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hot ass sex on the 4th of july

hot ass sex

I love hearing all about gangbang stories. So  I am anticipating a gangbang tonight. I’m wearing a short little dress and heels with a g string.

I can’t wait to get plowed by a dozen dicks. My cunt drips thinking about getting a cock so nice and hard then getting nearly a dozen ready to pop.

I’m going to be one hot, fully penetrated slut. My tight cunt and ass won’t be so tight after I get what I want tonight. My fantasies have lead m to finally give in and enjoy cocks all a the same time. I want to be covered with jizz and white In red, white, and blue. Also, a little ass stretch and pound might leave me all red and blue.

It will be pretty festive to have all the hot ass sex on America’s birthday. I can’t wait to write all about it next time on my way to have fun night on south beach.

Cheating Phone Sex Whore

Phone sex fetish

My brother in law has been checking me out lately. So, I decided to make a move! I roofied my sister and knocked her out! Me and her husband fucked for hours in the same room as her. He even had the audacity to put his cock inside of her limp body after he got through fucking me. He told me my pussy is so much better than my sisters and he wouldn’t even have stuck around this long if it weren’t for me. I dropped down into a split on the edge of the bed as he ran his cock in and out of my wet cunt. My sister has no idea that her husband shot loads of cum inside of my cock craving pussy. Omg his cock is so thick and long I can see why she is head over heels for him. I am so glad my sister let me move in with her I am going to fuck him regularly. I think it would be really hot if we broke it down to her and instead of being upset she can just have a threesome with us. Nobody is off limits and that includes my sister’s husband.

Guided Masturbation with a Mommy Whore

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I taught my horny boys how to jack off. I also taught most of their friends too. What can I say? I love young boy cocks. I especially like them young and hairless. My boys are teenagers now. They have some pubes, but they are still my sons, and I will always want to fuck them. A mother’s love knows no age limit! But I do miss those hairless cock days. My oldest son brought home a playmate for me. He is in this mentor program for the summer. It is like a big brother camp. He mentors a younger boy all summer. They play together and my son tutors him. I think my son joined this program just for his mommy phone sex whore. He knows I am a boy cock junkie. While the boy was over for dinner last night, I decided to have a little fun with him. He was spending the night. After dinner, the boys played some video games and I shamelessly tried to distract them. I sat in a chair and played with my pussy to until I had their full attention. I was drinking wine and I had done a few lines too. Coke always puts me in a horny and bold mood. I did not know this boy or his family. He could easily report me to someone. I was just hoping he was at the age where he was horny but had no clue what to do about it. My sons pulled out their cocks to jack off for mommy. Our young house guest followed suit. I loved looking at his hairless cock. I signaled him over and asked him if he would like to become a man. He just nodded his head with this horny grin on his face. I sucked his hairless cock until he was hard enough for my wet bald pussy. My boys watched as I fucked this young boy into his first orgasm. He humped my pussy for a few minutes and came. The boy was so innocent that he thought he peed. I swore him to secrecy and told him we can do more of what we just did if he keeps coming over. My sons will be my wingmen for the summer.

Cum On these Big Tits

Big Tit Fucking Tina

I haven’t been able to let Thomas cum all over my big tits since I graduated college. We would always fuck between my classes since our schedules lined up that way. I still remember the first time he called me into his office with his cock out, bouncing up and down to tease me. I loved how smooth and thick the tip of his dick was. Sticking his large cock between my beautiful big tits always made my cunt wet, especially when I got to suck him off while titty fucking him. I’ve been planning on having him come over for dinner so that I can slurp and fuck all the cream of his delicious fucking cock that I have been missing so much! He always came three to four times- I was able to fuck him in all my favorite positions. What hurt the most but felt so fucking good is when he had me up against a tree by the dorms one late night, stuffing his cock so deep in my cunt- I think our juices were still on the grass the next morning hehehe.


Durty Kurty

sissy phone sex

I had the wildest sissy phone sex yesterday with durty kurty. I call her that because she wants to be a girl so bad. She has sisters, and she wants to be the sluttiest one. I had to tell dirty kurty all about her being a cum whore for big juicy black cock. Little Kurty began to whimper in pleasure. She could think about one of her sister’s ex-boyfriends—a horny big black guy packing an enormous dong thus far. Kurty couldn’t keep her mind straight. All she wanted was a big daddy cock deep in her ass pussy. Kurty wants to be the vilest sissy whore in the world. She will do it all for some black shlong. You will see her plead and beg for what makes her cunt go wild. People may call her nasty, deprived, and pathetic, but I call her a slut. slave training phone sex

