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Pool Whore Photo Shoot-Camera Man Got His Balls Drained!

Naked teen picturesI wonder how all our neighbors would feel if they knew about the sexy porn and pictures I take with my local sexy girlfriends for some extra cash flow. It is pretty hot to think about the fact that they have no idea how much pussy and cock I get on camera. I am sure if they saw and knew what was going on they would want to be apart of it too. Imagine how much cock and pussy I could get for some extra content for all my fans. I should absolutely make it more obvious the next time I spread my legs for the camera!

This pool shit with my girl Mariah was a lot of fun though; can’t wait until our fans get a peak at all the pics and videos we made. Our sweet pussy lips spread open for the cam as we sat on the edge of the pool waiting for some cock and cum. Mariah eats pussy so well too; I can’t even tell you how many times I came in her sweet mouth. Our camera guy was loving it; we could see his hard bulge through his jeans. Such an unprofessional little pervert; I would be lying if I said we didn’t love it and take care of it for him. 

He took some more shots and videos of us as he sat there with his rock hard cock in his jeans. Me and Mariah looked at one another and gave each other the look. We call it the “Get what we want look”; which means this camera man was about to get the time of his life. We told him to prop up the camera in the corner and to come over toward us; we said we wanted some teasing pics with him. He was shy, shaking and nervous as fuck; it was so cute watching him try to be humble when he was clearly hard as a rock.

We told him to sit at the edge and we both took our wet naked bodies out of the water and walked toward each side of him. I started kissing his neck, biting his ear and whispering how thankful we were for all the shots he took of us. Mariah was rubbing his chest and moved her hand down to his crotch. His cock was throbbing; she unzipped him and put her hand in his boxers and grabbed that dick. She said it was so big; she took off his bottoms and I took off his shirt. I began kissing him as she stroked him and we listened to him groan as he had so much pre-cum on the head of that dick. 

I straddled him as she worked his cock over and he immediately groped my tits and played with me. He was so turned on; he loved the attention. We told him to look over into the camera while his favorite teen sluts made his cock feel good. He got dominant real quick; told us to bend over on top of each other so he could get a good shot/view of our ass holes and pussy’s. He told us we worked so hard and our bodies are just begging to be used. He jumped into the water and directed us to follow. My god he was ready to fucking use us in the pool and film the whole thing. We jumped in and the rest is a secret for another day baby. Just know, he came 3 or 4 times during the session; we were covered in cum, water and spit!


Follow The Rules And You Will Be Top Choice Fuck Meat Like Me!

When you are home alone and needy the best thing to do is some training sessions on yourself. I always love a good squirt session before I start my day. Making a mess like a bitch in heat always reminds me of my place as a cunt. It works when you are really trying to learn how to be a better set of holes for men. There are so many options out there for men to choose from; therefore remaining the number one choice is heavily important. The only way to be the number one piece of meat for a man is by making sure you know the way a man thinks. Knowing what turns men on the most as a whole will make you one of the top choice whores for him to fuck. Trust me, I am a top choice cunt for all the dick I get!Hot squirting pussy

The easiest way to start this is by figuring out the top 3 things that make a man the hardest when he thinks about fucking a bitch. Number 1 is a good blow job/throat job; generally a man likes rough oral sessions and they like it really nasty. They love a lot of spit, gagging, drool, and lots of dirty talk. As a cunt, you should be able to swallow a whole cock and take a throat pounding for as long as he wants with no resistance. Training yourself with dildos and objects will help sustain that level of confidence.


Moving on to Number 2; making sure ALL your holes are available for use. You do not want to ever say NO to any of your holes getting fucked. You need to make sure a man has as many options available to him or he will find a different cunt who will. Saying no to anal is the number 1 wrong move when you are actively trying to be a perfect cunt whore for men. Most men want to violate and force fuck a whores shit hole in because they love making a bitch scream. It turns them on seeing that ass hole stretched around their cock; so make sure you LOVE anal. Again, training yourself with toys and objects will help make you love it.


