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Even a Sexy Shemale Enjoys Exhibitionist Phone Sex

exhibitionist phone sexEven a sexy shemale can be an exhibitionist phone sex slut. I am traveling right now with a few friends. Usually, I live in a loft with no backyard. But my balcony allows me to show off my body. So, I like to expose myself to my neighbors. Sometimes, I get a great reaction. Sometimes, I don’t.

This weekend my special gal pals and I booked a little vacay getaway in Cleveland. We came for a concert and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too. Next to us is another Air B and B full of men doing the same thing. Married men. But handsome men who seemed flirty with us. I may not date a married man seriously. However, I will give him hot ass sex shemale style.

What Would You Do if Your Neighbor Had a Sexy Tranny Cock?

Yesterday, I got up early, made some coffee and decided to stroke my sexy tranny cock in the backyard. Honestly, I thought I was the only one up. But one of the married men was in his backyard doing the same thing as me. We laughed, waved and walked closer to the fence line so we could see each other better. And we both appeared pleasantly surprised. He had no idea I had a big shemale cock. And I had no clue he had a big dick. The man did not appear tall. Small hands. So, I guess not all stereotypes are true.

He asked me some questions and told me he has always been she-cock curious. So, I let him touch my cock over the fence. And just feeling my big tranny cock made him cum. That took a little fun out of it for me. But I can raise the dead. And I did.

He hopped the fence, and I fucked him against the wall between our two houses. Although we still could be spotted if anyone looked, we felt more hidden. I like this Air B and B and would like to come back, LOL.  This sexy stranger’s cock got stiff again with a hardcore ass fucking. That’s because my sexy tranny cock hits the prostate. Great way to start the day, right? Some fresh air, a cup of coffee and a tight married asshole.

Tranny Phone Sex Chick Seeks Tight Married Assholes

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex chicks live rent free in your minds. Some guy I met randomly at the gym earlier in the week, said that too me. He’s a fan boy. Seen my naked pictures and told me I give him lots of masturbatory pleasure. He looked good to me. Handsome and fit. The kind of man perhaps I could date if he was not already married. But I could fuck him for a night. No harm in that right?

So, I asked him to come home with me since he thinks about my sexy tranny cock often. His face lit up so brightly you would have thought I just told him he won the lottery. Perhaps, in a way he did. He won the shemale domination porn lottery. He followed me home from the gym. I would like to say I rarely bring married men home, but that would be a lie. Although I will not be the other woman in a relationship, I will fuck a married man as a one-night stand sort of thing.

I Love Married Men Because They Have the Tightest Assholes

Married men love me. And I love their virgin assholes. Why? That should be obvious. Because a virgin male asshole might be the tightest thing wrapped around a sexy tranny cock. Adam appeared nervous. Even though he played out this scene in his head a million times, he has never cheated on his wife or had a cock up his ass. To ease the nerves, I poured him a few glasses of wine. And I gave him some poppers to sniff. In case you did not know, poppers work well with anal sex. A few sniffs, and even a virgin asshole seems ready for a hardcore ass fucking.

Adam took me balls deep. Surprised me. Although he did feel super tight, I slid in without any trouble. Lube and poppers might be all you need for a night with me too. I fucked Adam’s tight ass until my cock exploded in his ass. No doubt he will hurt as the days pass, but he got his first shemale cock after jacking off to the fantasy of me for years. Maybe it is time for you to take the leap too.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Appreciate a Tight Pussy Too

shemale domination pornAs a shemale domination porn star, men recognize me often. I am not hiding. No shame in who I am. Just like there is no shame in liking girls like me. However, something different happened Friday night. A woman recognized me. At first, I thought perhaps she knew me because her husband watches my shemale porn or jacks to my pictures. Or perhaps she is a transitioning woman herself. Although she did look pretty girly, so I did not think she had a dick like me.

After talking to her, I discovered she just feels a strong attraction to sexy shemales. Normally, I prefer men. But I have been with women. But mostly wives of male lovers. However, this hook up was just me and her. She followed me home from the grocery store. And she did not seem shy. I asked her if she wanted some wine, and she said she just wanted to see my sexy tranny cock. When I whipped out an erect ten-inch cock, she gasped. Perhaps, she thought my tranny porn pictures must be enhanced or something.