Durty kurty loves to hear she is being a sloppy sissy. She wants all her sisters to know that she is a whore and loves to out slut them. In the end, it’s a sort of competition in her head about who is the best daughter for daddy. Durty kurty is a pink tutu-wearing sissy for daddy. Yes, it is true; even though it may seem so fucking dumb, he is for sure the biggest cum eating faggot around. Kurty wants to be the one to get daddy’s dick all night long. Wearing all kinds of outfits, looking like a complete total slut, dirty kurty will be the one bending over and letting that big penis ram her like the slut she is while she moans and groans for daddy to go even further and more profound. All dirty kurty wants is attention from men, and she wants to be girly but super slutty. She will even take a filthy dick deep in her ass. What a gross butt slut. Durty kurty is pretty easy slave training phone sex.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I masturbate several times a day too. I can fuck 4 cocks and still want to masturbate. I had two lovers over last night. So, I woke up full of cum still. I was too tired from fucking to shower. I was still nice and creamy. A load of cum can stay fresh in a warm pussy overnight. I made my tea, sat on the bed and masturbated a few times. I hope you masturbate. I think everyone needs too. Masturbation is like the best thing you can do for yourself. I love helping guys jack off. I do it with guided masturbation on and off the phone. Watching a man stroke his cock is pretty hot. I like to hear it too. I know so many women who have never rubbed one out. I blame religion. How can a woman tell a guy what makes her cum if she has never made her kitty purr? Most guys have jacked off. Some jack off too much then cannot cum when they have a cunt wrapped around their dicks. Moderation boys. Everyone needs a healthy dose of masturbation in their lives. Too many times you cannot cum with a partner. Too few times and you cannot tell a partner how to make you cum. I stopped using vibrators years ago because my pussy was getting too trained which gave me problems when I was getting fucked. Every man wants to feel a woman cum on his cock. I love to get a hot squirting pussy from a cock hitting my G spot. Sure, a battery-operated boyfriend can do that, but nothing feels as good as a warm cock shooting cum inside you. No battery-operated boyfriend can replace that sensation. So, when I masturbated this morning, I just used my fingers so I could feel that warm cum from last night. How do you masturbate?

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy For You

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. That is a perk of the job, right? None of my friends can whip out a dildo and toy with their bald kitty at work. I am double lucky. I can masturbate at my phone job and my stripper job. I masturbate a lot too. Yesterday, I came 32 times. I counted. Not sure it is my record, but it is up there as the most cums in a day for me. I had worked the last shift at the club and a guy had me in the VIP room masturbating with him. I gave him some guided masturbation techniques. I love telling men how to stroke their cocks for me on the phone, but when I get to do it in person? Well, my little bald kitty is dripping in excitement. This guy did not have the biggest cock in the world, but it was not small either. Plus, this man was so nice. Much older than me. He told me he has not had a boner in over a year following heart surgery. He is a widow with no special lady in his life. He decided to come to a strip club to see if he could still get an erection. He had his first wood in over a year seeing me strip to Aerosmith’s Crazy.  I was happy for him. I give guys boners all the time. That literally is my job. But this felt special because it was special. He got the VIP room so I could give him some release. I would have fucked the old guy, but he is still loyal to his deceased wife. I almost cried hearing him talk about her. She was a busty blonde too. We masturbated for about 30 minutes together before I got his cum shot on tits. I love making men cum, but this was a cum I will never forget.

Mommy Fucks Youngster

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex

I fucked my daughter’s tight little pussy last night. Eating and fucking her tight black pussy always turns me on so much. The way her small mouth sucks on my wet pussy makes me cum so hard too. I think it’s important that as I mom I teach my daughter how to properly please a man or woman. When she grows up, she must find her place in the sexual world, and that’s being a filthy whore like her mama that all the men and women brag about. Every day after she gets off the school bus from her school, I make sure I put her in the bath with her rubber duckies, clean her up nice and good. After, I take her to my room and make sure that small pussy of hers is ready for me. For her very young age she is learning so quickly. I love to demonstrate sometimes for her to show her how it’s really done. I eat and finger that little pussy of hers. Her little body shakes uncontrollably when she cums. Every other weekend I make all my sisters, her aunts, come over and she eat and finger fuck each of our pussies until we all cum. My daughter is the youngest but best pussy eaters in the family. We all take pride in training out little ones early. It’s a family tradition.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Birthday Bash

When you are invited to a cum slut phone sex whores Birthday bash, expect the kinkiest of fun. As my slutkin was about to get another year older, it meant allowing her some say. I decided to let her have her kind of party. Her first words were Lots of pervert batter for the cake! I laughed at her and knew just what to do. She wanted two parties. The first one is a little secret party and I invited about twenty of our favorite men. We had a special kind of dress code for this party, Naked!

Yep my slutkin and I naked and all the pervert men too! We decided it would be a cake batter milking extravaganza! I was not going to deny her the pervert batter for the cake and we set up a nice big glass bowl to collect as much cum as we could from these men. When she saw how little cum produced by each guy in the bowl she decided she need four times as much!

I told her she would have to figure that part out. She went to each of the guys and told them to text 4 friends for sperm donations! I could not help but laugh about all of this! But this was her desire! We made a white cake with white frosting and you guessed it there was a special ingredient that she was going to really enjoy watching all of her school friends and the neighborhood milfs eat that up! I know these guys deserve a little compensation for their supplies. We certainly took care of them and filmed the cake being prepared and recorded the milfs and girls devouring it! Will you help make the ice cream?

Cum slut phone sex

Tease and Denial Phone Sex Fun

Tease & Denial Phone SexDo you like to play games?  I have one to play with you that is lots of fun.  It is called Tease & Denial and it is always a good time if you are into that kind of things.  It you like a mind fuck more than a regular fuck than I am your girl.   It starts out slow with a Sensual Domination role play that gets the party going.  If you like to let go and embrace that little sissy come out and play in a safe space while you let me drive for awhile.  I promise to always play safe and we will definitely go at your pace. 

Once you feel comfortable in your sissy space we move onto more tease & denial games like cuckolding.  Cuckolding is where the voyeur in your comes out and you get your kicks off of watching someone else take care of my needs while you hide in the closet and watch while a real man and not a little Sissy like you takes care of my sexual needs.  If you are a good little sissy I might end the night with guided masturbation if you prove that you are worthy.   Are you ready for some tease and denial fun tonight? 

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