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Wet bald pussy. That’s all you can think about while I’m standing in front of you. The subway is so crowded I keep bumping into you. My ass is pushing against your cock and you keep getting harder against me. The subway stops and more people get on. You can feel my soft ass pressed against your horny cock. That hard dick makes me so fucking horny. I grind my ass on your cock and tease that dick in public. My skirt lifts the more I grind on your cock. And I’m not wearing any panties.

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You look around and then pull out that hard horny dick. I need hot ass sex. My pussy is dripping waiting for you to finally give it to me. You lift my skirt and start rubbing your cock against my hard ass. I want your dick inside of me. I arch my back a little so you can rub your cock against this pussy. I’m just as horny as you are. Your cock is pressed between my thighs and rubbing between my pussy slit. Then you reach around and rub my clit. Your cock is teasing me. So I reach around and grab your dick. Bend over and slide it into my pussy. 

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Your dick slides into this wet bald pussy so fucking easy. You grab my hips and slowly push that dick into my cunt. No one on the subway has noticed. I have to bite my hand to stop from moaning every time I feel your dick slide in deep. Your hand slides up my shirt and you grab one of my tits. You start fucking my pussy harder. I push back on your dick. I want to drain your cock in front of all these people. You stop caring if someone catches us fucking. Your balls are slapping against my ass. My grippy cunt and fucking me in public makes you give my cunt the biggest cum shot ever.

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gfe phone sexGFE phone sex women sometimes sport sexy tranny cocks.  Look at me? I am the best of both worlds with a soft, curvy body and a big cock, I can take care of a lot of different sexual needs. And because of my sexy tranny cock and pretty face, I find myself in high demand on and off the phone. But I love being in demand. Knowing that so many diverse sorts of folks enjoy my company, makes my cock hard. Honestly, the variety of men into a sexy shemale, makes it difficult to identify a type.

If I had to identify any shared characteristics of my core fan base, I might say liberal thinkers. So, when this known big Republican local politician asked me out, I worried he might not know about my panty surprise. But he did, and if it was not an issue for him, it would not be one for me either. Even if we disagree politically, I could still give him hot ass sex.

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Dean treated me like a princess on our date. And although in the back of my head, I felt a tad nervous that our different politics might create trouble, we avoided all hot topics. We talked about sports and music instead. Kept it light. And when we went back to his place, he understood that he would be my beta bottom. But in Dean’s normal life and work life he projects as an alpha man.

However, dominant men often want to give up control sometimes. They just want to be submissive to a sexy woman or a sexy shemale to release stress. And to turn off their minds. So, Dean got what he wanted. My sexy tranny cock hammered  his ass for over an hour. He came so hard with my special brand of prostate phone sex milking, that he wants me to fuck him once a week.  I agreed. His ass felt too tight on my cock to say no to a weekly romp.

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Last night’s escapade was something else. Straight up X-rated, and I’m here to dish all the dirty details.

I connected with a dominant force, an alpha male who knew how to make my knees weak. No messing around, this dude was straight to the point.

“You’re my little fuck toy tonight, understand?”

Oh yeah, I understood all right. His cock was out and ready, a thick piece of manhood that had my mouth watering. I worshipped it like the holy grail, deepthroating and sucking until he growled in approval.

But I wanted more, needed more. I craved the rough touch, the possessive grip. He obliged, pushing me down on the bed and spreading my legs.

He went to town on my bald pussy, licking and biting my clit until I was writhing in pleasure. Then, he penetrated me, and the ride began.

He pounded me hard, each thrust precise and powerful. He made sure to remind me who’s boss, calling me his “little fuck slave” and “bald pussy bitch.”

I loved it. The way he manhandled me, the filthy names, and the rough sex. I was his human sex doll, and he demonstrated total dominance.

His cock felt amazing as he hit all the right spots. I could feel the sweat building, the intensity rising. And then, he pulled out, making me beg for more.

But the best was yet to come. He went down on me again, tongue dipping into my juicy slit. He licked up all my juices, savouring the taste before thrusting back inside me.

It was animalistic, raw sex. And the filthy dialogue just amplified the whole experience.

Let’s just say, I got exactly what I craved and more.

