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Pussy Licked By My Furry Friend Dolly

Furry Friends Phone Sex

I was so horny last night, and my pussy needed to be licked. It was just my furry friend and me. Right away I took my panties off and let her sniff and lick them. Dolly loved the smell of my cunt and now she was going to taste my pussy. I laid on the […]

Daddys Girl Is Will Edge You All Night

Edge Play Phone Sex

Being daddies’ little slut, I learned I could get anything I wanted, the bigger the load the more I could get out of daddy. I used that all throughout life. I know to stroke and suck your cock edging you to build your nut up all the way until you blast a big load for […]

Young Babysitter Ass Licked and Fucked

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

Being a young slut babysitter had its advantages. The man of the house was a horny fuck drooled over me every time he looked at me. One night I was horny, and he was the only one up. I pulled my pants and panties off and bent over to spread my ass and when he […]

Daddy’s Favorite Little Slut

Incest Phone Sex

I was always daddy’s favorite little slut. He groomed me from a young age to love the taste of his cum he would rub his precum all over my lips at night so I could taste him in the morning. Daddy wasn’t ready to pop my little cherry so he would just make me suck […]

Impregnation Black Cock Lover Debbie

Interracial Phone Sex

I fell in love with being a breeding whore when I met my favorite black boyfriend in college. He had a big black cock that I always wanted to suck and worship. I would deep throat his BBC until it leaked and depending on his mood, he would creampie my asshole or my pussy. After […]

Babysitter Hardcore Ass Fucking

Hardcore ass fucking

I was babysitting for a young little cunt and her daddy watched me too much, always with hard cock. I had fallen asleep on the couch when I woke up to him stroking his cock in my face. I tried to get up that is when he pushed me down and ripped my panties off. […]

Caught And Anal Fucked By Uncle

Hardcore ass fucking

The first time I experienced any BDSM was with my uncle. He caught me trying to sneak out, that is when he used my jump rope to tie me up. He raised my skirt and ripped my panties off. I spanked my bare bottom saying how he was going to show me what naughty bratt […]

BBC Is All I Fuck While You Watch

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I made him get down and lick my ass he was such a little dick slut that I knew I could get him to do anything I wanted. I grabbed his hard little dick in my hand, and I told him how his dick wouldn’t be going inside me, but I had someone coming over […]

Golden Shower Humiliation

Home Invasion Phone Sex

I was sleeping when I felt a stream spraying my face it was smelly piss. Someone had broken in and was humiliating me by giving me a golden shower in my sleep. When he saw I was awake he continued his humiliation by slapping my face with his thick fat cock. He mounted me and […]

Slutty Cheerleader Anal Fucking With Brother

Rape phone sex fantasies

Being the slutty cheerleader made my brother mad and jealous. He wanted me all to himself. Since we were young, I was forced by him to help him get off. No wonder he got jealous when he caught me getting fucked in my ass by a football player. He kicked him out and then shoved […]


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