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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

stocking fetish phone sexDo you enjoy stocking fetish phone sex? I am a sexy mature woman. I love to dress sexy and classy. Sure, I can dress like a ho, but it is not my thing. I am an upper middle-class woman. Educated and I married well. I am a fan of stockings and garter belts as well as pantyhose. The younger girls go for the bare legged look. Nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, it is not a sexy look. I like to look sexy. I like to feel sexy too.  I also love attention. I get it for many reasons, but one of those reasons is my love for silky pantyhose and stockings. I was trying on summer shoes at the mall yesterday. I went into the suburbs for that. I rarely venture outside of Chicago unless it is to go shopping or hook up with a friend or a lover. The young man waiting on me, insisted on helping me with the shoes. The way he would caress my stocking clad legs told me this was his phone sex fetish. No shame in it. My husband is a fan of stockings and hose too. When he lingered a bit too long over my leg, he caught himself and apologized. I asked him if he liked the feel of the silk on his skin. He looked busted, but I assured him that I am a sexy MILF. I know that women in hosiery is a novelty for his generation. I suggested he take a break and meet me in the unisex bathroom after I purchased my shoes. I let him rub his cock all over my stocking clad feet and legs. Perhaps, he had a pantyhose fetish too. I do not judge kinks and fetishes, just cock size and as a white teen boy he was way too small for me. I did let him have his biggest cum shot though on my stocking clad legs. I think that made his week.

The Ass for Hot Ass Fuck

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. I work hard for that ass too. I run daily and do squats too. My ass is one of my best features. I need to keep in shape because black men love a fine booty. They are not the only ones though. I was walking my pups at the dog park today. Mid-day break for me but it was senior skip day. That is when the seniors skip the last day of school for shenanigans. I was down to help a few with their skip day shenanigans. Two seniors were all over me like white on rice. I got my swirl on with two high school boys. Yeah, for me. One black, one white. Both tall and hung though. I grabbed their crotches to make sure they met the requirements for my pussy. This mature phone sex slut is always down to entertain young studs with milf fever. One of the boys was like I could bounce a quarter off your ass. I told him I would rather have him smack my ass with his young hard cock. I took them home with me. They were drinking a cheap beer out of a can. I had better shit at home. Of course, at home they would be too busy fucking me to think about drinking. We had a senior skip day too. That was in 1985. Good to know some traditions never grow old. Just like me. I will never grow too old for a young hard cock. My husband would be sorry he missed this. I got double penetrated by two studs on the wrong side of barely legal. Big cocks. I did not care about their age. I cared only about how good they made my ass and pussy feel. I was getting a hardcore ass fucking and good pussy stuffing most of the afternoon. I filmed the whole thing for my husband. I hope to see more of them this summer.

Cheating Phone Sex Fun

cheating phone sexI love cheating phone sex. With me, however, it is not really cheating. My husband and I have a special marriage that not everyone understands. I cuckold my husband. Mostly, with big black cocks. I can have any lover I want if my lover has a bigger cock than my husband. That is not hard to find considering my husband has a pathetic 3-inch nub. I love him to pieces. He will do anything for me. The one thing he cannot give me is sexual pleasure. So, we have an open marriage for me. I love this arrangement. So does my husband. He wants me to have what he cannot give me because he loves me. It is the most selfless thing a man can do for a woman. If your wife is not sexually satisfied with your cock, open the marriage. She deserves pleasure like I deserve pleasure. I do not understand submissive women who let their tiny dick husbands rule their lives. Tiny dick men only get small cock humiliation phone sex with me. I have a friend from college who has been unhappy for decades with her husband’s limp dick. He is a tool though. He will not let her have a sex toy in the bedroom. To be intimidated by a rubber toy is a dick move. This college friend visited me for the weekend. We did the typical sightseeing stuff, even shopped a little bit. But I had a surprise for her. I arranged a lover for her. I assured her that her loser husband would never find out unless she told him. I did not go majorly big, but Tyrese was still 9 inches, which is 5 more inches than her loser husband. She was hesitant at first, but once Tyrese turned her pussy into a hot squirting pussy with just his tongue and fingers, she went for it. I share my lovers with my friends. I want all women to have sexual pleasure, including your wife.

