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Phone Sex Fetish for Big Black Cocks and All The Cum They Can Give Me

phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? I have many like big black cocks, cuckolding and cum. I answered an ad in a porn rag looking for a cum whore recently for a homemade video shoot. Although I did not need the money offered for the shoot, I wanted the bukkake party. The ad wanted specifically a BBC slut. Bingo. Cum loads from big black cocks, I always need. When I called the number on the ad, it was clear they wanted a younger model.

But I knew they needed me for this gig. I have been fucking black guys longer than some coed girl has been alive. Although I was not the outfit’s desired age, they hired me. And I felt pressure to bring my A game. Been a long time since I did a BBC photo shoot. I miss doing them.

I wore a soccer mom outfit and showed up at the address provided for my photo shoot. No one, especially not a teen girl, loves big black cock more than this milf phone sex whore. Other girls showed up and I wondered if I did get the part. But if I still had to audition, I knew I could compete with the girls in their early 20s. Clearly, I was the oldest woman there. 

Turned out to be an audition after all. I never secured the part like I thought. When it was my turn, I told them I wanted to be Carrie at the prom, but instead of buckets of pig blood dumped on me, I wanted buckets of cum. That got their attention. They asked me a series of questions about my history with gangbangs and BBC.

MILF Whores are the Best BBC Lovers

I told them if they had their doubts about me, they could take me for a test drive. The director called out about 8 black guys in their late 20s. They pulled their cocks out and I started sucking them like a dirty porn star. Deep throated each big black cock, even took 3 in my pussy at once. I pulled out all my best black cock phone sex slut moves. Everyone watched in awe, even the young ingénues desperate for the cash the director offered.

A MILF BBC slut can fuck circles around younger girls any day. Before long those 8 BBCs doused me in jizz. I looked like a drowned rat. Cum dripped off my body and went everywhere. I sucked each cock dry, then managed to lick the cum off my big tits. They looked amazed that I could handle all their cocks at once, and swallow so much cum. I assured the director that I could handle even more if I got the gig.

Of course, I got the part. Never underestimate how dirty and kinky a mature woman can be. Women in their sexual prime do anything for to get that black cock spunk. Just ask the Banger Brothers wannabes I fucked circles around that day. When it comes to big black dicks, no woman can outshine me.

Cheating Phone Sex Weekends with BBC I Look Forward Too

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex weekends I enjoy. Usually, I fuck black men in my marriage bed with my husband near by to watch. I made my husband my cuckold. And he loves it too. But an old lover of mine wanted me for an entire weekend. He rented us a house on lake Michigan. I enjoyed a romantic getaway, and my husband was nowhere nearby.

Most of my black lovers enjoy fucking me in front of my husband. They love humiliating him for his small dick and inability to please his hot wife properly. I shame him too. Even though I love him, he does not measure up in the bedroom. I met Walter, the black lover I spent the weekend with, about 30 years ago when I posed for a nude interracial photo shoot.

His cock starred in the shoot! We hit it off and started an affair that has lasted 3 decades so far. We live in different parts of the country, but we get together twice a year to fuck our brains out. Even at 62, Walter’s cock works like a horny teen boy’s dick. Always hard and ready to fuck. This is why I prefer to be a black cock phone sex whore. Black cocks never seem to have issues even with age.

Black Cock is the Best Cock for White Pussy

Walter acts like a gentleman too.  However, I do fuck my share of younger black men who enjoy just pounding the shit out of a sexy white milf like me. Not that Walter cannot rabbit fuck like a young black man, because he can out fuck an army of teenage boys. But he prefers to take his time and make sweet love to a woman with his 11-inch black cock.

And I never mind slow and steady in the bedroom. Walter made me cum so many times, I lost track. We ate out at nice restaurants. We strolled on the beach. And we fucked. Perhaps, I married the wrong man. Walter knows how to treat women in and out of bed. But I do love my cuckold husband. And if I had married Walter, I would not be a cuckolding phone sex woman, right?

MILF Phone Sex Babes Attract A Lot of Younger Men Too

milf phone sexMilf phone sex babes attract all kinds of attention from younger men. Most times I brush it off because what can a young white boy bring a mature BBC whore, right? My husband hired a teenage boy for some odd jobs recently. However, this time my husband did not think of me in the hiring process. Usually, he hires black men with the hope they will want to bang his slutty wife. His friend has a neighbor who needs direction, and a part-time job to keep him out of trouble. My husband can be so altruistic sometimes.

