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Looking for hot ass sex with a shemale? I held a car wash yesterday. It was beautiful. It was a shemale car wash. Not just me, but a few of my sexy shemale friends in bikinis helped me out. We were raising money for charity. It became a competition because some competitive cunt said no man would pay freaks of natures to wash his car. Well, I had to put that little bitch in her place, didn’t I?  Game on. I know men love a sexy shemale. We are the best of both worlds. I have a big cock, pretty tits and a kick ass body. Men want me. They want my cock in their ass. They want to be fucked by a sexy shemale phone sex bitch. My friends are equally as hot. We washed cars with our tits and big dicks. The men paid extra for that. We even skull fucked a few men and fucked a few asses. Now, we kept that part secret. This was for charity after all. I have a lot of married male friends who came out with a call. My sexy shemale friends called all their married friends too. Those coed bitches underestimated the appeal of their perky little bodies. Men grow tired of the same old thing. They can get pussy and ass so much easier than chicks with dicks. My girlfriends and I made over $5,000 for our local humane society. Those coeds cunts made less than a grand. I told her she should have called daddy’s friends to help her out. I bet they did not even show up in bikinis. Sexy shemales know what men want. We are a walk on the wild side. We are that and a hardcore ass fucking. Not my fault those coeds lack the something extra to attract the men.

A Special Kind of Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI am a special kind of mistress for mistress phone sex. Unlike most mistresses, I have a big cock. I am a dominant tranny. For the past few years, I have been seeing slaves for money. I have expensive tastes and I like to live elegantly. I am living elegantly on the backs of slaves. Little bitch boys pay well for my special kind of abuse. It amazes me how many little beta bitch boys beg for my sexy tranny cock up their sissy ass. I love a tight ass. I do not just fuck these bitch boys. I whip them and administer some cock and ball torture too. I love a tight ass. Dale is my latest paying customer. He wants to see me once a week. He had a tight virgin ass. That was until I ruined his asshole with a hardcore ass fucking. I strapped him down first with his ass in the air. I have a dungeon room in my place. And it contains an anal bench rigged for men. It has a hole for the cock to go through. While I was fucking Dale in the ass, I reached around and squeezed his balls and dug my long fingernails in his cock. Can you believe he paid for this kind of torture? I enjoyed every minute of it too. His ass was tight. The way he whimpered at the cock and ball torture made my cock harder. He was nothing more than a bitch to me. A bitch with money. He was tipping me too. I do love tributes. The harder I fucked him and the more pain I inflicted, the more dollar signs I saw. I do enjoy milking a man in more than one way. I do not get many calls for CBT phone sex, but I do have lots of experience. Just ask Dale. I fucked him and fucked up his cock and balls. Who is next?

Tranny Porn Pictures on Derby Day

tranny porn picturesI posed for some tranny porn pictures on Derby Day. I am not really into horse racing, but I was on a special date. The guy I was with took me to a Derby party on a yacht. I had to get a derby hat to fit in, but I looked the part. I met Charles a few years ago. He comes to town maybe once or twice a year for business, so I get to see him. He is a shemale fan. He is not gay, like most of my fans, but he likes a little something extra between the legs. He is an alpha male when it comes to business, but he is all beta in bed with a sexy shemale. We stayed on the yacht last night. All the guests had their own room, so no one knew my panty surprise. I mingled with the rich and famous for a day, but no one knew that once we were back in the cabin, Charles was getting a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale. I love to fuck on a boat. The motion is my friend. I do really get into a much better fucking rhythm on the water. I left my derby hat on while I fucked Charles. I was a bit tipsy. We were drinking bourbon, which is not my usual beverage, so it hit me quicker than wine. No drunk dick though. I talk to guys all the time who hire shemale escorts who cannot fully get hard. I never have that problem. I guess that is why my cock is in such demand. Charlie had to fly back home to his wife today. I will not hear much from him until he is back in my state for business again. I gave him enough hot ass sex though to remember our night for a while.

