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naughty maid phone sexNaughty maid phone sex is not something I get to do often. But when I do it is always so much fun. I have this hot party mom friend. She is younger than me. Her boys are younger than mine, but our lives are parallel. She is fond of coke too. Now, her husband is much richer than mine, but he runs a tight ship like my husband with the finances. Two hot milfs though can find easy ways to make money. She started a naughty cleaning service. Her husband is so proud of her too. Now, he has no clue she is cleaning for men in a naughty maid outfit with her nice boobs hanging out. She asked me if I wanted to join her with a client who wanted two naughty maids yesterday. She was willing to give me half the money. Of course, I wanted in on that because that was much easier money then some of the things, I do for party supplies like letting black men give me a hardcore ass fucking in front of my boys. I had so much fun cleaning. Made me think I need to clean my house in the nude or hire a dirty maid, LOL for myself. This client of hers was younger than us. Likely he was mid-20s, not out of college long. Has a great job and wanted to see two hot milfs clean his bachelor pad. We cleaned more than his house. We polished his big throbbing knob. My sons would be so jealous. My husband would be livid. But they do not need to know the things I do for coke. I was happy to fuck this young, rich guy. I was seeing dollar signs and it was easy money in comparison to shit I have done. When you are a drugs phone sex whore, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. I was down for being a naughty maid and polishing cocks with my tongue. Easiest coke money I have ever made.

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I love milking nigger cocks all over my big perky tits! Me and my transgender bestie had so much fun with a group of tall handsome black men. Her tits are so perfect and she has nice long nipples to match them… I loved sucking and nibbling on her nips as they took turns ramming her pussy from behind.. We have a big black cock fetish.. My boyfriend has no idea me and my transgender bestie have sex regularly. Not just any kind of sex either.. Gangbang cumslut sex! She actually has a pretty big cock… I love sucking her dick while she eats my pussy 69.. While we both get fucked anal. It gets so nasty which is exactly how we both like it. My boyfriend is more of a laid back kind of guy.. Sex isn’t so exciting but his bank account is hefty and he sure knows how to treat a lady which is why I stay.. Last night I came home filled to the rim of black sperm.. I had wet spots all over my leggings.. Daddy thought I had just gone for a run… But I had secretly gone over to my bestie’s house and took turns getting fucked with her. We love slurping cum out of each other’s asshole and swapping it back and forth after being treated like cum dumpster whores! If she weren’t trans I would love to be her girlfriend… But I guess with more of an open relationship like we have.. I still get to suck her cock and she gets to lick my pussy. We can keep it this way.. I guess!

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Blowjobs Phone Sex Tina

Big tits and blowjobs go together like bread and butter, you can’t have one without the other. Bring that cock over here between my juicy tits let me feel how bad you want to fuck me babe. I want to feel every inch of that cock between my lips gliding all over my tongue. Stuff my fucking throat babe- I’m here to be your big tit whore, you’re cum slut. I want nothing more than to gobble your cock and feel it throb until I choke and can no longer breathe. Once it’s dripping all the way down your balls, pin me down and fuck me like your own nasty fuckdoll. Stretch my holes out until you feel that cum ready to explode and fill me with every drop babe. I want to be oozing out of all my holes waiting for you to fuck me again while I moan and squirt these sweet juices all over your thick hard cock.

Wet Bald Pussy Gets Played with for Spank Bank Material

wet bald pussyI love to play with my wet bald pussy. I posed for some nude photos this week. Not professional ones, however. A guy from the club paid me $1,000 to just masturbate while he snapped some dirty pics of me for his spank bank. I am glad that is all he wanted because he did not have a cock worthy of this shaved pussy. Nice man. Wealthy. Smart. Handsome even. Just not gifted in his nether regions lol. But money is money, and I was not expected to fuck him, so why not let him snap some sexy pictures while I rub one out? Turns out he had a foot fetish too. I keep my feet well groomed. As a stripper you need pretty toes and fingers too. I go monthly for pedicures and my fingers are done weekly. Cannot be a top end stripper, a gfe phone sex babe and a sugar baby without paying attention to your entire body.

Anyway, while Albert was snapping pictures, I was thinking of big black cock. I played with my pussy imaging a big cock in front of me. Instead of looking at my pretty pussy or big tits, he was fixated on my feet. I do have sexy feet, but they are not my best feature. I lifted my feet up in the air and watched his eyes move with my toes. He was enjoying my feet the most. I knew I could offer him a foot job for a nice tip. He was clearly a foot man. I have done foot fetish calls and given many foot jobs before, so I milked him. I literally milked his cock and wallet with my feet. Foot fetish phone sex calls prepared me well. My pretty size 9 feet swallowed his tiny dick, but I was able to make him explode all over my feet.  I am a couple grand richer and in good favor with a club VIP and he got a foot job and some sexy pictures from a woman out of his league. I do believe that is what we call a win win situation.

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gilf phone sexMy gilf phone sex granny said she will take her teeth out and give you a nice gummy suck down if you pay the right price. A lot of you freaks need an old silver fox to turn you out and show you how mature sexy women fuck their boy toys. Grams has been a phone sex slut for as long as I can remember. She tried traditional dating but would be lucky if she could find a hard cock once or twice a year. Being a kinky granny gives her the opportunity to bend her horny black ass over and let you plow her wrinkled twat. One time I walked in on her getting gangbanged by four of my classmates. While one had his young dick buried in her sopping wet cunt another lucky teen was getting a gummy granny bj. She was able to jerk his long shlong off too I watched in amazement and wildly finger fucked my cunt when boys took turns fucking her shit maker! Even though her skin is saggy, her ass and cunt  are tight and firm like a 22-year-old hoe! 

