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Black Cock Phone Sex Because Mature Woman Need Big Cock

black cock phone sexI love black cock phone sex because I love black cock. You mostly see me with hung black lovers. I do fuck some white cock, but they are big cocks because I am a size queen. One of my husband’s friends found out I am a slut wife. I do not know what got into him though. He thought because I fuck black dudes, I would fuck anything. I fuck black men because I refuse to fuck anything. If I was just some horny, desperate housewife, I would fuck my husband. Unlike many cheating wives, I love my husband. I just do not fuck my husband. That is because he has a tiny, limp dick. His friend, however, does not have a limp dick. He does not even have a small dick, but it is pathetically average. So, when he stormed my bedroom after dinner one night, I had to put him in his place. He was drunk and his dick was at half-mast. I could still see he did not have the length or the girth this cheating phone sex whore craves. He was going off and my husband was passed out. He was worthless to me in that moment, so I had to take care of Alan on my own. I called up Tyrese who is a black young lover of mine. He does not live far from me. He loves to help me cuckold white men. I told him I had a drunk white man with whiskey white dick who thinks I am a race traitor and needs put in his place.  Tyrese was over in less than 30 minutes. He came into the house with his huge cock swinging prepared to dick slap Alan. I had Alan tied up to a chair. Men always underestimate my strength. I am a strong bitch. I did not need Tyrese after all, but since he was there, I made Alan watch me fuck a real man. I am a cuckolding phone sex wife. Any chance I get to school an average or below average white guy on the importance of cock size, I do. Alan was not happy, but he will back off me now. He may even have a better understanding of what this white woman’s pussy needs.

Cuckolding Phone Sex is Our Way of Life, and We Love to Inspire Others

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a way of life for me and my husband. When we got married, he understood it would be a sexless marriage. Well, sexless in the traditional sense. I have lots of sex and he jacks off a lot, LOL. The problem is he has less than three-inches for a dick and I am a black cock whore. Every year we go to Hedonism. It is a posh adult only resort in Jamaica. Now, it is not exclusively for white women and black men, but this is Jamaica, and there are plenty of black men for white women. It is more of a swinger’s resort, but there are lots of cuckolding couples there too. This trip, I was only with black bulls, and anything goes. I mean I fucked on the beach in front of my husband and strangers. I like to think I was the belle of the beach. I mean the black men there swarmed to me like bees to a honey hive. I was naked all week and filled with cum, exotic Jamaican cum. My husband’s favorite. It was a great time. I know I am a black cock phone sex whore, but I was not the only one there during our trip. I think I awakened the BBC whore in a few other women and even their husbands. The women would watch me take all those big black cocks.  The men would watch my husband eat my creampie and before long we had other couples joining us in some interracial cuckolding fun. That is the purpose of Hedonism. It allows for the freedom of sexual exploration. You want to fuck some big black cocks, fuck those big black cocks. You want sloppy seconds from your wife or another woman, take those sloppy seconds. I am a slut wife. I do not need to be at Hedonism to be sexually liberated. I can have hot ass sex anywhere, but I love inspiring others like I did in Jamaica.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex with a Slut Wife and Big Black Cocks

cock worshiping phone sexIf you want a cock worshiping phone sex experience with me, you best have a big, beautiful cock for me to worship. I do not suck or fuck a cock below 8-inches. Look at this monster cock I am doing my best to devour. I need a monster black cock to struggle sucking and fucking. This is me struggling with Tyrone’s cock. He has 14-inches of black meat. He is my age, but with a hot white woman working her magic on his cock, he gets just as hard as he did when he was in his 20s. Tyrone and I go way back. I fucked him on my wedding night. He was my present from my husband. Not a typical wedding night, I understand. But one my husband and I will never forget. You see since day one, my husband has been my cuckolding phone sex partner. He has always stepped aside so I could have something I could feel. His little barely 3-inch nub brings me no pleasure and absolutely no pain, LOL. I cannot even feel him inside me. I do love my husband though. Tyrone loves an audience when he is fucking the shit out of a white whore. Tyrone was in town for a few days. He had to see me. He had to see my husband too. Most white men are not capable of satisfying a woman like Tyrone. White men like my husband lack the length, the girth and the stamina of a beautiful black cock. While I was struggling to swallow Tyrone’s thick shaft, my husband was watching. Tyrone loves to shame a white husband for his lack of prowess in the bedroom. My husband is no stranger to small cock humiliation phone sex. He has been married to a BBC whore over 25 years.  I will not struggle with my husband’s cock, but as you can see, I do struggle with some monster big black cocks. Are you jealous?

