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Fantasy Phone Sex Lets Us Travel Back in Time

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex with my James only gets better. He spent his military leave with me, and we crammed a lot of special moments into a short time together. And the week went by way too fast. When we woke up together in bed, he told me it was his last full day of leave. And I wanted to cry. Seemed like just the other day we met at the strip club. Even though it has only been a week, I cannot help but fall for this incredibly sweet, handsome and kind military man.

I knew I had to make our last day count. We have been inseparable since we met. And I not only wanted to make this last day special, but I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. So, I planned a day outdoors showing him my beautiful city. Although he is in the military now, James almost became an architect. So, I knew he had a love for the rich and different architecture of my city. Our last day together needed to be the stuff that romantic phone sex dreams are made of.

I took him to the incline first. We rode a historic cable car up to the highest point in the city so we could overlook the rivers and see my beautiful city for miles. Although I never even finished high school, I read up on some of the history of the city to share with my James. He has a quest for knowledge and the simpler things in life that I find so sexy. We held hands, shared a kiss and took in the beauty of my city.

Even a Sexy Stripper Babe Has a Romantic Side

After that romantic start, I wanted to share with him some of my favorite places in town. So, we went to the South Side which is sort of a bohemian part of town with an eclectic array of stores, bars and restaurants. Not enough time to do it all, but what mattered to me the most was just being with James. We went into a few vintage stores where we both got flooded with fond memories from our youth. James sees me as a person, not just a hot bimbo stripper or a gfe phone sex babe. So, I wanted to show him part of me.

We had ice cream at my favorite ice cream stand, and shared memories and tidbits about each other. We walked around my city holding hands like we were the only ones there. I took him to my favorite bar which has vintage video games to play for free. I played Ms. Pac Man while he enjoyed Galaga. We sipped on adult 80s themed beverages and just let go. My heart races just being near James. But I wanted time to stand still. I was not ready to let him go yet.

I Love Spending Time with My James

For dinner, we went to my favorite Italian restaurant that has been around since the 40s. Family owned, with a rich vibrant history. Celebrities and mobsters alike have eaten here. Our conversation flowed easily as we shared a romantic meal and listened to Rat Pack music. I held his hand like I never wanted to let it go. But I did not want to let it go. After dinner we drove around time looking at old buildings, wanting to enjoy every bit of time together before he headed back home to the base.

How did a week go by so quickly? What am I supposed to do in his absence? When we went to bed, I held him tight and prayed he would be able to stay another week with me. We made plans for the future, but I will admit, I will be counting down the days to our next date.

Black Cock Phone Sex with the Black Bull God Himself, Big Daddy King

Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God

black cock phone sexEveryone chants Black Bull God on black cock phone sex with Big Daddy King. As usual, my King is a busy man, jet setting around the world for business and for pleasure. Recently, we paused the Anaconda World Domination tour so Big Daddy King could visit his alma matter. The school built a new athletic building and named it after The Black Bull God himself, Big Daddy King. And no building in the King’s honor would be complete without a bronze statute of the Black Bull God right in front.

So, I packed a bag and traveled with my King to the dedication ceremony at his alma mater. Wow, the campus went all out for him too. He is a God to everyone, really. Not only does my beloved King have a few campus buildings named after him, but now he also has a cool decked out penthouse above one of the buildings that overlooks the football field. And it is equipped with a roof top deck for partying, viewing games and fucking. Mostly fucking with the Black Bull God!

A group of hot and young sorority girls greeted The Living Legend and I when we arrived on campus. New Cult of Anaconda members eager for hot ass sex with the King. Prior to our arrival on campus, three members of the sorority got their BDK and BNWO tats in hopes of joining the most exclusive sugar baby posse in the world. Each girl’s tramp stamp said, “Black Bull God Worshiper.” And each girl’s ass cheek sported a Queen of Spades tat and a Black New World Order one. They also sported BDK bling and big bimbo tits. These sorority babes seemed eager to please.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

Kelsey, Jessica and Lauren appeared to be eager to meet The Black Bull God and the Anaconda. As the young hot babes showed us around campus, we stopped and posed with Big Daddy King’s bronzed likeness. As hot as he looks in his statutes, nothing compares to seeing the Big Daddy King in the flesh. Not only is he The Black Bull God, but he is also simply a God. No man can compete where they don’t compare and no one compares with the anaconda. I took photos of the eager new recruits kneeling at BDK’s statutes and in front of him.