Ending this off with Number 3; making sure you know how to squirt ALWAYS. Men love a messy whore with a slutty squirting fuck hole. Most of the time their favorite is banging a whore up the ass hole and making her squirt that way. This task for sure requires lots of training and practice because squirting isn’t always easy. There are lots of ways you can learn though with toys, articles, videos, etc. I always make sure to have a vibe on me wherever I go so I can get a quick session in. Once you squirt, you will know the feeling and it will make it easier to do it on command when a guy asks or whenever you can for yourself, etc.


Sluts ONLY Get It In The Shitter!

Anal Phone SexIt felt like the perfect time to get this asshole fucked open again since I haven’t been fucked in a few days. I made a quick call to on of my favorite fucks(my mommas man). You all know how much I love taking his cock in all my holes; I couldn’t resist reaching out to him. I was back at my dorm for school already but I knew he wasn’t at work so I thought I could convince him to come pay me a visit before my mom got home from work. So I called him; he seemed annoyed with me which I knew it was because I haven’t called him in a while.

I knew it would take my sweet talk and apologies to get him un-mad at me lol. He told me he felt like I didn’t care about him enough to call him because I wanted to get fucked by other dudes. I explained that I do love being fucked but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him fucking me. I swear he gets so emotional about it; like he really has no place for that considering he is dating my mother. He said “I thought you just wanted to be my whore; but you fuck everyone else and that isn’t right since we made a deal”. We did not make any kind of deal, I told him he can use me whenever he wanted because I love cock. I never told him I wouldn’t fuck other guys; he sounds delusional. 

Anyway, I invited him over to come talk it out with me so we can get on the same page. He came over and we chatted and he just expressed how he thought it was unfair that I fucked his brother more than him and I rarely call him. I laughed and tried to be cute by saying I would never mind if they both fucked me together. He looked at me said “It’s like one cock isn’t fucking enough star; I don’t even know why I still want to fuck you anyway”. I looked at him and ripped off my clothes and said “Because deep down you love that I am a filthy bitch; otherwise you wouldn’t have come over here”. I laughed as I walked toward him watching him get hornier by the second.

He was mumbling shit but I wasn’t paying attention; all I was focusing on was his body movement and his rock hard cock in his shorts. We were face to face and I whispered “If you are so mad at me why don’t you just take your anger out on this hot body that you love fucking”? That doe sure took him over the edge; he grabbed me and lifted me up and sat back on the couch while he made out with me for a while. He was fondling me as he was roughing me up and said “If you want to act like a nasty whore from this point forward I am just going to fuck you like one”. I shook my head and said “Finally, some balls out of you”. Before I could say more he had his clothes off and his hard shaft was out. He stroked it while I was on top of him grinding my sweet ass back and forth.

He then said “Sluts only get my dick up their ass hole; so from this point on I will not be touching your disgusting cunt anymore”. I smiled and he said “Go ahead whore, lower that tight ass on this cock so I can cum in your ass pipe and leave since this is all you are good for”. I agreed and let him ram my shitter out until he blew a load. As soon as he was done he made me suck his cock clean. He pulled on his pants and said “I don’t give a fuck about you for anything but this”. I just looked at him as I sipped my drink and said “If you think I like you for anything else you are mistaken as well STEP DADDY”. He rolled his eyes and said “So whenever I see your name on my phone I will know what you want so just have the door open bitch”. I laughed and he walked right out; at least we are on the same page now!

Strap-On Session With Teen Barista Whore!

Strap-on Phone SexTori was a girl from the coffee shop I always stop at before school everyday and she is such a cutie. She is this cute little blonde teen that works part time and goes to school too. Every time I come by she always has my coffee already made and rings me up so quickly. She has this cute little laugh and smiles at me almost every time I come in. I was getting the vibe that she was sort of into me. Which was great because my god I wanted to fuck her so bad. She had no idea I was a little freak in the sheets that’s for sure. 

