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wet bald pussyI always wake up with a wet bald pussy. My boys always wake up with stiff cocks. They are teenagers now. Those dicks are always hard. My husband and I still fuck, but he knows he cannot fuck me like our sons can. He is in his 60s now. I married a man 20 years older than me. His rabbit fucking days are over. Hell, they were over before I married him. I love my husband, but our boys are the men of the house now. I was laying in bed this morning masturbating when my two horny boys stormed my room. Their hard dicks were ready to fuck. My pussy was eagerly awaiting them too. They jumped in bed with me looking for a hole for their teen cocks. When they have morning wood, they cannot patiently take turns. They are just too horny to wait to give me their biggest cum shot in the very pussy that bore them. They are my mother fuckers. This morning they ravaged my pussy. Both of them rammed their cocks in my pussy at once. I thought maybe I would get one in the ass and one in the cunt, but what they did was shove both of their cocks at once in my pussy. They know their mommy whore can handle it. They have seen me get fisted. They have watched my drug dealer and his friends gang bang my holes with their big black cocks. I mean my pussy and ass have been through the ringer, but I can handle it. I am good at taking a hardcore fucking in any of my holes. This morning, however, I was not high. I did not do a line before they woke up so I felt every inch of their big teenage dicks in my cunt at once. It felt like I was getting fisted again. This mommy phone sex whore had an excellent start to her day.

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Biggest cum shotHis spout was pouring out the biggest cum shot onto me. I knew I probably shouldn’t be posing, my fingers out in funny shapes like a heart over my tits but I was enjoying it too much to care. He didn’t care much either. With every breath he pumped a bit harder and dried himself on my thirsty breasts. I let him have his fun, it was fun for me too, and a nice thick coating of white cream goes a long way. Like a paint job to the womb, miracles happen when my tingly skin is showered. I panted a bit, unable to control my heavy breathing and desires swirling around inside of me for something strong. I felt him start to get soft and knew I had to act fast if I wanted my black cock phone sex. My lips wrapped around his tip, my tits wrung him and my fingers gripped his balls to force him back up. It was quick, and he was surprised. I popped off with a grin and giggle, I pushed him down, and climbed up like he was a prize stallion. He might as well have been, he was going to get ridden. I ignored his complaints, deciding to be a dominant bitch for a moment, and lined him right up with my hungry asshole. “You’re gonna give me what I want, okay?” I didn’t wait for a nod or any other form of meek confirmation, I slammed my hips down, and took what I want with glee.

Splitting my asshole was a heavy meat that pushed and punished. I needed it so deep and so powerful. His throbbing made me feel alive, while his balls slapping against my bouncy tush reminded me that I really was. He held a lot of vigor inside him, and I was going to drain it all into my slutty crack with my superb cock control.

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Adult phone chatUp and down my moist melons go the adult phone chat chain, slapping into his balls gently with a rocking rhythm that overtakes my mind and creates a fantastic lull. It’s not the same as our earlier, more frantic fucking, it’s a soothing place that nestles him caringly and gives him a wonderful place to rest. His hard dick needed a break, and that’s what this is. Warm titties squishing against him, rocking, letting him take a long moment in a sauna of his own. For such a studly man with such a huge cock it could barely fit in my pussy, he’s not tough enough that I can go all-out with him. He’s fragile, in that ‘needs a good titty fuck to rejuvenate’ kind of way. It think most men are, but he surprised me. I was expecting to go all night, not to have to stop mid-way and introduce him to paradise, big tits phone sex.

I’m not complaining, paradise is where all men should want to be, it’s just, I’d love to give this big fat dick what it craves in quick and ferocious conquest. I want to see his cum cover my tits in hot pools that drip ever so slowly down my body. I do go a little faster, but mostly I swivel my milky tits around him. I smother his cock in hot love, and let out gaspy moans so he can hear what he’s doing to me. I make sure he’s aware of what just smelling his virile dick makes me want. I need him on top of me, plunging his fat fucking prick into my folds and messing me up in a way so perfect I’m ruined for all other men. For now, I need to remember this is about him, so I ensure I’m not going too fast, while I gently blow on his sensitive cockhead to surprise him and wring my boobs together a bit tighter so he can feel more of me and give me the biggest cum shot.

pool boy blow job

 Biggest cum shot

The pool boy will do. I am so sick and tired of being a grandpa’s sugar baby. I am craving a cock that has the full ability and can fuck me and not have to bribe me to suck his cock. 

