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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex

Hey little weenie.. In the mood for Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex? Haha, I love a little winky! There is always so much fun in taunting a pathetic man while he tugs his disappointing mutant clit.. Good thing, for phone sex huh? I mean in a literal sense I don’t have to see it! Which means you don’t have to go through the shame of whipping that pathetic micro peen out and having to deal with the look on my face when I do..

What a let down you are.. Let me guess you also suffer from premature ejaculation because naturally we want the things we can’t have.. You find yourself addicted to porn and beating your meat to women that wouldn’t actually give your pathetic ass a chance in real life. We all have flaws but yours isn’t one that you can ever get over.. I mean what kind of man would actually want to accept his pathetically small cock? That’s nothing to brag about is it..

I already know, when you call me you are going to make a pie out of your dick.. For some reason you think saying your cock is 2.76 inches is going to make it sound any bigger.. LOL It’s the delusion for me.. 9/10 you found yourself a woman who married you and not for what you are offering in the bedroom but because you overly compensate for your lack of.. Lucky you, having a small penis comes with a thick wallet… Somethings gotta give.. Right?

Hahaha, well don’t forget to have your card ready so you can slide it between my firm scam pillows! Financial Domination Phone Sex is a good match for a small penis.. You know how to satisfy my Hot squirting pussy don’t you? That’s right, pay up!  

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I am in the mood for Guided masturbation

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I invited my gangbang BBC’s over to my condo for thanksgiving. I knew I had to feed them well before they all fucked enjoyed my cum guzzling cunt for the rest of the night! I served them dinner and got under the table and began sucking their dicks one by one. They all sat around and talked about how they were going to plow my Hot squirting pussy. I kept offering them lots of wine.

I wanted those dicks to be merciless on my torn through holes as they fuck and gangbang me all together. I wanted it to be so sloppy and that is exactly what went down. I fucked them sloppy, got drilled and I moaned as loud and freely as I could. Just imagine me being on all fours getting served up with god’s gifted cocks. Fuck, that is what happened baby!

I deep throated and rode dick like it was my last day living. I was dressed in sexy holiday spirited lingerie. They even appreciated the fact that I was dressed up all naughty for them. A thick bitch like me needs multiple BBC at once to feel satisfied.

Mm that was some Hot ass sex… I love being a Big tit fucking whore! 

Fantasy Phone Sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex Mistress

Phone sex fetish I went to the club Saturday night and got invited into the VIP section.. I was wearing a very skimpy micro mini skirt with nothing but nipple stickers up top.. I was nearly naked! Might as well consider I was.. Well, it just so happened I got invited into VIP by the club producer and celebrities hosting.

I made so much money stripping for them.. I was bent over the guardrail getting my pussy pumped with 1942 bottles. I snorted thick lines of cocaine off their stiff dicks! I had the time of my fucking life.. I got fucked like a cum whore in the back of a Maybach by 3 of the celebrities that includes the producer himself. I was leaking cum they didn’t even bother to strap up their cocks.

I was bent over touching my toes, backing my ass up on those rich hood dicks. Nothing is better than a hood thug blowing your back out as he degrades and disrespects your existence. That shit makes my pussy so wet… fuckk, but it low key hurts my feelings to be disrespected that much Lol. As long as you’re a hood militant thug dude, you may disrespect me anytime and anywhere. Golly, I love me some Ghetto dick!

Black Cock Phone Sex whore

Fantasy Phone Sex

A big thick ass like mine needs a big juicy dick for me to do proper tricks on it. My favorite position is doggy style.. I get to control a big cock as well as pleasure both my fat wet pussy and his fat soaked dick. I am in need of a Big Daddy Dick who is willing to pound me as I control his strokes with the tricks I can do with my pussy.

I love Cock control..

Just as he is thrusting my Wet bald pussy from behind, I look back at him and I slowly glide my pussy all the way down to the base of his dick, I love the feeling of having my walls caved in. I have never gotten any bad feedback on the way I fuck my men.

