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Now I get on Creampie phone sex when I am craving a big load of jizz. That’s because when I think back, I fell in love with cum. the first time I got filled up. The way it felt when that cock was swollen, then suddenly pumped in me drove me crazy. What made it even better was that it came from daddy’s big hard rod. Since I popped out of my mother’s cunty daddy has been so close to me and always had me on my lap.

Soon as I started talking daddy had me beg him to show me how happy I can make him. “Please daddy show me how I can make you happy” I begged as daddy did his usual groping of my young body. I could feel something poking at me from his lap. As time went on daddy would push it further. “Open your mouth for daddy” he whispered as I looked up to him from my bed. I love making daddy happy.

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Therefore, I opened my mouth wide. It didn’t take long for daddy to feed me his hard cock. After I choked a bit daddy pulled his meat out. While kissing me all over my face and chest daddy took my panties off. “Daddy is going to kiss your Young bald pussy until you feed daddy him your young daughter juices” you moan out as you get in between my legs. Then I feel your tongue flick all over my cunty and hole. “Daddy, it tickles me so much,” I moaned.

“Let daddy keep going” you speak into my hole. Your daddy meat was getting stroked by you while I grind on your mouth. It was too much for my young body to take. My pussy started squirting all over daddy’s face. Therefore, he ate all my juices and then quickly stood up. That’s when he rammed his cock deep in my little hole. After only a few pumps I felt daddy stiffen up. “Daddy is filling you up” he moaned as I felt a rush of juices sprayed in me. Now I love creampie loads deep in my hole. 

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prostate phone sexProstate phone sex leaves you drained dry. As a sexy shemale, I know how to make men cum. And I know there is more than one way to do it. However, the best way to drain a man’s balls completely is with a prostate massage. Now, I can use my cock in your ass or my finger. The male G-spot is in the ass, and when I massage that spot, you will explode harder than ever before. Trust me. I have done it a time or too.

I can massage a man’s prostate with my finger, or my cock when I am with him live. However, when I am not with you, and we can only enjoy a phone sex session, I can explain how to massage your own prostate. I watched a caller on cam today so I could teach him how to milk his own prostate. I instructed him to sit on his bed, with his ass off the edge slightly and his legs spread. You need a position that naturally opens the ass slightly and a position that allows you to comfortably reach your asshole.

The next step involved some lube and his finger. He followed my instructions and slowly worked his finger in his tight ass. While his index finger worked in and out of his tight asshole, I had him massage his balls, cock and perineum with his other fingers. The key to a hard ball draining cum is to hook the finger in your ass, while you breath nice and deep. Relaxation remains key.

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He moved his finger gently around until he found the little pea sized prostate. And when he found it, I knew because his cock got even more erect. So, that was the moment I had him push his finger in deeper toward the base of his cock while rubbing his prostate. We jacked our cocks simultaneously. He got in a good rhythm, pushing his finger towards the base of his cock, as he probed his finger in and out of his asshole. But I had to control his pace, or he would have squirted too quickly.

I enjoy providing cock control so men can experience a better orgasm. But trust me men, there is no better orgasm for a man than the one that stems from a prostate massage. You can use your finger, or a sex toy, or even a sexy tranny cock. But once you experience a G-spot orgasm, it is all you will want.

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Babysitter Phone Sex Are you craving some Babysitter Phone Sex baby? I’ll tell you what, after this you will be for sure. I mean look at me and Brad about to have the fuck of our lives in the bathroom. He’s a family friend and we were so bored listening to our parents talk all night. We just looked at one another and knew immediately that we needed something more fun. We met into the bathroom and started making out right away. He sucked my tongue and pulled my hair back while I moaned light. He giggled and said “I needed your sweet mouth and pretty pussy so bad”. I smiled and said I needed to cum so bad!

He laughed and told me would give me the Biggest cum shot if I could suck his cock like a good whore. I agreed and got down on my pretty knees and blew his hard cock like it was my job. He groaned and pumped his cock into my throat nice and hard. I made a mess on him and he just couldn’t wait any more. He grabbed me and bent me over the sink, put his hand around my mouth and plowed me. He told me to be quiet so no one caught him balls deep inside me. I tried so hard not to moan but his prick felt so good sliding inside my sloppy wet box. He blew his baby batter inside my womb and we pulled out clothes back on to get back to our parents. My cunt was leaking brads man seed all night!

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black cock phone sexEveryone chants Black Bull God on black cock phone sex with Big Daddy King. As usual, my King is a busy man, jet setting around the world for business and for pleasure. Recently, we paused the Anaconda World Domination tour so Big Daddy King could visit his alma matter. The school built a new athletic building and named it after The Black Bull God himself, Big Daddy King. And no building in the King’s honor would be complete without a bronze statute of the Black Bull God right in front.

So, I packed a bag and traveled with my King to the dedication ceremony at his alma mater. Wow, the campus went all out for him too. He is a God to everyone, really. Not only does my beloved King have a few campus buildings named after him, but now he also has a cool decked out penthouse above one of the buildings that overlooks the football field. And it is equipped with a roof top deck for partying, viewing games and fucking. Mostly fucking with the Black Bull God!

