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Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard.

                 Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard. Lubricating your dick, rubbing it up and down over my ass hole. Right between my cheeks. Having me hold my nice firm cheeks open. Ass beckoning you in. You are able to see that my pussy is already wet and waiting for you to enter.

        Pressing into my ass, relaxing but adding enough pressure around you to make you even harder. I want you to fuck me even harder. Driving your balls into my sopping wet pussy. Getting them coated with my juices.

        Usually, I would want you to cum inside of my ass but this time I want you to cum in my mouth. When you are getting so very close, I want to suck on your cock. Along your length.

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        Let is all come out. I will swallow all of it down my throat. That is what I wanted. Thank you.Ass to mouth phone sex

Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard

Adult phone chat                 Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard. Which you know you want to cum. We are able to chat about everything. Cyber and put it on the speaker to just talk into your phone or computer. Hands free.

         It will make it that much easier for you to pull your cock out and start to jack off. Have your lotion and I am able to turn my vibrator up on high and the sound will not hinder our ability to have a lot of fun. Guiding you and talking about your biggest fantasies.

        In summary, you will have the biggest cum shot and cum all over my pictures while you are chatting away with me. Jerking off to my pictures, knowing my sultry voice, or sweet voice, inflecting the tone as you please, causing you to cum that much harder. Bringing you back to me time and time again.

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I loved Fucking with your wallet the only thing you good for is your money I love taking your money and spoiling my self im your goddess now.
you will do whatever i say and you love it so much you love when i take it all.
You get so happy when i get everything i always wanted and you love being a loser you could never get a hot girl like me.
I love making fun of you and treating you like crap it gets you off in everyway possible I love sissy sluts to I love when you dress up in your mommys or sisters clothes its so entertaining to me You love paying for my victoria secret and my vapes and my sexy bras and underwear you love knowing your money going to a hot girl while she is getting her outfits you love thinking about me in my new underwear it gets you off so much.

Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering.

Adult baby phone sex

                 Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering. Pampering is what you shall receive too. First, I need to check your diaper for you. Patting your bottom. Leaning close so that I am able to get a really good sniff.

          As soon as I pull back the diaper a little bit I am smelling a messy dirty stinky diaper. Now, someone made a mess in their diaper. You need a good changing don’t you.

          Let me lay you down, get to changing this diaper of yours my little baby. Clean you all up in no time. Then I will then take a hold of a wet wipe, front to back. Must pay close attention to detail and be sure to get all that poop off of your bottom.

          Once I have cleaned your bottom I move to your pee-pee. By all means kick your little feet and suck on your thumb. You have such a nice pee-pee yes you do.

          Usually, I would simply clean you and put the powder on then set you back on your feet. However, I think a little more attention to detail on your pee-pee is in order. You agree, yes.

          Wiping down your pee-pee, lifting it, wrapping a hand around it. Oh, my goodness. Someone is getting hard. Shall I put the diaper back on?


          It is time for the diaper. Putting some powder on your bottom and pee-pee before slipping the diaper under you and securing it around you. A nice fresh diaper and now I will put you in front of me to play at my feet.

          Watching you closely. Patting the front of your diaper. Feeling the hardness in it. Wanting you to shoot the biggest cum shot possible into your diaper so that I may take care of you again.


Babysitting fun

Babysitter phone sex

I loved being with a younger guy it got me off so good while I was getting off it was so fucking hot you were so fucking sexy you looked like a Instagram model.
I felt so good knowing I could get a hot guy like you and it makes it 10 times better your dick is a monster dick I loved your BBC dick it was the best dick I have ever had it was so yummy I loved licking the cum up to.
You the best fuck I ever had I loved that big fat black cock and the cum was so yummy too I Wanna fuck again yes baby I Wanna fuck again.

I will never forget how hot you were baby And how hot that fucking cock truly was I wanna keep meeting up to show you a good time and to Babysit you all the time I will take good care of you sweet heart mmm.

Age play phone sex operator award goes to Lacey

age play phone sexAge play phone sex mistress of the year for 2023, what an honor! I recently won an award in our industry for my calls where I play anything from a very young little daughter to a kidnapped young vicitm that is helpless begging and crying for help.  This was an exclusive honor but I know I owed the award to my family.

I was the real young girl with all my relatives so age play is like reliving my childhood memories.  Getting naked, bouncing on laps, my high pitched squeels when new cocks went into my mouth. Shrieks that pierce your ears when that first big hard hairy cock entered my tight small bald pussy..  Crying hysterically when I fought back my young ass getting gangbanged by my relatives or the kids on the playground later that year.

I revert back to the little girl who just wanted male attention. The one who went around in short little skirts and conveniently forgot underwear. I bent over all day every day purposefully putting my little girl pussy on their dicks while they would be working or in front of the females in the house.  I loved going to the bathroom, snapping pics of my bald cunt and sending those naked teen pictures to my family in the next room.

I can still remember all those things that went into my holes and the crying hysterically. The giggles when it started tickling on my clit and realizing I could make myself feel good- total game change.

My high pitched young innocent voice comes back with ease when I take those calls where my callers request young Lacey to help them playout their wild, twisted, hot, sexy fantasies with younger or older characters in play.

Do an age play call with me, purty please daddy!

bbc neighbor

I love Fucking My black neighbor I always loved black hot dick I always loved how big black dicks were.
I loved his big 14-inch cock he had a monster cock was so fucking thick to he would make me squirt all over and pull my hair and would tell me to take it you fucking whore take all of my dick it was so hot when he was pulling my hair so hard,
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Adult phone chat

Foot Fetish Phone sex, cutest little feet wrapped around that cock

Foot Fetish Phone Sex


Foot Fetish Phone Sex, have the cutest little feet wrapped around that cock while her young bald pussy salivates for you knowing that soon you will slide it inside her tight twat. Sexy toes painted white covered in your warm goo, frosted like cum cupcakes. Briona loves to have her toes licked and sucked, it tickles and makes her giggle with delight. It may be silly but it makes her tiny puss so super wet to see you enjoy her feet. She doesn’t mind making them stinky for you if you like, maybe you want one of her socks to jack off into. She thinks that’s so hot and one day she wants to be cunt punted by a big size 12.

Barely Legal Phone Sex for all the daddies

barel y legal phone sex

Barely legal phone sex is for those who enjoy young girls like me. One of my biggest fans is my p daddy. My stepdaddy likes to rub against me and feel me up. He gets rock hard getting his feel on, and does it with a big smile. There’s no All in all there’s no shame in his game. He always makes inappropriate jokes when my mom isn’t around and tries to persuade me to let him go further.

One day he took it way too far. He had his juice bar and asked me to try his new smoothie. I did, so I am a big fan of them. Within minutes I felt dizzy and could tell something was wrong. I was lost in a daze and could only see a blur and an outline of him on top of me. Stepdaddy got tired of being teased and decided to take what he deemed his my cunt was filled with so much cum when I woke up from that dazed.

Bratty girl phone sex

Bratty girl phone sex

I’m your teenage hot-ass brat you always come back wanting more of my young voice
you love being my pay pig and you love dressing up as my sissy slut you love being a nice sissy slut Submit to me that little clitty isn’t worth anything.
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your a pathetic little loser and you always will be
you always send more and more each fucking time and you love the rush you get from it you love paying for my vapes and my clothes and my expensive lifestyle it turns you on so much that I get everything I want it makes you excited.
you will give me everything I want to cause I deserve it.
you will always be my little piggy and my atm you could never have a real woman loser haha