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Hot Ass Sex: I Put the Ass in the Hot Ass

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. I can thank years of squats and running for giving me a fine ass. Black men love tits and ass. Unlike a lot of white men, they want a thick girl. One with a nice booty like the one I got. I could look like a catcher’s mitt and still get plenty of black cock because of this ass right here. I picked up a man this morning running in Millennium Park. If I do not wake up with a big black cock in bed with me, I go for a run in the park. It is my second favorite pastime. My ass in yoga pants brings out men of all ages and races though. I met a black man at the park with a fetish for big butts. When I jogged by, he yelled, “Baby got back.” That got the song stuck in my head, LOL. I turned around, jogged up to him and asked him if his anaconda needed buns. We laughed and exchanged some flirty discourse. I am in my 50s. This guy was 30 tops. My endorphins were raging and apparently so was his cock. I could see it jumping in his pants. I think he has a phone sex fetish for white women with big asses. He jogged back to my place with me to fuck. Best way to start a day. My husband was at work already or I would have fucked this boy in front of him to start his day off right. My husband is my cuckold. He is a voyeur. I turned the nanny cam on so my husband could catch the show remotely. This young man buried his face in my ass, which was no doubt a bit musky from my morning run. He licked and rimmed my asshole before his cock came out of his pants. He spanked my ass with his stiff as a board cock. When he started to give me a hardcore ass fucking, I lost it. My body was quivering. I love anal sex. I love black cock. I love cuckolding my husband. I got the trifecta this morning with one black cock.

Black Cock Phone Sex Because Size Does Matter

black cock phone sexI specialize in black cock phone sex because size matters. Guys call me all the time and think that size does not matter or that all cocks are pretty much the same size. Not even close. My husband once believed size did not matter much. He has a barely 3-inch cock. I like cocks triple his size. When we first started dating, I was in college, and he was in grad school. He is a smart man and a handsome one too, he just has a small dick. I was already a size queen in the 80s because my high school boyfriend was black. I lost my virginity to a 10-inch cock. I did not realize size mattered until I fucked my first white boy in college. That was an eye opener. When I started dating my husband in college, I had hoped he would be bigger than the first white guy I fucked, but he was smaller. I have never fucked my husband. Not even on our wedding night and we have been married almost 30 years.

Black Cock Phone Sex I bet you are wondering how this marriage works. Because he now knows that size matters too. He has spent a few decades watching me get big black cocks in my white pussy. He knows that I deserve more than he can give me. He knows I deserve big black cock phone sex. He has graduated from not wanting to know any of the details to bringing me big black cocks. And holidays are no different. When you are a horny milf like me, you can always find big black cocks to fuck you, even on Thanksgiving. My husband arranged a big black cock stuffing for me after our dinner last night. He brought his size queen wife home a winner too. Jamal was packing almost 13 inches of dark meat for my white pussy. I love the feel of a big black cock penetrating me. I love having my cuckold husband by my side too. And there he was. My cuckold husband fluffing his big black cock and helping me take such a big piece of meet inside my pussy. I am a black cock phone sex whore wife, and I am proud of it too. I know what my pussy deserves, and it is never going to be a small white boy penis. Never. I am a cock size queen. I know size matters. My husband now knows size matters. The question is do you know size matters?

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Black Cock Phone Sex is What a Slut Wife Does Best

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I cater to and enjoy a lot of fetishes, but I am a real cuckold wife. And to me, there is nothing better than interracial cuckolding. I have a new lover. His name is Ricardo. He is half black and half Cuban. We met at my local coffee house. I am a fitness freak. In my younger days, I was an amateur body builder. Staying fit helps me keep up with these younger black lovers. Ricardo is like 30 years old. He lives in the neighborhood and is a runner too. Single and a young professional. He checked off all the boxes of what I like in a lover. He had jogged to the coffee house too. We chatted then we ran back home together. There was instant chemistry, so I suggested he come inside. I meant that in more ways than just one, LOL. He knew I was married and that hindered him for a bit, but once I explained that I had a cuckolding phone sex husband, he was down to fuck a married woman. He is not my typical lover. He is shy and not aggressive at all.  I am good with that because I am a dominant woman. I can turn a mouse into a man. Once I got him naked, I was blown away by his beautiful big black cock. My husband would want to see his cock. Ricardo was not accustomed to women making the first move. In talking to him, I found out he was raised by his southern Baptist grandma. He had some old-fashioned views, but once my mouth was working its magic on his cock, he forgot all about traditional gender roles. I turned on the nanny cam discreetly. I wanted my husband to be able to watch the hot show from his office. How great is modern technically? I mean now my husband can watch me be a cheating whore remotely. Ricardo’s cock is fabulous. He sure knows how to use it too because he gave me a hot squirting pussy with just a few thrusts. I have a new favorite black cock and he only lives a few blocks away. Christmas came early for this slut wife.

