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Shemale Domination Porn Stars Will Tag Team Your Ass

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn stars can have fun in the son too. I have some of the best fun with my fellow T-girls. Most of my shemale friends are in the adult industry too. It is a safer and more profitable world for special girls. We know that the men showing interest in us, like us for our special nature. I am not an escort, but several of my fellow T-girls are, and occasionally, I join them on some fun excursion with a rich client. I am fresh off a week in Mexico with a millionaire who wanted two cocks at once. Two passable cocks. Two dominant cocks. My friend, Maya, is a gfe phone sex T-girl. She travels the world with rich guys and sometimes, I go along for the ride. I enjoyed her client. He was old, rich and he was a lot of fun. We spent most of the time on his boat. Yacht, I should say. Sun beating down on us as we took turns fucking this old rich guy with a fetish for T-girls. I can fuck a man anywhere, but on a yacht with the added motion of the ocean is a nice place to own a man’s ass. We could not have asked for nicer weather either. This old rich guy was on all fours for pretty much our entire time in Mexico. Maya and I took turns pegging his ass with our sexy tranny cocks. He was a good clean up guy too. He would suck her cock after I gave him a hardcore ass fucking and vice versa. He does not mind the taste of his own ass on a cock. Most men, even submissive men, balk at that, but not him. Pure beta bitch for us all week long. When we hit land again, he tipped us handsomely for the excursion and anal play. And he booked us again for the end of this month. He cannot get enough of two shemale cocks. Few men can.

GFE Phone Sex Weekends Are Discreet & Full of Ass Fucking with Me

gfe phone sexIt was a wild GFE phone sex weekend. A wealthy, handsome patron wanted to spend his holiday weekend with this sexy tranny. He has a boat. I was on the water all weekend long. This guys is fond of she-cock, just like you. The thing with this sugar daddy is that he cannot be out to the world about his love for she-cock. So, he likes girls like me. Pretty and passable. We were not alone on the boat. We were with his brother, his wife and their two daughters. I think he was hoping his brother would shut up about why he is not married yet at 50. Can you relate. Now, most shemale lovers are married. But some just do not want to cheat on their wife’s with a sexy shemale. I do not think it is cheating to have tranny phone sex. I mean your wife does not have a cock, right?

Wives cannot fuck your ass like I can. No one will fuck your ass Iike me. And I am discreet too. I look like a natural-born woman, but I fuck like a man. I fucked his ass many times over the weekend. We had the boat rocking. I was even in a bikini most of the weekend, and his brother and his family were clueless about my panty surprise. We locked the cabin door at night, so no one would walk in and see me fucking his ass. My wealthy patron has a sore ass after three days on a boat with me. I have a raw cock too. That is the price of a hardcore ass fucking weekend. I miss the water, but I miss his tight ass more. My sugar daddy has one of the tightest assholes around. I think that is because I popped his cherry a few months ago. I am glad to be home though, so I can take care of you horny men.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Can Make a Sandwich Out of You

shemale phone sexShemale domination porn stars fuck each other too, especially for money. I was asked by one of my bestie shemale friends to join her and another sexy shemale for a private movie for a rich client of hers. Emerald is a tranny escort. I have joined her on a few gigs. I can see the lure. The difference between us, however, is she is a bottom, and I am a top. You will find more shemale bottoms as escorts. If you are getting fucked in the ass all day, it does not matter if your dick does not get hard every time. I do not escort on a regular basis because I am a dominant tranny phone sex bitch. My cock is for your ass and your mouth. Your cock, well maybe I let you fuck me, but most of the time, I am the one doing the ass fucking. I enjoy being hard anytime I am near a tight ass. Last night, I had 3 asses to pleasure. Two shemale asses and one rich married man ass. Emerald’s client was rich as fuck. We were on his boat. A boat his wife does not know he has because it is his secret fuck pad. He is older, like late 50s. Not a problem for me. Never a problem for me. I love a tight asshole young or mature. If his dick does not get hard, it does not matter, because I can still cum in his tight asshole. It was a fuck fest last night. We had the boat rocking. It began with a shemale threesome. Three pretty she-cocks were at attention and enjoying each other. I saved my cum, however, for the guest of honor. He wanted a hardcore ass fucking from me while he fucked Emerald’s ass and sucked her shemale friend, Taye’s she cock. We made a sandwich out of him. Think you could handle three she cocks?

