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Phone Sex Mommy Whore Blair Works Hard for Her Coke

phone sexI love phone sex. Honestly, I am not qualified for anything else. As the party mom and dirty local whore, I enjoy this outlet for sharing my fucked up experiences. Life as a soccer mom never appears dull with me. Because it is never dull. My dealer, Marcus, came over last night to bring me some coke. He rarely makes house calls. But when he does, I know he expects a show.

Marcus enjoys watching my boys fuck me. And I am not talking about regular fucking. He enjoys my sons dominating their mommy whore. As teenagers now, they get a lot rougher with me than ever before. They enjoy fucking me in front of Marcus too. I think my dealer harbors rape phone sex fantasies for his mother, and I am merely his surrogate.

He told my sons to push both their teenage cocks in my asshole at once. That used to be easier on me when their cocks seemed smaller. Now, it just hurts. Marcus stroked his big black cock as he watched my teenage sons destroy my holes. Although Marcus is not always mean, he does have this streak in him I try to avoid. But I could not avoid it last night.

This Druggy Mommy Whore Loves to Party with Her Sons and You

Marcus orchestrated the abuse of my fuck holes. He told my sons that mommy would not get her medicine if they did not listen to his instructions. My sons want their mommy high. When I have my coke, I am a nasty freak in the sheets who can keep up with their rabbit fucking. I am a drugs phone sex mommy. Coke fuels my nasty mind. It allows me to keep up with my boys and their friends. Plus, it lets go to those nasty corners of my mind.

This mommy whore got her coke. But I did have to earn it. My asshole appears prolapsed today, but who cares. My sons can fuck it back inside me. I got my coke, and that’s all that matters to get the weekend started.

Hot Phonesex with a Dirty P Druggy Mom from the Suburbs

hot phonesexHot phonesex with me means I am partying. Sure, I am soccer mom, but I harbor a dark secret life. Most soccer moms do. You never know what goes on in the suburbs. I think most taboo things happen in the suburbs not the inner city. Although I have a family consisting of two teenage sons, and one adoring older workaholic husband, I am a P woman with a coke habit. As a stay-at-home mom I take my boys to school and soccer games, attend school functions, and go to football and soccer games on the weekends.

Even though I look like a normal housewife and mom, I am addicted to nose candy. You know, the devil’s dust, blow, powder, cocaine… My husband did not use to mind my habit. But I never paid bills with the money he gave me. Instead, this drugs phone sex mommy snorted it all. So now, he keeps a tight handle on my money. But I am crafty. I became creative to raise funds for my party habit.

This Soccer Mom Resorts to Taboo Things to Support Her Habit

Recently, I met another soccer mom with two young girls. Younger than my sons. But we have a lot in common. She likes to party too. And her husband gives her a pitiful allowance. I met her because we share the same drug dealer, Marcus. And we struck up a friendship that led to us making brat porn in her carriage house. Hey, don’t judge. Girls need to learn to fuck sooner rather than later.

In the beginning, we just filmed them naked doing normal things. And we made some quick cash streaming that as a live feed on the dark net. But our viewers made suggestions and we started upping our game. We filmed her daughters masturbating together. Then we filmed us masturbating them and eating their little cunnies. We even taught them how to eat the young bald pussy of the other. So, now all is left is to have my sons fuck those little angels, or better yet a daddy like you.

You never know what goes on in the homes behind those white picket fences. The best brat porn I believe soccer moms make in the suburbs.

Mommy Phone Sex Sluts Become Jizz Junkies Naturally

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex seems to be what all the boys want. And this sexy mommy gives it away for free too. My boys got a hall pass from school the other day to see the solar eclipse. I do not remember ever getting a day off for anything like that. Hell, we barely got a snow day. Now the schools let them off because the temperatures might drop down below 30. But I am not complaining. Any day my sons get to stay home with me, I consider it a great day.

They wanted to watch the eclipse. But I did not care. However, I want to please my boys anyway I can. I let them sleep in, but when they woke up their cocks needed attention desperately. Those hard cocks walked into the living room before they did. Their cocks get bigger every day. Hard to believe sometimes. Seems like yesterday that I nibbled on little hairless cocks while rubbing my wet bald pussy. Now they have dicks almost as big as daddy’s dick.

