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Phone sex with a taboo pervert makes my pussy lips quiver

Phone sexPhone sex is how I pleasure my cunt. It just feels so much better finger fucking me while having a pervert on the line who thinks just like me… None of the guys I’ve dated could ever know how slutty I truly am. Outside of this fantasy world I am a preservative slut, who portrays being a saint. But, behind closed doors, as you know, I am the filthiest slut you could come across. Aside from doing phonesexx, I do offer an escort service behind the scenes…

I please perverts on and off the phone daily! I get all sorts of requests, and guys always come back for more since it is rare to find a girl who is willing to roleplay in real life. Just this past Saturday I forwarded a bunch of my old Naked teen pictures to a pervert who wanted me to pretend to be his daughter. I had my pussy waxed since he wanted my cunt to feel as if it were naturally bald. I wore two pigtails and a Cheerleader uniform he had brought for me.

The uniform belonged to his daughter. She is super thick for her age and looks very similar to me. It was a bit snug but it only made my tits look even more busty. He called me Isabella as he reeled his cock in and out of my pussy and used my pigtails as handlebars. I of course called him Daddy… The condom broke inside of me and he still proceeded to shoot his load. I am not on birth control and I don’t believe in plan b… I guess it would be kind of hot to see my tits swell up due to them lactating. My Young bald pussy lips quiver, to the thought!

Big Tit Photos Going Around My Small Town

I was not even in middle school when my knockers started popping out and the local boys took big tit photos to add to their ongoing collections.  I had DDs at a young age and no one told me I shouldn’t wear white t-shirts with no bras to school.  Tight shirts that showed my rock hard nipples every day.  I was spilling out of tank tops and my parents never told me to get a bra. I think my dad liked it as he would make me wear the tightest shirts and only had white ones at his house.  Looking back, I see why I was getting snapchat photos taken and shared of me all the time. One guy even wrote me a letter apologizing about it. It said.

Lacey, I apologize for taking all those videos of you in the bathroom undressing for cheerleading growing up.  Your tits were so enormous that us boys would not be able to get through the day without jacking off to your tits and we needed video to finish the deed.  I know you wondered that one time I sat next to you what it was that kept squirting on your leg every afternoon but that was me jacking off under the desk trying to aim for your huge knockers because they made my balls get drained faster than anything.  If I didn’t jack off before the end  of the day, I had blue balls bad.

I know the picture of you playing with your nipples and trying to pierce them yourself were embarassing.  I know the one in the bathroom stall where you are changing into cheerleading and then stuck the banana up your pussy had to be emabrassing and I hope you acept my apology.

If you are still a bad whore like you use to be just know I am still a horny guy with a hard cock that would love to shoot his load on you again if you are up for it.  Hit me up hoe.


Medical Fetish Phone Sex with an amateur slave slut, maybe..

Medical Fetish Phone SexHis latex gloves fit like a condom on his masculine hands. When he slipped his fingers into my Young bald pussy I intentionally clenched the walls of my cunt. I knew the pervert had to of been in this field just for that reason, to feel around in a woman’s cunt and then fantasize about it later. the first time I ever had my Gyno visit I could tell by how flustered he was and the fact he didn’t stand up for at least 15 minutes after having his fingers buried in my cunt.

I knew he had a hard which was exactly why I pretended to forget my panties. I know he wrapped my thong around his cock like a cock ring and probably jerked off to Naked Teen pictures of a sluts who looked nearly identical to me. I acted like a bimbo and pretended to be unaware that I didn’t have to take my shirt off. So, as is I had already provoked him when he walked into the room to see my Big tits and hardened nipples from the chill of the a/c.

The sound of the latex snapping against his manly hands as he stood over me while my legs were spread right at the foot of the medical bed, made my pussy wet. He didn’t even bother asking his assistant for any of that gooey med lube stuff. I went home that day and masturbated to the thought of him fucking me right there and his assistant joining in. OM G that would be some Hot ass sex, I want him!

Blonde Bitches Ready To Play

Bisexual Phone SexBlonde bitches like us do it better than any whore you will find. We are fun, slutty, sexy and have the best holes. This is my best friend Laura and she knows how to eat my holes better than anyone ever has. She tongue fucks my cunt and ass hole all the time and get’s it all ready for a nice big cock to stretch me out. I do the same for her too and she moans like a bitch in  heat. We just can’t help how horny we constantly are; we just can’t stop fucking one another. Every guy who has ever put his cock in us has always said “blondes do it better”! So call me so I can tell you how good my friends holes taste after a big cock dumps a load in her stupid fuck holes!!

Age play phone sex operator award goes to Lacey

age play phone sexAge play phone sex mistress of the year for 2023, what an honor! I recently won an award in our industry for my calls where I play anything from a very young little daughter to a kidnapped young vicitm that is helpless begging and crying for help.  This was an exclusive honor but I know I owed the award to my family.

I was the real young girl with all my relatives so age play is like reliving my childhood memories.  Getting naked, bouncing on laps, my high pitched squeels when new cocks went into my mouth. Shrieks that pierce your ears when that first big hard hairy cock entered my tight small bald pussy..  Crying hysterically when I fought back my young ass getting gangbanged by my relatives or the kids on the playground later that year.

I revert back to the little girl who just wanted male attention. The one who went around in short little skirts and conveniently forgot underwear. I bent over all day every day purposefully putting my little girl pussy on their dicks while they would be working or in front of the females in the house.  I loved going to the bathroom, snapping pics of my bald cunt and sending those naked teen pictures to my family in the next room.

