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Big Tits Phone Sex Means I Have a Get Out of Jail Free Card

big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex is made for me. I was not naturally blessed with big tits, but a patron bought me some nice fun bags when I turned 18. I have kept them in nice shape too. They are my get out of jail card. Sometimes, I get in trouble, or I do not want to wait in line or perhaps I want something pretty. I just flash my tits and get what I want. Men are so weak for a hot body. And I do have a hot body. I used my body to get a friend’s teen daughter out of trouble. The girl got busted for pot. She was at a rave when the cops showed up. Because she is a teen phone sex girl with pot, they put her in a holding cell. I put on tight jeans, a tank top and high heels to bail her out. My friend and I look a lot a like but she has no tits. I pose as her mom to get the girl out of jail. Her bail was set high, but I had the cash. But my plan was to get her out of jail for free. Now, I am a good friend. I would pay her way out, but I let my body do the trick. And it worked. The cop in charge has done security at the strip club. He knew who I was, but he had no clue that Shelly was not my daughter. I took him to a supply closest and played 30 minutes in heaven with him. He was not that endowed, but he was not small either. I sucked it up because I was fucking for a good cause. As I sucked his cock, he fingered my wet bald pussy and made me cream. He had nice strong hands. They almost made up for his lack of girth. He was strong. I am a tall sturdy goddess, but he picked me up with ease. I wrapped my legs around his body and bounced on his cock until he came inside me. I still had his cum inside me when Shelly got released with nothing more than a reprimand. I had to spend zero money to bail her out. She will have no record this even happened. I am such a good friend.

Wet Bald Pussy Needs Cock That Can Last Longer Than 3 Minutes

wet bald pussyI love to play with my wet bald pussy. I can never masturbate enough. Can you relate? In the phone bone business, I talk with a lot of chronic masturbaters. I have learned a ton of edging techniques to help men just like you last longer. Let’s be real for a moment. No woman wants a minute man. We are barely warmed up when you cum. Then you cum and are done, leaving us high and dry. I have had plenty of minute men in my past. I have had plenty of small dicks in my life too. Those days are gone though. The new me. The mature me does not open her legs or her mouth for anything less than 8 or 9 inches. And, I started a phone sex career to help men become better lovers for the women in their lives.

Chris called me because he is a 3 pump chump. He has been married and divorced three times. He cannot keep a girlfriend either. He has a nice cock, according to him, but he comes quickly. I did tease him a bit. I mean three ex wives and a series of failed relationships later, and he is just now calling for some help? He should have known he needed help sooner. I did some edging games with him like Red Light Green Light. I enjoy edging games, mixed with some tease and denial fun. I could hear him slapping his meat over the phone. He had a big enough cock that I could hear. I doubted his issue was from lack of size. He was no monster cock, but he was big enough to get the job done. His issue is what plagues many guys, too much porn and too much masturbation.

Phone Sex Fetish for Interracial Cuckolding

phone sex fetish

What is your phone sex fetish? I have a lot of kinks personally. I think most women in the adult industry do. One of my favorites is cuckolding. I especially enjoy interracial cuckolding. You are just a hop skip or a jump away from interracial cuckolding porn on the Internet. Many white boys are watching big black cocks pump white girls just like their wives and girlfriends with large loads of black spunk. There is a statistic that claims there will be no more pure white race by the year 2045 because of races mixing. That has some white men shaking in their boots. I think this will happen regardless of what white men want because white women know that big black cocks are the best cocks for their pussies.

I had an interesting call with a new guy this week. His wife is owned by a black lover. The lover is four times the size of the husband’s cock, but half his age. I love black cock phone sex. That is no secret. But not all white men understand their inferiority. This caller did not understand it. He is an unwilling cuckold with a BBC slut wife who is all about big black cocks. His wife’s black lover tattooed her this weekend. She now has a Queen of Spades symbol on her ankle where everyone can see it. He called me for advice. This caller thought I might know to dissuade her from big black cock. I laughed. I mean I was not going to help him win his wife back. She has gone to the dark side and once a woman does that there is no going back. I told him the truth. She is black owned now and is going to be black bred soon too. She is my age so she is still fertile. She will help eradicate the pure white race one brat at a time, LOL. My caller was not too pleased. He thought I owed him some sort of loyalty because I was white too. I guess he has not read my blogs, LOL. I am here for interracial cuckolding phone sex. I am here to help women get the biggest and best cocks around. I am pro woman and pro BBC.

