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You want to know my dirty secret? I enjoy pain slut phone sex. One night I went out for some fun. I had met this hot guy after a couple of drinks and went to his home with him. Once we were there, he tied me up. I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist being tied up by a stranger. He tied my wrists above my head and my sexy manicured feet to the end of the bed. I couldn’t close my legs because he made sure they were spread wide apart for him. He started rubbing my wet bald pussy, paying special attention to my clitoris. He even lightly licked my cunt, making me squirm. Once I got close to orgasm, he took a long cane and smacked my feet hard and pinched down on my clitoris laughing at me. He took a candle and let the hard wax drip in between my toes and all over my body. I wiggled around and moaned loudly. I knew I was due for a hardcore ass fucking. Female bondage turned him on, and the more turned on he was the more he drove his huge cock painfully into my ass. It was to painful to have him fuck me like that but we were having some hot ass sex and I didn’t want it to stop. After he put his biggest cum shot in my ass, he gave special attention to my feet. He put some whip cream on them and kissed and licked all over them….

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What is your phone sex fetish? I have a lot of kinks personally. I think most women in the adult industry do. One of my favorites is cuckolding. I especially enjoy interracial cuckolding. You are just a hop skip or a jump away from interracial cuckolding porn on the Internet. Many white boys are watching big black cocks pump white girls just like their wives and girlfriends with large loads of black spunk. There is a statistic that claims there will be no more pure white race by the year 2045 because of races mixing. That has some white men shaking in their boots. I think this will happen regardless of what white men want because white women know that big black cocks are the best cocks for their pussies.

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Breeding phone sex brings a new level of excitement to a mixed whore who is ready to have some slutkins. After my Pimp explained that he had a buyer who wanted to make his family bigger, I knew what I had to do. Big money was on the table for a caramel-complected baby doll. A boy would fetch the highest money but a girl would work out just as profitable. I saw it as a win-win situation. The clock was counting down on this breeding whore.  I needed a white man, a real white man with a big dick and balls full of potent baby batter.  I knew that I would need to have as much unprotected sex as I could.

My pimp had a fertility Prescription filled to help out my breeding gig.  Every day I needed to have my pussy all used up and filled to the brim! It felt so raunchy to sleep with so many white boys in a row, But I had a mission. It has been said that during the breeding time, I get dangerous, sucking men dry and emptying your balls with no care to the men I take from. But for me to be able to go home with a belly filled with lots of different spunk helps the impregnation process. Not to mention it’s incredibly hot to be yelling and moaning “Breed this bitch!’

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Daddys Girl Phone Sex happens when I’m obedient to Daddy and do exactly what he says. Daddy loves it when I listen and do exactly as he tells me to do and his friends. Last week Daddy introduced me to some new friends of his. One was a tiny man with a very healthy appetite for young girls. He started asking Daddy if he could call me up and talk dirty to me. Because Daddy agreed, he called me for some nasty phone sex to tell me just how much he fantasized about my young cunt. He told me he wanted me to play with myself while we talked, he didn’t have to repeat himself as I am pretty much always ready to open my legs and play with my cunt. He could hear just how wet my cunt was and he hung up on me. I didn’t know what I did wrong until I heard a knock on the door and Daddy told me I had company.

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mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is often on a man’s mind in the morning. My phone was blowing up this morning before I even signed on. I would have signed on early, but I had my own horny boys to take care of. It is unseasonably cold for this time of year. I mean it is almost April, and it is like 18 degrees and snowing. No one wanted to get out of bed. Yet, my sons had stiff cocks in need of release. I was still in bed, buried under covers dreading even getting out of bed to pee, LOL. I hate the cold. My sons texted me. Can you believe that? They are in the next room, and they texted me. They sent me dick pics. Looking at their stiff cocks gave me a reason to get up. I was thinking how good their warm, hard cocks could make my cold wet bald pussy feel. I mustered up the energy to get out of my warm bed and into my sons’ rooms. I started with my oldest son’s room. When I entered his room, I saw the tent he had pitched under his covers. I started to heat up quickly. I rode his morning wood until his nuts exploded. I got more than his nut, however. He pissed inside the very womb he came from. Normally, we are not much into pissing sex, but despite it making a mess of his bed, it did warm me up better than his hot seed alone. I marched myself into my other son’s room and rode his dick with his brother’s piss and cum inside me. I had some extra special sloppy seconds for my baby boy this morning. He did not seem to notice, or he just did not care. Either way, this phone sex mommy had a hot morning of piss and cum that warmed me up better than a pot of hot coffee. Now, I am in party mode and ready to get nasty with my callers.

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Hot Ass SexThis has been the best spring break for me to have hot ass sex on the beach every day! Nothing makes me hornier than strutting down the beach in my tiniest bikini and seeing who checks out my jiggling ass. I spent most of my time getting drunk with my girls, tanning and sucking cock behind the life guard hut. We went out clubbing every night to show off and let hot college guys from all over buy us drinks. My favorite thing about partying with my girls is that we never judge each other for being as freaky as we want to be! We fuck all night long and then have kinky party girl phone sex when we get bored and need a little cash. Those older guys at the club loved coming home with us and looking at our naked teen pictures before we got down and dirty. I was sucking some rich older man cock when my bff came over and started licking my cunt! My sugar daddy for the night wanted nothing more than to gape our tight teen fuck holes and make some sexy college girl porn!

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Licking Cake Off My Pretty Feet

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I can’t believe I found you sniffing around like a dog in my heels. I bet you loved the smell of my feet and wished you could get a nice whiff of them. Sneaky little pervs like you are going to have to work to get to these beautiful arches. I’ll stick my feet in this vanilla cake and have you lick my feet clean. No trace of crumbs or frosting can remain on my feet. Start from the heel and go slowly to my arches. My feet are so delicate and you don’t have the clearance to be rough with them yet. Swirl your tongue on the arch of my foot before you head toward my long toes. Lick all over and between each toe before you suck them clean. I love having my toes sucked so I want you to take extra time with them. You have to do that for each foot so they both feel clean and I get an amazing tongue massage. 

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I love when I meet a guy who has age play fetishes and financial domination fetishes. Because he will give up his wallet for some Young bald pussy. He wants me to sit on daddy’s lap and tell him how I play with my bald cunny. Nothing I didn’t do with my own daddy. As I tell him, he wants me to show him exactly what I do. I rub my clitty as my fantasy daddy pulls his wallet out. When he sees me fill my cunty with my fingers he gives me money, if I let daddy kiss my cunt he will hand his wallet over. Fantasy daddy wants to do so, knowing I will take all his money and spend it as I want gets his cock hard. He can have a young little slut like me is all he wants. As he licks my cunty i use his credit card to buy whatever I want. Every time I spent some money his cock stirred. Daddy finally couldn’t take it. He wanted his little slut to tell him what it would take to be able to feel the inside of my Wet bald pussy. I looked at my fantasy daddy and told him to empty his account for me and he could fuck me as much as he wanted. Once he sent the wire transfer, I spread my legs for daddy to be able to finally get what he has fantasized about. He stuffed his hard daddy cock in his little brats pussy. Knowing when he would be filling her up he would also be giving up more money. He got what he needed when he filled me up, his balls and wallet were empty. He was happy as he went home with an empty bank account and empty balls.

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