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Hot Phonesex with the Party Mommy Whore Blair

hot phonesex

I enjoy hot phonesex calls. And I especially love how the holidays bring out the party boys. I am a party mom. If you did not know that you have not been paying attention. I stay high pretty much 24/7 through the holidays. Holidays can be stressful for everyone. For me, I get stressed out over my in-laws. My husband’s folks died shortly after we married. But he has a gaggle of sisters. And each one hates me.

Now, I do like my nieces and nephews from marriage, but his sisters loath me. They still call me “Trophy,” because they think I am a trophy wife. Although I am, my marriage to their brother has lasted longer than any of their marriages. And I have a job. They do not know I do phone sex. But they know I am gainfully working and making more than any one of them. They just loved his first wife. I guess because she was boring like them.

I Want to Do Lines of Coke with You and Fuck

This month those old biddies arrived over the weekend and do not plan on leaving until after Christmas. So, I am in hell and need more coke. I am a seasoned druggy whore. I can be higher than Al Pacino in Scarface and no one can tell. Well, my sons know and so do my nephews because I fuck like the Energizer Bunny. My nephews are only about ten years younger than me. That’s because my husband is older. And his sisters are older than him.

My nephews like me even though their mothers talk trash about me. Probably because I fuck the shit out of them. I fuck them better than their wives or girlfriends. I have 5 nephews and they are the only good thing about my husband’s family, LOL. While my husband took his sisters around town showing them holiday lights, I stayed home and fucked 5 nephews and 2 sons. And I kept up with them because I am the party mom.

They fucked me so well that I still have their cum inside me. Fourteen loads I took in less than 2 hours. Maybe that is not porn star status, but I think it qualifies me as a cum slut phone sex lover.  I am coked up again and ready to party with you now.

Hot Phonesex with a P Party Mom

hot phonesexHot phonesex can get you through the holidays. Angry, stressed or frustrated? Well, I am here for all of that. My ass takes more of a beating this time of year. But I am prepared for it. I like to party with guys and take a hardcore anal fucking.  

 Last night, I spoke with a guy who snorts more coke than me. It can be hard to find anyone who can out coke me. Even my drug dealer tells me I out do all of his clients. I am a proud party mom. But back to this caller. We spoke for 5 hours. I know, right? Well, coke makes a man horny but too much coke and his dick cannot cum, so he stays on the phone trying. But it is not the same for women. The more coke we snort, the wetter our cunts get and the easier we cum. 

 A Party Mom Knows How to Get Wild on Calls 

 This drugs phone sex mommy shoved didos up her pussy and ass at his instruction. We shared stories of incest and anal sex. He loves anal whores, which is why he selected me to party with. I embody all the things he loves in a woman. I am a dirty mom who loves to party and take cock up the ass. Plus, I am submissive. If a man tells me to fuck my ass with anything, I will. And my caller started with my vast dildo collection. But the higher he got, the more extreme he became.  

 Extreme is never a problem for me. However, when one of my sons came into my room and saw a rolling pin up my ass, his jaw dropped. I needed to give him the sssh sign so my caller could not hear him. I let him pull his dick out and jack off on mommy while I continued to have phone sex with my party animal. My caller came hard, but I came harder on that rolling pin because I had my son watching me be a nasty freak.   

Mommy Phone Sex Season Started Last Week

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex season started on Thanksgiving. Holidays bring on the mom fantasies. But my sons do not need to jack off thinking of me. They get to fuck me whenever they want. Although I excused myself on Black Friday to go score some coke, I spent most of the weekend entertaining my sons and their friends.

My house is a favorite among my sons’ friends. That’s because I am the slutty party mom. Every man knew a woman like me in their youth. An oversexed housewife who likes to party is nothing new. When I came home Friday after scoring a big bag of coke, my boys and their friends wanted to use me. Since, I never say no to boy cock, I pulled up my red dress, and let them turn me into a gang bang whore.

Teenage boys struggle to wait their turns. Their cocks possess a mind of their own around mature phone sex pussy. Perhaps those cocks get hard around any pussy. But mature pussy wins every time. Boys prefer mature pussy to schoolgirl pussy any day. Why? Because mature women go wild. And schoolgirls lack the experience or knowledge to do everything I do.

