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I was never afraid of Ass To Mouth or Ass To Mouth Phone Sex for that matter. My ass taste and smells delicious. Since I can remember Daddys having our first threesome I wanted to see how nasty we could be with that young girl. Daddy had been fucking my ass for a while. When he took his dripping cock out of her cunt, my cunt got so excited. It was a gut reaction of excitment and I started to drip all over the place. Then he rammed his golden rod into her meat packer and fucked her hard. She was screaming and I was creaming. Then Daddy said he wanted to finish in my mouth. Goddamn I never got more excited. Daddy took his cock out of her ass and put it in my ass. Her ass was absolutely delicious. Daddy fucked my face so good until he emptied his family jewels into my mouth and I sucked them down like a fat chic drinking a margarite.

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phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? I have many like big black cocks, cuckolding and cum. I answered an ad in a porn rag looking for a cum whore recently for a homemade video shoot. Although I did not need the money offered for the shoot, I wanted the bukkake party. The ad wanted specifically a BBC slut. Bingo. Cum loads from big black cocks, I always need. When I called the number on the ad, it was clear they wanted a younger model.

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I told them if they had their doubts about me, they could take me for a test drive. The director called out about 8 black guys in their late 20s. They pulled their cocks out and I started sucking them like a dirty porn star. Deep throated each big black cock, even took 3 in my pussy at once. I pulled out all my best black cock phone sex slut moves. Everyone watched in awe, even the young ingénues desperate for the cash the director offered.

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Female domination porn is my go-to during my submissive days. On days when I am feeling the need for some painful sex, I rely on strong men to take a strong hand on my body. Watching men dominate other whores gets me in the mood for hardcore bondage and sharp pain delivery.

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hot ass sexHot ass sex in the mornings, I love. Fall is my favorite season. Bonfires with my boys. Hiking too. But the best part of Fall may be Friday Night lights. Neither of my boys play football. However, each of my sons has good friends on the football team. And those boys seem like bonus sons since they are around all the time. And have been staples in my house for years.

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Phone sexPhone sex is how I pleasure my cunt. It just feels so much better finger fucking me while having a pervert on the line who thinks just like me… None of the guys I’ve dated could ever know how slutty I truly am. Outside of this fantasy world I am a preservative slut, who portrays being a saint. But, behind closed doors, as you know, I am the filthiest slut you could come across. Aside from doing phonesexx, I do offer an escort service behind the scenes…

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gfe phone sexGfe phone sex can come in all sorts of sexy packages. I snapped this selfie the other day while stuck in traffic on my way to meet a man for dinner. Casual dinner on the water. He planned a boat ride for after dinner, so I dressed down. I dressed for comfort. But I still looked fine. I do not normally get nervous on dates. But this man is a former pro athlete. Never dated a professional athlete before.

In fact, I tend to avoid men who could hurt me. Although I am stronger than I look, a 6’4 strapping black man with a forearm wider than my body could crush me if he wanted. I just trusted he really wanted to experience hot ass sex with a sexy T-girl. Many black men love trans girls. It can be a dirty little secret no one talks about, yet still no one seems surprised by either.

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We met on a shemale dating app. I never would have agreed to go out with him if he did not know about my panty present. This would not be the guy to surprise in the bedroom. Although he retired from football a few years ago, he stays in shape. He never married. In the height of his career, he had a bad boy reputation among the ladies. A perfect gentleman but bounced from one fine lady to another.

My nerves quickly dissipated once I met him. Charming, sophisticated, handsome and easy to talk to. We had a lovely date, and an even lovelier boat ride. I thought of a speed boat or sailboat. He took me in style. His boat resembled a small cruise ship. He had clothes and overnight supplies ready for me. Even said we could have separate sleeping quarters if that made me feel more comfortable. Besides the captain driving the boat and the crew, we were the only passengers on board.

For Some Men, I am Novelty to Explore

Wow. What a night. I felt like a princess. I still have butterflies from our overnight on the river. Even though his cock beat me by about 4 inches, he still wanted me in his ass. Since his cock looked to be as wide as his shoulders, that seemed fine with me, LOL.  The night seemed like a page out of a romantic phone sex script, but I lived it. He got his first taste of she-cock. I got my first pro athlete and a night to remember.

Not sure if he will ghost me now or if I get a second date. Either way, I still have a wonderful memory.

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Cock Worshiping Phone Sex is Easy When You’re Fucking the King of Cocks

Big Daddy King came over to reward his favorite blonde whore. He just can’t resist my sexy voice and sexier cock worshiping phone sex. I’m his favorite cock worshiping phone sex whore. And God, Daddy’s huge black anaconda makes my pussy soaking wet. I’m officially the luckiest sugar slut in the world. Everyone wants Big Daddy King to take care of them, but only the most elite little snow bunnies deserve the supreme being’s cock and attention.

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Anaconda is always way too much to take, but I force his cock down my throat any way. I love the way his cock feel stretching my throat to it’s limits. I can barely think whenever he’s inside of me. And he loves the way I choke on his cock. Every time I come up for air BDK had another nasty thing for his little fuck doll to say. Having me admit how much I love his cock being inside of me. My pussy was getting was jealous of the way Daddy was fucking my throat.

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small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex, I consider pure joy. Like going for a spa day or getting my nails and toes done. I rank it up there as part of my self-care routine. Recently, I got pretty sick. Took a couple weeks to bounce back. I even needed to make an ER trip last week that hospitalized me for two days. Ruined my girls trip I had planned too.

Even though I knew I needed to be there, and I am grateful for the care I received, I picked up a stalker. You would think a sexy blonde Bimbo like me would be ecstatic to find out that her handsome admirer is a doctor. I would rather be single and stay a professional GFE than marry a creepy doctor with a small prick.

However, I am happy to drain his wallet dry and blackmail him too. Blackmail phone sex calls provide me with the skills I needed to drain this loser dry. While I laid in a hospital bed hooked up to IV fluids and only semi-conscious from pain meds, he showed me his dick. Creep, right? He acted like he had never seen a hot female patient before.

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He wanted to play doctor without my consent. Luckily, he did not see my phone because my blonde locks covered it. Even in a drug induced stupor, my brain functioned. Perhaps, my big tits put him in a trance because it appeared they held his focus, LOL. I recorded it all. Even got his little dick on the video. Along with all the creepy things he said and tried to do to me. He may have groped a tit, but I did not let him put his small dick in my mouth.

On my first day back home, I found him on Facebook and messaged him. Of course, he sent me an unsolicited dick picture. Go figure. Like any woman wants to see a small dick. None I know, LOL. He sent his phone number too. I texted him my little video. Although,  I know blackmailing a doctor could send me to jail. But he has far more to lose than me. I know he is married with like six fuck trophies. However, the stunt he pulled at the hospital could cost him his medical license, his job, his family and his social standing.

Of course, I asked for money. I missed a lot of work and a girl’s trip with my besties. I told him to consider the money he gives me a small prick tax. He paid up within 30 minutes. I love modern technology. Makes blackmailing guys much easier. Sick or not, this phone sex babe never wants a small cock.