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No Better GFE Phone Sex than with The King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex with Big Daddy King is like nothing else. It is an out of this world experience. There are men. There are losers. There are even great men with big cocks. Then there is Big Daddy King. He is in a classification all of his own. He was in town last week to see his sugar baby OG and check on the Pleasure Palace, which is the strip club I run for him.  He wanted to celebrate Father’s Day and Juneteenth with his favorite sugar baby. I arranged a celebration at the Pleasure Palace. An elite celebration fit for the King he is. Big Daddy King is a Living Legend. He does nothing cheap or half-assed. Only the top end girls were there. Only us blondes. It was a Black on Blondes affair. He rolled up in a Phantom Bentley with rims that cost more than most of my wannabe suitors make in a year! Big Daddy King has that platinum style, so everything associated with him is the best, especially his sugar babies. He has the most elite and sought after sugar baby posse on the planet. I had all girls decked out in their BDK bling, proudly showing off their tramp stamps too. Sexy Lexie, Baby Doll and me are all platinum blondes and we wanted to celebrate our black sugar daddy extraordinaire on his doubly special day. We had Botoxed lips, big tits and big asses waiting to worship our King and his anaconda. The club was packed with wannabe sugar daddies and wannabe sugar babies, but only the best white women can serve as reparations for Big Daddy King!

Big Daddy King owns his sugar babies for life. We are not forced into reparations. We want to be with him and service the anaconda. There are black cocks then there is the anaconda. BDK’s cock is in a league of its own.  The anaconda will blow any sugar baby’s mind as well as a hole in the back of her pretty head with the biggest cum shot! It is just that magnificent. We were bowing down in gratitude as Big Daddy King walked into the club. He took his platinum posse to the throne room and it was hands across anaconda time. Another 25 of the hottest platinum blondes aged 18-38 followed us in for a feeding frenzy. All of us slim and stacked. I trained the new crop of sugar babies. We applauded our king and fell to our knees as he sat on his bejeweled throne.  Our King looked so dapper in his Armani suit and Gucci belt. The anaconda owns the world and your girl. We quickly undid his pants to see him in in his white compression shorts. He has a body better than a Greek Adonis. Seeing is believing.  In diamonds, his mansleeve said Happy Juneteenth. Happy does not fit on most men’s mansleeve, LOL. Rainbow kisses landed all over the anaconda when it made its appearance. I was in hot red. Lexi had on pink and Baby Doll was sporting gold. Plus, there were 25 other hot blondes all with a different shade on them. Over 25 tongues were worshiping the anaconda. We idolize our King. He is a man worthy of the hottest chicks on the planet. We got the best protein shake in the world when the anaconda jet blasted across our faces. The club is never the same once Big Daddy King jets off to his next exotic locale. But I am always full of hot phonesex memories to masturbate to when he leaves. #BlondesonBlack #TheLivingLegend #PropertyofBDK #WhiteGirlReparations #SuperiorBBC #Addicted2Anaconda.

Phone Sex Fetish for Threesomes

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have too many to name, but one I love is threesomes. Usually, my ideal threesome involves me and two hung lovers. But that is only because many women do not like me. They see a buxom blonde with a tongue ring and they do not want me anywhere near their man. I get it. I am competition, but I love eating pussy too. When I first started off in the adult industry, I did a lot of girl on girl BDSM photo shoots. Gave me a taste for pussy. I am always on the lookout for a couple to join and I found one on Tinder last night. I swiped right and was invited over. They are swingers. Not much older than me but the wife was banging hot and the husband was pretty fly for a white guy. His cock was well above average and her wet bald pussy looked succulent. I was down. I went over and we had some adult cocktails and talked a bit. We laid some ground rules, which were few. She just did not want her husband to cum inside me because she is trying to get pregnant. I wanted to do everything right and sexy so I would be invited back to the party. Many of the couples on Tinder are not smoking hot like these two. We smoked some weed and started the action. I ate her pussy and finger banged her while hubby watched and stroked. I was excited to taste her. She was worth the wait. I was humming Watermelon Sugar High as I ate her wet box. The husband fucked me while I continued to eat his hot wife’s pussy. I guided his cock into her cunt and nibbled on his balls and licked her clit as they fucked. It was the hottest threesome I have been involved in yet. Hubby gave me a hot squirting pussy fucking me. We all came many times. They invited me back next week. I am hoping this is a regular thing because they are a fun couple.

