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My Sons Said I Needed a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingMy boys thought mommy needed a hardcore ass fucking this morning. I cock teased them last night and they got their revenge today. I was having fun with my black drug dealer. He was pounding the hell out of my pussy and ass. Marcus teases the boys too. He was saying things like no way their tiny dicks would fit inside me after he gaped my holes. That was likely true. He is about 10 inches long and he has the girth of a Coke bottle. My own fist will feel loose in my ass after him. I guess he was cuckolding them. It was funny. I sent them to bed because Marcus got tired of their whining. They wanted to fuck their mommy phone sex whore, but I was otherwise engaged. They got their revenge this morning though. They stormed into my bedroom. They were mad as fuck and horny as hell. They started calling me names and telling me they come before anything else. I never really saw this level of aggression in them before. It was a hot thing to witness though. They jumped into bed with me, ripped my panties off and fucked my anal creampie. I still had my dealer’s seed in my ass because we fucked until about two hours before the boys woke up for school. I had no time to shower. I ddi not know my boys would be so aggressive this morning and treat me like their submissive phone sex whore. They did not mind the sloppy seconds. I think they were just too horny to give a fuck. It worked out well for me though because Marcus’s big cum load was just the lube, I needed to get two boy cocks in my ass this morning. The life of a mommy whore is never boring.

Incest Phone Sex and Coke

incest phone sexIncest phone sex gets my cunt wet, sober or high. I am usually high, but even sober I am a dirty mommy. I love playing with my boys. They are horny teen boys now. The older they get, the more aggressive they become. That does not bother me though. I love a hardcore fucking in my pussy or ass. This morning, I overslept. I had been partying last night and slept though my alarm. The boys are used to mommy waking them up with her mouth. They got up on their own and took it out on mommy. They ravaged my holes. I had a boy in my cunt and one in my ass. No lube for either hole either. I am a mommy phone sex whore, so I can handle it. I went to take a bump, but my oldest boy slapped my hand. He wanted me to feel his cock in my ass. Even though it hurt a bit, I like pain, so it was no big deal. I knew my sons thought they were punishing mommy. They like to get hardcore sometimes. I begged and pleaded for them to stop, even though I want them to keep on fucking me. I love it rough. I am tiny, but I can still handle a hardcore fucking. They nutted quickly inside my fuck holes. I was hoping they would last longer, but what they gave me felt amazing. They were rushing to the bus with just Pop Tarts for breakfast. I was laying on the bed with boy cum oozing out of my pussy and ass. I did a bump of coke on my nightstand and masturbated. I had a sore ass from my son’s hardcore ass fucking. It was a great morning. Made me want to stay in bed and do lines and play with my cum filled holes. Want to join me?

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

forced intoxication phone sex Forced intoxication phone sex calls are a blast. I love to get drunk and high on calls. Last night, my last call of the night was a forced intoxication call. Good thing it was my last call too because I got plastered.  Like falling down drunk. My caller was telling me things to do to myself and if I hesitated or he did not think I was doing it right, I had to take a drink. I was doing shots of Jack Daniels. Whisky hits me quickly. I was loaded.  I was doing lines of coke too. I am a party mom. By the time I was done with the call, I was puking. That was from all the alcohol. I am a seasoned drugs phone sex whore, but I rarely drink, and this guy had me doing all sorts of shots. My sons are so good to me. They held my hair as I was puking. They even got me in the shower so I would not be so gross smelling. Turns out they wanted me smelling better when they fucked me. They know I never have to give verbal consent to fuck me. If they are horny, it does not matter if I am passed out drunk or just dead asleep. They can help themselves to their mommy’s fuck holes. My holes are their holes.  I woke up this morning with a raging hangover. I was covered in cum. My pussy and ass were full of cum too. I really could not remember much. I had bits and pieces strung together. My sons told me about my phone sex call and how I was drinking like a fish. They of course were not going to let a drunk mommy stop them from having their fun.  I am glad they didn’t. I may have been a drunk whore last night, but I am always a mommy whore first.