Usually, Rodney helps my husband at work. But last night he came home with my husband for dinner and a small project afterwards. We never had any offspring of our own. So, I know my husband often wishes he had a son. I kind of liked watching him be paternal to the boy. But the boy checked me out. He could not take his eyes of my amazing tits. My husband caught him staring at me, and teased him by saying, “My wife’s smoking hot, isn’t she?” They both laughed and I smiled.

phone sexEven though the boy seemed enamored of me, I still did not give him any attention. However, that all changed later last night. The boy ended up spending the night because his mother, who is a Chicago ER nurse, had to work a double shift. I did not mind the boy in the house. I fucked some black cocks earlier in the day. So, I could go do the mommy thing for a night. I had the day off from my phone sex job too. I thought it might be nice to playhouse.

Even Young Teen Boys Like Watching Me with BBC

We watched a movie and it felt like a family. Sometimes, I think I should have been a mother. When I got up in the middle of the night and peeked into the guest bedroom to check on Rodney, I discovered that not only was he awake, but he was also jacking off to some of my interracial porn. For a teenage white boy, his dick surprised me. Now, he did not come close to being big black cock big, but he was way bigger than my husband. I slipped my hands in my panties and watched him masturbate to watching me. Never done that before. But it made me feel good.

This morning, I asked him if he enjoyed watching me take big black cock. He blushed because I busted him. I assured him that I enjoyed the show too. And I told him perhaps he would like to catch a live show of me being a black cock phone sex whore sometime. Maybe, I should have let my husband knock me up. I could cuckold a father and son. How hot would that be?

Black Cock Phone Sex Weekend Left Me Feeling Like I’d Died and Gone to Heaven

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex put the fun in my Labor Day long weekend. I still worked some, but my husband stayed home for three days and watched me take a ton of big black cocks. He even procured me a couple black studs because he knows how to be a good cuckold. My favorite dick of the weekend belonged to one of the studs my husband procured for me. A fine young gentleman in his late 20s. Jackson loves white women too. He told me that he lost his virginity to a white teacher when he still attended high school. The teacher showed signs of jungle fever. If you don’t know, it’s incurable.

However, thanks to that teacher and an early experience with a white woman, Jackson can eat pussy better than my husband who is almost three times his age. Mature phone sex women love to have their pussies licked. I came so many times on Jackson’s face, I thought I might dehydrate. That boy left me feeling like I had died and gone to heaven. Not much feels better than cumming that many times on a face.mature phone sex

BBC is the Best

Jackson’s face glistened with my cunt juice, which made my husband jealous. He knows the only way he can satisfy his sexy wife is with his tongue since he sports a barely 3-inch dick. However, Jackson’s cock measured at 11.5 inches. Big cock and a great pussy eater? That’s a double threat, LOL. My husband’s jealousy appeared fleeting because after the first load of black spunk Jackson deposited inside my mature pussy, my husband went down to his knees quickly to clean me up.

I rarely let black studs spend the night, but Jackson proved worthy of the honor of sleeping on my husband’s side of the bed. I sent my husband to sleep in the dog bed on the floor. We do not own a dog, but I have a dog bed and cage for special cuckolding phone sex moments like this one. One of the best picks my husband found for me yet. Although, my husband spent the weekend sleeping in a dog bed, he got to watch his wife cum so many times. And that proved worth some minor discomfort. Are you a good cuckold like my husband?

Mature Phone Sex Women Keep Busy

mature phone sexMature phone sex keeps me busy. When I started in the phone bone world, I did not know how I would do in comparison to all the young girls. I think I was 45 when I started talking about my love for big black cocks. I am in my mid 50s now, and still talking about BBC. However, many men call me because they need the experience and knowledge that older women bring to the table. Nothing against young girls. But many just have yet to experience some of the things I have.

Even though I went to college, I avoided the traditional workforce. I do not need to work because my husband supports me. He never wanted me to work because he wanted me to enjoy life to its fullest. In our world that just means he wanted me to fuck all the black cock I wanted without ever worrying about getting up for work and things like that. Isn’t he amazing?

Mature Sexy Women Love BBC

Phone sex seemed like the perfect job for a woman like me. Beyond perfect. I set my own hours. I can masturbate on calls. And I can talk about big black dicks, and shame small cocks in the same sentence. Yet, I did not prepare myself for how popular I would be. Now, I am not shallow. Although I know I look good for my age, or for any age, I think my need for BBC and the fact that my husband is my cuckold, makes my phone ring nonstop.

With the rise of the BNWO and an increase in black cock porn, men need someone they can talk to. Oddly enough, men want to be cuckolds and BBC faggots more than their wives want them to be. My marriage is the exception, not the rule. Before I married my husband, I knew our union would only work with certain rules. I can fuck all the black cock I want. And my cuckolding phone sex husband must except that!