Hot Squirting Pussy from a Hot Babe and a Double Sided Dildo

hot squirting pussyI love it when I get a hot squirting pussy. I will be honest. It is not easy to do. It has happened, but it requires a big cock or a big toy. Last night, it happened with a big toy and a hot babe. Me and a follow stripper, Charity, were hired for a bachelor party. We were clear that we would do things with each other and give hand jobs and blowjobs, but no one could fuck us unless they were over 9-inches long. Even sluts must have standards, right? I do have standards and I am firm with them. Not a single guy at that bachelor party had over 6-inches. I felt sorry for the bride. We gave obligatory hand and blow jobs because the money was too good to pass up, but instead of fucking them, we fucked each other. I brought a double-sided dildo and it was huge. I am all for bisexual phone sex fun. I love pussy as much as cock, and when there is no worthy cock around, I will play with pussy all day long. We got up on the bar and were dancing. Dirty dancing with our big tits bouncing together. I broke out the toy. We began sucking it but even between two cock sucking pros, we could not swallow it hole. The double-sided dildo was 22 inches long but very thick. The guests started tossing money at us to fuck the large sex toy. Now, we could make it disappear in our cunts. It took some time and a lot of lube, but we swallowed about 11-inches a piece until our clits were touching and we were both squirting because that much rubber in a pussy is going to find that special spot that makes a wet bald pussy squirt. We were kind of dreading the party because the men were so basic and we are so extra, but we made bank,did not compromise our pussies with basic dick and came so hard.

A Decade of GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI have been a gfe phone sex babe for a decade now. Hard to believe. I started in my 20s and now I am in my 30s. before becoming a dirty talker, life was rougher for me. I was stripping and escorting, but the money was never consistent and always dangerous. You never know what might happen in the VIP room or in a hotel room. The phone bone world has become my safety net and my bread and butter. I love to please men, especially worthy men. It is not always easy being a sexy babe. I know, poor little sexy white girl problems. Men love me, women hate me. Well, most women. I do have a few sexy babe friends. Girls in the adult industry like me tend to stick together. That is because other women get jealous when their men look at us twice. Sure, I like attention, but if a woman is cool, I will never take her man. I am a professional GFE which means many of the men I date are married. I do love me some married men phone sex, but if women are taking care of their men like they are supposed to, their husbands would not seek out my companionship in the first place.

An angry wife confronted me in the club last night. She was wanting a fight. I will fight a bitch if I need to, but I prefer to not go there. I am tall, strong and I might just hurt a bitch if she fucked with my face or my tits, LOL. I played dumb. I protect my married lovers and I never take the bait some angry bitch is tossing my way. This woman was livid. She found nude pictures of me on his phone and the phone number to the club in his contacts. I explained those away. I am a stripper, and a phone sex whore. I am naked everywhere. He likely just jacks off to my pictures. I had her calmed down when she left. I called my lover to warn him about his angry wife and just like that a Venmo deposit came through. This is why I take care of my lovers. They take care of me. I am looking forward to another ten years of taking care of married men too.

Hot Phonesex Anytime Anywhere

hot phonesexI can have hot phonesex anywhere. I love to talk dirty. Now, in my job as a dirty talker, I work from home, but I have a few sugar daddies that when they call or text me, I drop everything for some quality time. Married men do not have as much free time as I do. I am not married.  I phone bone and strip for a living, so there are no work emergencies or anything like that to complicate my plans. I can be there for my sugar daddies. This married lover called me at the gym today. I stopped my workout so I could get off with him. I have not seen him in forever. He lives out of the US, and he does not travel to the states as much as he did before Covid. When his name popped up my cell phone, my wet bald pussy started to purr. I went into the locker room to talk dirty to him. It was nighttime where he was at but morning for me. The morning workout crowd was gone though. I went into the locker room to talk him into an orgasm so he could go to sleep. He is in his 60s, but I swear his cock is in its 30s. I know men in their 30s who do not get hard as often as he does. His wife no longer has any desire in sex. He loves her. They been together as long as I have been alive. Men like him need women like me. I am not an official escort, but I am a professional sugar baby. I take care of my horny guys wherever I may be. I could hear the shower in the lady’s locker room, so I ducked into the sauna instead. We had phone sex while I was sweating my ass off. I masturbated with him, describing in detail my hot body for him. Made me feel great to start my day off ending his day with a bang. Anytime, anywhere, this sexy GFE wants to get off with you.