Anal Phone Sex for Mommy

anal phone sexThis mommy loves anal phone sex. Really, I do. I am a little anal whore. When my sons were younger, they were too small for my ass. Now, they are teenagers and perfect for my hot ass. I think I have ruined my pussy over the years. I have fucked a lot of cock in my life. Sometimes, I have done a few at a time and I have been fisted a few times too. Plus, I pushed two big boys out of my pussy. My cunt is no longer my tightest hole. My ass has seen some miles too, but it is tighter than my pussy. My boys have decided that mommy’s asshole is their favorite hole now. I was doing lines of coke and taking dirty last night when they went to bed. Since I was on a phone sex call, I could not properly put them to bed. Yesterday, I neglected them because I was so busy phone fucking. This morning when they woke up for school, they jumped into my bed super horny. They demanded mommy’s ass. Little horn dogs. I mean they had a point. I did neglect them last night. I told them to just let mommy pee first, but they were not having any of that. They just rammed their cocks deep into mommy’s asshole at the same time. They are bigger now everywhere. I can no longer fight them off. Not that I want to fight them off, but I was sober. And they used no lube. They gave their mommy a hardcore ass fucking like never before. My ass was dry. The ass needs lube. They did not care. They were too horny since they did not get drained last night properly. I guess my ass learned a lesson. Never put my callers before my horny boys.

Wild Mommy Phone Sex on Molly

mommy phone sexMost of my calls are for mommy phone sex. I am a P mom to two horny boys. I also am a party mom. I have always drank and done drugs. Tried every drug there is for the most part. I can add a new one to the list. Molly. Apparently, all the young boys and girls take Molly at parties. It is a sex drug. A psychoactive drug that increases your pleasure. I went to pick my boys up at a party Saturday night and walked into a high school orgy. The boy who was throwing the party was home alone for the weekend. He is old enough to drive. A rich boy too. Nice house. I think he invited half the class. My sons are a few years younger than the host. My youngest son had texted me he did not feel so hot, so I went to pick him up. No one answered the door, so I went in. I figured the music was too loud to hear anything. I walked in and saw naked teen girls getting fucked. Many were passed out. Brought me back to my early druggy phone sex days. I mean I would get high with anyone, wake up with a pussy full of cum and no memory of how the cum got in my cunt. My oldest son was banging some hot teen slut doggy style. Everyone was high as a kite. So high they did not realize a parental figure was there. Not that I am very parental. I figure when in Rome. I did some of that MDMA with the teenagers. Next thing I knew, I was naked getting gang banged by lots of teenage cocks. My sons included. I even ate some young teen pussy. Now, I was not as out of it as the schoolboys and girls because I am a seasoned party girl. I will remember fucking those boys. They, however, will likely never remember that a sexy mommy crashed their party. I love being a drugs phone sex mommy whore.

Cum Slut Phone Sex: I Love Boy Jizz

cum slut phone sexI love cum slut phone sex calls. That is because I am what they call a jizz junkie. I love cum, especially boy cum. Last night was Friday night and I was a in party mode. Like extreme partying. I was a doing coke with a friend of mine. She is a soccer mom and coke head too. She brought her sons with her. Mine were at home. That meant we had five young boys in the house and two milfs. Two coke head milfs and five boys? Yeah, we liked those numbers. The more lines we did, the hornier we got. The more coke we did the hornier the boys got too. They liked watching us snort lines of each other’s tits. We were drinking wine too. I had a good buzz going on. So did my friend. When we had empty wine glasses, the boys filled them with cum. Two drugs phone sex stars prefer cum over wine any day. We toasted to teen cock and chugged what they so kindly put in our glasses. We then turned our attention to those young cocks. We needed to bring them back to life so we could get more cum. That is not hard to do with young boys. They are endless cum machines. That is what mature women like me and my friend love younger guys. They can cum and cum again. We had a blow bang to bring those boy dicks back to life. We are great cock suckers. We just rotated the dicks in our mouths until all 5 boys were rock hard again. Side by side, ass to ass, our sons lined up to fuck the shit out of us. We were so high, but we felt those young teen cocks going in and out of our mouths. Eventually, they were going in and out of our cunts and assholes too. Just a hot mommy phone sex Friday night with a mommy whore.

Cocksucking Phone Sex Easter

cocksucking phone sexI love cocksucking phone sex. That is because I am a great cock sucker. My mother taught me how to suck dick when I was just a schoolgirl. I learned by sucking my big brother’s dick. He was just a schoolboy himself, but at my age, it seemed like a monster cock. My mom taught me all sorts of tricks. She taught me positions for deep throating a cock. She showed me how to use my tongue and my lips but not my teeth. She was sucking my brother’s cock before I could walk. My mom is still a cock sucker. She lives with us now since my dad is gone. We have a mother-in-law suite in the house. She is in her 60s, but she still likes to fuck, suck and party. It is no wonder that I became a mommy phone sex whore. I had the best role model. Yesterday was Easter, so we were all together. Mom and I cooked, we ate, then we fucked. My boys were so happy to have their grandma to help with their horny stiff dicks. Between my mommy whore and this mommy whore, my boys got their dicks drained a few dozen times. My mom upstaged me though. She took both teen dicks in her mouth at once. I am not quite that skilled. I was when they were younger, but now that they are teenagers, they have over a foot of dick between them. I was not going to be outshined by my mother. I used one of her tricks. A shot of whiskey to lubricate the throat and a line of blow to numb the jaw. I took BOTH boys down my throat balls deep. I looked like a chipmunk because of all the cock in my mouth. When they came, I thought I might drown. They each had the biggest cum shot for their mommy. My mom and I spent most of the day full of cum. It was a wonderful family affair.

