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Give Me a Raise or Else

Blackmail phone sex

“Give me a promotion bitch before I show everyone in the office these pictures of you sucking your little youngster’s cock.” I had been working at my job for the past 5 years now with no promotion. I was the best employee there. I was bringing in the most money. I had the best clientele sheets, and I was the top marketing agent at my firm but still not promotion, no raise, nothing. I spoke to my boss Linda several times about getting paid my worth and she turned me down numerous times with no valid reason. At an office Christmas party, I went to Linda’s office to see one more time if she would offer me a promotion. Just as I expected she said no. According to her I didn’t “fit the profile” of being a project manager. I was kind of happy she said no because I had all the ammunition, I needed to change her mind.

I had followed her home one day and notice in her window that her and her family were huge advocates of family fun. I could see her fucking her little munchkins. Now of course a cunt like me had no problem at all with this. I love fucking my youngsters. But I knew everyone else would not see it that way. I snapped pics and went home. The next day I was envelope in hand ready to execute my plan. “Please LaShay! Don’t do this! If you leak those photos my career will be ruined.” “You know what I want bitch! A promotion! Or these photos will be plastered everywhere before your little fuckers make it to school in the morning. “Okay okay please just stop. I will give you your promotion.” “I also want a raise you dirty whore.” “Anything you want please! Just don’t release the photos. “I will hang on to these until my promotion announcement. The next day my promotion was posted on the job community board. I was the new Project Manager making three times as much before. I guess a little blackmail goes along way. Or should I say blackFEMALE.

Pissy-Shitty Queen

Golden shower phone sex

I love taking a shit and peeing on my submissive girlfriend. She lets me do whatever I want to her and I love it. She’s a freaky bitch like me. I met her my senior year in college at a “end of the year” party and we flirted the whole night. The next day we went on a date and was together ever since. Last night we had the best sex ever. I was pissing and shitting all in her mouth and she loved every minute of it. Can I pee in your mouth baby? Can I shit on you? I always use my shit as lube to fuck her tight black asshole with my 9-inch strap on. She screams and moans so loud and it always turns me on. You want to be my submissive cunt too daddy? Can I have my way with you? You want to be my little sissy punk? I am a dominant bitch who needs a freak bitch 24/7. Are you ready for me?

Babysitter Fucking

Babysitter phone sex

“Open your fucking mouth you little bitch. “I shoved my pussy in my neighbor’s little munchkin’s face. Making her drink all my juices. Squirting all on her small mouth. I even made her shove her tiny tongue in my asshole. I would use her and do whatever I want to her while her mom wasn’t around. I had been babysitting her little one Bella for about a year now and I was loving every bit of it. Her little youngster was barely growing tits and ass, but she has the best pussy. “Lay down and open your legs.” She did was she was told. He pink pussy was so wet and tight. I finger fucked her little cunt and tight asshole. Her moans were so seductive and soft. “Hmmm Ms. LaShay. I promise I won’t tell my mommy.” “Good girl, you’re a good little bitch, aren’t you?” I fingered her pussy harder and harder. Her white creamy pussy was coming all over my fingers. I wanted to taste her, so I shoved my face in her pussy sucking on her clit. Her little pussy squirted all over my black mature face. “Yeah, baby girl good job. Now get ready for bath time.”

Black Cock Loving Whore

Blowjobs phone sex

A dirty cunt like me loves to get hardcore fucked in all my fuck holes. I love giving sloppy blowjobs Fuck mouth, my fat black pussy, my tight asshole. Smack my ass baby. Give it to me raw and deep. Spread my legs, play with my creamy pussy. Make me orgasms baby. I love being a submissive filthy nigger. If I am a bad girl teach me a lesson. But baby if I am a good girl please reward me with that hard cock by titty fucking me and cumming all over my face. I love a good facial daddy. Or maybe you want to breed this black pussy. Have some little nigger youngsters and fuck them too. You into that baby? Fuck us whenever you want. We can be your sex slaves. 

Rim Jobs and Anal Fucking

Rim jobs phone sex

I love licking and tongue fucking a man’s tight booty right before he fucks me in the ass. While I’m sucking and slurping on that cock until its rock hard. I make sure to suck on those balls and put my thumb in his ass. Then I ride him until that dick cums deeps inside of my chocolate tight ass. A man love when his asshole is licked to perfection. I jerk that cock off too while I am tongue fucking his filthy asshole. It makes a man go crazy every time. “Hmm baby put that hard cock in my ass baby and turn me into your slutty creampie nigger.” He would shove that cock deep in my ass and cream me with his thick white load. It felt so good. I love worshipping a man asshole. Can I tongue fuck your ass baby? Can I taste that filthy cock and asshole daddy?