A group of hot and young sorority girls greeted The Living Legend and I when we arrived on campus. New Cult of Anaconda members eager for hot ass sex with the King. Prior to our arrival on campus, three members of the sorority got their BDK and BNWO tats in hopes of joining the most exclusive sugar baby posse in the world. Each girl’s tramp stamp said, “Black Bull God Worshiper.” And each girl’s ass cheek sported a Queen of Spades tat and a Black New World Order one. They also sported BDK bling and big bimbo tits. These sorority babes seemed eager to please.

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Kelsey, Jessica and Lauren appeared to be eager to meet The Black Bull God and the Anaconda. As the young hot babes showed us around campus, we stopped and posed with Big Daddy King’s bronzed likeness. As hot as he looks in his statutes, nothing compares to seeing the Big Daddy King in the flesh. Not only is he The Black Bull God, but he is also simply a God. No man can compete where they don’t compare and no one compares with the anaconda. I took photos of the eager new recruits kneeling at BDK’s statutes and in front of him.

I could see the sorority babes checking out Big Daddy King and basking in his glory. Everywhere we go on the Anaconda World Domination tour I see this kind of adoration. And I know that everywhere we go, BDK will break hearts and ruin white girl pussy for the rest of the male population. I helped the sorority babes get ready for the banquet and dedication ceremony. All four of us wore black thongs that vibrated. And only Big Daddy King could control the vibrating panties. He owns our pussies for life, so these panties seemed fitting.

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These girls had not yet seen The Black Bull Cock. And I know that anything they could image would not compare to seeing the anaconda in the flesh. No one ever believes the anaconda is as big and thick as it is. No one. Not even these sorority babes believed the hype about the anaconda. But it’s not hype. It is reality.

The anaconda really appears larger than life. And those girls got to feel the anaconda pulsating under Versace pants at the banquet table. Kelsey thought perhaps some of the images of The Black Bull Cock she looked at online had the help of CGI, so when she felt the anaconda twitch under the table, I caught her look of disbelief on film. Feeling is believing. Now she knew no hype and all real.

The ceremony concluded with a ribbon cutting dedication. And I captured it all on film. On our way to The Black Bull God’s swank new penthouse, we stopped by one of his campus statutes and knelt to our knees and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Black New World Order, for which Big Daddy King, as the Supreme Being is the rightful leader. Big Daddy King whipped out the Anaconda and dick slapped us all.

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Back at his penthouse we knew how to christen the place. We stripped down to our vibrating black thongs and drank top shelf liquor on the balcony, taking in the beautiful surroundings. But honestly the only thing on our minds was the Black Bull God Cock. I wanted the sorority girls to go first. So, I undid The King’s Gucci belt, and pulled down his Versace pants. Standing before us in white compression shorts that said Black Bull God in diamonds, Kelsey, Lauren and Jessica basked in the glory that is The Black Bull God Cock.

I pulled out the anaconda like I was presenting the world with the largest uncut diamond in the world. Women all over the world covet the anaconda like a precious gemstone. We took turns sucking on the Supreme Being’s gift to womankind, the anaconda. And with a mouthful, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance again. These young coeds almost fainted just from seeing and touching the Black Bull God Cock.

Hands across the Anaconda ensued. Three sorority babes, and one sugar baby OG could not cover all The Black Bull God Cock with our 4 sets of hands. But we sure did try. We lined up along the railing overlooking the Friday Night Lights and begged for Big Daddy King to deep stroke us. Nothing compares to the feeling of the anaconda deep stroking your white wet bald pussy. Nothing. We convulsed and we shook, and we came hard on the Black Bull God Cock screaming, “Big Daddy King Owns Me for life.”

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However, the billionaire nut, Big Daddy King saved for our pretty faces. The sorority babes got anointed with The Black Bull God seed. And that makes them official sugar babies and the newest members of the Cult of Anaconda. What a wonderful day spent with The Black Bull God. Every date with Big Daddy King only gets better.

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Wet bald pussy The inmates compiled loads of cum inside of my Wet bald pussy… I regularly took advantage of the inmates serving life sentences… I just couldn’t resist their huge deprived cocks! I used to work as a correction officer at a state penitentiary where there were all sorts of criminals serving time for serious crimes. Something about their filthy stories turned me on. Unit 7 is where they held all the perverts that couldn’t resist the temptations of a young fertile pussy.

I would show them pictures of my daughter naked as they took turns plummeting their cocks in and out of my Sloppy wet pussy.

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It’s time for you take out that hard prick of yours and stroke for me. I am so ready to listen to your groan as you jerk that cock off thinking about fuck 2 young little sluts up their tight little holes. It has been a few weeks since I had a nice hard dick shoved up my ass hole too. I am craving a dick down baby; I am so ready for the Biggest cum shot of my life. I need to feel a pulsating cock in my ass hole while I am being pumped full of thick seed. Are you ready to give me what I need? Call me then so you can get a piece of this hot ass pussy!

