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Edge Play Phone Sex

The best Edge Play Phone Sex is when a sexy young blonde can show off her sexy body. All I have to do is shake my cute little perky tits on camera and beg for cum. There is nothing better than having these hard nipples yanked on while I am fucked like a whore. When I went to get my tan I figured it would be the best time to take some sexy flicks. I went live to show my fans my cute naked body. My pretty bald little pussy was glistening against the light as I laid back and showed myself off for everyone. 

A couple of fans joined my live stream while I showed off and stroked themselves for me. I watched man after man blow their loads on camera. All they could think about was getting their big ass Cum shot on tits. They told me my sweet little udders would look so nice with loads of spunk dripping from them.  Do you want to cum on me too? Call me so I can make you stroke your fat cock to me while I fuck my sweet little cunt open. Imagine how sexy I would look getting that fat prick jammed inside my nasty little fuck hole!

Edge Play Phone Sex


Cock control is mine and yours will suffer

Cock control Look at that thing, gross. It’s pretty pathetic. You have absolutely no Cock control and that’s why I am going to take it from you. I know you want me to, you beg to make you suffer for all your naughty behavior.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? There’s plenty of horror stories about what I can do with a simple piece of thick rope, and believe me, they’re all true. I love watching you twitch and squirm as the rope scrapes against your sensitive skin, leaving angry red welts in its wake.

And you, a pathetic little man, drooling over Naked teen pictures all day, thinking that your minuscule appendage has any chance of satisfying a real woman. Please, you’re lucky I even deign to give you my attention.

The harder you get, the tighter the rope becomes, until your dick is a deep shade of purple, and you’re begging me for release. Don’t think for a second that I’ll let you off that easily. No, I have other plans for you, my dear sub. 

When I pull out those ball clamps, the look of terror on your face is priceless. They’re so tight on your balls, the skin breaks, and your balls start to bleed. It’s a beautiful sight, really, and I can’t help but admire my handiwork.

But I know what you really want. You want me to cut it off, don’t you? You want to feel the sweet release as your cock and balls are removed from your body, and you’re left a mutilated shell of a man. 

Well, I don’t think I will just yet. I want to make you suffer for as long as possible, to make you beg for mercy and then deny you even that small comfort.

I want to leave you with scars, both mental and physical, that will remind you of me every time you look in the mirror or feel the slightest twinge in your balls. Become my plaything, give me a call for some CBT phone sex. I promise it will be an experience you’ll never forget (even if you want to). 


surprise Rape phone sex fantasies with furry friend

I never thought my neighbor’s furry friend would give me the Rape phone sex fantasies of a lifetime. We were having a sleepover and like always we would smoke and drink. First, she would want to grab my tits and work her way down. “Let me lick your pussy” she would slur her words. But she was a nasty bitch and would lick both my holes every time. Therefore, I would lay back and spread my legs for her.

She loves rubbing her cunt while licking my holes. When she pushes her tongue in my ass, I just rub my clit. But soon she was saying “get off me, just stop” I looked up and her man’s best friend was sniffing her holes. “Just back up” she kept saying but his red rocket was already out. So, I grabbed her head and shoved it down on my cunt. Then I wrapped my legs around her tight so she couldn’t move.

Rape phone sex fantasies

That’s when he mounted her while biting down on her neck. She was screaming into my cunt which felt so good. I knew he was starting to ram his lipstick cock in her Young bald pussy. After some rough pumping she started to moan. “Keep it up big guy” I egged him on. That made him hump her harder and I knew what was about to happen. He was going to bust his red rocket inside her.

“Thats it, big guy knot up inside he” I moaned as she ate my cunt. Her eyes got big, he was knotted now, and he howled. I watched as he tried to pull his big knot but was stuck. The yanking and pulling made her scream into my pussy. I just started to squirt just like she did all over man’s best friend, took her cunt and we ended up loving it.

Naked teen pictures made my teacher go crazy!

Naked teen picturesI sent my teacher some Naked teen pictures of my perky little tits before class. I didn’t do the homework assignment last night and I was not about to listen to him complain. So I took some pictures and videos for him and told him how sorry I was for not doing the work. At first he wasn’t budging and he said I would be in lots of trouble for not doing my assignments. He also threatened to call my parents if I didn’t clean up my act and do what I needed to pass the class.

