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shemale phone sexShemale phone sex does not make you gay. However, if you are calling me, it makes you submissive. I am a dominant T-girl. Do not let my femininity fool you. Although I can be equal with some men, it rarely happens. Not only do I need to be in the right state of mind for that, but you also need a cock bigger than mine. And that rarely happens. But most men who call me know they are calling an alpha shemale.

The folks I talk to on the phone vary greatly from the men I date. However, despite their differences, they all crave my big cock. Even when they too have a big cock. Just something about me, I guess. Dave was my lucky date last night. We met a few years ago at the gym. Took him months to realize that I was a sexy shemale domination porn star. But once he did, he got a bit obsessed.

I Can Fuck Any Man’s Ass, But I am More Selective with Who I Date

However, obsessed in a sweet way. He sent me flowers and candy. He even bought me concert tickets to some of my favorite bands. Of course, he appeared married, so I could not date him like he wanted. However, Dave’s romantic side wore me down. He did not appear to be a stalker or some beta bitch boy. Just a she cock curious nice man. So, eventually, I went out with him.

He understood that I could not get serious about a married man. But I could fuck him. And I could give him the hot ass sex he craved from my sexy she cock. We fuck a couple times a month. But he always spoils me first with dinner and presents. Too bad he has a wife. But the way he cums with my dick in his ass, he might be ditching that wife soon. I won’t wait forever, but I’d entertain a serious relationship if the wife is gone. I deserve to be front and center in a man’s life. But I can fuck any tight ass, but I far more selective about who I date.

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Incest phone sex calls leave sluts like me going back in time to when my brother owned my little cnt                                Incest phone sex My brother loved playing doctor with me when we were younger; he’d sneak into my room at night to examine his hot sister’s cunt. He’d stick his fingers inside of me and pretend like it was some kind of medical procedure – but really, he just wanted an excuse to feel how wet I got for him!

And then there was Daddy…he had this weird tickle game where he would tickle different parts of our bodies until one or both of us couldn’t take it anymore. His favorite spot? Right on top between the cheeks – always ending up right by that sweet little clit that drove us wild! But instead of stopping there, sometimes he’d push things further by slipping a tongue in between those legs while continuing the “tickling.” It wasn’t long before everyone knew what kind of games we liked playing around here…and they joined in too!

Momma didn’t mind either because she enjoyed watching her kids get down n dirty together under the covers after dark (or during). She even participated from time-to-time herself if someone needed extra encouragement or motivation…let’s st say she loved seeing her kids happy – even if it meant getting down and dirty with them!

As for me? Well, I became quite the cum rag over time. My holes were there to please the men of this family; they used them whenever they needed an outlet or just wanted some quick relief after a long day at work. And let’s be real…I didn’t mind one bit! In fact, sometimes I would beg for more – especially when my brother was involved because damn…that boy knew how to fuck his sister’s tight little cunt like no other man ever could!

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Sexy college girl porn Finding out my principal loves Sexy college girl porn really puts shit into perspective. It made things much easier when being sent to to the office after getting into trouble. Me and my friend Casey weren’t the most innocent students as I am sure you know. So we were not feeling exactly calm when we got sent to Mrs.Kelly’s office this morning. She shocked us when she told us our punishment. We both sat back with our mouths open when we saw those 2 dildos suctioned to the desk. 

Casey and I sat in silence for a few minutes as we got taunted by what would happen. We did not know Mrs.Kelly was super interested in the idea of Spanking Phone Sex. She said it would help us understand our place as 2 college whores who can’t keep a cock out of our mouths. Once she said that we knew we were caught; she pulled up the footage of us sucking off our English professor last week. We thought we would be suspended or expelled but instead she had different ideas. She first bent us over her legs and spanked us while she filmed us. We were naked and she was loving it; we knew she was a Mistress immediately. 

After she finished spanking our bare ass on film she laughed and pulled us up by our hair while calling us filthy sluts. She sat us up in the seats in front of the dildos and said it’s time to show everyone what real College coed sex is. We gulped in nervousness as directed us to show her how we sucked off the professor. We were hesitant and she slapped us across the face. She yelled and said “This isn’t option you little fucking bitches; show me how good you are with those filthy mouths of yours so I can decide which one of you will eat my pussy first”. So we put on a show for our principal for an hour until she decided who got to please her first!

