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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

foot fetish phone sexDo you enjoy foot fetish phone sex? I am a special girl, but I cater to a lot of fetishes. I like to be a pretty T-girl and that means regular pedicures and manicures. I just got back from a spa day, and I had beautiful, polished toes, and silky soft feet. And there is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my pretty pedicured feet on a throbbing cock. I have a shemale lover with a foot fetish. Something kind of sexy to him about a special girl with pretty feet and big cock. My cock is bigger than my foot. At first, I thought if I gave him a foot job that would make him cum quickly to last longer when I gave him his hardcore ass fucking. He kept insisting that his cock preferred my small, smooth feet to my big tranny cock in his ass. This guy has not let me fuck him yet. I just know his ass is nice and tight. I love giving foot jobs. Just not as much as I love slamming my sexy tranny cock in a tight ass. I started teasing his cock with my pretty painted toes. Swirled my big toe over the purple head, traced his bulging veins that popped out on his cock. I massaged his balls with my toes too. Softly kneading them until I heard him moan and pre cum started leaking out the head of his cock. I took my big toe, and played with that pre cum. I fed him a cum coated toe, and he sucked his own jizz off my pretty toe. His cock got even harder tasting his pre-cum. That’s when I start rubbing his cock between my feet like I was starting a fire. I was building a fire. A fire that quickly got put out by the biggest cum shot of creamy, white jizz. When I milked all the jizz out of his cock, my feet went in his mouth to clean up the mess he made. Still did not get to fuck him, but he ate his own jizz this time. I am getting closer to his virgin ass every foot encounter we have.

Party Girls Phone Sex Pussy Patrol!

The power of the Hour is cocaine and Pussy! Get on and get off with the Hot Party Girls Phone Sex fun you crave. SO that’s my weekend announcement getting spun and fucked like mad with sweet sex pot Emily. Mommy and slutkin are the greatest sex duo for cumming with.

Daddy comes home and needs that sweet little heart shaped mouth sucking his big hard cock. Daddy works hard and deserves this. I have had to move back to my dad’s place and well he gets to enjoy Emily the same way he enjoyed me so long ago. This isn’t my bio daddy he is a friend of the family that used to spoil me. He would pick me up from school and take me shopping. I earned it all so well too. In fact he is Emily’s daddy and it’s our secret.

I had a little issue with my house mates and had to go ask Daddy D if we could stay. He was actually super excited and broke out his eight ball so we could have some fun. He is great but sometimes he is so possessive and wants Emily to himself! Let’s sneak away and party together!

Party Girls Phone Sex


Dealing With Teen Druggies

Drugs Phone Sex


What do you guys do when your teens won’t listen to you and do drugs and drink all the booze they want to, regardless of how upset you get?  I bet you come close to sending yourself into cardiac arrest when you’re dealing with an insolent, line crossing/blowing teenage brat, don’t you?  Yeah, that’s not my style.  My daughter insists upon doing all the drugs and getting pass out drunk, so I insist that she does it in the house under my roof!

If she’s going to be whacked out of her fucking gourd then I want to be able to keep an eye on her.  Plus, she brings over the hottest young bodies you’ve ever seen to get trashed with.  I have my pick of the passed out pricks and pussies that party here to play with and please myself.  It’s a pretty good parenting method, if you ask me!

The really fun part is that my husband and I never know what kind of fuel for getting fucked up our riot girl is going to bring home or who she’ll bring along to enjoy the joy filled chemicals with her, so who we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it to them is always different!  Liquor is a given, it does a great job with eliminating any inhibitions my girl’s friends might have.  We always have some around, just in case.

Coke, meth, anything speedy will make them want their junks to be constantly juiced.  Just plant a horny thought in their mind and they basically take it from there.  You can get all the cock or cunt cream you want, you just have to keep their minds from racing off to unsexy thoughts, like what their moms would say if they saw them with my face attached firmly to their crotches.  Unless she’d be into it, that is.

Ecstasy and molly make the little teens want to get rubbed and touched all over their tight bodies.  My husband and I are always happy to oblige, complete with internal massages courtesy of our fingers and tongues and various toys.  Just a whole lot of teen body worshiping all set to an awesome soundtrack and lighting to match.  Have to create a mood.

Ketamine, opioids, any downers they might do, mix “poorly” with the alcohol and send them into a deep sleep, borderline coma.  You can literally do anything you want to them in that period of time and they’ll have no idea you were even in them.  Everything we stick inside of them leaves them plenty sore in the morning, but they have no idea how they got so stretched out or whose cum it is that’s leaking out of their young bald pussy or bashed in butthole.  They might put two and two together but it doesn’t matter to me if they do or not!

If I were you, I’d save myself the drama and possible heart attack and just let your brats and all of their friends drink and do drugs in your house.  If something goes wrong, you’re there to help.  If all goes right, you’re there to fuck!


Young Bald Pussy Gets Biggest Cum Shot

My Young bald pussy was sore from daddy pounding it, so I asked my brother if he could help me. He told me he would if I gave him a rim job. I didn’t know what that meant but then he told me it was ass to mouth play. My brother wanted me to lick his asshole. I agreed if it meant he would make my Wet bald pussy feel better. He dropped his pants and bent over for me. My brother grabbed my head and shoved it in between his ass cheeks. I licked as fast as I could and even stuck my tongue in his asshole.

