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He laughed and told me would give me the Biggest cum shot if I could suck his cock like a good whore. I agreed and got down on my pretty knees and blew his hard cock like it was my job. He groaned and pumped his cock into my throat nice and hard. I made a mess on him and he just couldn’t wait any more. He grabbed me and bent me over the sink, put his hand around my mouth and plowed me. He told me to be quiet so no one caught him balls deep inside me. I tried so hard not to moan but his prick felt so good sliding inside my sloppy wet box. He blew his baby batter inside my womb and we pulled out clothes back on to get back to our parents. My cunt was leaking brads man seed all night!

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black cock phone sexEveryone chants Black Bull God on black cock phone sex with Big Daddy King. As usual, my King is a busy man, jet setting around the world for business and for pleasure. Recently, we paused the Anaconda World Domination tour so Big Daddy King could visit his alma matter. The school built a new athletic building and named it after The Black Bull God himself, Big Daddy King. And no building in the King’s honor would be complete without a bronze statute of the Black Bull God right in front.

So, I packed a bag and traveled with my King to the dedication ceremony at his alma mater. Wow, the campus went all out for him too. He is a God to everyone, really. Not only does my beloved King have a few campus buildings named after him, but now he also has a cool decked out penthouse above one of the buildings that overlooks the football field. And it is equipped with a roof top deck for partying, viewing games and fucking. Mostly fucking with the Black Bull God!

A group of hot and young sorority girls greeted The Living Legend and I when we arrived on campus. New Cult of Anaconda members eager for hot ass sex with the King. Prior to our arrival on campus, three members of the sorority got their BDK and BNWO tats in hopes of joining the most exclusive sugar baby posse in the world. Each girl’s tramp stamp said, “Black Bull God Worshiper.” And each girl’s ass cheek sported a Queen of Spades tat and a Black New World Order one. They also sported BDK bling and big bimbo tits. These sorority babes seemed eager to please.

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Kelsey, Jessica and Lauren appeared to be eager to meet The Black Bull God and the Anaconda. As the young hot babes showed us around campus, we stopped and posed with Big Daddy King’s bronzed likeness. As hot as he looks in his statutes, nothing compares to seeing the Big Daddy King in the flesh. Not only is he The Black Bull God, but he is also simply a God. No man can compete where they don’t compare and no one compares with the anaconda. I took photos of the eager new recruits kneeling at BDK’s statutes and in front of him.

I could see the sorority babes checking out Big Daddy King and basking in his glory. Everywhere we go on the Anaconda World Domination tour I see this kind of adoration. And I know that everywhere we go, BDK will break hearts and ruin white girl pussy for the rest of the male population. I helped the sorority babes get ready for the banquet and dedication ceremony. All four of us wore black thongs that vibrated. And only Big Daddy King could control the vibrating panties. He owns our pussies for life, so these panties seemed fitting.

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These girls had not yet seen The Black Bull Cock. And I know that anything they could image would not compare to seeing the anaconda in the flesh. No one ever believes the anaconda is as big and thick as it is. No one. Not even these sorority babes believed the hype about the anaconda. But it’s not hype. It is reality.

The anaconda really appears larger than life. And those girls got to feel the anaconda pulsating under Versace pants at the banquet table. Kelsey thought perhaps some of the images of The Black Bull Cock she looked at online had the help of CGI, so when she felt the anaconda twitch under the table, I caught her look of disbelief on film. Feeling is believing. Now she knew no hype and all real.

The ceremony concluded with a ribbon cutting dedication. And I captured it all on film. On our way to The Black Bull God’s swank new penthouse, we stopped by one of his campus statutes and knelt to our knees and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Black New World Order, for which Big Daddy King, as the Supreme Being is the rightful leader. Big Daddy King whipped out the Anaconda and dick slapped us all.

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Back at his penthouse we knew how to christen the place. We stripped down to our vibrating black thongs and drank top shelf liquor on the balcony, taking in the beautiful surroundings. But honestly the only thing on our minds was the Black Bull God Cock. I wanted the sorority girls to go first. So, I undid The King’s Gucci belt, and pulled down his Versace pants. Standing before us in white compression shorts that said Black Bull God in diamonds, Kelsey, Lauren and Jessica basked in the glory that is The Black Bull God Cock.

I pulled out the anaconda like I was presenting the world with the largest uncut diamond in the world. Women all over the world covet the anaconda like a precious gemstone. We took turns sucking on the Supreme Being’s gift to womankind, the anaconda. And with a mouthful, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance again. These young coeds almost fainted just from seeing and touching the Black Bull God Cock.

Hands across the Anaconda ensued. Three sorority babes, and one sugar baby OG could not cover all The Black Bull God Cock with our 4 sets of hands. But we sure did try. We lined up along the railing overlooking the Friday Night Lights and begged for Big Daddy King to deep stroke us. Nothing compares to the feeling of the anaconda deep stroking your white wet bald pussy. Nothing. We convulsed and we shook, and we came hard on the Black Bull God Cock screaming, “Big Daddy King Owns Me for life.”

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However, the billionaire nut, Big Daddy King saved for our pretty faces. The sorority babes got anointed with The Black Bull God seed. And that makes them official sugar babies and the newest members of the Cult of Anaconda. What a wonderful day spent with The Black Bull God. Every date with Big Daddy King only gets better.

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She had a boyfriend who was in his 30s and he was also pretty hot. I have heard them have sex before when I would be up very late. I remember thinking to myself about how much fun it would be to have both of those perverts use me as a sex toy. So I made sure to go outside in a very slutty outfit when I knew they would be home. I waved to them and they walked over and chatted with me for a bit. My parents weren’t home so I knew I could offer them some wee and we could all smoke and get fucked up. Once I achieved that I knew it would be super easy to get them to ravage me and tear off my clothes. 

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College coed sexWhen you’re young like me it’s pretty easy to get what you want. All you gotta do is flash a little and boom. Sometimes you may need to a bit more depending on what you want. Like me, I have failed my drivers ED test so many times. I knew it was time to put that College coed sex to use. I needed my license and that meant I needed my driving teacher to just pass me. He would obviously want and need something in return. Which is totally reasonable because he could get fired. So I had a few tricks up my sleeve to get him to give me a good grade! 

I already knew that he thought I was sexy. It wouldn’t be difficult to get him hard and curious about my wet holes. He has probably already low-key thought about them; I just needed to bring it out of him. I pondered on ideas for a while and had to think really hard about what I could do. Once we got into the car I knew he would drive us to the practicing lot to drive for a bit. That’s when I knew it was time to look at him, lift my skirt up, move my panties to the side and beg him to fuck me until he could pass me on the driving test. It was pretty easy to convince him once he was balls deep in my sopping wet fuck hole. I knew this was the best way to get him to shoot the Biggest cum shot of his life!

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