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Mommy Phone Sex with a Submissive Mommy Whore

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex anyone? I have many phone boys, but as much as I love them, they will never replace my actual sons. My flesh and blood are teenagers now and as they get older, they get more aggressive. They love fucking mommy rough. I am a submissive mommy. Whatever my boys want, they get. Last night, they wanted mommy’s ass. I had plenty of coke, so I was encouraging it. I love ass fucking. I was snorting lines of coke off the coffee table like an 80s whore. My boys ran a train on my ass. No lube. I do not really need lube, not even for a hardcore ass fucking because my pussy gets so wet around my boys it drips into my ass. The boys started really getting rough with my ass, but I was not feeling any pain thanks to the cocaine. I get some primo shit. Now, I feel it the next day. But in the moment, I could be getting double fisted in my ass and I would still beg for more. My boys are horny teenagers obsessed with anal fucking because of porn. The porn I watched when I was a little girl is so tame compared to what my boys watch on their phones. They treat me like a porn star my boys. I love being their porn star too. They pull my hair and slap my ass. Plus, they call me whore and all sorts of other names. I am just a sex whore to my boys. A party mom who deserves to be gang banged and treated roughly. We fucked most of the night, but I woke up today with a swollen asshole that was full of cum. My boys had no remorse for fucking my ass raw either. They got up today and gave me more rough phone sex.

MILF Phone Sex on Coke is Wicked Hot for Us Both

milf phone sexMilf phone sex on cocaine is the best. I am a party mom.  I love to party. I love to party with young boys too. My sons love it when I party with their friends. I think their friends like it when I party with them too. Last night, when my boys came home from soccer practice, they brought half the team with them. I made them all dinner, but I was the dessert. I started doing lines of coke off boy dicks. The benefit of that is those boy dicks become more like the Energizer bunnies. They don’t get like me. But they get super horny and their dicks even stiffer than usual.  I am a drugs phone sex whore. When I am high, I can fuck all night long. With coke on their dicks, young boys can keep up with me. This was why those friends of my boys came over. They know I am a mommy whore who likes to fuck. My husband was not home yet, so I was uninterrupted fucking those hard teen cocks. I had them double decker both of my holes. That was amazing. My boys usually just each take a hole, but with like 6 boys around, I got two in each hole. I was born to milk these boy cocks. I get older and the boys get younger. I think I might be a party grandma one day too. My mom is a party grandma. She loves to do coke with me too and share my sons and their friends. She was not in town, or she would have joined me on the living room floor getting all those boy dicks. My mommy phone sex whore was the one who taught me how to be the dirty mommy whore I am. The more boy cocks the better.  Want to party with this dirty mommy?

Mommy Phone Sex Slut Blair

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex will never go out of style thankfully. I get older every day, but I am still as popular as I ever was. When I started in this business, I was 30. Now I am 40. My boys are now teenagers. Hard to believe I have been a dirty mom for a decade now. I thought my boys would age out for me or that they would grow tired of fucking their mommy, but they just want me more now that they bang high school chicks too. It does my ego good to hear that teen girls cannot deep throat their cocks, or that they will not swallow. And none of those teen girls give up the ass. That is on them. I am an anal phone sex mommy. I love bare back cocks in my ass, even as many as three in my ass at once. I only have two sons, but they have friends over all the time, so I often get a bonus cock or two. Last night, I had three bonus boys. I wanted to entertain them all because I am the most desired soccer mom out of my sons’ friends. This picture I am using for this blog is no filter and no makeup. It is what I look like most of the time driving boys around to soccer games and school events. I am not Botoxed nor am I any kind of plastic surgery or injectables. I am just a party girl and a dirty mommy. All real. The boys like that. My tits bounce when they fuck me. I can make facial expressions too. I am a sexy milf phone sex slut and the boys love me. I love them too. And I love their hard cocks that can drill my milf holes all night long. Maybe I can be your mommy too?

