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Hot Phonesex Do I Crave it Or Not?

hot phonesexHot phonesex is my addiction.  I love hearing a guy stroking that big hard cock, it makes my pussy cream up the moment I hear it in his voice and hear that cock being wanked on the other line.  Who wouldn’t get a little hot and bothered when you are being told by the sexy voice on the other end they want to stick their big fat cock in your wet and ready cunt?  I can barely take it some days, my vibrator and dildos stay here with me at my desk.

The first time I remember having phonesex is with my best friend. We both liked a guy at school and we were each trying to impress him. We were having a sleepover together and called him.  He would tell us how he was masturbating to our voices. So we proceeded to take pictures of us getting it on.  Sent some of us makng out as we described to him over the phone what we were doing. He loved hearing our tongues going down each others throats.  Seeing it in the pictures just added to the effect. We ended up getting so loud her neighbors came to check hearing a girl screaming. Only no one was hurt, it was my friend who just so happened to be a crazy loud person that sounds like she’s dying when she’ about to cum.

Who else came really hard? Our little boy toy on the phone. Turns out, he wanted both of us and after our 2 girl phone sex called, we had real life sex with him soon after.  Phone sex these days is like foreplay.  Good to work up to the real thing. So of course I crave it. Monday, noon and night.

Family Fun Phone Sex All The Feels

family fun phone sex

When I think of my big family and all the family fun phone sex calls I get to talk about them all the time. All the memories of growing up make me happy.  My daddy and I still have our special visits where he begs me to start popping out offspring to join us.  One day daddy, I promise, we will have our own little tot to have some fun with.

My daddy always made me feel special touching my special places. Having our secret meetings around the house where he’d told me to make him feel good down there and I dropped to my knees to please my daddys hard cock.  My daddys cock is what made me realize how much I enjoyed a cock being in my mouth.  He would force my head down that cock and tell me I needed to hurry the fuck up sometimes as we’d literally have guests feet away we were keeping our dirty little secret too.

He got real mad one time when he walked in on my brother who tied me up and was pounding the shit out of me. We were exploring some bondage things and I was loving it. Daddy was the jealous type though and took my brothers throbbing cock out of my pussy himsel as his cum was splashing all over my pussy in the process. Talk about embarassing. We were just having fun like daddy and I had fun together.  It wasn’t a big deal as he had at that point cum in me probably 20 times in the past 5 days.

We thought daddy knew for sure but when he caught us, now we knew. He didn’t really say much just got angry as hell.  Next time I saw him my brother was in my ass doing the same thing.  We had a good talking to after that one, mainly because daddy wanted me for himself.

Big Tit Photos Going Around My Small Town

I was not even in middle school when my knockers started popping out and the local boys took big tit photos to add to their ongoing collections.  I had DDs at a young age and no one told me I shouldn’t wear white t-shirts with no bras to school.  Tight shirts that showed my rock hard nipples every day.  I was spilling out of tank tops and my parents never told me to get a bra. I think my dad liked it as he would make me wear the tightest shirts and only had white ones at his house.  Looking back, I see why I was getting snapchat photos taken and shared of me all the time. One guy even wrote me a letter apologizing about it. It said.

Lacey, I apologize for taking all those videos of you in the bathroom undressing for cheerleading growing up.  Your tits were so enormous that us boys would not be able to get through the day without jacking off to your tits and we needed video to finish the deed.  I know you wondered that one time I sat next to you what it was that kept squirting on your leg every afternoon but that was me jacking off under the desk trying to aim for your huge knockers because they made my balls get drained faster than anything.  If I didn’t jack off before the end  of the day, I had blue balls bad.

I know the picture of you playing with your nipples and trying to pierce them yourself were embarassing.  I know the one in the bathroom stall where you are changing into cheerleading and then stuck the banana up your pussy had to be emabrassing and I hope you acept my apology.

If you are still a bad whore like you use to be just know I am still a horny guy with a hard cock that would love to shoot his load on you again if you are up for it.  Hit me up hoe.


Bondage Phone Sex Is Lacey’s New Jam

Bondage phone sexfBondage phone sex use to be so 50 shades of grey. That is until I figured out how wet my pussy got when I participated in a big group sex party with all kinds of BDSM fun.  I realized I loved ropes being tied around my wrists, my ankles, my arms and my legs.  The tighter the ropes felt, the more my pussy started throbbing for something to go in it.  And when I say throbbing, I mean like pounding the room with the movement I had down there.

