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Black Cock Phone Sex Friday with the King

black cock phone sexBig Daddy King puts the black in Black cock phone sex Friday. We have this annual tradition of fucking on Black Friday. This year was no different, but we made a new tradition. Black Friday is a day of celebrating  big black cock, specifically the anaconda. Holly fuck if there was ever a cock worthy of its own holiday, it would be the anaconda. The anaconda and Big Daddy King are leading the Black New World Order movement. White husbands think their wives are out shopping on Black Friday, but they are really out getting themselves some big black cock. White men, black men are coming for your wives. And wives understand the Black New World Order. They understand black cock superiority, even if you do not.  The anaconda has been stealing white women for decades now. White women understand Anaconda World Domination!!

I had a brilliant idea to celebrate Black Friday with the King of all Kings. I have a key to his local mansion. I know his wife goes shopping at the crack of dawn every Black Friday. I wanted to gather some of my King’s favorite sugar babies like Kardashian, Lexi, Baby Doll and Destiny to wake up our Supreme Being properly. We all dressed up in our BDK bling and sexy black and white lingerie to celebrate the start of the BNWO holiday. We showed off our tramp stamps. We got our hair and nails done too. We wanted to be on fleek for our King. We are an elite gfe phone sex posse and we always need to look fly. Some of the girls had never been inside Big Daddy King’s mansion. I ushered us to his place in one of his many stretch limos. BDK’s bimbos ride in style, always. I was on social media bragging about seeing our King on Black Friday and starting an official holiday for white women to get big black cocks. Me and my fellow hot sugar babies only want one big black cock. We are team Anaconda World Domination. I could almost hear the white boys crying as I bragged about how all white women want the anaconda.

gfe phone sexI showed the girls the mansion. I was on camera the entire time. When we got to Big Daddy King’s room, we saw the biggest tent ever. Our Supreme Being was asleep under a silk sheet, but the anaconda was awake. We are all property of BDK and the most sought after cock in the world. We gazed at our King while we could, but we all knew a feeding frenzy was about to occur. We surrounded the bed, pulled back the sheet and stared in awe of the King of all Kings and the King of all Cocks. Big Daddy King’s body is a work of art, and the anaconda is magnificent. We could only stare so long. We put our hands on the anaconda, and you could still see the King of all Cocks even with 5 sets of sugar baby hands groping it. We gave rainbow kisses to the anaconda next. Now, Big Daddy King was starting to wake up. He loved his Black Friday surprise. He is the leader of the BNWO and we are his disciples.

I got to ride the anaconda first. Big Daddy King is a porn star in bed. The anaconda always takes care of us individually, and collectively. I rode my cock hard until he exploded in my white girl pussy. My fellow sugar babies are so greedy for anaconda sauce that they ate it right out of my pussy. They got their turns though. BDK takes care of us better than any man can. That is why he is the leader of the BNWO and the King of interracial phone sex. Happy Black Friday Big Daddy King! #AnacondaWorldDomination #SupremeBeing #TheKingofAllKings #BlackCockSuperiority # BNWO #PropertyofBDK

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GFE Phone Sex Can Leave You Bankrupt

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I get all types of calls really, but I like to take care of men. I am the perfect GFE, but I need the perfect man. I was at the club when a potential sugar daddy approached me. I do not really need another sugar daddy. I have the best one around already, but this guy talked a mean game. He was talking about his yacht and how he likes to spoil his princess. Men who come into the club assume strippers are dumb. They look at me and see blonde bimbo. Many men do not think women in the adult industry are smart. They assume wrongly that we are doing this because we cannot do anything else. It is true that I did not even finish high school, but I am smart enough to know a Splenda daddy when I see one. He was using multiple credit cards to buy lap dances and drinks. He had to put the VIP room on three cards. His shoes were nothing special. He was not dressed to impress. He was no sugar daddy. He was just a poser. I do a lot of financial domination phone sex calls. I knew I could drain his wallet. I knew he was talking a big game, but I was playing the player.

