Biggest cum shot makes the best protein shake!

Biggest cum shot Biggest cum shot makes the best protein shake! You never thought you would be making a protein shake with your cum as the main ingredient, but here you are following your Mistress Alanza’s instructions. Yes, I swear by it, saying that the biggest cum loads make for the best cum eating and protein shakes. Admit it, you are curious. I tell you to grab a blender and add a banana, some almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder. Now I take your big cock and jerk it off hard and fast. Squeezing your balls and pumping fast until your spurt ropes into my shot glass. Yes, thats the biggest cum shot in your shake for me!  

  Biggest cum shot in a glass, swirled and slipped down your throat has a shitload of Protein!

As I hand you your shot glass filled with your cloudy liquid cum, I instruct you to add it to the blender. I see you hesitate for a moment, but then you remember how much trust you have for Mistress Alanza! You trust my unconventional weight gain methods. Although seeing your drink your cum is very dirty and hot for me, besides the fact! I watch as you eagerly drink and gulp cum in your shake for me!. I love strength training and banging out a nice orgasm after I get home from lifting. Mistress knows you’re trying to build muscle in all the right places, and you need extra protein in your body right now. 

Biggest cum shots make for the best Protein shakes to build muscle

“Drink Up My bitch boy, How are you supposed to grow big and strong without drinking your biggest cum shot up for me??!” I tease

“See, I told you it was good!” The nutrients in cum are incredibly beneficial for your body. It’s a natural source of protein, vitamins, and minerals! Plus it’s yours, imagine if I had some in my pussy right now, would you add it to your shake?” I am really getting in your head now! So if you’re a weightlifter, you should save your Biggest cum shot for a pre-work out protein shake. The cum protein shake is amazing, and I saw how felt a surge of energy after drinking it. Now I needed you to produce another huge cum load, because I needed a big drink of protein right from your cock! No pain, no gain, baby!
Biggest cum shot

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