Mature Women Can Handle Two Boy Cocks in a Hole at Once

Since my sons’ pals are guests in my home, they got first dibs. However, that made my sons jealous. Before long I had two dicks in a hole at once. Nothing new to me. But I know a schoolgirl could not handle two dicks in her ass or her bald pussy. But I can. And I love it too. Teenage boys seem so horny that they do not care if their cocks touch other cocks. I know I never mind that.

With two cocks in my ass and two cocks in my cunt, I did a few lines of coke. The bonus boys could not get enough of me. For 4 days, I let them ravage me. I had my coke like a good drugs phone sex mommy whore. It helped me keep up with all the teenage boys in my home. Thank you, cocaine, for a wonderful weekend.

Gang Bang Phone Sex Thanksgiving: Cum Stuff Mommy’s Holes

gang bang phone sexThanksgiving means gang bang phone sex for this mommy whore. Holidays bring out my wild side. Okay, I only have a wild side, LOL. But I get wilder during the holidays. Last night, I went to see my drug dealer, Marcus. He made me work for my holiday coke supply, but like always, he was generous with me. He knows I need coke to keep up with my sons and the bonus boys spending the holiday with us.

My husband’s sister and her sons arrived last night. That means I have three bonus boys in the house, my sons’ cousins. And they appear to be just as horny as my boys. But I know my sister-in-law is not wild like me. No way does she take care of those boys like I take care of my sons. So, when I came home late last night from scoring my coke, only the boys were still awake.

My two sons, and their three cousins appeared to be watching scary movies when I peaked in on them. I was going to head to bed since I knew I had to get up early and start prepping for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.  But the boys saw me and wanted to fuck this mommy phone sex whore. I did a quick couple lines, and I was ready to take 5 boy cocks. My nephews went first since they rarely get to see me. I have not seen them since they were little. And now they are teenagers like my sons.

Druggy Mommy Blair Needs Coke to Keep Up with 5 Teenage Boys

But they have bigger cocks. Not that I acted like I noticed because I cannot do that. My sons have fragile egos that I need to protect. However, I failed miserably because once my nephews’ dicks entered my fuck holes, I started moaning loudly and quivering. I even squirted on their cocks. That’s something I have yet to do with my boys. After seeing that my sons wanted to give me a hot squirting pussy.

We practiced all night, and they seemed dejected so I ended up just pissing as they fucked me so they could think they made me squirt too. Maybe that’s all squirt is, anyway, just our piss. My boys felt better thinking they made me squirt. But once they crashed, I fucked their cousins some more. I have not slept in over 24 hours. But I do not need sleep. I have coke and I have boy cock. Lots of boy cock.


Hot Ass Sex and Period Sex are Almost as Good as Pussy Sex

hot ass sexMommy loves hot ass sex. For a while, my sons would not fuck my ass. They thought my ass was for output only, LOL. But once they became teenagers and started jacking off to porn, they wanted to fuck my ass. All porn has anal sex in it nowadays. Hell, I think porn has more anal sex than pussy sex today. When I was a teen girl, I rarely saw anal sex in porn. My dad had quite the VHS porn collection.

Mommy woke up on her period this morning, and my boys have yet to embrace the joys of period sex either. But after this morning, they got closer to discovering what they may be missing. Women are so fucking horny during their menstrual cycles. Did you know that? If you can get over the mess, a woman on the rag will fuck like a wild animal in heat. When my boys stormed my bedroom this morning, they sported morning wood. But they saw the blood-stained sheets before I did. I could see the disappointment in their eyes.

Women Get Super Horny on Their Periods

Well, that look of disappointment did not last long. I told them they could still give mommy a hardcore ass fucking. And it was like they suddenly remembered they enjoy fucking my ass now. Perhaps, my ass remains my one tight hole left. This druggy mommy whore sees so much action, it can be challenging to keep a tight pussy.

Even though my ass gets a ton of action too, two bowling balls never stretched it out. The bowling balls would be my two sons I birthed naturally. I joke with them that my pussy used to be tight until I had them.  I got on all fours on my blood-soaked bed and my sons rammed my ass hard for about 20 minutes. Not bad for teen boys who sometimes cannot even last a couple minutes in the pussy that bore them. However, before long they fucked my bloody wet bald pussy, forgetting which hole they were in. And because I fucked them back like never before, they now thing period sex is the best.

