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Fantasy Phone Sex Lets Us Travel Back in Time

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex with my James only gets better. He spent his military leave with me, and we crammed a lot of special moments into a short time together. And the week went by way too fast. When we woke up together in bed, he told me it was his last full day of leave. And I wanted to cry. Seemed like just the other day we met at the strip club. Even though it has only been a week, I cannot help but fall for this incredibly sweet, handsome and kind military man.

I knew I had to make our last day count. We have been inseparable since we met. And I not only wanted to make this last day special, but I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. So, I planned a day outdoors showing him my beautiful city. Although he is in the military now, James almost became an architect. So, I knew he had a love for the rich and different architecture of my city. Our last day together needed to be the stuff that romantic phone sex dreams are made of.

I took him to the incline first. We rode a historic cable car up to the highest point in the city so we could overlook the rivers and see my beautiful city for miles. Although I never even finished high school, I read up on some of the history of the city to share with my James. He has a quest for knowledge and the simpler things in life that I find so sexy. We held hands, shared a kiss and took in the beauty of my city.

Even a Sexy Stripper Babe Has a Romantic Side

After that romantic start, I wanted to share with him some of my favorite places in town. So, we went to the South Side which is sort of a bohemian part of town with an eclectic array of stores, bars and restaurants. Not enough time to do it all, but what mattered to me the most was just being with James. We went into a few vintage stores where we both got flooded with fond memories from our youth. James sees me as a person, not just a hot bimbo stripper or a gfe phone sex babe. So, I wanted to show him part of me.

We had ice cream at my favorite ice cream stand, and shared memories and tidbits about each other. We walked around my city holding hands like we were the only ones there. I took him to my favorite bar which has vintage video games to play for free. I played Ms. Pac Man while he enjoyed Galaga. We sipped on adult 80s themed beverages and just let go. My heart races just being near James. But I wanted time to stand still. I was not ready to let him go yet.

I Love Spending Time with My James

For dinner, we went to my favorite Italian restaurant that has been around since the 40s. Family owned, with a rich vibrant history. Celebrities and mobsters alike have eaten here. Our conversation flowed easily as we shared a romantic meal and listened to Rat Pack music. I held his hand like I never wanted to let it go. But I did not want to let it go. After dinner we drove around time looking at old buildings, wanting to enjoy every bit of time together before he headed back home to the base.

How did a week go by so quickly? What am I supposed to do in his absence? When we went to bed, I held him tight and prayed he would be able to stay another week with me. We made plans for the future, but I will admit, I will be counting down the days to our next date.

Slave Training Phone Sex for bottom feeders

Slave Training Phone SexWhen you are a bitch bottom feeder you deserve my hardcore slave training phone sex. My name is Alanza, and I am a dominant nasty woman who enjoys nothing more than fucking men and giving them a taste of my cock. I am a powerful and alluring being, with a harem of sissy men who are my willing slaves. I lead a luxurious life filled with pleasure and indulgence, and I take great pride in my ability to train and tame any man who crosses my path.

One day, I encountered a man named Ned who seemed to be in desperate need of my services. He was a handsome and successful businessman, but there was a certain vulnerability in his eyes that immediately caught my attention. I could tell that he had a secret desire to be dominated, and it excited me to no end.

Slave Training Phone Sex for bottom feeders

I wasted no time in initiating Ned into my harem. He was hesitant at first, but with a little persuasion and some teasing, he soon gave in to my charms. I started his training by making him wear sexy lingerie and high heels, and he looked absolutely stunning. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he gave himself up to me completely.

But there was one aspect of Ned’s transformation that truly surprised me – the size of his penis. It was smaller than I had ever seen before. I couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassment, but I reassured him that it was not a problem. In fact, it was a bonus for me, as it meant I could easily dominate him and make him beg for more.

I wasted no time in taking Ned to my private chamber, where I showed him the true meaning of pleasure and pain. I fucked him hard and relentlessly, pushing him to his limits. He moaned and screamed in ecstasy, his body trembling under my touch. And as I looked down upon him, I knew that I had succeeded in taming another man, making him into my willing slave. Lessons in anal phone sex led Ned to be my ass slave.

Anal phone sex Mistress

My job was done, and now it was time for Ned to join the rest of my sissy men in the harem. I smiled as I watched him crawl towards me, begging for more of my cock for hardcore ass fucking. I had truly found my calling in life – to dominate and control men until they were at my mercy. And as I fucked Ned’s brains out, I couldn’t help laugh at how good a sissy slave he is now!

Anal phone sex

Cuckolding phone sex lick the pussy as I’m fucked.

Cuckolding phone sex          Cuckolding phone sex lick the pussy as I’m fucked. That’s right bitch you’ll lick my clit, suck his balls, clean of all my cum and his.  At the same time your cock will be under lock and key. Collar snapped onto your neck with big loop in it. Obviously, this will be used to control you. Pull up into those balls. Push you down to lick the asshole. Either one.