It’s sadly been too long since I’ve willingly wanted dick deep in my mouth. My sugar daddy gave me an ultimatum that if I left, I wouldn’t have anything. So I decided to cure my cunt woes on my own.

I went straight to the country club and looked for a suitor. There’s no way I would go without some fun for the spring. 

When I set my eyes on the pool boy, I knew I wanted him to fuck me silly. A little flirting and some bluntness had him coming over to my private gazebo, and I made him pull out his cock. My gosh,, was it huge I began to fuck him with my mouth.

The deed was done as soon as I got the biggest cum shot right in my whore mouth.

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Pain slut phone sex

You want to know my dirty secret? I enjoy pain slut phone sex. One night I went out for some fun. I had met this hot guy after a couple of drinks and went to his home with him. Once we were there, he tied me up. I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist being tied up by a stranger. He tied my wrists above my head and my sexy manicured feet to the end of the bed. I couldn’t close my legs because he made sure they were spread wide apart for him. He started rubbing my wet pussy, paying special attention to my clitoris. He even lightly licked my cunt, making me squirm. Once I got close to orgasm, he took a long cane and smacked my feet hard and pinched down on my clitoris laughing at me. He took a candle and let the hard wax drip in between my toes and all over my body. I wiggled around and moaned loudly. I knew I was due for a hardcore ass fucking.  It was too painful to have him fuck me like that but we were having some hot sex and I didn’t want it to stop. I like having my ass raped and the pain that came with it was unbearable. I screamed and accidentally pushed his cock deeper in my ass. His cock was balls deep. When he had enough of that he pulled out of my asswhole and started pinching and grabbing my nipples. I felt him put his mouth on my toes, sucking and licking them, and putting them in his mouth. I was so turned on. He was my hot foot worshipper. When he was done, he shot his biggest cum shot on my toes, it was so warm and sticky. I’m his dirty little pain slut.

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milf phone sexThis hot milf phone sex slut went clubbing this weekend. I looked smoking hot too. Look at me? I am closer to 60 than 50, but I still have a hot body. I like to show it off too. I put on my tightest body suit. I wanted to accentuate my big tits and hard ass. I am built for fucking. My husband went with me because he enjoys watching his slut wife flirt with all the young studs in the club. Of course, we went to an urban club. I was on the prowl for some young, black cock. I am always on the prowl for that. My cuckold phone sex husband got us fruity drinks, then he sat back and watched the brothers grope and drool over his hot wife. I was the belle of the ball too. I dirty danced with all the black studs in the place. There were 20 and 30 something girls being benched while this cougar got all the love. Black men love me. They always have. They do not care about my age. They care that I can handle those big black cocks. My husband, no doubt, had a little chubby in his jeans watching his slut wife bump and grind all over those hard black bodies. I had my pick of the bunch. The problem was who did I pick? I had like ten guys all over me at the club for hours. So, when closing time hit, we brought them all home with us. My husband gave the guys my slut card. That is just a business card he made up with our addy and my personal cell info and social media contacts. He meets studs all the time he knows I would want to fuck, and when he does, he gives them my slut card. When we were back home, I freshened up and awaited the arrival of a black posse. This cuckolding phone sex wife got gang banged while her hubby watched. Ten hung black men ran a train on me and my pussy was soaking wet. When they left, the sun was coming up. My hubby spent the morning cleaning up the mess in my cunt and ass. Are you that good of a cuckold?

Black Cock Phone Sex Needs the King of All Kings, Big Daddy King

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is nothing without Big Daddy King. And guess what? Neither is the Black New World Order. Big Daddy King is the natural leader of the BNWO. More and more white women are realizing the power of the BNWO. Most white women already know about Big Daddy King and his anaconda cock. He is the Supreme Being. He is the most coveted man on the planet. He is the natural leader of the BNWO. With me as his sugar baby OG, he decided that the natural evolution of the BNWO would be an annual ceremony with girls 18-21 auditioning to be a part of our elite BNWO sugar baby posse. The girls are sponsored by their white daddies and boyfriends. The men pay a tribute for the chance to get their ladies in the best and most exclusive sugar baby posse around. The tributes pay for makeovers and tattoos and wardrobe requirements. Being hot is only part of being in the BNWO sugar baby posse under the leadership of Big Daddy King. You have to look the part too.