Biggest Cum Shot Comes from the Biggest Black Cocks

biggest cum shotThe biggest cum shot comes from the biggest cocks. The biggest black cocks. I met this new black guy this week who was down to fuck a slut, wife like me. We met at the Home Depot. I never go into stores like that, but we had a blizzard coming and rumor was that was the only place to get salt in the city. I am glad I went. I met Tray there. He was picking up salt and cases of water. Those are two staples for Chicago winters. He was nice and flirty. He carried my items to my car and asked for my number. I had a better idea. I had him follow me home. We could weather the storm together. He seemed interested. When we got to my place, my husband was there. The guy was weirded out at first, but I told him he is my cuckolding phone sex husband. I never fuck my loser husband. His dick is way too small for me. Tray, however, had 14 inches of big black meat for me. The snow was falling down around us, and we did not care at all if he could get back home or not. He was welcome to stay with me and fuck for days. My husband agreed.  He wanted to watch. The power went off for about an hour, but I can fuck in the dark. Body heat kept me warm. My short dicked hubby put on a jacket and watched his wife pass the time with a big black cock.  Tray was strong. He was hung. And he was full of cum for this cheating phone sex wife. He came about a dozen times. All large loads too. And guess what? My husband was there to clean it all up too. Winter is here, but if I have big black cocks, I will stay warm and happy.

Cougar Phone Sex Slut Vinny Loves Teenage Cock Too

cougar phone sexCougar phone sex is something this slut wife and BBC whore can do well. I get older, my lovers get younger. I have this neighbor boy who is in high school still. He is not black, but he is young and hung. Full of cum too. I am in my 50s, but he is in his teens. Not a problem for me. He calls me his cougar next door. I have watched him grow in all the right places. His cock is always at attention for this sexy milf. Yesterday, was our three-year anniversary of fucking. He got me a nice cougar necklace. I have fucked teenage boys before, but nothing long term like with Zach. Part of it is convenience. During the shutdowns, I could not go anywhere, and I struggled to get big black cocks. Zach was next door and young, but horny. I would give him sex shows and that lead to mutual masturbation porn. We masturbated for each other. I told myself I was not doing anything illegal because I had not touched him. As the pandemic progressed, I was missing big black cocks, and this boy had a hard cock. Decent size too for his age. Plus, he looked stiff as a board. A mature sexy woman always appreciates that. One thing led to another, and we started fucking. The boy has feelings for me now. I took his virginity. That happens, but I cannot marry the boy next door. I am happily married. Plus, I am still a black cock whore. I will keep the boy around because I have trained him to know how to please my mature body. He knows my body like a back road. We celebrated our fucking anniversary this weekend. I drained his teenage balls many times. And he made me cum many times more. Mature phone sex sluts have the best sex lives.

Cum Slut Phone Sex with a BBC Whore and Slut Wife

cum slut phone sexIt is no secret that I am a BBC whore. Along with enjoying big black cocks, I enjoy the cum that is inside big black balls. I am a cum slut phone sex whore. I drink cum daily. I think it is the secret ingredient to aging well for women. I will bathe in cum some days because if I have three lovers at once, they will douse me in their jizz. I love to be covered in cum. We had a party last night. Maybe not so much a party as a gang bang for me. My husband arranged it. He meets black guys at work all the time. He hires minority crews primarily so he can meet black guys down to fuck his hot, white wife. He gets a tax incentive too, but his main reason is so he can bring home 6 hunky black stallions to give me their biggest cum shot. My husband loves to watch me get fucked. His little nub only gets hard watching me in action with big black cocks. I love my husband. He willingly married a black cock whore. He willingly agreed to a sexless married. He loves to watch. He is the best cuckold husband ever.

Last night, he outdid himself bringing home 6 men to fuck me. They were young, hung and full of cum for this white wife too. My husband watched me get triple penetration. Cannot be a BBC slut and not be able to entertain three big black cocks at once. Last night those black boys played a game of musical holes. They rotated their cocks in each of my holes. I was a cum dumpster. Six black men cumming is like 6 dozen white boys cumming. I had so much cum that I was filling up glasses with the excess jizz. I never let cum go to waste.  After a fuck session with 6 black men, my cuckolding phone sex husband and I toasted our special marriage with glasses of cum. Cheers. I saved you some.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex is a Favorite Way to Tease White Boys

foot fetish phone sexFoot fetish phone sex is something I enjoy too. I like my feet like I like my cock-BIG. I have large feet for a woman my size. I love to give foot jobs. I use my feet as a sort of barometer. I have size 9 feet. So, if a cock is smaller than my foot, the chances are good I will not fuck that man. But bigger than my feet, and I will grant that cock access to my pussy. I love to tease my husband with my feet because they tower over his shrimp dick. I put on some black stockings, and I pretend to have a big black cock. I do not fuck my husband in the traditional way a husband and a wife fuck. He is my cuckold. I have complete cock control over my him. He does not have a cock. He has a clit. My foot is six inches bigger than his shameful cock. But I do love my cuckold husband, so I give him a foot job every now and again. Last night a terrible storm benched me at home. I had fucked some black guys earlier in the day, but I was not done fucking yet. I had a date, but the storm hit, and the tornado and flash flooding alerts went off, and I was stuck at home. I was all dressed up too. My husband was in a complimentary mood. He could not stop raving about how good I looked. It had been a while since I gave him a foot job, so last night he got to cum on my stocking clad feet. I jerked his tiny dick with my silky, black feet. I edged him as long as I could. He has a quick trigger which is another reason we do not fuck. My pussy demands a cock that can last until I cum. My feet are less picky. It was more fun for my cuckolding phone sex husband, but it was nice to reinforce to him that even my feet are superior to his dick.