Black Cock Phone Sex Wife

black cock phone sexWhen you are a black cock phone sex whore, you know a lot of hung black men. These are just a few of my favorite cocks. I can handle a lot of black dick. Most of my girlfriends cannot handle what I can. But I could not always handle what I can now either. My first black cock was when I was in high school. He was my high school boyfriend. I went to school in Chicago. It was racially diverse. My parents never cared if I dated black boys. If my grades never suffered, they did not care who I saw. My first lover had an 8-inch cock. He grew a few more inches too. I hooked up with him the night before I got married. He was bigger than I remembered from high school. He made me a black cock whore for life and neither of us realized it at the time. That was before cuckolding phone sex was a thing. It was before interracial porn was popular and easily accessible too. I love being a BBC whore and a slut wife. But let me give a shout out to my wonderful husband. We have a sexless marriage, but not a loveless one. He knows he cannot compete with any of the BBCs in this picture, or any in general. He has a white boy penis. He does not get jealous. He does not stop me from having black lovers. In fact, he loves to watch and be my cuckold. What we have works. He is smart enough to know that he would lose me if he made me choose between our marriage and big black cocks. I need and want BBC. I do not need a white husband. He loves his cheating phone sex wife. He loves watching me get immense sexual pleasure. Our marriage works. Does your marriage work? If you have a wife who is cheating or is sexually frustrated because of your inadequate white boy penis, you need to be a cuckold like my husband. And I can help you become a great cuckold for your wife.

Cheating Phone Sex with a Slut Wife

cheating phone sexI know how to help women have cheating phone sex and I love doing it. I am a slut wife. My sexual needs do not take a back burner because I am married. I would never permit that. Of course, I have a devoted husband who understands he cannot satisfy those needs I have. He is okay with me having lovers. As many lovers as I want and need. Variety is the spice of life, and a big dick is a necessity. Now I know not all husbands are good cuckolds like my husband. I get it. If a dear friend has a loser husband with a fragile ego, I still find away to help her. This phone sex whore knows that sexual pleasure is tantamount to a woman’s happiness. When Kim came to me crying last week about not having an orgasm in a decade, I had to help her out. It was my duty to help her out. I arranged for her to have her first extramarital affair. It would be her first black cock too. Jerome never minds fucking one of my milf friends. I always want my besties to cum hard. I had to get Kim high first. She was a bundle of nerves. Because she was scared and nervous, I stayed with them the entire time. It turned into quiet the threesome. I licked her pussy and guided Jerome’s big fat cock inside her deprived pussy. I was going to turn my sexually repressed friend into a black cock phone sex whore like me. I did it too with one black cock. That is all it takes. I licked her clit while she bounced on Jerome’s black stallion. She was cumming so hard on his cock. It is easy to do because his cock hits spots women did not know they had. I am such a good friend. Women love me, but their white loser husbands hate me.

Cougar Phone Sex with a BBC Slut

cougar phone sexI love cougar phone sex. I am 55 and horny as ever. When I was first married, my black lovers were mostly older than me, many by decades. Now, my lovers are still black, but much younger than me. One of my black lovers in my neighborhood got me this “Cougar” necklace. He just turned 18 and now we can be seen in public. He wanted to take me on a real date. He has money despite his age. He is like some gamer nerd boy with a huge cock. He sold a game he developed for a few million dollars. He is going to go to college with that money and major in computer graphics. He has a head for technology and a cock for porn. Wicked combination. He now has more money than either my husband or I, so if he wanted to take his cougar out for a nice night, I was going to let him. We had an amazing date. We had reservations at this fancy restaurant in downtown Chicago, but when they saw us, they tried to turn us away. They assumed he was some gang banger and that I was a paid whore. I shamed them. Threatened a lawsuit for discrimination and even lied. I said he was my son. I mean I could very well have a black son for all the black cock I have fucked over the years. It was racial bullshit in Chicago of all places, and I was not having it. We made them feel awful. He tipped the waitress $1,000 because he could, and she was just getting back on track. You know I fucked his brains out. An 18-year-old rich black boy with a heart of gold and a porn star cock? My husband has nothing to worry about though even though he watched me squirt all over that boy’s cock. I will never leave him for a hung black boy. I do love those young black dicks in my pussy, mouth and ass, but I love my husband. I mean with him I get to have my cake and eat it too.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts

