Guided Masturbation Puts the Spark in Your Fourth of July

guided masturbationHappy Fourth of July with some guided masturbation with your favorite sexy BBW! I love putting the spark in your Independence Day too. Although I had plans today, Mother Nature cancelled them. So, here I am helping men get off all day long. And my last call, what a call. This dude had not cum in over a year. I shit you not. Poor fellow had a motorcycle accident and a long recovery. With both arms broken in multiple places and several crushed vertebrae, he found himself in a body cast for a long time.

Get this. His wife would not even jack him off. Like no sympathy tug or suck. Nothing. She told him it sounded like a you problem. If the roles were reversed, and that had been her in that body cast, I bet she would have divorced him if he said that to her. I will never understand women even though I am one. No way would I not take care of my man in any situation. Perhaps that’s why I am always the mistress and not the wife.

Let this Sexy BBW Drain Your Balls Today

But he called the right woman. He wanted edge play phone sex to last. He knew with it being so long since anyone touched his cock, himself included, he would cum quickly. But he wanted his cock properly drained. And I know how to edge men. And I know how to drain balls too. But you need to listen to the expert. The best way to drain balls is with multiple cums. And perhaps one of those orgasms stems from a prostate milking. I explain to Brett what I felt might result in the largest amount of cum expelling his body.

He listened to me intently and agreed to a quick cum first, followed by some prostate edging. Thant’s a form of prostate phone sex and I offer it. While my finger is in your bum, I tease your prostate. And by edging you anally, the cum builds up in those balls resulting in a huge explosion from your nut sack. So, if you have gone too long without a proper ball draining, let me help.

Brett felt grateful to me for helping him drain his balls. And boy did he cum a lot. He sent me pics afterwards, and if I had been with him, I would have licked it all up. I love cum. And I love helping men drain their balls.

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