Mommy Phone Sex Holidays are Full of Fucking and Partying

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is always intensified when I am fucked up. It is a holiday, so I have been partying all day. You are welcome to join me too. I cannot get enough of these young cocks.  They cannot get enough of me either. They love that I party. They love watching me pay for my coke too. Marcus came by late last night with a big bag of coke to get me through the holiday. My husband was asleep. He can sleep through WWIII. He takes a sleeping pill and there is no waking him. He knows I like to party; he just does not know all I do to fuel my drugs phone sex addiction. Marcus was in a mood last night too. He brought this sex machine with him. It was like a thousand-dollar contraption that goes warp speed on fuck holes. Marcus has a big black cock, but he is a watcher. He loves to watch me with my boys, and they love to fuck me in front of him or anyone. Makes them feel like little porn stars. In my world, they are my horny little porn stars. Marcus hooked up his machine and made me fuck that monster sex machine for an hour. That was like torture. A good kind of pussy torture though. My sons were jealous. I mean it was a big machine. Much bigger than their cocks combined. Even bigger than Marcus’s big black cock. That machine was fucking me so fast I was certain the inside of my pussy would have dildo burns, LOL. It did give me a hot squirting pussy though. Fucking me so hard that I was spraying my mommy nectar all over the living room floor. My sons and my drug dealer were beating their meat watching that monster fuck machine impale my pussy and ass. I got a good work out. And the boys and Marcus got a great show. Just a typical holiday at this whore’s house.

Party Girls Phone Sex MILF is the Party Mom for All the Boys

party girls phone sexLooking for party girls phone sex? You know, someone you can do lines with and talk dirty? I am the party mom. I love being a party mom too. Makes me very popular with all the schoolboys. My house is where the teen boys come to get high, drink and fuck. Sometimes, my sons are around and sometimes they are not. It does not matter. Those teen boys know they can count on me for a good time.  My boys were at soccer practice yesterday when three of their buddies came knocking on my door. I had just snorted a line and rolled a joint. Perfect timing. One of the boys had some beer. I am not much of a drinker, but I did not want to make them feel bad, so I chugged a beer with them. They were at my place because they have milf phone sex fever, and they know I am the party mom. I get high with them, and I fuck them. When my sons came home from practice, they saw 4 of their friends running a train on me. They could not just watch me be a mommy whore. They pulled their cocks out and started fucking me too. They went in me sometimes two at a time. I never mind double penetration. In fact, I crave it. I can take two in each hole. If I am like super high, I can take like three in my asshole. I may regret it the next day, but when I am in party mode, I like to push my limits. Boys love me. I never say no, and I love draining their hard young cocks. I was a gangbang whore most of the night. Woke up today sore and covered in cum like the dirty, milf drugs phone sex whore I am.

Incest Phone Sex is What a Mommy Whore Does Best

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is what I do best. I was raised in incest. Not me and my father, but me, my mother and my brother. We were like a throuple before it was even a term. Now I am in a throuple with my two horny boys. Most days before school we fuck. I try to be a good mommy and take care of their horny needs. I think the male species all wake up with morning wood. The other morning, I thought I was dreaming. Two boys not my sons woke me up with their hard cocks. My husband was already at work when two horny teen boys with stiff dicks started fucking me in bed. I was half asleep and hungover when it started. Honestly, first thought was I am having an awesome wet dream. I mean my pussy was wet. I had a wet bald pussy, and the sun was barely up. Suddenly, I realized they were NOT my sons. What the fuck. I did not fight them. I did not ask what the fuck was going on. I just laid there enjoying the the sensation of two throbbing teen boys. The boys came in me, and I heard giggling outside the door. My boys came in and got themselves some sloppy seconds. Turns out they planned this. My boys invited two friends over before school to fuck their mommy whore. My sons told them I would be high and hungover and would not even realize it was not them fucking me. I was hungover and high, but it did not take me long to realize that they were not my sons. I am a mommy phone sex whore. I know my sons’ cocks. I did like the surprise though. And I loved the fact that before I even peed that morning, I was pumped full of boy batter.

Submissive Phone Sex Mommy Blair Rarely Says No to Much

submissive phone sexI love submissive phone sex. I am cross listed on two sites of this company because I have two kinds of fantasies. I have a violent, drug fueled fantasy life that lets me cater to our dark fetishes. Then I have my real-time incest loving life that lets me help you with your mommy and age play fantasies. Sometimes, my dark fantasy life and my incest loving reality life collide. My oldest son had a few boys over Sunday. They were a year older than my son, but on his basketball team. My son is pretty good with the ball for a white boy. His friends are black, and equally gifted on the court. They, however, had milf phone sex fever for me. Two black teenagers over 6 feet I am sure do not hear no often. I did not tell them no. I am not stupid, but it would not have matter if I did or not. Those boys were used to taking what they wanted anyway. They snuck into my bedroom after everyone else was asleep. It was a bold move too because my husband was asleep next to me. He never wakes up though. He takes an Ambien, and he is out cold. Those black boys pulled me out of bed and dragged me into the living room where they took turns on me. I was not fighting. I was not saying no. I was cumming over and over on their young black cocks. Not even when they started giving me a hardcore ass fucking did I even as much as protest. Why would I? I am a subby mommy who was cumming so hard on their young black cocks. Holly fuck, one of the boy’s cocks was bigger than my husband and both sons combined. It was a wild night. One that filled me with cum and is making me walk funny today.

