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Shemale Phone Sex with a Sexy Big Dick Shemale

shemale phone sex

Shemale phone sex is always in demand. Not many of us special T-girls here now. We are down to 5 sexy trannies. Many of my fellow shemales go back and forth in the adult industry. At the height of Covid, we had quite a few sexy T-girls working here. That was because the rest of the adult industry was at a standstill. Now that things are back open, many T-girls have gone on to other adult endeavors like being escorts, porn stars and strippers. You will always find a higher number of shemales in the adult world. That is because we know how to hustle. We know where we are wanted too. Guys like you look for sexy shemales in industries like phone sex. I have tried the real work force, but it never works out. Guys are either too distracted thinking about what is under my dress or they are just not trans friendly. In the adult world men are actively seeking special girls. There are no panty surprises unless that is just the role play we are doing.

I stay busy on the phone. My callers love the fact that I look like a real woman but have a ten-inch cock. I sure do love men who want my sexy she-cock up their tight assholes. When I am in a club, more times than not I meet men like my callers’ role plays who just think I have a pleasant present. Sometimes, I meet dickheads like Tom. He was in a trans club. He claims he did not know. He told me he was walking by and saw hot chicks on the dance floor and came in. I think he just started feeling guilty about being my bottom bitch and that made him lose all sense of decorum. I still fucked his asshole and treated him like a bitch even though he wanted to fuck me. He was just too rude and ignorant to get his way. So, this sexy tranny phone sex gal schooled him on what it is like to be my bottom bitch with some hardcore anal sex. I am proud to be a dominant shemale. If you are looking for a panty surprise that will fuck your tight ass, you are in the right place.

Shemale Phone Sex with a Dominant, Big Dick Shemale

shemale phone sexIf you are staring at my big dick, you want shemale phone sex. No shame in admitting you think my cock is pretty. Although it is big and it is dominant, it is still feminine looking. I have long shaved my cock and balls. Now, thanks to modern science, I use electrolysis to remove all that masculine hair. I knew I was born in the wrong body when I was a schoolboy. I would play dress up in my mother’s clothes. I experimented with lipstick. I always wanted to have painted toes and fingers. It was not even a sexual thing yet at that age. I was not attracted to boys or girls yet when I started playing in my mother’s closest. This was before nonbinary terms were even used. I did not know what a transsexual was really. The only time I heard the term trans at all was in Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Tim Curry’s character was a sweet transvestite not a sweet transsexual from Transylvania. I thought I was a transvestite. I was never really submissive. I was not really into girls. But I did not feel gay either. Just gender confused. Now, I am a confident, sexy shemale domination porn star. And I know that any attraction you have to my pretty she-cock does not make you gay. It makes you human. A red-blooded human male. Gay men do not like femboys like me. I take the term femboy to the extreme. I am very girly in my dress, my hair, my body and my actions. I live my life as a female. I just have a big cock. And that big cock loves to fuck a tight asshole too. You will not think of yourself as gay when I am fucking your ass because you will feel my soft hands exploring your cock. You will feel my big boobs against your back, and you will feel soft lips on your lips when I am giving you a hardcore ass fucking. The only thing masculine on my body is my ten-inch dick. Ready for some hot shemale fun?

GFE Phone Sex is For Guys Who Like Sexy Shemales Too

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is for guys who like sexy shemales too. I may be dominant, but I am romantic too. That is the female inside me. I love to be spoiled and pampered. And I can spoil and pamper too. The nice thing about a shemale GFE is that you can take me to your office parties or that friend’s party you do not want to go to alone. No one will know I have a ten-inch cock in my panties unless you tell them. I look that good with my hair done, my nails done and in a sexy dress. I am passable. I sound like a woman. I act like a woman. I am a woman. In the bedroom, however, I will give you the best hot ass sex of your life.  Michael is my newest GFE lover. He loves sexy shemales like me. He just cannot admit to his coworkers or his family that he enjoys a big cock in his ass. He is not attracted to men, but he does love my package. Men who like me are not gay. I am too girly looking for a gay man. Most gay men hate me, sadly. So, if you have a boner looking at my pictures, you are not gay. You are just a smart man who is enlightened. You know that my cock will make you cum so hard.  Michael took me to a party. I was a hit too. Everyone wanted to know if I had a sister and where he met me because they wanted to find a hot girl like me too. We told his friends we met on Match. Com, but it was a shemale dating site instead. It made Michael relaxed to know that no one was the wiser about my panty surprise. We went back to his place and I gave him a hardcore ass fucking. In public, I am your sexy GFE. In the bedroom, I am your dominant tranny. Best of both worlds.

