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Phone Sex Babe Cassandra Loves Pussy Too

phone sexI love phone sex. The older I get the more I think about retiring from the club. I do not dance as much as I used to. Mostly, I manage the girls and hire new talent. But I find it harder and harder to find reliable girls. Most girls who would even consider stripping, find it easier to cam from home or do Only Fans. But both those fields became over saturated in the past couple years, and that makes it harder for girls to earn a livable wage. But stripping? Easy work for a bigger payout. And consistent money too.

I decided to do some recruiting, which I never do. Usually, I place ads in the local city paper and online. But this past week, I went to the local colleges with flyers. Summer school still gets plenty of coeds. We have a community college, three big colleges, and an all girls college in my town. And I started with the all girls school.

As I walked around campus, I felt so smart, but I stood out.  I did not look like a coed or a teacher, and some girls stared at me. But I found this coed sitting by herself on a bench reading. So, I approached her. She looked like she would even make a good GFE phone sex provider, But I wanted to recruit her for the club. She had the girl next door appeal. Not the buxom bimbo look. And I strive to have a variety of girls because men have different tastes.

Turns Out I Like Younger Girls Too

I sat next to her and gave her my spiel. She invited me to her off campus apartment nearby since the heat felt brutal. However, when we got back to her place, she came on to me. This girl could not have been much older than 20 and I am 38 almost 39. Then I thought about it. I date older men. If girls can like older men, why not older women too?

I kissed her, as I fondled her small but natural breasts. And the next thing I knew my tongue found its way to her young bald pussy. What an amazing body too. So natural, smooth and sweet tasting. We fucked in her apartment using our fingers and tongues. She made me cum very hard. And I think she would say the same about me.

Although I have played around with other strippers in the VIP room for a patron, and played with some of my girlfriends, I had never been with a girl that young before. And I must admit that I loved it. She admitted she’s bisexual with a thing for sexy blondes. Now, I might be bisexual with a thing for sexy coeds. Although she declined my offer to come to the club for tryouts, she gave me her number so we can play again. I consider that a win.

Hot Ass Sex is Nurse Brittney’s Cure for Everything

My Patient Begged for Hot Ass Sex

Hot ass sex can cure any ailment. Especially with me as your slutty hot nurse. I started volunteering at the hospital for my public service requirements for school. When I started I didn’t know there would be so many horny perverts with big cocks. I don’t know anything about medicine, but I know a lot about swallowing dick. And you know what they say, stick to what you know.

It started the first day I had to help bathe one of the patients. I was just supposed to get him changed but his cock was so hard. It was this huge meaty dick, not as big as the black dick that I’m used to, but still huge enough that any of the other nurses would immediately notice. None of them are as good at hot ass sex as me and he was begging with these big puppy dog eyes. Charity is good for the soul. And a thick cok down my throat is good for practice.

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My Throat Isn’t Working, Use My Wet Bald Pussy Instead

I told him he could never tell anyone and pulled his cock out. I was just going to give him a blowjob. But I was swallowing for almost half an hour and his balls were still full. I was a little offended to be honest. I needed to prove a point. If he wasn’t going to cum down my throat, then he’ll definitely blow his load inside of this tight shaved pussy.

I slipped my panties down and climbed on top of his cock. He pulled my big tits out and tried his best to suck them while I was riding his dick. My cunt was actually so fucking wet. I didn’t think my pussy would water for any cock that wasn’t a foot-long anaconda. I just kept thinking about all the good karma I would get from helping the sick and needy.

Breeding Phone Sex with my bosses pervy son!

Breeding Phone SexSo, my bosses son John became obsessed with Breeding Phone Sex once he started talking to me. We got a bit close after we hit it off at a company event. Me and John were the only young ones super bored and drunk; that’s the first time we hooked up. We made out in his car and I gave him the best blowjob of his life after; he came all over me. After we had a great session together we exchanged phone numbers and knew we were going to set up a time to meet up and fuck. Within a few weeks we discussed breeding and lots of anal; he was so ready to fuck me and vice versa.

