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Who wants Hot squirting pussy for St. Patrick’s day

Hot squirting pussySt. Patrick’s day is just another excuse for whores like me to get white girl wasted and blame all my whorish behavior on the alcohol.. I’ve been drinking since 12AM last night, I woke up with a hangover so you know the rules, I drank some more! Haha, Vodka always makes my pussy sopping wet… Since, I can’t be out right now shaking my big ass on random cocks and kissing random men because I am Irish then I guess Cocksucking phone sex will do.. 

I am addicted to sucking cock, there is no way I am fucking without having your cock down my throat first.. Something about your cock hitting the back of my throat repeatedly and me struggling for air makes my pussy throb! If you want my  Wet bald pussy to be extra wet, force me down to my knees and let me take the lead from there.

Uhhhhh, I am feeling so naughty haha I’ve been sucking sugar straw powder off of my green 11 inch dildo all day, in the spirit of St Patrick’s day! After I get through rubbing my cunt from the start to end of my shift, I am going out to catch a bar just in time before closing. A quick walk through and my nice piece of ass hanging out the backside of my mini dress, will get me a nice overdue pounding! Hoping for a gangbang but I will take whatever I can get.. Having Phone Sex is such a tease, I love hearing you cum but only if you could deliver me your load through the wire so I can taste it.. LOL 

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Big tit photos My sister walked in while I was fucking her best friend… She has been pissed at me ever since! It’s totally not my fault she friend zoned him.. How was I supposed to know she had a crush on him? He was already balls deep inside of my Sloppy wet pussy, there was no way I was going to stop mid fuck.

Her virgin eyes had to witness every moment of my juicy ass slamming back on his dick. Her ears heard the sounds of me quiver and moan! She even had to bear her “bestie” telling me how hot I am and confessing that he’s always had a crush on me; which is why he comes over. As he gripped my love handles and passionately kissed the back of my neck he whispered about how many times he’s jacked his cock thinking of my Big tits!

She stood there in shock! Personally, I thought it was kind of hot having an inexperienced teen watch her big sister getting her pussy stretched. I figured by her age she’s seen plenty of Sexy college girl porn.. I was just giving her a better idea on how it really goes down and selfishly thought it would have been beneficial.. That was until she realized he was loading my sweet heavenly hole with a load…

I am assuming the possibilities of him impregnating me was the icing on the cake.. She began to lash out and throw a fit! She slapped me across the face and called me a whore. Then smothered me with her young bald pussy! It had to have turned her on, right? She seems to have a hard time admitting it.. Why else did she want me to suck on her bald cunt? I haven’t seen her guy friend ever since..

I had him under Cock control

Sexy college girl porn I gave his throbbing cock the ride of a lifetime. I slurped at least an ounce worth of cum out of his dick; he splattered loads all over my tits. I knew, what I was offering was something he had been deprived of his entire life! He had so much stamina, managing to go round after round.. Its true what they say, if a guy is really enjoying himself even through premature ejaculation; his cock remains hard as a rock.

I had never witnessed anyone shoot 7 loads within an hour.. Until he managed to do so, all over and inside of me. I had to clear my throat of the thick creamy load he initially shot into my esophagus.. I wasn’t even able to swish his nut around, as soon as he inserted his cock and he felt his dick slip by my tonsils; he was loading my throat with cum. My wet bald pussy was throbbing from the instant gratification I was receiving for my sexual deeds!

I felt superior to man… It felt good knowing he was that into me that he lost his composure. My hot squirting pussy enjoyed every moment of pleasure it endured. His anaconda was leading the way! He didn’t leave a hole of mine untouched… The final round was a hardcore ass fucking that sent me straight to bed. Definitely well worth the fuck! Who says lonely guys at bars are creeps? Looks to me like they are just deprived freaks who need to release.

