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2 Girl Phone Sex With Cody and Selena

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I cant tell you how much I enjoy a good 2 girl phone sex call. Especially when I have a friend over the day of the two girl calls. My friend Selena is new to the phone sex industry and likes to try her hand at it to see how kinky she can get with others. She, in my opinion, is rather good for just starting out.

Plus, with her over, it isn’t just phone sex, its real. She makes me so fucking horny with her calls that she makes me want to fuck her all day long. So, we do. We fuck each other all day long while on calls and in between calls. I simply can’t get enough of her. She makes my pussy ache and pulsate and long for her touch, and tongue.

She is so sweet and sensual that I think I am falling for her myself. Her pussy tastes so sweet and good that I could drink her juices all day and live off of them. Who needs water when you can just drink pussy juice? Mmm, it is so fucking good making her cum in my mouth and seeing her moan just turns me on even more.

Just writing about it turns me on, I think I am going to go and fuck her some more with my double sided satrap on. Yes, double sided so we can both fuck each other at the same time! Double the fun, double the pleasure means double the cum!

How I Seduced My Big Brother…

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My big brother was my first fuck buddy and it’s all because I seduced him and made him fuck me! I’ve always loved being close with my big brother, sharing laughs and secrets with him but when we were both in puberty things changed. I started seeing how hot he was and I caught him checking me out in my bikini too! I knew there was only one thing to do; seduce him with my tight fuck holes! I put on a really short dress and heels and paraded my ass in front of him and his friends while they were playing basketball. I saw them looking at me, all I had to do was bend over and show off my bald little pussy and I had him. My brother dragged me into our house and up to my room where he dropped his shorts and pushed me back on the bed. My twat was pounding like a drum, he fucked me right there and I moaned loud enough for his friends to hear us. I wanted them to know that my big brother fucked me so good and that I’d take care of their cocks too!

Breeding Phone Sex with a slut like me needs desert!

Breeding Phone SexWith a cummy depth of breeding phone sex sperm and desire leaking out of my great pussy lips and digging into the sanctity of the pool, I found myself writhing in bliss, happy to have his cock so deep inside to stop it all from leaking out but equally happy no one noticed. Here’s the thing though, a real part of me wanted to get caught, and that part of me was extremely disappointed that I was apparently so low notice that even at my own party no one noticed I was having sex in front of them. Maybe it’s an old complex, maybe it’s just a reasonable ego, but holy shit did I need more. I jumped off his cock with what I imagine was an underwater pop, and felt the warm heat flow out of me while I watched him groan in surprise. Even now, no one noticed, and that had me licking my lips. “No.” I heard him warn, holding up a finger but I was in cock control. “Don’t-” I didn’t listen. I breathed deeply and dove under the water, sinking like a rock and then opening my mouth. It was hard not to take in a lot of water but not as hard as his rigid manmeat. I gulped him down mid motion, caught him by surprise despite him knowing damn well what I was about to do, and then started to bob like my life depended on it. To be fair it kind of did. I lost a lot of extra air when I opened up, and while I had a vacuum seal on his cock now that kept anything additional from getting in, every bob took a little bit more energy out of me and every suck reminded me of how little I had remaining. I wasn’t about to give up though, I’d pass out and lose it before I gave up. I needed him to cum deep into my throat, I needed him to give into me and push me harder. He did, he grabbed my head, and what happened next is his story to tell because I passed the fuck out right around the time I tasted salty delight. Cocksucking Phone Sex has consequences sometimes.

Breeding Phone Sex at a Pool Party

Breeding phone sexMy breeding phone sex hips were pumping hard already. “Can you believe how many people came to this party?” I laughed as I wiggled up against him, showing off my body while he hugged me close and observed what I was talking about. Hundreds, all his friends and mine jumped at the words ‘pool party’ and made their way here without a second notice. The party was more of a joke, a laugh between me and him while we figured out how to secretly have sex. What we didn’t realize is just how little a life all our friends had and that they would genuinely jump at the chance to take part in ruining our kinky stealth sex. That isn’t to say we weren’t having it, just that it was so damn slow. His cock was nestled right inside my pussy, my swimsuit pushed aside oh so gently for his prick to pry its way through and mix me up. Every wiggle I made moved the water but also moved my insides around his overbearing man meat and heat. Our friends looked on blissfully unaware, splashing, thanking us for the party while I took Cock control.

