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My Secret DP Breeding Session!

Incest Phone Sex

You want to know my secret? I once fucked my daddy and my brother at the same time in hopes of getting them to breed me as a very young girl. I’ve always had a special relationship with my daddy but when me and my brother started fucking things changed. We had to sneak around when daddy was home and it made me shy away from daddy’s touch. One night me and my brother were up late, fucking in his bed, trying to be very quiet when the door opened and daddy walked in. He pulled back the covers finding me with my cunt stuffed full of my brother’s cock. I could see daddy was upset but I could also see his dick getting hard in his boxers. Being the slut that I am I knew I could make daddy forget about his anger by sucking him hard and making him fuck my pussy too. I slid off my brother’s cock and popped daddy’s out of his pants, of course he was shocked but I could tell he wanted to fuck my cunt too. Once daddy slid inside me next to my brother’s cock, it was perfect, I could feel their dicks sliding against each other inside my stretched out cunny. They both came in me as my pussy pulsated, I felt myself orgasming all over their slippery thick cocks. I hoped I was pregnant with daddy or my brothers perfect incest baby.

Tie Me Up And Force Fuck Me!

BDSM Phone Sex

If there is one thing I know that makes me cum like no other its getting tied up and force fucked like a filthy cum dumpster! Occasionally when I get bored of regular fucking I start to crave total perverse domination. That’s right, I’m a submissive little fuck doll who needs to be used and abused by a dominant cock. Just last night I went to my Master’s house for a fuck session with no Idea about what he had in store for me. When I arrived I was immediately stripped and tied up to his fucking machine for some serious cunt thrashing and anal penetration. Master fucked me over and over again leaving my holes stretched out and filled with his hot sticky nut!

Impregnation Black Cock Lover Debbie

I fell in love with being a breeding whore when I met my favorite black boyfriend in college. He had a big black cock that I always wanted to suck and worship. I would deep throat his BBC until it leaked and depending on his mood, he would creampie my asshole or my pussy. After a while he wanted to make me his and impregnate me. It didn’t matter where we were if he was horny, he would fuck me. His loads of cum were big and I could feel his semen pumping deep inside me every time. He made me love the feeling of his cum rushing into me, my pussy would twitch and cum hard. Finally, he succeeded and got me pregnant

Interracial Phone Sex

. Which only made me hornier, and my tits swell up. We fucked more and he even love milking my tits as he used them to jack his big black dick off. Now all I want is a creampie deep in my holes, I want to feel cum pump in me and get me pregnant. 

Sharing Cock For Money!

College Coed Sex

Sometimes being a broke college student makes me do crazy things for money like sharing a cock with my roommate and letting someone film it! I was really strapped for cash this week and needed to make a quick buck for a girls trip that I’ve been planning with my friends. My roommate told me this guy offered her a lot of money to make a video of her sucking cock, I figured it wasn’t a bad idea since I’m already known as a notorious slut around school, I might as well make money off of it! We called him up and he came over while we were drinking a little and smoking pot. I couldn’t believe how huge his cock was, it was going to be a challenge to suck it alone! Once his camera was set up and I was on my knees sucking it was obvious I needed a little help, My roommate jumped in and shared that thick cock with me as he filmed us trying to take it down our throats. Eventually we decided to let him take turns face fucking us in 69 position, that worked much better! I finally got half that huge cock down my throat right as he came in my mouth!

I’m Obsessed With My Brother’s Cock!

Incest Phone Sex

I’m a brother fucking incest whore who loves incest phone sex! Some days I skip class to lay in bed and masturbate all day. I lay there with my toys surrounding me and think back to all the times growing up when me and my brother would fuck each other while our parents were away. Whenever our parents traveled or worked late we would sneak down to the basement and fuck in the spare bedroom. My older brother’s cock would be so hard for me, he would see me at school in my short skirts and tiny tops just knowing I dressed slutty only for him. He would get hard throughout the day thinking about what he was going to do when we got home. God forbid our parents were actually home on time, then our little fuck sessions would get delayed and he would get so pent up from not being able to force fuck and cum dump his little sister fuck doll. The next time we fucked after a long separation we would cum twice as hard, he would shoot load after load in my tiny teen cunny. As I lay in bed remembering all the hours of frenzied fucking I squirt hard all over my vibrating clit toy, soaking my sheets and the ten inch dildo buried in my twat.

Looking For Cock On The Boardwalk!