Young bald pussy

I was trying to give him the best rim job, that way he would make me feel better. Bro told me to stop, and I could see his cock was hard. He had me lay down and he started kissing my Young bald pussy. His gentle kisses were making my Wet bald pussy feel better. It was feeling really good, and I could feel my brother was jacking off. He stuck his tongue in my sore pussy hole and massaged it until I came hard. It did make me feel better and when he was about to cum, he sprayed my Young bald pussy with the Biggest cum shot. He then rubbed it into my pussy making sure my soreness would be gone. 

Biggest Cum Shot from Only the Biggest Black Cocks

biggest cum shotI love the biggest cum shot if it is from a big black cock. Those black dicks always have the biggest loads anyway. Darius is a new BBC on the block. And he is young, hung and full of cum. I love his cock. He is 25 and a young professional fresh out of grad school. He is married to a beautiful young black woman. We me accidentally at the corner store in our neighborhood. He has milf fever and he loves white women. I did not care that he was married. I am too. I do not plan on leaving my husband. I love being married to him. He never minds be getting any black cock. Of course, Darius young wife is probably not as open minded. She is likely addicted to his monster cock. I am quickly becoming addicted to it too. He is a very close booty call. Right now, we have a morning routine. After his wife leaves for work, he pops over to get a ball draining from his milf phone sex lover. Yesterday, he stopped by because his wife had a spa day with some girlfriends. My husband was around. He wanted to watch. How could I say no to him? Darius had never been watched before by a white guy. This was no hood boy. His parents are college professors. He grew up attending he best schools. Gang banger and hood rat types are used to cuckolding white men. I love to cuckold my husband. Darius got into it. He started following my lead of small dick jokes at my husband’s expense. I enjoy shaming my husband. Do not feel sorry for him. He is my willing cuckolding phone sex partner. He knows he cannot satisfy his milf tramp wife.  Darius can and boy did he yesterday. I came 6 times on his big black cocks, and he have me three big creamy loads in two hours of afternoon delight.

Roleplay Phone Sex: I Can Turn Anything Dirty


roleplay phone sexI love a good roleplay phone sex session. So many encounters I have daily could be converted into something quite kinky. Even though I do not act on every potential sexy encounter, I play the scene differently in my head with porno music. Sometimes, the fantasy in my head is too hot not to try to act on it too. You know what I mean? I bet you have seen a hot woman in an elevator and thought, if you could just kiss her and fuck her in between floors your day would be perfect. Or you think about the cute coed barista making your coffee and sucking your cock. Women have those kinds of thoughts too. I can turn the most innocuous thing dirty. Like my Amazon package deliveries. Most days, the driver is not hot. Yesterday, the driver was hot, and I was horny. This phone sex gfe had on nothing but a robe. About an hour before my delivery, I was masturbating in the tub. I took a morning bubble bath and played with a pussy. Me time. I love me time. Every woman should have some me time daily. I was in the tub, so no porn to watch. I just thought of a handsome, strong beefcake man whisking me away to bed and came hard to my touch. So, when the Amazon guy delivered my new microwave, I was still horny, and my pussy was still hungry. He was a beefcake man. I let a boob slip out accidentally on purpose. I just wanted to see his reaction. The porn music was blaring in my head as I said, “oops, me bad. So, sorry.” I tucked my boob back in my robe, but the damage was done. He had a big boner in his khaki pants. I am no cock tease. I got down on my knees and sucked his package until I got the biggest cum shot to my face. Sadly, he was on a tight time schedule yesterday, so a jet blast to the face had to suffice for the moment. He did say he would bring me another special delivery latter tonight though. So, something to look forward too.

Baby Daddy Drama

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Yeah, I’m sure daddy’s girl phone sex sounds like a great time to you, but you’ve never had to deal with my crazy ex-husband!  He’s a real piece of shit and has never really tried to be in my daughter’s life, but you know girls and their dads; to her, he can do no wrong.  After this last time he came around, I never want to see him or his amazing cock again!  I think.

We had a really volatile relationship.  He was my second true love, the first man I ever wed and the last person I ever let hurt me in my entire life.  He’s controlling and manipulative and a real baby whenever things go his way.  When I put it that way, he just sounds like a typical man, but rest assured, he’s nothing more than a super sexy sentient bag of rotting trash.  With a perfect prick.  Dammit!

I’m sure you think I’m exaggerating or overreacting because I’m an emotional woman, but you’re dead wrong.  When we were in our late twenties, our daughter wasn’t old enough to walk yet and he was in a band with this guy who had the total hots for me.  He thought I was the filthiest and most fuckable girl he had ever seen and did not hesitate to let my ex know every time he saw me at a show.  On his bass playing buddy’s 30th birthday, he wanted to give him the most amazing present he could think of so he set up a sexy night at a hotel for the three of us.  They both spent the evening obliterating my young woman holes and we all had a great time, but not more than a month later, he threw it in my face in the middle of an argument we were having about something completely different!  He actually had the balls to accuse me of subliminally orchestrating the whole thing!  Seriously!