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Hey there, pervy little bastards! It’s your favorite anal freak, Naudia, here to spill the juicy details of my latest Hardcore ass fucking escapade with none other than my gorgeous MILF,Harriett.

Now, I’ve always had a thing for my step-mom, but it wasn’t until one fateful evening when we were both a little too tipsy and a lot too horny that we finally gave in to our desires. Harriett and I started the night by downing a few bottles of wine, all the while flirting and touching each other in ways that made our intentions all too clear. 

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That’s when Harriett made the first move, leaning in and pressing her full, soft lips against mine. Her tongue danced with mine, teasing and taunting me, as her hands roamed my body, groping and squeezing my ass and tits like she owned me. And believe me, I was more than happy to let her.Hot ass sex Before I knew it, we were both naked as the day we were born, our bodies entwined as we devoured each other with our eyes and hands. Harriett’s tits were even bigger and more perfect than I had imagined, with nipples that begged to be sucked and fondled. And her pussy, god, it was as wet and inviting as a ripe peach, with lips that were swollen and ready to be spread wide open.

But it wasn’t until Harriett bent me over the arm of the couch and slipped a finger into my tight little asshole that I realized just how filthy and depraved she truly was. She knew that I had a thing for ass play, and she wasn’t afraid to give the Hot ass sex I need!

With every thrust of her finger, I felt my ass clenching with pleasure, my juices flowing like a river down my thighs. And before long, I found myself begging for more, pleading with Harriett to make me cum and make me her little anal slut.

Of course, Harriett was more than happy to oblige, pulling out a strap-on that was even bigger and thicker than any dick I had ever seen. And as she slowly slipped it into my ass, inch by inch, I knew that I was in for the ride of my life.

Harriett fucked me hard and fast, slamming her hips against my ass with every thrust, her balls slapping against my pussy lips like a drum. And with every thrust, I felt my orgasm building, my body shaking and shuddering as I let out scream after scream of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

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In the end, Harriett left me gaping and gasping for breath, my ass red and sore from her brutal anal assault. And as I lay there, basking in the afterglow of one of the most intense orgasms of my life, I knew that I would never be able to look at my stepmom the same way again.

But hey, if you’re as fucked up and kinky as I am, then you’ll know that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful, twisted relationship that I can’t wait to explore further.

So if you’re looking for some Hot phonesex with a nasty little whore like me, then give me a call. I promise you, I’ll do everything in my power to make your darkest fantasies come true. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even get to hear me scream Mommy Harriett’s name as I cum harder than I ever have before.




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hardcore ass fuckingMy drug dealer Marcus decided that I needed a hardcore ass fucking the other day. He said it was Juneteenth and if I wanted my usual amount of coke, I would need to work much harder than usual. Although he is not a Black New World Order sort of man, he likes to think of this sexy white bitch paying reparations with her ass and pussy.

Marcus treats me well. So, I never mind it when he gets rough. His cock is huge. It will always hurt a little bit. My boys were home when he came over. And they got to watch one hell of a show. Marcus barebacked my ass hard. And I snorted lines of coke off my sons’ teenage dicks while he pounded his cock in my tight asshole. Tight? No. Sorry, my ass has not been tight in ions, LOL.

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As a drugs phone sex mommy, I like to party while I fuck. I think coke lets me get wilder. Plus, it numbs all the pain. And I do not mind any discomfort. Hell, I am a pain slut. I live for pain. But the coke Marcus gave me gave me the best buzz. My boys like watching mommy get treated like a dirty whore. And I love them being there because they get the sloppy seconds. Although they know their dicks will never compare to Marcus’s big black dick, they know no one will ever replace them. Taboo fucking is the best fucking.

Marcus pounded my ass for about an hour, before he decided I paid what America owed him. My sons got his sloppy seconds. Even though my ass felt full of black spunk, they shoved their teenage dicks in my ass at once. But even with two cocks in my ass at once, they did not stuff my ass like Marcus. No one gives me hot ass sex like my black dealer. But then no one fucks mommy better than her own flesh and blood.

