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Hot Phonesex Do I Crave it Or Not?

hot phonesexHot phonesex is my addiction.  I love hearing a guy stroking that big hard cock, it makes my pussy cream up the moment I hear it in his voice and hear that cock being wanked on the other line.  Who wouldn’t get a little hot and bothered when you are being told by the sexy voice on the other end they want to stick their big fat cock in your wet and ready cunt?  I can barely take it some days, my vibrator and dildos stay here with me at my desk.

The first time I remember having phonesex is with my best friend. We both liked a guy at school and we were each trying to impress him. We were having a sleepover together and called him.  He would tell us how he was masturbating to our voices. So we proceeded to take pictures of us getting it on.  Sent some of us makng out as we described to him over the phone what we were doing. He loved hearing our tongues going down each others throats.  Seeing it in the pictures just added to the effect. We ended up getting so loud her neighbors came to check hearing a girl screaming. Only no one was hurt, it was my friend who just so happened to be a crazy loud person that sounds like she’s dying when she’ about to cum.

Who else came really hard? Our little boy toy on the phone. Turns out, he wanted both of us and after our 2 girl phone sex called, we had real life sex with him soon after.  Phone sex these days is like foreplay.  Good to work up to the real thing. So of course I crave it. Monday, noon and night.

Age Play Phone Sex for Naughty Neighbor

Age Play Phone Sex

Many of Daddy’s friends like Age Play Phone Sex, and I love to give it to them. I was always a horny little gal. It was no strange occurrence for me to start getting played with when I was younger.  A sensual touch always excited me, and seeing older men get hard looking at my young body ended up with a creamy mess in my panties.

Daddy had a friend down the road who was married, and I loved to think about him when I went to bed. This was before Daddy started taking me regularly. Daddy had already taken me a few times, but Mommy was still living in the house, and he had to be cautious. So, some nights, I would go to bed by myself. When I thought of this neighbor/friend of ours, I would grind my pussy on my stuffed animal.

One night, I had rubbed it so good I couldn’t stop. I looked out my window and could see him in his garage. I just had to go over. It was late, so I didn’t think anyone would be awake to notice me sneaking out. When I got to his garage, he was startled as I stood in my nightgown with my sticky teddy. He asked what I needed. I told him I got my teddy stick and needed something to make it feel better. He asked what did I need to make me feel better. I said my wet pussy. He dropped his wrench and said we couldn’t do anything. Then I dropped to my knees and said I could do something for him. Then he moved closer even as he said we shouldn’t. I unzipped his pants and showed him what I could do.

Blonde Bitches Ready To Play

Bisexual Phone SexBlonde bitches like us do it better than any whore you will find. We are fun, slutty, sexy and have the best holes. This is my best friend Laura and she knows how to eat my holes better than anyone ever has. She tongue fucks my cunt and ass hole all the time and get’s it all ready for a nice big cock to stretch me out. I do the same for her too and she moans like a bitch in  heat. We just can’t help how horny we constantly are; we just can’t stop fucking one another. Every guy who has ever put his cock in us has always said “blondes do it better”! So call me so I can tell you how good my friends holes taste after a big cock dumps a load in her stupid fuck holes!!

Blowjobs phone sex fun

blowjobs phone sex

Blowjobs are phone sex fun for those who enjoy a terrible girl like Moi.

It’s French class, and I am bored as hell. Who in the world has to take summer classes for an elective course? I did and had to do so one-on-one with the French teacher. If I wanted to pass the lesson, move on to the next semester, and have credit, I would have to do so.

You know I am a party girl, and I can do so many other things with my time instead of taking a make-up class for a language I will never need. So I plotted and assumed, why not do what I do best, sucking my way out of this mess. 

Professor Beaufoy was hot enough, and I did it without hesitation. He fought me a bit but couldn’t contain his pleasure and finally let me at it and let me enjoy my summer with a promise there would be many more cock sucking sessions. Bien sûr, à plus tard professeur Beaufoy! 😉

Naked Teen Pictures Photoshoots Gone Wrong

naked teen picturesMy mom use to get mad that I would take so many naked teen pictures of myself.  I just loved pictures!  So much so that when an older guy stopped me on the streets and wanted to get a teen model to pose for him for his portfolio, I was all in!  In turn, I would get free pictures from it. I thought, why not? I love being naked. I was about to graduate and thought I may need a portfolio to get into modeling or porn.

My best friend tagged along one day as we headed to a shady part of town to meet this guy. We headed into his place and he greeted us in his towel.  He apologized saying he was running late from his day job and to make ourselves at home while he got ready.  We saw some drinks poured for us so of course, we started chugging. Party girls never turn down a free drink, right?

We were feeling tipsy and this guy was taking forever.  I really wanted these naked pictures done as I  had  big dreams of being in Playboy one day.  So we tried being patient.  Kept pouring the drinks from the bottle on the table.  Until we finally decided to just take off our clothes ourselves. Yes, the alcohol was guiding our decisions. However, you only live once!

Before we knew it, we were naked making out on the couch, touching each other all over. I remember her wet pussy in my face and then mine in hers.  Her tongue feeling better than any guys tongue had in long time. I don’t know why but I could’nt get enough of my friends pussy that night.

It was like something in that drink made me horny as could be. I couldn’t keep my hands off my beautiful sexy friend.  My fingers explored her entire body, every hole I wanted that night and got it.  Imagine not even being in a house 30 minutes before you are naked and ramming things in your sexy best friends pussy as she did the same to me for hours and hours. I forgot why we were even there by the end.  I was so hammered but it didn’t stop me from having my way with my best friend.  Boy she looked sexy that night.  I got all over that girl and rocked her world.

