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Hi my name is Alanza. I grew up on the streets of the Bronx. I have always hung out with the rough kids in the neighborhood and knew when I got old enough I would join a gang. I hooked up with the Latin Kings and found my real family. I am one bad Latin Queen. I love being a part of the gang and I wear my colors with pride. Not long after I joined the Kings we went across town to take care of a rival gang. We needed to put those fuckers in check. I couldn’t wait to get some blood on my hands. That day awakened a side of me I didn’t realize existed. I always knew I was a bad ass bitch and I discovered just how twisted my fucked up side was.

We got to their turf and began to comb the streets for the little bastards and their bitches. When we found them we began to rumble and my blood began to boil. It felt like my whole body was on fire and my skin was tingling. Every sensation in my body was heightened and I felt alive for the first time. I held this one bitch down and began beating the shit out of her. The more she cried and begged for mercy, the harder I hit her. When I’d beaten her bloody, I ripped her fucking panties off and spread her legs wide. I held her thighs wide open and watched all my big strong Latin Kings fuck that bitch senseless. As each one took their turn, I got more and more turned on. When they were done I took my turn.

I raped her cunt with my 8 inced spiked red heels. I fist fucked that bitch up the ass, then got the best idea of all. I grabbed a beer bottle off the ground, hit it on the sidewalk and fucked every hole that I could find with that broken bottle. By the time I was done the bitch was bleeding in places she didn’t know she had to bleed from. All of this while my Kings watched and cheered me on. What a fucking adrenaline rush!

So if your in the mood for a wild time, if you need a bad bitch to help you get off on the pleasure of pain, I am your girl. Give your Latin Queen a call and let’s get fucked up and twisted together baby.

Latina bitch Alanza


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  1. javid

    im persian you are so sexy and nice!

  2. zack peterson

    I really enjoyed our call, you are one sadisitic bitch. Thank You

  3. warren Johnson

    Your so fucking hot, I came so fucking hard. What a call!

  4. Manny

    Te quiero para mi puta em
    Miami send me your contact info and I’m going to work on a schedule. Bring ur whore daughter. Send me more pics

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