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GFE Phone Sex with The King

GFE phone sex with Big Daddy King is always the best. No one does the girl friend experience like BDK. No one does anything like BDK. It is the truth. Women beg to be near Big Daddy King and his anaconda. He is worldwide known by businessmen and porn stars alike. I am his sugar baby OG. I know I must share him with other sugar babies, strippers, wives, and porn stars. He is just too much of a man for one girl to keep up. He can satisfy more women in a day, than any man can in a year. That is just one of the many reasons he is the Living Legend. I was so happy to get a call from him that he was back in the states from his business trip to Monaco. It is a lifestyle of the rich and famous destination. Big Daddy King is as good of a businessman as he is a lover. Some folks have the Midas touch, but Big Daddy King has the Platinum touch. He bought a resort and flipped it to a bigwig in Lebanon and made a cool 5 million profit.

I was dying to see my King. I get a wet bald pussy just hearing his voice on the phone. He met me at the club. I had some new sugar babies for him to break in. I closed the club, so it would be just me, a few hot chicks and The Living Legend himself. Babydoll, me and a bevy of new beauties for the King to check out. Like I said before, he is more of a man than an army of men combined. He is a superior black man with a superior black cock. Women all over the world beg for his attention. I ran to him and jumped into his arms when he got out of his stretch limo. I had my BDK bling on and I was proudly showing my Property of BDK tramp stamp too. He carried me into the throne room where his posse of women awaited on their knees for the most amazing man in the world to appear. I could feel the anaconda pulsating as he carried me around his waist into the throne room. You could hear the sighs of excitement from the women. How could they not be excited? The Living Legend, the man, the myth was before them in all his glory.

When Big Daddy King pulled out the anaconda, it was rainbow kisses time. Me and the other sugar babies know how to worship the world’s best cock. With mouths and hands all over the anaconda, we showered his superior black cock with attention. How could we not? The reality of seeing Big Daddy King can be overwhelming, so a few of the new girls passed out. I mean BDK’s body is better than a Greek Adonis. He is the entire package and so much more. Brains, brawn and beauty. We were all in awe of Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We are a cult of the monster cock! I filmed everything because seeing is believing. It was a feeding frenzy among the girls because the anaconda is a work of art. We kissed, sucked, stroked and licked Big Daddy King’s superior big black cock until we were glistening with his billionaire nut shot. He gave us his biggest cum shot and it is always like a gallon of jizz. That is because Big Daddy King has that superior black cock. We were in awe of the anaconda and him. We spent the night worshiping Big Daddy King and the anaconda.  Every time Big Daddy King is gone, my pussy aches and I miss him. But he always comes back to his sugar baby OG. I am his property for life. #Owned by BDK #SuperiorBBC #BlackCocksMatter #CultofMonsterCock #TheLivingLegend #Addicted2Anaconda.

Fuck me Good

fanasy phone sexI went out last night to the bar and saw you buying a drink. I knew you probably had a girlfriend but whore the fuck cares, she can join. I walked up with you and just grabbed your hand. You already knew what was going to happen as soon as we walked in the fucking bathroom. I got on my fucking whore knees and pulled your pants down revealing your already hard thick cock. My mouth watered instantly so I looked up at you while I put it in my mouth. Mmm, you tasted so fucking good, and I didn’t want to stop especially when you grabbed my hair and fucked my face as hard as you fucking could. I stopped you right before you came in my mouth and bent over the sink counter with my dress pulled up. You could tell how much of a fucking whore I am because I didn’t have any underwear on. So, you fucked me like the whore I am. You filled my cunt so fucking deep I’m sure anyone could hear my moans outside, but we didn’t fucking care. I let you cum inside me knowing that I would never see you again but that’s what I came here for. A good fucking.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

stocking fetish phone sexDo you enjoy stocking fetish phone sex? I am a sexy mature woman. I love to dress sexy and classy. Sure, I can dress like a ho, but it is not my thing. I am an upper middle-class woman. Educated and I married well. I am a fan of stockings and garter belts as well as pantyhose. The younger girls go for the bare legged look. Nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, it is not a sexy look. I like to look sexy. I like to feel sexy too.  I also love attention. I get it for many reasons, but one of those reasons is my love for silky pantyhose and stockings. I was trying on summer shoes at the mall yesterday. I went into the suburbs for that. I rarely venture outside of Chicago unless it is to go shopping or hook up with a friend or a lover. The young man waiting on me, insisted on helping me with the shoes. The way he would caress my stocking clad legs told me this was his phone sex fetish. No shame in it. My husband is a fan of stockings and hose too. When he lingered a bit too long over my leg, he caught himself and apologized. I asked him if he liked the feel of the silk on his skin. He looked busted, but I assured him that I am a sexy MILF. I know that women in hosiery is a novelty for his generation. I suggested he take a break and meet me in the unisex bathroom after I purchased my shoes. I let him rub his cock all over my stocking clad feet and legs. Perhaps, he had a pantyhose fetish too. I do not judge kinks and fetishes, just cock size and as a white teen boy he was way too small for me. I did let him have his biggest cum shot though on my stocking clad legs. I think that made his week.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy For You

