls trip that I’ve been planning with my friends. My roommate told me this guy offered her a lot of money to make a video of her sucking cock, I figured it wasn’t a bad idea since I’m already known as a notorious slut around school, I might as well make money off of it! We called him up and he came over while we were drinking a little and smoking pot. I couldn’t believe how huge his cock was, it was going to be a challenge to suck it alone! Once his camera was set up and I was on my knees sucking it was obvious I needed a little help, My roommate jumped in and shared that thick cock with me as he filmed us trying to take it down our throats. Eventually we decided to let him take turns face fucking us in 69 position, that worked much better! I finally got half that huge cock down my throat right as he came in my mouth!

My Incest Addiction!

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I’m Addicted To Incest Fucking! I think about the fact that I fuck my brother every single day and every time my cunt gets so wet! Just thinking about all the times I’ve drained my own brother’s balls and all the times he had owned my pussy and made me cum. I love my brother in a way most women don’t even get to love their husbands. When I call him sometimes he likes to get me off by making me masturbate while he tells me about all the filthy things we have done together. I fuck my cunt with a toy as his voice paints pornographic pictures in my mind of us fucking over the years, from him taking my virginity very young to now when I can drive up to fuck his brains out while his wife is away. My brother loves using me like a fuck doll and cumming in his own sister time and time again, I’m addicted to his big brother cock.

Cum Thirsty Brother Fucking Coed!

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Thinking about my big brother’s cock sets me off on a cock craving frenzy! Ever since my brother sent me that hot homemade porn of us fucking all over he and his wife’s bed I’ve been so horny I can’t focus on anything but my next fuck. I’ve been wearing my sluttiest clothes when I go to class so I look like a cum thirsty hooker sitting in the lecture hall. All the boys in my class can’t take their eyes off of me, I know what they are thinking. Just yesterday I got pulled into an empty study room with three hot guys who said I was asking for it. The truth is, I was, I wanted them to force fuck me right there in that empty study room where anyone could walk in and see me getting violently pounded. When they took turns cumming in me I squirted so hard, soaking their balls in my hot creamy squirt juices!

Homemade Brother Fucking Porn Is My Fave!

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

My brother sent me a hot video he took of us fucking in he and his wife’s bed and I can’t stop masturbating to it! I woke up this morning to a special delivery at my door, a dozen roses, some champagne and a beautiful envelope with a DVD inside. When I read the card that came with the roses I found it was from my big brother and he wanted me to watch this movie naked. I stripped down and laid on the couch watching this amazing video of my last visit to his home, while his wife was on a trip we fucked in their bed all night long. As I watched myself on screen sucking my brothers cock and taking it in every place it would fit, I started to get so fucking wet. I grabbed my vibrator right there and started fucking myself to the best porn I’ve ever watched. As I saw myself have hot incest sex with my brother behind his wife’s back, I came twice as hard as I would watching any other porn, I squirted all over the couch and couldn’t stop myself from wanting to cum again!

Mother-Daughter Sexy time at the doctor’s office

My oldest daughter is such a fucking slut! I am so proud of her! Mommy has taught her well since the day she was born. Today we were at the doctor’s office and she was wearing a short mini skirt I could see her round little perky cheeks when she walked and boy was it sexy. There was a male nurse that I could tell caught her eye. As soon as she saw him she “accidently” dropped her school books she was holding and seductively bent over to pick it up. She was wearing a small; I mean small string thong. It barely covered he hairless, plump, teen pussy lips. She knew what she was doing. I could see a little wet spot on them showing mommy just how much she wanted Mr. nurse to fill her wet hole. He also took notice and I saw his scrubs start to get tighter around his aroused cock. Mother-Daughter phone sex DemiHe stood there staring in shock and she had enough time to walk over, whisper something to him, and walk back to me before he snapped back to reality. A few minutes later she said she had to use the little girl’s room and I let her go. After 15 minutes I grew concerned and went to the door where I heard my little girl moaning in pleasure. I wanted to see! Why does she get all the fun? So, I peeked in and admired mommy’s little cow girl riding his big, magnificent, dick like he was a bucking bull! Oh, I know he was having the time of his life. I stood there admiring how she was grinding her hips on him and popping that cute little ass up and down the full length of his shaft. He looked up at me and I smiled. When he made eye contact with me he smiled and came. I know this because her pace slowed and as she slid his dick out I could see his cum dripping from her tight hole. “Damn the doctors gonna love this!” I thought knowing she was here for a pap smear.

Getting My Cunt Fisted!

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I need a fist in my pussy right fucking now! I was in my dorm room this morning when I saw a really hot porn of a girl getting fisted and squirting all over the place. I had to find out if this was really possible for a girl to squirt like that from taking a fist in her cunt. I called up my fuck buddy and had him come over, we smoked and drank a little until I was feeling relaxed enough to try it. We started out slow, he licked my pussy and finger fucked me gently, getting my twat nice and slippery. Then he added two more fingers making me beg for more, I squirted a little lube onto his hand and told him to go for it and boy did he! He jammed his whole fist into my cunt as I played with my clit, he only had to move his arm a little before my pussy started squirting all over him violently. I came so fucking hard I soaked the bed and his shirt! I cant wait to be fisted again!

What It Means To Be A Brother Fucker!

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Being a brother fucker means that from a very young age I was taught to suck and fuck my brother the way most people don’t learn until they are older and married. Whenever I got hot and horny or my brother woke up with a hard dick, It was my job to fuck him like my life depended on it. When we both lived at home there was nothing that satisfied me more than getting my face fucked by my brother or even getting shared with his friends. I’d be completely slutty for him and his friends loved using my little pussy and asshole to drain their balls empty. Even now, I have to drive for hours to see my brother and get a good fucking but I know once I’m in his arms there is nothing that would be more satisfying than to feel him cum for me! I’m a brother fucking slut who doesn’t care about anything else!

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