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Cock control phone sex with Emma

Cock control

Sweet Emma owns your cock.

I knew the minute I walked into your office that you were a complete man whore; I knew that not only would we have some Hot cock control . I could tell by the way your eyes never left my chest during our interview that it was only a matter of time before I would own that cock.

And you thought you were the boss.

You laughed nervously as I reached out and began stroking your inner thigh, I grazed that cock slowly and deliberately with my long red nails, causing you to inhale quickly as I gave your rock-hard cock a squeeze.

Stroke and beg baby.

I giggle and tell you what a nice bulge you have and tell you to take it out. You quickly jerk your cock out of your pants thinking you were going to get some prime Pussy.  But instead, I make you stroke it while I slowly finger my hot little pussy into a frenzy.  I tell you to beg for what you want, unfortunately the more you beg the more I giggle and soon I am gushing all over your office sofa. I allow you to taste my sweet juices while you jerk your cock.

Not today baby

I laugh as I tell you to put it away and that maybe later if you are a really good boy Ill let you finish you cry like a bitch and heat and beg for release. I finally decide to let you cum on my beautiful black leather pumps and watch as you lap up every single drop of your jizz.

My tits got the Biggest cum shot, time for my ass

Biggest cum shotHis spout was pouring out the biggest cum shot onto me. I knew I probably shouldn’t be posing, my fingers out in funny shapes like a heart over my tits but I was enjoying it too much to care. He didn’t care much either. With every breath he pumped a bit harder and dried himself on my thirsty breasts. I let him have his fun, it was fun for me too, and a nice thick coating of white cream goes a long way. Like a paint job to the womb, miracles happen when my tingly skin is showered. I panted a bit, unable to control my heavy breathing and desires swirling around inside of me for something strong. I felt him start to get soft and knew I had to act fast if I wanted my black cock phone sex. My lips wrapped around his tip, my tits wrung him and my fingers gripped his balls to force him back up. It was quick, and he was surprised. I popped off with a grin and giggle, I pushed him down, and climbed up like he was a prize stallion. He might as well have been, he was going to get ridden. I ignored his complaints, deciding to be a dominant bitch for a moment, and lined him right up with my hungry asshole. “You’re gonna give me what I want, okay?” I didn’t wait for a nod or any other form of meek confirmation, I slammed my hips down, and took what I want with glee.

Splitting my asshole was a heavy meat that pushed and punished. I needed it so deep and so powerful. His throbbing made me feel alive, while his balls slapping against my bouncy tush reminded me that I really was. He held a lot of vigor inside him, and I was going to drain it all into my slutty crack with my superb cock control.

Adult phone chat with my tits

Adult phone chatUp and down my moist melons go the adult phone chat chain, slapping into his balls gently with a rocking rhythm that overtakes my mind and creates a fantastic lull. It’s not the same as our earlier, more frantic fucking, it’s a soothing place that nestles him caringly and gives him a wonderful place to rest. His hard dick needed a break, and that’s what this is. Warm titties squishing against him, rocking, letting him take a long moment in a sauna of his own. For such a studly man with such a huge cock it could barely fit in my pussy, he’s not tough enough that I can go all-out with him. He’s fragile, in that ‘needs a good titty fuck to rejuvenate’ kind of way. It think most men are, but he surprised me. I was expecting to go all night, not to have to stop mid-way and introduce him to paradise, big tits phone sex.

I’m not complaining, paradise is where all men should want to be, it’s just, I’d love to give this big fat dick what it craves in quick and ferocious conquest. I want to see his cum cover my tits in hot pools that drip ever so slowly down my body. I do go a little faster, but mostly I swivel my milky tits around him. I smother his cock in hot love, and let out gaspy moans so he can hear what he’s doing to me. I make sure he’s aware of what just smelling his virile dick makes me want. I need him on top of me, plunging his fat fucking prick into my folds and messing me up in a way so perfect I’m ruined for all other men. For now, I need to remember this is about him, so I ensure I’m not going too fast, while I gently blow on his sensitive cockhead to surprise him and wring my boobs together a bit tighter so he can feel more of me and give me the biggest cum shot.

Hot Ass Sex On Spring Break!

Hot Ass SexThis has been the best spring break for me to have hot ass sex on the beach every day! Nothing makes me hornier than strutting down the beach in my tiniest bikini and seeing who checks out my jiggling ass. I spent most of my time getting drunk with my girls, tanning and sucking cock behind the life guard hut. We went out clubbing every night to show off and let hot college guys from all over buy us drinks. My favorite thing about partying with my girls is that we never judge each other for being as freaky as we want to be! We fuck all night long and then have kinky party girl phone sex when we get bored and need a little cash. Those older guys at the club loved coming home with us and looking at our naked teen pictures before we got down and dirty. I was sucking some rich older man cock when my bff came over and started licking my cunt! My sugar daddy for the night wanted nothing more than to gape our tight teen fuck holes and make some sexy college girl porn!

Party Girl Phone Sex

Creampie Phone Sex With My Brother Is So Fucking Hot!

Breeding Phone Sex

Creampie phone sex is so fucking hot, but you know what makes it even hotter, if its with my brother! My brother is so fucking hot, I craved his body for so fucking long its no joke. I legit have wanted to see what he has since I was a young one. But, this weekend, I will finally make my fantasy a reality!

He is coming over and I want all of him, not just a piece. I will seduce him and show him how great of a sister I really can be. I’ll show him I can be there for him in all ways, not just some. I will whip out his cock then suck on it like there was no tomorrow. Just tasting that delicious meaty cock will have made my dreams come true, but I won’t stop there!