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small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex provides me with a creative outlet for my frustrations. Although I would never classify me as an angry white woman, I get frustrated at life like everyone. I am no Karen. However, if a loser white boy with a small white boy dick steps out of line with me, I can unleash a wrath of small dick humiliation that will leave him in tears. And it feels so cathartic when I do that too.

My brother-in-law recently discovered that I cuckold his brother. And that I have done so for almost 30 years. He decided to chew me out and call me a whore and a race traitor. Clearly, he did not know who he was speaking to in that tone. Nor did he understand the relationship I have with his brother.

So, when he pulled out his dick and told me it was all I needed, I could not stop laughing. His dick looked smaller than my husband’s cock. And I did not think a human could have anything smaller than my husband’s micro dick. I am a black cock phone sex slut wife. And I told my loser brother-in-law that to his face. And I added in some small dick slams because deserved it.

I Don’t Care if Your Ego is Hurt, White Boys Don’t Tell Me What I Need

If my husband had been home when this went down, he would have defended me and our cuckolding lifestyle. Although I do not need my husband to defend me, I know he would not try to blame me or make it look like he was not a willing participant in all this. Because he loves being my cuckold.

When my husband did come home, he found me laughing hysterically at his brother’s scared turtle. All I could see were his balls. His tiny dick shriveled up and hid inside its shell embarrassed to come out. My husband kissed my cheek, said hello to his brother, then excused himself. Passive permission, I guess, LOL. He did not want to get involved, but like I said. I can handle myself with loser white boys.

Perhaps, I went too easy on my brother-in-law. But if he pulls that crap again, I will have my black lovers fuck his ass and mouth raw.  This phone sex woman is in charge. And no white boy ever tells me what I need.

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2 Girl Phone Sex with Star gets Freaky! Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale, I want you to pull out that cock and feel it getting harder and harder. Close your eyes, close your eyes and let go of all your inhibitions and let us take care of you. Let us, Let Star and Naudia take good care of you. As you take your next breath, you will hear the snap of my fingers and you will be completely under our control.

As you stroke that throbbing cock of yours, imagine us seductively undressing in front of you. Our bodies are tight and toned, ready to please every inch of you. But we both know what you really want – our tight assholes pressed against your face as you lick and eat us out. We’re getting turned on just thinking about it.

But we’re not done yet, oh no. We want to take you even deeper into our world of wild anal pleasure. Your limbs do not belong to you anymore, we can move and mold to you our pleasure and believe me you will be our own personal plaything. We will make your cock throb and twitch as we glide our tongues down the shaft of that dick. Our slobber will make the perfect lube for our Hardcore ass fucking.

We’ll take turns riding your cock and sucking it dry. We’ll moan and scream and pound, driving you wild with desire. You will not be able to beg for mercy or fight us off, you will just have to please us in every way we desire. We’ll push you over the edge as we both tighten our assholes around your throbbing cock, milking every last drop of cum from you.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and let us take you on the most mind-blowing, hole-stretching adventure of your life. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Naudia and Star, the ultimate two-girl anal hypnosis dream team.

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Hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking has me on my knees in the bowling alley. Private parties are the best when the Birthday boy wants a whore to pretend to be his woman.

Turns out that his present was showing all his buddies how much he enjoys fucking tight ass deep and hard! This Papi fucked me so hard that I nearly lost my breath. He had me begging for more cock and made sure everyone was watching and wanking as he pounded me. Now when I took this gig I knew that there would be multiple cocks for me to handle. But in the setting of the sleazy bowling alley with a sweaty blue color men give it an eerie sense of being one of the last women on earth.

Here I am on my knees sucking this man’s cock thinking that his friends thought this was just some kind of show. But it was such a lucky day because they got to see me sucking a dick and being put on all floors like a bitch in heat.

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No fact is better about me than I am a bitch in heat and deserve to have my ass annihilated. But when 10 men have their cocks out I know that I have to service them. I know and amid all these fucking men there’s got to be at least one semi-fag. So I go over to my bowling bag and pull out my handy dandy strap on the extra vibrating function. And when I’m standing up a hand on the ball return and tells them who wants a little strappy in that assy? That’s right baby let’s make a nice trade of me fucking and getting fucked. Suddenly with all the power and my feminine energy I had an idea.

Every one of these fuckers we’re going to be fucking somebody’s ass tonight. 11 of us with me and different places in the fuck train. Men fucking men men fucking women!  I mean they take my pussy a few times too. The dirty ass fucking whore Alanza does hope his birthday bash that these fucking ass fuckers could remember for a long time! 😋

 I can’t wait for our next Anal Phone Sex fuck train rendezvous!

