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My favorite part about thick and veiny black cock phone sex is the reveal.  Getting to know some strange ebony bone is so fucking exciting, just the thought of it makes my mouth water and my pussy drip!  I love to seduce black men because landing a gigantic BBC makes my creamy cougar cunt so moist and wet.  I can’t even wait to get the guy back to my place before I give his crotch a complete inspection, I get super handsy with my black kings as soon as I know I have him hooked.

When I get any guy’s attention, one of the first things I do is get my hands on his hog.  I want to know what I’m working with before we get to it, gives my mommy holes a chance to anticipate what’s about to happen to them.  When I have a fine hunk of black man on my hands, I’m always extra excited to reach into his pants and get my digits on his fat donkey dong.  I don’t care who’s watching or where we are.  Once I’ve reeled in an ebony skinned god of a man, all I can think about is how big his cock is and how hard he’s going to hammer it into me.  Pulling it out and playing with it right then and there is just a must, on my end.  Or in my end, if that’s how he wants it!

I’ve sucked off a ten inch tall boy of a massive mahogany muff stuffer under the table at a restaurant, jerked off a giant black ball bat whore banger while we were ponied up to the bar and let an extra long super-duper dark dong titty fuck me on a balcony overlooking a busy city street, all because I get a little over zealous and eager to touch and taste a BBC whenever I get around one.  I can’t help it, they taste good and feel great!


Mommy Phone Sex Keeps Me Busier Than Normal Over the Holidays

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex keeps me busier than normal over the holidays. Guys see their mommies again and it stirs up feelings. It does for me too. My mom is with us through the first of the year. She is the reason I am a druggy mommy whore today. I learned it all from my hot mommy. My mom is in her 60s, but you would never guess that. She is sexy as fuck and just as horny too. When I was a young girl, I watched my mother fuck my brother all the time.  She would do lines of coke and fuck his teenage cock. I loved watching. Eventually, my mom let me play with my brother too. And when I was in high school, I started doing lines of coke with my mom. My sons love incest phone sex. That means they love to fuck mommy and granny. And for over a month, they get to enjoy us both. My mom was living with us for a while, but she remarried and moved in with her second husband. He is much cooler than my dad ever was. He loves that she is a party mom and enjoys playing with her son and daughter, as well as her grandsons. Lucky for her, both my brother and I only had sons. She has 5 teenage grandsons she can fuck whenever she wants. I always aspired to be just like her. A trophy wife, who parties and fucks her young sons. I have done pretty well at following in her footsteps, LOL. This morning, I slept in. When I woke up, I saw my sons double penetrating their grandma’s holes. Brought back fond memories. I would often catch my mom with my brother and one of his friends. I masturbated while I puffed on a joint. My boys gave their grandma their biggest cum shot, but they still had enough cum left for their favorite mommy whore.

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Do you want a hardcore ass fucking for Christmas? Many men do. No shame in asking a sexy shemale like me to pound your tight asshole. I know this guy who loves ass play. He is married and on the down low. He knows I am a sexy shemale. We have mutual friends. I may not go around yelling on the roof tops that I have a ten-inch cock, but I do not hide who I am either. He approached me when we ran into each other at a party. He told me that he needed cock in his ass. He stated that he had been a naughty boy all year and deserved to be anally punished. I am no Santa Claus, but I took his confession and agreed to give him hot ass sex. Now my dick is big, but he could handle it. He was no ass virgin. He had just never had a she-cock up his back door pussy before. I was happy to be his first sexy tranny cock. We were at a friend’s house for a get-together. That did not stop me from fucking his ass though. We just found a room that was unoccupied. I can get hard anywhere. I talk to men all the time who hire tranny escorts and complain about their half hard dicks. That is because they are escorts. The smarts ones would just see one or two guys a day, so their cum is plentiful and their dicks erect. I do not escort much for this reason. I always want to have a hard cock when I need it. This little anal whore got my stiff dick up his tight poop shoot for about 20 minutes until I gave him the biggest cum shot in his ass. Santa came early for him this year. Maybe Santa can cum earlier for you too.

