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Blackmail Porn Gets Me Sissy Fucked!

Blackmail is my favorite mind game, I love taking pictures of small cocks, men cheating on their wives or being dressed up like sissies! A coed slut like me gets to see lots of things around campus, I know professors who fuck their students, girls who fuck for money and plenty of sissies with small cocks pretending to be jocks. My favorite thing to do is get dressed up all slutty and go out with my camera to capture people in the act of their secret passions.
Blackmail Phone Sex Last time I went out on the prowl I saw the Dean of my university bringing some hookers into his house on campus. I had to get a closer look, I crept close to the window outside of his office and snapped some very nasty pictures of him dressed in drag getting fucked by a tranny. That tranny hooker had her cock deep inside the dean’s ass when I accidentally flashed my camera taking a photo of them. I tried to run but the dean came out and caught me, he demanded my camera and told me I would get kicked out of school. I pleaded with him but he told me the only way I was getting out of it was if I joined him and his hookers in an orgy. I had no choice but to agree and strip naked, I sat on the dean’s cock while he got fucked in the ass by that sexy tranny whore. The other two whores shoved a dildo in his mouth and  a strap-on up my ass. Feeling his cock pulsate as he got fucked in his asshole was an incredible feeling, the tranny made him sissy squirt inside me before she blew her load all over my tits!

Bisexual Phone Sex With A Big Tit Girl And BDSM Woman

Bisexual Phone Sex With A Big Tit Girl And BDSM WomanEver had Bisexual Phone Sex? Well, My girlfriend and I decided to have her brother over for dinner tonight. He always wanted to meet me, and we had the best plan ever together. After dinner we showed him around the house and our master bedroom. My girlfriend locked the door, and he seemed very confused at first until I took my shirt off, and she showed her huge bare tits. I’m sure he wanted to be mortified, but he was too hypnotized by her big tits and my tight body. We started off with a good blow job, and I tied his wrists to the bed. We were going up and down together on the sides of his dick with our lips touching. I was a bit confused when he stopped us, but then he said, “I always wanted to see lesbians in real life.” I knew what he wanted me to do. *Giggles* She and I started kissing each other with the taste of dick still on our mouths. He looked like he was going to go insane by the sight! We pressed our bare tits together and humped our pussies together so he could get a real nice view of us. Poor boy couldn’t jack off, so when he couldn’t take it anymore, he begged for his big sister to tit fuck his cock then ride him. I guess he really wanted to see those big tits bounce, but I don’t blame him. I love huge tits. So when she jiggled them all around his cock I could see that he was about to cum, so I stopped her. Her brother was about to protest but I bit his neck and said she has to ride him now while he eats my pussy. I sat on his face while his sister got her fat pussy on his cock and started bounced. I was facing her, watching those beautiful tits bounce as she moaned for her little brother. His tongue felt so good against my wet pussy, I kept grinding and riding his face until I was so close. The best part was when my girlfriend squirted on him! I came right then and there as I saw his cock cum inside her pussy and drip out. SO fucking hot.

Getting Cumdumped At The Porn Theater!

Coed Phone Sex

When I get bored I like to go to my local porn theater and put on a show of my own! My local porn theater is one of my favorite places to go when I’m feeling hot and horny. I get all dressed up like a whore and take my favorite toy with me to go masturbate in public, which usually gets me into some wild fun. This time I had a seat close to the screen, I was watching a girl get force fucked by a group of hard cocked Christians. My pussy was soaking wet as I let my vibrator pound my clit, I was moaning loud when a man walked up and started jerking his cock next to me. He was so hard and my cunt was so juicy, I stood up and went to lay down on the platform just in front of the screen where everyone could see me. I slid my dress off and spread my legs wide waiting for a cock to fill me, it only took thirty seconds for me to feel a thick hard dick slipping in my tight wet cunt. I came hard for him and he blew a load deep inside my pussy, when he stepped away, I looked up and saw a line of men with hard cocks just waiting to use my cunny!

How I Started Fucking My Brother!

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

Growing up in a conservative home made me and my brother crave incest fucking! Growing up my parents were very strict and religious which made me and my brother very rebellious in our younger years. We would stay up late, basically watching anything our parents told us we couldn’t on my brother’s computer. One night he showed me some really dirty porn while he whipped out his hard cock and started stroking it right in front of me. I was so curious about what all those naked people were doing on the screen but also, I was itching to touch my brother’s cock. He told me I could suck it or touch it and I couldn’t resist; I reached out and just started stroking it with my little hand, it felt so big and hard. I was amazed at the sensation of his cock pulsating in my hand, I had to suck it! Once that hard cock slid in my mouth, I was amazed at how my brother moaned and guided my head down further. I gagged a little and spit all over it which made my brother blow a load all over my face. I liked the way his cum tasted and from that moment on I think I became obsessed with his cock!

