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Worship my hot little Asshole!

Phone Sex Fetish

My ass is like candy!

You love my ass, maybe you need Fetish Phone Sex. Imagine being on your knees behind me, Licking and nibbling my hot little bubble butt. Maybe I will tell you to spread my cheeks and eat my ass like a good little whore.

Lick my tight little Whore hole.

If you are lucky, I will let you explore that taboo fetish that you crave, That ass infatuation. Nibble, lick, suck until your cock is hard and you are begging to unload that gallon of sperm locked up in your kinky balls.

Smell and taste my dirty panties!

Maybe I will let you buy my work out panties, the ones that get extra juicy from my gym adventures. You are a whole and I know you would love to lick and suck the pussy and ass cloth in those panties.

Tell me your Kinky Fetish you whore.

Cock Hungry Emma will eat your Cum!

Cock worshipping phone sex

A good cock is fun to find.

A good cock is a thing of beauty and sometimes a great cock makes me crave Cock worshipping phone sex.

Relax and let me worship your dick!

Lie back baby and let my sweet little mouth take you places you have never been. I love worshipping that cock and will make your eyes roll into the back of your head as I lick and suck you till you pop.  Feel my long pink nails on your balls as I slowly massage them and coax them into getting full and hard. My mouth licking and sucking you from base to tip.

I love tasting your cock.

I taste you and lick up that pre cum greedily. Sucking you makes me want more. My mouth travels to your ass and I lick your puckered hole as I stroke you. I lick you from asshole to cock head savoring every inch and as you begin to buck your hips, I begin sucking the tip, eagerly waiting to swallow your load.

Breed me and knock my pussy up!

Impregnation phone sex

Breed me and knock my pussy up!

The idea of being bred by a hot stud makes my pussy wet. Can you imagine how fucking amazing it will be just knowing that you are fucking me with the intention of breeding my pretty little pussy. That’s right baby, lie me down missionary style with my legs over your shoulders and pound my sweet cunt until you knock me up.

Dripping tits and a wet Cunt.

Imagine how sweet my tits will look dripping milk for you, and how sexy my ass will be as my hips widen in anticipation of your little fuck trophy.  My pussy is wet from me thinking about how I will feel during our filthy breeding session.

I am waiting Daddy!

I am waiting your Cock Daddy so hurry up and fuck my sweet, juicy pussy as its aching to be a pregnant cunt.


Unicorns get the Best Cum!

Biggest cum shot

Unicorns get all the loads!

Last night I went to a wonderful swinger’s party, and I was gifted with the Biggest cum shot ever.

Close your eyes and imagine 6 hot couples and me as the only Unicorn (Single female). I love being the center of attention so I suggest a game of who could cum the most. Well baby let me tell you, there was this hot Latino guy named Miguel, very dominant and naughty. He had me in just about every position you can think of including a few that I didn’t know even existed, but when he came, he shot so hard that it came out of my nose, I couldn’t keep up with swallowing that load. He won the biggest load award for sure.

Fucked silly and left messy.

I spent all night fucking all 6 of those kinky couples but he was by far the hottest cum stud. I went home feeling like a total cum slut and can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend.

Princess Emma Makes Daddy Pay for young Cunt!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex makes my platinum pussy wet! I live for taking your hard-earned money and using it for my amusement. My pussy throbs every time I think of your swiping that card to please me. Dior, Channel and Louis Vuitton adore my luscious curves and all at your expense. Every single mile I drive, sip I take or lolly I lick is paid for by pay piggies and Daddy’s like you.

You want a hot young bitch like me, you have to pay for it, we both know that a girl like me doesn’t come cheap and you would be delusional if you were to assume you could ever get a hot piece of ass like me without throwing some large bills my way.

Daddy wants a princess, so daddy has to pay!


Emma Helps A New Client Blow His Load !

Biggest cum shot

Emma Helps A New Client Blow His Load 

Tommy nervously dialed the number for the hottest phone sex operator he had ever come across. Since the first time he had heard of Emma, he knew he had to call her. She promised the Biggest cum shot ever. 