We were just experimenting at this party with licking pussy while our friends were chained or tied up.  I absolutely loved being 100% restrained and having a whip come out of nowhere to just slice across my skin.  The stinging and burn was real, I still have marks all over.  However, realizing when someone would whip me, the very next sensation, if it was near my swollen cunt with all the blood rushing down to it, I was in pure bliss.  The slightest touch even near my huge clit (that was so turned on and getting so big just like a cock, I almost felt like I had one but no, I was just a horny slut)

The feeling of wanting nothing more in this world than for a cock to enter my tight ass pussy but having no control whatsoever on my body.  I just start blindly humping the bed, the air, anything, I wasn’t picky. I just needed cock in my pussy. I had no control so I just stayed restrained, tied, bound, gagged, and sweat and spit all over my face.

Sissy Phone Sex Please Be My Bitch

Sissy Phone Sex is my new favorite thing. There is nothing quite like reversing the roles that I have become accustomed to my whole life and making them isissy phone sex lacey nto something new. I am in control of your cock, your body, your mind and your soul becomes mine.  Everything you think you know about your masculinity will be stripped and you will become someone I decide you to be. You will be my little sissy slut, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

We will start by dressing you up in skirts, thigh highs, pink and more pink, high heel shoes, push up bra from Victoria’s Secret. You will become my little bitch in no time. Next, we will put your makeup on making you look more and more like my little princess.  My little boy turned girl seems a bit unsure of this.  Sissy can’t touch his little cock as we are preparing for life with a pussy. How do you say? Well between those beautiful ass cheeks lies one of the best pussy’s I’ve seen. A nice tight hole that will welcome any cock I choose to please.  Oh the possibilities are endless.

I bend you over in that pink little dress and take my belt off and hit you repeatedly until your ass cheeks welt up. I just want you to get use to saying the words “Yes Mistress” and you oblige.  I play around with that tiny little hole and bring my huge black dildo out and jam it in

Age play phone sex operator award goes to Lacey

age play phone sexAge play phone sex mistress of the year for 2023, what an honor! I recently won an award in our industry for my calls where I play anything from a very young little daughter to a kidnapped young vicitm that is helpless begging and crying for help.  This was an exclusive honor but I know I owed the award to my family.

I was the real young girl with all my relatives so age play is like reliving my childhood memories.  Getting naked, bouncing on laps, my high pitched squeels when new cocks went into my mouth. Shrieks that pierce your ears when that first big hard hairy cock entered my tight small bald pussy..  Crying hysterically when I fought back my young ass getting gangbanged by my relatives or the kids on the playground later that year.

I revert back to the little girl who just wanted male attention. The one who went around in short little skirts and conveniently forgot underwear. I bent over all day every day purposefully putting my little girl pussy on their dicks while they would be working or in front of the females in the house.  I loved going to the bathroom, snapping pics of my bald cunt and sending those naked teen pictures to my family in the next room.

I can still remember all those things that went into my holes and the crying hysterically. The giggles when it started tickling on my clit and realizing I could make myself feel good- total game change.

My high pitched young innocent voice comes back with ease when I take those calls where my callers request young Lacey to help them playout their wild, twisted, hot, sexy fantasies with younger or older characters in play.

Do an age play call with me, purty please daddy!

Financial Domination Phone Sex Let’s Drain Your Cock and Wallets

financial domination phone sexFinancial Domination Phone Sex is my new favorite thing.  I already loved drained those big heavy balls now I just add big heavy wallets to my draining resume.  I don’t just take on any little piggy, I need piggys who are serious because I mean business.  You give me control of your wallet, and I will let you be on my pay piggy list. It is a very exclusive one.

I need to know who is serious, so we have a call like normal to discuss to terms the pay piggy is looking for.  All rules for the company still apply. So we work that within our “contract”. You will give a tithe to me to start just to show yuor are serious. This can be in the form of amazon gift cards or tips.  The currency thereafter will be in gift card form and minutes paid through doing calls.

I have piggys who want me to humiliate them a minimum of an hour a week and give them a list of weekly tasks to complete.  If they fail any of my tasks, my piggys will owe me (an agreed upon amount). If they do not call that week, they send the gift card amounts over.  These piggys are usually control freaks that get off on giving up control to me, their goddess.  I am a reasonable person but I am also a person you must learn, is in control and that is a non-negotiable.