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creampie phone sex

My sugar daddy just left so you know what that means. I have a stack of cash and worn out, cream filled fuck holes. I spent all day long sucking and fucking that old man’s brains out and taking his loads. I’m his perfect, little brat princess and I know how to get anything I want from him. My hot cunnie is nice and full of cum and now I’m ready for some kinky, creampie phone sex! I have a big, fat dildo ready for when you call me and I’m going to ram my sticky, creamy cunt while we talk. I can’t wait to feel the thick jizz gushing out around that fat dildo and to tell you how good it feels. Don’t wait too long to call me though, because later tonight I’m going to the club to get the fat, massive bbc that I deserve!


Cum In My Throat

cocksucking phone sexI met you at the bar tonight and I just knew that you were going to fuck me so fucking good tonight baby. I could see the huge fucking imprint of his thick fucking cock and I wanted it so fucking bad. My pussy was soaking fucking wet just thinking about his cock sliding in and out of my tight little hole. He drove me over to his house and I started taking off my little skirt and panties while he took off his pants. I laid on the bed with my head hanging off and opened my mouth practically begging for his fucking cock. He shoved it deep in my mouth, making me gag on his cock while my eyes watered. He pushed his cock in and out until he shoved it all the way in my mouth while leaning down to lick my little fucking pussy. I choked on his cock while he made me cum in his mouth. I watched him get up and pull me back on my knees and fucked my little face. He fucked my mouth harder than ever until he came all the way down my fucking throat.

Cheating Phone Sex Any Place I Can with Married Lovers

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is so much fun. Honestly, I love being the mistress. I have all the sexual freedom in the world, and married men rarely get jealous. I have a married lover who can only be with me on his motorcycle. That is because his wife tracks his whereabouts on his phone. He has cheated before, but with me it is has been over a year and she has not found out yet. We meet somewhere and I hop on his bike. We fuck in parks and wooded areas. We have fucked in many a roadside gas station bathroom too. Rarely do we get to fuck in a bed like normal people, but it is okay by me. It kind of spices things up, you know? I do have a rental property I used as an Air B and B, and it is in the country about an hour from the city where we both live. His wife’s spyware is not exact, so if it picks up the general location of the farmhouse, there are lots of roads out there perfect for motorcyclists. Honestly, doubt she would ever pick up on anything if we not there for long. My Air B and B is empty right now, so this morning, we took a drive to fuck. I love married men phone sex so much that I bend over backwards to take care of my married lovers. I really wanted to spend some quality time with him. He is hung. He is handsome and he is an awesome lover. We have had a year of quickies in odd and often public places. Not that I am conservative or even traditional in the bedroom. I can just do my best moves in a bed, I guess. I am an exhibitionist, so public fucking never a problem, but a bed is nice because of the time factor. Never a fear of being caught fucking in my own bed. We fucked for 45 minutes, which was a record for us. If we get ten minutes, we are lucky. His wife started texting him halfway through and he ignored her. He was enjoying my wet bald pussy too much. Can you blame him? He told his wife he blew a tire out and was waiting on AAA. Well, he won’t be able to use that excuse again, but we got 45 minutes of hot sex in today.

blowjobs phone sex after work

blowjob phone sex

I’m such a great cock sucker. Blowjobs phone sex is my current vibe. I’ve never had a guy try to guide me to suck their cock better. I’m always going to tease you so well. I love to flirt, and it just turns me on to kiss your neck, rub your body, and lick every inch of you. I desperately want to make you mine as soon as I get you right where I want you. You will never forget me. My cunt is the best pink wet hole you will experience. Believe me when I tell you that I am here to make you come all over my pretty little body. I am going to get on my knees and suck you. Let me feel your dick deep down my throat. I will keep sucking until I taste that pre-cum. I will look at you and show you that I desire your load.

Cuckolding Phone Sex is Our Way of Life, and We Love to Inspire Others

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a way of life for me and my husband. When we got married, he understood it would be a sexless marriage. Well, sexless in the traditional sense. I have lots of sex and he jacks off a lot, LOL. The problem is he has less than three-inches for a dick and I am a black cock whore. Every year we go to Hedonism. It is a posh adult only resort in Jamaica. Now, it is not exclusively for white women and black men, but this is Jamaica, and there are plenty of black men for white women. It is more of a swinger’s resort, but there are lots of cuckolding couples there too. This trip, I was only with black bulls, and anything goes. I mean I fucked on the beach in front of my husband and strangers. I like to think I was the belle of the beach. I mean the black men there swarmed to me like bees to a honey hive. I was naked all week and filled with cum, exotic Jamaican cum. My husband’s favorite. It was a great time. I know I am a black cock phone sex whore, but I was not the only one there during our trip. I think I awakened the BBC whore in a few other women and even their husbands. The women would watch me take all those big black cocks.  The men would watch my husband eat my creampie and before long we had other couples joining us in some interracial cuckolding fun. That is the purpose of Hedonism. It allows for the freedom of sexual exploration. You want to fuck some big black cocks, fuck those big black cocks. You want sloppy seconds from your wife or another woman, take those sloppy seconds. I am a slut wife. I do not need to be at Hedonism to be sexually liberated. I can have hot ass sex anywhere, but I love inspiring others like I did in Jamaica.

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