We had our first inaugural auditions recently. I invited young girls to audition and explained the sponsorship rules. I selected some girls fresh out of high school and even some coeds. The Cult of Anaconda is a growing posse. I made sure the girls were the best quality for our Supreme Being. I even selected a few back ups who are now on the waiting list. I gathered the top 20 candidates and presented them to Big Daddy King. A porn production team wanted to film the selection process. Anything Big Daddy King is involved in is profitable, so this porn production team would make bank off the streaming rights. Big Daddy King and the anaconda would be the stars of the show, but some new starlets got their 30 minutes of fame too. No girl in the BNWO cares about fame though. We are there for Big Daddy King and his amazing anaconda. We care about being part of Anaconda World Domination. GFE phone sex babes are all about Big Daddy King and nothing else.

gfe phone sexI had the candidates ready for their audition with Big Daddy King. They had their hair done. They all got their BNWO, Property of BDK and Queen of Spades tats. I had them all looking fly. We were conducting the auditions at BDK’s lavish penthouse. He arrived in style, as always. He had his helicopter land on the roof of his penthouse. I had collected a million dollars in tribute payment from the candidates’ white male sponsors. There was a red carpet for the King of all Kings to walk down and all 20 girls were on their knees on both sides of the carpet reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the BNWO as Big Daddy King walked to his throne, inspecting the wannabe sugar babies along the way. Some were crying, so over wrought with emotion. Some even fainted at his greatness. Cuckold daddies and boyfriends were nearby to present their women to the King and leader of the BNWO.

Big Daddy King handpicked the cream of the crop. He selected Stacy, Barbie and Valencia and a couple others. The 5 hottest girls surrounded our beloved King as I undid his belt and reveled the anaconda, the King of all Cocks to Stacy, Barbie and Valencia and the other hot babes. Big Daddy King looked like a work of art in his white man sleeve bejeweled in the phrase Black New World Order King. I was taking pictures, and the production team was filming it all. A feeding frenzy ensued as all the girls tried to get a piece of the anaconda. Big Daddy King is the natural leader of the BNWO because he has enough cock to feed an army of cock hungry sugar babies. Each girl took a turn riding the anaconda while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was a site to see, yet the anaconda is always the scene stealer.

It was a successful inaugural event with 5 hot babes joining the ranks of the Cult of Anaconda. They were all anointed too with the biggest cum shot from the biggest and blackest and best cock known to women. #TheLivingLegend #AnacondaFever #BNWO #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #AnacondaWorldDomination #BBCSuperiority

Slut loves Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Daddy loves it when we are having Cock Worshiping Phone Sex no matter what. He says I’m able to draw cum from cocks like no one else. Just yesterday Daddy was playing cards with his friends in the garage and I came out to see if they wanted any lemonade. Daddy said no, but when he turned around to get back to his card game he could tell all his older friends were distracted looking at me. Daddy takes pride in having a horny young daughter and so he sat back and looked from me to them. Then he asked them if they have ever been with a Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Slut. Believe it or not none of them had been. That’s when daddy knew he could make the Biggest cum shot all over my face and he offered them to service their cocks with my face and body. I dropped to my knees just like Daddy taught me and opened my mouth. Daddy says the best whore is a submissive whore. So when Daddy’s friend Jo wanted my ass, he didn’t have to ask twice. I’m going to be the best cum whore my Daddy could ever have made.

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drugs phone sexI had a drugs phone sex fueled weekend. I had coke, boy cock and black cock to keep me company. My husband went out of town to see his sisters. They hate me, so I stayed home with the boys who had some friends over. The extra boys in the house this weekend was bonus for me. I love extra boys. My dealer, Marcus, came by Thursday night to fuck me and give me coke for the weekend. The problem was that I did not know yet that I would have bonus boys in the house for the weekend. I needed more coke. I went through my usual stash by Saturday morning. I called up Marcus, pleaded for more and he came over an hour later and gave this sexy mommy a hardcore ass fucking in front of my sons and their friends. They enjoyed the show, then got some sloppy seconds. Young boys love ass fucking. Their high school girlfriends may give them hand jobs or blowjobs, but ass sex? Likely, not. Me, on the other hand, love anal sex. I am a dirty anal sex mommy. Marcus has a huge black cock. He made sure to dump a huge load of cum in my ass too. But those boys were itching to get into my ass too. I was happy to have them fuck me. If my ass can handle one huge black cock, it can handle 5 boy cocks. As I snorted lines of coke off my coffee table, my boys and their friends fucked my asshole. I was in my happy place. I had coke and boy cock. They each took turns dumping their biggest cum shot in my ass. It looked like someone sprayed a jug of milk all over me. That is how much cum was pouring out of my ass. Teenage boys are an endless supply of cum and energy. I needed that coke to keep up with them all weekend.