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. That is a perk of the job, right? None of my friends can whip out a dildo and toy with their bald kitty at work. I am double lucky. I can masturbate at my phone job and my stripper job. I masturbate a lot too. Yesterday, I came 32 times. I counted. Not sure it is my record, but it is up there as the most cums in a day for me. I had worked the last shift at the club and a guy had me in the VIP room masturbating with him. I gave him some guided masturbation techniques. I love telling men how to stroke their cocks for me on the phone, but when I get to do it in person? Well, my little bald kitty is dripping in excitement. This guy did not have the biggest cock in the world, but it was not small either. Plus, this man was so nice. Much older than me. He told me he has not had a boner in over a year following heart surgery. He is a widow with no special lady in his life. He decided to come to a strip club to see if he could still get an erection. He had his first wood in over a year seeing me strip to Aerosmith’s Crazy.  I was happy for him. I give guys boners all the time. That literally is my job. But this felt special because it was special. He got the VIP room so I could give him some release. I would have fucked the old guy, but he is still loyal to his deceased wife. I almost cried hearing him talk about her. She was a busty blonde too. We masturbated for about 30 minutes together before I got his cum shot on tits. I love making men cum, but this was a cum I will never forget.

Breed Me Johnny

Breeding Phone Sex

“Pull your fucking titties out, I wanna slap my cock on ‘em!” Johnny always knows how to treat me right, but today he was fucking kinky! He ripped my cloths right off me this morning. The way he kissed, licked and sucked on my nipples had me squirming. He pinned both my legs apart stuck his tongue so deep into my cunt, MMM OH MY GOD!! “You like that baby”, he kept going until I squirt then sucked it all up from my tight pussy. “Please put your cock inside me baby, I want to feel that hard thick rod deep inside me!” I told him. Oh my lord the way he stretched my pussy and filled her up! Slow strokes into real deep ones, stretching out all those wet pussy walls. “I’m gonna fuck you like the whore you are Tina” he pounded me so hard I could feel my heart ache beneath my bouncing big tits. In, out, faster and harder with each stroke like the slut that I am. He put his hand around my throat and fucked me hard until his hot crème filled me. “Oh fuck, Tina I’m going to breed you baby, I’m cumming!”. “Mmhhhmm yes Johnny, yes!”. I never knew I could get fucked so well on a weekday, guess there is are ways to make your Mondays better huh?


Roleplay Phone Sex is Hot

roleplay phone sexI love roleplay phone sex. I have a married lover who likes to play naughty nurse. It makes him feel better about those prostate exams. I have a cute naughty nurse outfit. I never mind putting it on either. When he texted me last night, I knew he wanted to come over and play naughty nurse. I look hot as a busty nurse. I diagnosed him as having full balls. I told him it was my responsibility to make him feel better. His wife is clearly not doing what she is supposed to do, or he would not always come over with such heavy balls. As a naughty nurse, I can play with his prostate. I have no clue why women get weirded out over putting a finger in a man’s ass. A lot of men call me for prostate phone sex because their wives refuse to do it or even shame their men for wanting it. The male G-spot is in the ass. It is not fair, I know, but it is what it is. A smart woman would wet her finger and work it right in her man’s ass because a man who is fully drained is so very grateful.

My married lover is so happy when I drain his prostate that he gets me presents. Backed up balls are never any fun for a man. Men need a prostate massage when it has been so long since they have cum that they cannot get all the cum out with just a couple orgasms. My finger was up my lover’s ass many times last night. My mouth was on his cock most of the time I massaged his prostate too. I wanted to swallow all those loads I extracted from him. I am a cum guzzling whore. There is a reason I love giving a man his biggest cum shot. This naughty nurse went to bed with a belly full of cum. I slept so well too. My lover went back to his wife a few pounds lighter and much happier. Win Win.