Tranny Phone Sex Bitches are Everywhere and We are Cumming for You

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex sluts are everywhere. Most men are not as accepting of us shemale goddesses as they appear to be in public. It is their fear of being perceived as queer that makes them act so ugly. I take care of men who act like that privately. But sometimes I will publicly humiliate them too. Yesterday afternoon, I was at a small pool party. I will say it was a gathering more than anything. But one guy who my bestie told me often hires T-girl hookers was bitching to this group of people about the woke world. He did not approve of shemales endorsing beer or gracing the cover of sports magazines. He started talking shit and I knew it was hypocritical. This asshole had no clue that there were three shemale domination porn stars at this pool party. We were in bikinis, and he still had no clue. We decided to teach him a lesson. Know your audience before you run your mouth. He was trying to act all macho when behind closed doors he is on his knees paying shemales for sex. Well, this was a freebie. Me and my two sexy hot bitches, turned him into a two-hole bitch. We rotated his holes. He protested at first, but once my sexy tranny cock was up his ass, he stopped talking, and began moaning. Lexie my 9-inch shemale goddess took his mouth, while Tracy my 10-inch bad bitch shared his asshole with me. He had almost 3 feet of shemale cock inside him. One of the female guests at the party filmed it all. The other men just watched in awe stroking their cocks watching three sexy shemales teach this guy some “woke” manners. I hate a hypocrite. We pumped so much cum inside him, not even a dip in the pool would wash it away. I mean you cannot talk shit about shemales, and secretly love them. If you do not want to appear queer to your macho male friends, then you should stop craving a hardcore ass fucking from a big dicked tranny.

Cock Control with a Sexy, Dominant Shemale

cock controlA sexy shemale knows all about cock control. I used to be a chronic masturbator. I do love stroking my sexy she-cock, but control is important. If you beat your meat all day long, you cannot perform for you partner when it counts. I do not have performance issues, because I can control my masturbation. Ted is a guy I am dating. A nice guy. A handsome guy. A decent cock, but not huge. Technically, it does not matter if his cock gets hard or not because he is a bottom. In a bottom-top relationship, my cock is the only one that needs to be erect. But I am not a selfish lover, not even as a dominant tranny phone sex slut. I want my partners to cum. Now, I do not care if little bitch faggots cum or not, but Ted is a lover, not a bitch boy. His problem is Internet porn. He watches shemale porn for hours a day and strokes his cock raw. I thought once he met me, he might be able to lessen the time he plays with his cock. That did not happen. Having a she-cock in his asshole, just made him want to watch shemale porn more. I had to edge him last night when we hooked up. Otherwise, his cock would either be limp, or he would cum as soon as my cock touched his asshole. Either is disappointing. I threatened him with a cock cage if he did not leave his dick alone. A cock cage is perfect for chronic masturbators. So is guided masturbation. I edged him by helping him stroke his cock slowly, rhythmically. A slow build always results in a hard cum. At one point, I tied Ted’s hands behind his back so he could not touch his own cock.  I limited his porn watching to 30 mins a day with the threat that I would leave him if he did not obey. When I did fuck him last night, he had the most intense orgasm yet. I think he is now on board for some serious edge training. I would love to help you like I am helping Ted. One long, hard cum is better than a limp dick and a series of quick cums. Better for you and better for me.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Can Ruin Your Ass

shemale phone sexDo you find yourself watching shemale domination porn? It is okay to admit it out loud. It does not make you gay. Makes you submissive and maybe bi-curious. There are two types of shemales. Dominant trannies like me. And bottoms. The rest are just variations on the same theme. I am an Alpha, a top, which means I am dominant. I am also a romantic sugar baby too. But when I meet men, they have seen my porn. Not all of them. I still am a pleasant present for most men. But the men who know me, understand that I will fuck their virgin assholes. They want it. They have jacked off forever thinking about me giving them a hardcore ass fucking. I love bringing men’s jackoff fantasies to life. Most of the time it is a great experience. Other times, a painful memory. I hooked up with Barry last night. Like you, he has been jacking off for a few years to shemale porn. He has been calling shemale lines too. When he met me on a shemale dating app, he thought he knew what he wanted. It was not like I was brutal on his ass. I used lubed. I fingered his tight asshole first. I like Barry. He was nice. He was smart and witty too. We had a great date that led us to being naked in his hotel room. I was not even a quarter of the way in, and he was screaming about it hurting. Initially, I was trying to work with him, but he got annoying quickly. He went from a pleasant date to an annoying bitch. I had to rip the Band-Aid off. I shoved my big shemale cock in his ass. No more lube. No more easing my dick into his ass. I showed him I am a true dominatrix phone sex bitch. No doubt, he does not have such fond memories of me today, but that is what he gets for being a whiny bitch.

Tranny Porn Pictures Show off My Feminine Sexy Body

tranny porn picturesMy tranny porn pictures are looked at daily by men just like you. I love knowing that she cock loving men like you are jacking off thinking about how good my cock would feel in their asses. I have been a shemale model for years. It helped me get comfortable with my new body. My new look. Well, my same body with a few modifications. I got tits. I will admit it took some getting used to having a more feminine body. And it took a lot of work to perfect my femininity. Posing for nude pictures, however, helped me get used to living my new life as Carla. Now, it feels like I was always meant to be a woman. I did not do the full surgery. I decided to keep my sexy cock. I do take hormones, which did shrink it a bit, but I still have plenty of cock left. I never have limp dick issues either. I talk to men often who hire women like me as escorts, but because they are escorts, they cannot get it up. They over book. They are all about the money and not the pleasure. I may be a shemale domination porn star, but I do not jack off too much. I do not see 20 men a day either. A soft she-cock is fine if you want to fuck a shemale ass. I am a dominant tranny, however. I want to be the one doing the fucking. I fuck a lot of men, that is no secret. But I pace myself. I am not a tranny hooker because I want to fuck who I want, and I want to be able to get hard when I want too. I keep myself looking good, so that I can fuck any ass I want. You can see my sexy cock in my pictures. That is not even erect yet. I am a grower not a shower, but I have no problem growing for hot ass sex with anyone, not even you. Ready for your first she-cock anal experience?