Tranny Porn Pictures Turn Men on and Their Wives Too Sometimes

tranny porn picturesDo you like looking at tranny porn pictures? I have a ton of nude pictures on the Internet. I have been a sexy shemale since I was 18. I tried to have a normal office job, but I was bored and harassed. People are not as woke as they claim to be when it comes to a sexy T-girl in the office space. Girl are jealous because they think they are in competition with me. Like my big tranny cock is better than their bald pussy to men. Men feel threatened by me because they are attracted to me and that makes them feel gay. So, I fair better in the adult industry. No backstabbing jealous women. Men know what they are getting, so no mixed feelings. The shemale domination porn world is profitable too. I make more money doing nude photo shoots and talking to men with T-girl fantasies than I would ever make in the 9 to 5 job world. I love that men are attracted to me and women are curious. I did a couple’s call last night. Not typical for me. Most guys I talk with could never admit to their wives that they are attracted to girls like me. I do not get their jealousy. But this caller’s wife wanted me to dominate and cuckold her husband with her. I would likely never do that in real life because I have yet to meet a woman as cool and liberal like that in my non phone bone world. But this lady is getting lots of big cock and her husband has a tiny dick. I was no threat to her. I was a threat to the hubby though because I fucked his wife so good, she got a hot squirting pussy from my sexy tranny cock. I made her husband clean his wife’s cunt juice off my dick with his mouth too. He polished my knob like a good cuckold too. Yeah, the adult world is much for accepting of sexy T girls like me. I will stay right in this world for as long as I can.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Will Fuck You into Submission

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn stars stick together, especially when putting little losers in their place. I have a shemale friend who has a loser problem, so I helped her out. She called me to her place last night. It was a sort of 911 call. She had this client over who was trying to dominate her. She is a like me, a dominant tranny. This little bitch boy paid her to dominate him, but it was a ruse. He was some sort of extremist who thought he could punish her for being a sexy shemale. It was a set up. Not on my watch. I no longer escort because the world has become such an insane place that is not safe for special women like me. Phone sex is my speed. Fun and way safer than escorting. My shemale friend managed to get her poser John tied up. When I arrived, the party began. I brought reinforcement. My experience has been when any man suddenly starts condemning me to hell or shaming me for fighting my assigned gender, I find that the root of all that anger is attraction. Eradicating women like me makes them feel better about being attracted to sexy shemales. I just give insecure, scared little bitch boys like that what they really want which is a sexy tranny cock up their back door pussies. We gang banged the bitch. Four sexy shemales fucked his ass hard. No lube. No mercy. If you are going to act a fool and shame women like me, we are going to fight back with a hardcore ass fucking that you will never forget. That bitch boy was singing a different tune after we filled him up with a few loads of tranny cum. There is no shame in being attracted to chicks with dicks. Just do not be an asshole about it because you feel guilty about your feelings. I will fuck you into submission with my ten-inch cock quickly and you will admit you love it.

Cheating Phone Sex with a Dominant Tranny Changes Things Up

cheating phone sex

Cheating phone sex is hotter if you are cheating on your wife with a sexy shemale. Many men cheat. It is a common phenomenon. Men are interesting creatures. Even when they have a hot wife who fucks them regularly, they still seek the comfort of a hot chick. I get it. I was born male. I live as a woman now, but I still have the wandering eye. I do not think I will every marry because I doubt, I could be faithful. But I am often the other woman for many married men. I am not in the closet, however. I do not care who knows that I am a shemale domination porn star. But I can be discreet because married men do not want their wives finding out they cheated. And two, they do not want anyone knowing that a sexy shemale fucked their back door pussy and they loved it.

My newest married lover I met on a special arrangements site. He is older which I never mind. I love fucking a distinguished old man’s ass. I make men like that wonder why they did not take a cock in their ass sooner. Marvin is a rich man. A sugar daddy but he wanted to try something different. He said he wanted to try being the beta for once and he also wanted to try a she cock. I applauded him. Most men his age are stuck in their ways, but he was a progressive thinker. Plus, he was rich and handsome. I was happy to be his first sexy shemale cock.

We had our first date last night. He wined and dined me in style. And I gave him a hardcore ass fucking in style too. He told me that even if he told his wife a sexy shemale fucked his ass she would not believe him. Now he is hooked on she cock because I drained his balls better than they have ever been drained. That is because a big cock like mine can hit your prostate and drain you of backed up cum. Think you are ready to try something new too? MY she cock is waiting.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Can Wake You Up Properly

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn stars heat up winter nights. I met a guy at a party over New Year’s. A married man with a little dick. He is sort of an annoying fucker, but he has a super tight ass. I fucked him in the bathroom with his wife not far away. As soon as he discovered I was a sexy T-girl, I think he was into me even more. It was definitely a pleasant surprise when he realized the hot chick at the party had a bigger dick than him. I am always down to fuck a tight asshole. I do not have erection problems like shemale escorts. Maybe it is because they try to fuck too many guys in a day. I have no problem getting hard or staying hard. I gave him his first hardcore ass fucking while his wife was ringing in the new year not 50 feet away. Well, he has been coming over to see me just about daily since I popped that anal cherry of his. Now, he may not stay super tight much longer. My ten-inch cock gapes assholes after regular penetration. Tony does not care. He is hooked on my she cock. Most guys fall instantly in love with my big dick. It is big, but it is pretty. I completely shave my cock and balls. I am a feminine shemale. Tony came by this morning for a booty call on the way to the gym. I was barely awake when he texted me, but my cock was at attention. Normally, I stroke off in the shower before I start my phone sex job. But today, I got to cum in a tight ass. Tony did not have long to stay. His wife keeps him on a short leash. If she only knew that her husband is a beta bitch fag boy for sexy she cock. My guess is she would never in a million years guess her husband of 20 years love she cock. Think your wife could guess that you do too?

