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Tease & Denial Phone Sex

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

Take a close look at me and just know that you are about to embark on a journey of tease & denial phone sex. I know that you love the feeling of how hard your thick cock gets by the mere sound of my voice. I can do all sorts of things to your dick with my imagination. The unknown is thrilling to you because you never know what I’m going to say next. And that’s the whole point.

                You can tell that I’m such a tease, can’t you? I can sit here all night and speak my flirty words and it gets you up in seconds. And I love being worlds apart knowing how much I can turn you on. Maybe if you’re lucky, I can be a few feet from you, slowly walking closer towards you. You wait in anticipation, not knowing what I’m about to do.

                Only I’m allowed to touch you. So, I slightly run my fingers over your hard dick. I can feel the veins on it and I know I’m doing my job right. After stroking your meat stick for a few moments, I remove my hand and take a few steps back. I see the way you look at me, longing for my continued touch.

Guided masturbation invites you to explore nasty fun Daddy!

Guided masturbation

Guided masturbation invites you to explore nasty fun Daddy! I know your hot thick cock is longing for something different. I know what you need Daddy and I will take good care of you! I heard you’ve been scrolling through your favorite porn sites, trying to find the perfect hardcore video to get you off. Well, stop right there because I’m about to give you the best experience you’ve ever had. And guess what? You don’t even have to leave your house for it. That’s right, you can experience hot and hardcore action just by picking up your phone.

You see, I specialize in a little something called Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex. And let me tell you, it’s mind-blowing. Literally. My goal is to take Daddy – that’s right, I’m talking to you – under hypnosis and make him fuck me all night long. And by fuck, I mean hard and rough. No holding back, just pure primal desires being fulfilled.

So, Daddy, close your eyes and give in to my commands. Imagine us at your happy place, completely naked. I’m on my knees, stroking and sucking your cock like it’s the last thing I’ll ever do. And let me tell you, it’s going to be a cumfest. I’ll be suffocating in your hot cum, swallowing every drop until there’s nothing left for me to taste.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How is this different from any other phone sex experience? Well, let me tell you, my dear Daddy, my hypnosis skills will have you feeling sensations you never knew were possible. Your cock will be rock hard, your body will be tingling with pleasure, and your mind will be completely under my control.

But that’s not even the best part. Oh no, not even close. Once you’re fully under my spell, I’ll make you use all my holes, Daddy. That’s right, my tight little asshole and my juicy pussy are all yours. You’ll fuck me like the dirty whore I am, and I’ll moan and scream for more. And when you’re ready to release all that built-up tension, you’ll cum inside me. In my ass, in my pussy, wherever you want. It’s your choice, Daddy. I’m here to fulfill all your fantasies.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone, close your eyes, and let me take you on the wildest ride of your life. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Just remember, breathe in deep and stroke that hard cock of yours. Your ultimate pleasure is just a call away.

Guided Masturbation with a BBC Whore and All Her Toys

guided masturbationI go all out for guided masturbation calls. I break out all my sex toys and find the right one to use on you. And I do the same thing for my husband too. We have been working on his ass lately. He sucks a lot of black cock. However, he does not get much bbc in his ass. Recently, he told me he wanted to work on that. Well, you know I am game for that.

Last night, I ended my shift early to play with my husband. I do not fuck my husband. Not in the traditional way at least. But last night I fucked him with dildos. Although I never use a white dildo on any of my holes, I needed to start my husband out gradually. I fucked him with a small 6-inch white dido and then we graduated to an 8-inch one. A black cock phone sex wife shares her toys with her husband. He had to do a few shots of Jack Daniels so his ass would relax.

If I Can Turn My Husband into a BBC Anal Whore, I Can You Too

Can you relate to that? I love my husband, but he is late to the game. Most of my callers can take bigger cock in the ass than he can. But we made good headway last night. I put on a 9-inch black strapon and fucked his ass.

