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Fantasy Phone Sex That’s So Hot You’ll Be Begging For More!

Fantasy Phone Sex

I simply love fantasy phone sex; you never know what someone is going to come up with. It could be so mild at one moment then completely take a turn that is so fucking hot my pussy drips with excitement. Of course, it’s so panty dropping to hear any man talk about how he would ravish this body of mine, but what if I were to take over for today to just let you relax and stroke that cock?

Let me take charge and just push you onto the bed gently while kissing you passionately. Then I slide some silk ropes around your wrists and tie you to the bed. I look at your naked body up and down wondering what I want to do with you next. Should I simply keep teasing you? Or should I please you in all the right ways?

How about both? I take an ice cube and a lit candle and rub that ice all over your chest, only to then use the hot wax from the candle to pour onto your bare chest. Then I pop that ice cube into my mouth for a bit then go down to your rock-hard cock and start sucking. You get a shiver from the coldness but moan in pleasure.

Then I straddle you and slowly slide your dick into my tight wet cunt. We both moan in pleasure as I ride your joystick all night long until you finally explode in ecstasy. Then I sit on your face to have you clean me all up. Now wasn’t that just delicious?

Cock Control with a Sexy, Dominant Shemale

cock controlA sexy shemale knows all about cock control. I used to be a chronic masturbator. I do love stroking my sexy she-cock, but control is important. If you beat your meat all day long, you cannot perform for you partner when it counts. I do not have performance issues, because I can control my masturbation. Ted is a guy I am dating. A nice guy. A handsome guy. A decent cock, but not huge. Technically, it does not matter if his cock gets hard or not because he is a bottom. In a bottom-top relationship, my cock is the only one that needs to be erect. But I am not a selfish lover, not even as a dominant tranny phone sex slut. I want my partners to cum. Now, I do not care if little bitch faggots cum or not, but Ted is a lover, not a bitch boy. His problem is Internet porn. He watches shemale porn for hours a day and strokes his cock raw. I thought once he met me, he might be able to lessen the time he plays with his cock. That did not happen. Having a she-cock in his asshole, just made him want to watch shemale porn more. I had to edge him last night when we hooked up. Otherwise, his cock would either be limp, or he would cum as soon as my cock touched his asshole. Either is disappointing. I threatened him with a cock cage if he did not leave his dick alone. A cock cage is perfect for chronic masturbators. So is guided masturbation. I edged him by helping him stroke his cock slowly, rhythmically. A slow build always results in a hard cum. At one point, I tied Ted’s hands behind his back so he could not touch his own cock.  I limited his porn watching to 30 mins a day with the threat that I would leave him if he did not obey. When I did fuck him last night, he had the most intense orgasm yet. I think he is now on board for some serious edge training. I would love to help you like I am helping Ted. One long, hard cum is better than a limp dick and a series of quick cums. Better for you and better for me.

Blowjobs Phone Sex Made Real by Daddy

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Daddy loves it when we have Blowjobs Phone Sex. Sometimes Daddy likes to get turned on while I am on my calls. He says the dildo I’m sucking on doesn’t sound realistic. So Daddy puts his cock in my mouth and makes me get really nasty. Daddy thinks that working these lines will squish my desires to have as many cocks as possible. Sometimes you just have to accept things in life. Daddy doesn’t like it when I’m fake so I just have to accept when he catches me on a call with my dildo he is going to replace it with his cock. Last night Daddy got so mad at me for using what he calls sub-par cock aka my favorite purple dildo. Daddy took that out of my mouth and stood me on my feet. I had to be really quiet because I was on a call. I assumed the position as Daddy calls it. Then he made me drop to my knees and replace old faithful with his God like Cock. I was so glad he did because apparently I was overly sexually worked up and I started to cum just from worshipping Daddy’s cock. I got pussy juice all over Daddy’s feet. Daddy was so worked up he wanted me to jack off his cock with my feet. So I did. Then Daddy started to get so excited he came all over my feet. Best time all week long.

