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GFE phone sex with Big Daddy King is always the best. No one does the girl friend experience like BDK. No one does anything like BDK. It is the truth. Women beg to be near Big Daddy King and his anaconda. He is worldwide known by businessmen and porn stars alike. I am his sugar baby OG. I know I must share him with other sugar babies, strippers, wives, and porn stars. He is just too much of a man for one girl to keep up. He can satisfy more women in a day, than any man can in a year. That is just one of the many reasons he is the Living Legend. I was so happy to get a call from him that he was back in the states from his business trip to Monaco. It is a lifestyle of the rich and famous destination. Big Daddy King is as good of a businessman as he is a lover. Some folks have the Midas touch, but Big Daddy King has the Platinum touch. He bought a resort and flipped it to a bigwig in Lebanon and made a cool 5 million profit.

I was dying to see my King. I get a wet bald pussy just hearing his voice on the phone. He met me at the club. I had some new sugar babies for him to break in. I closed the club, so it would be just me, a few hot chicks and The Living Legend himself. Babydoll, me and a bevy of new beauties for the King to check out. Like I said before, he is more of a man than an army of men combined. He is a superior black man with a superior black cock. Women all over the world beg for his attention. I ran to him and jumped into his arms when he got out of his stretch limo. I had my BDK bling on and I was proudly showing my Property of BDK tramp stamp too. He carried me into the throne room where his posse of women awaited on their knees for the most amazing man in the world to appear. I could feel the anaconda pulsating as he carried me around his waist into the throne room. You could hear the sighs of excitement from the women. How could they not be excited? The Living Legend, the man, the myth was before them in all his glory.

When Big Daddy King pulled out the anaconda, it was rainbow kisses time. Me and the other sugar babies know how to worship the world’s best cock. With mouths and hands all over the anaconda, we showered his superior black cock with attention. How could we not? The reality of seeing Big Daddy King can be overwhelming, so a few of the new girls passed out. I mean BDK’s body is better than a Greek Adonis. He is the entire package and so much more. Brains, brawn and beauty. We were all in awe of Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We are a cult of the monster cock! I filmed everything because seeing is believing. It was a feeding frenzy among the girls because the anaconda is a work of art. We kissed, sucked, stroked and licked Big Daddy King’s superior big black cock until we were glistening with his billionaire nut shot. He gave us his biggest cum shot and it is always like a gallon of jizz. That is because Big Daddy King has that superior black cock. We were in awe of the anaconda and him. We spent the night worshiping Big Daddy King and the anaconda.  Every time Big Daddy King is gone, my pussy aches and I miss him. But he always comes back to his sugar baby OG. I am his property for life. #Owned by BDK #SuperiorBBC #BlackCocksMatter #CultofMonsterCock #TheLivingLegend #Addicted2Anaconda.

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I fell in love with being a breeding whore when I met my favorite black boyfriend in college. He had a big black cock that I always wanted to suck and worship. I would deep throat his BBC until it leaked and depending on his mood, he would creampie my asshole or my pussy. After a while he wanted to make me his and impregnate me. It didn’t matter where we were if he was horny, he would fuck me. His loads of cum were big and I could feel his semen pumping deep inside me every time. He made me love the feeling of his cum rushing into me, my pussy would twitch and cum hard. Finally, he succeeded and got me pregnant

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. Which only made me hornier, and my tits swell up. We fucked more and he even love milking my tits as he used them to jack his big black dick off. Now all I want is a creampie deep in my holes, I want to feel cum pump in me and get me pregnant. 

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anal phone sexAnal phone sex is what I was born to do. I have been getting fucked in the ass since I was a schoolgirl.  My mom had my brother pop my cherry. It was not a pleasant feeling at first. He popped my anal cherry before my pussy cherry. For years, he fucked my ass because my mother did not want me to get knocked up. She just wanted to watch us fuck. My mom was perverted that way. But she gave me a love for cocaine, boy cock and anal sex. Now, my boys are horny teenagers who love to watch hardcore ass fucking porn, especially if it is a milf getting rammed in the ass. This morning they woke up horny. Morning wood is the best for me but its frustrating for my boys. Can you relate? They wake up with stiff dicks. They pee but their cocks are still hard. They can never wait their turn, so mommy accommodates them at the same time. I have three holes, and a couple of those holes are super tight. I love to fuck in the morning, so I got on all fours and let them release some morning tension. My ass is what got reamed. I mean they did not want my pussy. That hole is not tight like it used to be, but thy way they ravaged mommy’s butthole, it might not be that tight anymore. My sons asked me to share some of my dirty anal stories. I mean I share my anal experiences on phone sex calls, why not with my boys. I told them this story about how I was in a bar one night drunk and some guys sodomized me with their cocks and the pool stick. They came in my ass to that story. My little horn dogs love that mommy is an anal whore.

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I have developed a close relationship with Mr. Jones. My friend Cassidy would love me to go over, and I would wear the shortest little skirt and shorts and bend over so that Mr. Jones would see my bald cunt. You can already guess I had him going crazy. Anything that involves my young bald pussy gets me electrified. All I could think about was my dripping wet cunt stretched out by an older man. Call it daddy issues, call it being fucked up in the head, and I don’t care. I want a real man to get control of me and stick his dick balls deep inside me till I scream loud moans. Feel my young body tense up while you stretch me out more. The boys I have had can’t hold a candle to a man who knows his way around a hot pussy. Mr. Jones wasn’t able to hold back for too long. 

I had him fucking me in the bed he shares with his wife. One day I even convinced him to fuck me in Cassidy’s bed. It felt so right to be so wrong.

