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The Ass for Hot Ass Fuck

hot ass sex

I put the ass in hot ass sex. I work hard for that ass too. I run daily and do squats too. My ass is one of my best features. I need to keep in shape because black men love a fine booty. They are not the only ones though. I was walking my pups […]

Cheating Phone Sex Fun

cheating phone sex

I love cheating phone sex. With me, however, it is not really cheating. My husband and I have a special marriage that not everyone understands. I cuckold my husband. Mostly, with big black cocks. I can have any lover I want if my lover has a bigger cock than my husband. That is not hard […]

Black Cock Phone Sex Wife

black cock phone sex

When you are a black cock phone sex whore, you know a lot of hung black men. These are just a few of my favorite cocks. I can handle a lot of black dick. Most of my girlfriends cannot handle what I can. But I could not always handle what I can now either. My […]

Cheating Phone Sex with a Slut Wife

I know how to help women have cheating phone sex and I love doing it. I am a slut wife. My sexual needs do not take a back burner because I am married. I would never permit that. Of course, I have a devoted husband who understands he cannot satisfy those needs I have. He […]

Cougar Phone Sex with a BBC Slut

cougar phone sex

I love cougar phone sex. I am 55 and horny as ever. When I was first married, my black lovers were mostly older than me, many by decades. Now, my lovers are still black, but much younger than me. One of my black lovers in my neighborhood got me this “Cougar” necklace. He just turned […]

MILF Phone Sex Sluts

milf phone sex

I may be a BBC whore, but I am a milf phone sex slut too. The older I get, the younger my lovers have become. I can pick up men black and white, young or old, anywhere. Today, I picked up a young black boy while jogging. I go to Millennium Park often to run. […]

Black Cock Phone Sex Wife

black cock phone sex

Black cock phone sex is what I do best. I am a black cock whore and I have been since I was in high school. That was in the 80s. Black cock whores and interracial cuckolding were not things yet. I grew up in Chicago. I went to a racially mixed school. I was not […]

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex and Cuckolding

small cock humiliation phone sex

Small cock humiliation phone sex is something I am good at. Look at this big cock I am holding. You know you are not worthy to fuck me when you are not even close in this girth or length. I am a hot woman. My husband knows he is not worthy of me. He works […]

Dominatrix Phone Sex

dominatrix phone sex

I am a dominatrix phone sex slut. Guys think they can fuck me because I like to fuck. It does not work like that. I do not just roll over for any cock. I do not do pity sex. And I do not let small dick wonders phone fuck me just because I am getting […]

Phone Sex Whore Knows Size Matters

phone sex

I love being a phone sex mistress. Guys often think I am submissive because I am a black cock whore. Not at all. I am smart enough to know that black cock is superior cock for my pussy. I am no one’s bitch though, especially no white man’s bitch. This guy called me last night […]


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