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Bisexual Phone Sex Whore Lacey Loves Hot Squirting Pussy

Bisexual phone sexAs a bisexual phone sex hot queen, I love the taste of both pussy and cock. My mouth waters at the thought of devouring juicy cunts while my fingers explore tight assholes, searching for hidden gems of pleasure. When it comes to eating out a woman’s twat, I take my time savoring every inch – licking from her swollen clit down to her dripping wet slit before diving in with eager lips. The salty-sweet flavor on my tongue sends shivers down my spine as I lap up her essence like a thirsty beast. Her wrinkled cunt walls quiver under my assault as she gasps for air or moans loudly in ecstasy.

My hands never stay idle; they roam freely over her plump ass cheeks or squeeze those perky tits that beg to be sucked upon. With each bob of my head between her legs, one hand massages her clit while the other pinches a nipple roughly until she squirms beneath me in delightful agony. And when she’s close enough to the edge but not quite there yet? That’s when I switch things up by flicking that hard nubbin with my tongue before resuming my ministrations elsewhere on her body – driving this wanton woman wild with need and desire!

Her wet pussy dripping down into my mouth is like eating a gourmet meal. I love the way that pussy tastes in my mouth. Filling her up with my array of sizes of dildos is what I do best. I love working our way up to the biggest cock and making her tight little pussy take it.  My secrets for making every girl squirt that is with me, i’ts somethin in my bag of tricks.  I like nibbling, biting, pulling on nipples, and so much more.  There is something about women, I can’t resist.

Medical Phone Sex Hot and Sexy Fun With The Sexy Lacey

Who loves a fun Medical Phone Sex  roleMedical Phone Sexplay? It’s hot as hell! There’s something about the mix of power dynamics, vulnerability, and taboo that really gets people going. Plus, let’s be honest – those scrubs are kinda sexy on a man. Here’s an example scenario:

*Walking into the exam room with a sultry smile* Hi there, Daisy. I hope you don’t mind if I start without your permission. After all, it is my job to make sure everything is in working order down there.

*Blushing and nervously chuckling* Go ahead…I guess…just do what you have to do…

Perfect! Now then, let me just get these gloves on…mmmhmmm…and spread your legs for me sweetheart. *Slowly slides fingers along my inner thigh before parting them wide* That’s it – now we can really get started!

As you begin your “examination,” you lean in close to whisper dirty little secrets in my ear, your breath hot against my skin. Your fingers trace circles around my entrance before dipping inside to tease and probe gently. “Mmmm…you’re so wet already,” she murmurs with a wicked grin. “I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you?”

I gasp as you begin to penetrate me slowly with one finger, then another, stretching my tightness until it feels almost unbearable.  That hurts!” I cry out in mock pain while arching my back in pleasure.

You produces a thick rubber cock from behind your back with a wink as you lube it up expertly before guiding it towards my cunt. With one swift motion, you impales my wet pussy  on the massive dildo, moaning loudly at the sensation of being filled so completely by something otherworldly large and hard.

I begin to ride hard and fast on that fake cock – grinding against every inch of it like there’s no tomorrow! The sight alone is enough to make any man watching lose control; seeing this gorgeous pussy take charge like this is beyond hot!

Cum Whore Lacey Gets Cum Shots On Tits And Everywhere Else

Cum shots on titsYou shot those cum shots on tits and missed my mouth as you unloaded that throbbing cock onto me.  I love seeing cum shoot out in ropes down the middle of my chest forming a river.  Oh I love when a wild fun night of play ends with cum anywhere and everywhere. I prefer my holes but your pull-out game tonight was going strong. I guess telling you your young student wasn’t on birth control made you afraid to shoot that load up in me like you had this morning and so many times before.

You really aren’t trying to have one of your students have your offspring, but I am not tryin to take no damn pill every day. In fact, it’s usually my best part of sex. Who doesn’t love feeling a cock deep inside your cunt start to thrust into me deeper and deeper. When your cock starts to twitch, pulsate and throb, it happens. By it, I mean my cunt tightens up, my body braces for impact, my pussy starts pulsating with you in it. So your nerves are twitching at each other as you are on the verge of the best feeling ever, a hot sexy orgasm.

When you aren’t cumming in my pussy however, I am not against deepthroating and choking on a cock, or two, or more.  You know what I mean, don’t like leaving anyone out of having their cock in my mouth. The more the merrier most nights.  I witll take control of that cock with my mouth, hold the base of that cock as I lick all over your balls and start jacking and sucking simaltanously. I love being a little cum whore getting cum out of balls. The ones that are needing to be drained the most are what I specialize in.

But for tonight, I’ll rub this sticky, yummy, creamy cum on my tits in a yummy pile to play with.  My fingers dipping into it then feeding you your own cum, because why? We can!

