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Biggest cum shot was splattered all over my face by a BBC

Biggest cum shotMy boyfriend caught me having Hot ass sex with the neighbor! He walked in while I was bent over on all fours with his massive black cock reeling in and out of my shit-hole. He was pissed but when he saw the size of his cock he fully understood why I was willing to jeopardize our relationship for him. My neighbor has the biggest Black cock in existence! I didn’t stop milking his dick when my boyfriend walked in.. Why would I?  A black man doesn’t deserve to be put on the back burner for a white man with not even half the size of The living Legends cock. Instead my black King became even more aggressive.. He started shouting bitch suck it, be a good whore and please daddy.

My Young bald pussy was dripping wet.

There was no denying that I loved being a Submissive whore for his big black cock. His dick is what every white woman craves… I was lucky enough to have his long chocolate cock standing tall before me. There was no way I could just stop in my tracts. I bent over like a good slave slut and begged for Master to slam his cock into my asshole. I am such an anal whore for BBC. Nothing, not even my boyfriend can come between that. He watched as I took his massive black cock with ease and even tried to sway with rhythm to impress the black king. My boyfriend witnessed me act like such a slutty whore, a way of being that he has never brought me to before. I smooshed my Big tits around his Massive black cock and jerked until his Biggest cum shot was splattered all over my face.

Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard

Adult phone chat                 Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard. Which you know you want to cum. We are able to chat about everything. Cyber and put it on the speaker to just talk into your phone or computer. Hands free.

         It will make it that much easier for you to pull your cock out and start to jack off. Have your lotion and I am able to turn my vibrator up on high and the sound will not hinder our ability to have a lot of fun. Guiding you and talking about your biggest fantasies.

        In summary, you will have the biggest cum shot and cum all over my pictures while you are chatting away with me. Jerking off to my pictures, knowing my sultry voice, or sweet voice, inflecting the tone as you please, causing you to cum that much harder. Bringing you back to me time and time again.

Phone Sex Freak Shares BDK’s BBC With Sexy Mommy

Big Daddy King Always Makes Me Crave BBC Phone Sex

Big Daddy King paid a visit to one of his favorite phone sex barbies. Millionaire Daddy just came back from a very busy few weeks. You know BDK is always jet setting to grow his empire and find more horny snow bunnies to add to the harem. The Black New World Order needs as many white sluts as possible and Big Daddy King takes his job very seriously. He is making sure his name is synonymous with huge black dick.

One of his latest trips was to Jamaica. Daddy was hosting a party at the sexiest resort on the planet, Hedonism II. Big Daddy King was the man of the hour. He’s the man in any room he walks in to, but this was an extra special occasion. They opened a brand new wing in his honor. Even more groupies flocked to BDK and that huge anaconda he swings around. 

Guided Masturbation with Daddy Made Me Cum All Over My Hands

Daddy didn’t forget about his girls at home. He even sent us videos of that thick black dick railing tight white cunt. He gave me a call and we watched it together. Guided masturbation with the king of all kings is extremely sexy. I watched the video of him fucking that cute little whore and slid my hands into my custom made thong. I slid my fingers into my tight pussy, wishing it was his cock instead. His voice and seeing his cock, was enough to make my legs shake like he was there fucking me. 

Seeing Anaconda in action makes me remember why I submitted to the BNWO. That thick, throbbing black dick is hypnotizing while it’s sliding into a young bald pussy. Getting coated in wet cunt juices and getting milked by her tight slippery walls. He made her squirt all over his dick. I wanted to suck his cock clean so bad. I was so jealous. But I still came to the video he sent me 4x while he was out on vacation.  

The other girls that worship Big Daddy King loved the video too. It made all of us miss Daddy’s huge cock being inside of us. So of course, Daddy stopped over on the west coast to check on his needy little snow bunnies. All of his whores were excited. But I got a special visit. I’ve made it extremely obvious how much I crave Big Daddy King’s approval and attention. So I did all the things that drives BDK wild. 

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My Young Bald Pussy Was Begging for Big Daddy King’s Anaconda

I couldn’t even wait for the man to settle in. I was on my knees in my BDK bedazzled thong immediately. While he’s telling me about all the hot sluts he fucked on vacation, I’m reminding him why he made me his new favorite toy. My mouth, pussy and ass are always for BDK’s use. He is the Supreme Being. The rightful leader of the Black New World Order. The one and only Big Daddy King. How could I ever say no to him. 

We had even more fun than usual on his last visit. He thought I should invite my mom over to finally meet Big Daddy King. We look so much alike. Blonde hair, perky tits, and a fat white ass. Aka exactly Big Daddy King’s type. My pussy flooded watching her gasp when she pulled down his compression shorts for the first time. That meaty cock is so fucking impressive. I know it made her insides ache to be filled. 

Mommy and I Share the Biggest Cum Shot from the Biggest Dick

We both shared the Supreme Being’s anaconda. He had two identical barbie sluts licking and sucking his cock. Fighting over who got to slide the majority of it into our mouths. All you pathetic white dicks have been imagining mommy/daughter play like this. But only a BBC deserves that type of treatment. I got to watch his superior cock slide into her Milf pussy and the way she gripped his meat. Watching her get fucked was like watching me take his cock. I loved every minute of it. She was converting to black dick as soon as she came all over his cock.