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wet bald pussyI told him to eat my wet bald pussy and he did. He showed me that he was a greedy cum slut. He knew a guy just fucked me. So, my pussy looked like a porn star’s cunt after a gang bang. Now, I did not get gang banged. But Ted’s cock looks like a porn star’s cock. I measured it once and it was over 13 inches. One of the biggest cocks to ever fuck me.

And Alex knows that. He is some little beta bitch cuckold wannabe. He is married, but I do not consider him a typical married suitor of mine. We met years ago through mutual friends. Went out a few times, but his cock underwhelmed me. So, he got put in the friend zone. Later he got married to some normal, boring woman. You know, like your wife.

But Alex knew his cock looked small to most women. And he longed for his wife to cuckold him. But she would not. However, I will. The man has more money than he knows what to do with. So, I do not mind making him my cuckolding phone sex partner. Why would I pass up the chance to let a man spoil me? And with him, I get to let out some aggression. We all possess some frustrations we need to get out. And a willing submissive man makes the perfect outlet if you ask me.

Not all Married Men Can Fuck Me. Some Can Clean Me Up Afterwards

When I invited Alex over last night, I knew Ted would be coming over later. I wanted them to meet. Plus, I wanted some gift cards. Why spend my money when I can spend someone else’s money. I mean I am a gfe phone sex babe. Men need to spoil me to fuck me. And sometimes they need to spoil me to eat out my massive creampie too. I told Alex what to bring me, and when he arrived with what I wanted, I gave him his treat.

Alex licked up all the cum Ted deposited in my cunt. And he licked all the cum that splattered into my booty hole too. Alex found a way to be in my orbit with a small dick. So, maybe you can too. Spoil me and get a tasty treat.

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Bratty Girl Phone Sex

Bratty Girl Phone Sex is by far the most fun for everyone playing! Buy me the things that i want. I need more. I crave more. I must have all the pretty luxury things i can get my cute little hands on. If you don’t give me what i want when i want I wont play nice anymore!

Ill pull on your balls and pinch them. ill nibble on the tip of your cock with my teeth. And if im really cranky because i cant have what i want. Ill take this Thick Fat 10 inch black cock and shove it down your throat while Im pegging you in the ass! 

If you keep me happy with that juicy monster cock and take my sweet little fuckbox to pound town. Grabbing me by my neck and pulling me back on that Cock. Ill be the sweetest little brat you’ve ever had! Just give me what I want and keep me in luxury. Ill play every game daddy wants to play with me. You want a brat that’ll keep you on your toes and keep your balls empty? Give me a ring daddy im here for all your needs.


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Black Bull God

Black Bull God

Black Bull God

black cock phone sexYou cannot enjoy black cock phone sex without The Black Bull God. And that is the King himself, Big Daddy King. Still in Vegas from the Super Bowl, and all the events he hosted, I flew up to co-host some after Super Bowl events with the King of all Kings, and the rightful leader of the Black New World Order.

While I traveled to Sin City, I watched some new content my Big Daddy King made with an up and coming porn star. All the porn star wannabees know that the quickest way to the top is to do content with Big Daddy King. Watching that porn star try to handle the anaconda aroused me so much that I had to masturbate. She begged him to stop at first. All white women likely do. With a cock as big as the anaconda, Big Daddy King will hit the cervix. But it is a hurts so good kind of pleasure.

But we all get used to that Black Bull God cock. Big Daddy King bimboed up this little slut. Big lips. Big tits. And a big ass. The Living Legend hand crafts his bimbos just to his liking. Speaking of, I got a new tattoo, as did all the regular sugar baby posse. To correspond with my tramp stamp that says, “Property of BDK,” I have a tat across my chest, right below my big tits that now say, “Black Bull God Worshipper.”

The King of All Kings is Coming for Your Women

Face it, white boy losers, you can never measure up to the Black Bull God. However, even if your wife has never met Big Daddy King, in her mind he owns her too.  I know the anaconda and Big Daddy King own me for life. And many porn stars, influencers, models, celebrities, athletes, beauty queens, and trophy wives are part of the Cult of Anaconda. And soon your wife or girlfriend will be a member too.

