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Breeding Phone Sex for Cucks

breeding phone sex

Hello to all my breeding phone sex loving losers. Yes, I called you a loser. If you could get your wife pregnant, you would not be online looking up breeding scenarios. That’s how you stumbled upon me and that is a very good thing for you. I cannot wait to talk to you about how your wife is going to get knocked up by another man – a REAL man. That’s something that you’re not and you never will be. But that black bull that your wife has been sleeping with? He is going to get her pregnant so fast your head will spin.

As part of your punishment for being a loser, you are going to have to watch him get your wife pregnant. You’re going to get on your knees and suck his cock to get him hard so that he can really stick it to her. And once all the jizz that doesn’t get her pregnant starts leaking out of her pussy, you’re going to get down there and clean it up for her. Losers like you should always learn to clean up the mess of a big cock bull.

Four cocks at once, well this will be a breeze!

It’s so amazing to know that I have all the young dick I want at my disposal! I am fucking hot, and the way these dicks salute me, I know I still got it! I’ve always enjoyed really young cock but have taken to a little riper persuasion as of late! No too ripe I still like young! Now that the weather is getting better, the neighborhood brats have made it their business to play around my back fence. I’m unsure why! They act as if they have never seen a topless, sexy, tight woman sunbathe before! The fact that I don’t wear bottoms couldn’t possible have anything to do with it, I’m sure of it! And the fact that they keep falling into my dripping wet pussy isn’t my fault either. Hot phonesex I can’t help that I’m a cum whore who loves to please! Nor can I help that they happen to want to fill me with said cum! My favorite is fucking multiple at once. Double penetration by rock hard young cock is the ultimate rush! They fuck so hard and fast, and the stamina is out of this world. I love to have my tight ass stretched to the max by a nice young throbbing cock while his buddy is destroying my pussy. But don’t worry you won’t hear my screams my mouth is preoccupied with another hug throbbing cock! Oh, my hands you ask?! Well, they each have another cock to stroke so needless to say I am a little tied up at the moment. No literally! I’m going to let them tie me up and fuck me however they please! Four cocks at once, well this will be a breeze!

Moisturize My Mammaries

Cum shots on tits


Hot cum shots on tits is how I learned to love using spunk for moisturizer! It’s sticky and sweet and full of protein, probably the perfect concoction for a cock loving cougar like me to use for massaging my flesh and making my skin super soft.

Being an open minded mommy, there’s no end to the amount of rock hard semen squirters I have to give me all of the creamy cum I need to coat myself in cod sauce.  Every time I give the mailman or pool boy or whoever else swings by the pole pleasing attention they desire, they blow their juicy jizz wherever I tell them to.  They don’t care where they get to shoot as long as I drain every drop of dick broth out of their big, bouncy balls.

If my feet are a little ashy then I have them toss their torrents of splooge all over my soles and toes.  When my elbows are rough I spread globs of gelatinous gash basher goop all over them to smooth them back out.  And when I just want to see rivers of warm cum flowing off of my nipples and down my cleavage, I make sure that my titties get sprayed and sprinkled with that pearly white penis potion.  I fucking love it!


Anal Phone Sex Booty Bitch J

Anal Phone Sex Booty Bitch J is a dirty slut. My bottom Bitch booty fucking cum dumpster for dirty dick. He wants to be the dirty slut that takes the street stray rabid furry cocks and be busted into with the dirt seed of that filthy beast. This booty bitch is a total whore and is looking to service the most tainted of black dicks. J is not the normal little cum slut, he wants to be the dirtiest and most filth loving kind. Pound this bitch and let the stray sick beast cocks take control of and own that booty cunt. This is truly a dirty little cum slut and I had so much fun getting his to hook up with a dirty dicked man.

Anal Phone Sex

Cock Worshiping Mistress

cock worshiping phone sexI am so hungry for cock, and I just cannot get enough. So, come over here and let me get down on my knees in front of you and give you the best fucking blow job you’ve ever had in your life. When you call me for cock worshiping phone sex, I’ll tell you in explicit detail about all the things I would do to your big, throbbing cock. When I have a dick in my face, I can’t help it. I have to wrap my hand around it and stroke while I slobber all over the head and suck it like a nasty little cum slut. 

Of course, I’ll take breaks from sucking so I can tell you how magnificent your big dick is. I’ll tell you how I’d do anything for it and that I know a lowly slut like me doesn’t deserve something so satisfying. Grab my head and fuck my face while you spit on me and tell me what a slut pig I am. My only purpose in life is to worship cock and give it the proper attention it truly deserves. I promise to be a good cock worshiping slut for you.

Nude beach fun with uncle dax

Hot phonesex

My uncle Dax is so hot! It’s always quite weird to call him uncle since we barely have a four-year age gap. We practically grew up like siblings. My uncle looks so much like my dad, a younger version, of course, and we all know that I am very fond of daddy. When uncle Dax comes over, he always takes me on some gnarly adventures. Lately, he has had me try all his hot spots that I can now legally go to, and that’s always a blast. When uncle Dax told me he had a special surprise, I got all excited, and if I’m being frank, my cunt got slippery wet! Dax and I have a special relationship. We have long crossed that incestuous line, and we don’t apologize. 