Phone Sex Mommy Whore

phone sexI love getting high and having phone sex with horny men who have family fantasies. I only have sons, but I always wished I had a little girl. Last night, I did. It was just for a few hours but I enjoyed every moment of it. My neighbor girl locked herself out of her home and her parents were at work. She left her keys at home when she left for school. I let her come in the house and hang with us for a few hours. I had been doing lines, so I was pretty fucked up. That let my mind go to all sorts of wicked naughty places. I made her a drink. I put a little vodka in her lemonade. Not enough to get her sick, but enough to make her memory a little cloudy. I played with her young bald pussy. I slid a finger in that puffy mound, thrusted knuckle deep and when I pulled out, I licked my fingers. Yummy. If I had a daughter, I would be eating her little pussy for hours daily. If we were friends and you got high with me, I would share her little pussy with you. My sons watched me eat and finger her little pussy. They told me they wanted a sister then when she left, they fucked me like a mommy breeding whore. My two teen studs took turns pumping their boy jizz inside me and telling me they were going to knock me up. They want me pregnant again while I can still get knocked up. I have maybe 5-7 fertile years left. I am not on any birth control. They are finally old enough to have swimmers too. I want to have a daughter. Maybe if my sons cannot knock me up, you could? If you give me a daughter, we can share her.

Mommy Phone Sex Party

mommy phone sexThis mommy phone sex slut has been partying all weekend. My oldest son had a birthday Friday and I told him he could have some friends over for the weekend to celebrate. I wanted them there for me too. My house is the preferred house of his friends. That is because I am the preferred mom of his friends. No other soccer mom in his group of friends spreads her legs like I do. Not only am I easy to fuck, I let the boys get high and drink beer too. They are not driving. They are under adult supervision, so what is the harm, right? This morning, I was passed out cold in bed. I had been up almost 72 hours doing lines of coke and fucking teen boys. My body finally crashed. My sons know I do not have to be alert to fuck. They always have their consent to fuck my sexy mommy holes and so do their friends. When I did wake up this morning, I had cum in my cunt, ass and it was sprayed all over my face too. I could feel dried cum in my hair. I was sorry I missed the party. I summoned my son and his pals to my bedroom because I wanted a proper wake up call. One I would remember having, LOL. They were happy to spew their seed again for this milf phone sex whore. When I sucked their cocks, I could taste my ass and cunt juice on their dicks. They had not fucked me that long ago. I was in heaven though. I am sure my subconscious enjoyed their boy dicks. Now, I wanted those boy cocks to enjoy me conscious. I milked them dry again.  I am ready to get phone boned with fresh boy jizz in my fuck holes and on my body. Luckily, when it comes to a sexy mommy like me, those young cocks are always ready to play.

Hot Ass Sex with My Sissy Pal Rachel

hot ass sexI am not the only one who likes to have hot ass sex. My sissy gal pal Rachel loves to get big black cocks up her pretty back door pussy. She was born Richard, but she transformed to Rachel in the past year. We share a party lifestyle, a love for pantyhose and pretty lingerie, and of course we have a shared love for big black dicks. Rachel was born for BBC. Her first experience was not necessarily consensual when she was just a schoolboy, but she has grown to realize that with an itty bitty clitty her options are slim. Women do not want a man with a small dick. And they do not want a man who likes to wear their pantyhose and fuck their asses with their dildos either. Rachel is very self-aware for a sissy. I think she has always known she was meant to be a little bottom bitch for black men. She had a hot fuck date the other night and got all dolled up. Look how pretty my sissy friend looks! She did her own make-up and dressed herself for her booty call with big black Ben. I am not her sissy phone sex trainer. I do not think she needs one. I am just like a BFF. We talk about big black cock, clothes, taboo experiences and get high together. Where was she when I was a young girl watching my mother get high and fuck my brother. If we had grown up together, we would both be bigger taboo freaks than we already are because we would have supported and encouraged one another. Rachel is the perfect Thelma to my Louise. Together we talk about some extreme and taboo things. The kind of things we cannot just tell anyone. We are both submissive whores and slaves to those big black cocks and to what ever gets us high.

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