I got him in the VIP room and cock teased him until he was bankrupt. I have very little use for Splenda daddies. I got bills to pay, and I have expensive tastes. I knew he was bullshitting me. I know a real sugar daddy when I see one.  He was not it. But he did have some value. Whatever money he did have I twerked and grinded my ass to get. He was tipping me on different cards. I do not care, if I was getting his money. I may be a tad old for the sugar baby princess phone sex life, but I can still milk wallets and cocks. I just milked his wallet though. He had a worthless pecker not deserving of a woman like me. He left the club broke with blue balls. Maybe he will think twice before he tries to con a hustler.

Dominatrix Phone Sex Goddess Cassandra Drains Wallets Not Balls

dominatrix phone sexAs a sexy switch, I can do dominatrix phone sex too. I love being in control of worthless cocks. I had this guy in the VIP room of the strip club last night who met my bad ass side. He had a tiny dick. The thing that was different about this loser is that he knew he was a loser. He was self-aware about his small penis. He knew he could not satisfy this blonde busty goddess. It was refreshing. Most guys come in the club and assume strippers put their greed above their sexual satisfaction. Not this stripper. I am in my 30s now. My sexual pleasure is a foremost priority. This tiny dick loser was rich. He got the VIP room for four hours. I strapped him to the chair and cock teased him until he had blue balls. I was not touching his worthless dick. Not for all the money in the world. He had a limp noodle anyway. His dick was one of the smallest I have ever seen. It looked like a frightened turtle hiding in its shell. He was all potatoes and no meat. He got some of the best small cock humiliation phone sex I have ever dished out. I administered some cock and ball torture too. I had a whip for his cum filled balls. He was about to burst, but I was not going to let this loser cum. He did not deserve to ejaculate. Not with a one-inch worm between his legs. I whipped his balls, smacked the head of his pin dick and laughed all the way to the bank as I made him pay for humiliation. I have a new pay piggie now. I mean if some rich loser wants to pay for small dick humiliation, why would I pass up that opportunity. I love financial domination phone sex calls. I will drain your wallet, but not your balls if you are a small dick loser.

GFE Phone Sex with the King is Always Out of This World

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is one thing, but when you have it with Big Daddy King, it is out of this world. That is because Big Daddy King is out of this world. BDK is the most sought after man in the universe. The King of Kings. I am very lucky to be his sugar baby OG. Porn stars, sugar babies, normal women, and now even beauty queens, throw themselves at him. They beg to be part of his elite sugar baby posse. Big Daddy King is the Living Legend for a reason. He recently spent some time in Vegas as he was the guest at a few hot events. There he met a former Miss America. Like the rest of us women, she was star struck when she met him. She cuckolds her husband, so she thought why not cuckold him with the best cock on the planet, the anaconda. No body does anything better than Big Daddy King. He is a supreme being. Big Daddy King’s encounter with a beauty queen got him thinking about expanding the most elite and coveted sugar baby posse around. Only the best of the best for a supreme being, right?

He decided to host a beauty pageant of his own. It was a sugar baby pageant. Me as the sugar baby OG and his sexy Miss America were judges along with Big Daddy King. Me and his beauty queen found 12 women who were hot as fuck, and in awe of Big Daddy King, but have never had the luck of meeting him. It was hard to look through thousands of applications to find the 12 best. So many women are in awe of Big Daddy King and his anaconda. The winner would get 50 grand, and the chance to be in the hottest sugar baby posse around. I helped get the girls ready for the competition.  This is a Black New World Order, and all the hottest women want to be in BDK’s posse of hot chicks.  With all the girls in black thongs, high heels and BDK jewels, the competition began. There is black cock phone sex, then there is the anaconda. No other cock compares to the anaconda. Every contestant wanted to immediately devour the best cock in the world, the anaconda. The contest was filmed of course, because anything with Big Daddy King in it will make millions of dollars in no time.