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I really needed some x delivered late last night and some weed. This all led into some Hot Anal Phone Sex hook-up with my dealer’s friend. He wanted more than me to fuck, he was hard for little Emily’s tight pink puckered butthole that she was fond of showing off.

How was my little princess showing off that perfect little girl butthole you may be thinking right now. Well she is like mama, a little whore. She sat there in this micro mini skirt, no panties and a tiny little halter top. She whined about it being hot and was sitting there with her legs spread. She went to get something from the table behind the couch and did this by leaning over the back of the couch exposing her ass. My friend / dealer gave it a slap and she giggled and wriggled that ass. It wasn’t long before that big hard dick was slamming that sweet ass right alongside mama’s ass.

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“God I’ve missed that beautiful pussy so much Tina!” said Jacob “not as much as I missed getting nasty with you babe.” I told him. Every morning he greets me with kisses and those strong manly hands. He kisses my nose and it gets me so wet- the way he handles my Big tits, sucking on them, licking them all between. Jacob knows just how to get me ready for his mature thick cock. I crave him every morning, while he licks my clit and sucks the juices out of me beautiful wet pussy then reaches up for a kiss. He slowly guides his cock in, stroking me with that hard rod. Mmmmm I wrap my legs around him and he gets going. “Oh Jacob I love how you feel so deep inside me!” “Tina I’ve been looking for a girl with a wet tight pussy like yours, I’m gonna give you a baby honey.” he moans while kissing my tits stroking deep in my cunt. This pussy has always been his that cock is mine-in moment we have, it’s just him and I as he fills my pussy with all his hot sticky seeds. Jacob pulls out and watches it drip out, kisses my from my cunt all the way up to my lips before saying goodbye. “I want to get real nasty with you next time baby.” I have been waiting ever since, are you willing to keep me company in the meantime-or maybe you have a friend?

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fanasy phone sexI went out last night to the bar and saw you buying a drink. I knew you probably had a girlfriend but whore the fuck cares, she can join. I walked up with you and just grabbed your hand. You already knew what was going to happen as soon as we walked in the fucking bathroom. I got on my fucking whore knees and pulled your pants down revealing your already hard thick cock. My mouth watered instantly so I looked up at you while I put it in my mouth. Mmm, you tasted so fucking good, and I didn’t want to stop especially when you grabbed my hair and fucked my face as hard as you fucking could. I stopped you right before you came in my mouth and bent over the sink counter with my dress pulled up. You could tell how much of a fucking whore I am because I didn’t have any underwear on. So, you fucked me like the whore I am. You filled my cunt so fucking deep I’m sure anyone could hear my moans outside, but we didn’t fucking care. I let you cum inside me knowing that I would never see you again but that’s what I came here for. A good fucking.

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I had those cunnies scissoring and those peckers pissing their pants! I work a day job and it involves watching twerps run around all day like chickens with their heads cut off. I can’t fucking stand little rugrats! The only thing that makes those suckers useful is filming them fuck one another and posting it for mega prices on the dark web. Yesterday I literally set those fuckers up for a gangbang… I lathered their fresh bald cunts and slobbered all over those peckers! I stripped them down naked and had them fucking each other; at one point one of those little fruit cups started pressing his cock up against another boys ass. I guess he was curious, that shit turned me on so fucking hard. I couldn’t help myself. I thought it was only right if I joined in and showed that pecker where his cock belongs! That’s right in pussy… Deep inside my pussy… oh fuck I orgasmed and squirted all over the place! I am going to make so many copies of this littles pornography. I know for a fact this one is a heavy hitter! I guess working at an animal shelter for twits isn’t so bad after all. Not only do I get paid hourly but I get paid to fuck, suck and deliver what perverts crave!

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big tit photosHe wanted some big tit photos. The he is my cousin. We were raised together after his parents died in a car accident. He is older than me, but we feel like siblings more than cousins. I know he was banging my mother when I was in high school. He was in college then, so it was legal. They are not blood related. My cousin is blood on my dad’s side. My mom just needed a young hard cock. I do not fault her for that. I am in my 30s now and those younger guys are certainly appealing. Like I love them too. Back to my cousin. He begged for some tit photos. We shared pics and Skyped while he was in the military. I love his big cock. He loves my big tits. There was plenty of big tit fucking when I was a schoolgirl. I took some tit selfies for him since he asked. He is in a different state now working as a prison guard. He is horny. No hotties he works with. I went overboard and took like 50 tit photos.  When I sent them, I got a dick photo back. That lead to face time. I love watching him stroke his big cock. He sometimes calls me sis, which makes my pussy drip wet. I love fucking him. He loves fucking me. There is no shame in our game. We talk about having a little one sometimes. Can you imagine how big my boobs would get if I got knocked up? I am already a 44 EEE. We masturbated together thinking of him knocking up my little fertile pussy. How fucking hot is that? I got a hot squirting pussy with my new toy. I sprayed my computer screen. I was so worked up thinking of having my cousin’s little bundle of joy. I know I cannot get knocked up masturbating with my cousin a few hundred miles away, but he is going to see me soon. Maybe you could knock me up too. I would love to be your breeding whore.

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He was a naughty boy and wanted to confess to mommy about seeing mommy’s naughty pictures of her butthole, pussy, and boobies. My son had such a woody looking at them and felt like he was a very bad boy. I told him he was a bad boy, a naughty pervert even. He wanted to touch himself as he looked at mommy’s butthole. I let him stroke is little boy pee pee to my butthole and told him how bad of a boy he was. I know this makes me a naughty mommy and especially so when I allowed him to see my butthole for real and jerk his penis off to my pink puckered mommy asshole. It was just that I am a mommy and I did make dirty pictures that I failed to hide very well. But honestly I liked the idea of my son and his friends beating their meat off to my mommy holes and mommy titties.

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