Breeding Phone Sex for Cucks

breeding phone sex

Hello to all my breeding phone sex loving losers. Yes, I called you a loser. If you could get your wife pregnant, you would not be online looking up breeding scenarios. That’s how you stumbled upon me and that is a very good thing for you. I cannot wait to talk to you about how your wife is going to get knocked up by another man – a REAL man. That’s something that you’re not and you never will be. But that black bull that your wife has been sleeping with? He is going to get her pregnant so fast your head will spin.

As part of your punishment for being a loser, you are going to have to watch him get your wife pregnant. You’re going to get on your knees and suck his cock to get him hard so that he can really stick it to her. And once all the jizz that doesn’t get her pregnant starts leaking out of her pussy, you’re going to get down there and clean it up for her. Losers like you should always learn to clean up the mess of a big cock bull.

The Ass for Hot Ass Fuck

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. I work hard for that ass too. I run daily and do squats too. My ass is one of my best features. I need to keep in shape because black men love a fine booty. They are not the only ones though. I was walking my pups at the dog park today. Mid-day break for me but it was senior skip day. That is when the seniors skip the last day of school for shenanigans. I was down to help a few with their skip day shenanigans. Two seniors were all over me like white on rice. I got my swirl on with two high school boys. Yeah, for me. One black, one white. Both tall and hung though. I grabbed their crotches to make sure they met the requirements for my pussy. This mature phone sex slut is always down to entertain young studs with milf fever. One of the boys was like I could bounce a quarter off your ass. I told him I would rather have him smack my ass with his young hard cock. I took them home with me. They were drinking a cheap beer out of a can. I had better shit at home. Of course, at home they would be too busy fucking me to think about drinking. We had a senior skip day too. That was in 1985. Good to know some traditions never grow old. Just like me. I will never grow too old for a young hard cock. My husband would be sorry he missed this. I got double penetrated by two studs on the wrong side of barely legal. Big cocks. I did not care about their age. I cared only about how good they made my ass and pussy feel. I was getting a hardcore ass fucking and good pussy stuffing most of the afternoon. I filmed the whole thing for my husband. I hope to see more of them this summer.

Moisturize My Mammaries

Cum shots on tits


Hot cum shots on tits is how I learned to love using spunk for moisturizer! It’s sticky and sweet and full of protein, probably the perfect concoction for a cock loving cougar like me to use for massaging my flesh and making my skin super soft.

Being an open minded mommy, there’s no end to the amount of rock hard semen squirters I have to give me all of the creamy cum I need to coat myself in cod sauce.  Every time I give the mailman or pool boy or whoever else swings by the pole pleasing attention they desire, they blow their juicy jizz wherever I tell them to.  They don’t care where they get to shoot as long as I drain every drop of dick broth out of their big, bouncy balls.

If my feet are a little ashy then I have them toss their torrents of splooge all over my soles and toes.  When my elbows are rough I spread globs of gelatinous gash basher goop all over them to smooth them back out.  And when I just want to see rivers of warm cum flowing off of my nipples and down my cleavage, I make sure that my titties get sprayed and sprinkled with that pearly white penis potion.  I fucking love it!


Moist Mistress

Big Tit Fucking

It’s been at least a month since I’ve seen Michael, he’s been having some issues with his girlfriend- no matter how I’ve tried to help she refuses to fix anything. A woman can’t always expect a man to stay faithful coming at his neck 24/7. So I let him cum down mine hehehe. Gosh how much I’ve missed him! He walks with such confidence and he uses his cock in such a sensual way, I beg for more. The thickness he holds, how smooth it feels wrapping my tongue all around that rod, feeling it pulse as I suck and twirl my mouth up and down to his balls. Licking between each nut than slurping them into my mouth while stroking his cock. Mmmm I love gliding my tits around his dick too, watching his eyes roll back as he calls my name. I could care less if she even found out because I know she can’t take care of him how I can. He picks me up, puts me onto his counter and kisses me like he’s in love all over again. Eats my moist pussy like the dessert he’s been waiting for. I have him sit down and I slide on top of him- slow strokes, making sure he feels ever motion he’s been missing. He turns me around and continues to kiss me as my hips move to the rhythm of his playlist in the background. Oh I can feel him coming close because I am too. Without pulling it out he bends me over and fills my cunt with all his sticky seeds. Gosh how I still crave and miss him-but I was proud that I could be his safe haven for all the times he would need.

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