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Lie back in your chair and let the dentist take over. You have no idea what I’m doing so you let me do whatever I want to you. You don’t even question why I strap you to the chair. I tell you to open your mouth and I play around in there, poking and prodding at you. You take the pain perfectly, which makes you the perfect slut for me. I put a mouth prop in you to keep your mouth open as well as give you something to bite on. I get into my tools and hide one behind my back. This experience is turning you on, so I slip your cock out of your pants and suck on it. Once you get completely hard, I shove the anal dilator in your ass. I don’t care how bad it hurts, you need to learn how to take big cocks. You are the perfect whore that can be beat and stay on the streets. Take that butt plug inside and don’t let it out until I tell you. I don’t care if it hurts, you can take it all!

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Cum slut phone sex

There’s nothing I love more than being a cum slut phone sex whore, I love having load after load of cum dumped into me. Ever since I was a super young girl, I’ve really enjoyed all of the men looking at me and showing me all of the special attention. I love being noticed by the older men most of all though. Having an older massive cock dumping its massive load straight into my hot wet pussy and sweet little ass just drives me absolutely crazy.

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Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Daddy loves it when we are having Cock Worshiping Phone Sex no matter what. He says I’m able to draw cum from cocks like no one else. Just yesterday Daddy was playing cards with his friends in the garage and I came out to see if they wanted any lemonade. Daddy said no, but when he turned around to get back to his card game he could tell all his older friends were distracted looking at me. Daddy takes pride in having a horny young daughter and so he sat back and looked from me to them. Then he asked them if they have ever been with a Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Slut. Believe it or not none of them had been. That’s when daddy knew he could make the Biggest cum shot all over my face and he offered them to service their cocks with my face and body. I dropped to my knees just like Daddy taught me and opened my mouth. Daddy says the best whore is a submissive whore. So when Daddy’s friend Jo wanted my ass, he didn’t have to ask twice. I’m going to be the best cum whore my Daddy could ever have made.

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Age Play Phone Sex

I want to let you in on a little secret of mine. I once blackmailed my brother into fucking me! And, let me tell you, it was some of the hottest and best sex of my life! His cock is so meaty and thick that he stretched me open and pounded the crap out of my tight little hole.

I told him that I had a video of him stealing from moms purse, and that he had to do whatever I said if he didn’t want to be caught. He reluctantly agreed, but he never would have suspected my evil intentions. I took him by the hand and led him upstairs without saying anything.

Once upstairs, I undressed and he was so confused, but I told him to do the same and he did. He was really shocked when I got down on my knees and started to suck on that beefy, juicy cock of his. It was so fucking delicious I can taste him now just thinking about it.

After I had him fuck my face for a bit, I had him lay down so that I could rid him until he exploded inside of my tight teen pussy. He didn’t want to cum inside of me and protested saying its too dangerous, but I refused to let him up until he came inside of my sweet little cunt.

Once I got what I wanted I left him in the room, naked and all alone wondering what the fuck just happened.

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Creampie Phone Sex

Daddy likes to do Creampie Phone Sex before he sticks his cock in my little cunt hole. Daddy started pumping cum into my cunt when he made mommy move out. He said she was a dry cunt and he needed a new wet hole. When mommy moved out Daddy started putting me to bed and he would cuddle up next to me. Daddy would wrap his arms around me and slide his hand down my panties. Daddy’s fingers move back and forth making my clit enlarge. I know some people say Daddy’s shouldn’t molest their sweet daughters but honestly I enjoy when Daddy touches me. His fingers are so soft and he always makes me so wet. I can’t help it but I start to move my hips back and forth and Daddy starts to move his fingers forward toward my wet warm hole. I just always really want him to touch further and faster but Daddys says to wait and have patience. When Daddy gets my pussy juices going I always want him to do more to do. I love Daddy’s touch.

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When I began babysitting, I had the perfect couple using my services. A hot polish dancer trophy wife married to an ex-NFL player. They seemed so cute and perfect, but they were freaky.

It took little to no time to see that they liked fucking babysitters together. She would flirt with me and buy me stuff all the time. There was such sexual energy exuding from her. She had a major crush on me and asked me to fuck her in front of her husband.

It didn’t take too much convincing, and I said yes. Who would have thought Hot ass sex with a hot wife would get me off so much and also give me a nice bonus that I really couldn’t even see cumin 😉