black cock phone sexThings were getting out of hand quickly because the contestants were eager to show BDK how desperate they were to be part of his sugar baby posse. Destiny, from Florida who is 21, went first. She spoke of how she grew up dreaming of Big Daddy King because her father had a Super Bowl picture that featured Big Daddy King. As she got older, she heard of his elite sugar baby posse, and dreamed of one day getting to worship the King and his anaconda. She crawled to Big Daddy King showing her love and awe for the King. Me and my King’s Miss America undid his pants, to show off his white compression shorts. No one fills out compression shorts like Big Daddy King. Destiny left her lip prints on his white compression shorts then the feeding frenzy started, and all the contestants wanted a piece of the anaconda. They all were vying for the crown Miss Sugar Baby 2022. Big Daddy King is more than enough man for 12 beauty queens. They all kissed and licked and worshiped every ounce of his superior body, but I was the one lucky enough to ride the King and show the wannabes how it is done. In the end Destiny was crowned the winner. She got a crown, 50 grand and the biggest cum shot to her face from the best cock on the planet. The other 11 contestants were crushed, but this will be an annual event. They will have a chance again to be part of the best sugar baby posse around. They got to worship the anaconda and meet Big Daddy King, so they did have some nice parting gifts. #AnacondaFever #TheLivingLegend #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #BWNO #BBCSuperiority

GFE Phone Sex is the Best Way to Get Spoiled By Men

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex. I am a sexy bitch. I may be in my 30s now, but I still have men lined up to worship me. I look younger than I am. I think it is all that cum I get to the face, LOL. Cum has done this body good. I take care of men, and they take care of me. Some take care of me financially. Some take care of me sexually. The best men take care of me sexually and financially. I was recently on a special arrangements site. I do not use them much. I meet most of my sugar daddies at the club or while traveling, but one of the strippers wanted me to put up a profile so her sugar daddy could see me. He likes tall, busty blondes and he was looking for another sugar baby for a two-day boat trip. She told me what to write in the profile to snag him. According to her, he did not want some stripper whore. He wanted a sophisticated, mature phone sex woman. She clearly lied on her profile because she is a stripper whore too. The best GFEs though are versatile with men. I am a chameleon. I can blend in with whomever is spoiling me. With her help, I snagged him, and we spent two days on his boat this week. It was a houseboat. It is under the radar of his wife, so this is where he is when the wife thinks he is out of town to golf or on business. It was a nice love pad. We rocked the boat though. A lot. He is much older than us, but with Viagra he can fuck like a 40-year-old again. It was refreshing to be with a guy that old who did not prefer the company of hot teen sluts. He said mature girls are better at things like prostate massages. He is not wrong. I give great prostate phone sex. I know how to make a man bust the biggest load without even touching his dick. Sure, we had to work hard to bust his old nuts, but we spent two days on a sweet houseboat and we both got a big bag of cash and some expensive jewelry for our time. Not a bad way to spend a few days.

Big Tits Phone Sex Mixed with Small Dick Humiliation

big tits phone sexI love big tits phone sex calls. Guys love my big knockers. They are not real fun bags, but they are all mine. I got them when I was 18 because a photographer told me I would go further in the adult industry with bigger tits. He was right too. I have had made bank off my body between stripping, escorting, talking dirty, modeling nude and escorting. My tits are my money bags. I had a guy at the strip club last night obsessed with my boobs too. He told me he had no doubt that my boobs would swallow up his little dick. It was refreshing to hear a man own up to his short comings. Must guys brag about having what I need and end up with small cock humiliation phone sex because he falls well below my minimum inch requirement.