Black Cock Phone Sex Needs the King of All Kings, Big Daddy King

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is nothing without Big Daddy King. And guess what? Neither is the Black New World Order. Big Daddy King is the natural leader of the BNWO. More and more white women are realizing the power of the BNWO. Most white women already know about Big Daddy King and his anaconda cock. He is the Supreme Being. He is the most coveted man on the planet. He is the natural leader of the BNWO. With me as his sugar baby OG, he decided that the natural evolution of the BNWO would be an annual ceremony with girls 18-21 auditioning to be a part of our elite BNWO sugar baby posse. The girls are sponsored by their white daddies and boyfriends. The men pay a tribute for the chance to get their ladies in the best and most exclusive sugar baby posse around. The tributes pay for makeovers and tattoos and wardrobe requirements. Being hot is only part of being in the BNWO sugar baby posse under the leadership of Big Daddy King. You have to look the part too.

We had our first inaugural auditions recently. I invited young girls to audition and explained the sponsorship rules. I selected some girls fresh out of high school and even some coeds. The Cult of Anaconda is a growing posse. I made sure the girls were the best quality for our Supreme Being. I even selected a few back ups who are now on the waiting list. I gathered the top 20 candidates and presented them to Big Daddy King. A porn production team wanted to film the selection process. Anything Big Daddy King is involved in is profitable, so this porn production team would make bank off the streaming rights. Big Daddy King and the anaconda would be the stars of the show, but some new starlets got their 30 minutes of fame too. No girl in the BNWO cares about fame though. We are there for Big Daddy King and his amazing anaconda. We care about being part of Anaconda World Domination. GFE phone sex babes are all about Big Daddy King and nothing else.

gfe phone sexI had the candidates ready for their audition with Big Daddy King. They had their hair done. They all got their BNWO, Property of BDK and Queen of Spades tats. I had them all looking fly. We were conducting the auditions at BDK’s lavish penthouse. He arrived in style, as always. He had his helicopter land on the roof of his penthouse. I had collected a million dollars in tribute payment from the candidates’ white male sponsors. There was a red carpet for the King of all Kings to walk down and all 20 girls were on their knees on both sides of the carpet reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the BNWO as Big Daddy King walked to his throne, inspecting the wannabe sugar babies along the way. Some were crying, so over wrought with emotion. Some even fainted at his greatness. Cuckold daddies and boyfriends were nearby to present their women to the King and leader of the BNWO.

Big Daddy King handpicked the cream of the crop. He selected Stacy, Barbie and Valencia and a couple others. The 5 hottest girls surrounded our beloved King as I undid his belt and reveled the anaconda, the King of all Cocks to Stacy, Barbie and Valencia and the other hot babes. Big Daddy King looked like a work of art in his white man sleeve bejeweled in the phrase Black New World Order King. I was taking pictures, and the production team was filming it all. A feeding frenzy ensued as all the girls tried to get a piece of the anaconda. Big Daddy King is the natural leader of the BNWO because he has enough cock to feed an army of cock hungry sugar babies. Each girl took a turn riding the anaconda while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was a site to see, yet the anaconda is always the scene stealer.

It was a successful inaugural event with 5 hot babes joining the ranks of the Cult of Anaconda. They were all anointed too with the biggest cum shot from the biggest and blackest and best cock known to women. #TheLivingLegend #AnacondaFever #BNWO #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #AnacondaWorldDomination #BBCSuperiority

Mistress Phone Sex: I Prefer to be the Other Woman

mistress phone sexI love mistress phone sex calls. I am happy being the other woman. Look at me? I am a stacked blonde bimbo.  Men covet me and I covet them, as long as they have big cocks and bigger wallets. I am a dirty slut. I do not want to be married. I like the freedom I have being a whore. Husbands do not want wives who are strippers or escorts or whores, LOL. Husbands love to fuck strippers, escorts and whores if they are not their wives. Men will always want the whore in the bedroom and the Madonna as their wife. I am not going to get married and suddenly become some boring housewife while my husband cheats on me with a woman just like me before I got married. Nope. This phone sex whore is all about being the other woman. I get to have all of the fun with none of the responsibilities. It is like being an auntie, LOL.

I have a few married sugar daddies in my life. A sexy babe can never have too many hung lovers though. A smart mistress has at least 8. One for each day, plus an extra in case of emergencies! I meet married men all the time at the strip club. I work in a high-end gentleman’s club. Broke ass posers do come into the club, but they are few and far between and they are easy to spot. This new married man is some sort of real estate developer. He brings clients into the club and uses me as bait to seal his contracts. He feels like he owes me. I guess he does because I have helped him close several big deals with my wet bald pussy. He just has never fucked me. He gives me some money, but I figured he had a small cock and knew he was not worthy of me. Not the case at all. He was just being loyal to his wife, but after the last big deal I solidified for him, he decided he had to fuck me and he had to give me a lot more money.

I am happy being spoiled by big cock and money, LOL. His cock was about ten inches and it was thick too. He gave me $20,000 which we both knew was not much considering all the clients I have helped him get. But, he said he will fuck me and pay me once a week if I keep helping him sweeten his land deals. I am always game for making money and fucking married men.