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

pantyhose fetish phone sexDo you crave pantyhose fetish phone sex? I know I am a shemale, but I love pantyhose. I think my mom’s pantyhose are to blame for my remarkable transition from Carl to Carla. I would spend hours after school before my parents came home from work, masturbating with my mother’s nylons. I would wear them too and instantly feel sexy and powerful. I was not a sissy. I had desire to bend over and have some guy with a big cock fuck my ass while humiliating me. I just felt so feminine in pantyhose. They made me want to be a girl. Now, I am. And I am a woman with a strong pantyhose fixation. But I am not alone. I meet people, and talk to men often, who share my pantyhose addiction. I was clubbing late last night. I went after my phone sex shift was over. I just was looking for a tight ass to fuck. I found one, and he had a pantyhose fetish too. Perfect. I brought the little faggot home. Unlike me, this guy was a sissy. He was a femboy looking to get pegged, and I had the she-cock to peg him. I made him suck my big shemale dick with my pantyhose over his head. He got to feel the silkiness of my hose, and the heat of my big dick at the same time. He was in heaven. I was feeling good too because he was a good cock sucker. He told me he goes to glory holes to suck cock, but he was still an anal virgin. I wanted nothing more than to fuck his ass. I gave him a hardcore ass fucking while still in my pantyhose. He could feel my hose against his thighs and ass as I slid my big tranny cock in and out of his virgin ass. I love it when a guy appreciates my cock and my pantyhose.

Tranny Porn Pictures Can Be Deceiving with Me

tranny porn picturesDo you look at tranny porn pictures? Many men do and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. I am a selfie queen. I am always taking pictures of myself with clothes on and posting them everywhere. I am not trying to catfish men. I look like I do in person too. I am a sexy shemale. I have a panty surprise. A big one. I like knowing that men cannot guess that I have a ten-inch cock in my panties. I mix in with the other female sugar babies on special arrangement sites, but I use discreet lingo that men looking for a T-girl would know. If a man hits me up who does not pick up on the code words, I am honest with him in our chats. Often times, that panty surprise turns into what is called a pleasant present. See, I am teaching you some of the T-girl lingo. I met a handsome man on a special arrangement site who was not looking for a shemale domination porn star. But he did not mind when I told him. He still wanted to go out with me. We had our first date last night. He was full of questions. I never mind answering questions. I asked some too. I wanted to make sure he was okay with the fact that I love a tight ass. I will be gentle on men like this guy. He was no bitch. He was just some rich big tech guy who was bicurious. Sound like you? Most men become bicurious around me. Look at me? From these selfies you have no clue that I have a ten-inch cock, do you? My rich arrangement guy treated me like a queen when we were in public. Back in his rented condo, we had hot ass sex. I treated him like the queen of my cock for a night. Bisexual or straight, my cock will fuck your ass.

GFE Phone Sex on Friday Nights with a Dominant Tranny

gfe phone sexFriday nights are for gfe phone sex.  I am off on Fridays. Now, sometimes I work, and sometimes I have a date and sometimes I work for a bit then go on a date like last night. I did not have plans to go out last night, but a lover was in town unexpectedly for the night and decided to see what his favorite shemale lover was up to. He lucked out. I had no plans. That is rare too. I am in demand on and off the phone. I love being everyone’s favorite she-mistress.  Normally, I would never go out on a last-minute request. It sends the wrong message. I am a sexy shemale phone sex woman. I am not sitting at home waiting to be some guy’s back up plan. I am no one’s back up plan. This guy is not that kind of guy, however. He lives out of the country, and I rarely get to see him. Last summer he took me to Paris. My first time there too. He is uber rich and single and that combo is hard to find. He is a real estate developer living in Dubai. So, he jet sets everywhere. He has a secret fetish for dominant trannies. I bet you can relate to him in that regard. I knew this was a rare chance, and not planned, so I was not going to play hard to get. He picked me up in a rented yellow Lamborghini, another first. He told me the only thing hotter than his car was me. We ate at a fancy new restaurant and hit the rooftop bar of an elite club. This man makes me swoon. But despite all his money and his dominant persona, in bed, he is a beta boy. I am not treating him like a bitch ass loser because he is no such thing. He is just a man who loves a shemale domination porn star in the bedroom. The date came and went too quickly, but he has a little something of me in his ass to remember me by. And, I have a wonderful memory to remember him by.