I have a ton of stories in the same vein I could tell to illustrate how shitty he is, but I’ll save time and get right to this last go round.  I can always tell when he’s about to blow in with the wind because my girl starts talking about him incessantly.  She says he’s the dreamiest daddy and talks about how perfect his prick is for hours on end.  That kind of shit.  She’s not completely wrong and, to his credit, my current husband doesn’t really mind hearing about him that much.  They share the same daddy/daughter privileges with her so he figures, as long as he gets a piece of her pussy whenever he wants, why be jealous?  Kind of the same deal we have with our relationship.

This time, he implanted the idea in her head that we need to get family pictures together even though we haven’t been together for well over a decade.  I hated the plan but my daughter wouldn’t stop whining and begging me to do it, so I relented and took a few shots with the two of them.  After that, my ex old man had a couple of shots to give the two of us.  He didn’t even wait for us to leave the studio, drilled out his favorite mother/daughter combo right there on the phony house set while a couple of the photographers watched.  That part was fine.  More than fine, actually.

We got the touched up prints the next day and, as some sort of grand gesture, he framed one and gave it to me.  He started talking about how good we look together and saying that if he moved back into town that we could be a family again and fuck our daughter together whenever we want.  I reminded him that I have another family now and that we all already do fuck her whenever we want.  Stating that simple fact set him off, I swear he’s a ticking time bomb and I definitely don’t want to be around when he finally blows for real.  He yelled at me at the top of his lungs in a grocery store parking lot then followed the verbal assault up by punching the picture he had just given me!

Of course my daughter never sees this side of him.  With her, it’s all presents and nights out and orgasm after leg shaking, core shattering orgasm.  She wants us all to get back together and there’s just no fucking way, I don’t care how good he fucks.  I told him a long time ago that I’d never let him into my heart again.  He’s lucky that I still let him into my cunt.  After this last little stunt, I think that might need to change.  Maybe.


Hot Hook-Up Blows The Biggest Cum Shot

Biggest cum shot

Had a craving to just be fucking nailed. My pussy was constantly reminding me it had been just a few days since I last got really plowed. My panties were getting soaked as all day I couldn’t stop picturing cock. Picturing myself sucking on a fat mushroom head while my hands pumped his shaft giving me a little taste of that pre-cum. Then I started just craving the taste of cum if I wasn’t already turned on enough. It was late so I put on a mini-skirt and a little halter and hit up the closest bar I could find. Betting on there being a horny man who was avoiding the mundane journey home alone. I had a few options but ultimately set my sights on the older gentleman on the end that kept having to adjust his pants. He’d been staring at my rack the moment I walk in, and was clearly having a hard time hiding his massive boner. I saw the wedding band but that didn’t matter to me. I’ve fucked enough married men to know that ring only means something if he wasn’t holed up in a bar on a Monday night. 

I came on pretty strong making it very clear if he left with me he would be getting between my soft pale thighs in a matter of moments. Like a dog to a bone, he followed me out immediately so I pulled him into my back seat. Pulling his cock out, and started bobbing my head up and down his cock. Got it warm and wet before climbing on top of him to start bouncing on top of that hard 9 incher throbbing inside me. Letting my tits bounce out of my top as he grabbed me all over moaning and begging me never to stop. I could tell as his body tensed more and more he was getting close, so I slide off him and started jacking him off all over my tits. Letting out a howl as he blew the biggest cum shot I’d ever seen all over my tits.

Big Tits For A Juicy Hard Cock

Big Tits Phone Sex Tina


It’s been a while since you let me fuck your friends-so I took it upon myself to bring them over. You walked in on him sucking on these huge tits, I know you liked it from how quick your cock got hard. That’s why I moaned for you to come over and shove that cock down my throat while he filled my cunt, sucking these juicy tits. Oh babe you know you miss feeling me squirt all over that face and cock when you let him fill me up. Go ahead and stuff my tight asshole with your 10 inch cock sugar, I fucking crave it while he stuffs me with his 9 inch thick dick. Spread my tight ass while he slaps these big tits, treat me like I’m both of your nasty personal fuck toy. I want my holes filled with your warm sticky cum I need to hear those balls clapping against the juices dripping on my skin.

Roleplay Phone Sex for Tight Holes

Let’s talk about some Roleplay Phone Sex possibilities, can we? I know you crave the tight Jasmin pussy and my little girl loves that pea pod. So it’s essentially super hot to have some kinky roleplay phonesex calls with perverts. We can talk all about the tight sweet holes on Emily Jasmin. She is my daughter and my way to make great money.

You may not reallize how many guys love to play with a young daughter and young mommy together. It’s super hot and popular. I love to party and get my little young princess to be just like me. She smokes weed and drinks with me. I even put cocaine on her holes and in her nose. She is such a little tease and whore.

Mommy and Emily Jasmin need to make rent for the new month! What can we work out big daddy? Do you have any ideas on what you would pay for this bald pussy or butthole? Or maybe to have a mommy and daughter share your cock? We promise to snowball your cum!

Roleplay phone sex

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