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Do You Love Tranny Porn Pictures?

tranny porn picturesDo you look at tranny porn pictures? Maybe you have seen mine? I have been a nude model for years. Fetish modeling pays well. I am not ashamed of being a sexy shemale. I flaunt my body and my curves. I have worked hard to have this feminine soft body. I have not done a modeling gig since Covid reared its ugly head. I got a nice gig in a different state, so I packed a bag and flew to the city the gig was at for the weekend. You may have noticed I was not around as much as I normally am. I have my hands in several things. Now that Covid is more under control, I can travel more freely. During Covid I was just doing tranny phone sex. I was stuck at home like you. Now, I am traveling for dates and nude modeling shoots. I am living life again. While I was in Louisville for a photo shoot, I went out at night. Never been to Kentucky. It does not have the reputation for being a liberal state. A special girl needs to be careful when out and about, but I had no problems. I found this metro club that had straight, gay, bi and trans people. I had some fine Kentucky bourbon, which is delicious by the way. I met Troy. He is a Kentucky native. Appeared to be a normal man. By that I mean he did not look like the kind of man who was looking for a shemale domination porn star to fuck his ass. Maybe he did not know I had a ten-inch cock in my panties. Turns out he did not know, but he had hoped. He was in the bar looking for a girl like me. I fucked him for the three days I was in his beautiful state. He is married, so I doubt I will see him again. The timing was just perfect. His wife was out of town; I was in town, and we had a chance encounter. I love to travel. I am so glad I can travel again and meet sexy married men to fuck. Would you like to meet me in a bar?

Shemale phone sex GFE and Now a Sexy Stripper Too

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is my job. Sometimes I escort or do the GFE thing with rich guys. I was propositioned recently for a new gig. Shemale stripper. Never thought about stripping. I am 35 and that seems to old to strip, but I met this rich guy last week who owns a few gentlemens clubs around town. They are elite clubs too. Once he found out I was a T-girl, her asked me a ton of questions. Honestly, I thought he was just curious. Girls like me are a novelty. I get that. Turns out he was trying to recruit me to work at his club. My initial response was to laugh. I mean I am not a pole dancer and I have never gone into a club and seen a woman like me dancing. He told me there is a demand. Every week he says some guy asks about a T-girl dancer. He says the request is so often that he has been searching and interviewing, but I am the hottest T-girl he has ever seen. I was flattered. When he told me the kind of money I could make in VIP rooms and private parties, I agreed to give it a try. I mean if I did not like it, I could quit, right? I had my first night last night. I was not sure what to wear, so I put on a pink spandex dress and high heels. Holy, fuck this tranny phone sex babe made bank. I cleaned up. Every man was nice and was a great tipper. I was surprised. I figured there would be some assholes who just do not dig chicks like me, but that was not the case. I made over $5,000 last night. Honest work. I was just being a sexy special GFE most of the night. No one even touched my cock. They did touch their cocks though. I encouraged it too. I love knowing men find me hot and sexy. So, I guess this sexy shemale is going to strip for awhile and make bank.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

foot fetish phone sexDo you enjoy foot fetish phone sex? I am a special girl, but I cater to a lot of fetishes. I like to be a pretty T-girl and that means regular pedicures and manicures. I just got back from a spa day, and I had beautiful, polished toes, and silky soft feet. And there is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my pretty pedicured feet on a throbbing cock. I have a shemale lover with a foot fetish. Something kind of sexy to him about a special girl with pretty feet and big cock. My cock is bigger than my foot. At first, I thought if I gave him a foot job that would make him cum quickly to last longer when I gave him his hardcore ass fucking. He kept insisting that his cock preferred my small, smooth feet to my big tranny cock in his ass. This guy has not let me fuck him yet. I just know his ass is nice and tight. I love giving foot jobs. Just not as much as I love slamming my sexy tranny cock in a tight ass. I started teasing his cock with my pretty painted toes. Swirled my big toe over the purple head, traced his bulging veins that popped out on his cock. I massaged his balls with my toes too. Softly kneading them until I heard him moan and pre cum started leaking out the head of his cock. I took my big toe, and played with that pre cum. I fed him a cum coated toe, and he sucked his own jizz off my pretty toe. His cock got even harder tasting his pre-cum. That’s when I start rubbing his cock between my feet like I was starting a fire. I was building a fire. A fire that quickly got put out by the biggest cum shot of creamy, white jizz. When I milked all the jizz out of his cock, my feet went in his mouth to clean up the mess he made. Still did not get to fuck him, but he ate his own jizz this time. I am getting closer to his virgin ass every foot encounter we have.