A Mommy Whore Knows How to Take Care of Horny Boys

But the difference between them and their father is stamina and stiffness. Daddy lacks both these days. Trophy wife problems, I know. But there is a quick fix. I just fuck my sons instead of their father. Not like it is a secret. My husband feels thankful that I have my boys around to take care of me. And boy did they take care of me well on Monday. Tag teamed me for hours. Good thing I had plenty of coke to keep up. Those boys rabbit fuck me so hard, sometimes smoke comes out of my pussy.

By the time the eclipse happened, I think each boy came like three times. So, I watched the eclipse with 6 loads of jizz oozing down my legs. Nothing new. When you are a cum slut phone sex mommy, you do almost everything with a lot of cum in you or on you.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Get All The Young Men They Want

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts get plenty of action from younger men. We never need to worry if we get too old for some men because there are young men lining up to fuck us.  My sons’ friends all call me the hot MILF. I know I am hot for a mommy, but I also got that red hair thing going for me also. Not many natural red headed soccer moms around.

Last night I attended a school thing for my youngest son. Sort of a meet and greet for some of the new teachers that replaced three teachers mid-year. One of the replacement teachers looked so young, I mistook him for a high school student. So, I hit on him thinking he attended school with my son. Oops I did it again. But the teacher seemed smitten with me and did not mind my advances.

I am Such A MILF Slut I Will Even Seduce My Sons’ Teachers

So, the new young teacher and I fucked in a supply closest in a vacant classroom. Not the first time I have fucked on school grounds. Likely not my last time either.  He isn’t half my age, but he is significantly younger. Brand new teacher, who is still wet behind the ears. But now I was wet too. This young buck gave me a wet bald pussy.

I unzipped his trousers, and as we kissed in that closest, I pulled out his hard shaft. When I went l to my knees, I took his cock in my mouth and gave him the best blowjob of his life. However, I did not want him coming too quickly, so I used some edging techniques to make him last to fuck. Something excited me about going back to where the other parents were with the new teacher’s cum dripping down my leg.

So, I hovered my pussy over his cock and guided it into my milf pussy. He told me my pussy felt better than anyone’s pussy ever had before. Likely because he never fucked mature pussy before. We sat on the tile floor in that closet fucking until he could not hold on any longer.  I got my nut explosion. One of the hottest quickies of my life. I think I might be the teacher’s pet now. His mature phone sex pet!

Drugs Phone Sex Mommy Blair Jumps Through Hoops for Coke

drugs phone sexI am a hardcore drugs phone sex whore. And a submissive whore who does what she is told. So, when a drug dealer says I need to put out for drugs, I have no choice but to fall on my knees and please him any way I can. Jerome is my normal dealer, but he is out of town visiting his mother. So, I had to go to Trevor, his competitor.

And Trevor makes me really jump through hoops to get a fraction of the coke Jerone gives me. Jerome makes me fuck my boys while he watches, or I take his BBC in one of my holes while they watch. Maybe, if I am lucky, I can fuck his nephew. But Trevor likes to hurt and shame women. So, I would much rather pay for my medicine with my pussy with Jerome. But beggars cannot be picky.

When I arrived at Trevor’s house, it surprised me how many men were there. Women too. For a moment, I thought I might luck out and he would just give me the coke because he was in the middle of a party. No such luck. He gave me a few lines to relax me. But nothing would have prepared me for the hardcore ass fucking I got. Or the extreme humiliation. Not even 20 lines of coke.

The Things I Do Just to Score Some Coke…

Multiple men have fucked me before. But this appeared to be about 50 men with some women in the mix to humiliate me too. I started downing cocks like I was at bar doing shots. However, chugging dick is more fun.  Although, I can get drunk on cum, too much cum makes me sick. I think I swallowed about 40 loads of jizz when I puked.

No way would Trevor let me puke up cum without being punished. I tried to turn the focus on my other holes in hopes I would not puke if I guzzled no more cum, but I failed. Not only did I puke, but I got punished too. My punishment? Trevor made me lick the puked up cum off the floor while taking multiple cocks in the same hole at the same time. My ass and cunt got double stuffed. Women pissed on the floor to make me drink it up too. Ugh. Why did Jerome have to go out of town?

