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Last night I got my hands of the most perfect chocolate treats! Two tall black guys walked into my Hotel after me and they were beautiful. Once we were in the elevator I struck up a conversation with them they were nice and very funny. We ended up being on the same floor as we were making our way to our rooms I invited them to a nightcap. they agreed and 20 minutes after I hear a knock on my door. They came with the best party favors one had a couple bottles of champagne and the other had coke and weed they were prepared for my kind of party. I was in a silk nighty ready to get filled with cum and pounded until im sore.

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Let’s discuss my drug problem and inability to pay my bills. My landlord decided that some Accomplice Phone Sex fun with little Emily could really help me out. Obviously, I am relieved to have this slutkin as a tool for making money.

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I already knew that he thought I was sexy. It wouldn’t be difficult to get him hard and curious about my wet holes. He has probably already low-key thought about them; I just needed to bring it out of him. I pondered on ideas for a while and had to think really hard about what I could do. Once we got into the car I knew he would drive us to the practicing lot to drive for a bit. That’s when I knew it was time to look at him, lift my skirt up, move my panties to the side and beg him to fuck me until he could pass me on the driving test. It was pretty easy to convince him once he was balls deep in my sopping wet fuck hole. I knew this was the best way to get him to shoot the Biggest cum shot of his life!

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I knew it was my time to shine and make her comfy. I made sure to take the elevator that she uses before she heads out to work. I got in and she was alone as I walked up to her; she bit her lip and I grabbed her. I made out with her sweet lips that tasted like cherry lip balm and I whispered “I am going to show you how a pussy should be eaten”. She moaned as I pulled her sweet tits out. I sucked her hard little pink nipples as I slid my hand up her hot pussy. I ran my fingers up her soaking wet slit and felt her clit bulge. She was ready for me; I loved every second of it. 

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