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A Girlfriend with No Limits

GFE phone sex

Having me for a GFE phone sex lover can be truly life changing. I’m the kind of slut who believes that intimacy is at it’s best when we can explore every deep and dark fantasy that our filthy minds entertain. I think it’s important to be true to ourselves and our desires and to remain open minded and judgment free with one another. Sometimes I have rape fantasies and I prefer a lover who will act those out with me, instead of ridiculing me. Incest fantasies are common, too! a lot more than most people think. If you want me to play your sister, your daughter or even your mother, I will gladly take on that role.
The more fetishes and kinks we explore together, the stronger our intimate relationship will grow, and I have found that creative, daring people are a lot more exciting to fuck anyways.

We can start off small, but I assure you that the deeper we go together, the kinkier we will, too. There’s something about human nature that makes us crave more and more often. I am a true hedonist, who wants to take you down an exhilarating path of perversion and sensuality.

Financial Domination Mistress

financial domination phone sex

My name is Lacey and I’m your new financial domination phone sex Goddess. Once you’re on the phone with me, there is no turning back. So, you’d better think long and hard before you come to me. I know you’re going to think about it and call me anyway, though. You’re the kind of “man” who thinks you can resist any woman. You think you’re a big, strong alpha male. But once you’re on the phone with me, you are going to see that you’re absolutely fucking dead wrong. By the time you realize it, though, it’s going to be way too late for you to save yourself.

It’s also going to be too late for you to save your bank account. It’s not going to happen. You will be willingly handing everything you own over to me, and you’ll have a smile on your face while you do it. When I tell you that I want something, the ONLY acceptable answer is “Yes, Goddess.” If it’s anything else, I’ll be really upset. And trust me. Being exposed to that side of me is not something you want to experience. 

Big Tit Fucking Slut

big tit fucking

There are so many of you guys out there who just love big tit fucking. I cannot say that I blame you. If I had a cock, I’d want nothing more than to slap it between these two big titties and go to town. Do you want me to oil them up for you and hold them together while you thrust back and forth between them? Or would you rather hold them yourself? I’m up for either, but I hope that no matter who holds my titties, you’ll slide that cock far up enough that I can lick the head of your cock when it pops through.

Do you want to spray your jizz all over my melons when you cum? I’d love that. I can either rub it in or you can scoop it up off my titties and feed it to me. Fuck. Either of those things are so hot. Maybe we can do both. I’ll rub your cum all over my left titty and then you can scoop it up off the right one and I’ll swallow every single drop. If you are ready for some titty fucking, you know where to find me. 

Cheating Fuck Doll

cheating phone sex

I love it when guys send their wives out shopping so they can give me a call for some hot cheating phone sex. She will have no idea that you’re at home talking to me about your most intense fantasies. Things you haven’t even bothered to tell her because she wouldn’t fucking understand them anyway. She would just tell you that you’re weird or that she’s not going to roleplay it out with you. But guess what, baby? I will. And I will make you cum harder over the phone than she’s ever made you cum in person.

You’ll probably even want to stop fucking her. You won’t need to anymore because I’ll have you so sexually satisfied you aren’t going to have the energy to fuck her. You won’t want anything to do with her uptight cunt. You can just keep calling me and telling me how much you want to fuck MY pussy. Your used up old wife couldn’t ever have made you happy anyway, so you might want to just go ahead and divorce her so you can spend all your time and your money on me! 

I Own You Now

blackmail phone sex

When I walked into your office and saw the new intern on her knees sucking your cock, I knew that it was my lucky day. You’ve been a fucking asshole to me ever since I started here because you wanted to fuck me, and I said no. But now that I’ve seen what you’re doing with this girl who isn’t even out of high school yet, I know that I have you in exactly the place I want you. You won’t have the upper hand over me anymore. Yeah, you might be one who owns this place, but guess what? I own you now.

Things are going to change around here. If you don’t do what I tell you to do, no matter how ridiculous it is, you’re going to really be in trouble. Everyone will find out about what you’ve been doing with your interns. Do you think your wife would be happy to hear that? I don’t think so. I think she’d take you for every dime you have. When you’re ready to face up to what you’ve done, you need to get on the phone and give me a call for blackmail phone sex. Don’t keep me waiting.