He got the VIP room and wanted a lap dance while I gave him some small dick humiliation. Getting paid to shame loser dicks is a perk of stripping and being a phone bone girl. On the phone, I never get to see the little prick unless a guy sends me a dick pick. In the club, I got to see his short stack and it was indeed small. I have seen smaller, but his inch worm would get lost in my big boobs. But he was laying down the $100 dollar bills liberally, so I let my tits eat his prick up. I laughed as my big boobs pressed together to swallow his tiny dick. He was thin too. He understood he was not man enough for me, and that was refreshing. As a phone sex babe, I hear guys bragging about 5-inch dicks and it is hard not to laugh. This loser came from me laughing at his worthless dick. Most men I shame for not being man enough for me never pay me nor accept it well, but this guy did, and I made over a grand shaming his pathetic pecker. Life is good sometimes.

Cock Control Queen Knows How to Give Small Dick Humiliation

cock control

I love cock control calls. I am a sexy size queen. I love to shame little dicks. I had this guy call me last night who wanted me to rate his cock. He emailed me a picture. I thought it was a joke at first because he was all potatoes and no meat. Seriously, all I could see was balls.  His dick was like a little frightened turtle. I had never seen anything that small. He had a shrunken dick.  He was a white boy. I know, of course he was a white boy with such a small dick. The guy seemed very upset that I was making fun of his dick. You cannot ask a woman to rate your cock then get upset when she gives you a zero. I had never seen anything that small either. I mean no way would he ever be a daddy. Not only was his cock so small it could not even fit inside a pussy, but no woman would want to fuck a man that small either. I was in shock thinking how his dick would even get inside a wet bald pussy. He seemed upset that I was not falling to my knees to worship his shrimp dick. No way it would fit in my pussy anyway. What did he think he could do, worm his way inside my hot pussy. He had nothing I wanted. Nor did he have anything I could feel. Worthless dick. He still felt the need to slut shame me. He said he should get me fired because he was a paying customer. I told him to go ahead and try but my boss has my back. If he was dumb enough to call a size queen and a BBC lover to rate his tiny white boy penis, he was going to get some serious small cock humiliation phone sex. He was the one stupid enough to ask a woman out of his league who loves big black cock to rate his little pin dick. If you cannot handle the truth, I am not the woman for you.

Sissy Phone Sex Callers Know BBC Matters

sissy phone sexI love my sissy phone sex callers. They call me because they know I am a size queen who will put them in their place and feed them big black cocks.  I had no idea how many black cock faggots were in the world until I started fucking a black man with an anaconda. Once you sissy faggots saw that I was a BBC slut, you came out in droves. I even have sissy guys at the club who know I am a BBC slut.  This one guy was at the club last night, but he did not believe in the power of the big black cock. I had to school him. He got the VIP room with me and thought he could fuck me with a three-inch cock. Sure, I can be bought. I am a gfe phone sex slut. But I cannot be bought for any amount of money to fuck a nub.  This loser had money, but he had no dick. I gave him a lap dance. I prick teased him. He pulled out a stack of hundreds and pointed to his dick. I laughed. I could not help myself. He was trying to buy me to fuck him. I told him he was not worthy of my pussy. I would not feel three inches. That is 10.5 inches less than I am accustomed to fucking. That is a lot less than my pussy deserves. He tried to get me fired and he got himself banned from the club. Even got escorted off by two black security guys, but not before I cuckolded him in the VIP room with some superior black cock phone sex. He needed to see what my white girl pussy deserves. I was squirting on those big black cocks too.  I fucked both security guys in front of him, while a couple fellow strippers held him down so he could see it all. The loser cried. He actually cried. Unlike you sissy callers, he did not want to believe in a black new world order. Bye Felicia, lol. He is banned from the club for life. This white girl pussy deserves big black cocks.