This phone sex whore got such small bag of coke through in exchange for what I did. But I did get my coke. Doubt it will last the weekend, but it will ease my sore ass at least.

Mommy Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Party with Their Sons

mommy phone sexEveryone knows that a redheaded mommy phone sex slut fucks the best. Ginger mommies get wild in the sheets. Just ask my boys. My sons started their spring break last night. They get to be home with mommy for an entire week. And that means lots of fucking. I knew I needed double the amount of coke I usually need to keep up with two horny teenage boys all week. So, last night I paid my dealer a visit. And to sweeten the pot I brought my mother along.

My mommy decided to spend a week with me and the boys. She will help with all the rabbit fucking two horny teen boys will give me this week. Since I learned how to be a party mom from the woman who brought me into this world, she wanted to get some free coke and BBC too. Marcus seemed happy to see my mother. He likes a sexy milf but loves a sexy gilf phone sex slut.

I Learned How to be a Dirty Party Mommy from My Mommy

He kept us busy for a few hours, but once we left his place, we wanted more cock. So, we went home to fuck our boys. My two teenage boys seemed very happy to fuck their mother and grandmother at the same time. They love it when we party. Coke turns mature women into fuck machines. As we snorted lines, the boys fucked us from behind. My mom may be in her 60s but she can out fuck anyone half her age. She is such a sex machine.

My sons kept switching holes. They can never decide where they want to nut. And mommy and I just want their seed. So, we never care where they cum. We do not believe in limits. And my sons know we are whores for their boy batter. Cum on our faces. Cum in our cunts. Or cum in our asses. We never care as long as we get that boy seed. Perhaps that makes mommy and me cum slut phone sex whores.

I may never sleep this week. Mommy either. But who needs sleep when you have party supplies, your mommy and your teenage boys around?

Even a Dirty Soccer Mom Enjoys Hardcore Phone Sex

hardcore phone sexThis dirty mommy enjoys hardcore phone sex too. Although I am a submissive mommy whore, sometimes I get to be the accomplice. And that is a role that I enjoy. A couple nights ago, I went trolling for coke. My regular drug dealer, Marcus, did not have enough product to give me some for free. We have a pay for play relationship. We fuck and he pays for the use of my holes with coke. Perfect arrangement for a soccer mom on a short leash.

But Gary will do the same thing with me. He just likes to be rougher on my holes than anyone else. However, this time, he made me a different offer. He needed an accomplice phone sex partner to punish his niece. His hot teen slut niece likes to steal his product and give it to her friends. Coke, weed, molly, pills, she steals it all and thinks her uncle will not miss it.

This Druggy Soccer Mom Loves to be the Accomplice Too

I always wanted a daughter, and I saved my fuck holes some abuse morphing into the accomplice role. Since he paid me with more coke than usual, you know I was down to help. And the way I helped turned me on. I fisted her tight teen asshole while she sucked her uncle’s cock. She seduced him, but he now realizes that was just so she could get access to his drug stash. Although I lubed up my hand and her ass, I left my wedding ring on. And I know she felt me in her asshole.

However, his niece may be a bit of a pain slut like this soccer mom. She moaned and started rubbing her clit as I worked my fingers into her asshole and balled them up to make a fist. I guess you could say that I gave her a hardcore ass fucking. Not sure I punished her, but her uncle thinks I did. The next day his niece could not sit down for long, and she walked around the house like she had ridden a bull all night. No bull. Just my fist. And I loved it.

Mommy Phone Sex Starts a Day off Right for All the Boys

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex anyone? Nothing starts a day off better than some sweet head from your sexy mommy. I stayed up way too late last night partying with my drug dealer. He fucked me while I did lines of coke all night long. We fucked in my living room while my sons and husband slept in their beds clueless. Marcus left right as the sun started to come up.

And I started to head to bed for a cat nap before work. However, my sons thought I was up for them. As they got up for school, they saw me in the hallway and assumed I got up to take care of their morning wood. Not that I ever mind taking care of my sons, but this drugs phone sex mommy’s pussy was messy. And my sons would know it too. But teenage boys don’t care. I could be 2 tons of fun or look like mama from Throw Mama from the Train, and they would still fuck me.