I can still remember all those things that went into my holes and the crying hysterically. The giggles when it started tickling on my clit and realizing I could make myself feel good- total game change.

My high pitched young innocent voice comes back with ease when I take those calls where my callers request young Lacey to help them playout their wild, twisted, hot, sexy fantasies with younger or older characters in play.

Do an age play call with me, purty please daddy!

Naked teen pictures of Briona’s young cunt

Naked teen pictures

Naked teen pictures of Briona’s young cunt. I don’t know what I’m doing but I know I want something done. Today I sold some nudes to this guy online, I’m not sure how old he was but I don’t care. Money is what I need from these losers. I love showing off my body anyway for the looks I get when I’m out with my friends, why not make money off some ugly old loser guy who wants porn pics of my young bald pussy. I want vacations and shoes so I did what I had to do, I spread it open in front of my ring light and got some sexy ass shots. Mmmm I think I’m going to like this new hustle.


Guided masturbation instructions by a hormonal Hot teen slut

Guided masturbationI sent my Naked teen pictures to a reg of mine,  he couldn’t believe it was me… My nudes were exposed in 9th grade, someone got ahold of them and created a Myspace account using my nudes with my phone number below every pic. I couldn’t change my phone number, my parents would have freaked if they ever knew I got myself into that sort of trouble.

Oh, Ashley and I dreamt of becoming Playboy bunnies; we posed nude and took some hot shots of one another…

After all, we did go viral, and that’s where we got the naughty idea to start an ad on Craigslist offering a “Babysitter” service. Whenever we got a response from a Daddy, we would respond with Guided masturbation instructions with nudes attached of Ashley and I scissoring. The word got out, Ashley and I got pretty popular. We started setting up dates with guys and meeting them at upscale hotels.

Eventually, we were being flown cross country just to suck a set of old saggy balls. Rich men love young pussy! Guys would pay us a lot to keep our mouths shut. It makes my pussy so hot when men are into crotch goblins. It brings back so many hot memories of when I was a Hot teen slut and would get my Young bald pussy mounted by older perverts. Older men have paid me just to lick my teen-tender pussy lips. 

Foot Fetish Phone sex, cutest little feet wrapped around that cock

Foot Fetish Phone Sex


Foot Fetish Phone Sex, have the cutest little feet wrapped around that cock while her young bald pussy salivates for you knowing that soon you will slide it inside her tight twat. Sexy toes painted white covered in your warm goo, frosted like cum cupcakes. Briona loves to have her toes licked and sucked, it tickles and makes her giggle with delight. It may be silly but it makes her tiny puss so super wet to see you enjoy her feet. She doesn’t mind making them stinky for you if you like, maybe you want one of her socks to jack off into. She thinks that’s so hot and one day she wants to be cunt punted by a big size 12.

Married Men Phone Sex a Current Affair

Married Men Phone SexWe were steamy and passionate, wanting to tear each other’s clothes off at every chance we get. Your wife waits in the car while you run to the dumpster where I’m hiding behind and you quickly pull your cock out since I’ve been texting you all day telling you how bad I want to taste it. You have the wife and rugrats in tow, feet away with my mouth on your cock.  You can’t finish since there is no time. We agree to meet later that night.

You have dinner with your wife and little rugrats. You tell your wife you are running up to get some drinks at the store.  Really you are meeting me at the park down the street. It’s pitch black and you had just took your boys to play here earlier. Now you are meeting me, your mistress, to slam her on that slide and ravage her holes.  It’s kind of hot knowing your offspring will plop their little bums down on our cum that we inevitable get all over the slide.  Mommy, your wife, will be washing my cum off their little pants soon and I know that turns you on.

Or what about that time you snuck me in the house. Your wife was downstairs with her mom who was in town.  You brought me into the guest bedroom, gagged me and tied me to the bed your mother in law was sleeping in later that night. Your hard cock destroying my small holes and I was unable to utter a word.  I rolled my eyes in the back of my head as each thrust got harder in my soggy bald pussy. Sloshing around as you went in and out of my cunt hole I lifted my head up to see your cock going in and out. Nothing better than watching a cock I love entereing my holes and hammering away.

His wife in the background chatting away, while her husbands cock was getting play.  Snooze you lose, right?

CBT Phone Sex: Crushing one perverted measly cock at a time.

CBT Phone SexIf you call me up for CBT Phone Sex don’t think for one second you will get off breaking any rules. What I say goes!! I want to hear you hoot and holler from every claw stroke. You better be digging those stubby chewed-up fingernails as deep into your cock as they can go. Lucky for you a wire separates the two of us because if I were in front of you right now; my 7-inch stiletto would be holding your sack on the floor in place as you stroked your cock to the sight of my oiled-up tits. You, darling, do not stand even a millisecond inside of my Young bald pussy. Just for looking my way, you will get what you deserve, pervert!

Maybe next time this will teach you to keep your eyes on the ground and your cock in your pants. How about we get you strapped to a chair and have your cock held up, being stretched by a string tied to the ceiling. Wouldn’t you love my firm big tits seated on your lap and your cock in between them? Maybe I should adjust the string as your cock hardens and yank your dick off your fucking pelvis. Rest assured, a mallet to your balls to help you blow your load should do the trick. Did you want to tell everyone why you deserve to be treated this way pig? or should I… Matter of fact, you don’t have to say a word just open up your phone and show the world all of those Naked teen pictures you got by lying about your age.