Bondage Phone Sex Sluts Like Lacey Love it Light to Hard and Everywhere In Between

Bondage phone sexOh those bondage phone sex calls get my pussy dripping wet. The thought of being tied up and completely at the mercy of my partner makes me so wet. I love it when someone takes control and dominates my pussy like they own it. It’s such a rush to know that I can’t move or resist as they do whatever they want with me.

My favorite simple bondage experience was when my ex-boyfriend tied me to the bedposts with silk scarves, leaving my legs spread wide open for him. He started by teasing me with his tongue on my clit, making circles around it before finally plunging inside my tight cunt. As he worked his magic down there, he also played with one of my nipples. Suddenly, it was hard as a rock sending a electric jolt down to my pussy and clit – fucking amazing!

Soon after, he stood up and rubbed his cock against my wet slit before pushing inside inch by agonizing inch until he filled me up completely. He pounded away at me while whispering dirty things in my ear about how much of a slut I am and how much he loves owning every part of me including this juicy hole between our legs that belongs only to him now…

We later went to this friends bondage basement where he had me suspended on a wall ledge.  My tits tightly tied at the base bursting out. The blood all draining out of my nice round and full tities.  Clamps on my clit,. Ball gag of course shoved down my throat. I was a hot mess ready to be fucked into submissiion Goddess almighty did we fuck hard that night!

Female Bondage With Fuckalicious Freak Lacey

female bondageWho doesn’t absolutely love some female bondage play.  Whips, chains, ball gags, nipple clamps, ropes, oh. I love it all. I love being a submissive little whore. Yes, Master. I am here to please your cock and serve you in any way you desire. You own my body and soul. As your submissive whore, I crave the pain that comes with pleasure under your control.

I stand before you, naked and exposed, waiting for your touch. The anticipation of feeling the sting of the flogger on my skin sends shivers down my spine as I imagine how red and swollen it will make me become. My wrinkled pussy drips with excitement at the thought of being used by you however harshly or roughly you see fit.

When you finally tie me up securely yet playfully – leaving just enough slack so that I can move but not enough to escape – blindfolding me completely…it’s like a dream come true! The darkness envelopes me entirely while all senses are heightened by sound alone – every breath against my ear sending chills throughout my entire being; each flog stroke landing exactly where it should hurt yet feel oh-so-good at the same time!

As tears stream down cheeks from both pain slut cries mixed with orgasm and pleasure, I know that this is where I belong – at your mercy. Please, Master…take me hard and make me yours completely!

Golden Shower Phone Sex with Piss Slut Lacey

Golden shower phone sex fantasy has been all I think about with you. I make your cock so hard, you say it hurts! The way you piss all over me, the feeling of your hot liquid hitting my skin…it’s like nothing else. It makes me want to fuck you even more than before. I can’t wait to feel my tight little asshole clenching around your cock as we both cum together.Golden Showers Phone Sex

And when we finally do give into our desires? Oh yes, that’s when things really get good. My ass feels amazing wrapped around your dick. As you thrust deeper inside me with each stroke , I feel myself getting closer to the edge but refuse to let go until we both reach orgasm at once. That brings me to my latest fantasy.

Imagine us standing in front of each other, our cocks already hard and ready for action. You take a deep breath before releasing a steady stream of warm piss onto the ground between us. It smells musky yet inviting, like an open challenge to see who can outdo the other in their peeing prowess.

Without hesitation, I step forward and unleash my own torrent of urine right onto your chest—watching as it soaks through your shirt instantly . The look on your face is pricelesspart surprise , part arousal mixed with just enough curiosity to keep things interesting . We continue like this for what feels like hours , taking turns pissing all over each other until we’re both drenched head-to-toe in our own fluids .

As if that weren’t enough stimulation alone…we eventually move closer still -our bodies pressed tightly together from chest to thighs –and start grinding against one another while still peeing! The sensation sends shockwaves throughout our systems making every nerve ending tingle with anticipation . Our hips sway back and forth rhythmically creating even more friction where there was none before until finally…we both reach climax simultaneously shooting hot streams of cum across the room intermingling perfectly with our shared pool of golden nectar beneath us (or maybe even inside us).

Lacey Craves Family Fun Phone Sex

Family fun phone sexFamily Fun Phone Sex is where we all get to go down and

I’ve always been a dirty little slut who loves incest. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had this insatiable craving for my relatives’ cocks. There’s just something about the taboo nature of it that gets me so fucking wet. I used to sneak into my uncles’ rooms and rub my little pussy all over their sleeping bodies, just hoping they’d wake up and fuck me senseless.

And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the taste of your own family’s cum. I’ve sucked off my brothers, my uncles, even my dad. I’ll do anything to get my hands on that sick cock. I love feeling it stretch my tight little cunt hole and filling me up with their seed. It’s like a drug to me, Daisy. I can’t get enough!