Cheap Phone Sex

I love picking up strangers on the beach to fuck! As it gets hotter, you will find me at the beach and boards close to my school where I love finding random guys to hook up with! I drink all afternoon until my cunt is throbbing and I’m ready to flirt with and dance on any guy who looks my way. I love being the center of attention and when I go to the boardwalk! Men of all ages love to stare at me no matter what I’m wearing. This morning I had a few drinks on the beach and saw a guy taking pictures of me, I walked up to him and told him that if he wanted a real show he’d have to follow me to my car. Of course we climbed into the back seat where I sucked his cock and let him lick my pussy until I came so fucking hard all over his face. He couldn’t get enough of my sweet cunt juices! His cock was so fucking hard it was leaking precum all over my hand as I stroked it. We fucked twice in the back seat with my soaked panties pushed to the side and my skirt pulled up around my waist so he could doggy fuck my pussy!

Phone Sex Stripper Grooms the Younger Generation

phone sexI love phone sex. Best job ever. I like stripping too. I was born for the adult world. I was the featured dancer last night at the club. I am older than the other strippers. I have moved into management over the past few years. I hire and train the new talent and I oversee all the girls. Make sure they get equal stage time and their money draining skills are perfection. I have this new girl who is a coed at the local college trying to make easy money legally. She wants to be a lawyer one day, so does not want to escort. She was in the right place. I know how to train young girls to drain wallets and make the most out their stage time. She was eager to learn, but nervous. This young coed is not the typical stripper. She is not a single mom. She was not raised on the wrong side of the tracks. She was not dumb bimbo either. She got in trouble online gambling and lost her tuition money. I was going to help her earn it all back with interest legally. I felt for the girl. She was trying to pay for college, got lured by some of those win cash online games not realizing she could lose money too. I dressed her like a schoolgirl. I put on some Aerosmith and had her work the men in the audience. The lunch crowd is the businessmen. They are the money men. Lonely old guys with coed college sex fantasies. I went first. Showed her some of my best moves. I do not clean up with the older men like I once did, but I still did well. If I could make a couple grand from one dance, she could make a lot more in a day. It made my pussy wet seeing what a quick study she was. I gave her tips all night long and she followed them exactly. She never thought all she needed was a cute young body like many of them. I taught her to be a gfe stripper. She left the club on night one with $6,000 which was $3,000 more than she needed for her tuition. All legal money too. A star was born. Now, that she knows what kind of money her young teen body can make her, I may have trouble keeping her in school. Sex sells even better for hot teen phone sex sluts.

Homemade Brother Fucking Porn Is My Fave!

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

My brother sent me a hot video he took of us fucking in he and his wife’s bed and I can’t stop masturbating to it! I woke up this morning to a special delivery at my door, a dozen roses, some champagne and a beautiful envelope with a DVD inside. When I read the card that came with the roses I found it was from my big brother and he wanted me to watch this movie naked. I stripped down and laid on the couch watching this amazing video of my last visit to his home, while his wife was on a trip we fucked in their bed all night long. As I watched myself on screen sucking my brothers cock and taking it in every place it would fit, I started to get so fucking wet. I grabbed my vibrator right there and started fucking myself to the best porn I’ve ever watched. As I saw myself have hot incest sex with my brother behind his wife’s back, I came twice as hard as I would watching any other porn, I squirted all over the couch and couldn’t stop myself from wanting to cum again!

Getting My Cunt Fisted!

Cheap Phone Sex

I need a fist in my pussy right fucking now! I was in my dorm room this morning when I saw a really hot porn of a girl getting fisted and squirting all over the place. I had to find out if this was really possible for a girl to squirt like that from taking a fist in her cunt. I called up my fuck buddy and had him come over, we smoked and drank a little until I was feeling relaxed enough to try it. We started out slow, he licked my pussy and finger fucked me gently, getting my twat nice and slippery. Then he added two more fingers making me beg for more, I squirted a little lube onto his hand and told him to go for it and boy did he! He jammed his whole fist into my cunt as I played with my clit, he only had to move his arm a little before my pussy started squirting all over him violently. I came so fucking hard I soaked the bed and his shirt! I cant wait to be fisted again!

Coed anal princess

coed phone sex


I love being your whore so much more than anything. Whenever you come to my dorm room to fuck me, I am open sesame. My new professor makes my cunt so slippery wet. Professor Smith demands me to call him daddy. I get so aroused when he comes in to sneak in and fuck me raw. I love to tell him what I want. “Daddy I want you to pin my little holes and fuck them nonstop. Use them till your cock leaves an imprint on my bald pussy. I want you to do the same to my tight asshole. Stretch it out for me till you can’t anymore I want to make sure to empty out those swollen balls. Professor Smith is going to make me earn that A plus. I’m willing to do whatever his devious mind wants. It is no secret that he loves to dominate us coeds, and this year I am the star in his eyes. I’m going to work my wet cunt on that big daddy dick. All the coed phone sex you can think about will be best with me. I’m the best in the game.

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