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Cheating Phone Sex with Big Black Cocks for the Win

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex can be discreet. I will not tell your wife you want big black cocks too. But you are not alone though. Many men crave those beautiful big black cocks. My husband does. But our relationship should be the standard. He knows I am a BBC whore. And I know he is a BBC faggot. Our relationship works perfectly.

Yesterday, we experienced an extremely warm day. Honestly, it felt like summer. So, we decided to go to the Gold Coast and hunt for horny black men who love a mature white woman. We looked for black men who did not mind a white loser husband fluffing his cock or watching him fuck his wife properly. My husband needs more participation as my cuckolding phone sex partner. Lots of men in my stud posse do not want him in sight. And I get it. He can be a kill joy. But I love him, and he loves BBC almost as much as me.

I Love Sharing a Big Black Dick with My Cuckold Husband

We met Carl, a much younger black man, who did not mind a couple. So, I got in his car and directed him to our home while my husband took our car. Carl told me he loves mature white pussy. But that he also enjoys shaming pathetic white men who cannot satisfy their hot wives. He finger banged my cunt the entire way back to my place. However, that was just foreplay for his big black cock. I could see it growing in his pants, which drove me crazy. Crazy with lust.

My husband beat us home. And he greeted us with drinks and lube. But I did not need lube. My pussy felt like a geyser went off inside it, LOL. Carl’s big black cock looked better than I imagined. And better than my husband imagined too. But my cuckold husband got to fluff that magnificent cock. And I thought he might choke. He guided his monster cock into his wife’s wet bald pussy. And I almost immediately squirted.

However, I don’t think this was really cheating. My husband helped me fine Carl. And he was present the entire time. He fluffed Carl’s monster snake and cleaned up the mess afterwards too. Perhaps I can assist you in having a relationship like me and my husband.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Therapy Saves Marriages

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex calls remain my favorite. The truth is black men rarely call me to give me their big black cocks. That’s because black men don’t need to call. They get pussy. However, men like you and my husband never get pussy. You must call women like me. And men who know they married a size queen call me the most. I am a therapist to many of my callers. Helping men comes to terms with their wife’s philandering makes me happy.

I have a new cuck recently. And I will just call him Chuck. Not his real name. But he most definitely is a cuckold. His wife enjoys those big black cocks like I do. And like most married women do. But Chuck struggles. So, I play phone sex therapist to him. And my brand of therapy leaves little to the imagination. I only speak the truth.

Some of my “truths” appear to be a hard pill to swallow for some men who thought their marriages were perfect. Truth number one. Your wife gets older and hornier. However, you likely get older and see either a decrease in your libido or an increase in dick issues. No woman wants to wait a few hours for a pill to kick in, LOL. Truth number two. The older a woman gets the more size matters. When she was younger, your wife likely thought like most women. Cocks are all pretty much the same. But as they age and see porn and hear stories, they realize not all cocks were created equally.

As a BBC Whore, I Know How Women Think and What They Need

Truth number three. All white women become black cock curious over time. It is inevitable. Anyone is a keystroke away from black cock porn. And once a woman sees something about black cock superiority, it is engrained in her mind for eternity. And that brings me to my truth number four. Once you go black you don’t go back. So, if your woman experiences a BBC, she will never again want your little white dick again.

Cuckold Chuck will forever be cuckold Chuck because his wife will never touch his little limp white dick again. Perhaps, I can help you come to terms with being a cuckold too because as a black cock phone sex woman, I know how women think about those black beauties.

MILF Phone Sex Babes Understand Youth Can Make Up for a Smaller Cock

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts know size matters. That is why I prefer the company of black men. However, mature women also know younger men can rabbit fuck, black or white. Now, this does not mean I will fuck any young white boy. But if a white boy’s cock appears to be at least 8 inches, I can make do with that. What he lacks in a couple inches, he makes up for in stamina.  I know what you are thinking. You are not even close to 8m inches. Well, I would never fuck you then. My sweet spot needs on average 10-inches to feel full.

But Zach only had 8-inches and he was white. And he was sweet on this sexy mature phone sex babe. I met him when I went for a run along the Gold Coast last week. I stopped to take in the beauty of the lake. And he ran into me. Knocked me right over but apologized. He felt bad, so he walked me home. Turns out he and some of his buddies rented an Air B and B town home not far from me for Spring Break.