Drugs Phone Sex Mommy Whore Does Anything for Coke

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex whores like me are often pushed to drastic measures to get a fix. I was out of coke on Monday. It should have lasted through the week, but I am always chasing my next high. My sons are back in school, so I am bored in the daytime. Now, I have fun with my callers, but I cannot do much of anything sober. Nor do I want too. I decided yesterday to take it to the streets and see if I could blow some truckers for some fast cash. Nothing wrong with whoring out your body to get what you need, right? Prostitution phone sex is no biggie for this soccer mom. Guys pay for sex one way or another. And most prefer a quick and simple cash transaction because then they know what they are getting what they want. The first trucker I blew offered me more to fuck my milf ass. He was likely at least 15 years younger than me. The youngest trucker I have ever seen. He did not have all the miles on the road written on his face like most. My guess was he was a new trucker. His money spends the same. I give my ass up for free, so for money, why not? Sure, he had a HUGE black cock, and he could have ruined my soccer mom ass. I did a few lines of blow off his dick before he rammed it in my ass. I felt that monster dick even as high as I was. He pulled my red hair and slapped my ass as he gave me a hardcore ass fucking. He lasted longer than I hoped. I guess he was young, LOL. He had unbelievable stamina. Turns out he put coke on his cock before he rammed it in. Not complaining though. I got enough money to buy my own blow plus he gave me a baggie of coke as a tip. If I wanna continue to be the party mom, I must get my blow one way or another.

Naughty Maid Phone Sex is Easy Money for a Druggy Mommy Whore

naughty maid phone sexNaughty maid phone sex is not something I get to do often. But when I do it is always so much fun. I have this hot party mom friend. She is younger than me. Her boys are younger than mine, but our lives are parallel. She is fond of coke too. Now, her husband is much richer than mine, but he runs a tight ship like my husband with the finances. Two hot milfs though can find easy ways to make money. She started a naughty cleaning service. Her husband is so proud of her too. Now, he has no clue she is cleaning for men in a naughty maid outfit with her nice boobs hanging out. She asked me if I wanted to join her with a client who wanted two naughty maids yesterday. She was willing to give me half the money. Of course, I wanted in on that because that was much easier money then some of the things, I do for party supplies like letting black men give me a hardcore ass fucking in front of my boys. I had so much fun cleaning. Made me think I need to clean my house in the nude or hire a dirty maid, LOL for myself. This client of hers was younger than us. Likely he was mid-20s, not out of college long. Has a great job and wanted to see two hot milfs clean his bachelor pad. We cleaned more than his house. We polished his big throbbing knob. My sons would be so jealous. My husband would be livid. But they do not need to know the things I do for coke. I was happy to fuck this young, rich guy. I was seeing dollar signs and it was easy money in comparison to shit I have done. When you are a drugs phone sex whore, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. I was down for being a naughty maid and polishing cocks with my tongue. Easiest coke money I have ever made.

Mommy Phone Sex is Not Just For My Callers

mommy phone sexMy callers are not the only ones who love mommy phone sex. My sons use my mommy sex calls as foreplay and inspiration. They eavesdrop at the door quite often. Don’t worry. They cannot hear what you are saying. I have busted them more than once with a glass to the door of my bedroom office where I work. And if I do not bust them, they bust themselves by doing things in a roleplay I did on the phone with one of my horny callers. I did not know they were listening to me last night, but this morning, they recreated a scene straight out of one of my calls. I did a hot phone sex call last night where I joined my son in the shower to give him his first head. I got in the shower this morning and my boys joined me. They never do that. Sure, they look at me naked every chance they get. They fuck me every chance they get too. But getting them to take a shower is hard enough. Even my naked wet body does not entice them the way it should, LOL. Anyway, when they hopped in the shower with me this morning instead of watching their Saturday morning shows or playing video games, I knew my call had been overheard. They were begging mommy to wash their little pee pees and give them their first heard. I have been sucking on their dicks since before they could even remember, so I knew they were into the roleplay they overheard. I played along. It was a hot roleplay my caller had anyway. Getting to act it out with my own two horny boys was the best art imitates life experience I have ever had. So, when you call me for a family fun phone sex roleplay, I will always hope my boys are listening and getting inspired.

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