One day I came by later in the afternoon and as I pulled my car up I saw Tori walking out with her cute little shorts, a tank top and sneakers. She looked so cute with her hair in a high pony tail and her cute little ass bouncing as she walked. I pulled my car up next to her and put the window to say hello. She quickly turned and had the biggest grin as she waved as she said hello back. I made small talk until she finally walked over to the car window. She was telling me about school and all this homework stressing her out. 

I invited her in the car and told her I had some free time to help her out with some work. She was so thankful so we went in the back seat to have more space, etc. We worked on a few things and then I finally told her that the best way to relieve some stress is to do something fun. She looked at me and said something like “Yeah, I wish; I never have fun these days”. I smiled and just told her I could show her some real fun to get her schooling off her mind for just a little while. She knew exactly what I meant; I could tell by her nervous body language. She was all for it though as she pushed her books aside. 

She looked at me and said “I would love it if you could show me just how much fun you are”. She leaned in and said “I hope you will finally kiss me because I can’t stop thinking about how hot you are”. I grabbed her close and started kissing her; she smelled so good and her sweet tongue bobbed in and out of my mouth. I was getting so horny; before I could make a move she was pulling off her clothes for me. She got on top of me and put her perky tits in my face and started grinding her sweet ass on my pussy. 

I told her I wanted to fuck the shit out of her and she begged me to please do it. I went into my bag and pulled my strap out and she looked at me and said “You already had this planned didn’t you?”. I laughed back and pulled her closer and kept sucking her hard nipples. I put on the strap and said “I am going to show you how you should be fucked; I don’t think any guy is going to make you feel as good as I will now”. She moaned as I grabbed her sweet hips and slid her down on my hard strap. 

I bounced her tight teen body up and down and she was in pure pleasure. I watched her face as my strap disappeared  in her sweet wet fuck hole. She rode me like a dirty little whore and said “I never liked a girl before but you can fuck me anytime you want and maybe then I can fuck you too”. I fucked her harder and told her “Anytime you want baby; this pussy is craving you”. She came all over me and said “Maybe we can go back to your place and you can lap up my pussy juice and teach me how to eat yours”!

I Am A Teacher’s Pet Now!

Black Cock Phone Sex Well, it was about fucking time that I get some nice big fat juicy black cock in this wet white girl cunt of mine. I have been needing some black dick for so long; I have been looking for a guy like crazy; I finally realized my college professor was interested. I have been his intern for bio study for a little while and it never crossed my mind because he did not seem interested. I realize now it was because we were not alone most times; this time though we finally got the chance and now I know he wanted me from the start.

We had a few things we needed to do for bio study and a test was coming up. I asked Professor Drew if he could help tutor me for some things I was behind one and he came over to my dorm after class to help. He came over looking as fine as ever and I just wanted him to take me right there. I figured it would work wonderfully if I acted like I had no idea what I was doing so it would make him stay longer. He helped me for a bit and then I asked him to take a break and have a drink with me. He was unsure of that at first but a little encouragement from me worked and he finally agreed. 

I laughed and chatted him and one drink turned into 4 along with some shots. I knew it was time to plant the seed so I could get dicked down. So I told him lets play a game like never have I ever but I wanted to spice it up. He laughed and was confused so I told him basically whoever has done what the question asks has to remove a piece of clothing. He was taken back but a little drunk and obviously turned on; so he agreed. We got right into the game and I was ready to fucking rip off my clothes and beg for cock right there. 

First question was “Never have I ever had a gangbang”(My shirt came off). Next, “Never have I ever had a cock in my ass hole”(My pants came off). He was staring at me and then he said “Never have I ever wanted my teacher’s big black cock inside my slut pussy”. I smiled and ripped off my panties and bra. That was it, he stood up and pushed me against the wall and started to make out with me. He pushed me into the bathroom off to the corner just incase my roomies came home. We were playing for quite a while and I was ready for dick!