Blackmail Phone Sex Roleplays are Hot

blackmail phone sexI love role play calls, but if they combine blackmail phone sex, you can count me in. This guy wanted me to be a blackmailing teen whore. I am no longer a teen whore, but I can pretend to be younger for any caller. I am a whore still though. I sleep around with a lot of guys, but I am selective as a sugar baby. I like my men hung and rich. What this caller wanted was for me to blackmail him for being a pervert trying to fuck a super young girl. I do not make it a habit to blackmail my lovers in real life, but for a hot role play, I have no limits. I pretended to be a jail bait teen whore with expensive tastes on our call. Older men must pay to fuck teen pussy, especially if they want to do extra nasty things to a teen slut give me a hardcore ass fucking then turn around and make me an ass to mouth whore afterwards. That kind of shit is not free. My caller pretended to be an older man who ass fucked  me. He thought I was attracted to him. He thought I gave up my virgin ass to him because I thought he was a hot DILF. He was like 70 years old and fat. I told him the only reason I fucked him was because I needed some money. I like expensive things. He thought I gave him my young pussy and ass because I wanted to fuck him. As if a teen whore would fat 70 year old man out of the goodness of her heart, LOL. I recorded my fuck session with this old married daddy for security. When he refused to give me money, I showed him a video clip of him eating my young pussy. I asked him again nicely to give me some money. He Venmo’d that money immediately in front of me. I do not get to age play much or blackmail much either, so it was a hot role play call for me. In the world of phone sex, you and I can be anything we want.

I Love Exhibitionist Phone Sex Fun

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex calls. I think this is why I am naked on the Internet and I strip a few nights a week. I love to flaunt my body. I am a blonde bimbo. I never finished high school. Never went to college. Not much I can do in life but make money off my body. I may be uneducated, but I can make great money as a whore who shows off her body. I did a photo shoot on the beach recently. I have not done a photo shoot in a while. Before Covid, I traveled at least once a month for a nude shoot. Brazzers, Reality Kings and Score all have hired this blonde bombshell for photo shoots. I love posing for big tit photos. It felt great to be on the beach, someplace warm and exotic. My only complaint was that it was not long enough. I did meet a handsome photographer who has a fetish for public fucking. He is a freelance photographer who works for a bunch of different studios. He has photographed me before and remembered me even thought the last time we met was 5 years ago. We found a place more secluded on the beach and fucked our brains out. His cock was about 10-inches, so my pussy was happy. It is no secret that I have become a size queen over the years. He turned me on but the risk of being caught turned me on more. I love folks watching me fuck. I was so lost in his hard cock pounding me that I did not realize we had an audience of teen boys watching us. This phone sex babe is no stranger to voyeurism. I acted like I did not see them. I let them stroke their young, hard cocks watching me cum all over my handsome photographer’s cock. It was a hot experience for me. Maybe I should have taken care of those young teen boys. To them I am a sexy MILF. But their cocks were not fully grown yet. I told them to find me a in a few years once they are done growing. This exhibitionist slut needs something she can feel. At least they got to rub one out watching me fuck.

Cum Slut Phone Sex: I Can Make Any Woman a Cum Whore with the Right Dick

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is what I crave. I am a cum guzzling slut.  Not a day goes passes that I do not crave cock and cum. The problem is that I only want big cock and man seed. No tiny dicks. No poser sperm. I stay looking good and youthful because I guzzle a lot of cum. It started when I was young. It is no secret that I was daddy’s cum dumpster after my mother left us. My origins as a cum whore began young. But I escaped my past and now I am a GFE babe. I decide whose cock I suck. I decide who’s cum I swallow too. Black cum is filled with the most protein. It is why I have such long, blonde locks. I do know that cum does a body good. I am closer to 40 than I am 30 nowadays, and I think the reason I look so good is all that cum I drink.

Recently, a guy wanted my help getting his girl to be a cum guzzler too. As a phone sex babe, I know some tricks. Not all cum taste the same. Not all cum does a body good either. I had to give this guy a hard dose of reality once I met him. His cock was like three-inches big. Well, three-inches small. I cannot say big and three-inches in the same breath without laughing. His woman does not want to swallow his cum for a good reason. Hell, she does not want to suck his cock either, LOL. I gave him a wake-up call when I had a real man throat fuck his woman in front of him. My stud had a ten inch cock and lots of black spunk in his big balls. This wife went crazy. She did all the things with my black stud she would not do to her husband. Suddenly, she seemed to swallow cum and love it. This guy who asked for my help was not happy, but his wife sure seemed to be. Ultimately, my goal in life is to help women have great sex lives. I guess, in a way, this makes me a cuckolding phone sex mistress. If you have a small dick, and want me to help your wife be a better slut, consider yourself warned. I might introduce her to a real man.