BBW Coed Phone Sex slut

Cuckolding Phone SexI used to be a Sexy college girl porn star.. that’s how I managed to afford these big tits! They came out so good most men think they are real but these knockers cost me a whopping 10k.. As for my ass, lucky me, I just so happened to get my daddies genes. Most people would never guess but I am half black my pale soft skin comes from my mother. I guess that explains my nice and firm round ass!

Big tit photos I’ve always managed to use my perfect body to my advantage..

Aside from my assets my wet bald pussy can put your cock in a chokehold.. I am a control freak! I love having men squander at my feet. Most men aren’t even able to fuck me I instead have them give me a rim job for hours while I fuck myself with a rubber dick.

My fav rim expert Greg, he knows he isn’t deserving of having his stiff rod stuffed in my cunt. He accepts the fact that the closest he will get to a hot babe like me is tracing the ridges of my pucker with his tongue. I am not that selfish after I squirt at least 3 times all over his beard. I do offer him Guided masturbation..

When I tug his cock to put the ring at the base, I can see his body melt just from the sensation of my soft hands stroking his dick! I’ve always been the kind of chick to get what I want. My persuasion has endless power, I can get a man to do anything for me!


Family Fun Phone Sex

Big tit photos

The neighbor and I had a threesome with her son.. I wasn’t expecting her to walk in and catch us fucking in her Master bathroom.. nor was I expecting the reaction we got! She was totally jealous, my big tits were bouncing up and down on his cock while I was kneeled before him as he sat on the ledge of the bathtub..

Her initial reaction was to shout out, “What the fuck are you two doing..” When she noticed not even her existence was going to stop me from draining his cock either all over or inside of me.. She decided to join in! I was competing with an experienced MILF.. I knew she had nothing on the new generation hotties..

Say what you want but ya, its hot to fuck a Mommy whore but even hotter to fuck a young new aged wet bald pussy! She was busy trying to form the position and I was already in one! Standing before him on my hands with my lotus flower up in the air ready to get my pussy split..Cuckolding Phone Sex


Who do you think he chose? He dunked his big dick inside of my sopping wet hole and his mom well, she had no other choice but to get down on her knees and suck my pussy juices off of his balls.. I guess it made her feel better to feel as if she were involved and part of the reason for my dripping cum cunt. Either way it was pretty hot, I would have never assumed his mom was fucking him.. That does explain his addiction to sex though! He’s clearly been getting his dick wet for quite some time.. They certainly weren’t newbs to Family fun!

Biggest cum shot on my E40 tits

Big tit photos I had my big tits sprayed by a monstrous piece of meat! I was wearing nothing but black fishnets sitting in a chair getting my boobs fucked during my gyno appointment.

After having my doctor wiggle his fingers inside of my Wet bald pussy, that I waxed just for him.. I couldn’t resist!

I was already naked, I didn’t bother putting on that ugly piece of fabric to cover up my perfect tits.. I wanted him to see my nipples stiffen as he stretched my pussy during my pap smear.

I flexed my pussy muscles on his fingers.. I saw his eyes light up as my pussy tensed up.

He dismissed his Medical Assistant and I knew that was my green light! As soon as everything was cleared; I sat down in the chair completely naked, tugged him by his white jacket and dropped his scrubs to his ankles..

My tits bounced up and down on his 11 inch dick while he clenched his fingers into my hair. I squeezed my tits tightly and spat all over his dick as it slid up and down the center.. He left the Biggest cumshot dripping down my face! 

Hot ass sex on the side of the road

Big tit photosI was jogging up a rural road and wound up down on all fours in the woods.. A pickup truck was driving slowly behind me.. while I was bent over tying my shoes.. My firm ass propped up in the air with my nearly see-through joggers had him step out onto the side of the road with me. I suddenly felt a firm grip to my round ass! The fingers of a masculine man running down the crack of my derriere. I looked back at him running my tongue across my top lip.. I thought the day would never come! 