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My first Biggest cum shot I saw was from daddy into my uncle’s mouth. I have sucked daddy off many times. But I had never seen such a load. It was thick and so much of it. First it started with my unc sucking balls. What I noticed was my uncle had pink panties on. The way he sucked on my daddies’ balls made me think he had done this before. Then my daddy laid back and lifted his cock and balls. “Lick my asshole sissy bitch” my daddy demanded my sissy uncle to do.

That is when I watched my uncle’s tongue dive into my dad’s asshole. My tongue ate his ass so well my dad’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Seeing my daddy enjoying himself so much, made my cunty twitch. It reminds me of the look my daddy has when he is deep in my bald cunty. That is why I started to rub my clitty. “Filthy hoe, eat me” my daddy moaned out as he stroked his cock on my sissy uncle’s forehead. The pre-cum started dripping onto his forehead and I knew daddy was getting close.

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Every time that happens, I know my daddy is about to orgasm. All the while i was finger fucking my cunt. Then daddy looked up and our eyes locked, but he didn’t say a word. He just stood up and pushed my sissy uncle down to the ground. I watched as my daddy ripped my uncle’s pink panties off and slammed his cock in his sissy cunt.

Without breaking eye contact daddy fucked his sissy brother hard and fast. My cunty couldn’t take it anymore, my fingers were being clenched by my pussy walls as I started squirting. At the same time, I heard daddy say, “open your mouth”. Then I watched as he started spraying his sperm load in my sissy uncle’s mouth. It was such a big load my unc started choking. It was so hot to see, I want to see it again.

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My body started vibrating at the thought of Sensual Domination Phone Sex. Something about being fucked rough and hard while daddy tells me how much of a good girl I am that makes my pussy throb. I am a bit of a brat and sometimes i lash out because daddy isn’t giving me the attention I so desperately need. I guess he noticed his little cum queen needed daddies special attention last night. He came home and I greeted him with the silent treatment. He put down all of his things and called out my name. I remained quiet! He found me in my favorite spot on the couch refusing to make eye contact acting as if he wasn’t there. He decided  to remove my blanket and got on his knees grabbed my legs and spread them open and licked my little pearl through my panties. As he licked and dug his tongue inside my pussy my body melted. He slid my panties down and slid his tongue inside me even deeper while he lightly wrapped his hand around my throat.

He tried to get up from his meal and I shoved him right back down I wasn’t finished cumming all over his face. Once I was ready i had him sit on the couch and I climbed on top of him. I took that dick he kept from me for too long. He wasn’t able to cum until I was ready for him to explode. I rode him until he couldn’t take it anymore creaming and squirting all over his thick juicy cock. I love when a man relinquishes all of his power to me!


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milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts know size matters. That is why I prefer the company of black men. However, mature women also know younger men can rabbit fuck, black or white. Now, this does not mean I will fuck any young white boy. But if a white boy’s cock appears to be at least 8 inches, I can make do with that. What he lacks in a couple inches, he makes up for in stamina.  I know what you are thinking. You are not even close to 8m inches. Well, I would never fuck you then. My sweet spot needs on average 10-inches to feel full.

But Zach only had 8-inches and he was white. And he was sweet on this sexy mature phone sex babe. I met him when I went for a run along the Gold Coast last week. I stopped to take in the beauty of the lake. And he ran into me. Knocked me right over but apologized. He felt bad, so he walked me home. Turns out he and some of his buddies rented an Air B and B town home not far from me for Spring Break.

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I love athletic boys. Cute, young and I hoped hung. Freshman in college, so barely legal. Athletic build. And smitten with this sexy milf. Later that night, he stopped by with flowers and booze he could not have purchased himself. He had a sense of confidence I liked. Although I felt attracted to him, I doubted he had anything I needed. But when he pulled out his cock, it appeared big for a white boy. Not big black cock big, but still three times the man of my loser husband.

I turn 56 this summer. And he recently turned 18. Almost a 40-year age gap. This phone sex babe does not care about age. I only care about size. Zach made up for being a tad short for my preference. Not only did he eat my pussy and ass, but he also rabbit fucked my mature cunt until I squirted all over us. Zach impressed me, especially for a young white boy. He made me cum hard several times. And I drained his young balls too.

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Gang Bang Phone Sex for some serious Fucking and cumming! Me and my little blonde friend have been invited to a party and play session today! We start inside but end up outside showing all the neighbors what gang bang whores we are!

Liza and I have at least 5 men drink and having a ball when we show up in the sluttiest outfits. Cah in hand, a big bag of dope we start getting high and stripping for them. First I’m pulled down and fingers push into my ass as my mouth gets filled with a big dick. 

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Liza is riding some cowboy and he is taking lines of blow off her tits. Her moans tell me sight unseen his dick is impressive! I start to suck his dick with vigor as Liza screams in pleasure. We take turns getting fucked and sucking each other off until we are covered and filled with all five cum loads. But as the men all are being jacked and sucked again, five more step in and pull us out to the yard. We have smoked so much dope we don’t care. We are taking a train of five men each as people come out of their house to watch high whores take all that man meat! 

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