I played with my pussy like a horny little bimbo. I couldn’t wait for my turn. It was so worth the wait. Feeling such a huge dick push it’s way into my pink twat felt like heaven and hell at the same time. I didn’t know if I could take so much dick at once. But I still wanted him to force every inch of his cock inside of me.

I begged to be fucked like the dirty slut that I am. And if there is one thing you can count on Big Daddy King for, it’s balls-deep hardcore ass fucking. I felt like I was going to cry when my legs started shaking. And then I could feel it. His thick cock twitched inside of me and I could feel his load exploding inside if me. Filling me completely. I swear big Daddy King not only has the biggest cock, but the biggest cum shot ever. I’m so lucky to be one of his toys.

Spreading My Cunt By The Pool

Bent over with my pretty wet bald cunt spread out by the pool is my favorite. I am obsessed with all the stares from everyone as they watch me be a desperate attention seeking whore. I can’t help but want to be fucked in every hole. I mean look how pretty my cunt and ass hole is as I wait for a cock to plow me. Being pounded out in public while people watch has recently been something that has really turned me on. Especially by the pool in my complex; theres so many sexy guys with their GF’s just watching me. They are just waiting for someone to have the balls to come use me right on this chair like the fleshlight I am so desperate to be. So why not call me so I can make you cum while I sit back and  relax while I rub my cunt for everyone! I bet I can make you cum so hard to thought of my whore body milking you dry!wet bald pussy

Wet bald pussy gets taken advantage of by a cop w a Big dick

Wet bald pussyI got pulled over, handcuffed and loaded with the Biggest cum shot by a Cop, today!

This specific cop has been pulling me over and fucking me on the side of the road for about a year now… Ever since I moved into this neighborhood he has been harassing me. His warm welcome was a load of steamy cum filling the walls of my pussy while on all fours. He regularly abuses his power, I’ve met a few other girls in this small town who’ve said he has done the same to them.

Rebecca told me the night he forcefully fucked her, he had taken advantage of her while she was intoxicated. She was drunk so she had pulled over in a parking lot to sober up, only to wake up with his flashlight in her face, literally. His Big dick was covered in her pussy juice and her Young bald pussy was leaking of his cum.

She was blacked out drunk, he had threatened to kill her and said that nobody would ever suspect it were him. He wound up taking her back to his house that night to sober up, I am assuming because of his lack of certainty as to what he had done. He wasn’t sure if she was going to tattle. I always wonder if she was his first victim, because she didn’t say a word maybe that’s why he made it a habit. I wont be telling on him neither! I love it when he bends me over he whispers taboo things into my ears while being bound with his steel handcuffs…

My Wet bald pussy is always left quenched by his Huge cock.

Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering.

Adult baby phone sex

                 Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering. Pampering is what you shall receive too. First, I need to check your diaper for you. Patting your bottom. Leaning close so that I am able to get a really good sniff.

          As soon as I pull back the diaper a little bit I am smelling a messy dirty stinky diaper. Now, someone made a mess in their diaper. You need a good changing don’t you.

          Let me lay you down, get to changing this diaper of yours my little baby. Clean you all up in no time. Then I will then take a hold of a wet wipe, front to back. Must pay close attention to detail and be sure to get all that poop off of your bottom.

          Once I have cleaned your bottom I move to your pee-pee. By all means kick your little feet and suck on your thumb. You have such a nice pee-pee yes you do.

          Usually, I would simply clean you and put the powder on then set you back on your feet. However, I think a little more attention to detail on your pee-pee is in order. You agree, yes.

          Wiping down your pee-pee, lifting it, wrapping a hand around it. Oh, my goodness. Someone is getting hard. Shall I put the diaper back on?


          It is time for the diaper. Putting some powder on your bottom and pee-pee before slipping the diaper under you and securing it around you. A nice fresh diaper and now I will put you in front of me to play at my feet.

          Watching you closely. Patting the front of your diaper. Feeling the hardness in it. Wanting you to shoot the biggest cum shot possible into your diaper so that I may take care of you again.


Babysitting fun

Babysitter phone sex

I loved being with a younger guy it got me off so good while I was getting off it was so fucking hot you were so fucking sexy you looked like a Instagram model.
I felt so good knowing I could get a hot guy like you and it makes it 10 times better your dick is a monster dick I loved your BBC dick it was the best dick I have ever had it was so yummy I loved licking the cum up to.
You the best fuck I ever had I loved that big fat black cock and the cum was so yummy too I Wanna fuck again yes baby I Wanna fuck again.

