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Daddy was my first Sir! He taught me how to worship his cock, and how he likes to be served, sucked and fucked. He started out fingering and licking me until my tight little opening was big enough for him to work his cock into it. So many times I would go looking for Daddy’s cock because I felt like I had to please him and make him feel good. When daddy blew his load down my throat I knew he was so proud of me, and I made him feel amazing. Sometimes Daddy would tie me up and spank my clit or pussy before he fucked me, and I loved it! Not too long after that he shoved his cock in my ass while he spanked my clit. The feeling was so intense I thought I was going to pass out! Daddy has trained me to be the perfect cock sucking whore in town, all I need to do is find my Sir and please him.
I rub my slit and fuck my pussy with anything I can get my hands on, but it’s never really satisfying unless Sir has pinned me down and shoved his cock down my throat as he watches me take in his massive load of cum. I love to be tied up, and being used for his pleasure. My mouth, pussy and ass are here for your pleasure and nothing else. What new things do you think you could teach me that would pleasure you?


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  1. tom

    hi call me i love your pictures of you boobs and pussy.

  2. Joshua Dutton

    What is your number

  3. master vince

    Cassandra I want you for my slave this morning you will need close pins and a belt or paddle

  4. master vince

    Casssandra I would like to to have a belt and closepins ready

  5. Dave

    Hi Cassandra,

    Playing with you on the phone was great fun. There was nothing I wanted to do to you that you rejected-also nothing I wanted to do to other girls.

    Your father playing with you in so many dirty ways prepared you to be a good submissive.

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