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Ass To Mouth Phone Sex is my sissy uncles favorite fishing hole

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex is where my sissy uncle goes to find somewhere to put his mouth. “I’ll lick your asshole and give you the best rim job you have had” he says just like he said every time to my dad. First, he would lick my daddy’s asshole. Then my uncle would suck my daddy’s cock until my dad got ready to fuck him hard. Sometimes he just sucked the nut out of his cock and eat all his semen.

Therefore, when he found guys to let him use his mouth on them my uncle was very happy. Once they get there right away, they push my uncle down on his knees. “Lick my ass you sissy bitch” he says just like daddy does. I watch as my uncle limps a big limp dick up and sticks his face down to a hairy asshole. “Stick your tongue out and stick it deep into my ass” the big dick bull says.

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

After that my uncle licks his asshole fast. Therefore, that limp dick gets hard and sits on top of my sissy uncle’s head. Then he pushes his tongue deep in that hairy asshole. I could see my sissy unc was excited too. His clitty was leaking all over his panties. Then the big dick started getting stroked right on his forehead. Soon after that a big load of jizz started spraying my uncle all over his mouth and face. “You are a good ass muncher” he said to my uncle as he lifted his pants up. “If you need another ass to lick, call me” he said with a big smile.

wet bald pussy gets furry friend licking

When your Wet bald pussy needs to be licked and no one is around, you can just use your furry friend. Their wide tongues are rough and wet. Plus, they wiggle fast and hard. “Come here boy” I say as a whistle for our family furry pal. After I spread my legs, he starts sniffing me. His wet nose tickles my pussy as he smells every inch of it. The more he sniffs the hornier I get.

Wet bald pussy

First our furry pal flicks his wide tongue over my clit. Then I pet his head and tell him “Good boy rollie, keep licking my pussy”. After a while he sped up his licking and I knew he was going to make me cum hard. His tongue even licked my tight little asshole. When my furry friend did that, I rubbed on my clit. Finally, I was getting what I wanted, and I started to orgasm all over his tongue.

Therefore, like every time I use his tongue his lipstick cock pokes out its hood. I brace myself because I know what is coming next. “Are you going to fuck me rollie?” I ask with a smile on my face. So, I bend over and poke my ass out in the air. Then his paws grip me, and he gets ready to mount me. His red rocket pokes around and finds my pussy hole.

After you howl, your pupcock pumps in and out my hole. “That’s my boy” I say as your paws grip me and you fuck me hard. Finally, I feel it my furry friends cock twists up inside me and he starts pumping that furry pal semen inside me. I have been fucking our family furry friend since I was a Young bald pussy slut so I know he will be knotted inside me for a while. 

Rim Jobs Phone Sex with a daddy and Young bald pussy

Daddy always uses Rim Jobs Phone Sex because he uses my crossdressing unc to lick his grown man asshole. First it started with daddy finding out that my uncle was a crossdresser. When they were younger daddy would make him get on his knees and suck on his big brother cock. “Don’t stop at my cock sissy bitch bro and suck my balls too”.

“Better yet lick my asshole too” daddy tells his brother. After that his brother went in and licked his asshole like a hungry pup. Then daddy would cum hard all over his face. Now when daddy gets his asshole licked by my uncle. “You know where your tongue belongs” daddy says as he looks at his brother.

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

Right away my uncle’s tongue licks my daddy’s ass. Therefore, I mount my daddy’s mouth and ride it like he likes. “Lick me daddy just like your brother licks you”. Soon as i say that daddy licks me hard just like his brother licks him. It reminds me of the first-time daddy ever licked me. I feel daddy moan into my Young bald pussy as his brother licks his ass.

All I do is bounce my ass and pussy on daddy’s face. “Daddy cum all over uncle’s face, so I can cum on yours” I say as my pussy starts to tighten up. “Feed me my little slut” daddy says as my pussy starts to squirt all over his mouth. Finally, daddy’s balls tighten up too and he sprays my unc all over his face as he licks all my juices up. I just love how daddy uses my uncle. It is such a sight to see. 

Hardcore ass fucking is all daddy gave me

There’s something about Hardcore ass fucking that the men in my family love. First it started with daddy. “Come here and sit on daddy’s lap” right away I could feel dads hard cock meat poking at my ass. Many times, daddy lifted my dress and would make me wiggle until he was poking at my butthole. “That’s it baby girl, you make daddy very happy”. One night he came into my room after my bath.

