Eye candy Girlfriend Emma

I’m Emma, better known as the sexy GFE, delicious eye candy, or that petite gorgeous lady on your friends arm. You wish you can have me all to yourself. I see you staring. You can’t keep your eyes off my killer body. People long to have such a divine woman like me by their side. Could you imagine us, the envy of all of your friends? I am as beautiful & just as freaky as they cum! I can do things with my body not all women can, bending in places you’ve never seen! Tricks with my jaw that will make your toes curl!

Trust me, sex with me will be one of the best if not THE best! I know exactly what to do to make a man feel at ease. I cater to my man and give him everything his heart’s desire. I am the definition of classy, with a whole lot of kink where it counts! (in the bedroom, of course!) I was taught a woman should be seen not heard and that’s not always a bad thing. You will definitely see me when I arrive that’s for sure. All eyes on me when I step through that door, whether it be with lust or envy you’ll be looking! Everyone loves this little piece of eye candy, well all the boys do! *wink*

Eye Candy & Sexy GFE, Emma

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