Somethings Youth Makes Up for Being White with a Cock Under 10 Inches

I love athletic boys. Cute, young and I hoped hung. Freshman in college, so barely legal. Athletic build. And smitten with this sexy milf. Later that night, he stopped by with flowers and booze he could not have purchased himself. He had a sense of confidence I liked. Although I felt attracted to him, I doubted he had anything I needed. But when he pulled out his cock, it appeared big for a white boy. Not big black cock big, but still three times the man of my loser husband.

I turn 56 this summer. And he recently turned 18. Almost a 40-year age gap. This phone sex babe does not care about age. I only care about size. Zach made up for being a tad short for my preference. Not only did he eat my pussy and ass, but he also rabbit fucked my mature cunt until I squirted all over us. Zach impressed me, especially for a young white boy. He made me cum hard several times. And I drained his young balls too.

Dark and Thick Black Cock Phone Sex on Easter Sunday

black cock phone sexI spent Easter making more memories for black cock phone sex. My husband brought me home one of the darkest and thickest pieces of black chocolate I ever laid eyes on. Honestly, I think I looked at that cock for a long time before I decided to suck it. And I could not get it all down my throat either. That’s telling too. I am great with big cocks. Black men come to me because their wives or girlfriends cannot handle their big black dicks.

But I never met a black cock I did not like. And I have never passed on one either.  So, I worked my magic black cock loving mouth on that chocolate fuck stick my husband brought home as an Easter treat. He knows me so well. I’d rather have something salty than sweet any day. Bryon seemed impressed with me. He told me he just turned 21 and no woman has ever taken as much of his cock in her mouth as I did. That’s because I am a sexy mature phone sex woman, not a coed.

My Husband Brought Me The Thickest Piece of Dark Chocolate for Easter

But I did feel like a failure. I measured his cock at 11 inches. So, he did not have the biggest cock I have ever sucked. But he sure did seem to possess the thickest one I have ever had. When it came time to fuck my Easter present, I used half a bottle of lube. My husband appeared anxious to watch me in action. He loves watching big black cocks stretch his wife’s pussy. Since he never gets to fuck me, he does not care that Bryon gaped my cunt.

He ended up spending the day with us. And he did not mind that my husband watched and played with his clitty. In fact, Bryon enjoyed shaming him for not being able to satisfy his hot milf wife. But I do love my cuckolding phone sex husband. I mean with out him I never would have known about Bryon’s young, thick black cock. With time, I will get all 11 thick inches down my greedy mouth. Maybe you want to help me?

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Requires a Worthy Cock To Worship

cock worshiping phone sexCock worshiping phone sex only happens if you have a big cock like the one, I am sucking on right now in this picture. This is a cock worth worshiping, you know? Since I am a mature woman, I prefer a challenge in the bedroom. And small or average dick has never been a challenge for me. Never will be. When I was in high school, my first boyfriend, Jerry, had 9.5 inches of big thick black cock. And this occurred in the 80s before anyone knew about black cock superiority or interracial cuckolding. Jerry changed the course of my life. And neither of us knew it at the time.

Jerry and I stayed in touch for years, but we lost contact right before Covid hit. This is his cock I am worshiping. My husband encouraged me to locate Jerry and invite him to dinner. I think my husband just wanted a glimpse of the cock that started my life as a slut wife and my career as a cuckolding phone sex expert. Even though both Jerry and I married other people, we stayed on good terms. Perhaps, my husband would be better behaved than his wife if we hooked up again, but folks never forget their first love.

Cock Worshiping Requires a Cock Worthy of Worshiping

I found Jerry last week and he seemed more than enthused about a reunion. My husband too. Two nights ago, Jerry came to visit me. We enjoyed catching up and a nice dinner my husband catered in for us too. When I told Jerry, that my husband wanted to see his beautiful big black cock, he did not hesitate to whip it out. And suddenly, I transported back to the 80s when I first became a black cock phone sex slut but did not realize it yet. I swallowed Jerry’s sword, and my husband melted. Jerry grew a lot in the years after high school.

My husband loves watching me wrangle those black trouser snakes. Perhaps he is in awe of his wife or even jealous. Plenty of men get jealous because society accepts that women want to take a big black cock but not that they do. I know, fellows. Life can be unfair. But with me as your BBC mistress, you can have all the black cock you want. Just ask my husband how well that works for him.