“Thanks for inviting us!” One of my aunts said as I felt him rock and pump and bump inside me. To think I had him ready to blow while my family looked on. So many idiots not even realizing how close I was to being seeded. Up until this point we’d been very clear, no shooting inside, but as my sister came up and started talking to us I realized there was almost no way I could get him to pull out in time. His twitching was becoming more insistent, his shoving into my wet crevice all the more needy, and his balls all the more hungry. I tried to talk her away, reminding her of my fun boyfriend’s policy about being stuck in the same conversation too long. She wouldn’t get the hint as he got closer, more insistent, his panting in my ear all the more warning. She said something about clams as I closed my eyes and got ready – for the absolute powerhose blasting my insides. It simply didn’t stop, he’d been wanting this for a while and the perfect excuse was given. I couldn’t even blame him, I’d wanna cum in me too. That’s what Cock Worshiping Phone Sex is all about.

Best part about Cheerleader phone sex? We are horny!

Cheerleader phone sexThe best part about being a Cheerleader phone sex babe now is that all my sexual urges and desires are magnified. The way that my love of all things genitalia has really grown some may call it to an obsessive level is honestly a little impressive. My urge is more towards breeding now, like my biological clock is getting ready to explode if I don’t get another nut inside my drippy fantastic cunt. My college buddies and I go out all the time and wait for men to pick us up in their private VIP areas. It turns me on when a man spends so much money just to impress me. At the end of the day, his number one goal is to fuck me and I would have sucked his dick for a sexy wink. However, I love to be lavished before the group of us goes into a head-over-heels orgy. I know my ladies’ bodies and their way to make the squeal in just the most impressive way.  The group of us gal pals has been getting in trouble together for quite some time. I feel bad when we leave the VIP area covered in so much of our bio juices. However, I just urge Mr. wallet to flex for me and show me just how deep his generosity is. 

Sexy Coed Fucks Half the School

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I love fucking guys all over campus. From the professors to the athletes, I can never get enough. College is where I can be a slut and my parents will never know. I get to be a Daddy’s girl while I suck my professor’s cock to pass the class. I remember fucking one of my professors in a closet because we did not want to be caught alone with each other. I also remember getting gangbanged by half of the football team. They loved shoving their cocks inside my ass as one guy was trying to pound my pussy. So many cocks were shoved down my throat that the back of my throat became numb. By the time they were done with me, I was completely covered in cum. I wish I had been used even more by them and had become their little cum whore. My parents can’t know how much of a little whore I am. 

Jacking Off Mr. R For Cash!

Teen Phone SexI’ve done some crazy things in my life but sucking off my best friends dad for cash is definitely in my top 5! As a teen slut I loved doing impulsive things to get attention; in fact one of my favorite stunts I’ve pulled was steeling my dad’s luxury car with my boyfriend! Maybe I shouldn’t have started giving him sloppy road head while he was driving, I think it was my fault he crashed my dad’s car into a tree! Daddy was beyond pissed off! He punished me brutally with his cock and told me I had to pay for the repairs. I was sooo upset until I realized all I had to do was put a price on my teen fuck holes to pay for the damage! Let’s see… my principal paid the first $500 to fuck me over his desk, he stretched out my tight asshole with his hard cock! Then I gave a few of my teachers blow jobs for $150 each! That helped me get a little closer but I was getting frustrated that no one could afford my price, the old man janitor only had $50 bucks so I just let him jerk his cock while I watched and played with my wet little cunt! The final installment for daddy’s repairs came from my best friend’s dad, Mr. R has always been so generous! I stopped by his office after school and told him I needed the last $1,500 and he let me jack him off while I told him about how many cocks, I’ve taken in my teen fuck sleeve. Mr. R came all over my face when I told him all about that time my daddy and my brother both fucked me!

