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I had a brilliant idea to celebrate Black Friday with the King of all Kings. I have a key to his local mansion. I know his wife goes shopping at the crack of dawn every Black Friday. I wanted to gather some of my King’s favorite sugar babies like Kardashian, Lexi, Baby Doll and Destiny to wake up our Supreme Being properly. We all dressed up in our BDK bling and sexy black and white lingerie to celebrate the start of the BNWO holiday. We showed off our tramp stamps. We got our hair and nails done too. We wanted to be on fleek for our King. We are an elite gfe phone sex posse and we always need to look fly. Some of the girls had never been inside Big Daddy King’s mansion. I ushered us to his place in one of his many stretch limos. BDK’s bimbos ride in style, always. I was on social media bragging about seeing our King on Black Friday and starting an official holiday for white women to get big black cocks. Me and my fellow hot sugar babies only want one big black cock. We are team Anaconda World Domination. I could almost hear the white boys crying as I bragged about how all white women want the anaconda.

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You love watching me, my sexy little teen body dancing around in my cheerleader uniform. You don’t even focus on the game. All you can focus on is my bouncing tits each time I jump up and down and my pussy. You don’t know that I have been seeing you too, coming to every game and staring at me. I stopped wearing panties so you can look up my skirt and see my tight little pussy. You got so hard from watching me and I enjoyed making you hard. When you came up to me after the game, I knew exactly what you wanted. I asked you where your car was, and you pulled me into it. You unbuttoned your pants while I took off the rest of my uniform so you could see my tits bounce while we fuck. You lay back in the backseat and watch my boobs jiggle while I bounce up and down on your cock. No one expects us to be fucking like this, and I make sure to moan quietly so no one will catch us. You love seeing my tits bounce and my tight pussy wrapped around your cock so much that you cum hard inside me.

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I keep letting my stepdaddy know how dirty I am by flirting my ass off with him. It makes me feel like a complete slut when my stepdaddy starts falling for my trap. He knows oh so well that I have different intentions. Anyone with eyes can see how much I tease him with my shorts and always let him see my panties. Sometimes I wear no panties, and I love seeing the look on his face.

I’m such a fuck slut that I even planted my nudes on his phone. He can’t deprive himself of my hot body because I know I can hypnotize anyone I want.

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My youngest teen daughter has a brand new giant dildo that she got specifically to make her scream extra loud during all of her hole stretching pain slut phone sex sessions.  She’s got guys calling her 24/7 that want to make her hurt her small little snatch with some extreme insertions so they can hear her squeal and squawk.  They must love the way she sounds when she’s fucking herself senseless with a forearm sized dildo, or something.

She’s always been a really vocal lover.  The first time I ever sucked on her bald beaver and licked her teeny-tiny clit, she whooped and hollered like she was being electrocuted.  There’s never any doubt if she’s getting her pussy pleased, everyone in the whole house can hear her yelling and howling, and that’s just during a seemingly standard sexing.  When she wails and cries out in pain filled pleasure from jamming a massive puss poker deep inside of herself, I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear her!

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Fetish phone sex is my favorite. I love to tease men who are curious about my big black cock but aren’t sure how to go about getting it. I like to surprise them and have them suck on my tits before working their way down…and then, just when they think they’re going to be eating some pussy, I grab their heads and shove their open mouths onto my big dick. And they love every second of it. Men love trannies like me because I’m the best of both worlds. I’m sexy as fuck, I have perfect tits, a perfect ass…and I have a big dick that I know how to use. They love sucking me off before bending over and letting me ravish their assholes, making them my bitch. They’re always such ready and willing participants, finally having their dreams come true. They’ve fantasized about this moment since they started stroking their dicks and now it’s finally coming to fruition. My favorite thing is turning “straight” men out and getting them addicted to my cock. I can’t wait to get you addicted to mine too!


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I invited my gangbang BBC’s over to my condo for thanksgiving. I knew I had to feed them well before they all fucked enjoyed my cum guzzling cunt for the rest of the night! I served them dinner and got under the table and began sucking their dicks one by one. They all sat around and talked about how they were going to plow my Hot squirting pussy. I kept offering them lots of wine.

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