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It’s French class, and I am bored as hell. Who in the world has to take summer classes for an elective course? I did and had to do so one-on-one with the French teacher. If I wanted to pass the lesson, move on to the next semester, and have credit, I would have to do so.

You know I am a party girl, and I can do so many other things with my time instead of taking a make-up class for a language I will never need. So I plotted and assumed, why not do what I do best, sucking my way out of this mess. 

Professor Beaufoy was hot enough, and I did it without hesitation. He fought me a bit but couldn’t contain his pleasure and finally let me at it and let me enjoy my summer with a promise there would be many more cock sucking sessions. Bien sûr, à plus tard professeur Beaufoy! 😉

Giving up Cock control was a mistake that got me a hot creampie!

Cock controlLeaning away from him and giving up my cock control was a mistake, and I knew it the moment I saw his expression widen, his cock grow, and his body leap on me. He dragged me to the floor, and for a glorious moment his lips were on mine. It felt so very right, my head swimming and my heart aching – that was until I was torn out of the moment by a tearing sound. My panties, he tore my expensive, really cute pawprint panties? I couldn’t tell if I should be impressed with his boldness and desire to fuck the juices right out of my needy pussy or absolutely furious. I chose both. There’s a concept called angry sex that’s only just behind college coed sex, and I got to have both today. Angry sex is furious, passionate, ready and wet and so covered in pussy juice. “You’re mine.” He rumbled, his thick cock splitting me open with a single stroke that struck me deep and made the part of me that was impressed so wet it could cum from that alone. “Don’t forget your place!” I probably wouldn’t ever again if he continued to act like this. His dick throbbing deep as he pumped me like I deserved. I could feel him encroaching with something wonderful, his balls churning up the gravy I want so deep it hurts to think about. The emptiness inside of me needs to be filled with what he has to provide, and the good news is I bet he’s a good chef and can keep me full for nine or ten months with one dose of creampie phone sex. I could feel him start to spurt molten loads of seed right into my needy cunt and use his cock as a tool to stir it up and mix it in deep inside of me.

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Cheerleader Phone SexCheerleader Phone Sex


Briona’s allure lies not just in her stunning appearance she’s a master of acrobatics and dance. However, beneath the cheerleader’s uniform skirt lies an untamed desire that only the chosen few have the privilege to witness. Briona’s hidden sensuality awakens after the cheers fade away, leaving room for a private performance that tantalizes the senses Guided masturbation. Behind the vibrant, good-girl, cheerleading persona is a nasty, Cum shots on tits kind of girl. Try some Cheerleader Phone sex and fuck the cheerleader that you never could in collage

As she flips, twists, and cheers, Bri deserves to be physically celebrated with unapologetic, hard, strong cock. She effortlessly commands attention In and out of the spotlight, On or off the field.

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Cheerleader Phone Sex

S-L-U-T! That is what I love to be! C-U-C-K! That is all you’ll be today!

Hey there, you pathetic little Peeping Tom. You came up to a bunch of us cheerleaders after the big game and begged for a sniff of our panties, remember? You even paid us before we even gave you anything just for the hope that we’d let you get access to our underwear. We’ve dealt with panty lovers like you who stalk cheerleaders asking for panties and socks, begging one of us to give them to you, and later wanting to fuck us. Unluckily for you, we only have one rule in our cheer squad: No simp bitches will ever get between our legs! That’s why we invited you up to our hotel room and kept you waiting outside while we fucked the whole team. Your worthless ass is jerking your tiny cock in the hallway, looking in from the peep hole. I hope you brought some lube because that’s the only way you’re getting your cock wet tonight. I bet all the guests in the hotel are watching how ridiculous you look.

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Edge Play Phone Sex I’ve been obsessed with edge play phone sex ever since my brother went away to college! Our incest sex relationship came to a screeching halt when my brother got shipped off to college over 3,000 miles away. We would text and call each other but I soon realized that he would be fucking hot coed sluts if I didn’t take care to help him bust his nut. I started calling my brother for hot fantasy phone sex even while I was still in school! During cheer practice I would call and he would sneak off to stroke his cock thinking about the last time he came inside his sweet little sister’s cunny. I’d edge myself through the whole call only cumming involuntarily when I couldn’t stand the tension anymore, my hot squirting pussy spasming uncontrollably in my soaked panties. I got my brother got addicted to filthy phone and I have never regretted it!

