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Daddys girl phone sexI watched this Daddys girl phone sex star in the making suck her daddy off through the spycam I’d set up in their bathroom. They’d asked me to watch their pretty little girl and I’d done my best to teach the lessons she’d need throughout the rest of her life while I was on the clock. It’d started with a little kiss here, a knead there, a guy I brought over and the next thing I knew she was slurping dick and drinking cum like a good little slut. I was excited to watch this, knew it was coming, but he didn’t. He’d gotten in the shower this morning thinking all was well, and when his daughter entered he’d asked her if everything was alright. He hadn’t expected the Barely Legal Phone Sex shorty to slip into the shower with him and start sucking him off while he was standing there. “What’s this?” She’d asked, gripping his dick knowing damn well what she was playing with after my submissively slutty ass had spent the whole last night teaching her. He’d stuttered, stammered, unsure how to get out of this situation when she’d spoken up and made the move for him. “I wanna suck it, it looks tasty.” Her lips wrapped around him and like magic he’d already given up. I knew it from the look in his eyes. His hand landed on the back of her head and he began to slowly pump into her face, ready to cum deep in his adorable daughter’s tight mouth before he’d dare explain this was something wrong. She was spoiled, always given what she wanted, and what she wanted right now was cock. I’m always proud when the fruits of my fun create something like this. It’s a small heaven, and I reveled in cumming hard while watching her father get ready to do the same and fill her mouth with the Biggest cum shot.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Fun With Mr. Wigman

Cum Slut Phone SexI know what people mean when they say they need cum slut phone sex. I am not sure if you already know this about me or not but I am a sex addict. I can never have enough of it. Not only that but it is really easy for me to get turned on. Sometimes I am not in the right place or time to get myself off. However, I can’t just sit there with dripping unfulfilled panties. I need to be able to pleasure myself and move on with my day. Till the next moment comes of course. So when I started really having these urges take over and I was not in the type of classroom setting that allowed for me to relive myself discreetly I can find the perfect spot just for that. That wasn’t the bathroom either, it always had too much traffic and catty ass bitches really turned me off. However, when I met Mr. Wigman he and I really hit it off. I shared my dirty secrets with him and his voice really got me off. I loved how he treated me like the dirty whore I was and really spoke down to me even though I was the top bitch in my class. His power was so strong in fact that when I really needed to get off I just put my air pod in and gave him a call. I wouldn’t even need to touch myself his words made me cum right in my panties, discreetly in front of everyone. 

Want a Ride?

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There aren’t any ride share phone sex companies out there that I know of so I decided to start giving people raunchy rides all over the city so they can cream their cunts and drain their dicks before they get to their destinations.  Good idea, right?  Everyone wants a good fucking on their ways to work or church or wherever they’re going.  I stay so busy bussing people around from here to there while they blow each other that I might have to hire some helpers!

This morning I took an old couple to the airport and picked up a pretty little college girl along the way.  The old broad already had her husband’s dong out when the co-ed got in and she was all too happy to help granny get her man’s gravy out on the trip.  They massaged his member, balls and taint like he paid them to do it.  Those horned up ladies worked together in perfect harmony as though they had jerked off tons of guys together before, though they had only just met!

He didn’t last long after the dual blowjobs started.  Their mouths didn’t even have time to get tired, they sucked him down then switched off a couple of times before he blew a hot load all over the back of my seat.  It’s cool, I have scotch guarded seat covers plus I’m used to cleaning up pools of cum and snail trails from a wet bald pussy or two.  Just part of the joys of raunchy, sexy ride sharing!


hot ass sex with him

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My friend’s younger brother is all grown up and looking so hot. When he came into her room while she was in the shower, he saw me there and couldn’t contain himself. I was naked, trying to dress up for a girl’s night out. Her brother stared and then went off, but he made sure to make his move later that night. When he came to me in the middle of the night, he put my hand on his crotch. I could feel he was rocking with a big one, and I was so wet.

