Naked teen pictures made my teacher go crazy!

Naked teen picturesI sent my teacher some Naked teen pictures of my perky little tits before class. I didn’t do the homework assignment last night and I was not about to listen to him complain. So I took some pictures and videos for him and told him how sorry I was for not doing the work. At first he wasn’t budging and he said I would be in lots of trouble for not doing my assignments. He also threatened to call my parents if I didn’t clean up my act and do what I needed to pass the class.

Eventually he stopped being so mad at me; I just kept sending more and more pictures and videos to get him hard. Before I could respond he was sending me pictures of his cock too; he told me to meet him in his car so I could make him cum before class. I bit my lip, took a shower and dressed nice and sexy for him. I saw him sitting in the car already stroking off before I walked over. 

I hopped into the car and showed off my pretty tits right away. He whipped his rock hard cock and told me to get down and suck him off. I sucked him off as he pumped my throat and made me gag. A few minutes later he blew his huge load right down my throat and made me swallow like a good girl!

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