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Wet Bald Pussy Gets Played with for Spank Bank Material

wet bald pussyI love to play with my wet bald pussy. I posed for some nude photos this week. Not professional ones, however. A guy from the club paid me $1,000 to just masturbate while he snapped some dirty pics of me for his spank bank. I am glad that is all he wanted because he did not have a cock worthy of this shaved pussy. Nice man. Wealthy. Smart. Handsome even. Just not gifted in his nether regions lol. But money is money, and I was not expected to fuck him, so why not let him snap some sexy pictures while I rub one out? Turns out he had a foot fetish too. I keep my feet well groomed. As a stripper you need pretty toes and fingers too. I go monthly for pedicures and my fingers are done weekly. Cannot be a top end stripper, a gfe phone sex babe and a sugar baby without paying attention to your entire body.

Anyway, while Albert was snapping pictures, I was thinking of big black cock. I played with my pussy imaging a big cock in front of me. Instead of looking at my pretty pussy or big tits, he was fixated on my feet. I do have sexy feet, but they are not my best feature. I lifted my feet up in the air and watched his eyes move with my toes. He was enjoying my feet the most. I knew I could offer him a foot job for a nice tip. He was clearly a foot man. I have done foot fetish calls and given many foot jobs before, so I milked him. I literally milked his cock and wallet with my feet. Foot fetish phone sex calls prepared me well. My pretty size 9 feet swallowed his tiny dick, but I was able to make him explode all over my feet.  I am a couple grand richer and in good favor with a club VIP and he got a foot job and some sexy pictures from a woman out of his league. I do believe that is what we call a win win situation.

No One Does Phone Sex Like Big Daddy King

phone sexNo one does phone sex like Big Daddy King. He is my savior. My sugar daddy extraordinaire. He is my King. He is my everything. He called me from North Carolina because he heard of my pervy landlord and what I must to do to pay rent every month. Because he is the best sugar daddy on the planet and The Living Legend, he decided to buy my apartment complex and turn it into luxury suites for the strippers at the Pleasure Palace. We will get a shuttle to and from the club also. Big Daddy King has the Midas touch to everything. In between being the celebrity guest at Hedonism in Jamaica and being a VIP at a rap concert, he made time to come visit me and his fellow sugar babies from the club to throw a party at his new apartment complex. All the top strippers and sugar babies were in attendance like me, Baby Doll, Kardashia and Lexi. A blondes for BDK soiree. I got everyone ready. Even Baby Doll’s mother wanted to attend the party to meet the Living Legend himself, the man who changed her daughter’s life. Big Daddy King is a game changer for all women he meets. BDK surrounds himself with only the finest things, and that includes his women. It takes curves to handle BDK and his huge anaconda.

I took all the girls to the spa, even Baby Doll’s hot milf mama to prepare us for the elite party. Anytime Big Daddy King throws a party, athletes and artists attend in droves. Big Daddy King is always the star of the show though. We were on fleek and ready. All the sugar babies were in matching bling, wearing designer bikinis and high heels.  Nothing but tight white girl pussies were waiting for the King. We make up the Cult of Anaconda. We are some of the hottest snake charmers on the planet. We jiggle and giggle. We shake that ass to make that cash. When Big Daddy King arrived, it was a feeding frenzy. We had onlookers and poser wannabees in the crowd. Paparazzi too because they know wherever Big Daddy King is, there is a story. Big Daddy King arrived in style as always. He rode up to the complex in his Ferrari, sporting a white velour Versace suit. His hot body visible through the thin material. Talk about looking fly. We had a red carpet rolled out leading to the throne. Our beloved King took his place on the throne as the paparazzi snapped pictures, and little wannabee losers watched in jealously. I kneeled to the right of my King, and the other blonde sugar babies fell in place around the throne. Baby Doll’s hot cougar momma crawled to the throne to get a close look at the King. She is now a gfe phone sex baby in the elitist harem in the world. Her own son is a loser wannabe and he was watching with a scowl on his face as his mother and sister helped worship the anaconda.