Dominatrix Phone Sex in the Club with Some CBT Fun Too

dominatrix phone sexI enjoy dominatrix phone sex calls. I am a sexy switch. The size of your cock determines which side of me you get. I was at the club last night. I did a sexy striptease in a hot leather outfit and that got the attention of this rich subby guy in the club. He was an out-of-town businessman staying at the hotel across the street from the club. He paid for two hours in the VIP room. It is $500 an hour for the VIP room. It can hold up to 10 guys in there. Sometimes, a group of men will chip in and get the room together, but I know I have a rich guy when he gets the room just for us. He was handsome, but I could tell he was submissive. He called me ma’am and goddess. He would barely look this phone sex babe in the eyes. He was not even locked on my big tits, LOL. I asked him what he wanted, but I knew. He pulled out his tiny little dick. I started laughing. He knew I would too. A goddess like me demands a big cock. I had my leather outfit on still.  I grabbed a flogger off the wall and started whipping his pathetic dick. I made him strip naked for me. He wanted more than just small dick humiliation. He wanted some cock and ball torture. Every whip I gave him, he tossed a $100 bill at me. That made me want to whip him more. I dick teased him too. I twerked my fine ass on his worthless pecker just to get it hard enough to trample with my heel. I could have easily busted a testicle, but I did not want to ruin him. I want this rich loser coming back to visit me. I made bank off his cbt phone sex. Hey, if you want your balls busted, and you pay me what I am worth, why would I say no? I consider it a tax or a tribute for being so pathetic. Tiny dick losers need to pay for time with a sexy goddess. We do not waste our time on men like my client for shits and giggles. We do it for the money and the satisfaction of putting a man in his rightful place. Are you worthy of me?

GFE Phone Sex with the Leader of the BNWO, Big Daddy King

gfe phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like Big Daddy King. Stands to reason since he is the Supreme Being that he would rock Valentine’s Day for his elite sugar baby posse. I know Big Daddy King’s schedule and his wife’s schedule too. My King had a busy weekend with the Super Bowl festivities. He is football 3 Super Bowl winning legend. I knew he would be home alone on Valentine’s Day, at least in the morning. I wanted to surprise the King of all Kings with a Valentine’s Day present of beautiful sugar babies in black and red lingerie. The King could not be alone in his castle on Valentine’s Day. Not on my watch. I am the Sugar Baby OG. I rounded up BDK’s favorite bevy of beauties: Savanah, Baby Doll, Destiny, Kardashia and of course, me. We sported our BDK bling and our BNWO and Queen of Spades tats, as well as our tramp stamps that say, “Property of BDK,” and we got in the limo and rode to the palace in style.

We decided that Valentine’s Day should be Black New World Order Day. This is the one day out of the year that white women cannot say no to a black man. But let’s be honest here. White women never say no to a hung black superior man, do they? Big Daddy King is the world leader of the BNWO. That is because he is the King of all Kings and the King of All Cocks. The anaconda is the driving force behind the Black New World Order, so Valentine’s Day should be about the real chocolate that women want! Women want more than black cock phone sex. They want that Anaconda meat for real. This sugar baby and her fellow bevy of beauties wanted the anaconda on Valentine’s Day too.

black cock phone sexWe walked up the marble staircase and into the King’s parlor. He sleeps naked of course. We saw our King, sleeping on his back with his silk white sheets levitating in the air because the anaconda was awake even if Big Daddy King was not! We stood over the King, watching him sleep. I pulled back the sheet so we could gaze at his chiseled, sexy body. In unison, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance for the Black New World Order. Our beloved King woke up and we gave him rainbow kisses. We all jumped into bed with Big Daddy King and worshiped his body and the anaconda. We were wearing different shades of lipstick so we could leave him rainbow kisses all over his body and his King of all Cocks.

We took turns worshiping the anaconda. While blowing the best cock on the planet, we each recited the Pledge of Allegiance of the BNWO, and dedicated our bodies and hearts to Big Daddy King as the natural leader of the Black New World Order. White women make up the Cult of Anaconda. I bet your woman knows who Big Daddy King is and secretly worships the anaconda too. She likely masturbates to thoughts of the anaconda owning her white girl pussy. We spent Valentine’s Day worshiping our King, and the leader of the BNWO. We did not just give though. Big Daddy King gives back. The anaconda is the gift that keeps on giving.  He gave us the biggest cum shot from the biggest piece of chocolate on the planet for Valentine’s Day. What a magical way to spend the most romantic day of the year. And now the day of Anaconda World Domination. #BNWO #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #CultofAnaconda #TheLivingLegend #AnacondaWorldDomination #SupremeBeing