          As long as you have your little dick under lock and key, being my bitch, you will lick all the balls, rimming, dicks, and suck my clit as I order you to. Mistress, Dom, Mommy, any one of this are going to be acceptable terms for you to call me. Wife is not one of them.

          Humiliation phone sex is just exactly what you deserve. That dick is shrived and little. Push those balls of yours up inside of you and you have a ready-made actual pussy to be fucked. In fact, you could even go so far as to say that your tiny penis is a clit would you have your balls shoved up.

          Do believe that is exactly what we shall do with you. In summary I am taking the cocks, you get the leftovers, and you will beg and plead for the scraps as every good bitch does.

Cum slut phone sex whore Janie

cum slut phone sex

Daddy calls me his favorite cum slut phone sex freak because of how nasty and wild I get on our calls. He buys me lots of toys to use when he can’t be around to spoil me and please my princess pussy. I let him choose which toy I will be using and which lingerie I will wear for him when he calls me. Daddy sure does love telling his bratty, cum whore what to do for him! I ram my hot cunt with my toy so fast and hard that he can hear the sloshing of my pussy juices through the phone. When I hear him breathing hard into the phone it makes me fuck myself even faster! I get to bouncing on my toys for him so hard that it makes me moan and scream and he loves it! He’s out of town so he can’t be here to bend me over and tease my hot cunnie with his big, stiff pole like he usually does and I miss his dick so much! I’m so obsessed with his big meat stick! I brag to everyone about the way he fucks me and the way that he make me squirt and cum all over his cock. He calls me when he’s away because he knows how bad I miss him and how my pussy aches for his fat dick. When he calls, he knows that I’m in my bed with my legs spread wide open, teasing my pussy and fantasizing about him sliding his huge, hard dick into me. I’m waiting on him to call right now but I’m so horny that I can’t wait to cum. Why don’t you call me and help get me off while I wait for Daddy to call and tell me what he wants his princess to do tonight?

Accomplice phone sex Bitch makes her whores do the work one way or another! 

Accomplice Phone SexAccomplice Phone Sex is great for me because then the men use other hoes and hurt them. Plus I enjoy giving pain and punishment to my competitors!  How do I explain the rush I feel when I get to beat a bitch’s ass before she takes a cock that she doesn’t want. And yes sometimes what I do is for the better of the whore. See these bitches come to me young inexperienced I think they can deny a paying customer. But as you know the man who come to me looking for one of my girls isn’t looking for vanilla bitch.

Accomplice phone sex Bitch makes her whores do the work one way or another!

Just like the men who come to me on the phone lines aren’t looking for vanilla. Hardcore phone sex runs is my blood as a prostitute madam and a fucking good whore myself! It just happens to be but I know that the seedy dirty underbelly Is where the most money is made. 

So it’s little Natalie fresh from high school and she’s not wanting to fuck a big dick I’m going to have to make her. I’m going to pull that bitch’s hair and fucking choke her out while he gets on top of her and pounds that fucking pussy.

Her crying and screaming does no good because no one gives a fuck in the hood. But won’t you know it before long she’s going to be on top of that dick whether she wants to or not grinding and pounding because it feels so fucking good to be excavated forcefully! Pushing these young hoes into fucking men that hurt them leads to dirty Prostitution Phone Sex ravaging! 

All In all They embrace it and give in to the pleasure, until their bodies give out and they collapse in a sweaty heap. It’s the only way to survive in the hood.


Babysitter phone sex slut Janie

babysitter phone sex

I’m a wild and freaky, babysitter phone sex slut. I love teasing my cunnie right in front of the brats that I have to watch and that’s what I’ve been doing all night. Being a naughty babysitter can be lots of fun depending on what ages I’m watching. I love watching boys the best because they’re so easy to tease and have fun with. All I have to do is jiggle my tits in their face and flirt with them a little and they will do anything that I tell them to. Once their young cocks get stiff and hard for me, they follow me around desperate to cum. Tonight, I’m watching 3 brothers that live down the street from me. One of them is young and innocent but the other two keep sneaking out of bed and trying to listen in while I’m on the phone. I keep catching them standing in the hallway, jerking their hard cocks while I’m in their guest room moaning and rubbing my wet cunt for a caller. I got carried away on my last call and didn’t notice that they had crept into the room with me. I was fingering my soaked hole as fast as I could and rubbing my clit at the same time. By the time I noticed them, they were both standing there jerking their little, young cocks and watching my pussy squirt all over my fingers. I was so fed up with them sneaking out of bed that I decided just to make them cum so that hopefully they would go to sleep and I could continue my calls in peace. I had the oldest get on top of me and wrapped my legs around him. I pulled him in, guiding his little cock right into my soaked cunt. He was so small that I couldn’t even feel him but I could feel the warm rush of jizz in my cunnie and knew that he was cumming. I sucked the other one off and made him cum in my mouth. I sent them off to bed already but I’m tempted to wake them up and ride their faces while I talk on the phone. Want to chat while I get my whore cunt licked by the brats that I’m babysitting tonight?