You can be a cuckold wannabe or a black cock loving faggot. Either way, my unique marriage and experiences may help you too. Your dirty secrets remain safe with me.

Phone Sex with a Black Cock Whore

I love phone sex. Although I went to college, I never worked a normal job. I married well, and never had to work. But I enjoy talking to men about cuckolding and big black cocks. When I started my phone bone career, I thought I would talk to more black men who wanted to rail my wet white pussy. But most of my callers appear to be like my husband, small dick wonders. Think about it. Black men do not need to call a phone chat line for sex. They get the real thing anywhere they go.

Today, I spoke with a man whose daughter got him into the Black New World. She represents the younger generation who knows from the get go that black cock is superior.  His daughter has never fucked a white man. However, she does have a white boyfriend who works two jobs to support her. How hot is that? Now, I am too dominant for the BNWO, but I believe in the principals. And I enjoying hearing about young women being smart. No one is branding me or passing me around like a piece of candy though. Mature phone sex women are likely too old for the core of the BNWO anyway.

My caller told me his daughter gets gang banged daily. She has no job but getting fucked 24/7. Although I am not opposed to rough sex, I never wanted to be used like a street corner whore either. Perhaps, I am too sophisticated and old for the BNWO. I am past breeding age. Never had the desire to be a mother. When I realized I was a black cock slut, no one talked about what I was doing. No BNWO. No interracial porn dominated the porn world. And No Internet porn and no one talked about cuckolding.

Perhaps, if I was 22 growing up in this world now, I would be just like my caller’s daughter. But I am 56 and I love my life. I am definitely a black cock phone sex slut. And I sure do believe in black cock superiority. But I like to take my time with one black cock at a time.

mature phone sex

Hot Ass Sex with Brian and His Big Cock

hot ass sexBrian popped by last night for some hot ass sex with his favorite curvy milf. I am mostly a bbc slut, but a big cock is a big cock. And Brian has a great big white dick that is beer can thick. He appreciates a woman with a big ass who loves to wear sexy garters and undergarments. I know I am sexy, but somehow, I feel even sexier when I am adorned in sexy lingerie. A grater belt frames my big booty perfectly too.

When Brian arrived, I had on a sexy number I knew he would appreciate. He lives out of town, but any time he is in the Chicago area for business, he gives his favorite milf phone sex slut a call. Once I knew he was on his way, I primped just for him. My pussy purred in anticipation of his arrival too. Although he prefers my ass, he never ignores my cunt.

Big Cock is Big Cock

Brian’s cock fills my ass perfectly. Even though it hurts initially because of his girth, this old size queen accommodates his beer can thick cock quickly. Lube helps his cock get balls deep in my tight ass. After a few painful moments, we got a good rhythm going on. I love the sound of his balls slapping against my big, beautiful ass. With every thrust deep in my asshole, I moaned in delight. Big cock is big cock. And no milf turns down a working, hard, 13.5-inch cock with the thickness of a beer can.

He snapped the garter on my thigh a few times as his dick penetrated my asshole. As I began to masturbate my cunt, Brian’s big cock exploded in my asshole. His hot, sticky cum dripped down my thighs and into my pussy. I came hard too. I scooped some of his yummy jizz off my fingers as I basked in the glow of a good hardcore ass fucking. Perhaps, I will need some time to recuperate before my ass gets pounded like that again.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with My Old White Husband and a New BBC

cuckolding phone sexI love cuckolding phone sex. A few weeks ago, my husband took me to a Snoop Dog concert. I love old school rap and hip-hop. Although there were plenty of old white guys at the concert, I was not giving them any attention. I smoked Mary Jane and danced with plenty of brothers, including several who were even older than me. I got lots of numbers. My husband enjoyed watching me flirt. He always does.

One man I met was 65. He is older than my husband, but he still gets erections like a teenage boy. Well not quite like all teenage boys. This man’s cock is a foot long. And he claims it shrank an inch or two once he hit 60, LOL. Hard to believe he lost anything. Handsome man. Reminded me of a teacher I had a crush on in high school. We have been fucking for weeks now. My husband loves to watch. My husband is older than me, but he is not 65 quite yet.

BBC is Superior Cock

For his age, my mature black lover can out fuck just about anyone black or white half his age. He tells me my hot body and skills make him feel 20 again. I can get the biggest cum shot from his old black dick every time too. Last night, he came over for dinner. I am not very domesticated. So, I ordered food for us. My husband gets along well with my new lover too. But in the bedroom, you would never know they get along.