Humiliation Phone Sex w. the worlds most disappointing penis

Humiliation Phone SexI humiliated my boyfriends small penis while he fucked me.. I had him finger my pussy as I deep throated the strap-on extender he was going to attach to his microscopic peenie! The agony of his little dick slamming in and out of pussy and not being able to feel a thing has totally gotten out of hand. I am tired of jeopardizing my fertile pussy for his measly loads. Every time we fuck he seems to get off while I have to turn on Mutual masturbation porn and watch a big dick stroke itself while I dream of it being inside of me. It’s either I watch porn or we scissor like dike bitches so I can get off!

I attached the dick extender to his little winky and had him fuck me for hours without cumming whatsoever.. It was time he learn how it feels to get fucked yet not get off!  An 8 inch extension attached to his 3 incher was the perfect size.. The only problem was his teenie weenie kept slipping out of the rubber. How the fuck was even a dick extender made for little penises like his to big for his cock?! I could careless how many times he was going to have to stop and strap back up.. for once he was going to fuck me long and hard.

My Wet bald pussy squirted multiple times while giggling about him trying to feel the walls of my pussy after having this thick silicone cock stretch me out. I teased him with my DD tits by wrapping my knockers around his extended cock.. Bouncing my perky melons up and down as I giggled that his cock would literally vanish if I had even tried this with him. I slid the rubber cock into the back of my throat and gagged while looking him in his eyes and hysterically laughing about him wishing he could choke me with his dick.. When I finally got through enjoying myself I had him watch JOI porn, his eyes widened as a man oiled his big black cock, teasing and taunting about his size. Instructing my loser boyfriend on how a real man masturbates! I pinched the head of his peen with my thumb and pointer and jacked him off for less than a minute… The sorry loser, with the world’s most disappointing cock blew his load. All my Humiliation Phone sex sessions with losers like you, yea you.. Give me more and more cruel ideas! You men are so pathetic… 

Guided Masturbation On Our Family Vacation!

Guided Masturbation I teased my brother in my bikini until he was so hard, he was begging to do a hot guided masturbation session with me! Me and my brother spent some quality time in our hotel suite while our parents were on the beach. My brother was in his swim trunks because he was planning to go surfing but I couldn’t help but show off my bikini. I was drinking a cold beer and twerking my ass to some sexy beats when he came in and started watching me. I could tell he liked watching my ass bounce, his cock was tenting in his shorts and he couldn’t take his eyes off my wet bald pussy. I stopped dancing and told him to show me his hard dick, he was too excited to take it out and stroke it for me. I put some mutual masturbation porn on the tv and told him just how to jack it for me! I came all over my sticky fingers, my hot squirting pussy made my brother nut for me, I got the biggest cum shot all over my little yellow bikini!

Edge Play Phone Sex Helps You Last Longer to Please a Sexy BBW Like Me

edge play phone sex

Edge Play phone sex is something I enjoy. I mean on or off the phone, no girl wants a 3-minute man, right? I am a sexy bbw. I want a man who can last long enough to make me cum. I think most women feel the same way. Too many guys are being raised on porn. They have porn on their phones and computers. They usually do not get through three minutes of a porn movie before they cum, however. Where is the fun in that for anyone? Quick cummers I do not fuck again, unless they are willing to let me help them with some guided masturbation techniques. Terry is a new lover of mine. The problem is he is a 3-pump chump. He slides he cock inside my warm wet pussy and explodes.  He is worth training because he is hung, and he loves to eat pussy. Plus, he is financially secure and single, and loves to spoil me. He just needs to work on spoiling me with his cock. He can eat my pussy all day long. And I do love cumming on his face, but I want to cum on his cock too. I can squirt on a cock, but the cock must last longer than a few minutes. I approached the problem gently with Terry. I was afraid of embarrassing him or even scaring him off, but he took it well. He blamed years of pornography watching. He was aware of the problem and told me that is why he ate my wet bald pussy for so long. He was trying to compensate. When he came over last night to fuck, he let me edge him. We played some edging games, and he ate my pussy before we fucked while listening to me tell him how to stroke. When we fucked, we would go fast, then he would pull out and eat my pussy. We did that a few times to build up his stamina. He made it to ten minutes this time thrusting inside my warm pussy. That was a huge improvement, but we still have so far to go. But at least he is willing to let me train him.