Nigger Slave and Master

Slavery phone sex

Make me drop to my knees and shove your cock in my throat baby. A nigger bitch like me needs to be put in my place. Make me cater to your every need like the filthy cunt I am and worship that cock. Fuck my mouth, pound my chocolate wet pussy and shove the cock in my tight cum dumpster ass. The best sex I had was when my old sugar daddy made me suck the cum out of another whore’s pussy after he cream-pied her. It was such a turn on. My pussy was so wet from eating her white shaved pussy and sucking on her big white tits, that daddy had no choice but to fuck me too. “You fucking filthy worthless nigger. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks. I want to drop another load in the dirty black hole of yours.” “Yes daddy! Please fuck me.” “You shut the fuck up you cunt, you don’t have permission to speak.” It was no surprise that daddy’s hard cock was still full of cum after cumming one time already. He has always been like that. The white cock of his would stay hard for so long after popping that Viagra. I shut my mouth like daddy told me too and assumed my position. Moments later he was creampieing my tight black asshole. It felt so good to be used.

My Neighbor’s Golden Shower

Golden shower phone sex

“Oh John! Fuck this pussy!! Fuck me harder.” John was my youngster neighbor from next door. He had come over for sugar, but I was determined to give him a lot more than condiments. I wanted him to have his way with an old milf like myself. Cum all over me and shower with me his golden piss. I had been noticing him for the past month now, but I had no intentions on talking to him since my husband was always around. But ever since my husband and I separated, I wanted him to fill this pussy up with some youngster cock and white creamy cum. “Oh God Mrs. LaShay this milf pussy feels so good I going to cum so hard.” “Hmm yeah baby, cum in this chocolate filthy pussy.” He did was he was told. Seconds later he was breeding my tight black pussy. Filling me up like a cum slut. “Oh, fuck that was amazing!” Josh said to me blushing.  “Now time for the best part baby. I want you to pee on me please. Give me that golden shower from that young white cock of yours.” He looked shock but eager. I dropped to my knees, and he stood over me. Letting out all his urine on my face, mouth, everywhere. It felt so good having his warm piss all over my body. My youngster next door was going to become my regular fuck and piss boy. We are going to have so much fun together.

Creampie Nigger Pussy

Creampie phone sex

I’m not on birth control so I’m looking for some guys to creampie this black nigger pussy. I love having that risky sex. The little anxiety I get when my period doesn’t come the next month. The thought of being pregnant but not actually getting pregnant turns me the fuck on! Last night I let a group of guys fill me up all night. My sweet pussy was full of creamy white loads of cum. It felt so good to have all those men have their way with me. I can wait until the next time I can have some hard come deep inside all my fuck holes. Can you and your friends creampie this slutty pussy? Would you like to gangbang this tight, black slave pussy? I am waiting for you by the phone daddy. Come and make me your filthy cum slut.

Bisexual Cunt

Bisexual phone sex

I eat pussy and suck dick on any given night. Being a bisexual slut has so many perks. Sometimes I get to eat some sweet ass pussy. Some nights I get to suck on some fat ass cock. My options are limitless. The best sex though is when I can fuck both at the same time. A filthy black or white cunt riding my face while a guy is fucking my wet ass pussy with my legs wide open. I love when a bitch is grinding her pussy all over my face. Her juices all in my mouth, my hands tight on her ass. “Hmm fuck! Eat this fucking pussy, Echo!” I tongue fucked her pussy fast. His cock was deep in my pussy. “This fucking nigger pussy feels so good.” All three of us fucking like animals all throughout the house. I was their own little personal slave.

Drugs and Cock

Drugs phone sex

I love doing drugs and then fucking some of the best cock. It is the best feeling over. Pop a molly, do a line of coke or smoke some weed. Either way, my pussy gets so wet, and I get super horny. You like doing drugs baby? Want to get high together and fuck on each other? Me riding you with your fat hard cock inside of me. Bouncing my ass on you breeding this black pussy. Do you drink too baby? I love a good tequila. Maybe we can do a couple shots and you can shove that cock in my wet mouth. A black cunt like me loves trying new things. I am down for whatever baby. Make me your filthy nigger whore and I promise to rock your world.