milf phone sex

I may be a BBC whore, but I am a milf phone sex slut too. The older I get, the younger my lovers have become. I can pick up men black and white, young or old, anywhere. Today, I picked up a young black boy while jogging. I go to Millennium Park often to run. I like to keep this milf body in shape. I think I look great for any age, but especially since I am in my 50s. This young black boy was playing hooky from school and skateboarding right behind me. He kept calling me hot mama. I shook my ass as hard as I could because I love the attention. Honestly, I do. Finally, I just turned to the boy and asked him if he wanted to come to my place? I was not far from the park. Just a couple miles. He skateboarded next to me as I jogged home. I knew I would be all hot and sweaty, but he would be too. Young boys do not care what condition you are in as long as they get to fuck you. Mature phone sex sluts are like a wet dream for young boys. I had him hop in the shower with me. I wanted to check out his young black cock. Holy fuck I got a surprise. I mean he was hung and still growing. My husband would be sorry he missed this. I made sure to fuck the lad in our bed because my husband can see the nanny cam on his phone at work. He loves to watch me. I love to be watched. I also love teen black cocks. Not only are they big, but they are so stiff. This boy came many times in my wet bald pussy, and he never went soft. I fucked him all afternoon. My husband came home and could not wait to eat my creampie.

Black Cock Phone Sex Wife

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I am a black cock whore and I have been since I was in high school. That was in the 80s. Black cock whores and interracial cuckolding were not things yet. I grew up in Chicago. I went to a racially mixed school. I was not raised to date my race only. I was raised that love is love, so do not let the color of someone’s skin change that. Now, skin color does not matter as much as cock size. My first boyfriend was black and hung. So, when I met my husband in college, I was underwhelmed with his tiny white dick. Because of my husband, I became a size queen for life. My husband and I do not fuck. But he gets sexual pleasure watching me. Last night he watched me with two black men. He brought the guys home with him. He met them on a job site and asked if they wanted to fuck a hot milf. Black, white or brown, they all want a hot milf who gives it up for free. They do not even mind that my husband is my cuckolding phone sex partner. They will let an old guy watch them bang his wife. He loves to watch. That is all he can do with a broke down tiny dick. No, that is not accurate. He does do a lot. He brings me big hung studs like the two guys I fucked last night. He cleans up my messy pussy afterwards and sometimes he even fluffs for me. He is a good husband. I adore him. I just do not fuck him. I do not need too because I get all the black cock I want, and he never minds. Are you that good of a husband?

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex and Cuckolding

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex is something I am good at. Look at this big cock I am holding. You know you are not worthy to fuck me when you are not even close in this girth or length. I am a hot woman. My husband knows he is not worthy of me. He works ten times harder than the average white husband to make up for his short comings. One of the ways he does that is by being my cuckold. I handed him this cock last night and he was a good husband. He fell to his knees and sucked the black off that cock. My husband has always supported his black cock phone sex loving whore wife. Now, he did not always want to do “gay” stuff. That is what he called fluffing cock or eating my creampies back when we first got married. When we got married, however, the Internet was not what it now is. It was a bunch of those dot coms that people owned, and porn was not a key stroke away. Cuckolding was not a well-known fetish yet either. Once the internet became what it is and cuckolding was all over the net, my husband got more and more aroused by what I was doing. Part of his transformation came from watching me take so many big black cocks day after day. I mean my husband can only take so much of being on the sidelines before he wants to join in. Since he has a small white boy penis, he knows the only way he can participate is by fluffing and cleaning up those cocks, even eating my creampie cunt. My husband is a perfect cuckolding phone sex husband. It was not instantaneous, but with my encouragement, he has become the best cuckold around. If I can do that to him, imagine how I can transform you.

Dominatrix Phone Sex

dominatrix phone sexI am a dominatrix phone sex slut. Guys think they can fuck me because I like to fuck. It does not work like that. I do not just roll over for any cock. I do not do pity sex. And I do not let small dick wonders phone fuck me just because I am getting paid. I will pass up a call or make a man my bitch before I fuck a little dick. You must be 10 inches or bigger to ride me. I am serious too. I have had this loser IMing me for days. Wants me a 54-year-old woman to call him Daddy. He is in his 20s. That will never happen because I am not a bitch. Even those big black cocks I worship do not call me names or make me call them daddy. That is because they recognize that I am a mature sexy woman with some class and some sass. I am just not a bitch. I am not a submissive whore. And I do not call anyone daddy. I do not write blogs that make me sound submissive because I am not submissive. So, if you call me with a small dick and want to fuck me, you may not like how the call goes because I am not catering to your over inflated ego. I do not care that some bimbo Barbie who works at your Starbucks thinks your 6-inch dick is big. She has no clue what big is. I do not care that you are the biggest out of your friends. I know a big cock. I know what my pussy wants. And it is 10 inches or more. So, consider yourself warned.  I will not let a small dicked loser explore his rape fantasy with me. I will not worship any cock that is less than ten inches. And just because I will worship your cock, does not make me your bitch ever. This phone sex slut is in charge always.

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