Eventually he stopped being so mad at me; I just kept sending more and more pictures and videos to get him hard. Before I could respond he was sending me pictures of his cock too; he told me to meet him in his car so I could make him cum before class. I bit my lip, took a shower and dressed nice and sexy for him. I saw him sitting in the car already stroking off before I walked over. 

I hopped into the car and showed off my pretty tits right away. He whipped his rock hard cock and told me to get down and suck him off. I sucked him off as he pumped my throat and made me gag. A few minutes later he blew his huge load right down my throat and made me swallow like a good girl!

Biggest cum shot leaking all over my perky tits!

Biggest cum shotJared gave me the Biggest cum shot after I sucked him off in the bathroom. My brother’s friend is so fucking sexy and I have been wanting to fuck him for years. Anytime I see them hanging out I always make sure to dress like a complete whore. So Jared was over this weekend so I knew I was going to swallow his cock whole. When my brother left to go grab dinner I saw Jared sitting in my living room alone. He has always tried to pretend that he does’t want to fuck me; I know his cock throbs every single time he watches me walk by.

If you are craving some Naked teen pictures I am your go to girl. I take the best pictures when it comes to trying to make a man hard. My cute little tits and puffy nipples always make a man go crazy. I wore no bra when I walked into the living room to talk to Jared. His eyes went right to my tits and he couldn’t stop staring. My nipples were rock hard and poking out of my cute little see-through tank top. I giggled and told him to stop being a pussy and meet me in the bathroom. It took him 2 minutes before he got up and followed me; I dropped to my knees and serviced his hard prick until he blew a load all over. 

Cheerleader Phone Sex Slut Lacey Takes One For The Team

Cheerleader phone sexCheerleader Phone Sex- you tell me, is it every guys fantasy to bend over a cheerleader in the locker room and stick their cock in her tight little pussy?  It seemed to be when I was cheerleading back in the day.  I had trouble keeping boyfriends during football and basketball season because I was so tempted every Friday night or game night by the hot coaches who enticed me to go meet them behind the bleachers,  in the locker room or in their cars. It seemed like every game night Id have a new cock in my mouth to celebrate wins or to get the guys through losses.  I was the most popular cheerleader in school for sure. Mainly with the guys because I kept my holes open for business.

I figured it was the least I could do to keep them doing it best.  Before one game, I was riding the quarterback of the team one year. He had a longterm girlfriend but said my ass looked so much better in my cheerleading uniform.  She was much older and was somewhat intimidated by her until I got her boyfriend to cum in my pussy.  Dude couldn’t even pull out, he said it felt so good.  I loved going to cheer that night and when his girlfriend was a total bitch to the younger girls, I told them to feel my panties. They each took their turn putting their fingers up there at halftime and told them that was our star QB cum, boyfriend of our one and only cheerleading captain.

We had a good laugh.  We also won that game which made me realize there was something to having sex before games. And I fucked the QB before every game and after the rest of the season.  He did get mad that one time he was looking for me because his coach got to me first and my legs were spread wide when he came in. Luckily he wasn’t too mad because the coach was obsessed with fucking me in the ass so he still got my pussy. He did question why it was so wet and reminded him how hard he came in me before the game,  must’ve gotten hit in the head too many times that day!

I loved my role on the team and

Wet Bald Pussy Can Take A Big Hard Cock Deep

Many men love to sink their tongues and dick in some wet bald pussy. Often times these perverts think of that jail bate pussy. This is what drives them into intense fantasies. That feeling of breaking into a virginal little cunt and breaking that hyman. What a feeling for that cock.

So, when my neighbor approached me the other day just craving some form of age play fucking, it was on. He is a good looking professional and has been caught watching little Emily and me a few times. In fact I have approached him the first time and teased him hardcore.