Sometimes, This Sexy Shemale Loves a Tight Pussy Too

She seemed pleasantly surprised that my cock seemed as big as the pictures and movies. Although she claimed she has never been with a girl like me, she has been with women and men. For a bisexual babe, it I am like one stop shopping. You get the best of both worlds. Her mouth felt good on my cock. And my hands enjoyed her body. Most men sport hard even rough or dry skin. However, she had a softness and smoothness to her body I enjoyed.

I fucked her pussy of hours. Even though I came in her mouth, I fucked her hard enough to give her a hot squirting pussy. Feeling her gush on my erect cock felt amazing. Guys cannot do that. But neither of us knew if I could get her pregnant or not, so I came in her mouth. The hormones slow down the production of testosterone, but I still have some sperm. She swallowed every drop too. I think this girl might be a keeper.

Dominatrix Phone Sex Shemale Carla Owns Your Ass

dominatrix phone sexI am a dominatrix phone sex shemale. So, for you men who do not understand what that means, it means I am on top. And you are my beta bitch boy. Most of my callers want me to dominate them. However, men I meet in person, often expect to fuck me. But rarely do they meet any of my rules for that. Although I am dominant, I still take cock in the ass. But only cock comparable to mine. My dick when fully erect measures close to ten inches.  Some loser with a 5-inch dick will never fuck my ass.

At the club last night, Darren came on strong. So strong that I knew he was a poser. Men with big cocks don’t need to brag about their big cocks or what kind of car they drive or who they work for. They just carry a subtle confidence. But subtly did not describe Darren. However, annoying did. Since he came on so strong, I invited him back home with me. A hardcore ass fucking from a dominant tranny seemed to be just what he needed. And it was just what he got too.

Dominatrix Phone Sex Shemale Owns Your Ass with Her Big Dick

He knew about my panty surprise. However, he thought I would be some limp dick bottom. Never. Not only do I not suffer from any erectile dysfunction, but I am also not a bottom for a loser. Just like I expected, his cock appeared underwhelming at best. But so he could realize it too, I put my dick next to his. I made him touch it and grip it to feel the superiority. I have big dick energy. And he has loser energy. No competition.

So, I owned his ass. Fucked him into oblivion. Sure, I may have forced him initially, but once my big dick owned his ass, he felt more at ease being the bottom to a shemale domination porn star. The bitch moaned and came. I fucked his ass until he begged me to nut so I would stop thrusting so fast. He ran out of my condo with cum dripping out of his asshole. But he came hard more than once. So, he loved every moment that I forced my cock in his ass. Just like you will too.

Shemale Domination Porn Stars Fuck Your Ass

shemale domination pornMany men crave a shemale domination porn star. And that is why I am here. For all you she cock curious boys to understand what it feels like to get a sexy tranny cock up your asshole. Most men I meet, know I am a dominant T-girl. I come across as confident. Plus, I carry myself like I walk with a big stick. Perhaps, I do. My cock is 10-inches when fully erect.

Many men I meet recognize me from shemale porn or my nude modeling. Some perhaps have seen this page. I do not hide who I am. I never have. And I never will. But this week I met a man who did not have any clue I was a shemale. Even though I tossed him more than a few hints, he never picked up on the fact that I am a sexy shemale phone sex superstar.

My Sexy Tranny Cock Leaves Men Begging for More

Even though I knew it would be a gamble to go to his room with him without him understanding my shemale surprise, I decided to risk it. The gamble paid off. He never saw that surprise coming. However, it became a pleasant present for him. One he seemed determined to swallow. Clearly, my sexy she cock appeared to be the first cock he every sucked. He gagged when I just put the tip in.

He seemed like a nice guy. Just a novice with women like me. Cock looked underwhelming but that never matters to me because I am a top. You can have a click stick with me because you do not get to fuck me. I give you the hardcore ass fucking. And this first-timer took my sexy tranny cock balls deep in his ass and his mouth. Struggled at first, but I showed him some tricks. I love she cock virgins. Although I have popped a few anal cherries in my life, they never stay one and done. They all come back for more of my sexy tranny cock. You will too.