I could see the sorority babes checking out Big Daddy King and basking in his glory. Everywhere we go on the Anaconda World Domination tour I see this kind of adoration. And I know that everywhere we go, BDK will break hearts and ruin white girl pussy for the rest of the male population. I helped the sorority babes get ready for the banquet and dedication ceremony. All four of us wore black thongs that vibrated. And only Big Daddy King could control the vibrating panties. He owns our pussies for life, so these panties seemed fitting.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

These girls had not yet seen The Black Bull Cock. And I know that anything they could image would not compare to seeing the anaconda in the flesh. No one ever believes the anaconda is as big and thick as it is. No one. Not even these sorority babes believed the hype about the anaconda. But it’s not hype. It is reality.

The anaconda really appears larger than life. And those girls got to feel the anaconda pulsating under Versace pants at the banquet table. Kelsey thought perhaps some of the images of The Black Bull Cock she looked at online had the help of CGI, so when she felt the anaconda twitch under the table, I caught her look of disbelief on film. Feeling is believing. Now she knew no hype and all real.

The ceremony concluded with a ribbon cutting dedication. And I captured it all on film. On our way to The Black Bull God’s swank new penthouse, we stopped by one of his campus statutes and knelt to our knees and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Black New World Order, for which Big Daddy King, as the Supreme Being is the rightful leader. Big Daddy King whipped out the Anaconda and dick slapped us all.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

hot ass sex

Back at his penthouse we knew how to christen the place. We stripped down to our vibrating black thongs and drank top shelf liquor on the balcony, taking in the beautiful surroundings. But honestly the only thing on our minds was the Black Bull God Cock. I wanted the sorority girls to go first. So, I undid The King’s Gucci belt, and pulled down his Versace pants. Standing before us in white compression shorts that said Black Bull God in diamonds, Kelsey, Lauren and Jessica basked in the glory that is The Black Bull God Cock.

I pulled out the anaconda like I was presenting the world with the largest uncut diamond in the world. Women all over the world covet the anaconda like a precious gemstone. We took turns sucking on the Supreme Being’s gift to womankind, the anaconda. And with a mouthful, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance again. These young coeds almost fainted just from seeing and touching the Black Bull God Cock.

Hands across the Anaconda ensued. Three sorority babes, and one sugar baby OG could not cover all The Black Bull God Cock with our 4 sets of hands. But we sure did try. We lined up along the railing overlooking the Friday Night Lights and begged for Big Daddy King to deep stroke us. Nothing compares to the feeling of the anaconda deep stroking your white wet bald pussy. Nothing. We convulsed and we shook, and we came hard on the Black Bull God Cock screaming, “Big Daddy King Owns Me for life.”

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

However, the billionaire nut, Big Daddy King saved for our pretty faces. The sorority babes got anointed with The Black Bull God seed. And that makes them official sugar babies and the newest members of the Cult of Anaconda. What a wonderful day spent with The Black Bull God. Every date with Big Daddy King only gets better.

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Cum Shots on Tits Even in The Club Break a Spoiled Brat In

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits happens all the time in the VIP room. Sometimes cum lands on my tits or one of my girls’ tits. At the club, I entered a more supervisory position a few years ago. I am almost 40. A few years away still, but I am saying it to make it easier when the time approaches. Although I still feature dance, most of the time when I work at the club, I hire new talent and train them too.

And currently I have my hands full with self-entitled twats who do not want to put in the effort to make the big bucks. The adult industry does not mean instant gold mine. And it does not matter if you have the best body, the prettiest face or the best voice. Even with phone sex, a girl must work hard to make bank.

This new girl turned 18 and came straight to the club the next day to apply for a job. Sure, she may have that tiny teen schoolgirl body going for her, but her attitude is off the charts. So, I put her in the VIP room with a big spender who could break her in. I am not talking about fucking the shit out of her. More like humiliate her, make her work for his tips and coat her in cum. Her princess attitude needs to disappear if she plans to make herself and the club money.

