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Coed Phone Sex How did I get myself into this situation again! I swore last time I got caught fucking in public that I’d make sure to keep a little extra cash in my purse for a bribe. Of course I forgot again and ended up giving sloppy head to a campus security officer. I knew he was a pervert because he was hard when he shined his flashlight in our eyes while I was riding my club hook-up’s cock. I came anyway before I hopped off and he sent my friend off with a warning. The security officer bent me over the hood of his car and fingered my soaking wet pussy before he shoved his finger in my ass. He told me I’d have to let him cum in all my holes or else I’d go to jail for prostitution so back to his place we went. I sucked and fucked him all night just to make sure I didn’t end up in handcuffs. I thought it was gross because I didn’t find him attractive but he did have a fat pervert cock that seemed to never get soft. I was pretty amazed how I nutted on that pervert cock over and over again, milking him for every last drop of cum he had!

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You know, I never thought id be the one having to fuck my stepdad. I couldn’t stand him like every girl. I wanted my parents to stay together. My stepdad Jim was creepy and perverted behind closed doors. Of course, he put up a front and showed everyone his good side. Mom was completely blind when it came to him.

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Some of the hottest times with Emily and I involve Furry friends phone sex. This is just such a nasty taboo thing that I found little Emily get excited over. I caught her the other day watching some Hentai movies and rubbing at her little pussy.

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