In fact, just thinking about it right now is making my pussy ache for some good old-fashioned incestuous loving. I bet you are too, huh? Why don’t you just love the thought of getting fucked by someone you’re related to? It’s so dirty and wrong, but it feels so right. I always tell my friends, I bet you’d love to feel your brother’s hard cock pounding away inside you, wouldn’t you? Or maybe your dad’s?  Or in your case, your sisters wet sexy puddyEither way, I’m here for you, baby. We can be each other’s filthy little incest sluts and cum together until we can’t stand it anymore.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Whore Lacey

I love cock worshiping phone sex.  Who doesn’t love some cock? Let me tell you what I’d do to that big, hard cock of yours. First off, I’d take it between my lips and suck on it like a lollipop until your pre-cum fills my mouth – fuck yeah! Then maybe I’d ride you cowgirl style while grinding my wet pussy against your throbbing length; moaning dirty words into your ear.

Your cock is what I get down on my knees and worship like the royalty that it is.  I tell it how much it does to make me a hot wet mess.  I tell him that I want to be it’s cum dumpster and take whatever cum that cock feels I am worthy of having.  My holes are there for it’s pleasure, anytime day or night.

Treat them like the little unworthy holes they are, at least when it comes to or in compaarison to your big, hard throbbing dick.  Any girl would be lucky to even be in the presence of such a beautfiful masterpiece.  You sure were blessed in that department and I will remind you every day how unworthy I am

Next, how about if I got down on all fours and presented my juicy ass for some good old-fashioned doggystyle action?  After, I will make that cock get to experience one of those holes I speak of.  You could slap those round cheeks or even spank them harder.

Taking care of that cock and draining those balls is my number one priority. I’d get down on my hands and knees and lick every inch of you. Telling you as I look up into your eyes how much that cock means to me.  Nothing is better than your hard cock and it’s king in this life and my pussy is it’s queen.

Cock worshipnig phone sex

Prostate Phone Sex And Pegging a Bitch

Prostate Phone SExProstate Phone Sex is my new favorite thing.  I love taking advantage of a mans tight little pussy ass and stretching it out for the first time with a nice big strap on.  Guys who say they will never have something up their ass, are truly missing out.  The way a prostate orgasm looks to please a guy, it is unreal.  I have had many cocks in a guys ass as the cum for the first time. Shaking on that dildo almost convulsion like.  Its amazing thrusting a cock like that into a small tight little ass while it stretches out. Having complete control over that tight little ass, holding those hips, as I thrust into that sissy pussy.  It’s mine and I’m in complete and utter control.

To really get a guy to cum hard though, I have to make sure I’m also taking care of his cock at the time time.  Sometimes I demand that he plays with it stroking it and making it feel good.  I love giving jack off instructions to a guy and him being under my spell to do exactly as I say. I will just as quickly tell him he’s not allowed to touch it just depends on what my pussy wants to tell him to do.  Other times I’ll reach around if I’m fucking pegging a guy from beihnd and stroke his cock myself as I’m going in and out of his tight little pussy ass.

When the guy starts shaking and convulsing, it’s uncontrollable. It’s like a robot whose batteries are dying and just seeing the whole body go up and down uncontrollably while this big fat cock is still inside your man cunt.  Creaming on my dildo is amazing to see.  I love milking a guy and I couldn’t be happier to see you or another guy cum on my dildo.

Married Men Phone Sex

Married Men Phone Sex has been my thing since I was a young girl.Married Men Phone Sex I get so wet just thinking about married men phone sex. There’s something about the forbidden fruit that really gets my juices flowing. When I see a married man out in public or even better yet, when they come to me on the side of their homes while their wives are cooking dinner and they think they can have some fun without getting caught… well, let’s just say my cunt gets nice and wet for them.

I love how desperate they are for some excitement outside of their boring marriages. They come to me with this look in their eyes like they can’t believe their luck finding someone like me who will do all sorts of naughty things with them. And trust me, I never disappoint! My pussy is always ready and willing to please those big hard cocks that belong to someone else but end up deep inside of me anyway.

The thrill of doing it right under everyone’s noses is exhilarating too – knowing we could get caught at any moment only adds to the rush for both of us. Plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing the cum ooze out from between his swollen cockhead after he shoots his load all over my bald cunt; it makes everything feel so squishy and satisfying down there as it mixes with our sweat and moans together underneath the stars or behind closed doors depending on how brave (or stupid) we want to be tonight!

And don’t worry about cleanup either – if there’s one thing us southern trailer trash sluts know how to do best besides suck dick it’s getting into trouble, it’s making sure everything looks spic and span afterward. We might be trashy but we know how to keep our secrets hidden well enough under the guise of innocence until we get back home where we can properly enjoy each other’s filthiness without judgmental eyes watching us every step of the way.

So if you ever find yourself feeling lonely or bored in your marriage, don’t hesitate to give me a call! I promise I won’t disappoint – unless you want me too 😉 Just remember thoughthis kinda fun comes with risks involved so make sure your heart (and dick) are truly ready before stepping into my world full-time because once tasted…well let’s just say no one ever goes back once they’ve had a taste of wild southern pussy like mine!