He ripped my joggers off of me and forced me down to my knees.. My hands clenching into the dirt, leaves blowing in my hair.. My eyes were bloodshot red from the debris and still I proceeded to throw my round ass back on his fat cock. He ripped me by my hair and used it as leverage to ram his dick in and out of me.. 

I wound up in the bed of his pickup truck with my legs spread taking his dick while laying on my back.. Tits bouncing up and down while he shook me and the truck. I took the Biggest cum shot deep inside of my Hot squirting pussy.. It was a perfect midday fuck, we got off at the same time.. 

He didn’t bother giving me a ride. I jogged the rest of the way home in my thong and crop top… I love being a Big tit fucking whore!

JOI Phone Sex w. Gabrielle

Cuckolding Phone Sex I know you’ve been stalking me.. coming to my profile multiple times a week.. Your cock gets rock hard every time you look at me! You call me up for Guided Masturbation, Phonesex.. Holding your phone in one hand with your favorite picture of me admiring my silky smooth pussy.. and in the other hand, you hold your cock.  My picture does only half the job.. you need to hear my soothing sensual voice to get you off..

As soon as I answer your cock pulses your hand grips your dick tighter.. Paying very close attention to my voice you begin to stroke.. faster and faster and in an instance I give you an abrupt instruction to slow back down. I tease you after stunting your orgasm.. by making you tune into the sound of my oceanic pussy.

I hear you whimper, knowing you can’t take it for much longer.. I tell you to close your eyes, picture me naked and your fingertips tracing my perfect curvaceous body. I remind you that you are not allowed to cum unless I tell you to do so.. You listen to me moan as I dig my 11 inch rubber dick deeper into my Wet bald pussy.. I start to count down and as soon as I get to one you blow all over your phone screen coating my beautiful cunt in cock cream.

My Naughty Sissy Phone Sex Slut

Cuckolding Phone Sex Sissy faggot slut Eric, is considering fully transitioning into a woman.. We’ve been looking at Tranny porn pictures to get an idea of what look would best suit her.

Her name, pretty simple, we are planning to register her as Erica.. just adding the letter “A” at the end of her name easily makes a huge difference.. it’s totally meant to be!

We aren’t sure yet if we wanna have her dick tucked and transformed into a pussy or if we are just going to keep having her asshole stretched.Phone Sex

She doesn’t really have a big dick anyway, so either way it won’t make much of a difference. She originally came to me as a closet cock sucking faggot..

After so many of our “Forced” Crossdressing Phone sex calls she has started to feel comfortable and confident having her shrimp dick tucked away in sexy lace panties.

She loves the feeling of her plump ass sucking up a G-string! We are so over using Grindr as a preliminary source, whenever her hormones start acting up!

We have totally taken a step further into having her go out on weekends with hand picked sissy clothing from when we online shop together!

Last weekend she lowkey had me on her EarPods having our usual Sissy Training Phone Sex session.. While she was deepthroating and getting her pucker kissed by a big nigger cock.

I instructed her on how to be the hottest, nastiest cocksucking slut in existence.. This guy is totally head sprung over her.. But, we aren’t ready to settle. Girls just wanna have fun!

Ass to mouth phone sex with my Little

Cuckolding Phone SexAss to mouth phone sex with my P daddy was intense.. He wanted to listen in on me gnawing at my babygirl’s tight little asshole...

He always recommends saliva over lube, the more natural the better… Boy was he right!

After I got through naturally lubricating her tight little pucker, I was able to slip the head of my 10 inch dildo he bought me right into her asshole..

She did whine out a bit, but that’s what he enjoys most.. The sounds of her whimpers!

When she starts to produce her own creamy ass juice he always has me plug her with my tit so he can hear the sounds of me thrusting her oceanic little booty! 

I totally get so worked up when he talks dirty in my ear while I am snatching my sweet babygirl of her innocence..

As soon as it gets overwhelming I tuck her hairless slit between my legs and rub my Wet bald pussy up against hers..

He has a special love language with my Hot squirting pussy, he always gets me off no matter how long or how short our session runs for!