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I’m the kind of girl you can take anywhere! I will show you a good time and be the perfect slut at the club, parties, and anywhere else you’d like to take me. We will drink, party and dance the night away, and if you’re a good boy I will let you drink shots off of my tight little stomach.

When we’ve had our fun and we are both so worked up that we could fuck in the car, I insist we go back to my place. When we get there I can tell you are hooked on me, and tonight you will be in for the surprise of a lifetime. As we kiss and grope each other your hand goes up my little skirt and you discover my nice hard 10 inch secret.

You try to back away, but I hold you close to me as I stroke your cock and you begin to moan. You’re struggling with yourself; I mean how can this be happening, right? You take me out – your smokin’ hot little club slut has a cock! Your plan was to take me home and fuck my brains out, but you quickly discover that isn’t going to happen.

We both know you want my cock, so relax and get on your knees. Look up at my perfect tits while you suck my cock knowing it will soon be in your ass. This pretty little slut is going to fuck that ass so hard you’ll feel me for weeks, and love it so much that you’ll come back begging for more.


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  1. Rocko

    Hi there Crala…mmmmm,i would love to mastrubate with you and for you…i love to touch and tease my cock an dmake it drip sweet precum…mmmmand i love to be sexy and caress my body all over and play with my ass….i would love to play with you and play with your cock and suck your cock deep down my throat ,mmmm and reach up and play with your tits….ohhh Carla…e-mail me back as soon as your not on a call and i will be calling:)Hope we can play this morning!

  2. jr

    U are so hot

  3. Zachary

    I take you to a movie and 15min into it I reach up your skirt and start stroking your big juicy meaty cock and then as I start to feel your monster dick grow I stop and let it get half way limp then go down to my knees and start sucking your dick feeling it grow in my mouth as I suck and lick it feeling it slide deeper and deeper into my mouth you holding my head on your cock for a while and after 30 minutes of sucking licking and stroking that monster cock I feel you cum in my mouth your dick throbbing pumping your juices in my mouth I swallow your tasty spunk and you wipe what’s left on my face…we go back to your place where you make me suck you again only this time you have me gagging on your cock and having drool all over your monster cock you bend me over your bed and slide that big thick cock into my ass start off slow then start to speed up going deeper and deeper and hard going till your balls smack mine you have me moaning and groaning begging you for more for hard deeper thrust into my virgin tight ass begging for your cum inside me you feel like your about to cum then you have me get on my back with my legs and ass in the air and start pile driving my tight wet cock filled ass hard and deep balls deep inside of me as I thrust into me I squeeze my ass tighter around your cock and then I feel you throb and going extremely hard and deep into my ass filling me up with your hot steamy sticky cum you pull out of me and have me suck your cock clean then you lead me to the kitchen where 6 of shemale friends(all are 9+ inches and shoot a pint of cum)are waiting to use me however they want, and you tell them that desert is served and to fill me with there cream and completely cover my body with cum

  4. joe

    Hi Carla, I like your website and I would like to say you are so fine, I would like to see some of your videos so I can see you in action. Then maybe I’ll think about writing you about a night out together. Until we meet bye bye sweetie.

  5. amy bennett

    Omg i saw you and your beautiful cocl i knew i wanted you!!! My mom even said hell id leave your dadOmg#-lol but all i could see was your thick cock now i know why jell im excited. Mom went to bed everyone else is fast asleep now im naked ready for you would you like a pic of me spred wide with my dildo teasing my wet pussy. Im yours honey im shit busted my dad just came out of the bed room brb mwa

  6. michelle

    You are. Very pretty with beautiful. Tits and cock
    How big is it my cock 6 inches and my tits 36 c

  7. allen

    Hi sexy I called you this after noon my money wasnt on it yet I called the bank it want post till nine tomorrow if you will have phone sex with me I’ll give you my card number and pay you twice as mulch please baby I want to be your bitch

  8. Phill

    Love fuck a tranny

  9. jer.

    I just had a threesome with two gorgeous shemales and they doubled in my ass and strected it good.. I got to deepthroat my first 12in cock and I got it all. I really love the feeling in my fagboy sissy asspussy the hot loads of cum being pumped into my stomach and swallowing two loads as the same time is very nice also… Can’t wait to do another…..

  10. James jackson

    I want u to fuck me so hard that I die I want u to cum all over me and my mouth

  11. benny myers

    Dame you are so fucking hot

  12. Rich

    Hay beautiful love to fuck you so bad with my 13″cock.I’m 64″and. Have salt and papper hair.

  13. Ted Jr

    Would love to have her tranny f****** and suck her cock if you could do me anal come in my mouth and I love to wear lingerie

  14. Steve

    I want to suck your dick and swallow that delicious cum so much then you can fuck my tight little ass nine seven 1 six 00 five 3 seven 8 Lets cum together now

  15. joseph

    i think i love and want you. lets make love

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