Prostate Phone Sex Allows Me To Help You Cum Completely

prostate phone sexProstate phone sex leaves you drained dry. As a sexy shemale, I know how to make men cum. And I know there is more than one way to do it. However, the best way to drain a man’s balls completely is with a prostate massage. Now, I can use my cock in your ass or my finger. The male G-spot is in the ass, and when I massage that spot, you will explode harder than ever before. Trust me. I have done it a time or too.

I can massage a man’s prostate with my finger, or my cock when I am with him live. However, when I am not with you, and we can only enjoy a phone sex session, I can explain how to massage your own prostate. I watched a caller on cam today so I could teach him how to milk his own prostate. I instructed him to sit on his bed, with his ass off the edge slightly and his legs spread. You need a position that naturally opens the ass slightly and a position that allows you to comfortably reach your asshole.

The next step involved some lube and his finger. He followed my instructions and slowly worked his finger in his tight ass. While his index finger worked in and out of his tight asshole, I had him massage his balls, cock and perineum with his other fingers. The key to a hard ball draining cum is to hook the finger in your ass, while you breath nice and deep. Relaxation remains key.

A Sexy Shemale Knows How to Give You a Great Ball Draining

He moved his finger gently around until he found the little pea sized prostate. And when he found it, I knew because his cock got even more erect. So, that was the moment I had him push his finger in deeper toward the base of his cock while rubbing his prostate. We jacked our cocks simultaneously. He got in a good rhythm, pushing his finger towards the base of his cock, as he probed his finger in and out of his asshole. But I had to control his pace, or he would have squirted too quickly.

I enjoy providing cock control so men can experience a better orgasm. But trust me men, there is no better orgasm for a man than the one that stems from a prostate massage. You can use your finger, or a sex toy, or even a sexy tranny cock. But once you experience a G-spot orgasm, it is all you will want.

Tranny Porn Pictures Might Arouse You and That is Okay

tranny porn picturesDo you look at tranny porn pictures? Maybe you have seen me around. I pose for a lot of sexy T-girl pictures. The adult industry treats special girls far better than the vanilla world. Although I tried several times to work a normal job, I always encountered either resistance, harassment or hostility from co-workers. But not in the adult world. Perverts love me. They pay my bills too.

On a recent trip for a modeling gig, I met a new fanboy. He worked in the lighting department, so he was around for each photo shoot. I could see him avoiding eye contact with me, or at least trying. But I could also see him attempting to shift his cock in his pants. He did not hide his arousal very well. So, after day one was in the books, I approached him. He could barely form cognizant speech to talk with me.

I asked him if I scared him. Some men appear afraid of shemale domination porn stars with huge cocks. He seemed so nervous. But I had no clue why. So, I broke the ice and grabbed his crotch. Perhaps he needed me to take charge. I pulled him by his hard cock to my car and drove him to my hotel room. Once in my car, I realized he knew me. But he knew me when I was a conflicted high school boy, not the sexy shemale I am today.

I Meet All Kinds of People Who Need My Sexy Tranny Cock

This scared man turned out to be one of the biggest bullies I went to high school with. We did not run in the same circles. And he left me alone, likely because back then I was bigger and stronger than him. And bullies pick fights they can win. He seemed like a different person now. But so, I am. However, I did give him a hardcore ass fucking. He deserved it. And I think he wanted it. I never heard the word no or stop.

He might have feared this was coming like most men do, but once my cock went balls deep in his virgin ass, he sang a different tune. All he did was moan and beg for more. But I would not say I punished him for being a bully once upon a time. This was more a reward because he came so hard. Now he may be a T girl fan for life.

Panty Boy Phone Sex Lovers Welcomed with Me

panty boy phone sexAre you a panty boy phone sex fan? I am. No shame in admitting it either. Back when I attended high school, I discovered my big sister and my mother’s panties. And it changed me. Seriously, I did not jack off in them thinking about fucking either of them. Although there is nothing wrong with that either. But I suddenly felt more feminine. Like I put them on and felt like I was meant for feminine undergarments.

Before I tried on that first pair of panties, I never thought I would one day be the sexy dominant shemale I am now. No one saw my transformation coming either. Honestly, I appeared to be a confident masculine boy. I had no interest in sucking cock or fucking an ass. If you had asked me about shemale domination porn, I would not have known what you meant.