He leaned up against the wall and said “Give me the little wet fuck hole baby; I am so ready to feel you” I moaned as he slammed up and down on his shaft. His cock was huge and I loved how he bounced me up and down like a fucking rag doll. I was begging for more and he said “You should have made a move a while ago; I would have been busting in these guts if I knew how much of a cock whore you were”. I was screaming and he put his hand over mouth and said “Shhh, I am going to fill you up with my load now bitch”. My god, that black cock and cum load was the best I have ever had!

Tranny Friend Fucks My Slut Box So Good!

Tranny Phone Sex The best thing about being a bisexual little slut like me is that you can fuck whoever you want. This is my friend Liza and she is the sexiest fucking trans I have ever seen. First of all, her tits are so perky and pretty and that cock of hers makes me cum so fucking hard. She just knows how to fuck the shit out of me and make me cum all over. Whenever she is in town I get so excited. I love watching her pretty tits bounce as she thrusts her cock in my slut box!

She is so rough too, she always holds my legs back perfectly while she jack hammers my hole open and chokes me so I tighten up around her shaft. Her balls get so fucking heavy and full when she is about to fucking unload too. So, I always ask if I can suck them while she strokes over my face. Today though, I wanted to feel her blow deep inside me so I made sure to be on my back so I could watch her face as she blew ropes after ropes of cum right inside me. 

I looked at her as her sexy body bounced all over as she thrusted her hips at me. I came all over so many times I could not control myself. She really knows how to work my hot little pussy over and get me off like the bitch in heat that I love being. I begged her to pump her hot cream in my cunt and she loved it. She makes me her bitch every single time she fucks me and I just need more and more of her nice cock.

I know you are stroking your cock off thinking about this pretty pussy being split open by a pretty tranny cock. A pretty little blonde bitch with nice tits and a big cock fucking a tight little fuck whore like me has you all hot and bothered doesn’t it? So, you should call me so I can tell you all about her nice balls slapping against my clit while those pretty tits bounce in my face. I fucking love some trans cock and so will you baby! 

Babysitter Whore For The Neighbor Daddy!

Sexy college girl pornSo, today is the start of my new job as a babysitter and I am so excited. My neighbor Dan and his wife Becca just got divorced so Dan was asking around the neighborhood if anyone was interested in a  babysitting job. Since I was home for college break I figured it was a great opportunity to take advantage of some extra funds. Plus, babysitting is super fun; especially when the daddy is hot as fuck. This was the cute little outfit I bought to start my first day!

Basically Dan is a sexy ass man who makes me so fucking horny whenever I look at him. I have wanted that man to fuck my brains out since the day I saw him. I was counting down the days when he would finally leave his old and ugly looking wife. She was always complaining, arguing and going out with her friends while totally ignoring her sexy ass husband. I used to watch him through my window when he was a lone hoping one day he would come over and just ravage me.

So, I showed up to watch his brats and when he answered the door he was taken back. I was an hour early so he was pretty confused and asked why I got there so early. I just smiled and said it was better to be early than late! He agreed and offered me in and told me we could sit and chat until the kids got there. I sat down in my cute skirt, hair in pig tails and cropped top all bubbly and “innocent”. I asked him where he was going tonight since he was wearing a suit and tie; he looked smoking hot. He said he was going out a date with some woman he had met online a few weeks ago.

My gears were grinding and I needed to make sure he fucked me before he decided to go on this date with this bitch. So I moved over to him and asked him if he liked my cute little outfit I wore for him. He looked at me puzzled and said “I think you look super cute; but you said you wore this for me?” I smiled and said “Well yeah, why do you think I am here an hour early silly?” I walked closer to him and he backed up and sat on the couch. I looked at him in the eyes while I pushed my cute tits together and lifted up my skirt so he could see my pretty panties. 