Blackmail Phone Sex is best from p-daddy sissy men with little cocks

Blackmail Phone SexBlackmail Phone sex makes my cunt and bank account very happy!  I have been blackmailing a sissy slut who likes little girls and cock and making him pay me money to keep quiet!   He’s so embarrassed and can’t stop paying me. All of his nasty secrets are recorded and you know this puta keeps her receipts! Having a piggy pay slut who has so much to lose is perfect!  He loves it when I threaten to expose his secrets. Like having a teeny tiny cock that he thinks would be perfect for a baby girl cunny. He has no daughters of his own but wishes his wife and him would adopt a little asian bitch so he could play with her! Now he’s a good boy and He always obeys my instructions and pays up. He’s addicted to telling me all his secrets and will do anything to keep his secrets safe.  It’s been so much fun watching him squirm. He’s like a puppet on a string and I can’t control myself.

Blackmail Phone Sex is best from p-daddy sissy men with little cocks

This man has such a collection of outfits he has collected over the years. He works in construction Management and is very masculine to the outside world. No one could ever tell he is a feme fag with an urge to fuck brats! But there is a side of him that enjoys being a feme fag and going to glory holes in drag. He takes his vacation to hunt a couple times a year and his wife is clueless. These so-called hunting vacations are always cut short so he can go in the big city and be a dirty little glory hole cock sucker. And drugs fuel him to think about his wee dick and how much his wife hates him and only sticks around for the lifestyle she has. As for me? I enjoy our sissy phone sex with a side of accomplice to take his money when he is feeling naughty.

Creampie phone sex so many cocks to fill me up.

                Creampie phone sex so many cocks to fill me up. What is your favorite cream pie?  Now me I like to have that black and white cum. Fill me up. Make me overflow. Clean out that cream pie cum all over. Let’s have a party. To be sure a big party make it sure it is a sausage fest party.

          Taking turns slapping me with cocks. Fucking me with those cocks. Spilling their seed inside of me. Having the party is to be sure a great way to fill me up. This well used pussy can handle a shit ton of cum. Being an absolute cheating fucking Phone sex cum slut suck it all out bitch. When you suck out all the cum from those black cocks and it makes you cum so fucking hard.

          Cleaning out that cream pie turns me on at the same time. Just knowing that you are my little bitch now. You just have to have that pie all to yourself. Like all the different flavors of cum. As has been noted when you eat out the cunt of all those other cum shots in the ass as well makes you my little bitch whore.

          Beneath me.  Creampie phone sex

Cheap phone sex with Janie

cheap phone sex

Cheap phone sex is just another kinky way for me to pass time between fucks. When it comes to cum dumpster whores, I’m a bottomless pit! I remember the first time I felt a man’s dick throbbing in my hot cunt. He had been fucking me so good and pumping me so hard that the sudden stop of his thrusting when he went to cum, made my pussy tingle and my eyes roll back. The pulsing sensation felt so good in my little whore hole and it made me cum so fucking hard. From that point on, all I could think about was getting fucked by as many hard cocks as I could and taking as many cum loads as I could. I became a full blown jizz rag whore. I fucked all of teachers, my friend’s dads and every guy in between. I was a cum crazed slut and no cock was off limits to me. At any given time you could tell me to spread my legs and cum would come spilling out everywhere. I would skip school to sell my tight, young pussy to any man that wanted it and had some spare change to offer me for it. I got caught selling my cunnie a few times but I was always able to suck or fuck my way out of trouble. Once I discovered what porn was, I knew that I was destined to become world famous as a gutter slut, cum rag slut. I’m still working on getting my name out there as a porn whore so until I make it big, I’ll be teasing my pussy and talking dirty to guys like you. Why don’t you get ready to share your hottest fantasy with me while I fuck my cum packed pussy with this nice, thick dildo?

Cougar phone sex hot momma teaches the cubs.

                Cougar phone sex hot momma teaches the cubs. Now every cougar has a little bit of everything in her. Nasty, friendly, cuddling, spanking, teaching, among many others. Sex with her offspring is never out of the question. Teaching them to hunt. With this in mind, hunt can mean more than just food, at the same time eating a cunt is always a good source of nourishment. In the long run when this cougar is teaching it is hot fucking all night.

          First thing going to teach the young and impressionable son of mine is that mutual gratification keeps the women coming back for more. Learning how to eat out a cunt gives you all access pass to getting to throat fuck the shit out of her. Ramming it all the way balls deep. Call her the slut, a whore even. To be sure both are true. You are paying for it one way or another.  Cougar phone sex

To put it another way, getting Mother-son phone sex is paying for your whore cougar mom to teach you new and exciting things. At the same time, it gives you some liberties. As shown above you get to take liberties. Not always asking before taking. A cub grows and this cougar is always proud when the prodigy surpasses the teacher. Like being mounted from behind. Arms reaching around. Grasping tits. Fucking hard. Taking what is needed.

In other words, take the lessons from a cougar and learn more about control and power than you are ever thought possible. Put those lessons to use and cum hard and often. Control the passion without giving away too many emotions. After all the emotions get you every time.