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My stepdaddy scoped me out long ago. I knew he wanted to get with my mom all because of me. I can’t seem to blame him. If I were him, I would like to fuck me too. Who doesn’t think about a young bald pussy sliding on their cock. If you’re a hot open sexual woman, I’m sure you think about a girl like me and us sliding our pussies together. Mommy had no clue for the longest. One day she walked in she came in early from work. Instead of throwing a fit and screaming her lungs out, she stood and watched. She began to play with her wet cunt and began to climax, watching me and her new husband fuck so fucking good. Next time it would be mommy’s turn.

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My favorite part about thick and veiny black cock phone sex is the reveal.  Getting to know some strange ebony bone is so fucking exciting, just the thought of it makes my mouth water and my pussy drip!  I love to seduce black men because landing a gigantic BBC makes my creamy cougar cunt so moist and wet.  I can’t even wait to get the guy back to my place before I give his crotch a complete inspection, I get super handsy with my black kings as soon as I know I have him hooked.

When I get any guy’s attention, one of the first things I do is get my hands on his hog.  I want to know what I’m working with before we get to it, gives my mommy holes a chance to anticipate what’s about to happen to them.  When I have a fine hunk of black man on my hands, I’m always extra excited to reach into his pants and get my digits on his fat donkey dong.  I don’t care who’s watching or where we are.  Once I’ve reeled in an ebony skinned god of a man, all I can think about is how big his cock is and how hard he’s going to hammer it into me.  Pulling it out and playing with it right then and there is just a must, on my end.  Or in my end, if that’s how he wants it!

I’ve sucked off a ten inch tall boy of a massive mahogany muff stuffer under the table at a restaurant, jerked off a giant black ball bat whore banger while we were ponied up to the bar and let an extra long super-duper dark dong titty fuck me on a balcony overlooking a busy city street, all because I get a little over zealous and eager to touch and taste a BBC whenever I get around one.  I can’t help it, they taste good and feel great!


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partygirls phone sex Tis’ The season for party girls phone sex! In honor of all the fucked up men who love the perverse and Nasty! Let me bake up a nice batch of Psychedelic gingerbread cookies for my little Angels in my care. I have the basement all set up for our play date. I am so happy your daughter came out to play with my Sweet little nice today. Although she has been showing some racism and calling her an Oreo cookie baby today. So excuse the slap marks across her face. Oh That butt plug in her ass. Well Now that we are all down here in the basement I can tell you, See, Your party whore might have gotten into the Ganja and Shrooms as well. That shit creates a very dark desire inside of me. So, when yoru little bitch started her bullshit I knew her ass needed beat and opened up. Im sure she wont remember a thing in the morning. SO If you like, I can make it up to you. Try a cookie and have both my Niece and your daughter as a daddy ccok buffett. Cum see this no-limits whore and let loose! I’m not afraid to fuck up a man, little or any cock that comes my way! After all Alanza is just a needy fuck toy accomplice!

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Last night was wild and I can’t wait to talk about it with you! You should already know by now that I’m a limitless, cum slut phone sex freak. Taking dick and getting filled with cum is all I can ever think about. I went out last night, looking for a new fuck buddy. The bar was empty so I got smashed and called my older brother to come pick me up. I was super horny and needed a hard cock asap! I had planned on having my brother drop me off at the dealer’s house so that I could get some dick and party favors but plans changed really quickly once he got there to pick me up. I was too fucked up and all I cared about was getting my cunnie blasted with cum. I started rubbing my pussy and telling him that if he didn’t fuck me right then, I would tell everyone about the time I caught him sucking our step dad’s dick! I knew he would do whatever it took to avoid being exposed as a cock sucking, fairy bitch! That’s how I ended up riding my brother’s dick in the backseat of his car, minutes before walking in to talk to our parents. There’s so much more to this story and I can’t wait to share every nasty detail with you!

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You love being my little toilet slave, don’t you? You love having my golden nectar in your mouth and covering your body. When I’m with you, I never have to use a toilet. You are always there to gather my piss. You love it when I piss in your mouth and I drank so much water that I’m going to burst. Get down on your knees and open your mouth. I’m going to piss inside your mouth and I don’t want you to spill a drop. Catch every drop of my sweet piss and swallow it all. Don’t you love how warm and tasty it is? We’re not done. I still want to cover you in my piss. Get in the shower and lay down under me. I’m going to piss all over your face and neck. Don’t you like the taste that is on your lips from my piss? Now, rub all the piss from your neck and face onto your chest and arms so you can be completely covered in my sweet golden nectar.