I knew wherever he took me, it would be memorable, and boy was he right. Uncle Dax told me not to worry about dressing up because where we were going required little to nothing. Once he said to me that I could guess it was going to be a private affair. After a good hour’s drive down the pacific coast highway, we ended up at a secluded little lagoon. A big “Clothing optional” sign stuck out like a sore thumb. There was barely anyone around. A nice-looking throuple and a few couples. Uncle Dax and I made a run to the cove and began to frolic on the beach. the turquoise waters and sunny sight felt like I was in the Caribbean. I couldn’t contain my eagerness and happiness. We made out like teenagers in love. It didn’t take long to make uncle Dax fuck me right on the shoreline.

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

His big black juicy cock spread through my walls! That King cobra is unlike any cock I have ever seen or experienced! He noticed me OMFG he noticed me!! I was standing in line at the club and he was being escorted in by his security team. He looked at me as I was screaming and chanting like a little groupie. He pulled me and my friends out the line and invited us back to VIP. My pussy instantly began to throb all I could think of was his big juicy 14in BBC. HE bought all the bottles leaving none for anyone else in the club. I was fucking white girl wasted! Me and my friends were drinking 1942 straight from the bottle. I was rolling my tongue in circles easing the bottle into my throat that’s when he demanded I get down on my fucking knees. He treated me like the filthy little white whore that I am. I love being mistreated by black men. I mean hello they have a huge cock and deserve to be served like Kings! His disrespect is a pleasure to me and an honor. While his big black juicy cock rammed me deep inside my big round ass I facetimed my husband and told him how his pathetic white cock could never amount to this BBC. I moaned intensely as he lifted and spread my ass “Finally I can get fucked by a real man a real fucking king!” I hung up on my husband, turned around, got down on my knees and begged for his cock deep down my throat. He whipped his cock across my face and said “You Snow-bunny bitch you are going to swallow this Big cock” I slurped, gaged and drooled all over that BBC. He dumped alcohol all over me and treated me like the dirty little whore I am. He drained his cock down my throat and then kicked me out of VIP. My pleasure is that I love being mistreated by a king!

Cuckold Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

What a disturbingly small dick you have. He reminds me of a doorbell. Wake up little dick it’s time to have some real fun! I had him claw stroking his cock as I reminded him how small his dick was. If he wants to stay married to me he’s just going to have to deal with me fucking other men. Last night I invited a black juicy cock over to our place. I had that cuck kneel down at the foot of the bed while he had to look up and watch my pussy get rammed by that juicy cock! Mm my pussy showered his cuck little dick face. As his pathetic self had no choice but to look up and watch! I creamed squirted and orgasmed all over that black juicy cock! I was moaning so loudly how pathetic my husband was and how glad I was to finally have a man fucking me who wasn’t a late bloomer! This won’t be the first nor the last time he will be forced to cum in his boxers while he watches his wife get fucked by another man. I love to see the look on his face when he grabs a washcloth and wipes my inner thighs after he sucks that creamy pie leftover.

Daddy’s little whore!

Hot phonesexShe is such a whore! She knows exactly what she is doing, and don’t think I didn’t see the way she eye fucked you earlier. I knew she wanted to put that tiny little pussy on you! She wore extra short shorts the denim basically floss and doesn’t even cover her plump hairless pussy lips. She might as well be wearing crotch less panties! And her top is tight, and skimpy! It is hugging her flat chest perfectly. You’re her father you need to teach her. Punish her and show her what it takes to be a whore. She wants you so badly, why don’t you give her what she wants?! You come up behind her and lift her up so her little legs are over your shoulders and you lick her fat little wet pussy. It so sweet, and juicy for you and you gobble up every drop besides the little that soaked in the string that stands between you and all of her.! I laying back enjoying the show knowing I’m next after you get your fill of her and I can’t wait till you fill up my cunt! You impatiently plop down in the couch and rip the denim with little effort. You then lower her slowly down on your already exposed cock. I had taken it out for you while you were enjoying your snack Now it’s time for the main course! She squeals as you girth stretches her and your length probes her deep. He tiny little hole barely able to fit the entirety of your huge rock-hard cock. It’s a tight fit, really, really tight. You go wild and grab her hips forcing her up and down on your cock! Yes, use that little cunny! Make her jerk your cock! That’s your pussy! you made it now take advantage of the fruits of your labor! Breed her! You know she is ripe and ready baby! Bread that bread whore and fill her up with her brothers and sisters! She is a cum whore! Your cum whore, and you know what they say, every whore has her day. Well, today is hers! Now make her taste herself off your cock baby! She is daddy’s little whore!

Switching positions

bondage phone sex

I’m big on bondage, everything from hot bondage fucks to bondage phone sex. Usually, I am the one tied up and dressed up like a slave. I’m feeling a little adventurous and have decided to switch positions. It’s time my man becomes my bitch. I’m going to tease him and deny him, make him go berzerk. I want him to want to jump out of his skin and bone me. I have it all set up. I’m going to wear the sexiest black lingerie, handcuff him, tie him with ropes and get him nice tied up. 

When he thinks he is going to cum, I pull the rug from underneath him. He must obey and understand that he, too, shall not get to reach climax. It is a little payback from all the times he has enjoyed fucking with my head. It makes me feel so glorious to manipulate him and make myself reach orgasm while he only gets to see me have fun and he will be fucked over.

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