When I arrived in Vegas, Big Daddy King had special bikinis and bling ready for me. I got to be part of the Vegas Fan Fest for football players past and present. It is an annual tradition for us.  Plus, as Sugar Baby OG, he tasked me with recruiting new members to the Black New World Order and the Cult of Anaconda. I selected Bree and her bestie Cheyenne. Two hotties from the volunteer state, Tennessee. Girls who I thought would look great with the biggest cum shot from the biggest cock all over their faces.

They immediately started chanting, “Black Bull God,” when I told them I selected them to be part of the most exclusive sugar baby posse around. They seemed ahead of the game. They already started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. And they had all their tramp stamps. Bree left a cuckold husband in her hotel room for a chance to be with the King of All Kings and his massive black cock meat.

Black Bull God, Black Bull Good, Black Bull God

So, I arranged for a BNWO meeting in a large building. Invited the Laker Girls, BDK’s posse of beauties and of course new members Bree and Cheyenne.  Big Daddy King and I descended from the rafters in his throne while the bevy of beauties below us chanted, “Black Bull God,” repeatedly. All the hottest women got to be on stage. They knelt before us as the throne landed. As I leaped off the King’s lap, I got the crowd going again with, “Black Bull God.”

Some women in the front row passed out as Big Daddy Kind stood up from his throne. His buff body can do that to women, including your woman.  Well, your woman is the King’s woman now. The Black Bull God himself took to the mic and said a few words and introduced Bree and Cheyenne, the newest members of the Cult of Anaconda.

biggest cum shotWe are millions strong. The Cult of Anaconda has chapters in 31 states and 6 continents, and those numbers grow daily. Bree showed off her BDK tats to the audience, and The King of All Kings put a bedazzled collar and leash on her. She crawled on her hands and knees to worship the anaconda. We all knelt as she worshiped the King’s feet and worked her way up his chiseled fine body. However, before she could kiss the anaconda, she had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Every Woman in the World Wants to Be Part of The Cult of Anaconda

After the pledge, she began chanting, “Black Bull God,” again and all of us joined in. I got Cheyenne and had her kneel next to her bestie. The Laker Girls surrounded us in their new outfits that said, “Black Bull God.” We make up the new Black Kingdom and it is only growing.  

As we chanted, “1, 2, 3,” the anaconda made its appearance. And that started a feeding frenzy as it always does. Me, Bree and Cheyenne got first dibs on the anaconda. But even three sugar babies cannot swallow or cover all the anaconda. Not even a huge rack swallows up the King’s cherished cock.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance and chanted, “Black Bull God,” repeatedly with a mouthful of anaconda meat. No woman in that building could think of anything else but the anaconda and the King of All Kings. No woman in the world can think of anything else but the King’s big black anaconda

Trust me, your woman knows all about Big Daddy King even if you don’t. Bree screamed for the anaconda, and she got her wish. She pretty much convulsed as he fucked her into oblivion. When I got my ride on the greatest cock known to women, he stood up and I leaned over the crowd as my legs wrapped around his perfect body. I sported a bedazzled harness with a leash that he could hold on to me while plowing my white girl pussy.

Every Woman Wants the Anaconda to Own Her

As I was floating over the crowd and getting shoved full of Black Bull Cock, I continued to chant, “Black Bull God.” When I orgasmed, I screamed, “Thank You Black Bull God.” The anaconda pulled out of me and sprayed us all with his seed. All of us on the stage with Big Daddy King, and lots of women in the audience got anointed with the biggest load of superior seed.

I know many white men fear interracial cuckolding phone sex, but it is here. The Black Bull God owns your wife even if she has not met Big Daddy King yet. It is inevitable because every white woman covets the anaconda and wants Big Daddy King to own them too. The Black New Order is real. And this is just the beginning of Global Anaconda World Domination.

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finger banging my twat and making my own toes curl as I glaze my own fingers with my frothy creamy white cum. I get my hands all sticky and slick with my lady lube. I can’t help being so horny and all wound up all the time! It’s impossible not to be, that’s why I keep a couple booty calls on stand by when my own digits don’t do the job and I need a good dicking down. Man are those guys so excited when that happens, when I give them a ring. Sometimes I call 2 or 3 that’s what i did yesterday morning and set up my own little Monday morning gang bang. I felt so fucking good getting fucked every which way to Friday and getting my rocks off over and over. It’s the fucking best to feel a good long hard stiff dick impale my cunt and bang me till I’m left in a sweaty jiz covered pile of sex.