I wasn’t even dressed yet, when he pulls me onto his lap. “You have been teasing daddy too much,” he said as he kissed my neck. That makes my cunty tickle and I submit. Daddies’ fingers slide in my panties and rubs my clitty. Once he feels my wetness daddy undresses me and lays me down. “Daddy is going to make sure you show him how much you love him”.

Hardcore ass fucking

Then he spreads my legs and rubs his big daddy meat all over my juices. After that he covered my mouth and with a hard fast push, he rammed his cock meat in my ass. “Take it little slut, you will learn to love it” he says as he rips my little asshole open. The pain from him fucking my tight little asshole sent shivers up my body.

After his fingers slid to my clit daddy said, “now you will enjoy it”. He was right, it started to tickle me and with every thrust of his cock in my ass, my pussy felt better. Finally, I started squirting and daddy was happy. “Great job baby girl” is what he said as he started pumping his semen inside my ass. “You will be sore for a few days hunny”. Then he said “that Wet bald pussy will feel really good from now on.

Crossdressing uncle catches my Wet bald pussy getting licked

My young Wet bald pussy was getting licked by our furry friend when my crossdressing uncle walked in. “I see why you want me to flick my tongue hard and fast”. “Come her unc” I ask him to do and he knows he better listen, or I would tell my aunty about his secret. “First take everything off uncle, including your sissy panties” I demand of him. “Now you get down like a dogslut and lick my pussyhole”.

After he is undressed, he gets on all fours like a bitch in heat and licks away at my pussy. Our furry friend starts sniffing his man pussy with his wet nose and I know what is coming next. Therefore, I get up so I could see. “What is he doing” my uncle asked as our man’s best friend started to mount him. “He is going to fuck you with his big red rocket” I say as I laugh. “Don’t move and let him find your sissy pussy” I say while spreading your ass cheeks.

Wet bald pussy

Then his red lipstick cock slides inside my uncle boycunt. “Does it feel like daddy does when he fucks you?” I ask. Therefore, you start nodding your head. After that I lay with my pussy on your face. “I am going to use you like our furry friend is using your man pussy. By now your man clitty was hard and sticking out. Therefore, I knew you were loving it. “Lick my cunty just like I was getting licked when you walked in” I say to my uncle.

Finally, he starts licking me as hard as he was getting fucked. It didn’t take much for me to start filling uncles’ mouth with my pussy squirt. Then I saw our furry friend tense up and I knew he was filling uncle pussy with puppynut. Soon after uncle’s clitty started squirting too. “Now you will be stuck with his knot inside you for it a bit, trust me unc I have done this before.

I blackmail my crossdressing uncle

When I found out my uncle was a cross dressing whore, I blackmailed him. I wanted to get off just like daddy does, off his mouth. “If you don’t use your mouth on me like you do daddy, I will tell your wife” I said to him. You wear sissy clothes and panties. If you have any free time, you spend it on your knees sucking cock and eating ass. I even watched daddy fuck your sissy pussy.

Wet bald pussy

Then I spread my legs open “lick my pussy hole like you were licking daddy’s asshole”. After you heard me say that something in you activated. You started lapping at my cunt like a thirsty pup. That sissy ass of yours even wiggles in the air, like a bitch in heat. “Is this when daddy normally goes behind you and fucks you?” I ask as I laugh and grind my cunt in your face. Man Wet bald pussy like yours gets fucked often.

The way it was spread open tells me daddy fucks you hard. Finally, my pussy was getting close to climax. Then I grab your head and push it down to my ass. “Lick my asshole, I’m so close”. That is all you had to hear, your tongue flicks on my ass harder. After all that my cunty tightened up and started squirting all over my sissy uncle. “No wonder dad uses your mouth and ass so often”, “you were made to get all the juices out of someone”.

Furry Friends Phone Sex is what I use with my furry friend to get off

When I am alone at home and in need of a hard pounding, I get on Furry Friends Phone Sex. First, I got naked and spread my sexy legs wide open. Then I call for our family furry friend, Roggy. As soon as he gets a whiff of my cunt his tongue drips. His wide tongue loves tasting me. When his wet sloppy nose starts sniffing my cunt, I get so horny. “Good boy roggy, now eat up” I encourage him as I pet his head. He loves when I rub on his head and ears.