No, I want to feel him inside of me, I want him to give me a load so huge and fuck me so deep inside that my organs are rearranged. That’s right I want my brothers enormous load to be inside of my tight wet cunt. I want him to get me pregnant. I want his seed buried deep inside of my womb.

That way I can have a little one of my own and raise it how I deem fit. Oh, my goodness if he gets me pregnant I would scream in joy. I would love nothing more than to have his spawn inside of me. I simply cannot wait for him to come over then cum inside of me, no I just can’t wait!

College Coed Sex Spring Break Awakening!

College Coed Sex Spring break college coed sex awakens my inner cum demon, once the snake charmer is free I can’t help but get fucked like a porn star on vacation! It’s almost my favorite time of the year again; spring break is when all of us coeds need to let loose and do all the wild partying that we want to before the stress of finishing out the semester. I love being driven to do the nastiest things because I’m surrounded by my fellow dunk coeds fucking, that’s when my inner snake charmer comes out to play. I’ll spend all the time I can on the beach in my tiny bikini getting drunk and playing with my pussy until I lure a hard stud to come over put his dick in me. The wildest orgies happen after we go out clubbing and come back to our rental condo, it’s the perfect time to do some coke and smoke weed in the hot tub. Last year I fucked for hours before I got black out drunk and woke up with my pussy soaked in sticky loads! When I woke up, my friends showed me a video of me getting fucked by three guys before I passed out from squirting so hard. I was surrounded by guys jacking their dicks and fucking my cunny before cumming in me. I can’t wait to see what I get into this year with all my roommates on our spring break snake charming tour!

After School Orgy Whore!

School Girl Phone SexI’ve been a little orgy slut for as long as I can remember! When I was younger, me and my brother fucked every day but I also had a group of fuck buddies who I let cum dump my tight little twat! I use to go to my friend’s house for a long fuck session and he would invite all his guy friends over to join us! Once three of them got there I took my time sucking each cock nice and slow to get them rock hard. I learned that I love having two cocks deep inside my pussy and a nice thick one is my ass. Feeling the two dicks in my cunt sliding against each other was enough to make my cunt squirt like a waterfall! They would fuck my tight little pussy so hard I’d start cumming all over the three cocks inside me, milking them to complete satisfaction with my underage cunt. My big brother had no idea that he turned me into an after school orgy whore by fucking my young tight twat!

Do You Look at My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosDo you look at big tit photos? What about mine? I have natural 44 EEEs. They are real. They swing and jiggle too. Men love my big bouncy breasts. Girls like them too. I picked up a coed the other day. She was cute and hitting on me. She kept telling me my breasts were amazing, so I was certain she was a at least bisexual.  I am a bisexual BBW. I love to play with women almost as much as I enjoy men. Women eat pussy so good. I have always appreciated the female body. This girl was busty and hot. Not as busty as me, but every bit as hot. Women compliment each other on hair, and looks and clothes, but never breasts. Not unless they are trying to get to that wet bald pussy. I was certain she was hitting on me. I was at Starbucks, and I live just around the corner. I invited her home with me.

She was happy to come back with me. I had no clue where she lived, but she had on sorority letters and she used her college ID for a discount, so I knew she was a coed. Likely every bit of a decade younger than me, but that excited me more. I was going to eat a coed cunt. Oh damn, did that coed cunt taste so good. I mean wow she was a hot chick. We 69’d for hours eating each other out. Her pussy was drenching my face. I showed her how much better a sexy bbw could eat her pussy than any frat boy. She is not lesbian, but she told me I was the hottest chick she had ever seen and I made her want to try a bisexual encounter. I gave her a hot squirting pussy. It was her first-time squirting. She did not know she could squirt. She hit on me as a straight girl. But I think she left my place, a bisexual babe for life because I ate her pussy just that good.

BDSM Phone Sex With Coed Hottie Cody!

BDSM Phone Sex

So, I have always been a slut, like my entire life. But when I came across BDSM everything changed for me. I found myself being more submissive and less confrontational. I found I liked listening to my master and what he wanted to do. How he wanted to tie me up then have his way with me using all sorts of toys.

That just made my pussy tingle and twitch in excitement. Feeling the rope caress my wrists and bound them behind my cack, making me unable to move my arms at all. Oh it’s such a rush being tied up, not knowing what the other person is thinking or how they want to be pleased and please me today.

It’s always so delicious being tied up and fucked by my master. He has an enormous 9-inch beefy, meaty, juicy cock that I cannot get enough of. Anything he does turns me on really. Just the sound of his smooth and seductive voice gets me going.

I especially like when he blind folds me in surprise then plays with me with whips and teases me with his yummy cock and wands on my clit constantly. He always seems to know exactly what to do to make me squirt and make a big mess all over the place that I have to lick clean in the end. But its ok, I love the way I taste, so sweet and tangy like a sweet orange. Who knows who he will have join us this time!

Losing a bet

wet bald pussy

My boyfriend lost the Superbowl bet earlier this month. I would have written about this earlier, but i haven’t seen much of anything since that super bowl night.

I didn’t know my boyfriend was betting on me getting fucked if his team lost. Well, the eagles lost, and the chiefs won, so I had to fuck his friend. If I didn’t, he would lose his friend and be denied access to the boys club. I know what the hell a frat group comes before me.

Well, it was his mistake to bet on me and my wet bald pussy. Now I can’t get enough of his friend. I am seriously addicted to his big cock and how he fucks his brother and me too. Sometimes I get double penetrated by both, and I am shot not only in the pussy but the asshole too.