What I didn’t get that night? Pictures. Bummer but at least I got to finally fuck my hot best friend.

I’m always happy with Big tit fucking

Big tit fuckingMy tits were bouncy, my shoulders rocking, my whole body heaving and his breath groaning heavily while I gave him a gracious big tit fucking. I was introducing one of my favorite new neighbors to what I like to call a whore titfuck. It’s when a whore, like me, a true professional in the sack, gives her all with her jugs on a thick cock like this one. It’s not complex, it’s not even new, it’s definitely not special. What it is, is hella sexy, super sweaty, hot and fun. I can’t get enough of rubbing my fuckbags all over his fuck meat, and making him moan so wonderfully. There’s nothing quite like watching a man lose it for your efforts, let alone when it’s efforts put into your gifts from god and big tits phone sex. I was given tits like these, true miracles attached to a goddess, and no man can resist their fruits when I put myself into them. Effort turns to bliss, bliss turns to praise, and praise turns into effort. It’s a cycle that started with daddy’s approval and ends with a nice juicy cumshot all over my cheeks and nose. I couldn’t wait to be drenched in all the cum I can milk out of him, I can never wait. I make even one person acts like a real titfuck into a competition. If that means I’m competing with myself, one-upping myself to make a man’s eyes roll back and his cock throb with desire to give me what I want, so be it. I was very happy to wring him dry right onto my face, and he was very happy to explode with all the heat and passion he could manage to erupt with. It just doesn’t get better than the wildest, biggest cum shot.

Big tit photos are what makes men weak and naturally submit

Big tit photosDon’t request Blackmail Phone Sex if you aren’t expecting to lose your entire family including your wife.. You thought for one second you could take me for a fool.. now look at you calling me every 5 minutes because you don’t know what else to do with your time.. That drug habit included with your addiction to Goddess Gabrielle has sent you in a whirl. I made you happy; I made things easier for you babe… now the burden and the stress of that soon to be ex wife and those ungrateful hellions, isn’t something you will have to put up with anymore… You can just lay back and relax, listen to me rub my Wet bald pussy while we talk naughty together..

When you confessed you love me I knew it was true. I could tell by the way you looked into the camera.. and when you told me you have already accepted that through the phone is the farthest we will go and you don’t care if you have to spend every penny you earn weekly just to talk to me, you will. You don’t have to watch porn anymore.. You knew that day would come where someone that is out of your league would fall on your lap and actually want you.. here I am. My perfect big juicy tits, curvaceous body and sloppy wet pussy keeps you busy all the time… You just couldn’t fight the temptation any longer after looking at my Big tit photos.. LOL

Giving up Cock control was a mistake that got me a hot creampie!

Cock controlLeaning away from him and giving up my cock control was a mistake, and I knew it the moment I saw his expression widen, his cock grow, and his body leap on me. He dragged me to the floor, and for a glorious moment his lips were on mine. It felt so very right, my head swimming and my heart aching – that was until I was torn out of the moment by a tearing sound. My panties, he tore my expensive, really cute pawprint panties? I couldn’t tell if I should be impressed with his boldness and desire to fuck the juices right out of my needy pussy or absolutely furious. I chose both. There’s a concept called angry sex that’s only just behind college coed sex, and I got to have both today. Angry sex is furious, passionate, ready and wet and so covered in pussy juice. “You’re mine.” He rumbled, his thick cock splitting me open with a single stroke that struck me deep and made the part of me that was impressed so wet it could cum from that alone. “Don’t forget your place!” I probably wouldn’t ever again if he continued to act like this. His dick throbbing deep as he pumped me like I deserved. I could feel him encroaching with something wonderful, his balls churning up the gravy I want so deep it hurts to think about. The emptiness inside of me needs to be filled with what he has to provide, and the good news is I bet he’s a good chef and can keep me full for nine or ten months with one dose of creampie phone sex. I could feel him start to spurt molten loads of seed right into my needy cunt and use his cock as a tool to stir it up and mix it in deep inside of me.

Cheerleader Phone Sex with whore squad leader

Cheerleader Phone SexCheerleader Phone Sex


Briona’s allure lies not just in her stunning appearance she’s a master of acrobatics and dance. However, beneath the cheerleader’s uniform skirt lies an untamed desire that only the chosen few have the privilege to witness. Briona’s hidden sensuality awakens after the cheers fade away, leaving room for a private performance that tantalizes the senses Guided masturbation. Behind the vibrant, good-girl, cheerleading persona is a nasty, Cum shots on tits kind of girl. Try some Cheerleader Phone sex and fuck the cheerleader that you never could in collage

As she flips, twists, and cheers, Bri deserves to be physically celebrated with unapologetic, hard, strong cock. She effortlessly commands attention In and out of the spotlight, On or off the field.

Cheer Sluts Publicly Humiliate Tiny Dick Simp

Cheerleader Phone Sex

S-L-U-T! That is what I love to be! C-U-C-K! That is all you’ll be today!

Hey there, you pathetic little Peeping Tom. You came up to a bunch of us cheerleaders after the big game and begged for a sniff of our panties, remember? You even paid us before we even gave you anything just for the hope that we’d let you get access to our underwear. We’ve dealt with panty lovers like you who stalk cheerleaders asking for panties and socks, begging one of us to give them to you, and later wanting to fuck us. Unluckily for you, we only have one rule in our cheer squad: No simp bitches will ever get between our legs! That’s why we invited you up to our hotel room and kept you waiting outside while we fucked the whole team. Your worthless ass is jerking your tiny cock in the hallway, looking in from the peep hole. I hope you brought some lube because that’s the only way you’re getting your cock wet tonight. I bet all the guests in the hotel are watching how ridiculous you look.