gfe phone sexThe anaconda was inside a white man’s sleeve that was bedazzled in diamonds that said #BlondesforBDK. We covered the anaconda in rainbow kisses leaving lipstick prints all over the best cock in the world. We are the world’s most exclusive harem, but Big Daddy King is always adding to the posse. It takes a harem of women to satisfy the Living Legend. The anaconda deep stroked our white girl pussies and mouths. We worked our white girl magic on the anaconda, deep throating and stroking every beautiful black inch until we got the biggest cum shot to our pretty faces. No one cums more or harder than Big Daddy King. And no one will ever treat a woman better either. #BlackCockSuperiority #Addicted2Anaconda #BlondesforBDK #TheLivingLegend #PropertyofBDK

Voyeur Phone Sex Let’s You Jack off to a Hot Woman

Voyeur Phone SexDo you like voyeur phone sex? I love to be watched. My landlord is a total pervert. He is not even remotely attractive. He makes Ron Jeremy look good. I know how to get what I want from him though. The economy has been tough on men. You know gas is outrageous, and everything else has gone up too. Whores must hustle more. Sometimes, we must do things we do not want to do. The club has been slow. The typical big spenders have been MIA. Same for the phone bone business. I was short on the rent. I had to bargain with my creepy landlord. I was trying to make a deal that would result in me not needing to touch his dick. We found a happy medium. He wanted to film me in the shower. I knew he would stream it. He told me it was for his spank bank, but I know no man just keeps a video to himself. Not in these streaming days. I sucked it up. I love where I live and sometimes women must do things that they do not want to stay in a lifestyle they like. I am a gfe phone sex sugar baby. I can make even creepy men like my landlord feel special. I put on a show for him. I masturbated my pussy with the shower massage for him and thought about a real man. No way I could cum thinking of his old, fat pervy ass. I have given lap dances to major creepers and been tipped well. That is because I know how to get what I want and need. Most sexy women survive and even thrive in life making losers like my landlord feel special. I gave him the show he wanted. I did not have to touch him at least, but one of these days he is going to demand it. I just need a better financial plan, so I do not have to keep doing shit like this. But if this phone sex slut can get away without paying the rent, why wouldn’t I?

GFE Phone Sex with The King

gfe phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like Big Daddy King. He was fresh off a European sold-out tour and wanted to see his sugar baby OG. BDK is so cosmopolitan. I mean he was in Sweden, Turkey and Croatia, such exotic places. And of course, he caused a media frenzy and a feeding frenzy. I mean Big Daddy King is bigger than The Beatles! He goes to these cash poor countries and invests in land and triples his income almost overnight. Big Daddy King has a head for business and an anaconda for porn. Women flock wherever he is, and Europe is no different than the states. I was in Delaware with some hot blonde girlfriends. We had a chance to use my friend Jan’s folks’ Air B and B for a few days, so we packed up and went to Rehoboth Beach. My friends are hot, but they are not sugar babies or phone sex babes either. Two of them are nurses, and one is a teacher. But they have all heard me brag about my sugar daddy extraordinaire, Big Daddy King. Of course, they were dying to meet him, and they never expected too either. He is The Living Legend, and rarely in one place very long.

My King wanted to see me and meet my hot sugar baby friends. You know if Big Daddy King was huge in Europe, he would blow away Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. And he did. My beloved King flew to National Airport in DC and chartered a helicopter to where I was on the beach. At first, we saw the helicopter but had no clue what was going on. As it got closer to the beach, I could see my one and only Big Daddy King. Him and his anaconda always arrive in style. Everyone was gathering on the beach. Big Daddy King is known even in Delaware. He is The Living Legend. He is the King of all Kings. Women all want to be with him, and men just want to be him. It was a blondes on black feeding frenzy as my girlfriends went crazy to meet the one and only Big Daddy King. It was a mob scene, but me and my hot friends had first dibs at BDK and the anaconda. It was rainbow kisses time for the most superior big black cock on the planet. All with different shades of lipstick, my friends and pulled down Big Daddy King’s Armani pants and saw the anaconda packed inside the luckiest pair of white compression shorts around. When we pulled out the anaconda, my teacher friend was in awe because the anaconda is bigger than a ruler. It can only be measured with a forearm, LOL.