College Coed Sex

College Coed Sex

College coed sex is taboo to many, but I love it. I am such a slutty whore for my professor. One day during class I made sure to unbutton my shirt and pull up my skirt so he could almost see my panties. I spent the entire class period teasing him. Slowly bending down to grab my pencil, going up to his desk to ask a question but really, I was just pushing my tits all over him, ext. So in between classes I snuck in his classroom and hid under his desk. when he sat down and began talking to the class, I started to tease him even more. The first thing I did was started sucking on his balls. my favorite thing to do his suck and lick all over them. Boy was my professor surprised. But he barely could take it he grabbed all my hair and started shoving my mouth down his cock. His gigantic dick took up my entire throat. I could feel it pulsating and throbbing. I pulled back slightly and started twisting and turning my tongue. I wanted to remember every inch of his tasty shaft. I am pretty sure the entire class knew what was happening because as I was going faster and faster, he stood up and started skull fucking my face. his balls kept hitting me making this amazing slapping sound and you could hear from a mile away how wet his cock was. I swear every few seconds I would gag because he just kept shoving and shoving it deeper and deeper. And oh my god my naughty professor has a dirty little mouth. He kept saying the craziest things. “You fucking like that you dirty fucking whore, huh? You love the taste of my cock ramming down your throat. Yeah, you fucking do, take it whore take it.” Then he started moaning so loud and the biggest fucking load of cum exploded in my mouth and my cheeks swelled up. I had tears in my eyes streaming down my face from gagging so much.

Summertime In Our College Town!

Bisexual Phone Sex

Being a coed cum slut means setting up your own summertime orgies when you are off from school! The summertime in my college town is very unique, most of the students are gone back to their hometowns but some of us stick around for the fun parties around here. My roommate and I got so bored after work yesterday that we decided to throw an orgy at our place! We got lots of alcohol and drugs to get the party started, we just danced and kissed until some guys started showing up and watching us. We put on a little show for them by sixty-nineing until we made each other cum, by the time we looked up from eating each other’s pussies, the room was full of hot guys with their cocks hard. Of course, we let them fuck us! The orgy began with me and my roommate getting fucked doggystyle face to face and it ended with both of our cunts leaking loads of hot cum.

Poker night turns into poke her right

Creampie Phone Sex

I love when the guys have a poker night. I always get their attention by wearing my lingerie and getting them all riled up. I’m a whore like that, and my much older boyfriend enjoys the perks of having a young girlfriend and will do anything to keep me in his life. 

We have an open relationship and a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. I’ll admit I take advantage of it way more than he does, but he does enjoy bragging about how hot his much younger girlfriend is and how barely legal I am. 

Indeed, I will maybe be barely legal, but I know a certified porn star. When the guys gather for poker, they are betting on who will poke me with their dick and who gets to cream inside me. I’ve got plenty of creampie phone sex stories for you.

Master, May I serve you?

BDSM Phone Sex

Have you ever wanted to completely own and use a cum slut like me? I’m a submissive coed cum whore who needs to be dominated. I love feeling like I’ve served daddy or my master well so please train me in the ways you like to be pleased. Ball gag me or face fuck me, I’ll be obedient either way. I’m very good at taking hard cock in all my slutty holes, nothing makes me cum harder than being force fucked until my cunt is stretched out from being cum dumped and my asshole is raw from pounding. I crave brutal domination when I wake from dreams of my brother’s cock, being away from him leaves the biggest void inside me… I need to fill that void with cock. A whore like me only knows and respects one thing and one thing alone; the most dominant man with the biggest cock in the room. Master, May I serve you?

The biggest slut at the party

cheap phone sex

Throw a party and I’m the biggest slut whore who shows up! I love to get wasted on shots, do some molly and maybe a line of coke or 2 off your hard cock in the bathroom. I love getting high and fucking rando’s I meet at parties or out at bars. I’m obsessed with cock and can never get enough! Throw in some party supplies like drugs and booze and I’m the life of the party. Usually I just rub myself up against the nearest guy and start stroking his cock thru his pants and next thing you know my skirt is over my head and I’m getting a huge schlong drilled in my tight twat. I always get off quick so I glaze dude’s dick and get it lubed up for some butt fucking and it’s on! Sawing in and out my asshole guys love Brittney! She’s the fucking best! I beg him to cum in my ass, just like a cum dumpster right? For real, so after he fills my guts with his jiz, I do another shot of Jameson and snort a line of the back of the toilet and it’s onto the next dick in line.

They Call Me ‘The Snake Charmer’!

Barely Legal Phone Sex

At School my nickname is ‘the snake charmer’ because I can make any cock stand at attention! I’m known around my college campus as a wild party girl who can get anything she wants by using her pussy. All my girlfriends are secretly jealous of me and hope that I don’t fuck their boyfriends behind their backs. I think it’s funny to drive men wild with lust! That means they are easy to control and I can make them do anything I want. I’m ‘the snake charmer’ because I’m not only beautiful, I’m very good at talking to men and making them trust me, that makes them easy to figure out and use however I see fit. Of course if I have to, I use my tight wet cunny to drive them into a fuck frenzy, I suck them hard and make them pound me until I get what I want!

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