Now All You Can Think About Is…

Sensual Domination Phone Sex I’ve been planning something special for us for a long time and I’ve finally figured out the perfect thing to drive you wild! I was on my way home from class when I saw a strap on in the window of a sex shop. I went in and tried it on, figuring out the perfect size for you to take; I know you love it when I milk your prostate and make you cum down my throat so I figured we should go all the way and split that asshole open! When you came over for our date things were perfect as usual, I started sucking that hard dick right after we finished our drinks and little did you know I had something special on my mind. I told you to close your eyes and when you opened them, I stood in front of you wearing the sexy leather harness and 8 in strap on with my lingerie and heels. I saw your cock twitch in excitement seeing me standing tall and dominant over you and your leaking hard on. It didn’t take long to stretch you open and slide the head of my strap on deep inside that tight fuck hole of yours. You moaned like a whore as I fucked you and made myself cum from the pounding, all I had to do was reach forward and stroke you twice, you exploded all over my hand…. Now all you can thing about is me and my strap on!

I dragged the Biggest cum shot out of him!

Biggest cum shotSitting above my temporary tutoring student, I found myself knowingly stroking his heavy cock and enjoying its raw heat in my hand while fantasizing about the biggest cum shot. “See, wasn’t so hard was it, you still want my tits or can I eat this with my pussy?” He nodded, and that was funny enough I decided against really considering him any further. He was clearly just some brat that didn’t know what he wanted, but his meat was so huge I needed it deep so that was already decided. I straddled him, throwing my top to the side so he could get at my shapely breasts with those hands and that begging pair of lips. “Hah-you’re about to be so deep~” I didn’t waste anymore time, I held his aching rod in one hand, lining it up with my pussy. I was equally swollen with need, and that meant it took me no time at all to devour him with cock worshiping phone sex hot insides. There’s something to be said about a nice teen cock, it’s always better when you’re on top and in control. I didn’t let him have another moment of thought before I was rocking my hips hard in circular motions, devouring length into my cute snatch and leaving an impact on his memory forever. When he cums in his first wife, he’ll remember this. When he has his first little girlfriend, he’ll remember this. When he gets his first positive pregnancy test from a woman, he’ll think back and wonder if it’s really his first, or if he left something inside me. Because within just a few bucks and squeezes, I could feel him unloading hot baby gravy deep where it belongs and continuing to buck up to push it in as deep as possible and leave it there inside his coed phone sex tutor.

payback can be sour

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One of my first jobs was at the mall as a lemonade specialist. I know the weird way to word it, but my boss was even more mysterious. He would love to make us hot girls wear little yellow tiny dresses with thongs that poked out. Can someone yell creepazoid? It’s okay, though. He got his. See, I’m not the girl that gets upset at men for staring at me. The problem arises when my creepy boss tries to pin a crime I didn’t commit onto me. He was so hell-bent on saying I stole from the register and was going to persecute me and blah blah blah. Anything to get a young teen coed to cry. All he was relishing was the idea of his cock going inside my young bald pussy. I had other plans, and you know mine always work well.

Instead of succumbing to his wild outburst, I told him I would give him the most excellent blow job ever, and in reality, all I was going to do was this tik to hack while he wore a mask. So yes, that did happen. I got greenlight from him, and he, of course, was so fucking ecstatic to have my mouth on his gross cock. In reality, it was a grapefruit, but while I was doing this, I had the urge to make him a cum eating fucker. You can say my revenge is a mouth full of his cum swallowing his juices with a grapefruit note. hehehe! I always get what I want. Don’t fuck with the princess cause if you do, its a must I fuck with you too. Heres your lemony sour special!