Shopping and Crossdressing with Lacey

crossdressing phone sex

Have you ever called anyone for crossdressing phone sex? If not, you must be thinking about it because why else would you be here? I get it. It’s fun to dress up in women’s clothing and prance around. But first, you have to get that clothing. And sure, you could order it online, but that’s no fun. You run the risk of it not fitting properly, first of all. And second, I love sending wannabe crossdressers into a store so they can ask a salesgirl for help picking something out. They won’t steer you wrong and they’ll make sure you pick out something that makes you look amazing.

What color do you think would be best for you? I think you should wear a color that makes you stand out so that more people will see how great you look. But if you absolutely can’t decide, or if you want to blend in a little bit the first time, go with black. Nobody looks bad in black. Oh, and make sure you don’t forget the shoes and makeup. You can just stop by a makeup shop once you’re done with your clothing. Are you ready to look incredibly sexy?

Cum Slut Lacey

cum slut phone sex

My friends sometimes freak out when they find out that I’m a cum slut phone sex girl. They get weirded out by me talking to “strangers” about my deepest desires, but I feel sorry for them. They have no idea what kind of fun they could be having with guys just like you. I mean, you’re about to call me and tell me what a whore for cum you want me to be, aren’t you? I’ll do anything you want, baby, and you won’t ever have to ask me twice. I live to make sexy men like you blow their loads.

How often have you had a girl tell you that she’ll do anything for you and actually do it? I promise you, sexy, that you’ll never hear the word no come out of my mouth. I get off on giving my hot body to you, especially when you let me swallow every drop of that juicy cum. Even if I have to scoop it up off my body or as it drips out of my pussy, I’m going to eat it. I can most definitely give you a guarantee on that. So, when you’re ready for a true cum slut, I’m your whore.

Breeding Phone Sex for Cucks

breeding phone sex

Hello to all my breeding phone sex loving losers. Yes, I called you a loser. If you could get your wife pregnant, you would not be online looking up breeding scenarios. That’s how you stumbled upon me and that is a very good thing for you. I cannot wait to talk to you about how your wife is going to get knocked up by another man – a REAL man. That’s something that you’re not and you never will be. But that black bull that your wife has been sleeping with? He is going to get her pregnant so fast your head will spin.

As part of your punishment for being a loser, you are going to have to watch him get your wife pregnant. You’re going to get on your knees and suck his cock to get him hard so that he can really stick it to her. And once all the jizz that doesn’t get her pregnant starts leaking out of her pussy, you’re going to get down there and clean it up for her. Losers like you should always learn to clean up the mess of a big cock bull.

Cock Worshiping Mistress

cock worshiping phone sexI am so hungry for cock, and I just cannot get enough. So, come over here and let me get down on my knees in front of you and give you the best fucking blow job you’ve ever had in your life. When you call me for cock worshiping phone sex, I’ll tell you in explicit detail about all the things I would do to your big, throbbing cock. When I have a dick in my face, I can’t help it. I have to wrap my hand around it and stroke while I slobber all over the head and suck it like a nasty little cum slut. 

Of course, I’ll take breaks from sucking so I can tell you how magnificent your big dick is. I’ll tell you how I’d do anything for it and that I know a lowly slut like me doesn’t deserve something so satisfying. Grab my head and fuck my face while you spit on me and tell me what a slut pig I am. My only purpose in life is to worship cock and give it the proper attention it truly deserves. I promise to be a good cock worshiping slut for you.

Blasphemous Whore

blasphemy phone sex

Proverbs 15:3 reminds us that the eyes of the lord are always upon us. It made me think, why not give that voyeuristic pervert something to watch? When I get fucked in the ass while I priase satan I hope that god is crying. He had all of these big plans for me, or that’s what I was told in Sunday school anyway. My creator supposedly wanted me to show his love and light to the world. Please, he is a sick, weak, pathetic coward. I don’t prop up wimps like god, I long to tear them down. Would you join me?

Blasphemy phone sex will give that festering fuck something to listen to as well. He can watch me finger bang my cunt while you and I curse the fucking loser and get ourselves closer to the edge of an unholy orgasm. Do you think Jesus will get a boner when he sees us fucking? Does he have enough blood left after the crucifixion to get a hard on? We may never know. He and his father are inferior to Lucifer, but they kicked him out. Insecure much, god? Let’s have a good goddamn time blaspheming the mother fucker.

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