I mean, I am very pretty and super bad and not just that, I have a golden pussy that I take care of. My pussy is so tight I know it might be hard for you to believe. I do consider myself a classy whore! I don’t just suck anyone’s dick… I have to sensually connect with you for your dick to even enter my mouth.

With that being said I have had a ton of sex but that amount of sex partners I had is 5 men. I have really only fucked and sucked 5 men. I mean 5 big strong men. I allow all of them to gangbang me because they are all brothers. lets have Sensual Domination Phone Sex.. I am in the mood for a bit of sensuality.

Gang Bang Phone Sex with a Whore

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I had the best BBC gangbang while my boyfriend watched.. He took me on a date to Dave and Busters only to have me be hit on by black men right in front of his face.. They must have sensed he is a sissy and wouldn’t have minded slurping my pussy juice off their chocolate cocks.. The drunker I got the more loose I behaved.. At some point my juicy round white ass was out..

I wore a very tight pencil dress. It was super short.. I didn’t bother putting on panties.. I was shaking my ass when suddenly one of them came over and said it looked like I needed some good dick.. They were right. I had been feeling so deprived! I invited them back to my place.. As soon as we walked through the door they told me to strip naked and they gangbanged me right on the living room couch..

My loser boyfriend was standing in the doorway stroking his pathetic dick. He has a habit of putting on my clothes and seducing me into fucking him anal.. He walked into the living room wearing my stilettos and got down on all fours with a butt plug in his ass begging for a ride on one of those big black dicks.. They used my Hot squirting pussy juices to lubricate his ass and rammed his man pussy hard..

They gave him a Hardcore ass fucking! I got down on my knees and begged for the Biggest cum shot they could offer into my mouth.. Me and my boyfriend had so much fun being gangbang whores for those legendary black dicks! 

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex

I had the naughtiest wet dream last night.. I woke up with my pussy pulsing.. I was so fucking turned on when I woke up. I had to stuff my ass and my pussy with dildos and even strapped my suction cup dildo to the wall for an extreme throat fucking.. I was so fucking turned on after sleeping with the man of my dreams..

Whoever thought I could finally meet him once again. I locked my loser boyfriend out of the bedroom and went to town. There was no way I was going to waste my Hot squirting pussy on him. He just doesn’t fuck me right.. Which is exactly why I do Phone Sex.. he wants a pussy for himself that he cant even handle..

OMG I orgasmed so fucking hard.. It was so fucking intense.. After I got through fucking myself I sneakily called up my ex and told him to meet me late tonight at a hotel downtown.. As soon as my loser boyfriend falls asleep I am putting on my night robe and fucking on some good dick.

I can’t wait for the time to go by.. In the meantime I am looking to prep my pussy during super intense Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, call me babe! I am ready to milk your cock deep inside my cunt. 

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Cuckolding Phone Sex

There was a guy a bit over the edge last night.. He was a very muscular businessman who seemed to be going through some things.. He got so fucking trashed and had been hitting on me all night. I always had a fantasy of my own where I got a guy who had no clue what was going on to come home with me.. Ever heard of Cock control? I brought him back to my place and tied him up and gagged him..

I had no idea if he was into the same things as me. I didn’t want him to snap into it mid-fuck and start hollering.. That would wake my neighbors. I tied him up, nice and snug! I was feeling so naughty I couldn’t resist. I lit a candle and dripped the steamy hot wax all over his cock. His cock got super stiff, the hardest I had ever seen a dick. I sat my pussy down on his dick and drenched his cock in sweet pussy juices. Once I got him right where I wanted him, that’s when I pulled out my strap on..

He seemed to be pretty into it but his eyes said denial.. I wanted to turn him into a whore for cock for me.. I tipped the chair and he slid right out with ease! His face into the floor and his ass up in the air. I popped my vibrator inside of me and went to town on his derriere. OMG, he was gaping and creaming all over my dildo. He had the hardest fucking anal orgasm right before my eyes..