I Love Phone Sex Cuckolds and Black Cock Faggots

phone sexI am trying to convince my niece to do phone sex. She is a cute redheaded coed. Red hair runs in my family. I saved her a few years ago when she was still a schoolgirl. She appeared to be a douche bag magnet back then. The only men she dated acted like tools towards her. Domineering white boys with small pricks will never be good enough for my baby girl. So, I introduced her to black men. And I introduced her to cuckolding little white losers.

Now, she is black owned too. She came over for dinner last night. She goes to my alma mater, Northwestern University. Although she graduates in May and has a job already lined up, she still has an Only Fans account. And sometimes her sexy aunt Vinny does some content with her. She is all about BBC and turning white losers into pay piggies.

I am All About Teaching Young Girls About BBC Superiority

And to think, I helped her see the errors of her way. So, after dinner last night, we filmed some content for her fans and her losers.  Besides posing with her mature phone sex aunt, we shared some BBC too. But I told her I would not share those photos. She needs them for her loser pay piggies. I love that I shaped her into a dominatrix like me. We shared a college basketball player’s 11-inch cock last night. But we made my loser cuckold husband be the photographer.

That hung boy got a treat. Perhaps, a bonus. He came over to fuck a cute coed and got to fuck her sexy aunt too. Something young. And something old.  But two seasoned big black cock lovers. We worked his monster rod in fine precision. And I even tongued his asshole. We both wanted the biggest cum shot from his cock. And we got it too. A money shot across our pretty faces. She will make bank selling our pics and videos to her white losers.

Although I thought about Only Fans, I enjoy talking to cuckold losers like you way too much. Oh, and I love talking to my BBC faggots.

Are You Hungry for Black Cock Phone Sex?

black cock phone sexAre you hungry for black cock phone sex? You should be. And you should bow to the superior BBC. I know not all of you are cuckold husbands like my husband. Many of you are just straight up black cock faggots ready to join the Black New World Order and commit to a lifetime of BBC and no pussy. I not only turn loser white men into BBC faggots, but I also help feminize white sissy boys.

When I am out trolling for big black cocks to fill my fuck holes, often I find little black cock faggots trolling too. However, no little white loser can compete with a sexy milf for BBC. But sometimes, like last night, I take a loser under my wing and let him come home with me and my black cock lover. Louis won the BBC lottery last night. He seemed super prepared too. He sported a queen of spades tat on his ankle. A little Hispanic twink. Gayer than straight. And all about those big black dicks. Sound like you?

Sissy Or Cuckold, I Help Men Get BBCsissy phone sex

My husband is not a sissy phone sex faggot. But Louis seemed to be all sissy. What is the difference, you ask? A sissy BBC faggot thinks about BBC 24/7. And he comes across as effeminate. Lacks any masculinity and is willing to do anything for BBC. My husband just likes to watch his slut wife take BBC. He is more cuckold than anything. Although he recognizes black cock superiority, especially when it comes to his wife’s sexual pleasure, he comes across as masculine. And he never thinks of BBC unless I am involved too.

But Louis has BBC on his mind all the time. He is on Grinder looking for BBC daddies. And last night, he got to fluff for me, and I even let him get some big black dick up his sissy pussy. Cum is likely still running out of his back door pussy. Although my husband will take BBC up the ass, but he will never beg for it like Louis.  He seems content to watch and be my cuckolding phone sex husband. Cuckold or sissy, I can help you get the BBC you crave too.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Can Save Your Marriage

cuckolding phone sexI wish all mature wives got into cuckolding phone sex like me. The way I see it, cuckolding is a loophole in marriage. How can you cheat on your husband when he is right there watching? Also, when we take our vows, men commit to take care of us. So, if their cocks cannot do a thing for us, they should feel obligated to find us some surrogate lovers. I am happy to express that to women everywhere too.

Women hold the power in a relationship. However, many do not realize that. We can control with our pussies if we have a normal marriage without cuckolding. And if our men sport underwhelming dicks, we can control them still. My husband understands he married well out of his league. And he would rather stay married to his sexy milf wife with no sex than to be single or married to a not so hot mature woman. This phone sex wife explained to him if we got hitched, he needed to let me have my lovers. And he was on board for it all.