GFE Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale Keeps You Warm

gfe phone sex GFE phone sex with a sexy tranny warms you up on these cold winter nights. Our weather has been wacky. One day in the 60s and the next day below zero. A few days I had to endure using body heat to warm me up because the power has not been steady. I have one neighbor who got a panty surprise and loved it. He wanted more of my sexy tranny cock. Of course, I was more than willing to give it to him too. He showed up last night with a fine bottle of wine. He wanted to role play like he did not know I was packing a sexy shemale phone sex cock in my panties. I love to role play. It is much safer for me to role play that you cannot guess my panty surprise. I still surprise men all the time. Either I assume they know, or I want to make them question what they think they know. I overhear conversations all the time about knowing a shemale when they see one, yet they cannot guess about me. I like to show them that we are everywhere and that the average guy cannot tell us apart from women.

My neighbor admitted he thought he could tell and was clueless about me. I was a happy surprise to him. For the most part, it is a happy surprise for men. Once in a blue moon I have to ass fuck a man into proper manners. But for my neighbor last week, I did not have to force him when we lost power for nearly two days. He just wanted another hardcore ass fucking last night, and I gave it to him. This time with the lights on so he could see my sexy tranny cock penetrating his ass. I must admit, it is nice to have a tight ass so close to where I live. My cock needs to cum a few times a day, so a willing neighbor who wants to be my cum dumpster is perfect for a sexy shemale like me.

Shemale Phone Sex Keeps You Warm on Those Cold Winter Nights

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex keeps you warm during these cold winter months. I recently heated a neighbor up with my big shemale cock. A blizzard hit us right before Christmas. Our building lost power for over 24 hours. The temperatures outside dropped below zero, which meant I needed body heat to sleep. I was layered up, but the longer my condo went without heat, the colder it got in my place. I was watching Netflix on my iPad trying not to think about how fucking cold it was when I heard a knock on my door. It was Marcus from the end of the hallway. We have been friendly when passing in the hallways, but I do not know him well. He is a single man with a good job, but he is in his 20s and I am in my 30s. I had no clue if he knew I was a shemale domination porn star or not. Perhaps he knew because I do not hide the fact that I am transgendered.  He wanted to know if I wanted some company. He was going crazy in the dark. I had candles all around my place giving it a sexy glow. I invited him in, and we had some wine and watched a series on Netflix. I had a few back up battery chargers to keep my devices running. He asked me why I had some many chargers, and I explained my job. I still like to make money when mother nature is being an asshole. I do not think he believed me when I told him what I do for a living, so I showed him my phone sex site. When he saw my cock, he wanted to see it in the flesh. I was happy to show it to him too. I put his head down on it because I was cold. His mouth on my cock, however, would warm me up quickly. He had never sucked cock before, but he was curious about sexy shemale cock. We passed hours in the dark and cold fucking like wild animals. I popped his mouth and ass cherry. Now, I have a fan boy in my own building. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe the power being out was to bring me a tight ass to fuck in my own backyard.

Tranny Phone Sex: Make a Vow for More She Cock in 2023

tranny phone sexDo you want more tranny phone sex in 2023? You are not alone. I was at a swank NYE’s party last night. I was dressed to the nines too. I always look my best. I enjoy looking good and feminine. I am a sexy shemale, but few folks can guess that I am hiding a ten-inch cock in a pair of panties. I met Richard at this party. He was tall and handsome, and according to my friend a very eligible bachelor. She told me he was a bit of a geek. Handsome, but shy. He owns his own consulting firm, and he works with the city planning parks and recreational facilities. He was getting sexier by the moment as she spoke of him. I had no clue if he was into shemale domination porn stars, but it was worth a try. I am not shy. Shelly made the introduction for me, and I was very happy to do the talking. I could tell he was shy. He did finally tell me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Although I do love the element of surprise, this was not just some beta bitch married man. This guy was dating material. I have men I just fuck in the ass. Those men are beta bitches to me. Nothing but cock sleeves, LOL. This guy was single. He was handsome, sophisticated and wealthy. The kind of man I date and fuck. Just because he possessed all the things that I require in a man to date him, that did not make him exempt from a hardcore ass fucking. He just warranted a heads up that I was packing a ten-inch cock. That did not surprise him or turn him away. It just made me sexier to him. We rang in the new year with my cock balls deep in his ass. We have a date for this week too. A new year, a new ass to fuck.