I Have an Ass for Anal Phone Sex

anal phone sexHe told me I had an ass for anal phone sex. He was not wrong, was he? My ass has been open for business since I was a schoolgirl. When my daddy and his drunk buddies would fuck me, it started with my ass. That was because I was jailbait. And nothing screams I fucked a jailbait girl like becoming a daddy. They thought if they fucked my ass, I would never get knocked up. They used my ass up so much, that my butthole was no longer tight. That is when he started giving me the pill. He somehow got a doctor to prescribe it to him for his daughter’s irregular periods and cramps. Once I started the pill, they spilled their seed in my young bald pussy. Twenty years later, I am still getting fucked in the ass by men. Just now, it is on my terms for the most part. When I am stripping at the club, my ass is on display for everyone. I shake it. I twerk it. I bounce it all over the stage. I have some junk in the trunk and I am proud of it. While I was dancing to some old school Aerosmith last night, I picked up some tips with my ass. That is a skill I have. Took me years to develop the kind of muscles and coordination necessary to pick up paper money on the stage, but it is my signature. I can snatch money from your hands with a clap off my ass cheeks. One guy was putting cash in his mouth like it was a rolled-up joint just to get my lady humps hovering over his face. I have no problem doing that. He got us the VIP room. I thought he was wanting to give me a hardcore anal fucking. I think he did, but he knew with his tiny dick there would be nothing hardcore he could deliver. I just sat on his face for hours while he rimmed my asshole and ate my pussy. I made him my ass slave. Turned out to be a hot ass sex night. I love face sitting on little losers, especially when they are paying me.

Breeding Phone Sex: Want to Knock Me Up?

breeding phone sexDo you have breeding phone sex fantasies? I do. I am in my 30s, but never been knocked up. It is amazing how many guys call me for mommy calls. I guess it is because I am not a schoolgirl anymore. I would rock being pregnant. I have decided to go off birth control. I have been on the pill since I was a young teen girl.  I know it will take a while to get the pill out of my system so I can get pregnant. I do not need to be married to start a family. Sure, one day I want to settle down, but I enjoy my freedom. I can have phone sex without interruption. I can fuck whomever I want without having to answer questions from a jealous spouse and I can strip at the club. If the right man came around, I would have a family with him. But since I have yet to meet an already unmarried man with a big cock, who is gainfully employed and a freak in the sheets, I will get knocked up by some fine specimen and raise a brat on my own. I make plenty of legitimate money as a dirty talker and sexy stripper to support a little one and myself. Plus, I know how to make money illegitimately too. Sex sells. It sells for this blonde bimbo goddess. And I know from talking to so many P men, it will sell for a little girl if I get pregnant. So, if I get too old for guys at the club or my phonesex fans, I will focus on the little one I had. If it’s a little girl or boy, there are always men who will pay to fuck a bald cunnie and a tight ass. So, the question now is who wants to put a bun in my oven?

GFE Phone Sex in the Club

gfe phone sexI have a reputation as a gfe phone sex slut now. I think natural submissives deliver the best girlfriend experience because we love to serve. I love to serve worthy men. If a man has a big cock, he gets the very best sex slave he could ever want. However, if he does not have a big cock, he is looking at small dick humiliation. That is something I am equally good at delivering. I have this trick when guys tell me their cocks are over 7 inches and I know that is not accurate. I give them a foot job. I am a tall woman. I have a size 9 foot. If your cock is bigger than one of my feet, I have a clear winner. If a cock is completely obscured by my feet, I have a loser. When Toby came into the club, he talked a mean game. He tossed money around like it was nothing. Maybe he was rich, or maybe he was tossing around the rent money to get laid. In a strip club we see all kinds of posers. He told one of the girls he was too much of a man for her and that she could never handle his cock. She is a tiny girl. Me? I am a giantess in the club compared to many of the other women. I am a phone sex slut and a stripper. I have got a good bullshit detector after many years in the adult industry. I took him into the VIP room and told him I was looking for a man who was too much for me to handle. I knew he was a poser, but I still gave him a chance to prove me wrong. I saw no bulge during the lap dance, so I offered him a foot job. It is a way around the no sexual contact rule in the club, but also a way for me to see the cock. Yeah, complete poser. I took his money, but I never fucked him. He got small cock humiliation phone sex instead and barred from the club. We are an elite group of exotic women. We demand the best. If you are rich and hung, you get whatever you want from us. If you are a poser, you get the door.