So, I told them that mommy’s special friend came over last night. They surprised me. My boys wanted to fuck my freshly fucked cunt. They informed me that my pussy feels warmer with spunk inside it. They know mommy loves cum too. We went to the living room since daddy appeared to still be asleep. We fucked our brains out on the couch. Good thing I had the couch treated for spills and stains, because my pussy leaked all over it.

This Mommy Whore Takes Care of Everyone in the House Before Work

My boys’ cocks seemed full of more cum for me too. Morning wood, oh how I love it. Stiff dicks, cum filled balls equal a great morning for a mommy whore. My sons appeared so horny too. They could not wait their turns, so one son fucked my wet bald pussy while the other one pumped his seed into my ass. They came, hopped in the shower and left for school.

Then my husband woke up and wanted to fuck before work. So, here I am with super messy holes from a wild night and morning, zero sleep and a big bag of coke to keep me alert for the day.

Phone Sex Mommy Blair Needs Young Big Cock

phone sexThis phone sex mommy enjoys attention. But I think most mature women do. Some folks call me an exhibitionist. However, I just like the reaction I get being naked, especially the reaction I get from young men. So, it is not that I like flaunting my body or have some aversion to clothes. It just helps me know who I can seduce and who I cannot seduce. Not that any boy has ever told me to put clothes on.

About a decade ago, my neighbor boy started taking pictures of me nude. Sometimes I was in backyard naked. Other times in my bedroom that faced his bedroom. We started a wicked affair. My boys still had pinky dicks that could not do much for me yet. But he had a stiff, big teenage cock. Eventually, he grew up and went to college. Now, he lives an hour away and has like a grown-up job and a house payment lol. Where does the time go?

But young boys never forget the mature phone sex woman who made them a man. So, he comes to visit often. His mom still lives across the street. And when he visits her, he visits me. And he came to visit for a long weekend. Before he even saw his mother, he showed up at my door. He wanted some more sexy pictures of me. However, he wanted to fuck his favorite milf too.

Mature Sexy Women Love Young Cock

We fucked over the holidays, but he clearly thought that was a lifetime ago. He rabbit fucked me on the living room floor. My knees received some major carpet burns. But that’s just my badge of honor. My boys were at school which made it easier to fuck Devan. His cock gets bigger every time I see it, I swear. My pussy still has his cum inside it. Not only did he fuck me for hours yesterday afternoon, but he also stopped by this morning after my husband went to work and my boys left for school. He needed more mature pussy.

Because Devan’s cock appears thick and long, I think he hits my G spot giving me hot squirting pussy. Although I love being a P mom, I do enjoy a big cock too.  So, I will fuck Devan as much as I can before he leaves again. No one needs to know.

Teen Boys Enjoy Giving This Mommy a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingMommy got a hardcore ass fucking last night. Well, I get that often. My boys and their friends all enjoy rough anal sex. In their defense, I do not think they realize they are being rough. Horny teenagers rabbit fuck whatever hole they can fine. My sons had a party last night. Since I am the cool mom, I let them enjoy some beer. I set limits and collected keys. No one would be driving home drunk. Boys will drink beer. So, why not let them do it supervised for safety. Plus, I am the party mom. I hate to party alone.

Of course, as the party mom, I did lines of coke and drank beer with them. However, I am not a seasoned drunk. Coke, I can out snort Al Pacino in Scarface. But booze? A few beers and I am anyone’s plaything. Last night, I let about ten horny teenage boys run a train on me. And they wanted to fuck my ass. One of the things about teenage boys is they rabbit fuck a woman’s fuck holes. And they don’t think about using lube. That’s because you never see lube in any of the anal phone sex videos out there.

This Mommy Enjoys Teenage Boys Using Her Asshole All Night Long

Trends in porn influence a young boy’s mind. So, they love double penetration, rough anal sex and gangbangs. And I am just the mommy whore for their use. Those high school boys passed me around like a rag doll. They contorted me in all sorts of awkward poses, but I did not mind. I love it when teenage boys use me like a ragdoll. And boy did they use me. At one point, two or three boys fucked my ass at once. But as high as I was, I felt nothing but pleasure.

I guess you could say that this dirty mommy had hot ass sex all night long. And boy did I love it. But I still think the boys won the night. They got to party and fuck the mommy of the house all night long.