Did I mention I gave him some of my medicinal weed? He is not the pot head that I am, but marijuana is great for ass fucking and anal play because it relaxes the muscles. I have been trying to get my husband to take a BBC up his back door pussy for a while now. The older he gets, the more willing he has become with some of the more extreme aspects of cuckolding.

I think me fucking his ass was an eye opener. He squirted out his little dick the most he has ever cum. In his defense, I do not fuck him. No doubt his balls were backed up. We love each other, but he is my cuckolding phone sex husband not my lover. But after last night, I think he is ready to be a BBC anal whore too.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Prepares You to Handle Those BBCs

cock worshiping phone sexIf you call me for cock worshiping phone sex, you better either have a cock worth worshiping. Or be prepared to worship some of my big black cocks. Sadly, few men who call me have a big cock. More like a little click stick. So, I show callers how to worship those black beauties more than I give a virtual blowjob. But that is okay. I get plenty of black bulls in my real life.

The nice thing about me is that I share those BBCs. I share them with my husband. I share them with my friends. And I share them with my callers too. I love to share big black cocks. Of course, on phone sex calls I am virtually sharing with you. And some men, grab their wife’s dildo or vibrator, or even a garden veggie to suck on for me. Trust me, you need something thicker than a stalk of celery to be at my level of cock sucking.

All Cuckolds Need Training to Take Those BBCs

But I had a caller last night who is his wife’s cuckold. So, she had a big black dildo. And of course, I made him suck it. Right now, he is just a passive observer. Occasionally, he watches his wife get those big black cocks. But unlike my husband, a big black cock has yet to touch his lips or his ass. I told him the day was coming soon that one of her black lovers will make him his bitch. And he better be prepared to suck some big black cock and take it up his back door too.

Not only did I have him gagging on that big black dildo, but I had also him watching BBC cuckold while he slurped on the dildo his wife uses when no BBC around. I love cuckolding phone sex training sessions. My caller got a taste for what it will be like to worship a big black cock. And feel one in his ass. Cuckold men, you need me. You need trained and prepped for the day your wife’s lover cums banging on your back door.

Anal Flesh-Light For Teacher Cock!

Sexy college girl porn The best way I know how to pass any of my college classes is by simply taking cock up my slutty ass hole. Mr.Halls loves to make me me his anal slut daily. He drops his load in my shitter and I get an A on every paper. It’s to the point now that I don’t even wear panties. Just some slutty stockings that are cut out perfectly to expose my gashes to him. I make sure my cunt is always nice and waxed in-case I get lucky. I always hope one day he will slip that cock in my wt fuck box and fuck it before slipping into my shitter. 

I know I am not that lucky though; he specifically said he only fucks whores in the ass hole. He doesn’t like to fuck a dirty skank in her cunt because then we may think we are deserving of pleasure. I am only there to give his cock pleasure so I can get a good grade because I am stupid bitch and can’t pass classes. He told me if I spent more time studying and not spreading my legs maybe I would pass without having to offer my body up. Little does he know, I love being stupid because I love being used as an anal flesh-light.

Of course getting my cunt fucked once in a while would be nice too; it isn’t a necessity. I am perfectly okay with getting my ass pumped full of teacher spunk for a good grade. My family thinks I am so smart; they gloat about my good grades and hard work to everyone they know. They have no idea I get my ass hole fucked raw every single day to ensure I get a college degree. I love that they have no idea I am a slutty college whore for every single cock on campus. If only they knew their sweet girl was out getting fucked up and used almost every single night. I would be such a disappointment to them haha!

Financial Domination Phone Sex for little dick-having losers

Financial Domination Phone Sex Financial Domination Phone Sex for you little dick-having losers. Card in hand, when you call don’t keep me waiting! While I am processing I want you down on your knees throat training… I don’t care to see you tugging that pathetic cocklette of yours so don’t even bother… keep that fucker hidden, tucked away inside of a pair of Sissy panties. You losers know there isn’t enough money in the world for a hot woman like me to relieve you of your load. You call me because you can’t help the urge to want a woman’s energy…

Even after receiving payment and blowing through every dime in your bank account you still won’t get any respect out of me!