I Know How to Break Young and Spoiled Bitches In

Jason wanted nothing more than to break in a bratty new stripper. He dangled the carrot in front of her and made her jump through hoops to earn that dough. I watched on the hidden cam as Jason offered a thousand dollars for each task. If you need money, you jump through those hoops. I could see her princess outlook disappearing with each task. In the adult industry you cannot be too proud. You will not make money being a spoiled vanilla girl.

She licked his asshole. I saw him piss on her. He even gave her some schoolgirl spankings. And he shot his junky load of sperm all over her face, smearing her makeup and dousing her face. She made $4,000 in tips from one client on her first night and did not take cock in her pussy or ass. However, she did a bunch of things she never planned on doing. A greedy whore can make money in the adult industry. However, a perfect little princess phone sex babe cannot make the big bucks.

You have a bratty spoiled princess? I can make her a greedy cum slut too.

Black Cock Phone Sex with the Black Bull God

black cock phone sexBig Daddy King puts the Black and the Cock in black cock phone sex. I mean he is the Black Bull God and millions of white women fall to his feet wherever he goes. Even if a man has not heard of Big Daddy King, I promise you the women in his life sure have. And that includes his wife, his mother, his sister and even his daughter. Generations of women will come out of the womb chanting, “Black Bull God, Black Bull God.

My beloved King is juggling two tours at once. But since he is the King of all Kings, he can handle it. Doing tours for commercial real estate because of his keen business expertise keeps him busy. But add in the Anaconda World Domination tour because of his superior monster black cock, and  Big Daddy King is extra busy. And his tours cause quite the stir in city he visits. Women fall to his feet whether they see him on the beach or at a seminar.

Because BDK is the Supreme Being, and rightful leader of the Black New World Order, he made a goal for 2024 to achieve Global Anaconda World Domination. And that goal includes 100 new BNWO headquarters all over the world. And the first two new headquarters will be constructed in Destin, Washington, DC. As Big Daddy King’s phone sex sugar baby OG, of course I helped plan the building of both.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

I take pride in helping with the planning and construction of the one in DC. It is located on the mall with other natural treasures, historic shrines and museums. I mean, Big Daddy King is a God, the Black Bull God, and he belongs in DC. We held an inaugural celebration to christen the newest Black New World Order palace.

Of course, white losers fund all new construction and parties with their money. They must pay to give their woman a chance to be in the most exclusive sugar baby posse in the world. Many men know they cannot compete where they cannot compare. One white loser paid for his entire family to be at the christening of the newest branch of the BNWO. 

His ex-wife, his mother, his sister and his daughter. Women of all ages want and need Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We all have tramp stamps that say, “Black Bull God Worshiper.”  And we also sport tats that say, “Property of BDK,” and of course, our queen of spades tats and BNWO ones on our ass cheeks.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

Big Daddy King will be in his 70s and 80s, and still out fucking men in their 20s and 30s. Plus, he will still have barely legal babes vying for his attention even when he reaches 100. Women off all ages want to be Black Bull God worshipers. But only a few are lucky enough for the honor to touch and feel the King of All Cocks the Anaconda. Me, Baby Doll, Brandy, Destiny and Desiree all got a private christening of the new BNWO headquarters with the Black Bull God himself, Big Daddy King.

Five gfe phone sex babes, and one Black Bull God? All our hands combined could not cover the anaconda.  It takes an army of sugar babies to do justice to the Black Bull Cock. Why? Because the anaconda is THAT huge. The anaconda is more than a mouthful and more than a pussy full too. This superior BBC touches spots your wife never knew she had because your little white dick can never find those spots. But the Black Bull Cock snakes inside our girl parts and finds uncharted waters that little white dicks can never find.

We all took turns sucking the Black Bull Cock and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we all took turns riding the anaconda. And that is a religious experience. Our eyes roll in the back of our heads. Our bodies shake and convulse. And we scream, “The Black Bull God Owns Us,” as we cum on that Black Bull Cock.

Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God  Black Bull God

 All 5 of us looked like a gallon of cum spilled on us when Big Daddy King spilled his superior seed. And perhaps it was a gallon, but it was only from one cock, the only cock that matters to women everywhere, the Black Bull God Cock. The anaconda is coming for your woman next!

