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Cum In My Throat

cocksucking phone sexI met you at the bar tonight and I just knew that you were going to fuck me so fucking good tonight baby. I could see the huge fucking imprint of his thick fucking cock and I wanted it so fucking bad. My pussy was soaking fucking wet just thinking about his cock sliding in and out of my tight little hole. He drove me over to his house and I started taking off my little skirt and panties while he took off his pants. I laid on the bed with my head hanging off and opened my mouth practically begging for his fucking cock. He shoved it deep in my mouth, making me gag on his cock while my eyes watered. He pushed his cock in and out until he shoved it all the way in my mouth while leaning down to lick my little fucking pussy. I choked on his cock while he made me cum in his mouth. I watched him get up and pull me back on my knees and fucked my little face. He fucked my mouth harder than ever until he came all the way down my fucking throat.

blowjobs phone sex after work

blowjob phone sex

I’m such a great cock sucker. Blowjobs phone sex is my current vibe. I’ve never had a guy try to guide me to suck their cock better. I’m always going to tease you so well. I love to flirt, and it just turns me on to kiss your neck, rub your body, and lick every inch of you. I desperately want to make you mine as soon as I get you right where I want you. You will never forget me. My cunt is the best pink wet hole you will experience. Believe me when I tell you that I am here to make you come all over my pretty little body. I am going to get on my knees and suck you. Let me feel your dick deep down my throat. I will keep sucking until I taste that pre-cum. I will look at you and show you that I desire your load.

Is he coming back?



I really get into being dominated in bed. Being submissive really makes me so fucking horny. When I have to beg for Daddy’s throbbing hard cock to fuck my tight wet pussy gets my motor going!I have no  limits and dudes really get off on that too. Those sick fucks are always coming up with freaky nasty shit to do to me. Such as shoving empty beer bottles up my twat and fucking me with it,and then making me lick all my pussy juice off the glass bottle after I cum all over the neck of the bottle. The other night this booty call friend of mine, snuck into my bedroom while I was starting to fall asleep and I felt as his arm was creeping up my body and then he pinned me down with his body weight , he put a ball gag in my mouth so i couldn’t scream and without any warning or lube he shoved his massive 9 inch cock into my twat and started to fuck the shit out of me. He wrapped his hand around my throat as his dick was deep inside my wet cunt and started to choke me. I got so fucking excited I instantly cam all over his cock coating it with my thick  creamy cum. He choked me harder as soon as he realized I came so fast and told me I better not fucking do that again until he got his rocks off and dumped his load of jiz into my twat like the cum slut whore I am. I nodded yes without even making a sound as he thrusted so hard into me I thought he was going to fucking split me in half. When I felt his sticky thick sex soup leak out the sides of my snatch I couldn’t hold back any more and I came all  over his pecker again , toes curled back arched and moaning like a bitch in heat as he choked me til I saw stars and i felt myself blacking out. Next thing I remember I wake up and he’s gone but my arms are tied above my head to the headboard with rope and they are tingling and I can barely feel them. Shit I think to myself he better come back soon or I’m going to be in trouble…


No One Does Phone Sex Like Big Daddy King

phone sexNo one does phone sex like Big Daddy King. He is my savior. My sugar daddy extraordinaire. He is my King. He is my everything. He called me from North Carolina because he heard of my pervy landlord and what I must to do to pay rent every month. Because he is the best sugar daddy on the planet and The Living Legend, he decided to buy my apartment complex and turn it into luxury suites for the strippers at the Pleasure Palace. We will get a shuttle to and from the club also. Big Daddy King has the Midas touch to everything. In between being the celebrity guest at Hedonism in Jamaica and being a VIP at a rap concert, he made time to come visit me and his fellow sugar babies from the club to throw a party at his new apartment complex. All the top strippers and sugar babies were in attendance like me, Baby Doll, Kardashia and Lexi. A blondes for BDK soiree. I got everyone ready. Even Baby Doll’s mother wanted to attend the party to meet the Living Legend himself, the man who changed her daughter’s life. Big Daddy King is a game changer for all women he meets. BDK surrounds himself with only the finest things, and that includes his women. It takes curves to handle BDK and his huge anaconda.