I bet you were hoping for Guided masturbation thinking that maybe I could give you some ideas for you to do with that pathetic slug of yours… But, no the only thing I will be guiding is a big thick strap on in and out of your bussy while we watch jacking off porn… those big cocks that fill the television screen in the background will be a friendly reminder that you don’t have the porn cock women like me desire.

Honey, you don’t have enough cock to work with, big tits and a round ass like mine require big black dicks.

Never mind women like I, any woman who has ever given you the time of day was either out of desperation or for the same reason I am giving you mine – The money in your wallet- Loser. Now do what you do best and pay me every dollar you’ve earned, allow me to drain your life savings just for an only in-your imagination turn with me. Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex is my version of therapy!

Pool Whore Photo Shoot-Camera Man Got His Balls Drained!

Naked teen picturesI wonder how all our neighbors would feel if they knew about the sexy porn and pictures I take with my local sexy girlfriends for some extra cash flow. It is pretty hot to think about the fact that they have no idea how much pussy and cock I get on camera. I am sure if they saw and knew what was going on they would want to be apart of it too. Imagine how much cock and pussy I could get for some extra content for all my fans. I should absolutely make it more obvious the next time I spread my legs for the camera!

This pool shit with my girl Mariah was a lot of fun though; can’t wait until our fans get a peak at all the pics and videos we made. Our sweet pussy lips spread open for the cam as we sat on the edge of the pool waiting for some cock and cum. Mariah eats pussy so well too; I can’t even tell you how many times I came in her sweet mouth. Our camera guy was loving it; we could see his hard bulge through his jeans. Such an unprofessional little pervert; I would be lying if I said we didn’t love it and take care of it for him. 

He took some more shots and videos of us as he sat there with his rock hard cock in his jeans. Me and Mariah looked at one another and gave each other the look. We call it the “Get what we want look”; which means this camera man was about to get the time of his life. We told him to prop up the camera in the corner and to come over toward us; we said we wanted some teasing pics with him. He was shy, shaking and nervous as fuck; it was so cute watching him try to be humble when he was clearly hard as a rock.

We told him to sit at the edge and we both took our wet naked bodies out of the water and walked toward each side of him. I started kissing his neck, biting his ear and whispering how thankful we were for all the shots he took of us. Mariah was rubbing his chest and moved her hand down to his crotch. His cock was throbbing; she unzipped him and put her hand in his boxers and grabbed that dick. She said it was so big; she took off his bottoms and I took off his shirt. I began kissing him as she stroked him and we listened to him groan as he had so much pre-cum on the head of that dick. 

I straddled him as she worked his cock over and he immediately groped my tits and played with me. He was so turned on; he loved the attention. We told him to look over into the camera while his favorite teen sluts made his cock feel good. He got dominant real quick; told us to bend over on top of each other so he could get a good shot/view of our ass holes and pussy’s. He told us we worked so hard and our bodies are just begging to be used. He jumped into the water and directed us to follow. My god he was ready to fucking use us in the pool and film the whole thing. We jumped in and the rest is a secret for another day baby. Just know, he came 3 or 4 times during the session; we were covered in cum, water and spit!


Follow The Rules And You Will Be Top Choice Fuck Meat Like Me!

When you are home alone and needy the best thing to do is some training sessions on yourself. I always love a good squirt session before I start my day. Making a mess like a bitch in heat always reminds me of my place as a cunt. It works when you are really trying to learn how to be a better set of holes for men. There are so many options out there for men to choose from; therefore remaining the number one choice is heavily important. The only way to be the number one piece of meat for a man is by making sure you know the way a man thinks. Knowing what turns men on the most as a whole will make you one of the top choice whores for him to fuck. Trust me, I am a top choice cunt for all the dick I get!Hot squirting pussy

The easiest way to start this is by figuring out the top 3 things that make a man the hardest when he thinks about fucking a bitch. Number 1 is a good blow job/throat job; generally a man likes rough oral sessions and they like it really nasty. They love a lot of spit, gagging, drool, and lots of dirty talk. As a cunt, you should be able to swallow a whole cock and take a throat pounding for as long as he wants with no resistance. Training yourself with dildos and objects will help sustain that level of confidence.