Edge play phone sex

Edge play phone sex

I am in need of dirty submissive who can endure the kind of treatment I have in mind for them in an edge play phone sex session. I want to put you on a leash and lead you around the house. Or better I want to pull you around by your cock, forcing you to follow my every move. I want to lead you to the bed by your cock, I know that you trust me to give you the best nut busting orgasm you’ve ever had. But. cock control is a part of what turns me on the most. I want to tie you down in some bondage on the bed and play with your cock, teasing it. Putting the tip of your mushroom head into my mouth while making an O shape with my lips and seductively looking at you in the eyes. You like that baby? I’d say as I watched you squirm. I bet you wish you were having some hot ass sex instead. Well, maybe I can put you in between these big tits and jerk your cock off with them. Don’t shoot cum shots on tits though. No Cumming for you. I’ll jerk you with my tits and expect some guided masturbation tips from you so that I can keep you from going over the edge. You think you can take it baby?

Cum in My Panties, Pervert

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Oh my God! I just caught you searching through my panty drawer and finding just the right one to wear. Wow, you are such a freak. I can’t believe I found you being a little pervert. I’m going to tell everyone just how much of a pervert you are. They will call you the “Panty Pervert” and we will laugh at you for the rest of your life. I see that you are rock hard right now as you are wearing my panties and hearing me chastise you. Now, go ahead and jerk off. That’s right, put your tiny cock in your hands and jerk it. The only reason it fits so well in there is because it’s practically nonexistent. Go down from the tip to the base while you’re listening to me tell you what a disgusting little panty thief you are. You shouldn’t be allowed within 50 feet of any panties with the way you act. I don’t care if you have to lick all the cum off of the panties yourself: I want them back. 

Guided Masturbation Calls Leave Us Both Drained

guided masturbation

I did a guided masturbation call last night that left me drenched. I do all kinds of calls. Mostly, I do gfe calls, small dick humiliation, cuckolding and accomplice type calls. Variety is the spice of life. I still do submissive calls because I am a sexy switch. It is not often enough, however, that I do mutual masturbation calls. The reality is many men do not care if I cum or not. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of callers want to make me cum, but they are not most of my callers sadly. More than half of my callers hang up when they cum, leaving me high and dry. I get that I am a phone sex whore, and you are paying for a service for yourself. But us dirty talking women love to cum too. Women in this industry do not look at this as just a job. We are horny women who want to get off with our callers too. So, when Todd told me he wanted to tell me how to masturbate, I was excited. He wanted to make me cum hard. I listened to his instructions. I got two dildos from my panty drawer. That is where most women keep their special toys. I got into the positions he wanted, and I double penetrated my pussy and ass. He was telling me exactly what to do. He even edged me. He did not want me cumming too quickly. My cunt was getting creamy. It felt so good to let a man take over. He did most of the talking. I could hear him slapping his meat and it sounded so good too. I love hearing men jack off for me. When I was allowed to cum, it felt like the biggest cum shot I have ever had. I squirted. I drenched my bed. Calls like that are too few and far between. If I make you cum, you should make me cum too.

Hot Squirting Pussy? Is it a Myth or a Reality?

hot squirting pussyI love a hot squirting pussy. It can be hard to give a woman one, however, if you cock is too small. Only huge cocks I thought could make a women squirt. I have never been sure still if it is pee or lady juice, LOL. I often masturbate to squirting porn. Do you ever watch that kind of porn? I am fascinated by it. Some must be fake though because there is so much liquid spraying out of some porn stars’ cunts. I was watching some squirting porn last night and smoking some great weed. I got horny and decided to see if I could make myself squirt. I was not sure if I could or not, but it was worth a try I thought. I got out my red yoga mat and a big dildo. I started impaling my wet bald pussy like the girl in the porn I was watching did. I followed her every move. I was sloppy wet, but not squirting. I was getting frustrated. I did my best though. I watched about an hour of squirting porn before I found one that had a girl making herself squirt on her back with her legs pulled to her big tits. I got in the same position as she was and did my best to recreate the same angles, she used to masturbate her pussy. Suddenly, I felt my body convulsing. I was shaking and quivering. I felt amazing. Not long after the shaking and quivering came the squirting. I drenched my yoga mat. I just wish I had some one like you to coat my juices on. I wanted so much to squirt on a lover’s face or cock. I drained myself dry, but guess what? I was so super horny that I did it all over again. I would have preferred some guided masturbation from some one like you, but at least now I know squirting pussies are real. Now just to get a cock to make me squirt.