Once we made each other cum very the phone a few times I had Cock control over him. It was so easy to manipulate and convince him to fuck me raw until he blasted me full of cum. We met up at his house when his parents weren’t home and had a great evening together. I blew him like he has never been blown and the first few loads he shot all over my pretty face and tits. After that, he came deep inside my tight little pink pussy and right up my young little shitter! We have now made plans to bang weekly; his cock is way too nice not to keep fucking!

Naked teen pictures made my teacher go crazy!

Naked teen picturesI sent my teacher some Naked teen pictures of my perky little tits before class. I didn’t do the homework assignment last night and I was not about to listen to him complain. So I took some pictures and videos for him and told him how sorry I was for not doing the work. At first he wasn’t budging and he said I would be in lots of trouble for not doing my assignments. He also threatened to call my parents if I didn’t clean up my act and do what I needed to pass the class.

Eventually he stopped being so mad at me; I just kept sending more and more pictures and videos to get him hard. Before I could respond he was sending me pictures of his cock too; he told me to meet him in his car so I could make him cum before class. I bit my lip, took a shower and dressed nice and sexy for him. I saw him sitting in the car already stroking off before I walked over. 

I hopped into the car and showed off my pretty tits right away. He whipped his rock hard cock and told me to get down and suck him off. I sucked him off as he pumped my throat and made me gag. A few minutes later he blew his huge load right down my throat and made me swallow like a good girl!

Biggest cum shot leaking all over my perky tits!

Biggest cum shotJared gave me the Biggest cum shot after I sucked him off in the bathroom. My brother’s friend is so fucking sexy and I have been wanting to fuck him for years. Anytime I see them hanging out I always make sure to dress like a complete whore. So Jared was over this weekend so I knew I was going to swallow his cock whole. When my brother left to go grab dinner I saw Jared sitting in my living room alone. He has always tried to pretend that he does’t want to fuck me; I know his cock throbs every single time he watches me walk by.

If you are craving some Naked teen pictures I am your go to girl. I take the best pictures when it comes to trying to make a man hard. My cute little tits and puffy nipples always make a man go crazy. I wore no bra when I walked into the living room to talk to Jared. His eyes went right to my tits and he couldn’t stop staring. My nipples were rock hard and poking out of my cute little see-through tank top. I giggled and told him to stop being a pussy and meet me in the bathroom. It took him 2 minutes before he got up and followed me; I dropped to my knees and serviced his hard prick until he blew a load all over. 

Black Cock Phone Sex with a nasty white bitch!

Black Cock Phone Sex Sheesh! I love me some filthy Black Cock Phone Sex with a sexy ass chocolate man who is craving white girl pussy and ass hole. The minute Kev had me on the phone he had to get me in bed; that’s why I love phone sex first. I love the idea of hearing a man go wild over what I say before he is actually balls deep in my holes. I made Kev cum at least 5 times the first time we talked for 2 hours. After that texted me right away saying he was going to come over the following morning and give me that BBC the way I deserve!

I was so excited when I woke up the next morning to a knock on my door. Kev came right in and told me to get cleaned up because he had a surprise for me. I got myself all dolled up and ready and he got a hard on right away. I asked him what the surprise was and he set up the video camera and sat back. He said “it’s time to film some of that Hardcore ass fucking with baby girl”. I moaned and smiled as I took my clothes off while he beat off his cock watching me. 

The second I was naked he had me bend over so he could inspect my holes and then he said “I want that whore mouth wrapped around my shaft before I bang your shit pipe out bitch”!

College coed sex with a spinner party whore!

College coed sex You know I am a College coed sex whore; I simply cannot help myself. It was a great little vacation from school and I enjoyed myself fully at the beach as you can tell. It was such much fun showing off in my sexy bikinis and getting so much attention from horny men. I loved being able to get myself some big older man cock; sometimes the young college boys at school suck.

Once in a blue moon this tight little pussy of mine just craves a nice fat grown man cock. Having my guts pounded until a man blows a fat wad inside my pretty Wet bald pussy is my favorite. It’s not my fault I am a little spinner breeding whore who loves to party. Clearly all these older men love to party hard with a pretty little college slut too. 

I had so much fun riding that married cock I actually almost stayed an extra week at the beach just to keep fucking him some more. Luckily, I got his number so we can plan for a meet in the future. There was no way I wasn’t going to let his old prick rail me some more!