Moving on to Number 2; making sure ALL your holes are available for use. You do not want to ever say NO to any of your holes getting fucked. You need to make sure a man has as many options available to him or he will find a different cunt who will. Saying no to anal is the number 1 wrong move when you are actively trying to be a perfect cunt whore for men. Most men want to violate and force fuck a whores shit hole in because they love making a bitch scream. It turns them on seeing that ass hole stretched around their cock; so make sure you LOVE anal. Again, training yourself with toys and objects will help make you love it.


Ending this off with Number 3; making sure you know how to squirt ALWAYS. Men love a messy whore with a slutty squirting fuck hole. Most of the time their favorite is banging a whore up the ass hole and making her squirt that way. This task for sure requires lots of training and practice because squirting isn’t always easy. There are lots of ways you can learn though with toys, articles, videos, etc. I always make sure to have a vibe on me wherever I go so I can get a quick session in. Once you squirt, you will know the feeling and it will make it easier to do it on command when a guy asks or whenever you can for yourself, etc.


Hot ass sex with a Sexy BBW Cock worshiping Submissive slut

Hot ass sexCum shots on tits are what I live for! These Big bouncy tits were made to be wrapped around your throbbing cock…

My sloppy wet pussy is craving a huge cumshot. Just sit back Daddy I will take great care of your dick, squatted in front of you with my Gigantic tits seated on your lap while I lather your cock up with my drooling mouth. Slam your dick into the back of my throat the more you hit the head of your mushroomed shaft off my tonsils the more saliva I will produce. Before I suck your cock up between my big tits I want to massage your prostate with your cock buried in the back of my throat. I am going to stick just one finger in your shithole and give it a twirl…

I am going to give you the toe-curling Hot ass sex you’ve been missing out on.

Sit your heavy dick up on my face as I spread your cheeks apart and bury my tongue in your ass. twirling my tongue around your shit hole, the feeling of the ridges of your pucker is going to make my cunt twitch. I am going to be the nastiest Freak ho you will ever come across. Cum shots on tits

Prepare yourself for the ball-draining experience you are going to receive. My pussy is wrapped around a 13-inch self-thrusting dildo as we speak. A nymph whore like me never goes without being pleasured even if that means preparing my cunt for your Biggest cum shot that it will soon swallow. I am the filthy cock sucking limitless whore you’ve been looking for.

Use the lips of my Shaved wet pussy as your cumrag!

Guided Masturbation Techniques Help Men Become Better Lovers

guided masturbationI enjoy guided masturbation calls. Telling men how to stroke their cocks and controlling their every stroke makes me feel powerful. Men call me to jack off all the time. But so many men call me and cum at hello. Pretty pathetic, I know. There are minute men and there are second men. And guess what, guys? Women want neither. So, you need to commit to lasting longer so your partner can enjoy herself too.

Only two things can kill the mood for me. Small dicks and quick cummers. Most women do not have the time for either. And that is why men call me. Well, one of the reasons. But I can help you be a better lover with some cock control techniques. Edging helps men last for sex. Most men jackoff too much. I know it sounds wrong because how could something that feels so good be bad?

Women Do Not Want Minute Men or Smalls Dicks

It falls into the category of too much of a good thing can be bad. You jack off to porn so much that when you finally have a mouth or a pussy or even a hot ass on your cock you either cum in three pumps or cannot get it hard because you have become too used to your hand. I want to help you. Even if your dick is tiny and you cannot get laid, I want to help. At least I can help you have a better ball draining session with your hands.

But I require that you listen to me. Nothing worse than a chronic masturbator who will not listen on an edge play phone sex call. I know what women want. And I know what they do not want. No woman wants a three-pump chump. No minute men allowed in our pussies either. So, if you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, you need the help of a sexy mistress to last for her pleasure. Her pleasure should be your pleasure too. So, let’s help you last for the occasion.