Furry Friends Phone Sex

After I feel his tongue slide inside me, I rub on my clit. “Mmm yes wiggle it” I moan out while continuing to rub his ears. The way his wide rough pup tongue wiggles fast and wide inside me, always makes me cum hard. By the time I cum in his mouth, his lipstick cock is hard and hanging out for some cunt. I bend over and spread my ass cheeks to expose my pussy. “Use me big buddy” I whistle in command to my furry friend. Then he jumps up and his paws land on my back.

His red rocket cock poked at my wet hole. Therefore, I know my furry friend is ready to use my Wet bald pussy. When his lipstick cock dips in and out my cunt all I can do is endure his scratching paws and play with my clit. That always pushes my pussy to orgasm and the squeezing of my cunt forced his red rocket to orgasm. I could feel the rush of his pupsemen rushing inside me. Then his cock twirled and knotted inside me. That always gets me ready for more fun fucking with my furry friend.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex gets me off since I fucked my BBC neighbor

When I am really horny, I get on Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex. that is because I fucked my older neighbor. First, I have to say he is such a hot dad, talk dark and handsome. His skin is so different from mine. First time I saw his cock and how different it was from my daddy. Plus, since it was so big, I was curious on how it would fit my little bald hole. After flirting with you, you notice what I want.

“Why don’t you spend the night tonight? I’ll ask your parents’’ he tells me. When I was asleep in the room with his daughter, he came in and pulled me into his office. “Take everything off” and right away I did. My pussy was wet and hungry for his daddy meat. “Suck my cock young cunty girl” he says as his big black cock meat fell out his pants. Then I open my mouth as wide as I can, but his monster cock only fits a quarter of the way.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

“That little whore mouth can’t take this big cock but can that Young bald pussy take it?” he asked while stroking the rest of his meat. I sucked what I could of his cock and nodded, hoping that I could. “Come sit on this big black dick” he says with a smile. “I bet you haven’t had a daddy cock like this before”

. After I straddle him, I start sliding my cunty on his big meat. “It is so big I don’t know if i can take it all” I say as I sit on his big black meat. “Yes, you can!” is all you say as you grab my hips and push all your thick black meat inside my white little cunt. It stretched me open so much it made me squirt right away. Finally, you got the little pussy hole you wanted, and you pumped semen inside me too.

Family Fun Phone Sex to relive a fun threesomes

Sometimes when I am really horny, I get on Family Fun Phone Sex so I can relive the threesomes I would have with bro and pops. After dinner all daddy has to say is “suck my daddy meat baby girl”. Right away I start to slurp on his yummy meat. Like every time since my brother walked in on us, he senses when daddy and I play. “Yes, sis suck that cock like a filthy slut”.

Family Fun Phone Sex

He teases me with his cock on my cheek. “I’m next sis, I need my cock sucked too!” then daddy laughed and stood up, “go ahead and suck your bro’s dick, daddy needs to fuck your bald cunt. After that I turned around and put my mouth right on my bro’s dick. Then I felt daddy start rubbing my Wet bald pussy with his baby maker.

It wasn’t the first time I had felt daddy’s cock, but this was the first time I was going to have daddy fuck me while sucking dick too. “Milk daddy with your underage pussy”. That made me want to please you daddy, so I bounced my pussy hard over and over. After seeing me fuck daddies’ cock hard, bro filled my throat up with his thick semen load. “Eat all his but baby girl” daddy moaned out as I felt his cock filling me up.

Hardcore ass fucking is what daddy gives me

When daddy had a long day at work, he always came home and gave me some Hardcore ass fucking. First, I have to suck daddies hard cock meat. That always made him so hard and excited. “Good job baby girl” daddy encouraged me. Just like that it made him fuck my throat hard and I slurped his dick as much as I could before passing out. Then daddy stands me up and grabs my hips. “Now slam your young daughter pussy on my fat dick”.

I always do as daddy asks and that is why I slam my cunty on daddies’ big hard meat. The first time I shoved daddies hard cock meat up my cunty it hurt so bad and made me bleed. But now I can fuck daddies’ cock so good, and daddy even rubs my clitty to excite me. “Like this daddy?” I ask while grinding my cunt all on daddy’s dick.” good girl” daddy responds, and it makes me fuck his cock harder and harder.

Hardcore ass fucking

Even the way daddies’ fingers rub on my clit makes me so happy and I wiggle even more. “Daddy, it feels so good please don’t stop, I am about to cummy”. Then my pussy started squeezing your dick and you felt the grip of my pussy as I squirted. “That’s it, little daddy slut keep cumming” is all I heard as I felt your cock start to pump semen inside my Wet bald pussy.