I love being an exhibitionist slut. We worshiped my King on the beach in front of 100s of people. The men were jealous that they do not have a cock like the anaconda. The women were jealous that only me and my hot friends got to worship the best cock in the world. We got the biggest cum shot from The Living Legend himself. Four sets of hands across the anaconda, and we still had cock left over. It was a wonderful few days of anaconda worshiping and basking in the glory of my beloved King. #BBCsuperiority #OwnedbyBDK #BlackCocksMatter #Addicted2Anaconda #Blondes4BBC

Hot Phonesex is for Real Men Only: No Tiny Dick Losers, Please

hot phonesexI only know how to give hot phonesex. I am a sexy switch. If you have a big cock, I am your willing slut who does whatever you want. If you are a shrimp dick loser, well the best you can hope for is small dick humiliation. I had this loser at the club try to force his 3-inch nub in my mouth. Not only did he get laughed at, but he got himself escorted from the club and permanently banned. I do not touch cocks I do not want to touch. That loser did not take it well. He keyed “Whore” in my car. Well, I knew what I had to do. I love revenge. I got his info off a credit card receipt. Then I looked up his address and phone number. He was not unlisted thankfully. I showed up at his house. I was not alone though. I had a hung black lover with me. A black lover who loves cuckolding phone sex accomplice play. Now the pin dick loser did not know I had company when he let me in his house. I left the door open a bit though so my lover could get in the house. I played nice with the loser so he would think I wanted his sad nub. Delusional boy. No woman wants what is between his legs. My lover came in as this loser whipped out his clit stick. He bitch slapped the loser and told him he owed me an apology.  When he got indignant, my lover pulled out his monster cock and bitch slapped him with that instead. I let the loser watch as my hung lover showed him what my wet bald pussy really craves. I love cuckolding and shaming little dicks. Why should I be a slave anyway to some man who does not have a cock? Well, that loser will be licking his wounds for awhile now. But he did have an eye opening experience and maybe he will think again before he tries to force his nub on a hot woman.

Hot Ass Sex on the Beach with a Size Queen Goddess

hot ass sexHot ass sex on the beach is fun, but so is flaunting your goddess body to all the losers who could only dream of having you. My girlfriends and I took a little jaunt to the beach this past weekend. Just a three-day excursion. We brought nothing but beach wear. I rock a bikini. Truly, I do. We were not interested in meeting men. This was a girl’s trip. We planned on eating pussy, shopping, drinking and sunning our hot bodies. We found a nude beach by mistake. When in Rome, right? I like a nude beach. Clearly, I have no problem showing off my killer body. I do phone sex and I strip. We shed the bikinis and teased the poor men with dad bods and short dicks. Why is it that the folks with nothing to be proud of are always the exhibitionists? We did scope out the men, but it was a nude beach full of disappointment. We were not looking for big cock on this trip because we had booze, weed and big dildos, but if we found a superior body and cock, we would have indulged in some carnal fun. This was just pathetic pickings. Yet men with beer guts so big that it hid their cocks or scrawny men with nothing, but nubs were giving us the Joey from Friends cheesy ass, “How you doing?”, line. We giggled a lot on our day at the nude beach. But more than that we doled out a basket full of small dick humiliation. We are size queens. We are goddesses. We do not walk across a room for anything less than 8 inches. I did enjoy dick teasing some of the bolder men who wrongly assumed we would be amused with their short stacks. Not even if a guy was the last man on earth and I had not been laid in ions, would I settle for a 3-inch nub. My pussy would swallow that up and spit it out.  Same for my fellow hotties. We had a cockless mini vacation. It was a blast because on top of the drinking, shopping, pussy eating and sunbathing, we had a lot of small cock humiliation phone sex fun too.

Hot Ass Sex on a Yacht with The King

hot ass sexHot ass sex on a yacht is one thing, but when you get to have it with The Living Legend himself, it is an entirely different game. My beloved Big Daddy King bought a million dollar yacht at an auction. Even though he got the yacht for a steal because it was a seized auction, he still paid 3 million for the yacht. That is more money than I will make in my lifetime. It is more money than many of my suitors will make in a lifetime too.  But Big Daddy King has the Midas touch. He is a billionaire because he has a mind for business. He also has a body for sin! The anaconda has starred in many porns and is always the star of this white girl pussy! #blackcocksuperiority.