Shemale Phone Sex with a Sexy Dominant T-Girl

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is on your mind, or you would not be here staring at my cock. It is not a small cock. It is still a feminine cock though. I am well groomed just like the lady I am. But do not mistake my feminine appearance as weakness. I am not submissive. I am a dominant T-girl. Guys underestimate me all the time and I do not know why. Oh yes, I do, because some men are still living in the dark ages where they think all women are naturally submissive to men and that anything not male or female 100% is somehow less worthy of respect. I call bullshit. I am a shemale domination porn star. I had a date with a guy last night I met on Grinder. No one on Grinder is 100% straight. It is an alternative to Tinder for those of us who fall outside the box of 100% straight man or straight female. It is a great site to find she-cock or any cock. Sissies can find men down to fuck their sissy holes on Grinder too. This guy I met on Grinder tried to act like he had no clue I was a shemale. The dude swiped right on this very selfie I am using in this blog. And my Grinder name is Sexy T-Girl Carla. If he really missed the cock in the picture and had no clue what a T-girl was, he was too stupid for me. He did not handle the misunderstanding that was all his fault very well. So, he got a hardcore ass fucking he did not want. Hey, I am no one’s bitch. You do not realize I am a sexy shemale, you can still not be a dick about it. I am not unreasonable. But you throw shade, get ugly or even violent? Well, my ten-inch cock is going to fuck your ass raw to teach you some manners. Some men discover they love it. Be nice to me or your ass will hurt for days.

Romantic Phone Sex Calls are Hot for a Sexy T Girl Too

romantic phone sexI am down for romantic phone sex calls. I am a dominant T-girl. There is no way around that. I have always been an Alpha despite my femininity. Now, that does not mean I do not like to be spoiled. I can look like a princess and fuck you like a T-girl dominatrix. In fact, it is what I prefer. Now, some guys are just losers who cannot afford to buy me a glass of wine. I will still fuck their asses and mouths harder than they have ever been fucked, but I will get nothing in return but the satisfaction of making a loser walk funny the next day. Brett is a sophisticated man with means. He may have inherited most of his millions, but he is doing good things on his own merit too. He is in his thirties and a very eligible bachelor. There have been rumors he is gay because men with his pedigree are expected to get married and start a family straight out of college. It is a well-kept secret that Brett likes shemale domination porn stars. Does not make him gay. Just makes him wise. We met on a shemale dating site. He used a different name, but I recognized him because in my city, his family is always in the news. Old school money types charitable when it comes to the arts. Hard not to know who they are. I played dumb. He likely just did not want to be blackmailed or outted as a she cock lover. I was not going to drain him dry, not his wallet at least, LOL. I just wanted to be spoiled and pampered and in return pump his ass full of cum. Brett did spoil me. Nice dinner, fine drinks, a carriage ride through the city and a sizeable cash donation which was not expected. In return, he got a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy T-girl and total discretion. He is a nice guy who likes girls with something extra. Can you relate?

Guided Masturbation, JOI, CEI and Prostate Fun with a Sexy T-Girl

guided masturbationGuided masturbation with a sexy shemale is a unique experience. Sure, any naturally born woman can tell you how to stroke your cock, but she does not have a cock or a prostate so she cannot know 100% what it feels like to stroke a cock or play with the asshole. I have been stroking my cock since I was a teen boy. I have been playing with my ass since I was not much older than that. The only masculine thing about me is my ten-inch cock. I love helping guys with jerk off techniques and cum eating instructions too. I believe in cleaning up any mess you make. I love to combine JOI and CEI with prostate phone sex. Most women cannot find the prostate with a GPS, but I can. I find that spot all the time with my big cock, long fingers or even a sex toy. I have a few regulars who only call me for prostate play. One of my regulars called me last night with his new Lovense toy. Do you know what that is? It is a prostate vibrator that I can control. When you get it in the mail, you get instructions on how to set up the remote control online You send me your link in an email or an instant message and while we cyber or phone fuck, I can control the speed and intensity of your anal toy. I have one for myself too. Now, do not get any ideas. I do not let men control me. That is because I am a dominant tranny phone sex woman. I am all about being in charge of your ass and your orgasms. Sure, I jack off too with you. But this dominant T-girl wants to help you control your orgasms, eat your cum and have the hardest cum that only a prostate massage can give you.

Dominant Shemale Phone Sex with a Special Mistress

shemale phone sexLooking for shemale phone sex? Yes, I am a shemale. I have two sides to me, but both are dominant. I can be a sensual domme or a bad ass whips and chains domme too. What you get depends on you. If you are a nice guy who knows how to spoil me, then you will get the sensual dominatrix. I will top you. I will treat you well, but I will fuck that ass hard. Now, if you are some narrow minded, delusional prick, I will fuck you so hard that you will never shit right again. I prefer not to do that, but I will never let anyone think they own me. I do not care if you have a huge cock, or a ton or money. I do not care who you are either. You try to force yourself on me or toss me some major shade, you get a hardcore ass fucking you will never forget.

