Caramel Slave LaShay

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I love a strong man. A man that knows exactly what he wants. A man that knows how to work my body. I crave your big hands caressing my soft body. I love hearing your dominate voice in my ear telling me what you want. It gets me dripping with excitement to hear that sexy voice whispering delicious commands for me to follow.

The way your eyes run over my body is intoxicating. You can see my face flushed with excitement as I beg you for more. The way you tell me to call you Daddy or Sir makes me gasp with anticipation. I want to please you and by doing that you know that my pussy will be glistening with my obvious excitement unable to be contained.

You could tell me to do anything and I would be your eager willing sex slave. You have me hypnotized in a sexual trance my body doesn’t want to awaken from. I want to stroke your bulging cock and look into your eyes as I start licking and sucking you into my mouth. I’ll do what it takes to get you ready to slam into my juicy tight pussy. I can feel it pulsing inside me. I feel your balls slapping against my ass as you Fuck me hard and deep. Keep sliding into my tight holes deeper and deeper as I clench your cock with my pussy. Pinching my nipples and slapping my ass, I know you’ve only just begun. The night will end with your eager slave at your feet, savoring every delicious drop of cum from your body.

~Caramel Slave LaShay


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  1. Sir

    Fuck that call was HOT! Your sweet voice had me rock hard and wanting more. I WILL be calling back so get ready !

  2. Luis

    Damn LaShay! Get ready for some more submissive phone sex cause you rocked my fucking cock hard!

  3. bobby

    You were so fucking hot. I loved shoving you to your knees and gagging your mouth with my dick. Talk to you soon my sexy slave.

  4. Mr. B

    Damn you are one fine ass submissive phone sex whore, I will definitely be calling again!

  5. Conner

    That was some great fucking submissive phone sex! Cant wait to talk to you again.

  6. BigWhiteDaddy

    hot ass convo, bad little sugar baby, had a good time taking ownership of you. thank you for showing your Big White Daddy a nice time

  7. Dmitry

    I would like to talk to you

  8. shahnawaz

    i love you

  9. Jordan

    Call me 2529550545

  10. Happy

    Sexy I want to fuck u hard

  11. Supdrku

    Sext with me 972 821 ****

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