GFE Phone Sex with a Twist

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex with a twist is my specialty. I look great on your arm. I build you up to your friends. No one knows I was not born a woman. And when we are alone, I get to fuck you up the ass. None of your friends, coworkers or family will know you like a sexy tranny cock up your ass. I did a friend a favor last night. I went out with one of her clients. My friend Emerald is a sexy tranny too. She broke her foot but had a rich client coming to town for a big business thing. He needed a smart and sexy woman on his arm to pose as his girlfriend. I do have a college education from a great college. I am smoking hot too. And I do love to give rich men a hardcore ass fucking. Brent was super handsome. Not at all what I expected. He picked me up in a limo. We chatted on the way to his event. I am a quick study. He told me enough that I could pass as his girlfriend. He is one of the few men I have fucked in awhile who was not married. He is like a new breed of Elon Musk. He has his fingers in lots of Eco-friendly projects. He was a millionaire before he was 30. He hates dating because of the gold diggers. He finds special arrangements meet his needs best. He has no time for traditional dating games. He just wants a pretty and intelligent woman to keep all the gold diggers at bay and shut down the questions swirling around why he is not married yet. But he also wants a shemale domination porn star to fuck his ass in his hotel. I had a hot date. I got to be at a high-class event. I got spoiled for my time. And I got fuck a tight ass all night long. I love being a special GFE.

Hot Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is what you want if you are looking at me. I am a sexy T-girl. Few folks who meet me out and about in regular places ever guess my panty secret.  I enjoy the surprise element. I have had a couple bad experiences with the surprise element, but mostly my sexy tranny cock is a pleasant present. I met Neil at the farmer’s market. It is that season again. I am a mostly organic eater, so I go every Saturday morning. Neil was a handsome older man I met last Saturday. We exchanged phone numbers and we had a date last night. I always assume folks know about me. My voice is a sultry low alto voice. It is not a shrill girly voice like many women. My body, however, is all girl. Well, except for my 10-inch cock. Men love hot ass sex with a sexy shemale. Neil did not know I was a T-girl. He was shocked, but in a good way, when he discovered my secret. He stared at my cock for a while, then he had a when in Rome moment and went down on me. He had never sucked cock. Now, I hear that often, but then they know how to polish a knob like a porn star, and I know they are lying. Neil had zero cock sucking skills. He took direction though. Ten-inches can be a lot for your first time. He gagged and choked, slobbered over my cock, but we were both patient and it worked out. He begged for my cock up his ass like most men do. I fucked him gently in the beginning, but I found his prostate and he wanted me to go harder. He was getting my best gfe phone sex with a twist experience. I think he is in love with special girls now. They always fall hard for me.

Hot Ass Sex in a Limo

hot ass sexI had hot ass sex in a limo last night. I am not sure that has happened since prom. I was at the opening of this new club downtown last night. So many local bars and restaurants did not survive the shutdowns, so it is great to see new clubs opening up. I need an active nightlife again. This club was upscale, but dress was casual. I had on booty shorts and a tank top. It is along the river, so there is a deck with an awesome river view. I was the belle of the ball. I was not the only trans girl there, but I was the prettiest. Not to sound egotistical, but I work hard to look this feminine. I want to look and act girly. I met Stewart. He is the owner of the club. A rich handsome man in my town? That was a first. Most of my sugar daddies are out of towners who visit for business a few times and years, and after they meet me, they add pleasure to the list of reasons to visit my city. Stewart knew I was a T-girl. We have mutual friends. He invited me to his VIP suite where he charmed the panties off me with compliments and top shelf drinks. I let him suck my big shemale cock, but he wanted me to fuck him. I suggested a ride in his limo. I did a quick Google search on him and discovered he never drives. He has some fleet cars, including a Hummer limo he uses to drive him wherever. Single too. I was seeing dollar signs. In his limo, he begged for my sexy tranny dick up his ass. A hardcore ass fucking in a limo was the perfect end to a beautiful night. This sexy T-girl has a new sugar daddy. A sexy shemale can never have enough of those.

Check Out My Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesDo you jack off to tranny porn pictures? It is okay to admit that you do. No shame in being attracted to a sexy shemale. I began my transformation in college. I started college as Carl but graduated as Carla. I never had many problems. My dad was not supportive initially, but he has come around. My sister and I are even closer now that I am mostly woman. My college friends are still my friends. High school pals still my friends too. The only places I have struggled with are work environments. Sexual harassment for special girls like me in a traditional work force is off the charts. That is why you find more shemales in the adult industry. Many of us are phone sex operators, escorts and porn stars. I am a dominant tranny. My early years of transformation in the traditional workforce made me that way. My first job post college was in a law firm. I was a legal researcher. Once it came out that I had a cock, I became a novelty, even a freak show. I was working for a bunch of old white guys. One of the partners thought he could force his limp old white dick on me, and I fought back. I was no victim. I bent him over the table in the in-house law library and fucked his ass so hard he started to cry. I was in survival of the fittest mode. I was not being his bitch. He was my bitch until I lost my job. I got off lucky. He could have pressed assault charges against me, but he was not going to embarrass himself by admitting that a shemale domination porn star fucked his ass raw. I liked it. I still like it. I am not some sexual predator, but I do not let men think they can treat me like a bitch because I am different. Consider yourself warned. If you try to dominate me, you will not succeed.