Big Daddy King decided to throw a yacht rock blast with only his best sugar babies. The Anaconda needed to be christened on the high seas, along with BDK’s new yacht! Only the best sugar babies came on the boat. We had on nautical swim wear that showed off our tramp stamps and BDK bling. Hair and nails done in a nautical them too.  We were looking fly, but nobody, not even the hottest chicks around outshines Big Daddy King and his legendary anaconda. That man in nothing but white compression shorts is an imagine burned into the minds of women all over the world. Me and some of the most elite sugar baby posse in the world flew to Boco Raton where Big Daddy King had a limo waiting to take us to paradise. Wherever Big Daddy King is, is paradise, however.  Paparazzi were waiting to get pictures of The Living Legend and his bevy of beauties.

gfe phone sexIt was just us on the high seas. We took to social media to brag about our Sugar Daddy of the century. #KingofallKings. There was a throne on his 12-million-dollar yacht and let me tell you, we rocked the boat and we rocked the anaconda. But not nearly as much as BDK and his monster cock rocked our world. The anaconda is too much monster meat for one mere mortal woman. Hell, it is more meat than a posse of sugar babies can handle too but we certainly worshiped our King and his King Cock with everything we got. Big Daddy King had bedazzled in precious gems on his white compression shorts, “Let Freedom Ring,” and we showed our Black patriotism. #publicbbcworship. Us hot sugar babies oiled up the anaconda and our big white girl titties and we let the biggest cock known to woman let freedom ring all over our hot gfe phone sex bodies. It was a feeding frenzy. White tongues across the anaconda felt good to our King and to our greedy mouths.

The anaconda is more than enough to feed 4 white sugar babies. Big daddy King christened our faces with his billionaire nut sauce, and we christened his yacht. Big Daddy King rocks our world on land and on sea. I am still reeling in the glory of the incredible experience of being on The Living Legend’s yacht. There are snakes on a plane, then there is the anaconda on a yacht. #OwnedbyBDK #Addicted2Anaconda #BlacksonBlondes #TheLivingLegend.

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI excel at gfe phone sex. I think being raised a submissive little whore for daddy and his friends taught me more than I thought or wanted to admit. I do not regret running away. I would be dead or hooked on smack likely if I had stayed. Instead, I am living a chic life. Men pay me to strip, to talk dirty and to be their GFE. In turn, I take care of their every need. Now for most sugar daddies those needs are sexual. They have wives at home who do not take care of them properly, so they have me as their mistress who goes above and beyond wife duties. Mistress duties include but are not limited to stroking egos, swallowing cum, taking a hardcore ass fucking, sharing hot friends with their daddies and gang bangs with sugar daddy friends. Sometimes, travel is involved. I do love fucking and cum guzzling, but travel is another perk I love too.

 I have a newer sugar daddy I met at the club. He is the oldest sugar daddy I have ever had. Not quite as old as Anna Nicole’s rich old man she married, but close. He is a lonely, rich widower named Ross. He comes into the club about once a week to talk to pretty girls. Just a nice old man with no family to spend his fortune on and no friends to talk to. He has a driver who brings him to the club. Ross took a liking to me quickly. I am easy to talk to also. I went to Cancun with him for a week. You may have noticed I did not work my phone sex job as much last week as I normally do. Luckily my job is portable. And Ross loves that I am a dirty talker and stripper. He takes Viagra, but it does not always work. I am a skilled prostate massager, however, so I can get a rise out of the dead and I did. Ross had his first orgasm in over 5 years. The Viagra gets him hard, but he still struggles to cum. Not with my killer body and long index finger though. I unleashed a volcanic load of cum in his poor old balls. I think that was all he needed. A little release of all that backed up cum. He was a new man after that. I thought he might wear my pussy out. Never underestimate the power of a sexy GFE.