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My youngest teen daughter has a brand new giant dildo that she got specifically to make her scream extra loud during all of her hole stretching pain slut phone sex sessions.  She’s got guys calling her 24/7 that want to make her hurt her small little snatch with some extreme insertions so they can hear her squeal and squawk.  They must love the way she sounds when she’s fucking herself senseless with a forearm sized dildo, or something.

She’s always been a really vocal lover.  The first time I ever sucked on her bald beaver and licked her teeny-tiny clit, she whooped and hollered like she was being electrocuted.  There’s never any doubt if she’s getting her pussy pleased, everyone in the whole house can hear her yelling and howling, and that’s just during a seemingly standard sexing.  When she wails and cries out in pain filled pleasure from jamming a massive puss poker deep inside of herself, I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear her!

That’s what all of the men who call her want, a hot little blonde bitch that sounds like every pump, slam or slap of her snapper is about to break her in half.  Makes sense to me.  Real hardcore phone sex should sound hot as a mother fucker and the way my girly grinds her cunt on her oversized dildos makes her wail and shriek like a banshee, especially when she cums and creams all over it.  What could be hotter than that?


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What kind of cum slut phone sex freak would I be if I didn’t have my cunnie dripping hot jizz everywhere while we talk? I get fucked every night before I start taking calls and sometimes even during my calls! Earlier, I was in the middle of rubbing my cunnie for a guy when my little step brother knocked on my door. He’s really young but I think it’s time to start teaching him how to please a woman. I made him watch while I finger fucked my soaked pussy and told my caller how wet I was. Towards the end of my call, I saw his little dick getting hard. I made him pull it out so that I could suck him. I knew that he wouldn’t last long since he’s never shot a load before, so I only sucked him a little bit. Then I had him lie back on my bed while I started riding him. Between me talking dirty to my caller and the way my tight pussy felt grinding and riding his hard dick, I got him to cum twice for me! Now I have him passed out in my bed and I’m still up, taking calls and feeling his load slowly leaking out of me. I was thinking about sucking him until he wakes up and then making him fuck me again, but I’ll need you to help talk me into it…

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I know you love adult phone chat with me as much as the next horny man does!! But, what makes you so different and special? Maybe it’s that fat cock? Or your bright ideas to fuck me in public? I loved that time when you bent me over in a train station and fucked me until my screams were louder than the trains themselves! Oh, is your cock getting hard right now thinking about it? here, let me help you with that! I kneel down on the ground and take your cock out as it pulses for me. I lick the tip and all around and start to take you down my throat! Oh yeah, baby! I’m going to take all that cum leaking out of your balls!

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wet bald pussyMy younger sister is my wet bald pussy slave. Her mouth skills are out of this world and we have been playing secretly for years. It was her I turned to when momma was letting strange men in our beds. It was scary when we were just girls. Never knowing who would be coming in to force fuck our tiny mouths and holes. We shared the same bed and I always tried to lure the men away from her.

My repayment would be a good clean out when the men left. I still don’t know if her tongue skills were that advanced back then! I get off on her eating the ill gotten old man cum out of my teen pussy! One thing is for sure, we both have been sharing daddy cum on our own accord since our little girl fuckings.

Daddy’s girl phone sex stories go back far for us. When momma would let us spend the night at my little sister’s dads house I knew I wanted to live there. So what did we do, you ask?

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We seduced him with our pussy licking ways! But first we had to make him a nice cake! I didn’t plan on her servicing me in his kitchen while daddy was at work. But the timing was impeccable for his pecker to get a nice incest baby girl view! I thought slipping onto his bed and making him fuck us after a nice sweet treat!
But this was even better, we soon we both holding on to the counter and getting our cunts fucked hard. I smiled at my sissy and pinched her nipples. Now way was he going to let us go anywhere now. Paying for room and board with mine and my sisters pussy is the best! Plus we have daddy wrapped around our sticky fingers!

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Attention all cum slut phone sex lovers! I’m trying to have the craziest, most intense phone fun with you tonight before I leave for a little trip with my sugar daddy! We’re going to his vacation beach house for a few days. He’s already arranged a freaky gangbang with some of the hottest bbc studs that I’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to have fun with them! He’s my sugar daddy but he’s also a hardcore cuck slave. Daddy loves to watch my tiny cunnie stretch around giant, hard cocks. The faster they pound my little pussy, the faster he jerks his tiny dick. I don’t let Daddy cum yet though. I make him stop every time he gets close and lick my hot pussy while I still have a bbc ramming in and out of me. I make him wait until I’ve had every big dick in the room and can’t take another drop of cum. Then I let him eat all of the creampies from my pussy while he strokes his little cock and shoots his little load. Our trip is going to be amazing but I really want to cum with you before I go!