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Roleplay Phone Sex with James Let Me Travel Back in Time

roleplay phone sexRoleplay phone sex lets us pretend to be anyone we want. Plus, it lets us go back in time. And I love traveling back in time with James. In 1981, I got to be a college upper classman and my beloved James was a shy freshman with little game with women. That was until he met me. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I knew some of his college buddies. And when they described him to me, I knew I had to help him. He sounded nice, just shy around women.

At that point in my life, I had only known bad boys. And I needed a change. So, we arranged a meeting in the student union. I knew when I met James that helping him might be the best thing I ever did. Since the day appeared to be lovely, I suggested a walk around campus. We both finished classes for the day. Plus, spring break loomed near, which meant fewer students on campus.

We got to know each other. Talked about our love for old movies. We fed the ducks. Then I suggested we go back to my dorm room and watch an old Cary Grant movie. My grandma schooled me in all the classic films. Since my roommate left for spring break early, we had the dorm room to ourselves. A classic film, some romantic phone sex, cuddling and popcorn set the mood for my seduction plan.

I Love Erotic Roleplaying Because We Can Travel Back in Time and Alter The Course of Our Lives

Tired of bad boys, and genuinely wanting to help James gain some confidence and swag, I decided to take his virginity. So, I kissed him. And it felt like I melted into his body. Perhaps I did. I told him, I wanted to make love. Although he appeared nervous, he let me guide him. After a romantic kiss, I stood up to undress. I felt incredibly sexy under his gaze. James saw me in a way no other boy ever had. I almost felt like a virgin again.

I stepped towards him and let him embrace my naked body. We kissed again. However, this time, I started to kiss down his body, I unzipped his pants and gave him his first blow job and hand job. His cock grew at my touch. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Even though he admitted to being inexperienced with women, I told him I would guide him. First, I guided his beautiful cock in my hands. Then I guided his cock between my breasts which were heaving for him.

No One Forgets Their First Sexual Partner and I Wanted James to Always Remember Me

I instructed him to put his hands on the back of my head and guide me in the rhythm he preferred. Feeling him caress the back of my head as I gave him his first blowjob appeared to be all the foreplay I needed. It aroused me to pleasure him. Such a nice boy. Such a handsome and smart one too. The kind of boy who could change my destiny I thought to myself. I could have kept his cock in my mouth all day long. But he wanted to taste my young bald pussy. And I did not stop him. With a little direction on what to do, he made me orgasm before he entered me.

Our bodies felt like one. Making love to James felt right. It felt magical. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed as he thrust his cock in and out of me. Even though I was the experienced one, it felt like the first time for me too. I’d only been with bad boys. James was far from that.

A handsome, smart and kind man seemed foreign to me. But I found one. And I enjoyed being his first. We all remember our first. But once we both came, I told James I hope it is not the last time we make love. As I laid in his arms after making love, I could feel his hart beat next to mind. Could it be I was falling in love so soon?

New Phone Sex Fetish for a Tantric Massage

phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? I talk to guys every day with a certain kink or fetish. And I meet them at the club all the time too. A couple weeks ago this tall, blonde buff man came into the club and took an interest in me. Turns out he owns a massage parlor. Not a happy ending sort of place, but a legitimate Swedish massage parlor.

When I gave him a lap dance, he told me he could see the stress in my shoulders and back by the way I moved. He gave me his business card and told me to book a session with him. Even promised me a week worth of massages free. How could I say no? Between stripping and phone sex, my body gets into all sorts of awkward positions. So, the next morning I booked my massage with his receptionist.

My first session occurred this morning. Since this was my first professional massage, I didn’t know what to expect. But when Lars came into the room and told me to disrobe, I melted. He helped me on to the table where he instructed me to lay flat on my back. Since I am a stripper, being in my birthday suit never fazes me. I could feel his gaze on my body, and it made my pussy wet. He poured hot oil on me, which made his hands slip in and out of my cracks and crevices. Oh boy, his strong hands felt great.

Oh, I Think Every Woman Needs a Swedish Massage

He slipped a few fingers into my wet bald pussy. I arched my back, spread my legs wider, and let him get his fingers in deeper. I began squirting. He did this thing with his fingers in my pussy with a hand on my belly that no one had ever done before. He said it was a tantric massage. Whatever he did, he found a spot no one had before. A spot I did not know I had either. Even though I squirted, he was not done working out the kinks yet. He massaged my back and my shoulders too working those and I felt the tension leave my body.