I took all the girls to the spa, even Baby Doll’s hot milf mama to prepare us for the elite party. Anytime Big Daddy King throws a party, athletes and artists attend in droves. Big Daddy King is always the star of the show though. We were on fleek and ready. All the sugar babies were in matching bling, wearing designer bikinis and high heels.  Nothing but tight white girl pussies were waiting for the King. We make up the Cult of Anaconda. We are some of the hottest snake charmers on the planet. We jiggle and giggle. We shake that ass to make that cash. When Big Daddy King arrived, it was a feeding frenzy. We had onlookers and poser wannabees in the crowd. Paparazzi too because they know wherever Big Daddy King is, there is a story. Big Daddy King arrived in style as always. He rode up to the complex in his Ferrari, sporting a white velour Versace suit. His hot body visible through the thin material. Talk about looking fly. We had a red carpet rolled out leading to the throne. Our beloved King took his place on the throne as the paparazzi snapped pictures, and little wannabee losers watched in jealously. I kneeled to the right of my King, and the other blonde sugar babies fell in place around the throne. Baby Doll’s hot cougar momma crawled to the throne to get a close look at the King. She is now a gfe phone sex baby in the elitist harem in the world. Her own son is a loser wannabe and he was watching with a scowl on his face as his mother and sister helped worship the anaconda.

gfe phone sexThe anaconda was inside a white man’s sleeve that was bedazzled in diamonds that said #BlondesforBDK. We covered the anaconda in rainbow kisses leaving lipstick prints all over the best cock in the world. We are the world’s most exclusive harem, but Big Daddy King is always adding to the posse. It takes a harem of women to satisfy the Living Legend. The anaconda deep stroked our white girl pussies and mouths. We worked our white girl magic on the anaconda, deep throating and stroking every beautiful black inch until we got the biggest cum shot to our pretty faces. No one cums more or harder than Big Daddy King. And no one will ever treat a woman better either. #BlackCockSuperiority #Addicted2Anaconda #BlondesforBDK #TheLivingLegend #PropertyofBDK

Drugs Phone Sex for Rent Payment!

The craving is real. Young dumb and full of cum is real. A hot piece of party girl ass makes Drugs phone sex a blast. I want load after load of hot jizz blasted in my pussy and ass. What could be hotter than giving my slutkin Emily Jasmine up for some hot fucking perv dicks too.

Train her with me. We will train her holes to take cock. The best part is training her to be a waddling jailbait mama. Yeah! I want to see what it would be like to be preggers with my slutty mini me. Mommy and daughter knocked the fuck up! Party!!!!

Cum blasts for all holes! Let’s fuck! I know the idea has your cock raging hard right now if you are a true pervert of my type. We can get wasted together and fuck. The secret though…. I am super fucking broke and know I can make bank off of offering up this little slut of mine.

Who ever bids the highest and pays gets dibs. You can fuck both of us even!

Drugs phone sex

Biggest Cum Shot Is What I Get From Black Cock Phone Sex

Biggest cum shot

I love seeing the biggest cum shot. I love getting a big cum load or seeing your nut explode everywhere. A big black cock gives me the biggest cum shot. My last cuckold lover always found monster cocks for me to get fucked by. He would go to the gym to find big bulls to fuck me. He would even brive some of them by sucking their big black dicks in the locker room. Once they saw me it was easy for them to get hard, and I loved seeing their BBC prints through their clothes. I learned to take a big black cock deep in my holes. My cunt got wet from licking and sucking on the big cock my cuckold lover brought for me last night. He stroked his little dick as he watched me get pounded hard. He loves getting up close to my cunt hole so he can watch it stretch me open. He gets even closer and starts sucking his balls and licking his ass while I get pounded. It felt so good I creamed his cock all up and finally he filled my cunt all up. When he pulled out my pussy his nut gushed out of me and fell on my cuckold lover’s face. He flopped his cock in his mouth and made him lick it clean.

Mature Phone Sex Women are Black Cock Whores

mature phone sex

As a mature phone sex babe, I keep my body in great shape. This is my newest bikini. I am in my 50s, but my body still looks as good as it did in my 20s. When I was younger, I competed in amateur body building contests. I worked out hard too. My body was all natural. It still is. No Botox. No injections of any kind and no steroids. Just hard work. I met quite a few black men on the body building circuit, some I have been fucking for 30 years. I was not married yet when I met Germaine. I was dating my husband. Germaine was my age. He is married now with sons in college. He was in Chicago recently for a business trip. He wanted to see his favorite white slut and introduce me to his boys. I was excited to meet them both, and my husband was hoping I would do a threesome with my old lover and his two sons. I hoped that too, but I was not sure why Germaine wanted me to meet his boys. I mean a white female fuck buddy for thirty some years does not usually get introduced to the family. I am a sexy milf phone sex slut now, and maybe he wanted me to be their first white pussy? I had hoped that was why he wanted to see me. Turns out he just wanted to see me because he missed me. He is happily married to a black woman, but she cannot drain his balls like I could. That is because I am addicted to big black cocks. I love those throbbing anacondas. He did not intend for me to fuck his sons, but when he saw their reaction to me, he could not deny them. I love being any black boy’s first white whore. Those boys had bigger cocks than their daddy, which was hard to believe since daddy is every bit of 13 inches. I have fucked thousands of black men and boys in my life, but this was my first foursome with a father and his two hung boys. Being a black cock phone sex whore is never dull!