My lover loves to berate my husband for having such a worthless cock. Also, he enjoys dick slapping him. Older black men have never minded my cuckold husband watching. In fact, they are more likely to make him suck their cocks. This old man fucked my husband’s ass last night. I watched in awe. My husband took his big black dick up his ass better than I did. However, I did not tell my husband that. I will not be outshined by my small dick wonder of a husband.

After a couple hours of fucking us both, he left. This phone sex slut wife had cum running out of all her holes. But my cuckold husband cleaned me up. My old white husband is infatuated with my new lover’s huge black cock. Almost as much as I am.

Mature Phone Sex Women Make The Best Cuckolding Wives

mature phone sexMature phone sex women know how to cuckold a man. Personally, I think we make the best cuckolding women. With age comes knowledge. What matters to us now, is not what mattered to us when we were in our 20s. For example, what mattered to my niece when she was a teen girl and coed was having a good-looking boyfriend who had money to spoil her. Guess what? She grew tired quickly of one small dicked man after another who though she owed him because he took her to a nice place to eat.

Her sexy and wise aunt intervened, and now she is a size queen like me. Young girls grow into cock size queens like my niece. However not all women are like me. I knew in college I was a size queen. But that was only because my first boyfriend was black, and he ruined my pussy when I was just a sweet teen girl. When I meet women who are older but have not yet discovered what a difference a big black cock makes for their pussy, I feel compelled to intervene.

Black Cock is Superior Cock for White Pussy

More women need to be cuckolding phone sex wives. Why? Because there are far too many men with small dicks who think they can own us. Not sure when men started backsliding into the dark ages, but no woman should bow to man with a small cock. Not that I bow to any man, but I will get on my knees quickly for a big black cock.

I went to my high school reunion recently and connected with an old girlfriend who is now married to the biggest jerk in high school. Shelly looked miserable. Turns out the high school jerk is still a jerk. And he has a 4-inch dick. However, I always suspected he had a tiny dick. Most asshole white men do. I got her laid Saturday night. And in the bathroom of the hotel where the reunion was at too. I hooked her up with my old high school boyfriend Jerome. The black man that ruined my pussy so many years ago. Now that she has tasted a big black, I think it will be easier for her to put her loser husband in his place.

Ever since she fucked Jerome, she has been texting me wanting more. Jerome is not a dating man. He is married to a lovely black woman, he just likes some white pussy occasionally because of me. Although Jerome is off the menu for a regular hook up, I shared my black cock phone sex Rolodex with her. Once a wife goes black, she never goes back.

Fetish Phone Sex Calls Excite Me

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex calls keep me busy every day. I am a fetish freak. I cater to black cock faggot boys, cum eaters, foot fetish guys and even stocking and pantyhose guys. Although my specialty is interracial cuckolding, I love being a sexy mature babe knowledgeable on all kinds of fetishes. I consider myself sexy as fuck. Most guys do too. My curves I like to accentuate. And I dress provocatively.

Last night, I had a work function to attend with my husband. Normally, I despise stuffy networking events. However, the Black Workers Union asked my husband to speak at their event and I wanted to go with him. I know where your mind is going, but the night turned out rather surprisingly for me. Even though I was the only white woman in a room full of black union workers, I restrained myself.

My husband owns a large firm that designs parking structures and strip malls. He hires black union organizations all the time for the labor needed to build his visions. The hope is more white business will employ black and other minority owned business, so there is interracial collaboration. I am a fan of interracial collaboration, LOL. We all know that he hires black businesses for his black cock phone sex whore wife.

You would think, knowing me, that I would be a gang bang whore in the bathroom. However, instead, I picked up a young black man with a fetish. A black man unlike most black men I fuck. Sure, he was black and hung, but fucking my white milf pussy was not on his mind. At least, it was not the only thing on his mind. My stockings caught his eye. I am a sexy milf with big tits, yet his gaze was on my legs. My sexy black stocking clad legs could feel his stare. I knew he wanted to rub his cock all over my legs.

So, I whispered to him to follow me. I led him into the bathroom. It was a family bathroom, so we were alone in there. I put my leg on the toilet, and he fell to his knees. I thought to myself that I was wasting a perfectly big black cock. But this was my husband’s event. I did not want to distract from his day. Perhaps, letting a young black stud caressing and kissing my stocking clad legs, he would consider a distraction. But to me, I was showing restraint.

The guy enjoys foot fetishes too. So, I gave him a foot job. I sat on the sink and jacked his monstrous cock with my stocking clad feet. I love phone sex fetish calls. But this was not a call. I gave a random black stud a foot job in the family bathroom. He promised not to tell anyone. I licked his white crème off my feet, slipped them back into my pumps, and my husband never knew what a dirty fetish slut I was last night.