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Babysitter Phone Sex Babysitter Phone Sex with a young whore like Naudia is everything I could ask for! Naudia Naughty, I like to call her. She is that little whore that babysits some of the brats of the families that I run dope for. And she is always willing to help a bitch out when it comes to reducing how much a kilo cost. That’s right, sweet tight ass and pussy trapping daddy dick for me. Not only that, But keeping a keen eye for youngsters that have high potential to run some cash. 

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Last night one of my papis got real fucking intoxicated on that good shit. He divulged some dirty secrets while he was buried in my ass. He talked about his sweet little babysitter sucking his son’s cock. Apparently he viewed them on his security footage. You know me I just had to tell him that we had to set her up so he could fuck her sweet tight little ass. 

Naudia was well aware of our plan; she would never do anything where she got caught on purpose! She might be a whore, but she is anything but stupid!

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 When we showed up “unexpectedly” she was ready to act out his Bratty Girl Phone Sex fantasies on her asshole.  I have to say she is quite the actress. We fed him lots of Coke while she worked on that cock. Then we brought his son in so I could have my way with his young dick and ass. Oh!! I guess that he wasn’t expecting us to fuck his son up the ass. But seeing how much a son enjoyed it He didn’t flinch when Naudia pulled out that strap on it fucked his daddy ass! The best part of that cum filled night? Naudia had set up her nanny cam and we caught everything on video. Let’s just say we’re going to make a lot of cash on that free Coke we just got!

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I had the hottest call the other day.  The caller wanted to be financially dominated and that is what I did. I drained his damn wallet and the more money I demanded the harder he would cum. He wanted me to humiliate him and make up for his lack of a decent-sized dick by sending me money.  I told him how wet my pussy was and if he wanted to taste it and see it I wanted a 100 dollar Amazon Gift card.  Then I would not let his pathetic dick cum until he sent me 100 more. I looked hot too that night. I was wearing just a nightie no panties or bra. the more money I got out of him the more I played with my pussy. It was so mother fucking hot.

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cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex fantasies can become a reality. However, you need the right woman to help you. And that right woman can be me if you call me. I speak to cuckolds every day. Some are real cuckolds. But most men just dream about having slut wives like me. And I love helping men. My husband loves me cuckolding him. And he grew into a great cuckold.

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So, I offer cuckold phone sex therapy. Women like your wife need convinced that a bigger cock could make them feel better. And once they get that first big cock, the rest of the process gets easier. They now know that a cock other than their husbands can make them cum hard. And that intense orgasm becomes the only thing your woman thinks about after that first big dick.

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I know all sorts of tricks. I mean I am a black cock phone sex cheating wife. Let my 30 years of cuckolding my husband with BBC help you be a good cuckold too.

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hardcore ass fuckingMy trainer told me he planned a hardcore work out for me. But what he gave me seemed closer to a hardcore ass fucking. I want to be in shape because it is bikini season. So, I hired Tony to get my beach body back. Since I rarely strip much anymore, I do not get the pole workouts I once did. I never question what experts tell me. So, when he told me to get naked, I did. However, when he instructed me to finger my pussy while I did abdominal exercises, I knew this would not be a traditional workout.

I played along. But I am not a dumb blonde. Although I can play the part well. He had me doing squats over his big hard cock for “exercise.” I never could do squats. However, a big hard dick provided me with the right inspiration. If I had to do squats over a throbbing hard cock, sticking it up my ass or my cunt, I’d be in the best shape of my life. This trainer knew just the right incentive to kick start this phone sex whore’s fitness routine.

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After about a hundred squats on his cock, I felt the burn in more than just my thighs. My ass was on fire. And my pussy felt just as sore. So, I thought that was the end of the work out, but he wanted me to do like 100 pushups between his thighs with my mouth going up and down his shaft. He had to squat down to be more level with me on the ground. I could taste my own sweaty ass juice on his dick as my mouth bobbed up and down his thick shaft. I’m an ass to mouth phone sex whore, but this was not role play.

We finished our work out on a yoga ball. As I worked my gluteus maximus muscle, he worked his muscle in and out of my pink pussy. When I would squeeze my ass cheeks, he would shove his cock inside me, forcing me to squeeze his cock with my pussy. I could feel my ass and cunt muscles getting trained well. Perhaps, I finally found a trainer who gets me. At this rate, he will have me in the best shape of my life.