I will never forget how hot you were baby And how hot that fucking cock truly was I wanna keep meeting up to show you a good time and to Babysit you all the time I will take good care of you sweet heart mmm.

bbc neighbor

I love Fucking My black neighbor I always loved black hot dick I always loved how big black dicks were.
I loved his big 14-inch cock he had a monster cock was so fucking thick to he would make me squirt all over and pull my hair and would tell me to take it you fucking whore take all of my dick it was so hot when he was pulling my hair so hard,
It was so hot when he would take control of my slut pussy he knew how much of a whore I was and he loved the way I squirted on that big fat cock he was so fucking hot too i loved how cute and sexy he was I fucked my neighbor every single day and I let him cum in this tight young pussy he never wanted stop fucking my tight young wet pussy he wanted this pussy forever and he had it every day I wanted his yummy cock every single day.
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Unicorns get the Best Cum!

Biggest cum shot

Unicorns get all the loads!

Last night I went to a wonderful swinger’s party, and I was gifted with the Biggest cum shot ever.

Close your eyes and imagine 6 hot couples and me as the only Unicorn (Single female). I love being the center of attention so I suggest a game of who could cum the most. Well baby let me tell you, there was this hot Latino guy named Miguel, very dominant and naughty. He had me in just about every position you can think of including a few that I didn’t know even existed, but when he came, he shot so hard that it came out of my nose, I couldn’t keep up with swallowing that load. He won the biggest load award for sure.

Fucked silly and left messy.

I spent all night fucking all 6 of those kinky couples but he was by far the hottest cum stud. I went home feeling like a total cum slut and can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend.

Hedonism, Black Cock Phone Sex and the King of all Kings

black cock phone sexWhen I think of Hedonism, I think of black cock phone sex and Big Daddy King. Of course, my beloved King, who is also the rightful leader of the Black New World Order, should be the star of a two-week sex festival down in Jamaica. In fact, Big Daddy King brings in so many hot white babes and their loser husbands, Hedonism named a wing of the resort after the Supreme Being himself.  Now, Hedonism has an entire wing dedicated to the Black New World Order and there is a marbled statue of Big Daddy King in the entrance.

Big Daddy King is the rightful leader of the BNWO. His name is synonymous with the Black New World Order. It makes perfect sense that the Hedonism festival would pay my King to host events and bring in the hot ladies. The King stayed busy between public events at night, and private events during the day. But if anyone can fuck all day and make white women’s dreams cum true with the biggest cum shot from the best cock known to women, The Anaconda, it is Big Daddy King. Wherever he is at, the Cult of Anaconda follows.

Big Daddy King collected tributes from white loser men to fuck their wives while down in Jamaica for two weeks. Some hot celebrity babes attended too. Influencers, porn stars, beauty queens, athletes and actresses flocked to his side while also helping The Supreme Being indoctrinate more hot babes into the Black New World Order. Even some long standing sugar babies were on hand to help the newbies recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Black New World Order. And of course, get their Property of BDK tramp stamps and dress in tiny black bikinis with jewels that said the same thing on the pussy.

biggest cum shotEven I got to attend the most elite party around and help with the newest class of women joining the Cult of Anaconda. We would rather share the anaconda than have one white man all to ourselves. The adulation for the King never surprises me. I witnessed women fainting at the site of my buff King and his anaconda and throwing themselves at him too. Although I am a seasoned sugar baby, I still get weak in the presence of Big Daddy King. I even watched white loser husbands willingly give away their wives to the Black New World Order.

Hedonism should be called the Big Daddy King Sex Fest because everyone there only had Big Daddy King on their mind even though there were lots of other fine chocolate men around, including many celebrities and athletes. However, none of them compared to Big Daddy King. Us sugar babies and the new inductees to the Cult of Anaconda played ring toss with the anaconda and many other sexy games. We just bask in his heat.

Hedonism turned into a Black New World Order convention. Everyone there just wanted a chance to see Big Daddy King. One of the nights there turned into a special occasion for one of our own, Destiny. She had her first all black gang bang phone sex experience at Hedonism in front of Big Daddy King and hundreds of others. Destiny dedicated her hot white body to the Black New World Order, and I helped make it happen.

gang bang phone sexNot only did we stream all the activities that occurred in the BNWO wing, but we also streamed Destiny’s black gang bang too. Even her own racist brother had to watch his baby sister get blacked. Destiny recited the pledge of allegiance to the BNWO as the finest black men in Jamaica ran a train on her. But even 6 black men could not make her feel as good as Big Daddy King and his anaconda. Big Daddy King got to the tight white baby girl pussy first.

As our King of all Kings sat on his throne, Destiny sat on the anaconda. Big Daddy King deep stroked her tight cunnie. She is his property now. As am I. We all watched in envy as the King of all Cocks, the anaconda, made Destiny squirt everywhere.

The entire two weeks at Hedonism will be memorable for decades to come. Thankfully, between me and the camera crew, we got it all on film to watch repeatedly. No woman can think of Hedonism without thinking of Big Daddy King. Now, thanks to streaming, no man can either. Big Daddy King is The Living Legend for a reason. It will take a decade for all of us hot white babes to recover from just two weeks with our King. But every moment we get to spend in his presence is all worth it. #BNWO #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #CultofAnaconda #TheLivingLegend #AnacondaWorldDomination #KingofAllKings #KingofAllCocks #Addicted2Anaconda