Guided Masturbation with a Flesh Light is Hot and Fun

guided masturbationGuided masturbation with a flesh light, I think seems like fun. And I think my sons agree. Every time I go to the adult bookstore to pick up a new toy for me, I pick out a toy for my horny boys too. Mommy can never come home empty handed. On my last visit here, I brought them home a blow-up doll. One for each of them. That way they had something to fuck when mommy was not around or awake to take care of their horny cocks.

However, this time, I bought them each a flesh light. Personally, I think they are fun. They feel like a real pussy. And you can get all kinds too. Many porn stars even have flesh lights designed in the likeness of their pussies. I talk to guys on the phone all the time who use flesh lights. And I help them use them with some guided masturbation too. But when I gave my boys their present, they looked puzzled. I guess they had no clue what a flesh light was.

So, I explained it to them. And they laughed. Laughed hard then told me I was their flesh light. I suppose that is true. However, I cannot be there for my horny boys every time they need me. Although I do try to be there often. But sometimes I get stuck on a long call. Or I am out scoring coke when their dicks need attention. I thought it might be fun for us to have some flesh light fun together. So, I demonstrated how to use them.

I Love Teaching My Sons New Kinky Ways To Masturbate

But I figured once my boys felt that soft squishy rubber on their dicks it would remind them of how good mommy’s wet tight pussy feels on their cocks. I squeezed some KY warming jelly inside and showed them with some guided masturbation how to use them. Of course, I masturbated with them. I got too turned on watching them ram their little monsters inside the flesh lights I bought them.  They both came quicker than I thought they would too.

After one round with those flesh lights, my sons wanted to fuck them again. But I reminded them that they could fuck the real thing for round too. But they laughed and told me the flesh light felt tighter on their cocks than my pussy. Oops. What did I do? Did I replace my mommy pussy with a flesh light? Not to be out done by a sex toy, mommy offered up her ass. No toy is tighter than mommy’s ass. They agreed and pumped their second load in my ass.

But afterwards they scooped up the flesh lights and went to their rooms. I think I might regret introducing them to the joys of jacking off with a flesh light.

guided masturbation

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