Now then I bet you wanna know. What is teasing hardcore, coming from me? Well I had caught him with his dick out. No surprise, He tried to hide it but I grabbed him. J’s cock was fucking hard and dripping! I laughed at him and whispered in his ear that my daughters little pussy is so tight. *stroking him*  And you would be amazed just how good it feels and tastes. *stroking him some more* Then I walked away.

Well, now he just could not hold back anymore and brought cash, roses and chocolates begging for a taste of that sweet treat.

Wet Bald Pussy

Hardcore ass fucking with the cutest anal whore!

Hardcore ass fuckingI love a good Hardcore ass fucking session with a greedy little cum slut. It’s always so much fun to watch a skanky bitch who is just as dirty as me take it up the shitter. It’s even better when she can cum for me as I pound her anal cavity open. I love watching a bitch wiggle and thrash all over as I pound that hole open and watch her vibrate that slick little clit. Anal fun is the greatest way to get a bitch to squirt all over the place too; so I always use that to my advantage when I fuck a slut. 

For me I feel like I get the wettest and cum the hardest when I have full control over another girl. I really love to be the one breaking a slut into bisexual play time. When a girl has never been with another female before they are always nervous., etc. The way I start things usually makes every chick I fuck super comfortable with me; they always have a great time and come back for me. We always end up making the sexiest Mutual masturbation porn for all the perverts who want to fuck some bisexual whores together.

You are already stroking that cock so you should pick that phone up so I can tell you all about the little ass whores I use. I will turn them into your cum rag bitches whenever you want a piece of ass baby!


Cum Slut Phone Sex with a glory hole queen.

Cum Slut Phone Sex When I can get into some dirty Cum Slut Phone Sex it really turns me into such a whore. Making perverts cum all day from my voice and experiences gets me in a mood. I am pretty much horny 24/7 and I constantly need a cock inside of me. After every single day when I am off work I lay in bed rubbing my constantly soaked cunt. I sit back and I think about all the best ways I can act like a total slut. That’s when I start to message guys and send my pictures and videos. Once they show me attention and start to talk dirty that is my fuel to getting up and find some cock.

That is how I found my first session at a Glory hole. I was chatting it up with a guy who told me about a place that has 24/7 access to cock. I was so turned on by the idea of being able to just walk in and sit behind a wall with a hole in it and wait to be fed some dick. I was there for hours just having every single one of my holes used. I made myself cum in between each guy so I was always slick and wet for him. My throat got pumped full of so much cum I lost count of how many I swallowed. It was so filthy to just sit there in this little boarded room covered and filled with strangers spunk. 

I was so messy and dripping with fluids I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. I kept myself a mess so I could go home and live stream to my fans about what I had done. They made me fuck myself as I told them about every single thing I did in that Glory hole. It became a Mutual masturbation porn session and I was loving it. I am sure you will love it too; don’t waste another minute before calling me so I can drain you!


GFE Phone Sex with the local slutty drunk and druggy!

GFE Phone SexYou all will be obsessed with some GFE Phone Sex with me. Just reading my blogs and experiences should already make you want to fuck me silly. It happens in my real life all the time; most men get a little tease of me and they can’t control themselves. Men usually know when a girl can potentially be a nasty cock whore; they just need to feel out the vibes. All my guy friends and fuck buddies knew how much I loved cock and cum pretty quickly into chatting it up with me while I was hammered off beer.

Anyways, I was in the mood for some DP and a nasty three sum. I wanted to party and get drunk and I knew Tom and Dean would be down. I have known them both since highschool and we just happen to go to the same college now. So usually one of us will plan an evening and invite eachother over for some fun. Dean wanted us over his place since his parents were gone and they have a huge liquor cabinet in their house. So we tore into that pretty fast and played some beer pong; once I started getting drunk it turned into strip pong.

Little by little clothing came off and they both were way too horny to play and just needed a piece of my holes. Dean was as hard as a rock and immediately shoved his prick up my shitter. Tom used my throat for a bit as I got my ass hole gaped open by Dean’s big fat shaft. They were so sloppy drunk and kept slipping in and out of my holes as they railed me for a while. I was in a filthy mood so I took some coke and snorted a few lines off their dicks to get myself feeling real nice. We all fucked and sucked one another all night until my Hot squirting pussy was so sore and red!