I Love Saving Marriages with Interracial Cuckolding

It is funny though. When guys call me for cuckolding, almost all of them have wives who refuse to take a lover, even when the husband gives permission or encourages it.  You do not need to tell me twice to take a big cock. I try to help men who want their wives to cuckold them. I have lots of knowledge and a successful cuckolding marriage that’s lasted 30 years and still going strong.

But not all men call me for cuckolding. Many are just black cock faggots. Men who may or may not be married but who want to worship a big black dick. And I can help with that too. Black cock phone sex is my other specialty. And I turned my husband into a BBC fan for life. He recognizes black cock superiority. Many men love BBC and with me you can admit it. I know it does not make you gay. It just makes you smart.

If you want help with cuckolding, I can help. Or if you just want to suck a big black cock, I can help with that too. I love saving marriages.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Combined with BBC, Oh My

foot fetish phone sexI enjoy foot fetish phone sex calls too. Although I am known as a BBC slut wife with decades of cuckolding experience, I enjoy engaging in foot fetishes. However, when I combine my two fetishes, I feel like I won the lottery. One of my black lovers enjoys foot fetishes too. He appears to enjoy stockings and feet, so I dress up for him when I know he will be coming over.

Just for Oscar, I did my hair in an updo and put on some black stockings and a garter belt. High heels too. He loves the sophisticated housewife look. Although he may not be a gangbanger, he likes to think of himself as a thug. However, I am sophisticated. Even middle class and upper-class women know that they deserve big black cocks.

Oscar’s big black cock sprung to life when he saw this mature phone sex babe dressed so seductively for him. I circled around him, smiling and touching his big muscles. We exchanged no words. I  pushed him so he would sit in a chair, and then I put my stocking clad foot on his thigh. He caressed and kissed my foot and leg. Feeling the silkiness against his flesh made his cock throb.

I Love Combing My Foot Fetish with My Love for BBCs

Although I wanted to fuck him on the spot, I gave him a foot job fist. I had one stocking off so he could feel the difference between my bare foot on his throbbing BBC and my stocking clad foot. His pre cum dripped on my black stockings. And I love that look. White droplets on a silky black stocking clad foot.

I knew we would fuck. As much as he loves my feet, a foot job serves as our foreplay. He exploded on my toes. I rubbed his cum in between my two feet. As I played with his cum, evening sucking it off my toes, his cock sprung back to life to pound me like no one else can. Although he did give my feet a lot of cum, my pussy got his biggest cum shot.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex Provides Me with Stress Release

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex provides me with a creative outlet for my frustrations. Although I would never classify me as an angry white woman, I get frustrated at life like everyone. I am no Karen. However, if a loser white boy with a small white boy dick steps out of line with me, I can unleash a wrath of small dick humiliation that will leave him in tears. And it feels so cathartic when I do that too.

My brother-in-law recently discovered that I cuckold his brother. And that I have done so for almost 30 years. He decided to chew me out and call me a whore and a race traitor. Clearly, he did not know who he was speaking to in that tone. Nor did he understand the relationship I have with his brother.

So, when he pulled out his dick and told me it was all I needed, I could not stop laughing. His dick looked smaller than my husband’s cock. And I did not think a human could have anything smaller than my husband’s micro dick. I am a black cock phone sex slut wife. And I told my loser brother-in-law that to his face. And I added in some small dick slams because deserved it.

I Don’t Care if Your Ego is Hurt, White Boys Don’t Tell Me What I Need

If my husband had been home when this went down, he would have defended me and our cuckolding lifestyle. Although I do not need my husband to defend me, I know he would not try to blame me or make it look like he was not a willing participant in all this. Because he loves being my cuckold.

When my husband did come home, he found me laughing hysterically at his brother’s scared turtle. All I could see were his balls. His tiny dick shriveled up and hid inside its shell embarrassed to come out. My husband kissed my cheek, said hello to his brother, then excused himself. Passive permission, I guess, LOL. He did not want to get involved, but like I said. I can handle myself with loser white boys.

Perhaps, I went too easy on my brother-in-law. But if he pulls that crap again, I will have my black lovers fuck his ass and mouth raw.  This phone sex woman is in charge. And no white boy ever tells me what I need.