GFE Phone Sex with The King

GFE phone sex with Big Daddy King is always the best. No one does the girl friend experience like BDK. No one does anything like BDK. It is the truth. Women beg to be near Big Daddy King and his anaconda. He is worldwide known by businessmen and porn stars alike. I am his sugar baby OG. I know I must share him with other sugar babies, strippers, wives, and porn stars. He is just too much of a man for one girl to keep up. He can satisfy more women in a day, than any man can in a year. That is just one of the many reasons he is the Living Legend. I was so happy to get a call from him that he was back in the states from his business trip to Monaco. It is a lifestyle of the rich and famous destination. Big Daddy King is as good of a businessman as he is a lover. Some folks have the Midas touch, but Big Daddy King has the Platinum touch. He bought a resort and flipped it to a bigwig in Lebanon and made a cool 5 million profit.

I was dying to see my King. I get a wet bald pussy just hearing his voice on the phone. He met me at the club. I had some new sugar babies for him to break in. I closed the club, so it would be just me, a few hot chicks and The Living Legend himself. Babydoll, me and a bevy of new beauties for the King to check out. Like I said before, he is more of a man than an army of men combined. He is a superior black man with a superior black cock. Women all over the world beg for his attention. I ran to him and jumped into his arms when he got out of his stretch limo. I had my BDK bling on and I was proudly showing my Property of BDK tramp stamp too. He carried me into the throne room where his posse of women awaited on their knees for the most amazing man in the world to appear. I could feel the anaconda pulsating as he carried me around his waist into the throne room. You could hear the sighs of excitement from the women. How could they not be excited? The Living Legend, the man, the myth was before them in all his glory.

When Big Daddy King pulled out the anaconda, it was rainbow kisses time. Me and the other sugar babies know how to worship the world’s best cock. With mouths and hands all over the anaconda, we showered his superior black cock with attention. How could we not? The reality of seeing Big Daddy King can be overwhelming, so a few of the new girls passed out. I mean BDK’s body is better than a Greek Adonis. He is the entire package and so much more. Brains, brawn and beauty. We were all in awe of Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We are a cult of the monster cock! I filmed everything because seeing is believing. It was a feeding frenzy among the girls because the anaconda is a work of art. We kissed, sucked, stroked and licked Big Daddy King’s superior big black cock until we were glistening with his billionaire nut shot. He gave us his biggest cum shot and it is always like a gallon of jizz. That is because Big Daddy King has that superior black cock. We were in awe of the anaconda and him. We spent the night worshiping Big Daddy King and the anaconda.  Every time Big Daddy King is gone, my pussy aches and I miss him. But he always comes back to his sugar baby OG. I am his property for life. #Owned by BDK #SuperiorBBC #BlackCocksMatter #CultofMonsterCock #TheLivingLegend #Addicted2Anaconda.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy For You

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. That is a perk of the job, right? None of my friends can whip out a dildo and toy with their bald kitty at work. I am double lucky. I can masturbate at my phone job and my stripper job. I masturbate a lot too. Yesterday, I came 32 times. I counted. Not sure it is my record, but it is up there as the most cums in a day for me. I had worked the last shift at the club and a guy had me in the VIP room masturbating with him. I gave him some guided masturbation techniques. I love telling men how to stroke their cocks for me on the phone, but when I get to do it in person? Well, my little bald kitty is dripping in excitement. This guy did not have the biggest cock in the world, but it was not small either. Plus, this man was so nice. Much older than me. He told me he has not had a boner in over a year following heart surgery. He is a widow with no special lady in his life. He decided to come to a strip club to see if he could still get an erection. He had his first wood in over a year seeing me strip to Aerosmith’s Crazy.  I was happy for him. I give guys boners all the time. That literally is my job. But this felt special because it was special. He got the VIP room so I could give him some release. I would have fucked the old guy, but he is still loyal to his deceased wife. I almost cried hearing him talk about her. She was a busty blonde too. We masturbated for about 30 minutes together before I got his cum shot on tits. I love making men cum, but this was a cum I will never forget.

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