He looked me up and down and said “Jesus Star, you really are hot as could be”. I laughed, hopped on top of him and started making out with him like a total whore. I whispered “I have a fun game we can play; how about I am your naughty little step daughter and mommy went out so now daddy has to punish his little girl for being a nasty slut”. I started slightly bouncing my cunt up and down on his bulge while he groaned in my ear. He said “Oh fuck yeah, you prance around this house half dressed just asking for me to come force fuck your holes open don’t you bitch?.

I moaned and said “I am sorry daddy I just can’t help how wet you make me; every time I see you fucking mommy I just know my young little bald cunt and butt hole would feel so much better than her”. He lost his mind and picked me up, threw me down on the couch and lifted my skirt up over my ass. He slipped my panties over to the side and shoved his cock in my bald little fuck hole in one thrust. I screamed a bit because his cock was so fucking big and hard; it felt amazing. He pumped me full of cock and kept repeating “Oh, you have such a hot wet little hole baby; daddy is going to have to pump you full of cum so I can make you my little breeding toy”!

Mom’s Boyfriend Unloaded In My Fertile Whore Womb

Wet bald pussyYou all remember my mom’s boyfriend Zach I am sure right? Well, we fuck now on the regualr whenever she is at work or out shopping. It really has been such a fun time having his cock in all my slut holes. It has been even more fun fucking him since he found out about me and his brother at dinner last week. He seemed a little jealous but super turned on; it’s like he wanted to prove he was better than his brother. He always asks who’s cock feels better while he rails me out because he wants to make sure I am going to want to come back to him for me. Men, are so funny with their fucking egos. 

Like really? Just shut the fuck up and use me as a cum dump already please. Why does it even matter who’s cock I like better when you are still able to fuck me anyway? So, because Zach is so egotistical he just needed to prove himself by fucking me even more than usual. Also, he has been super into being aggressive and really treating me like a piece of meat. Which in all, I kind of fucking love bringing the animal out in him. He is such a fun fuck; I love when he tears into me and just does what he wants.

He came into my bedroom this morning when my mom left and picked me right up. He brought me into the living room and tore off my clothes. I loved how rough he was getting, he made me get on my knees and suck his cock for a bit. While I choked on his cock he was fingering my ass hole and pussy saying “Hmm, I wonder what hole I want today”. He said, “I think I am going to have you bounce that hot twat on my cock because I know you are ovulating this week”. I looked up at him and said “What do you mean by that baby”. He laughed and said “That means it will be so much easier to breed your little whore body”.

Fuck yeah, he wants to get me pregnant with his hot load and not tell my mom. I sat right on his shaft and bounced on him. I felt that cock hitting all my walls so deep in my womb. I was creaming all over his shaft and he loved it. I rode him like the best little fuck slut ever. He yanked my hips down and filled me with his seed. It felt so good having him unload in me and fill me to the brim. After he was done he said “Get up you dumb bitch; go call my brother and have him fill your ass hole with a load now”.

I looked at him and laughed and he said “You are so disgusting; you just let any cock fill you up”. I just laughed and said “I am so disgusting but yet you just can’t get enough of me”. He smacked me across the face and said ‘Yeah because all you are good for is to make my cock feel good; that doesn’t mean I like you or respect you bitch it means I just need to cum”! I dug my fingers in my pussy and sucked them clean and pulled my panties up and laughed. He was so turned off and said “Get out of my face; I will come get you when I need to blow again whore”. 

Seeded By Brothers Like A Filthy Cum Whore!

Hardcore ass fucking I am sure you little sex addicts remember my moms boyfriend Zach right? Well, he was a fantastic fuck for sure. However, what I didn’t know is that is brother Lance was SO MUCH better. I know what you must be thinking; how did I find out where his brother was and get hims to fuck me right? Well, he came over our house with his wife for dinner last week and I was so fucking turned one. 

