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Give Me a Raise or Else

Blackmail phone sex

“Give me a promotion bitch before I show everyone in the office these pictures of you sucking your little youngster’s cock.” I had been working at my job for the past 5 years now with no promotion. I was the best employee there. I was bringing in the most money. I had the best clientele […]

Pissy-Shitty Queen

I love taking a shit and peeing on my submissive girlfriend. She lets me do whatever I want to her and I love it. She’s a freaky bitch like me. I met her my senior year in college at a “end of the year” party and we flirted the whole night. The next day we […]

Babysitter Fucking

Babysitter phone sex

“Open your fucking mouth you little bitch. “I shoved my pussy in my neighbor’s little munchkin’s face. Making her drink all my juices. Squirting all on her small mouth. I even made her shove her tiny tongue in my asshole. I would use her and do whatever I want to her while her mom wasn’t around. […]

Black Cock Loving Whore

A dirty cunt like me loves to get hardcore fucked in all my fuck holes. I love giving sloppy blowjobs Fuck mouth, my fat black pussy, my tight asshole. Smack my ass baby. Give it to me raw and deep. Spread my legs, play with my creamy pussy. Make me orgasms baby. I love being […]

Rim Jobs and Anal Fucking

Rim jobs phone sex

I love licking and tongue fucking a man’s tight booty right before he fucks me in the ass. While I’m sucking and slurping on that cock until its rock hard. I make sure to suck on those balls and put my thumb in his ass. Then I ride him until that dick cums deeps inside […]

Nigger Slave and Master

Slavery phone sex

Make me drop to my knees and shove your cock in my throat baby. A nigger bitch like me needs to be put in my place. Make me cater to your every need like the filthy cunt I am and worship that cock. Fuck my mouth, pound my chocolate wet pussy and shove the cock […]

My Neighbor’s Golden Shower

Golden shower phone sex

“Oh John! Fuck this pussy!! Fuck me harder.” John was my youngster neighbor from next door. He had come over for sugar, but I was determined to give him a lot more than condiments. I wanted him to have his way with an old milf like myself. Cum all over me and shower with me […]

Creampie Nigger Pussy

Creampie phone sex

I’m not on birth control so I’m looking for some guys to creampie this black nigger pussy. I love having that risky sex. The little anxiety I get when my period doesn’t come the next month. The thought of being pregnant but not actually getting pregnant turns me the fuck on! Last night I let […]

Bisexual Cunt

Bisexual phone sex

I eat pussy and suck dick on any given night. Being a bisexual slut has so many perks. Sometimes I get to eat some sweet ass pussy. Some nights I get to suck on some fat ass cock. My options are limitless. The best sex though is when I can fuck both at the same […]

Drugs and Cock

Drugs phone sex

I love doing drugs and then fucking some of the best cock. It is the best feeling over. Pop a molly, do a line of coke or smoke some weed. Either way, my pussy gets so wet, and I get super horny. You like doing drugs baby? Want to get high together and fuck on […]


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