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies I Enjoy Violent

mature phone sexMature phone sex calls explore a huge range of fantasies. Although my specialty is mommy son, I can do just about anything. Jordan called me last night for a mommy rape fantasy and my pussy got wet. He wanted to do a stranger rape fantasy with some breaking and entering. And that always makes my cunt wet. I know. Something is wrong with me. But I do not plan on changing. I like my dark fantasies and my taboo realities.

As I laid in my bed fast asleep, I woke up startled when I heard a noise. At first, I thought one of my sons got up to use the bathroom and dropped something. But then I saw a shadowy figure standing over me. I let out a scream, but a hand soon muffled my mouth. Even though I put up a fight, my intruder subdued me quickly. He told me to do as he said, and he would leave my sons alone.

Even a Soccer Mommy Whore Has Rape Fantasies

Any mother, even a druggy whore mom would comply with whatever an evil intruder wanted to protect her offspring. He had rape phone sex fantasies, so I gave into him to protect my sleeping sons. But my intruder wanted an audience. He forced me to call my boys into my bedroom. Although I tried to remain calm, they knew I felt scared. I informed them that nothing too bad would happen if we just went along with whatever he wanted.

My boys stood in the corner, helpless to assist me while the intruder fucked me. He used me like a whore fucking all three of my holes. My sons seemed to like the show because before long the fear on their faces got replaced by arousal. And they started beating their young meat while I got abused.  But soon I got my payback. My intruder fucked their tight boy butts as I watched and masturbated.

Sadly, it was all just fantasy phone sex. But it worked my pussy up into a lather. Something so hot to me about sex and violence.

Drugs Phone Sex Mommy Whore Blair is a Nasty Freak

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex you could say is my specialty. I wake and bake every day. Some might say I have a problem. But smart folks know I am a lot more fun fucked up. Coke and weed I need as much as cum and air. I do everything high. But I do my best fucking coked up. I turn into a nastier freak than normal on coke. I learned that from my mother.

Since my boys did not go to school today because it is an election day, I knew I needed to get some more coke so I could keep up with my teenage horndogs. All these energy drinks and vitamins and B12 shots don’t help like coke to feel energized. I texted Marcus that I needed a fix, and he told me anything for his favorite phone sex whore.

Usually, he comes to me. He likes to fuck me in front of my sons and watch my boys fuck me. But last night he found himself stuck at home watching his nephews. Even though he did not explicitly tell me I would be fucking those boys, I knew I would be. It’s Marcus. He likes to watch me taboo fucking. And it’s me. I like to do taboo things for coke.

Druggy Mommy Whore Blair Fucks Best on Coke

Although my boys appeared sad that they did not get to watch two teenage black boys fuck me, they enjoyed the aftermath. I returned last night covered in cum and high as a kite. They knew something had happened. So, I spilled the beans. I am not good at keeping secrets. My boys love mommy’s cream pies. I think I past on my nasty freak gene to them.

My boys pushed me down on the couch to get to my cunt. I think they might be part bloodhound too. They can smell cum in my cunt a mile away. Last night, I just gave them a taste of what I would be like today. Even though I have been working hard as a mommy phone sex slut, I have been taking care of my boys too. Now, maybe it is your turn for my cream pie pussy.

Incest Phone Sex Days Keep Me Busy

incest phone sexIncest phone sex kept me busy this week. With the changing weather, my boys want to stay home more. And when they are home, they only want to do one of two things. They either want to play video games or fuck their mommy.  And this sexy mommy loves to distract them from Nintendo. I was the only one handling joy sticks this week.

Since Monday, I have had a big bag of coke. And I have been making it last. I never left the house much this week. Neither did my sons. Although they did go to school leaving me alone in the day. But that never bothers me though because I have you guys to keep me company. Phone sex fantasies keep me occupied until my horny boys come home from school.

No after school practices this week, so they rushed home to fuck their mommy. Would you do that too if you had a mommy like me? My pussy got a workout this week. Two cocks fucked me in the morning and the same two cocks fucked me in the afternoon too. I enjoy our mommy son time. However, since they became teenagers, I know I share them with friends and girlfriends.