Mature Phone Sex Women are Black Cock Whores

mature phone sex

As a mature phone sex babe, I keep my body in great shape. This is my newest bikini. I am in my 50s, but my body still looks as good as it did in my 20s. When I was younger, I competed in amateur body building contests. I worked out hard too. My body was all natural. It still is. No Botox. No injections of any kind and no steroids. Just hard work. I met quite a few black men on the body building circuit, some I have been fucking for 30 years. I was not married yet when I met Germaine. I was dating my husband. Germaine was my age. He is married now with sons in college. He was in Chicago recently for a business trip. He wanted to see his favorite white slut and introduce me to his boys. I was excited to meet them both, and my husband was hoping I would do a threesome with my old lover and his two sons. I hoped that too, but I was not sure why Germaine wanted me to meet his boys. I mean a white female fuck buddy for thirty some years does not usually get introduced to the family. I am a sexy milf phone sex slut now, and maybe he wanted me to be their first white pussy? I had hoped that was why he wanted to see me. Turns out he just wanted to see me because he missed me. He is happily married to a black woman, but she cannot drain his balls like I could. That is because I am addicted to big black cocks. I love those throbbing anacondas. He did not intend for me to fuck his sons, but when he saw their reaction to me, he could not deny them. I love being any black boy’s first white whore. Those boys had bigger cocks than their daddy, which was hard to believe since daddy is every bit of 13 inches. I have fucked thousands of black men and boys in my life, but this was my first foursome with a father and his two hung boys. Being a black cock phone sex whore is never dull!

Black Cock Phone Sex is What This Slut Wife Always Needs

black cock phone sexI love black cock phone sex so much I have a huge black dildo I often use with my callers and my husband. I cannot get enough BBC; even my sex toys are big and black. I was riding my big rubber black dong a lot this weekend. My husband and I took a romantic weekend getaway up to Lake Michigan for our anniversary. We have been married 27 years. Almost thirty years of marriage and I have never fucked my husband. Not in the traditional sense that men and women fuck. I have used a strap-on with him many times in the past. This weekend was no exception. We thought for sure I would find some big black cock, but we were in a white resort area. Plus, a huge storm came through trapping us in the cabin. It was our anniversary. Of course, he was going to get some cuckolding phone sex.  I never go a day without big black cock. I can count a handful of times I had to pass on BBC for a day and except for my car accident twenty years ago, all days without big black cock have been weather related. I so wanted some BBC on my anniversary and my husband wanted me to have it too. He was prepared to watch, but several trees were down on the road and there was some flooding of roads too. I had my big black dildo with me though. I made my husband watch me as I shamed his little dick for never being able to please my milf pussy. That toy gives me more pleasure than his pathetic shrimp dick ever could. I had a hot squirting pussy from a big black rubber toy. My husband was between my legs getting juiced as I hurled small dick lampoons at him. I fucked his tight little ass too with the toy covered in my sweet nectar. Was not the anniversary fuck either of us wanted, but we are back in Chicago now and I am back to getting all the big black cock I want.

Cum Slut Phone Sex with Vinny: Are You a Fluffer Boy?

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex anyone? I am always looking for good  fluffer boys to share the cum with me. You want to know something? I love jizz. I look great covered in big chunky loads of spunk from my black lovers. Their cum loads are so fucking huge that one black stallion can coat my entire body with his load. Now, do not misunderstand me. I love cum and I do my best to clean up whatever mess is on me. If my husband is with me, he cleans me up too. He is a creampie slut. I am hoping you are too because I hate to see cum go to waste. My husband works in the daytime, so I get on Grinder. I look for BBC faggots who would love nothing more than to fluff for me, eat my cum filled wet bald pussy and clean those big black cocks for me.

I usually find some guy just like you and my husband to clean up the excess cum I cannot reach. A big black load often lands in my hair too. My black studs paint me like a fucking canvas. Tory came over last night. He is a little white boy BBC faggot sissy. He likes to dress up and service BBC. Turns out he is in walking distance to my house. I now have a neighborhood clean up boy. Not all my black studs wanna fuck a sissy white ass, but this one did. Jerome will fuck any hole when he is horny, and he is always horny.  Tory came over this morning and helped me with Jerome. He sucked his cock like a good fluffer boy and he ate my creampie too. After I got sprayed and filled by Jerome’s big fat cock, he cleaned me up as good as my husband. He got a hardcore ass fucking in his sissy hole like my husband too. Want to be my cuckold?

Biggest Cum Shot from The Smallest White Dicks is Possible with Cuckolding

biggest cum shotI have been known to retrieve the biggest cum shot from a man, even a white man with an average dick. That is the power of small dick humiliation and cuckolding. I have this hot girlfriend. She is a milf just like me. She is married to a man like my husband too. They both have small, thin white boy penises. The difference between our husbands, however, is that my husband loves to watch me. He loves to fluff cock for me, and he loves to clean up my messy pussy. My husband is enlightened. Her husband thinks he can still call the shots and be and asshole to his wife with a 3-inch penis. Like, seriously? What land of denial is he in. I had my friend over yesterday for some big black cock fun. She comes over to my house once a week to get laid properly. Her husband keeps a watchful eye on her whereabouts. Well, he showed up at my place because he was suspicious of us, and he caused a scene. He got a good dose of small cock humiliation phone sex when he barged through my front door like he owned the place. I was the one getting fucked by a huge BBC, so I laid into him. He tried to get smart with me. He started hurling nasty insults my way. He even called me a race traitor. Well, my lovers were not having any of his bullshit and they taught him a lesson in manners. They also showed him why black cock is better for their wives’ pussies. He was disgruntled and angry, but my lovers put him in his place. That was out of my control. Way out of my control.  Two hung black men fucked him into submission. Some of my hung black studs have zero issue with fucking a white husband to show him who is really in control. My girlfriend and I watched as her husband became a black cock phone sex faggot with just two big dicks in his loser holes. That is how it begins.

