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Mommy Phone Sex Calls Keep Me Busy and So Does Mommy Sex

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex keeps me almost as busy as real mommy sex. Almost. Although I love being a phone mommy, my callers cannot replace my sons. Some of you are a close second though, so please do not be offended.  I was raised by a mommy whore. She taught me everything. She taught me to be a good mommy who drains her sons’ balls. She taught me that coke can help a mommy be a better whore. She taught me that incest sex is the best sex. She taught me how to masturbate. I just want to be a good mommy like my mother was for my brother. They have no complaints. My mom is in town visiting. She was living with us for awhile after my dad died, but she met a man in his thirties while staying with me and they went and got married. My husband is almost 20 years older than me, but my gilf phone sex mother has a new husband younger than her daughter, LOL. Go granny. I am happy for her. I hope to look half as good as her when I am 65. Her boy toy husband is on his annual ice fishing trip with his brothers so she came to help me with the boys. She loves to fuck her grandsons. My mom still does coke and she still fucks her brains out. She is my idol. I woke up this morning and discovered it was a snow day. No school for the boys. I did not have to wake them up, however. My mommy whore was blowing their morning stiffies by the fireplace. I started rubbing my cunt watching just like I did when my mother would fuck my brother. I am not jealous of my mother. My sons will always be my mother fuckers. They will always love fucking my warm mommy wet bald pussy. It is just a nice treat for them to get some grandma pussy too.

Cheating Phone Sex Whore Blair is a Bisexual MILF

cheating phone sexI’m a cheating phone sex whore. My hubby knows I fuck other men, including our sons. He does not mind. He thinks it is hot. He has only one rule for me and that is to not fuck his friends or any of his employees. I have been mostly good with his rule, but I did brake it this weekend when he was out of town. His newest assistant dropped off some paperwork he needs to sign. She was smoking hot too. I’m a bored housewife in my sexual prime with a hubby who is rarely home! I am a bisexual mommy. I love me some pussy too. She hit on me first, in my defense. I mean why else would she tell me I was hot and she was bisexual. I excused myself and went to my bedroom. I came back with a bunch of sex toys. I asked her if she wanted to play. This bisexual phone sex milf loves younger girls too. I knew why my husband hired her. I mean she is 22, blonde and hot. Great eye candy for him and his old dick. I swore her to secrecy, then I started eating her ass and cunt. I love to eat ass. She rimmed my asshole too. We used butt plugs and dildos to make each other moan and squirt. What a hot girl. She tasted like watermelon. Her pussy and ass were both so pink and ripe. My husband would be mad though that I mixed his work with my pleasure. He would likely be jealous too because she has no interest in him or his old dick. She is 100% lesbian.  We played for hours. I ignored my husband’s texts and my sons’ horny needs because I was worshiping a young woman’s hot ass and sweet cunt.  I love having hot ass sex with women and having dirty secrets from my husband.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Are Popular with Their Sons’ Friends

milf phone sexBoys who have milf phone sex sluts for mothers are popular with their male school friends. I was home alone today. My husband was at work. My boys were at school. I was working and partying a little. It is what I do. I am good at talking dirty and snorting coke. There was a knock on my door around noon. I assumed it was Amazon. I am always ordering something off Amazon. Mostly because I like to flirt with the drivers. I need a lot of attention. I am always horny. It was someone better than an Amazon driver. It was one of my son’s school friends. I asked him why he was not in school. He told me he got suspended for a week for a prank that went wrong. I was curious why he was here. I mean he knew my boys were at school. He told me he heard that I get lonely and he was bored. The porn music started playing in this horny mommy phone sex slut’s head. Honestly, I was turned on big time thinking of the fun I could have with this boy. I had no doubt he was at that age where his dick gets hard at hello. I told him to come inside and we could keep each other busy. He was bold. I think he knows my reputation as a P mommy whore. He pulled out his dick and asked me if I wanted to help him out. It was a no brainer for me. I saw this cute boy with a stiff pecker and I devoured it. His smooth cock felt so good in my mouth. I felt it growing even bigger too. He was not that big, but he was big enough that I could feel him in any of my holes. Boys that age rabbit fuck too. He spend the afternoon in bed with his best friend’s mom. I swore him to secrecy. I think my boys would get jealous that I let their friend fuck my wet bald pussy all day. He is coming back the rest of the week too.