Hot Phonesex Calls Can Influence You and Me

hot phonesexI  love hot phonesex calls. I love sharing naughty tales, masturbating together and swapping dirty fantasies. I did a call last night with a man obsessed with strippers. Turns out his mother was a stripper in the 70s and a former 60s Playboy Playmate. He grew up with a hot mother before the term MILF had ever been coined. I am not a mother in real life, but I am in my 30s and can play mommy for callers. My caller was more interested in exchanging stories of our youth than role playing. I love those kind of calls a lot. I enjoy what I call phone sex therapy and gfe calls. We just share real life experiences. My youth was not as sexy as my caller’s younger days. He grew up watching mommy have these wild sex parties with other hot milfs. They would smoke weed, watch porn and fuck. His mommy was very sexually liberated and a party mom. She never fucked her son, but she cock teased the hell out of him walking around half-naked and inviting other hot mature women over. He banged a few of mommy’s hot stripper friends when he entered his teenage years. Me, on the other hand, had a less glamorous life. I was daddy’s sex slave. I was a sex slave to his friends too. He asked me some uncomfortable questions, but if you like these kinds of true confessions calls, I will answer you truthfully. To me, my caller had the hotter upbringing. He thought I did, however. He was so turned on by my submissive phone sex roots, that he decided to do a role play towards the end of the call. He went from mom fantasies to daddy fantasies just hearing about my past. I guess my past inspired his present because at the end of our call, he decided he wanted to find a woman with a young girl he could fuck. I always think my callers are inspiring my sex life, but I guess sometimes, I inspire theirs.

GFE Phone Sex with The King is One Hot Ride

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex with the King is always a wonderful ride. My Big Daddy King is amazing. He is a true Renaissance man. He is The Living Legend after all. He is a star athlete. An award winning entrepreneur. He is a porn star. He is the Sugar Daddy of the Century.  He is the most sought after man in the world. Women all want him. Men all want to be him. When the heavens above made Big Daddy King, they broke the mold because there is no other man who can compare. There is a reason there is a Cult of Anaconda full of beautiful babes. There is a reason why BDK is achieving anaconda world domination. Women everywhere know about The Living Legend. Porn stars, strippers, housewives and GFE women everywhere worship Big Daddy King and his anaconda. Some of us are lucky enough to be in his elite sugar baby posse. Black cock matters, but the anaconda matters the most to women’s cock phone sex

Big Daddy King has a new sugar baby in his world named Nova. He wanted me to bring her to Colorado to christen his newest business, a dispensary. I took Nova to get her tramp stamp and bling, as well as her hair and nails done, so she would be like a bonafide member of the most elite sugar baby posse on the planet. A limo picked us up at my place, and we flew in The King’s private jet to Colorado to get high with the Living Legend in the Rocky Mountains. Nova could not believe she was on a decked out private jet. I mean BDK’s private jet is an oasis in the sky. I recorded everything too. I captured Nova’s excitement over learning she would be joining this sugar baby OG to meet The Living Legend. She passed out from the excitement. She was also enthralled over the bejeweled jet. Wait until she met BDK in the flesh and got to see the anaconda close-up. There is black cock phone sex. Then there is The Anaconda. She would lose her shit.

Big Daddy King picked us up in his Lamborghini and Nova almost passed out again. We took some edibles to get high with our King, but nothing is higher than the anaconda. Nothing is more addicting either. Big Daddy King is the leader of Black New World Order, and sugar babies like Nova and I are part of the Cult of Anaconda. What an experience. We drove around in the high altitudes, getting high with our King. The anaconda is so big and powerful, it could drive that Lamborghini. After a beautiful drive, we went back to our King’s place, gussied up a bit more and his limo took us to the ribbon cutting ceremony of his dispensary.  I took to social media to capture Nova worshiping the best cock in the world. We were in the back of the limo with Big Daddy King, getting high on edibles and our King. We got fucked and fingered by The Living Legend himself and it made us both so wet. I came over 20 times in that limo, which is like a world record. No one makes me cum that much but my King. Nova came just as much. We were not the only ones though. Big Daddy King anointed our faces with the biggest cum shot too. There is no other man who I would want to worship more than Big Daddy King. Every woman on the planet feels the same. #TheLivingLegend #BBCMatters #AnacondaWorldDomination #CultofAnaconda #Addicted2Anaconda #PropertyofBDK