As soon as he heard her voice on the other line, Tommy felt a tingle run through his body. He could hardly contain himself as he described to her his deepest and wildest fantasies and desires. Emma never seemed to flinch. Instead, she passionately turned his words into a seductive song, further whetting his appetites and desires.

Tommy began to stroke himself as he spoke with her, eagerly awaiting his first climax of the evening. Emma skillfully guided him to a level of pleasure he could never have imagined on his own. His moans of pleasure became louder and louder as she filled his mind with new fantasies.

Finally, when Tommy knew it couldn’t get any better, he began to feel the most intense orgasm of his life. Emma was with him every second of the way, making sure Tommy reached the absolute peak of pleasure. He lay there in a blissful state, panting heavily in his afterglow. Tommy couldn’t thank Emma enough for fulfilling one of his wildest desires. He knew he’d be calling her again soon.


Naughty Emma Turns you Into a Fag Boi!

Bisexual Phone Sex


A Trip To The Glory Hole

I have a very special surprise for you today. We are going out, and I am going to bring you somewhere very special. You are going to put this blindfold on before we start. The only thing you need to know is we are about to explore your Bisexual Phone Sex fantasy. 

With your vision gone your other senses are heightened. When we walk in you can smell the nut and sweat. That has you excited doesn’t it Sissy? We come to a stop, and I push your to your fucking knees. You feel my hand squeeze your cheeks hard. Forcing your mouth open as I push your head forward. That is when you feel that hot hard skin push into your mouth. You know what is happening and part of you wants to fight it. You cannot. I am holding your head right there as it shoves deeper into your mouth. 

I control your Cock you slut!

Cock control

Give Me The Control 

One of my most favorite things is when my clients have a lovense toy that I can manipulate. I love Cock control. Shit I love control period. 

Wrap that cock up in that fake pussy for me and let me connect to it. I am going to take my time. Turning it on the lowest setting. Giving the cock just the slightest tug. Oh you like that don’t you. You like sitting there hands free with your pleasure being in my little hands. Occasionally I boost up the power teasing you

You will beg before I ever let you cum. I know that you did not think it was going to be easy just because we were using your toy did you? I want your balls heavy and full your cock so hard it hurts and your mouth begging before I even think about it.

CBT With Sweet little Emma!

CBT Phone Sex

Elephant Balls 

I have a brand-new set of toys! I cannot wait to use it. I just need a pathetic little worthless bitch to play CBT Phone Sex with. 

Close your eyes so I can pull out my new toys! You feel cold metal against that fucking clit you try to pull off as a cock. As I lock it up it feels different. There are cold hard spikes pushing into your cock. You can not help it, you start to get hard and they push into that sensitive skin. Causing pain. Before you can focus on that I grab those pea sized balls. Reminding you of what a loser you are and you feel them start to be squeezed hard. 

This is called elephant balls. They squeeze so hard they deform the shape of those balls. Now no girl will really ever want to touch them. Not that they did before. You start to whimper and I smack you hard. This causes blood to flow into your balls and cock and as a result the pain is so great you sob. The cycle will be endless today. 

Hot Ass Cousin Fucker!

Family Fun Phone Sex

Cousins And Me

My family reunion was last weekend. I have not seen some of my cousins since we were young and used to play doctor in some Family Fun Phone Sex kind of way. It sure was an interesting party. 

I had to step away to smoke. I was in the parking lot of the park and hiding out with my joint. When I heard a car pull up. Three of my cousins stepped out. All grown up and quite good looking. They followed the smell and it lead them right to me. Ohhh they were chiseled also. We all got in my car to smoke and catch up. 

Before I knew it I was sitting on my cousins giant fucking dick in the passenger seat. Riding it hard and fast. As the one in the driver seat was throat fucking me. Just like when we were younger. The one in the backseat stroking his cock in rhythm. Damn it was good to catch up with my family.