So, if you like panties, I can help you like them even more. I fucked a panty boy last night. We hooked up on Grinder. Sometimes I get on there and swipe right at a cute twink. And I met Charlie. He was more like a little faggot than a sexy shemale. Half Asian and half Italian, but no dick. Cute and submissive, and that was all I needed to know to swipe right. My cock needed a tight ass. I get lucky often on Grinder.

A Sexy Pair of Panties Might Transform You Too

I tell all my callers if they want ass fucked, they need to try Grinder. You can find bottoms and tops. And you can find sexy shemales like me too. This cute little twink had the tightest asshole too. But with plenty of lube my sexy 10-inch she cock worked its way into that his ass. And he wanted a hardcore ass fucking from me too. A random hook up just for sex. And he wore the cutest pair of satin panties too.

Since I enjoyed that tight asshole so much, I gave him a few pair of panties to wear. Perhaps, that little twink will turn into a submissive ladyboy. Stranger things have happened with a pretty pair of panties. What do you think will happen to you if you put on a sexy pair?

Shemale Phone Sex Babes Enjoy Fucking Tight Assholes

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex gains popularity every week. The more some folks push anti-trans rhetoric, the more men become cock curious. And I understand that for most men a girl like me will always be just a fantasy. But some men get so much phone boning with a girl like me that they move from phone shemales to tranny dating sites looking for something real. And men you can find girls just like me on shemale dating sites.

John saw this pic I am using for my blog on a transgender dating site, and he swiped right. I am not an escort, but if a man offers me money for something I would do for free, I take it. Why wouldn’t I? I am not dumb. Times are tough and extra money always helps.

Of course, John has a wife who remains clueless that her husband enjoys bisexual phone sex. Perhaps a man is bi curious if he wants my hard tranny cock up his ass. But look at me. Would a gay man be attracted to something so feminine? No.

Sexy Shemales Love to Fuck Tight Assholes

John gave me a couple grand to spend on pretty clothes and beauty treatments. But is was just a gift. I did not ask for it and I made it clear I did not need money to fuck him. But he insisted since I made his dream cum true. And I love being any man’s first she cock. After a nice dinner, John came back to my place with me. We drank wine and fucked.

Although John told me he never had cock in his ass, I had my doubts. My ten-inch cock slid in his ass with little difficulty. When I asked him, he admitted he plays with his ass all the time while watching shemale domination porn. So, I had to follow up with what kind of toy he uses. And he admitted his wife’s ten-inch dildo. I just laughed. His wife’s sex toy prepped her husband to take my big shemale cock up his ass.  Maybe I need to send her a gift, LOL.

Think you ready to take the leap and get the real thing too?

Tranny Phone Sex Chicks Love a Tight Virgin Asshole

tranny phone sexMen love tranny phone sex more than ever now. I think the influx of shemale porn helps. Plus, women like me are all over Twitter and phone sites. Even tranny escort sites and shemale dating sites exist now too. If you are perusing the Internet, you will see women like me. And I am grateful for the exposure.

Sometimes men recognize me and sometimes they do not. But all men who encounter me, and realize I am a sexy shemale, want me to fuck them. And how do I say no to that? I love fucking a tight ass. Although I have a romantic side and enjoy romance before fucking, I can just as easily pick up a man and give him a random hardcore ass fucking. And that’s what happened with Ken last night. He went to a gay bar trolling for a sexy shemale.

At first, he did not believe I had a dick. So, I grabbed his hand and put it on the bulge in my panties. His eyes almost popped out of his head. Just the reaction I wanted. Since I lived closer and I do not have a spouse at home, we went to my place. He did not need to wine and dine me. This was just a fuck. And I love random fucking. A sexy shemale enjoys a tight ass too.

A Dominant Shemale Appreciates a Tight Asshole

And Eddie had a tight, virgin ass hole for my sexy she-cock. I know a virgin asshole when I sink my big shemale cock inside one. Even with lots of lube, I struggled to get my fat mushroom head inside his back door pussy. But with patience and more lube, I managed to snake my cock inside his asshole for his first hot ass sex experience.

I tried to last long. But his ass felt like a vice grip on my cock. I managed to make it last though. Long enough to massage his prostate and make him have his first assgasm. I fucked him a second time and lasted even longer. Gave his ass a good workout that time. I love helping me explore ass play.