Incest Filled Days are What a Mommy Whore Craves

This week, I felt like nothing existed but mommy. And that’s how I love it. I crave the attention of boy cock. When they came home this afternoon, my pussy still had their cum inside of it. I enjoyed finger banging my mommy pussy on calls, telling men how my horn dogs filled me with their young spunk. Most mornings, I eat the cum from my cunt. I love the taste of my sons’ jizz. However, this morning I savored it.

So, when they came home, they could feel their cum from this morning in my wet bald pussy as they fucked me again. This mommy whore loves being a cum slut. I love being their cum slut.

Mommy Phone Sex Halloween Means I Bob for Boy Cock

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex Halloween means me and lots of little goblins. I let my boys have a Halloween party last night. The party was for me as much as it was for my boys. My sons’ friends enjoy this sexy mommy in costume. But I think they prefer me out of costume more. I stocked up on coke for the party so I could keep up with horny goblins.

Marcus gave me more than enough powder to last me the weekend. He loves knowing I get high to keep up with stiff teenage cock. He loves to watch me in action. All I had to do this time to get the coke was promise him some video of me being a gangbang whore for my sons and their friends. I would have filmed it for my spank bank anyway.

I am a party mom. A drugs phone sex mommy who enjoys bobbing for boy cock. Although I am full of boy seed, I am not worn out yet. Good thing too because I woke up this morning in bed with some bonus boys. Even if I do not remember the entire evening, waking up with boy cock in bed means I had a great night.

This Mommy Whore Loves Bobbing for Boy Cock

Like a good mommy whore, I started blowing cocks that appeared awake before the boys attached to them. Before long, those boy cocks started fucking me. And not one of the boys fucking me looked like one of my sons. My boys came into the room while three of their horny friends fucked me. I could tell they looked jealous, but I was not going to push those boys off me for my sons. They had to wait their turn. And they had to film their mommy being a gang bang phone sex slut for boy cock.

My memory seemed spotty. I did remember sucking cocks at my sons’ party and doing lines of cock off boy dicks, but I did not remember much else. Marcus gave me some good coke. And in return those teenage boys gave me some good cock.

Party Girls Phone Sex is What The Weekends are About for a Party Mom

party girls phone sexThe weekend brings out my party girls phone sex mode. Who am I fooling? I am in party mode every day. Just on the weekends, I party more. My boys love that I am the party mom. And so do their friends. Since my husband went to visit his sister this weekend, I stayed home with the boys. They both had soccer practice and school functions. So, I went into soccer mom mode.

But last night, I encouraged my sons to invite some friends over. As I did lines of coke in my bedroom, teenage boys filled my house. Which if I had my way, would happen every day. I love bonus boys in the house. When I walked out to greet the boys, I guess I still had some white powder on my nose. Sometimes, I am not as discreet as I want to be, LOL. My oldest boy wiped the coke off my nose and introduced me to all the boys.

At first, I thought I acted like a normal mom. I brought out drinks and snacks. But the more coke I did, the less restraint I had with those buff teenage boys. Drugs phone sex mommies can only be good for so long. My mother enjoyed my brother’s friends often. I think I inherited her love for coke and young cock. Anyway, when I refreshed some drinks for the boys, my hands felt stiff cocks. The boys came over to fuck me. I could see it in their pants!

All Teen Boys Love a Hot Party Mom

I stopped pretending to be a good soccer mom. So, I pulled their stiff cocks from their pants and polished some knobs. I enjoy sucking cock, especially boy cocks. Teenage precum tastes so good. Some of the boys looked like they had porn star cocks already. However, I became the porn star. An illicit one. Teenage boys skull fucked my throat so hard, I began gagging. Strands of boy cum dripped out my nose. And I even had cum bubbles leaking from the corners of my mouth.

I thought I might drown in teenage cum. What a way to die though, right? Obviously, I did not die. But I did engage in gang bang phone sex with a brood of teenage boys. Tomorrow at school, some of those boys will brag about what a hot party mom I am. And that means next weekend, I might enjoy even more teenage cocks.