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Naughty Whore Emma will be your side chick!

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Emma Is Your Side Chick

You dirty little pervert. I see you trying to pretend to be a good husband, but I know you. Your a bad boy. I can give you exactly what you need: Cheating phone sex. 

Tell your wife that you need a hot shower and head to the bathroom for me. Turn on the water and lock the door. Pick up the phone and call me. You see all I need is a few key words and you can sit there in silence so she does not hear you. 

Listen to my hot sexy voice as I instruct you just how to stroke your cock. I will explain just what I want you to do to my body and what I will do to yours. Making sure you push out a load bigger than any of the ones your borning vanilla wife has ever given you. I will be everything she is not. 

Big Tits Phone Sex Means I Have a Get Out of Jail Free Card

big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex is made for me. I was not naturally blessed with big tits, but a patron bought me some nice fun bags when I turned 18. I have kept them in nice shape too. They are my get out of jail card. Sometimes, I get in trouble, or I do not want to wait in line or perhaps I want something pretty. I just flash my tits and get what I want. Men are so weak for a hot body. And I do have a hot body. I used my body to get a friend’s teen daughter out of trouble. The girl got busted for pot. She was at a rave when the cops showed up. Because she is a teen phone sex girl with pot, they put her in a holding cell. I put on tight jeans, a tank top and high heels to bail her out. My friend and I look a lot a like but she has no tits. I pose as her mom to get the girl out of jail. Her bail was set high, but I had the cash. But my plan was to get her out of jail for free. Now, I am a good friend. I would pay her way out, but I let my body do the trick. And it worked. The cop in charge has done security at the strip club. He knew who I was, but he had no clue that Shelly was not my daughter. I took him to a supply closest and played 30 minutes in heaven with him. He was not that endowed, but he was not small either. I sucked it up because I was fucking for a good cause. As I sucked his cock, he fingered my wet bald pussy and made me cream. He had nice strong hands. They almost made up for his lack of girth. He was strong. I am a tall sturdy goddess, but he picked me up with ease. I wrapped my legs around his body and bounced on his cock until he came inside me. I still had his cum inside me when Shelly got released with nothing more than a reprimand. I had to spend zero money to bail her out. She will have no record this even happened. I am such a good friend.

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Blowjobs Phone Sex

My pussy is soaking wet! I got cummed on so many times today! I enjoyed every last cock I got fucked by. I chose to be different and wrote a sign that said I am a fuckaliciosfreak. Below that it said you may insert cock for 25 cents with an arrow pointing to the right. I did all this on a hiking trail behind my old high school. I just wanted to feel all different size cocks. I honestly favored them all. Just thinking of a dick in my pussy makes me get real freaky. You won’t believe how much foot traffic my pussy has had today. I made $152.00 in quarters which means I had 600 and 8 cocks inside me today. All different sizes and ages. Oh my god men were lining up just to insert in me. I was able to get the unhappy man a divorce after he realized how boring his lazy wife is and I was able to bring youth and joy into that old man’s heart. I believe that my pussy is a healer that brings wisdom into your freaky world. Lonely and horny? call to cum with Gabrielle I’m for everybody.

Cum Guzzling Whore

I have always enjoyed being a cum guzzling whore; I want you to pull me over on the street. Offer me money to use me however you want, I hop in your car and you drive to a back alley somewhere. You tell me you will tip me more if I let you abuse me choke me and rip my clothes. I agree with a bit of hesitation and before I know it you slap my face rip my dress while calling me a filthy cum guzzling whore and shove my head down on your hard fat cock as you push my head deeper you gag me by the throat and back of the head moving my face up and down so fast, I could barely catch my breath he calls me a cum slut and then sticks two fingers in my ass. As he smacks my ass hard, he pulls me up and tells me to bend over. Right away he shoved his already leaking cock in my ass as I yelp from the pain, he puts four fingers in my mouth 1 on each side opening my mouth as wide as possible screaming for me to just take it like a good cum guzzling whore. He pumps me so hard I can feel him gaping my ass up, then he starts fingering my pussy, going deeper in both holes almost fisting my pussy, I felt my body starting to give out due to the hard pounding and gaping of my ass and then he screamed “whore take my cum in your ass bitch” and I felt the spurts of cum filling my ass. That is a fantasy I have thought of for so long, do you think you can help me with it? 


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Ass to Mouth Phone SexI’ve always been beautiful but where I’m from pretty bitches come to a dime a dozen. I had to use my pussy to get me plenty of things I wanted. I went by Goddess and a Goddess could never be caught walking. I wanted a car and I walked in the dealership I wanted a Benz and they tried to give me a lemon. The fuck, I think not. I called the financial manager and had him meet me at a hotel. Got him drunk and I gave him an amazing night. I went in and I tied him up and from there I began to work. I started licking his neck and then kissing his neck going down to his dick. I started sucking his dick and just as he began to enjoy it, I saddled up and began to ride his cock just like a cowgirl. I ate his ass and let him get a taste of my sweet juices and after that night I got my approval for my Benz and now I ride around like a true Goddess.

Blackmailing the Preacher

Blackmail phone sexI see the sinful lust in your Godly eyes, supposedly a true man of the cloth. You want me so bad and soon you will have me but be warned it’s going to cost you. I’ll give you everything you want but if you don’t do as I say, I’m going to blackmail your ass. I’m going to take you home with me after church today and let you do all the things you’ve been dreaming about. You’re going to suck this tranny dick all the way deep inside your mouth, I know how bad you want it. I’ll get behind you and lick that boy pussy of your so good! Open it up and wiggle my little pink tongue deep inside you, and rim that ass so good. I’ll have your little faggot ass weak in the knees. When it’s nice and wet, I’ll slide my fat dick head up and down that tight hole. I’ll slowly slide it balls deep inside you. Ones I have it in, hold on tight, cause I’m going to fuck that pussy like I stole it. Ramming my thick lady boy cock repeatedly in and out of you. Ones I’ve blowed a huge cum load in that glory hole, I’ll have you then, and if you fuck with me the hole congregation will know what a bitch boy you are. Call me for some blackmail phone sex so I can have you right where I want you.