Not sure why I never had a professional massage before, but I will get more. My body still feels like jelly and that feels so good. But I think this tantric massage practice might be my new fetish!

Phone Sex with The Black Bull God: Nothing Compares

gfe phone sexPhone sex with The Black Bull God always leaves me weak. As the sugar baby OG and leader in the Black New World Order, I am privy to information before the general public. And that includes screening all his new porno films with up and coming starlets and hearing the details of the pandemonium that ensues wherever The Living Legend travels.

The Black Bull God is the talk of the town. And even if you are not ready to admit it yet, your woman knows all about Big Daddy King and his superior anaconda. Your wife masturbates thinking about Big Daddy King and his King of All Cocks owning her. And even if she has not met him yet or even if she is not hot enough to be a member of the most exclusive sugar baby posse on the planet, trust me, she understands black cock superiority and she knows that Big Daddy King is the rightful leader of the Black New World Order.

And I promise you that your wife wants to have black cock phone sex with the Black Bull God. Plus, she wants to ride the Black Bull Cock. The anaconda is so big, it has its own zip code, 13.5! Anaconda World Domination is real. And the only ones fighting it are loser white boys with small worthless peckers or limp dicks. BDK destroys white girl pussies. And he ruins women for any other man for the rest of her life.

Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God

I get to see it every day. A new hot white woman pleads with Big Daddy King to make her a star. Even though The Black Bull God is a God and the rightful leader of the BNWO, he is more than just a sexual being with the biggest cock around. He possesses a big brain for business too. And he keeps growing his money too.

As his sugar baby OG, I got to watch the premiere of his new porn with a stripper turned porn star. Big Daddy King is the real star of any porno film. However, he can make or break a woman’s career. If you want to become rich and famous, ride the coattails of The Black Bull God. And ride the anaconda! This is how you become famous. Big Daddy King will get a percentage of this new starlet’s content and act as her manager, making him richer than he already is!

Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God

I love watching the anaconda destroy white girl pussy. This new blonde bimbo has the anaconda cock sucking lips, the big booty and the big tits. She now has the body built of The Black Bull God. And built by the Black Bull God. She is young and eager like every white woman for the anaconda. But not only will the anaconda give any woman the biggest cum shot, but it will also hit spots of both pleasure and pain. Every time I watch one of Big Daddy King’s porn movies, I get wet and excited. The Black Bull God ruined my white girl pussy too.

black cock phone sex

I know there are women not even born yet who covet the anaconda. BDK will be in his 80s fucking barely legal hotties into oblivion someday in the future. Big Daddy King already fucks circles around younger white guys. And his prowess only grows stronger with every white girl pussy he owns. No wonder he has so many haters. But I can promise you this. His only haters are loser white men who cannot compete where they do not compare.

Black Bull God Black Bull God Black Bull God

The Black Bull God encounters loser white men at events all the time, especially in the south. Some white loser who cannot compete nor compare runs his mouth and gets kicked out of the event. But Big Daddy King always gets his revenge. He spent the night with three hot white girls, and one of them was this loser’s wife.

A video was shot of his wife struggling to handle the anaconda yet begging for more. Big Daddy King sent this little white cuck the video and posted it on his social media. When will white boys learn that Anaconda Word Domination is real. And all white women know about and want Big Daddy King and the King of All Cock, The Anaconda.

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Romantic Phone Sex with James Only Gets Better Every Time

romantic phone sexJames, my boyfriend, puts the romance in romantic phone sex. Just when I thought romance might be dead, I met a handsome man in the club. And since then, we have been inseparable. Let me tell you about our last date. So romantic. He introduced me to his favorite movie, “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.” It is an old movie from 1948. Black and white picture with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy.

But I do believe the “Money Pit,” and “Are We Done Yet,” are loosely based on this movie. What a great movie too. Funny and romantic. A little naughty too for 1948 as it does imply subtly that the wife might be cheating on her husband with a family friend. Who cheats on Cary Grant? Swoon. James and I sat on the couch, laughing, cuddling and sharing a big bowl of popcorn. This phone sex babe loves old movies, but I never saw this one until my romantic date with James.