I wrapped it up but tucking my vibrating butt plug into his ass and leaving his juicer throbbing all night. When we woke up in the morning he seemed so confused. The first thing he asked me was if I could bend him over one last time before he left. Of course, I did! But, I didn’t have much time.. I am so turned on and feeling very naughty…

We had some Hot ass sex.. Who wants to have BDSM Phone Sex? You can be in charge if you’d like.. Maybe pay me back for what I did to that innocent man last night.. it’s up to you babe!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex Freak

Fantasy Phone Sex

I dreamt I was fucking my step brother and managed to have an orgasm in my sleep.. It turned out I was lucid dreaming and this was actually happening.. I woke up to my face coated in cum and my step brother standing there bragging about how I just orgasmed all over his dick.. It felt so amazing, I couldn’t even be mad.. As much as I wanted to be! I never knew his dick was so big..

My mother is a snow bunny whore and has a thing for BBC so she did marry into a black family.. His son is only a teen and I wouldn’t have expected him to already be fully grown down there.. His cock was so fucking big I couldn’t help it. When I woke up and saw him standing there stroking his dick I couldn’t help but get up, drop down to my knees and worship it.

His dick was fucking heavenly and his cock was huge! I milked his dick for hours.. He had so much stamina and was full of energy! I am like 13 years older than him so this was a lot for me to process.. But now that it has already happened I don’t see why I wouldn’t let him give me the Biggest cum shot inside of my Wet bald pussy again..

He might get me pregnant because I am a whore for cream pies.. I guess I will just be taking a risk, anything for that Big black dick! Lets have Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex while I tell you about my BBC fetish..

Nymphomaniac Phone Sex whore

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I have a severe Phone sex fetish, I love giving myself a  Hardcore ass fucking while hearing all the dirty things a perverted man can come up with.. I love it raw, down and dirty.. Absolutely nothing is off limits with me! I am open to every and everything, this Hot squirting pussy lives for sex.. Most guys call her a juicer.. I call her a nymphomaniac.

I want you to lather that cock in oil so I can hear you stroking your long dick while I whisper the dirtiest things in your ear.. Something about hearing your cock being milked makes my pussy wetter and my ass cream. I woke up today feeling the urge to use my 14 inch dildo.. I love sliding it into my ass and pulling it out, Then bending over in front of the mirror and seeing my thick ass gap.

mm, I love squeezing my fingers together and fucking myself with my hand then pulling it out and sucking off all of my creamy ass juice off my fingertips. I am so fucking horny today.. I had a wet dream of being gangbanged by my neighbors.. They love hanging out and drinking. I am so tempted to walk over there in a thong with no bra and just get down on all fours in the lawn..

Too bad he’s got a wife! The moment she gets back to work I will be milking her husband’s cock.. In the meantime I wanna milk yours! 

Lets have Cyber Sex Phone Sex

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I met this guy at the bar and I couldn’t help but want a piece of his cock.. all I could think about was the Biggest cum shot deep inside of my cock hungry pussy! I wound up slipping something into his drink and having my way with him.. I know you’d think it would have been the other way around.. But he was with his girlfriend and I totally wanted his attention! I had been dancing with her all night trying to befriend her to get in her boyfriend’s pants..

He was just so obedient I couldn’t get him to break.. So, I took it upon myself to force my way in.. suddenly he started slurring and was leaning.. She asked me to help carry him out to the car.. That’s when I made my move on her.. I leaned in and started kissing her, she seemed completely shocked but she kissed me back. I squatted down and lifted her dress up.. Smothering my face into her pussy she started moaning..

That was my Q, I stood up and began unzipping her boyfriend’s pants.. Fuck, his cock was huge! I totally can tell when a man has a big dick.. Something about their stance.. I sat on his cock reverse cowgirl and started bouncing my pussy up and down on his dick.. All you could hear was my Hot squirting pussy sloshing as he drilled me.. She was standing right there totally confused. He busted a hot load inside me.

We had some Hot ass sex… I pulled my pants up and slid my cum covered fingers across her face. Kissed her and walked away!