Big Tit Photos Often Leads to Fucking with this Sexy BBW

big tit photosI love posing for big tit photos. I was approached the other day by a random stranger. He offered me a couple hundred dollars to snap a few pictures of my sexy breasts. I knew it was likely a line. He just wanted some pictures of a busty and sexy BBW to jack off too. Guys jack off to my big tits daily. I am naked on the Internet. I am naked in all sorts of online big tit magazines like Score too. I love to flaunt my curves. Now, I am not as big as say Lizzo, but I am just as proud of my curves and confident in them too as she is. The man that propositioned me was older, likely in his 50s. But I love older men. I love married men phone sex lovers too. Married men need a woman like me in their lives. I could see his cock growing in his pants as I pulled my boobs out. I saw the ring line on his finger. He just took his ring off. Amateur move for a skilled mistress like me. I told him I loved married men the most and he did not have to hide the fact that he was married. He laughed, then blushed. I posed for some sexy pictures then invited him back home with me. I wanted to fuck him. I saw that tent in his pants and felt responsible. I am sort of an old school thinker. If I give you a boner, I will take care of it for you too. We did not even make it back to my place. I live in walking distance of the park, so we drove to my place in his car. I was jacking his big cock as he drove me three blocks back to my place to fuck. I got the biggest cum shot in my hand as we pulled into my driveway. I got another one not long after when we got back inside my house. I know how to make a man bounce back quickly, even a man over 50. That is the power of a sexy BBW.

Black Cock Phone Sex Friday with the King

black cock phone sexBig Daddy King puts the black in Black cock phone sex Friday. We have this annual tradition of fucking on Black Friday. This year was no different, but we made a new tradition. Black Friday is a day of celebrating  big black cock, specifically the anaconda. Holly fuck if there was ever a cock worthy of its own holiday, it would be the anaconda. The anaconda and Big Daddy King are leading the Black New World Order movement. White husbands think their wives are out shopping on Black Friday, but they are really out getting themselves some big black cock. White men, black men are coming for your wives. And wives understand the Black New World Order. They understand black cock superiority, even if you do not.  The anaconda has been stealing white women for decades now. White women understand Anaconda World Domination!!

I had a brilliant idea to celebrate Black Friday with the King of all Kings. I have a key to his local mansion. I know his wife goes shopping at the crack of dawn every Black Friday. I wanted to gather some of my King’s favorite sugar babies like Kardashian, Lexi, Baby Doll and Destiny to wake up our Supreme Being properly. We all dressed up in our BDK bling and sexy black and white lingerie to celebrate the start of the BNWO holiday. We showed off our tramp stamps. We got our hair and nails done too. We wanted to be on fleek for our King. We are an elite gfe phone sex posse and we always need to look fly. Some of the girls had never been inside Big Daddy King’s mansion. I ushered us to his place in one of his many stretch limos. BDK’s bimbos ride in style, always. I was on social media bragging about seeing our King on Black Friday and starting an official holiday for white women to get big black cocks. Me and my fellow hot sugar babies only want one big black cock. We are team Anaconda World Domination. I could almost hear the white boys crying as I bragged about how all white women want the anaconda.

gfe phone sexI showed the girls the mansion. I was on camera the entire time. When we got to Big Daddy King’s room, we saw the biggest tent ever. Our Supreme Being was asleep under a silk sheet, but the anaconda was awake. We are all property of BDK and the most sought after cock in the world. We gazed at our King while we could, but we all knew a feeding frenzy was about to occur. We surrounded the bed, pulled back the sheet and stared in awe of the King of all Kings and the King of all Cocks. Big Daddy King’s body is a work of art, and the anaconda is magnificent. We could only stare so long. We put our hands on the anaconda, and you could still see the King of all Cocks even with 5 sets of sugar baby hands groping it. We gave rainbow kisses to the anaconda next. Now, Big Daddy King was starting to wake up. He loved his Black Friday surprise. He is the leader of the BNWO and we are his disciples.