Cheerleader Phone Sex Slut Lacey Takes One For The Team

Cheerleader phone sexCheerleader Phone Sex- you tell me, is it every guys fantasy to bend over a cheerleader in the locker room and stick their cock in her tight little pussy?  It seemed to be when I was cheerleading back in the day.  I had trouble keeping boyfriends during football and basketball season because I was so tempted every Friday night or game night by the hot coaches who enticed me to go meet them behind the bleachers,  in the locker room or in their cars. It seemed like every game night Id have a new cock in my mouth to celebrate wins or to get the guys through losses.  I was the most popular cheerleader in school for sure. Mainly with the guys because I kept my holes open for business.

I figured it was the least I could do to keep them doing it best.  Before one game, I was riding the quarterback of the team one year. He had a longterm girlfriend but said my ass looked so much better in my cheerleading uniform.  She was much older and was somewhat intimidated by her until I got her boyfriend to cum in my pussy.  Dude couldn’t even pull out, he said it felt so good.  I loved going to cheer that night and when his girlfriend was a total bitch to the younger girls, I told them to feel my panties. They each took their turn putting their fingers up there at halftime and told them that was our star QB cum, boyfriend of our one and only cheerleading captain.

We had a good laugh.  We also won that game which made me realize there was something to having sex before games. And I fucked the QB before every game and after the rest of the season.  He did get mad that one time he was looking for me because his coach got to me first and my legs were spread wide when he came in. Luckily he wasn’t too mad because the coach was obsessed with fucking me in the ass so he still got my pussy. He did question why it was so wet and reminded him how hard he came in me before the game,  must’ve gotten hit in the head too many times that day!

I loved my role on the team and

Anal Phone Sex with the best ass whore!

Anal Phone Sex It was just one of those Friday afternoons and I caught myself rubbing my sloppy fuck hole. So I picked up the phone and started getting dirty with some Anal Phone Sex. I was so ready to get this ass fucked so I needed some attention from the online pervs I know. I had some fun for a few hours and I got super drunk and high too. Eventually talking about my ass hole being fucked while playing with it myself simply wasn’t enough; I needed a real cock up my shitter asap. So I called Danny as per usual; he was over within the hour. 

Me and Danny haven’t fucked in a few months because we have been busy. So it was nice to catch up with him by having his prick shoved up my ass. Literally, he was in my room for like 5 minutes before he had me on my side with his cock up my shit hole. He was pounding away at my tight little ass hole and he moaned and said “I want to see your Hot squirting pussy make a mess all over my thick cock bitch”! He began fucking my pink little rose bud ass hole harder until I was ready to squirt like a sprinkler on that prick of his. 

Thankfully he was free to bang my ass pipe all night long so I never even slept. I remember waking up for class the next morning completely unable to even walk!

Blowjobs Phone Sex with a nasty oral lover!

Blowjobs Phone SexI have been wanting nothing more than some nasty Blowjobs Phone Sex with a man who loves oral. A sexy older man who loves to get his cock down a young whores throat is always the best fuck. He just knows how to work his dick in and out of a throat hole like no one else. I love feeling his hands wrapped into my hair as he pounds my face with his thick meat stick as I gag all over. It is the ll time best way to get the cunt of mine drenched and ready for a fucking. A man doesn’t even need to play with pussy to get me wet if he face fucks me first. I am ready for a pounding within minutes when I am choking on cock. 

It’s also the sexiest way to make a guy blow a fat Cum shot on tits as you kneel down for him. The feeling of that thick creamy jizz dripping down my perk tits as I look up at the pervert. I love seeing the look on his face like “I am not even done with you bitch”. It’s like I sucked the soul out of him so he can’t wait to fuck every hole in my body. When you get a man off with your mouth like that it makes him want to fuck, use and degrade you even more when he pounds you out. That’s how I always know when I am going to get the best fucking of my life. 

You better love a bitch who will choke on that prick of yours baby. I am so ready to show you how well I can make a man nut with my filthy little wet throat hole. When you are ready to bust; give me a ring so I can tell you how I am going to gag and spit on your knob!