Seconds later, I am letting my best friend’s younger brother fuck me silly. I used to babysit him not too long ago. I was both excited and disgusted. It was like I became the  p-loving girl who loves hot ass sex.

Biggest cum shot: Will you give it to me baby?

Biggest cum shotI took the biggest cum shot the other day and will be completely surprised if I am not preggers from it. It all started when I woke up feeling a little frisky. My brother had a friend over the night before and I caught him jerking off. His cock was so big, and it was all I could think about all night. However, my brother was acting like a jealous shit and made me promise that I would not come in and fuck his friend when they went to bed. Honestly, it was really fucking rude but I agreed figuring I could just take care of myself. 

That is what I did too. I must have masturbated a million times that night. Still, I would wake up mid-dream soaking wet, and have to have a go-ahead with the next round. My sleep was so restless, so around 5 am I decided fuck it and went into the family living room. Everyone else was still asleep, so when the dude’s Dad showed up at the front door I was the one who answered. He was so tall and very handsome. I stood in front of him in my pajama tank top and tiny shorts. I tried not to smirk like I had devious intentions but all I could think about was how big his cock must be since he passed quite the monster to his son. 

Apologizing because the household was asleep still I invited him in and offered him a seat on the couch so I could go wake up his son. However, I had no desire to wake that snot up. I sat on the couch next to him after “waking his son” and complimented him on raising such a polite spawn. I began to compliment his shape and rubbed my hand along his thigh. It didn’t take too long before I had seduced my way right inside his pants. His dick was larger than his son’s! It was huge. I wasn’t very surprised though. I knew Daddy would be packing. Even bigger than his cock was that he had the biggest cum shot. When he blew his load inside of me I could feel my belly get bigger with just how massive his load was. As my panties filled with cum dribbling from my pussy I began to fantasize how one of his swimmers might have made the cut. Then I went and woke his son up. 

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Getting my Wet bald pussy fucked got me broken up with

My ex was particular, he loved putting his mouth on my ass. He would want me to tell him about the big dicks I would as he did it, especially the big black dicks. He didn’t have a big dick but he knew how to use his tongue. One night i was out with friends and I cheated. He didn’t know and when I got home he put his mouth on me like normally, my cunt was still full of cum and I thought he would notice. When he did, it made him wild. He slurped at my cunt and asshole even better than he normally does and I squirted all over his face. The next day he told me how he could taste i was fucked and he had someone coming over to help us with that since he didn’t want to break up yet. Few hours later a tall dark handsome man was in my living room. I didn’t know what to make of it.

Wet bald pussy

My boyfriend walked in and he had nothing on, it made our guest undress too. I froze at the sight of his monster cock. He told me if I wanted to be a cheating whore who loves big dicks I might as well let him watch. He bent me over and took my panties off. I felt our guest’s big black cock being shoved in my Wet bald pussy. My boyfriend started licking my clit as I got rammed. When i came he moaned out that he loves watching a good whore get fucked. My cunt got filled up as he busted the Biggest cum shot on his hand. He cleaned our guest and my cunt up before he broke up with me.

Forced Bisexuality with Mika

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex  

I always get off on forced bisexuality phone sex. Forced bisexuality is fun in general; all men are bisexual at heart, sometimes they just need a bit of coaxing. I love to go on dating websites and lure “straight” men into dates with me. When I show up, they think I’m all woman, but when things start to heat up and my big black cock is revealed, they realize that I’m the best of both worlds. It’s amazing how easy it is to get them to stroke and suck me; they always preface it with “I’m not gay, but…” or “this doesn’t make me gay, right?” when expressing their curiosity and wonder. Then, before they know it, I have them on their knees, gagging on my dick while I hold their heads still and thrust as far back as I can go. And these same men always turn out to be power bottoms. They’re nervous to try it at first, with the right amount of lube and some foreplay, they are putty in my hands… or shall I say putty on my dick. You’d be surprised how many of these men enjoy getting fucked in the ass while stroking their cocks, under the delusion that they’re straight, telling me about their girlfriends and wives that they just so happen to be stepping out on, relationships that just don’t satisfy their deepest desire for thick black dick. I love stepping in to fill that void, especially because I get to fill their holes and drain my balls in the process!