What I loved even more is, I was filled up to the brim with Zachs cum while we were all sitting at the table for dinner. Meanwhile, I was looking at lance the entire time wishing we could sneak off so I could take his load in my ass hole. It was making me so horny imagining him filling me up with his seed when I just took his brother’s load in my cunt not too long ago. I am a deranged little slut what can I say? So, I was determined to get what I wanted; as you know I always do.

So, I went to the bathroom and made eyes at Lance who had already been eyeballing me all evening. It’s like he knew what to do and I was so excited to get a piece. I went to the bathroom and snuck off to my bedroom after. I waited a few minutes knowing Lance would pop right in. He pretended he was going out the back for a call and walked right into my room. I was already naked in my bed and told him to come in and lock the door. He smiled, locked the door and walked right in. I could see his cock print through his pants.

He did just that and said “I have been waiting for you to make the move so that I could come get a piece of you”. I laughed and told him we didn’t have much time until they noticed we were missing. So he came right over, took off his clothes and jumped in bed with me. He asked me what I wanted and I said “I want you to pick me up, put my legs over my head and plow my ass hole open until you seed it with your married load”. He called me a filthy skank and yanked me up right on top of him. 

That cock was ROCK hard, he did not even wait a single second before drilling it into my pretty butt hole. I was lubed up pretty well from his brothers load dripping down to my little rose bud ass hole. He noticed I was quite wet and said “Yeah bitch, looks my brother did a number on this filthy cunt of yours so that this ass hole was all prepped and ready for me to have my fun”. I was stunned but so turned on knowing Zach had told him that he fucks me too. I moaned and he knew I wasn’t aware that Zach spilled the secret. He laughed and said “Oh, come on you didn’t think he would tell his big brother about his girlfriends hot little slut daughter that he unloads into everyday”?. 

I giggled and said I had no idea he knew about anything. He laughed and said “Looks like the jokes on you then huh; because now I am going to fill you with my cum load too and maybe me and him can both take you at the same time on the next go around”. I was about to scream from how hard he was slamming my ass open. He told me to shut the fuck up so no one heard us. I held my screams in and spread my cunt open some more so more cum would leak out of my little fuck box as he tore my shit hole open. Then he whispered “Take this nut you hot little bitch”. 

Fucking Mommy’s Boyfriend Better Than Her

Wet bald pussyAt this point you all know I love riding cock and taking a pounding until I squirt all over the place. Zach has the best cock ever and he knows how to rail me out exactly how I need. Zach is my moms boyfriend that she has been seeing for a bit now. He is like 10 years younger and so fucking hot. There was no way I wasn’t going to get him to bang me out some day. I just had to wait for the best moment to make my move; which always works as you know. 

So I came home for college break and knew my mom was at work pretty late. I showed up earlier than expected because I knew Zach would be home cleaning the house up, etc. I got there and he was shocked I was so early but greeted me graciously. I was wearing tight shorts, a tank top and cute heels. I looked like I just walked out of a strip club which was totally the point. I turned up the flirting game instantly and told Zach he looked great and asked him if he had been working out. 

He just laughed and said “No, just lots of work around the house is all”. I could tell he was shy, it was really cute. So I walked over and replied with “Well, my mom is totally lucky that’s for sure; if you look this good without working out I can only imagine how great you look when you do”. He stared down at me and shook his head and said ‘You are quite the tease yourself Star”. I laughed and said “Well I have to be or how else will I be able to convince you to let me bounce on that cock of yours”?

Zach was stunned but so turned on I could tell. Considering the fact that he said “You don’t need to convince me or even ask; this cock has been wanting a piece of you the minute I knew what you looked like bitch”. He grabbed me into the living room and stripped me down. He took off his clothes, sat on the chair and said “Get on top and show me what your mommy doesn’t”. I was dripping wet, I laughed and hopped right up and said “Don’t be surprised when this pussy is the only one you are going to want after this”.