Shemale Domination Porn Star

shemale domination pornI am a shemale domination porn star. Men often think they can fuck me. Now, I may be a T-girl, but that does not make me submissive. I have never been submissive. Not even when I lived my life as a teen boy. I was not some faggy bottom bitch. I just knew that I was born in the wrong body. Once I transformed, I stayed my dominant self. I have always had a big cock. When you take female hormones it shrinks the package a bit, but I still have 10 hard inches of cock meat for your asshole and mouth. My dick never stays soft for long, especially if I am near a bottom bitch. I was at a club last night. A metro-sexual club. Lots of gender fluid individuals, T-girls and men on the down low.  Rick is a married man on the down low. How his wife does not know he is queer is beyond me. He was coming up to T-girls in the club and asking if we had big cocks. He actually offended a few women who did not have a panty surprise, LOL. He was nice enough looking. Clean cut. He had insurance salesman written all over him. I was close. He was a pharmaceutical rep. He was slick, but submissive. He just wanted a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale. I was in the mood to do some damage to an ass. I fucked him in the club bathroom before I brought him home and pounded his asshole all night long. He was no ass virgin, but he was tight still. He does Grinder a lot, but he has a fetish for special girls. He came to the club hoping to meet one and he did. He met a dominant tranny that gave him the hardest anal fuck of his life. Either I scared him away from sexy shemales for good, or he is leaving his wife right now. That is the power of a sexy tranny cock.

GFE Phone Sex with a Dominant Tranny

gfe phone sexI am a special gfe phone sex girl. I am a transgendered beauty. I recently started doing some special arrangement dates. It is like some where between escorting and dating. There are no formal cash for sex arrangements, but most of the men on these sites are looking for companionship and sex. Most of the women are gold diggers. Sure, I love a man with a big wallet who can spoil me. I have expensive tastes. But my desire for nice things never means I will settle for a man beneath my status. On these sites, I am clear that I have a sexy tranny cock and that I am a shemale domination porn star. I am not trying to catfish guys. I am also not being some bottom bitch just because a guy has money. The money is nice, but I will never compromise who I am. And who I am is a dominant tranny with big fucking cock. When Ed contacted me, I was clear that if we were to have sex on our first date, he would be the bottom. I told him that I was not on this sugar daddy site just for sex though. I live my life as a female. I have many of the same needs and desires as women. I want nice conversation. I want to be swept off my feet. We agreed to certain terms, then after a wonder date, he tried not to honor a single one of those terms. I was not having it. No man makes me his bitch simply because he paid for dinner. I am not that kind of woman. I am stronger than I look, so I gave Ed a hardcore ass fucking he never saw coming.  I brutalized his ass until he was crying. I made a grown man cry. And I will do it again too. By the time I dumped my seed in my date’s asshole, he was a different man. He realized I was not a pushover nor was I submissive. Although, I will not be seeing Ed again, I did make him pay me several grand for his bad behavior. I guess you could call it blackmail, but I prefer to view it as an annoyance tax. I do not care how much money you have. I am no one’s bitch.

Shemale Phone Sex with a Woman

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is all the rage. Sometimes, I even make the naturally born girls at this company jealous over how busy I am most days. Women are either jealous of me or intrigued. Some women I know get jealous over the attention men give me. Some of that attention is from their men who do not even know my panty surprise. I have a lot of girlfriends. Some are fellow T-girls like me, but most are naturally born women I have met through out my life. It is much easier for me to have girlfriends than male friends. Whatever that line in the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally is true. Men and woman cannot just be friends because the sex always gets in the way. Many of my male friends over the years have tried to bang me. My girlfriends, however, do not. That was until recently. Lisa is one of my best friends. One of my ride or die girlfriends. We met 15 years ago while we were in college. She was my third college roommate. By that time, I had only been a T-girl for a few years, and I was still learning how to be a girl. She was not freaked out by me. She did not demand a transfer like some girls. She taught me how to do my makeup. She helped me dress. She really is the reason I look and act so femme today. We do not get to see each other often because she lives a few states away. She came to visit this week because her and her husband spilt. We were drinking wine, too much wine, and we had a lesbian encounter with a twist. The twist being my sexy tranny cock. She is a great cock sucker. I gave my best friend my biggest cum shot to her face. I fucked her too. She was in awe of how big my dick was. Her pussy was tight too. I do not fuck many pussies, but it was nice to have a girl-on-girl experience with my bestie. She drained my balls dry. I think I need to fuck more chicks.

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