Creampie Phone Sex Whore Loves to Cuckold Her Husband

creampie phone sexAre you a creampie phone sex whore? It is okay to admit you like sloppy seconds. My husband loves sloppy seconds. A good cuckold husband cleans up his wife’s messy pussy. I had multiple loads in me last night. I went to a Halloween party one of my black stud lovers threw and I was the belle of the ball. No other white women were there, which meant I could have all that black spunk to myself. I never mind sharing cum and BBC with fellow black cock whores, but I can be greedy. Last night, I wanted all the creamy treats I could get my hands on. I had my pick of the big black cocks too. I was thinking to myself that my husband should have been with me this time. He loves watching me in action getting the biggest cum shot from the biggest black cocks. I knew, however, that he would be waiting up for me. I knew I could come home to my cucky hubby and feed him some creamy treats straight from my ass and pussy. I let the black men at the party run a train on me. I let them use me as a three-hole whore. I put a butt plug in my cunt and ass to keep the jizz inside me so it would be fresh for my husband. He was waiting up for me because I texted him that I was coming home with his Halloween treat. He knew what that meant. He was ready too when I arrived home. When he saw me come in waddling, he laid on the floor and begged for his treat. I squatted my cum filled cunt and ass over his face and pushed out the creamy treats into his mouth. His is the best cuckolding phone sex husband. He licked my candy filled holes clean. We both got our treats last night. Ready for yours?

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy MILF and BBC Whore

hot ass sexI have the ass for hot ass sex. Men, even black men, are obsessed with my ass. Can you blame them? I mean look at this nice, MILF ass. I dress to accentuate my ass. I love to show it off. All these celebrities are doing cosmetic procedures to get some fine lady humps, when all they need to do is squats. I prefer to do my squats over big black dicks, but I have hit the gym plenty of times too. I was at the gym this morning when I realized I had an audience of men with boners checking me out as I did squats. One guy was black, and he appeared to have a monster cock in his gym shorts. I gym stalked him. I watched him do some bench presses because if he was as hung as I thought he was, his cock would flop out of those shorts. They were those loose, mesh shorts that come right above the knees. Unless a man is wearing a jock strap, there is no containing a huge dick in shorts like that. He caught me glancing and flashed it to me with a devilish grin. I moved to a leg press, and he came up next to me and put his leg up on the machine to flash me again. He coyly asked me if I saw anything I liked. He may not have known I was a black cock phone sex addict, but he knew I could not stop staring at his huge cock. He followed me to the locker room, but I could not take him inside there. The club was too busy. He followed me home to continue my workout. He had a wedding ring on and so did I. My husband knows I am a BBC whore, but his wife likely did not know he was picking up hot milfs at the gym with his big black cock. I continued to work my legs and ass out squatting over his 13-inch big black cock. Any woman can have a fine ass like mine if they squat over those big black dicks too. This fine milf phone sex slut got this fine ass that way.

Black Cock Phone Sex and Cuckolding for Men

black cock phone sexI am a black cock phone sex specialist. I love talking to men about cuckolding or just their own love for big black cocks. I think a lot of men come to me for cuckolding but really all they care about is servicing those big black dicks. My husband is a legit cuckold who grew to love those big black cocks with time and exposure to them.  He has a friend, however, who stayed the weekend with us, who is all about the big black cock. I told my husband I was not going to hide who I am to save face for him with his old school pal. My husband told me that the reason Ryan wanted to stay with us was so he could see some black cocks. Once I knew that, I wanted to do my best to make his fantasy a reality. Ryan is a straight man who loves watching interracial cuckolding porn. He has called women like me for cuckolding phone sex, but he is not married. Never has been married. He is just afraid of being labeled gay, so he pretends to be a cuckold so he can fantasize about sucking big black dicks. Sound like you? It does not make you gay to be attracted to big black dick. Bisexual maybe, but most guys, Ryan included, do not want to date a black man. They just want to worship their big black dick. I get it. Black cocks are magnificent. They create penis envy in white men with average or small dicks. That envy quickly turns to lust. Ryan got to not only watch me fuck a few BBCs this weekend, he got to suck them too. First time with the real thing, and I do believe he is hooked now. It is easy to g from fantasy to reality, but you do need a mistress phone sex bitch like me to guide and help you along the way. Ryan says he is hooked on BBC. Now to get you hooked too.