No Better GFE Phone Sex than with The King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex with Big Daddy King is like nothing else. It is an out of this world experience. There are men. There are losers. There are even great men with big cocks. Then there is Big Daddy King. He is in a classification all of his own. He was in town last week to see his sugar baby OG and check on the Pleasure Palace, which is the strip club I run for him.  He wanted to celebrate Father’s Day and Juneteenth with his favorite sugar baby. I arranged a celebration at the Pleasure Palace. An elite celebration fit for the King he is. Big Daddy King is a Living Legend. He does nothing cheap or half-assed. Only the top end girls were there. Only us blondes. It was a Black on Blondes affair. He rolled up in a Phantom Bentley with rims that cost more than most of my wannabe suitors make in a year! Big Daddy King has that platinum style, so everything associated with him is the best, especially his sugar babies. He has the most elite and sought after sugar baby posse on the planet. I had all girls decked out in their BDK bling, proudly showing off their tramp stamps too. Sexy Lexie, Baby Doll and me are all platinum blondes and we wanted to celebrate our black sugar daddy extraordinaire on his doubly special day. We had Botoxed lips, big tits and big asses waiting to worship our King and his anaconda. The club was packed with wannabe sugar daddies and wannabe sugar babies, but only the best white women can serve as reparations for Big Daddy King!

Big Daddy King owns his sugar babies for life. We are not forced into reparations. We want to be with him and service the anaconda. There are black cocks then there is the anaconda. BDK’s cock is in a league of its own.  The anaconda will blow any sugar baby’s mind as well as a hole in the back of her pretty head with the biggest cum shot! It is just that magnificent. We were bowing down in gratitude as Big Daddy King walked into the club. He took his platinum posse to the throne room and it was hands across anaconda time. Another 25 of the hottest platinum blondes aged 18-38 followed us in for a feeding frenzy. All of us slim and stacked. I trained the new crop of sugar babies. We applauded our king and fell to our knees as he sat on his bejeweled throne.  Our King looked so dapper in his Armani suit and Gucci belt. The anaconda owns the world and your girl. We quickly undid his pants to see him in in his white compression shorts. He has a body better than a Greek Adonis. Seeing is believing.  In diamonds, his mansleeve said Happy Juneteenth. Happy does not fit on most men’s mansleeve, LOL. Rainbow kisses landed all over the anaconda when it made its appearance. I was in hot red. Lexi had on pink and Baby Doll was sporting gold. Plus, there were 25 other hot blondes all with a different shade on them. Over 25 tongues were worshiping the anaconda. We idolize our King. He is a man worthy of the hottest chicks on the planet. We got the best protein shake in the world when the anaconda jet blasted across our faces. The club is never the same once Big Daddy King jets off to his next exotic locale. But I am always full of hot phonesex memories to masturbate to when he leaves. #BlondesonBlack #TheLivingLegend #PropertyofBDK #WhiteGirlReparations #SuperiorBBC #Addicted2Anaconda.

Phone Sex Fetish for Threesomes

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have too many to name, but one I love is threesomes. Usually, my ideal threesome involves me and two hung lovers. But that is only because many women do not like me. They see a buxom blonde with a tongue ring and they do not want me anywhere near their man. I get it. I am competition, but I love eating pussy too. When I first started off in the adult industry, I did a lot of girl on girl BDSM photo shoots. Gave me a taste for pussy. I am always on the lookout for a couple to join and I found one on Tinder last night. I swiped right and was invited over. They are swingers. Not much older than me but the wife was banging hot and the husband was pretty fly for a white guy. His cock was well above average and her wet bald pussy looked succulent. I was down. I went over and we had some adult cocktails and talked a bit. We laid some ground rules, which were few. She just did not want her husband to cum inside me because she is trying to get pregnant. I wanted to do everything right and sexy so I would be invited back to the party. Many of the couples on Tinder are not smoking hot like these two. We smoked some weed and started the action. I ate her pussy and finger banged her while hubby watched and stroked. I was excited to taste her. She was worth the wait. I was humming Watermelon Sugar High as I ate her wet box. The husband fucked me while I continued to eat his hot wife’s pussy. I guided his cock into her cunt and nibbled on his balls and licked her clit as they fucked. It was the hottest threesome I have been involved in yet. Hubby gave me a hot squirting pussy fucking me. We all came many times. They invited me back next week. I am hoping this is a regular thing because they are a fun couple.

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