Phone Sex Therapy for Cuckolds and BBC Fags

phone sex vinnyI love phone sex calls with black cock faggots. Most of my callers are men just like my husband. They are interracial cuckold lovers or flat out BBC cock sucking, cum guzzling faggots. My husband started out as a cuckold.  He morphed into a BBC faggot. It is a hazard of being an interracial cuckold. When you watch your wife get pounded by big black dick it does something rather magical to a guy. Now it does not make his cock grow or anything like that. It does, however, make a man understand something called black cock superiority. It also makes a man have a huge case of penis envy. White men see how much bigger black men’s cocks are in comparison to their cocks. And they see how crazy their wives cum on those black cocks too. They start out wishing they had a big black dick to make their women cream like that. Then something clicks inside them. Likely reality, LOL. Men start to admire those big black cocks for all they can do for a woman. They start to see the beauty in black cock phone sex. They start to do more than just covet BBC, they start to want it for themselves.

That is what happened with my husband. Many men start off on the sidelines. They are either a passive observer watching their wife get laid or they hear about after the fact in hot detail. My husband just heard about my escapades with black lovers for years. Then that morphed into watching my fuck sessions with black bulls on a nanny cam. Now, he is a cuckold husband and a BBC faggot. He loves fluffing cock. He loves eating my cream pies. And he enjoys the occasional hardcore ass fucking a black lover is willing to give him. Here I am now, not only a slut wife and BBC whore, but a cuckolding phone therapist to men like you and my husband.

Mature Phone Sex Women

mature phone sexMature phone sex women like me are skilled in a variety of fetishes. I am a size queen. I need big cock. Cuckolding, specifically interracial cuckolding, is my specialty. But I can handle all sorts of other fetishes too. I do love me a good sissy boy. I have this white guy in my life with a 3-inch nub. Not my husband. He is small too but is a BBC faggot cuckold not a sissy boy. Sure, they are cut from the same cloth sissy boys and cuckolds, but they do differ quite a bit. This loser neighbor guy heard I was a size queen. He started paying me for verbal humiliation. He is one of those small cock humiliation phone sex junkies. He loves a woman who will verbally shame his little dick. It started off with weekly 1-hour sessions of me just verbally vomiting up every small dick slam I could think of to say. That morphed into some cock and ball torture and now he is my sissy maid. I dress him in these silly little girl outfits and order him around my house. He must do everything from clean my bathroom with a toothbrush to licking my ass and pussy after I use the toilet. I dress him like a little dolly and boss him around which is peppered with small dick humiliation. I am a dominant size queen, so this has been fun. Profitable too because this loser is super rich. I can charge him $1000 an hour and he pays it. Can you imagine being so pathetic that you pay a mature woman for small dick humiliation and sissy phone sex? I know, right? LOSER. I love it though. Easy money and so much fun. We have a regular housekeeper, but my husband has switched her to his office to clean so we can keep her on the payroll. My sissy slave cleans the things I would never make a maid clean, and he pays me to do it. I am one lucky dominant woman. But then, my sissy slave is one lucky loser because he gets to pay me for my company and my sissy training. It is a privilege to serve me.

small cock humiliation phone sex


Exhibitionist Phone Sex with BBC and Cuckolds

exhibitionist phone sexI enjoy exhibitionist phone sex calls because I am an exhibitionist slut. I love to flaunt my mature body. I look just as good, maybe even better, in my 50s as I did in my 20s. That is because of all the big black cocks I have had over the years. I love BBCs. People like to watch me be a whore for big black dicks. My husband surprised me last weekend and flew me down to Jamaica for a 4-day excursion.  We did not just go anywhere, however. We went to a BBC resort. They are all over the country. They are adult resorts designed for white women to get all the big black cocks they want while loser white husbands watch. My hubby loves to watch me in action. In a resort like the one we were at, I could fuck publicly on the beach and other cuckolding phone sex lovers could watch me and other women in action. It was nice to feel liberated. I have no shame for my love of big black cock. Zero shame. Why should any woman feel bad about putting her sexual needs front and center regardless of her husband? Small dicks cannot do a thing for me. They never could and they never will. At this BBC resort the freedom to be a slut wife is valued. A woman can grab any black bull she wants and do whatever she wants right there on the beach in front of anyone. I could take any black bull to my room too, but I like being watched. I was the most seasoned BBC whore there that weekend. I was the hottest too, so I was popular. Four days and I likely had the most black cock phone sex partners. White cuckold husbands were watching me. Slut wives were watching me. I have been a fan of black cock since I was in high school. Almost 40 years as a BBC whore makes me an expert on big black cocks and interracial cuckolding. I am always proud to show off my BBC skills to others. It was a great weekend getaway. I can never get enough big black dicks. Is your wife like me? Maybe, she should be.

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