Why Do Men Love My Cocksucking Phone Sex So Much?

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Something about me makes men want to have hot cocksucking phone sex with me and jam as much of their dicks into my mouth as they can!  Maybe they can tell that I’m going to blow them for so long that I’ll suck the skin off of their shafts just by the way I keep my lips pursed.  It might just be the crusty, dried dick cream in the corners of my mouth, though!

When guys sniff out a slut all they want to do is get inside of her however they can.  I keep so many cocks in my mouth throughout the day that there’s no way I can hide it from anyone.  A freshly fucked mouth has a certain look to it, all fat and swollen.  I usually get all remnants of the quarts of throat slime I hack up when I’m getting throated off of me but sometimes I miss a glob or two on my dress.  Not to mention the dick breath.  How can a happy whore like me hide the fact that I just choked down some chump’s chode when I have his musk billowing out of my mouth?  Breath mints barely even cut the smell of ball funk that I constantly exhale after sucking a stinky schlong. 

Whatever it is, men are always super dominant and forceful when they step up to hit on me.  I do try to always keep a sultry gleam in my eye, I want guys to know they can approach me.  Maybe it’s how I carry myself or all of the innuendo I use when I speak to them.  Regardless, I can’t keep blowjob lovers away from me, I feel like all I ever do is suck cock and make men blow the biggest cum shot they can in my mouth.  Not that I’m complaining, I just don’t know how they know that they can be so blunt and bold when they hit on me.  Do I have dick juice on my dress, or something? 


Interracial Phone Sex With Big Daddy King Is My Favorite!

Interracial Phone Sex

There’s nothing I think of more than having Interracial phone sex with Big Daddy King and his massive anaconda. I’m so lucky he actually chose me to be one of his many followers in his ever growing new world order cult. The reality that the world is realizing how much we should worship BBC and live in its honor to please all of the massive cocks of the world. 

I personally believe that Big Daddy King should rule the world, anything he says goes. The only cocks that should be allowed to be worshiped and pleased should be big huge massive black ones. With length and color guidelines. Strict rules and policies should be placed in peoples sex lives to make sure that they adhere to the BBC nationalist guidelines for sucking and fucking cock. 

Biggest cum shot

Before Big Daddy I was just a normal person like anyone else. I liked being fucked by any cock big or small, it didn’t really matter. I just loved having the biggest cum shot dumped inside me that I could possibly have! That’s where my whole world changed. The amount of cum dumped inside me by that massive anaconda was unreal! 

I bet you’d like to be a pathetic little cuckolded bitch and watch as us pretty little coveted white women get fucked and destroyed by massive BBC. Are you jealous? If you aren’t you should be. They are soon going to be taking over the whole world. One vagina at a time!

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My big black cock needs a good sucking and you need to give me your throat so I can shove this big black dick all the way down and listen to you gag on it. I’m going to hold your head and shove you down until your nose is pressed against me and the only way for you to get any air is to keep your mouth wide open for me. Get this dick nice and wet with your thick saliva while I press my mushroom into your tonsils and use your uvula as a speedbag. I’ve going to leave the biggest cum shot on that handsome face of yours and not allow you to wipe it off. I want to see that cum dry on your face, dripping all the way down your chin while I turn you around and take your ass from behind. This mandingo dick is going to explore your insides from both ends, ass and mouth, and fill you up with my creamy seed. Now, be a good little slut and take mommy’s dick like a pro. I know you want this cock as much as I want to give it to you because you’re a cum whore that just can’t help yourself but submit to me.