Phone Sex Mommy Blair Loves Party Calls

phone sexI love being a phone sex mommy. My sons have helped me become a dirty mommy. Even if they did not want to fuck me, I would have seduced them because my mother seduced my brother. I watched it for years, even eventually joining in on the fun. Now, I am just like mommy, only I have two sons not one. That is double my pleasure. They were horny last night. I was too, but I was working. I told them to watch a video and when mommy was off her call, I would come blow them. I was on a party call. I was doing lines with a guy and swapping incest stories. I love being a dirty party mom. Guys call me for lots of things, but my long calls are usually party girls phone sex calls. I was getting high and that increases my horniness. I love to party with guys, but the more blow I did, the more I needed my sons’ cocks. They are older now and can take better direction. As I was telling my caller about my life with my dirty mommy and horny brother, my boys were taking turns licking my pussy. They were quiet enough that my caller did not know that the noises I was making was just from my own fingers. I play with myself on calls daily. A perk of the job you could say, LOL. My boys love eating my mommy pussy. I was squirting all over their faces. They were doing a good job of being quiet. I was the one being loud. I am a nasty freak. I was getting a hot squirting pussy from my sons’ expert tongues and the premium cocaine I was snorting. My call went on for hours, but my horny boys waited for me. No one fucks them better than mommy. No one will fuck you better than a mommy whore like me either.

Mommy Phone Sex Whore Blair

mommy phone sexI am a dirty mommy phone sex whore. I like to fuck and do lines of coke with my boys. They do the fucking and I do the lines. We have a great relationship. Today, they had a snow day. They were at home with me when I woke up from my drug stupor. I was up late last night partying with my drug dealer and his friends. I needed to get some blow. My boys watched because my dealer loves to watch my boys fuck me and he enjoys having their sloppy seconds while they watch. Horny boys and men alike do not care if a cunt is full of cum. They just want to fuck a warm wet hole. My dealer says he does not need lube for his big black cock if he gets my sons’ sloppy seconds. My cunt is always wet. I have never needed lube, not even for hot ass sex either. At one point last night, in my drugged fueled frenzy, I was snorting lines of coke off my dealer’s big black cock while my boys fucked my asshole and my dealer’s friends ravaged my pussy. I was so wet from being a dirty whore, that my boys cocks slipped in and out of ass with ease.  We all went to bed once my dealer left last night because we thought it was a school day. I woke up this morning and my boys were up. They told me no school. I wanted to go back to bed. I was sleep deprived, but they wanted mommy’s sloppy seconds. I had a big bag of blow thanks to my antics last night, so I did a line and spread my wet bald pussy for my sons’ morning wood. A little bit of the hair of the dog that bit them. They wanted my sloppy seconds again. This druggy mommy whore never minds a good sloppy fuck.


MILF Phone Sex Slut Blair Loves Hairless Cocks

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts bring all the boys to their yards! Yesterday, it was unseasonably warm out. I swear Mother Natures is schizophrenic, LOL.  I woke up feeling horny. My boys were at school. I was home alone. Fridays are my days off, but I often work some of my day off because I get bored and lonely. I signed on to take calls, and my first caller was an exhibitionist guy. He likes women who expose themselves to strangers and even young boys. I told him I was high, horny and a nasty freak who was game for anything. I never mind anyone seeing me naked. I mean I was a nude model for years and I like to walk around the house naked cock teasing my boys. Exhibitionist phone sex is no big deal for a whore like me. Honestly, I love to flaunt my naked body to anyone who wants to look. So, when my callers told me to go in my backyard naked, I went. I did not see anyone checking me out. At that time of day, most folks were at work and their sons and daughters were in school, like my sons. But then a boy came into the backyard of my neighbor, and he got an eyeful. I winked and waved and went back inside as even though it was warmer than usual, I was still chilly. It was hot being seen like that, especially by a young boy. I finished up my call and heard a knock at the door. It was the boy I saw in the neighbor’s yard. He is their paper boy, and they left his money under a planter around back, which was what he was doing when he caught me naked. This mature phone sex slut took advantage of him. He was willing though. He was younger than my youngest son, but I did not care. Hairless peckers and balls are my kryptonite. I rode that boy until my sons came home, then they fucked my creampie. I am glad I worked on my day off. Led to some amazing adventures!

Hot Ass Sex First Thing in the Morning Starts the Day off Right

hot ass sexHot ass sex in the morning is the way I like to start any day. I woke up with that rode hard put away wet look this morning. It is because I was a feral cat in heat last night. I was high and horny. My sons had a few friends from their soccer team spend the night, so I had bonus boys to seduce. All my sons’ friends love playing with me. I am that lusty milf who takes care of them in every way. I let them smoke a little weed too. Last night, I let them drink some beer. Not much, but I did not want to be the only one partying, you know? A little beer and a hit of weed and those boys turned into the Energizer Bunny while fucking me. I love to be rabbit fucked, especially if it is teenage cock doing the rabbiting. I turned those boys into sex machines last night. Milf phone sex sluts do that to young boys, the smart ones at least, LOL. I apparently wore them out because I woke up horny still and they were out cold. When I am horny though, I just need cock. All the boys were in the rec room in the basement out cold still. They were in sleeping bags and on the sectional couch. I just started blowing boy dicks. I can suck the chrome off a doorknob, so I knew I could wake the dead. Even though their teenage bodies were asleep, their cocks were waking up in my mouth. It did not take long for me to wake the boys with my expert cock sucking skills. Once they were all awake, I told them I was still horny and needed more boy dick. Half asleep, those horny young boys and my two sons ran a train on me while I snorted lines of coke off the coffee table like a naughty drugs phone sex mommy. Those boys pumped me full of cum, then fell right back asleep. When I have coke, not even teenage boys can keep up with me.