I got to ride the anaconda first. Big Daddy King is a porn star in bed. The anaconda always takes care of us individually, and collectively. I rode my cock hard until he exploded in my white girl pussy. My fellow sugar babies are so greedy for anaconda sauce that they ate it right out of my pussy. They got their turns though. BDK takes care of us better than any man can. That is why he is the leader of the BNWO and the King of interracial phone sex. Happy Black Friday Big Daddy King! #AnacondaWorldDomination #SupremeBeing #TheKingofAllKings #BlackCockSuperiority # BNWO #PropertyofBDK

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Black Cock Phone Sex Because Size Does Matter

black cock phone sexI specialize in black cock phone sex because size matters. Guys call me all the time and think that size does not matter or that all cocks are pretty much the same size. Not even close. My husband once believed size did not matter much. He has a barely 3-inch cock. I like cocks triple his size. When we first started dating, I was in college, and he was in grad school. He is a smart man and a handsome one too, he just has a small dick. I was already a size queen in the 80s because my high school boyfriend was black. I lost my virginity to a 10-inch cock. I did not realize size mattered until I fucked my first white boy in college. That was an eye opener. When I started dating my husband in college, I had hoped he would be bigger than the first white guy I fucked, but he was smaller. I have never fucked my husband. Not even on our wedding night and we have been married almost 30 years.

Black Cock Phone Sex I bet you are wondering how this marriage works. Because he now knows that size matters too. He has spent a few decades watching me get big black cocks in my white pussy. He knows that I deserve more than he can give me. He knows I deserve big black cock phone sex. He has graduated from not wanting to know any of the details to bringing me big black cocks. And holidays are no different. When you are a horny milf like me, you can always find big black cocks to fuck you, even on Thanksgiving. My husband arranged a big black cock stuffing for me after our dinner last night. He brought his size queen wife home a winner too. Jamal was packing almost 13 inches of dark meat for my white pussy. I love the feel of a big black cock penetrating me. I love having my cuckold husband by my side too. And there he was. My cuckold husband fluffing his big black cock and helping me take such a big piece of meet inside my pussy. I am a black cock phone sex whore wife, and I am proud of it too. I know what my pussy deserves, and it is never going to be a small white boy penis. Never. I am a cock size queen. I know size matters. My husband now knows size matters. The question is do you know size matters?

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Young Pain Slut Pussy

Pain Slut Phone Sex

My youngest teen daughter has a brand new giant dildo that she got specifically to make her scream extra loud during all of her hole stretching pain slut phone sex sessions.  She’s got guys calling her 24/7 that want to make her hurt her small little snatch with some extreme insertions so they can hear her squeal and squawk.  They must love the way she sounds when she’s fucking herself senseless with a forearm sized dildo, or something.

She’s always been a really vocal lover.  The first time I ever sucked on her bald beaver and licked her teeny-tiny clit, she whooped and hollered like she was being electrocuted.  There’s never any doubt if she’s getting her pussy pleased, everyone in the whole house can hear her yelling and howling, and that’s just during a seemingly standard sexing.  When she wails and cries out in pain filled pleasure from jamming a massive puss poker deep inside of herself, I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear her!

That’s what all of the men who call her want, a hot little blonde bitch that sounds like every pump, slam or slap of her snapper is about to break her in half.  Makes sense to me.  Real hardcore phone sex should sound hot as a mother fucker and the way my girly grinds her cunt on her oversized dildos makes her wail and shriek like a banshee, especially when she cums and creams all over it.  What could be hotter than that?