I Love Cock control, teasing a guy till he can’t take it!

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Sometimes the art of the strip tease is about showing off your pussy without actually showing it off until he’s hard as a rock, it’s about cock control. Sometimes it’s best to wear tight clothes and take them off one layer at a time so the man has to imagine a bit. Not a lot, you want skin showing, you want each article that falls off to reveal a little more skin, a little more flesh, a little more desire. You need every move to feel perfect, hauntingly sexy, to show off your whole body and get him just a little closer. I love when a man’s looking at me and his cock is in his hand, he’s jerking, stroking, getting ready to blow his load the moment he can see what I have to offer. I’m ready, I’m hot, and as the last real piece fell off my body, revealing my thick titties and bare pussy, I knew he couldn’t take it anymore. He was about to get ready to start pounding this pussy hard, and I was about ready to get fucked into something wonderful. Afterglow isn’t called that because you’re happy – though you are – afterglow is called that because you’re so damn bright and ready for anything after a good orgasm that it’s practically magic. 

Katy The Coed Phone Sex Freak!

Coed Phone Sex

As soon as I got to college, I started having nasty coed phone sex about all the hot hard cock I fucked and young tight pussy I licked! I almost flunked out of my first semester because I was too busy being the freakiest little freshmen cum dumpster that all the older boys wanted to invite to their parties. So many girls were jealous of me that I started telling them I was bisexual, of course then they wanted me to lick their wet twats too so I never had any time to study or actually go to class. I made quite a name for myself by being a nasty little freak who was addicted to fucking teachers and coed cock and cunt just the same!

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2 Girl Phone Sex Cody

Let me tell you all about some of my naughty 2 girl phone sex fun! When me and Wendy are on a call together, we aren’t faking. If she’s making me cum on the fucking call, she’s making me cum for real. She slurps and laps up my delicious pussy juices like a vacuum. It’s so fucking delicious I can’t help but want to taste her and pleasure her too.

So, I do. I get between her yummy tan thighs then kiss her inner thighs as I work my way up to the yummy pussy of hers. Then I run my tongue in circles all around her clit until she squirts all over my fucking face. When she squirts, she squirts hard and all over the place. It’s not just a simple one and done, no I want her to feel how thankful I am that she made me cum so many times. So, I keep making her squirt all night long!

We even took a bath together to cool off and clean off all the sweat and cum from the day of pleasure, but we both ended up cumming in the tub again anyways. I just can’t seem to keep my hands and lips off of this woman! She tastes too damn good to let that go to waste. Maybe I’ll ask her to be mine forever. I wouldn’t mind being her forever fuck buddy! After all, she makes me cum so fucking hard! This pussy twitches with excitement at the thought of her coming over again.

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Black Cock Phone SexI had a black cock phone sex dick in my ass, that’s really all I should have to say for most stories, you get it, I get it. I got fucked hard, got left a steaming pile of cum leaking down my cheeks, and I had a great time doing it. This was different, mainly because I was picked up. His legs were under my thighs, his massive cock was pressing into my asshole hard, and I knew not what to possibly say besides “fuck me hard!” Even still, with all of that, this is still just a normal story. I like getting assfucked, I like getting reamed, I don’t even need a guy to buy me dinner first, most of the time that is dinner. I’ll happily skip a meal if it means getting anally wrecked and shown my place as a black girl phone sex worker. What made this special, was his friend right in front of me. My legs parted for him so he could see my vulnerability. He not only got to see where the dick was in my ass, he got to observe my pussy from up close. He got to decide exactly how he was going to shove his cock into my pussy and drive me crazy. Two dicks at once? I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d take that, but I knew it’d be insane. I was right. The very moment he split me open and shoved himself deep into my leaky cunt, I knew this was going to be something else entirely. Overcome, overwhelmed, overstimulated, I loved every second of it but my head spun like wild and that meant I barely got to focus enough to take in memories. They worked together, sawing away at my insides to drive my head blank and set a precedent that I am ready to play at any time, even to the extreme. It doesn’t matter the setting, I’m down for cock worshiping phone sex.