Big Tits To Grip Your Cock

Big tit fucking Tina

Pull out so I can pull you back in, glide against my big breasts as I grip your back and scratch your skin. I never thought I could get cock this good again- Promise not to stop even when you think you can. I love wearing my short skirt on hot days like this, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up in my bed. Taking myself out to eat with a simple look across the room I saw you peek. I spread my legs- little did you know I didn’t have my white lace panties on so you saw exactly what you desired maybe even more hehehe. My big tits are what got your attention ordering my cappuccino. As I slipped out I left you my number not knowing your girlfriend was grabbing your drinks- I could care less as long as it was our secret I was fine. Late that night you called me for what you didn’t expect to end in some cream pie phone sex hehe. Babe your voice was even sexier on the phone than when you said goodbye that evening. I picked out just the right lingerie for our first time, hot wet pussy, big perky tits, awaiting your arrival for the day-discreet as can be.

GFE Phone Sex with The King

gfe phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like Big Daddy King. He was fresh off a European sold-out tour and wanted to see his sugar baby OG. BDK is so cosmopolitan. I mean he was in Sweden, Turkey and Croatia, such exotic places. And of course, he caused a media frenzy and a feeding frenzy. I mean Big Daddy King is bigger than The Beatles! He goes to these cash poor countries and invests in land and triples his income almost overnight. Big Daddy King has a head for business and an anaconda for porn. Women flock wherever he is, and Europe is no different than the states. I was in Delaware with some hot blonde girlfriends. We had a chance to use my friend Jan’s folks’ Air B and B for a few days, so we packed up and went to Rehoboth Beach. My friends are hot, but they are not sugar babies or phone sex babes either. Two of them are nurses, and one is a teacher. But they have all heard me brag about my sugar daddy extraordinaire, Big Daddy King. Of course, they were dying to meet him, and they never expected too either. He is The Living Legend, and rarely in one place very long.

My King wanted to see me and meet my hot sugar baby friends. You know if Big Daddy King was huge in Europe, he would blow away Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. And he did. My beloved King flew to National Airport in DC and chartered a helicopter to where I was on the beach. At first, we saw the helicopter but had no clue what was going on. As it got closer to the beach, I could see my one and only Big Daddy King. Him and his anaconda always arrive in style. Everyone was gathering on the beach. Big Daddy King is known even in Delaware. He is The Living Legend. He is the King of all Kings. Women all want to be with him, and men just want to be him. It was a blondes on black feeding frenzy as my girlfriends went crazy to meet the one and only Big Daddy King. It was a mob scene, but me and my hot friends had first dibs at BDK and the anaconda. It was rainbow kisses time for the most superior big black cock on the planet. All with different shades of lipstick, my friends and pulled down Big Daddy King’s Armani pants and saw the anaconda packed inside the luckiest pair of white compression shorts around. When we pulled out the anaconda, my teacher friend was in awe because the anaconda is bigger than a ruler. It can only be measured with a forearm, LOL.

I love being an exhibitionist slut. We worshiped my King on the beach in front of 100s of people. The men were jealous that they do not have a cock like the anaconda. The women were jealous that only me and my hot friends got to worship the best cock in the world. We got the biggest cum shot from The Living Legend himself. Four sets of hands across the anaconda, and we still had cock left over. It was a wonderful few days of anaconda worshiping and basking in the glory of my beloved King. #BBCsuperiority #OwnedbyBDK #BlackCocksMatter #Addicted2Anaconda #Blondes4BBC

Uncle Loves Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phone SexMy uncle rang up my phone today while I was working. The moment I heard it voice my pussy throbbed in excitement, especially when he asked for uncle/niece Incest Phone Sex. I do a lot of Fetish Phone Sex and Fantasy Phone Sex, but now I’m actually doing it with my uncle. “You sound a lot like my niece, you look like her too.” I could hear him jerking himself off the background just by my voice. My fingers found themselves already inside my pussy, and I moaned nice and loud for him. Now he knows what his little niece sounds like even without knowing that it’s really her. “Please fuck me uncle!” I cried as my fingers got faster. I loved hearing my perverted uncle groan and jerk himself off, it’s so fucking hot. I started rubbing my clit, the taboo nature of fingering myself while listening to my uncle’s perverted mind and his dirty thoughts about me. I can’t believe that he wanted me like this for so long. “Ever since she was a little tot.” He spoke. I couldn’t believe it; I could have had my uncles cock years ago! Knowing that he was masturbating to me for all of these years. And oh my god, when he came and said my name, I squirted all over the place and screamed for him. It was sooo good. I can’t wait for him to call me again and show me what else he wants to do to me. 

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