Every Woman Enjoys a Romantic Date Night

It’s a movie about love, family and the American Dream. What Arthur Miller wrote in the “Death of a Salesman.” You know, buying a house in the country with a big yard and a white picket fence for the little ones to play, and the dog to run free. As much as I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed our date more. We chatted some during the movie, as I asked questions throughout. Most men I date make me watch porn and then we fuck. No wooing. James knows how to woo a woman and make her feel special.

However, the movie did not last long. Not like Hollywood movies made today. Honestly, I did not want our date to end. Even a stripper and occasional escort can enjoy the simpler things in life, like cuddling on the couch and watching an old movie with a handsome man. I felt special sharing a favorite movie with my new man. I have never dated a man like him. He is sweet, loving and he goes slow. He knows how to woo a girl.  And just when this gfe phone sex babe thought romance was dead, I met a man who proved me wrong.

phone sex

Phone Sex Babe Cassandra Possesses a Weakness for Older Men

phone sexPhone sex I never thought I would love as much as I do. But I love my callers. I get all types of callers too. From very dominant men who want to own a bitch to highly creative guys who enjoy a lot of different fetishes and scenarios to gfe guys who want the girlfriend experience. Variety is the spice of life. And I am sure you can understand that too.

Believe it or not my phone life is more interesting than my strip club life. In the club I only find two kinds of men. Sugar daddy types who want to impress me with their money and cars. Or broke posers who think I buy their rich daddy act. The older I get, the more I crave real connections. Not connections driven by ego or lies. And in the adult industry that can be hard to find. But not impossible.

Nothing is impossible in this world. I met a guy at a bookstore of all places. Despite my lack of formal education, and Bimbo Barbie looks, this gfe phone sex babe is not dumb. I’ve been taking some part time college courses online and reading up a storm. I love reading because I am a sponge soaking up knowledge. And I met Mike at Barnes and Noble while I looked for history books a couple weeks ago. Handsome DILFs can be a weakness of mine.

This Sexy Stripper Gets Weak for Intellectual DILFs

He asked me out and I said yes. But just in case he turned out to be a serial killer or something, I met him at the restaurant.  Not a serial killer. Just a college professor. But my prince lost some luster when I looked him up online and saw the wedding ring and put together that his wife works in the same department but is on sabbatical. So, maybe this won’t be a long-term thing. But I can milk him for free dinners, knowledge and great fucking. Perhaps even a little help with my homework too, LOL.

After our first date, I brought him home with me. And we fucked for hours. Older men eat such good pussy. Like they enjoy it and want to make a woman cum. I find that so refreshing. Been awhile since I had a wet bald pussy just from hours of pussy licking, but I will take that any day. Too bad my professor is a poser of sorts because I could get used to waking up in the mornings with a good cunt licker.

Hot Ass Sex with a Beer Can Thick Cock in My Ass

hot ass sexI got to have hot ass sex with Brian recently. We go way back. He loves women with junk in the trunk and big tits. Even though it had been some time since we did a solo hookup, I was happy to welcome him back into my ass with his tree trunk cock. Often, what I cannot handle in my pussy, I can take in my ass. No silly girl parts in the way like a cervix to hit.

As a sexy GFE stripper babe, men with big cocks gravitate to me. And that is not a complaint. I love big cocks. And I love anal sex. So, it was nice to see Brian again. He kissed me passionately, and I melted in his arms. But I remember that coke can thick cock. No woman forgets it. After a few minutes of making out, I was facing the wall with my panties down around my ankles. My black thigh high stockings framed my ass.

No Woman Forgets a Beer Can Thick Cock in Her Fuck Holes

Brian is an ass man. And no woman forgets the hardcore ass fucking he can give them either. As I titled my ass towards his throbbing cock, I felt his hot breath on my neck. My nipples became so erect that they could have cut glass. I felt his cock enter me from behind, and my legs started to quiver. With his hands on my hips, he pulled my back on his cock until I started moaning loudly.

My pussy felt like a geyser. My hot cunt juice flowed down my legs with every thrust of his beer can cock in my ass. Brian fills all my holes. Not every man can give me a hot squirting pussy just from fucking my asshole. So, hats off to Brian’s big cock for making me remember how good a deep anal fucking can feel.