I would love to explore this world with you, as it’s new to me. I get so wet and my pussy practically squirts just going over the contracts with these piggys, it’s so damn hot to know a man is letting me control his finances and letting me humiliate him in all kinds of ways to do so.

If this is up you alley, I’d love to chat more.

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex and My Mama’s Rules

forced bisexuality phone sex

Forced bisexuality phone sex is something I love to act out forcing my callers to do and maybe my love for it stems from growing up.  Acting out what I had forced on me seems to be a key theme in my life.  For as long as I could remember, I was told that women are beautiful and we treat their bodies like the palaces they are and invite all into those palaces who want to be in there.

Or something like that.  I didn’t really think much of what I sexualy thought of women.  I knew from my daddy and grandfather teaching me, cock was supposed to be taken care of by girls.  But my momma was all about the pussy power.  She called my sisters and I into her room one day.  And she proceeded to let us know how it was.

Mama may have been drinking her jelly juice from her big water bottle, slurring her words a little she tells us girls, “Lickin pussy, y’all need to eat as much of it as you can girlies.  Get your face i n that cunt,  and start slirping away.  She pushed our faces down in each others pussy, it was some hot ass sex for sure!

She constantly told me to invite all the pussy I could over to spend the night. Big sis made the comment one night that she was forcing us to be lesbians and she was forbiding any cocks of any sort around at all.   I am thankful however, it helped me get to know my sisters and friends on such a deep level. I reference these parts of my life often as I do our bisexual phone sex calls with my guys.  Who doesn’t love a freak who loves to fuck anyone and everyone and any type of way at that?  This freak, loves to rock the cock and lick the clit.

Wet Bald Pussy for Labor Day

wet bald pussy

My daddy always told me how much he craved my wet bald pussy. Every holiday that comes up reminds me of my days at my daddys where he admired my young sexy body. He helped me become the hyper sexual woman I am today. Labor Day is coming up and it reminded me of my daddy’s obsession with my pussy being perfect.

From a young age, my daddy would call me into his room for our nighttime snacks.  He gave me some nice creamy night night juice coming from his big hard cock and he always said he was drinking mine. He told me carrying cum overnight in and not letting it come out of a mans cock could make him really sick. I never wanted my daddy to be sick and I made sure he didn’t go any night without my mouth milking it out.

One night though, he told me he saw little hairs coming in on my pussy. I don’t know how old I was but was really embarassed by the hairs as I knew my daddy always said he hated his girlfriends who had hair and there was nothing likea young bald pussy.  I thought I may no longer be special to him with hair and I worried for days before our visits with daddy how mad he would be.

Sure enough, he made a comment and I felt sick.  He may move onto my younger sister more now.  So on Labor Day, a day off where I knew my daddy was going into work and I would be home, I took his razor to my incoming bush and made sure I stayed his bald little wet wet girl.  When he came home, he instantly got rock hard, “that’s my little princess, bald and smooth just like daddy likes it”

Creampie Phone Sex It’s What’s For Dinner

creampie phone sexCreampie Phone Sex, it’s what’s for dinner or would that be better as a dessert? That gooey, white, thick, and shiny greatness that this slut needs to get through her day.  If I don’t have my daily pie or shall we say, pies (always more than one it seems), I am a mess.  It’s like I didn’t take my meds when no cock has been in my mouth that day. I am cranky, moody, and not a fun person to be around.

However, when I get a hold of that first lick of the head.  Oh the luck of whomever I decided needed to be in my mouth that night! It’s like all my anxiety goes away. I guess I have an oral fixation.  I am fixated on dick being in my mouth.  I don’t really know the science behind it, I just know when I don’t have it, I’m not right.

The girls who are like “Oh I spit, I would never swallow.” Sorry, not relatable.  I am guessing they haven’t even sucked a dick to say such crazy nonesense.  There is no way if you’ve had one in your mouth, having the pleasure of feeling that throbbing and the hardness that pulsates throughout as a load of the liquid goodness comes out, squirt, squirt, squirt. Pushes it’s way out of that tiny hole and into the universe, which is almost always, my mouth.

They think it’s classy or something not to swallow, well whatever, more for me. No wonder their husbands come ask me for their dick serviced with my little mouth all the time.  They want their creampies not just to hit my mouth.  They want it flowing down my throat and knowing their wonderful, juicy, glistening creamy pie was not only drained but it was also loved on the way out.  Not too much to ask, right?