Black Cock Phone Sex is What a Slut Wife Does Best

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I cater to and enjoy a lot of fetishes, but I am a real cuckold wife. And to me, there is nothing better than interracial cuckolding. I have a new lover. His name is Ricardo. He is half black and half Cuban. We met at my local coffee house. I am a fitness freak. In my younger days, I was an amateur body builder. Staying fit helps me keep up with these younger black lovers. Ricardo is like 30 years old. He lives in the neighborhood and is a runner too. Single and a young professional. He checked off all the boxes of what I like in a lover. He had jogged to the coffee house too. We chatted then we ran back home together. There was instant chemistry, so I suggested he come inside. I meant that in more ways than just one, LOL. He knew I was married and that hindered him for a bit, but once I explained that I had a cuckolding phone sex husband, he was down to fuck a married woman. He is not my typical lover. He is shy and not aggressive at all.  I am good with that because I am a dominant woman. I can turn a mouse into a man. Once I got him naked, I was blown away by his beautiful big black cock. My husband would want to see his cock. Ricardo was not accustomed to women making the first move. In talking to him, I found out he was raised by his southern Baptist grandma. He had some old-fashioned views, but once my mouth was working its magic on his cock, he forgot all about traditional gender roles. I turned on the nanny cam discreetly. I wanted my husband to be able to watch the hot show from his office. How great is modern technically? I mean now my husband can watch me be a cheating whore remotely. Ricardo’s cock is fabulous. He sure knows how to use it too because he gave me a hot squirting pussy with just a few thrusts. I have a new favorite black cock and he only lives a few blocks away. Christmas came early for this slut wife.

Banging My BBW Niece

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My niece is a hot little BBW phone sex teen and she loves coming over to hang out with me and all of her cum loving cousins.  They’re all so cute when they get together, they just can’t keep their hands off of each other.  I don’t let my brats have all of the fun, though.  I make sure to take my piece of my niece’s plump pussy every time she drops in to let my branch of the family tree fuck her.

Of course she’s always gotten along with my girls.  I can’t count all of the sleepovers they’ve had and how many times I walked in on them eating the everloving shit out of each other’s bald beavers.  Any time those tots got together, they licked slick slits and rubbed their not quite titties until they were all red in the face and covered in tiny twat cream.  It was so precious!

Now that the brats are older, they like having the parents join in on their gash glazing fun a bit more than they used to.  One of my favorite memories was the night I plucked my oldest daughter off of her cousin’s face and forced a few fingers into my niece’s chubby little virgin cunt while all of my little ones watched. She screamed and tried to get away at first, but when she realized that I wasn’t going to stop until I was knuckle deep, she just cried and let it happen.  

Now her fat fuck hole begs for finger number four and we’re well on our way to fitting my whole fist up inside of her.  She’s also way more fond of letting the boys get into her gash now than she was when she was a burgeoning BBW whore.  She lets my girls go down on her as much as they want and gives the boys all of the attention their cocks want.  Her new uncle, too!  The guys all like to see who can make her scream the loudest and  who gives her the biggest cum shot before she goes back home.  Watching them wail away on her while the girls and I rub our horny holes together is a bonding time that none of us would trade for all the money in the world.  I love my chubby niece as much as I love my own offspring.  It’s pretty neat to see how much she’s grown and how much more punishment her pussy can take, now.  She’s gotten so big!


Give my face the Biggest cum shot you’ve ever had

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Give my face the Biggest cum shot you’ve ever had. I was caught being a lesbian whore with my friend by my uncle. He was standing by the door and stroking his cock while I scissored the fuck out of my bestie! I was grinding our cunts and clits together; I could feel how fucking wet she was all over my pussy when our cunt juices mixed together. Her titties were bouncing up and down while I twerked my huge ass all over that hot pussy. My uncle walked in and kept stroking his hot cock and pointed it towards my friend’s face. She was shocked at first but then she started sucking that uncle dick and deep throating it. She moaned and screamed when I scissored her cunt harder. “Get on your hands and knees.” My uncle said. We both came on each other’s cunts with loud screams and then we got on our hands and knees, and we stuck our tongues out, waiting for that hot and steamy load. “Ooh, fuck yes give us your load, uncle!” I moaned. He groaned and came all over us! Leaving our faces painted in that hot cum. It was the hottest Cocksucking Phone Sex I have ever had!