Prostitution Phone Sex is Something I Know a Thing or Two About

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is something I know a thing or two about as a druggy whore. I normally slut my holes out for coke, but sometimes when a dealer will not trade my fuck holes for some coke, I must go to the truck stop and whore myself out the old-fashioned way. I hate fucking truck drivers, but they pay for sex. Not much, but if I blow enough and fuck enough, I can have the cash I need to pay for my cocaine. Last night, I was desperate for coke. My main dealer was out of town. No other dealer would front me coke without cash, so I put on some Daisy Duke shorts, a tube top and high heels and went to hustle. I no longer looked like the soccer mommy phone sex whore that I am. I looked like some 70s Lolita street walker. I walked up and down all the truck bays banging on truck cabs. I told truckers I was broke and had three brats to feed and I would suck them off for$25 and fuck them for $50. Since I have no track marks, and I was sober at the time, men believed me. They wanted to help the down on her luck single mom feed her little ones. I knew I could not over sale my holes in a truck stop. Most of them willingly paid the money. Only a couple haggled the price. But it was fine. I was a gang bang whore moving from cab to cab. I ended up with about a grand because no one turned me down. Now, no one offered to just give me money either, but I understand the way the world works. Ass or grass, nobody rides for free. Not even a down on her luck phone sex mommy. I hustled. I fucked. I sucked. And I got my coke.

Party Girls Phone Sex is Not a Party without a Dirty Milf

party girls phone sexI am the party in party girls phone sex. My sons had a few friends over last night. I was in party mode long before my sons’ friends showed up though. We got a bunch of snow, and our hill is great for sledding and things like that. My boys and their friends wanted to take advantage of the snow. I had my own snow. I am more of an indoor girl. I hate the cold. But I was so fucked up, that I did do a naked snow angel with them in the back yard. I do not know what I was thinking. But those boys warmed me up quickly. My adrenaline was pumping from being naked outside when it was like 10 degrees out. My boys love that I am a drugs phone sex mommy. That is because when I party, I turn into a nasty freak. The kind of nasty freak who blows their friends and lets them run a train on her. Nothing warms me up faster than being pumped full of boy cum. My sons got the fire going to help warm up their mommy whore, but all I wanted was those young boy cocks. I had my two sons, and two bonus boys. Since I was high, I took two boys in my asshole at once so I could take care of them all at the same time. My sons love fucking mommy’s asshole, but I wanted the bonus boys to have first dibs on what holes they wanted to fuck first. No one could decide, so I told the bonus boys to fuck my asshole. One of my sons slid underneath me to fuck my pussy and my other boy skull fucked me. I was high, but those boy cocks felt amazing in my milf phone sex holes. When I party, my freak flag flies high. Since I am almost always high, I am always in freak mode.  

Mommy Phone Sex for the New Year

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex will always be something men want more of in a new year. My sons told me they wanted more mommy sex with me this year. That was fine by me because they are getting older, and that means their cocks are growing with them. When we started playing together, they had small hairless dicks. Now, they have hard teenage cocks. My oldest son is even bigger than his father. They had a few friends over on New Year’s Eve. I was happy for the bonus boys in the house. School is back in session tomorrow, so it was my last chance at waking up with bonus boys in the house for a while. I took advantage of the extra cocks in the house. What horny milf phone sex slut would not do the same thing? My sons have sleep overs sometimes, but with winter here, it becomes harder to get folks over if the weather sucks balls. If I had my way, there would be bonus boys around all the time. The older I get, the more cock I want. I just have two sons. Having another boy or more over means all my holes get stuffed with cock. When I woke up hung over on New Year’s Day the other boys were in my bedroom with their cocks out. They had planned to fuck me while I was passed out, but I told them that I did not need to be passed out for them to fuck me. I am a seasoned drugs phone sex mommy whore. I can get super fucking high and hear a fart in the next room. Those boys were not being sly. I pulled back the covers and told them to get in bed with me. My boys were still crashed. I would take care of them when they got up, but I had to take care of the two horny bonus boys who were at attention for me. I blew them both. Quick cummers, but then they were young teen boys getting their first pussy. I fucked them later after I took care of my boys. Life is going to be boring in the day when the boys go back to school tomorrow.