I was on my balcony early this morning. I thought I was looking fly. My neighbors all know I am a sexy T-girl. They respect me. They treat me with dignity. My immediate neighbor to the left rents his condo out as an Air B and B. There are always lots of folks coming and going. Most are nice, but Tony was a tool. I have a special ritual for tools. He was complaining about the traffic in and out of my place this week. It was not anything nefarious either. I am not a drug dealer or even an escort. I am just a sexy shemale who likes to fuck. When Tony found out I was a shemale, he assumed I was turning tricks and threatened to call the cops. Nope, not on my watch. I tried to have a heart to heart with him, but he got belligerent with me once he realized I was a T-girl. I showed him what a shemale domination porn star does best. The little beta bitch wannabee loved it too. I fucked his ass raw and looked good doing it. He was screaming and cumming. In hindsight, I think the bitch baited me so I would fuck his ass hard. It worked, but he could have just begged like most of you too.

Dominatrix Phone Sex with Sexy Tranny with a Big Dick

dominatrix phone sexI love being a dominatrix phone sex mistress. I have something extra I can dominate a man with. Most women need to use things like whips and crops to whip a man into submission. I just need to dangle my pretty ten-inch cock in front of them and they fall to their knees to worship me. I can whip a man with my cock too. I often do. I whipped Brian across the face with my big cock because he was being a little bitch. I could have beaten his face black and blue with my heavy dick, but I saved that for his ass. I met Brian at a party. He talked about what a big dick he had and that meant he could fuck my ass. I cornered him in a room and ordered him to whip his cock out. It was not a cock. Three-inches is a clit not a cock. And it certainly does not warrant a guy thinking he can top this mistress phone sex shemale with his tiny dick. He was married and his wife was not far away. Brian thought he was a player, but he lacked the equipment to be a player. A dominant tranny will not give up her ass for just anyone. I will, however, fuck a loser’s ass after a good beat down first. I needed him to understand that he is not gifted with a big cock. Not even gifted with an average cock. It was the most pathetic excuse for a dick I have seen in a long time. I did not need long with the loser to put him in his place. I backed him into a corner and told him that if he screamed, I would make sure his wife knew he came on to me because I had recorded the entire interaction on my cell phone. He had to give me his ass willingly. I gave him an ass fucking he will never forget too. He may have wanted to fuck my ass, but I am a shemale domination porn star. You got to be bigger than me to fuck me ass, and even then, it is no guarantee I will let you. I bet his wife is wondering why he is walking funny now.

Special GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is what I love the most. I know I am a sexy, dominant shemale. I have a big cock and I am 99% top bitch in any relationship, but I do love a give and take relationship. I love to be spoiled and I love to spoil back. I have become more dominant over the years because some men just cannot mind their manners. And even more do not seem to understand how things work. If I have a ten-inch cock and you have a 4-inch cock, you are not dominating me. You cannot dominant any sexy babe, but especially not a shemale domination porn star. Nope not going to happen. To keep tiny dick losers from thinking they can own a sexy bitch like me with out the proper equipment, I have become more dominant. I am not your bitch, or your slave and I am not some desperate for attention freak show either. Men who know how to treat a lady and how the world works, get the sexy GFE me. Men who live in denial and think they can own me get the dominant T-girl experience.

I thought Trevor understood everything. We met on Tinder. Not a big cock. Below average, actually. Handsome though. Financially secure and intelligent too. On paper, seemed like a nice guy who accepted his short comings. We had a nice date, but in the bedroom, he became a different man. He became some one who needed to know that his pinky dick did not make him eligible to dominate me. He got the tranny phone sex domination experience. That means I fucked his ass so hard that he will not be walking properly for several days. You cannot act all dominant with me and have a 4-inch dick. That is not the way the world works, Trevor. He is regretting his decision to try to dominate me now, but it is too late. I already fucked his ass into submission. And I will fuck your ass into submission too if you do not understand how the world works.

Married Men Phone Sex is Hot But I am Never a Dirty Secret for Long

married men phone sexI love married men phone sex. Most of my fans are married men who want a side piece with a big cock. I will be a dominant tranny for any married man. He spoils me and I fuck his ass. But I will not be in a relationship long term with a married man, because I refuse to be second string. Look at me? I am a sexy shemale. Almost no one can guess that I have a ten-inch cock in my panties. I am pretty. I am dominant too, so I am not a dirty secret. At least I am not a dirty secret for long. I can handle giving a man a hardcore ass fucking behind closed doors for a while if it is just a hook up thing. But, if you are worthy of dating me and I really like you, I will not be your mistress forever. I broke up with a great guy before Covid because he would not leave his wife. I did like him a lot. He was more like an equal than a subby beta bottom bitch boy. The problem was I was not going to stop seeing other people when he was not going to leave his wife and he expected me too. I cut him out of my life. Now, he is back. He claims he left his wife and wanted a second chance. I did my research first. Divorces are public record, and no record of a divorce in his or his wife’s name. He must be jonesing bad for my sexy tranny cock. I met with him to hear him out knowing the truth. He must have forgotten that I was a shemale domination porn star who does not like to be lied too. I fucked his ass harder than I ever have in the past. He was walking funny when I left his hotel room too. I do like the guy. He is rich and handsome. He even has a nice cock, but if you want me to be your girlfriend, I am front and center guys.  I deserve to have all your attention. If you cannot give it to me, you will only be my side ass I fuck whenever I want.

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