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Breeding Phone Sex for Cucks

breeding phone sex

Hello to all my breeding phone sex loving losers. Yes, I called you a loser. If you could get your wife pregnant, you would not be online looking up breeding scenarios. That’s how you stumbled upon me and that is a very good thing for you. I cannot wait to talk to you about how your wife is going to get knocked up by another man – a REAL man. That’s something that you’re not and you never will be. But that black bull that your wife has been sleeping with? He is going to get her pregnant so fast your head will spin.

As part of your punishment for being a loser, you are going to have to watch him get your wife pregnant. You’re going to get on your knees and suck his cock to get him hard so that he can really stick it to her. And once all the jizz that doesn’t get her pregnant starts leaking out of her pussy, you’re going to get down there and clean it up for her. Losers like you should always learn to clean up the mess of a big cock bull.

Cock Worshiping Mistress

cock worshiping phone sexI am so hungry for cock, and I just cannot get enough. So, come over here and let me get down on my knees in front of you and give you the best fucking blow job you’ve ever had in your life. When you call me for cock worshiping phone sex, I’ll tell you in explicit detail about all the things I would do to your big, throbbing cock. When I have a dick in my face, I can’t help it. I have to wrap my hand around it and stroke while I slobber all over the head and suck it like a nasty little cum slut. 

Of course, I’ll take breaks from sucking so I can tell you how magnificent your big dick is. I’ll tell you how I’d do anything for it and that I know a lowly slut like me doesn’t deserve something so satisfying. Grab my head and fuck my face while you spit on me and tell me what a slut pig I am. My only purpose in life is to worship cock and give it the proper attention it truly deserves. I promise to be a good cock worshiping slut for you.

Blasphemous Whore

blasphemy phone sex

Proverbs 15:3 reminds us that the eyes of the lord are always upon us. It made me think, why not give that voyeuristic pervert something to watch? When I get fucked in the ass while I priase satan I hope that god is crying. He had all of these big plans for me, or that’s what I was told in Sunday school anyway. My creator supposedly wanted me to show his love and light to the world. Please, he is a sick, weak, pathetic coward. I don’t prop up wimps like god, I long to tear them down. Would you join me?

Blasphemy phone sex will give that festering fuck something to listen to as well. He can watch me finger bang my cunt while you and I curse the fucking loser and get ourselves closer to the edge of an unholy orgasm. Do you think Jesus will get a boner when he sees us fucking? Does he have enough blood left after the crucifixion to get a hard on? We may never know. He and his father are inferior to Lucifer, but they kicked him out. Insecure much, god? Let’s have a good goddamn time blaspheming the mother fucker.

Outdoor Fucking Expeditions

cheating phone sex

I love married men and I’m not ashamed of that. I love fucking them because their wives just don’t want to fuck. But there’s this one married older man that I fuck because he wants to get back at his wife for cheating on him. She’s fucking some ugly fat loser, but he’s fucking a pretty young thing like me. Who’s winning here? That’s right, he is! He tells me all the time that I’m a much better fuck than his whore wife ever was. And I always make sure to do things for him that no wife ever wants to do.

We are so adventurous, too! We love to fuck outdoors and we’re always looking for a new place to get down and dirty. We love going on hikes because there are all kinds of places to get off the trail and go to town on each other. We’ve done it in parks, the beach, and even in cemeteries. Do you have a new place that we should try out? Maybe you’d like to phone fuck me because your whore wife is cheating, too. Come play with me and you’ll never give her a second thought ever again!

Kinky Girlfriend

GFE phone sex

I’ve been told before that I’m the perfect girlfriend, so I figured that I’d be really great at GFE phone sex, too! It turns out I was right! I have so many phone sex boyfriends that adore me and I love them right back! There’s no need for you to get jealous that I have other boyfriends. I have room in my heart and between my legs for all of you. You’ll get the same time and attention as all my other boyfriends get. I’m here to cater to your every want and need.

We can talk about anything you want. It doesn’t even have to be about sex. If you had a bad day, tell me what I can do for you, and I’ll do it. I’ll take your side in every situation, unless you want me to challenge you, of course. I know that different men need and like different things in their relationships. Oh, and don’t you dare worry. There’s still a LOT of sexy time in it for you. I’m the full package phone sex girlfriend. You might even say that I’m the girl of your dreams.

Too Hot for Small Cock

cuckolding phone sex

Many women offer their cuckolding phone sex services, but they’re not as into it as I am. I LIVE for making men with teeny weenies feel inferior. It’s not like they could ever do anything for me sexually, so I might as well get some kind of satisfaction out of them. And laughing at your miniscule dick while I tell you how many times I’ve fucked guys who are way bigger than you will really satisfy me. It will make my pussy wet and then I’ll masturbate and make you listen without touching yourself.

Most men think I can’t cuckold you properly over the phone, but I assure you that I can. I’m not going to tell you how here because I don’t give myself away for free to losers like you. You’ll call me to hear all of the details. And when you beg me to let you touch yourself, I might. But I also might not right away. I guess you’d better hope that you catch me in a generous mood. But if I do let you touch yourself, it’s going to cost you. Don’t keep me waiting anymore. 

Ass to Mouth

ass to mouth phone sexHave you ever fucked a woman in the ass and then she refused to suck your cock? What a fucking prude. I LOVE ass to mouth phone sex and I know you do, too. Most women won’t suck a cock that’s been in her ass. Baby, you will never have to worry about that from me. It’s honestly one of my favorite things. I love how taboo it is to suck a cock that’s got my ass juices all over it. Maybe it’ll even have a little bit more than juices on it. Fuck, that turns me on so damn much.

While we’re waiting on your cock to get hard again, you can use my dildo and fuck my ass over and over again, making me clean it up every single time. You can watch me degrade myself by being a cock sucking whore who loves the taste of her ass juices. Once it’s clean, stick it in my ass again and get it dirty for me. I’ll keep doing that until your cock is hard again and you can fuck my hot little cunt. It won’t take me long to cum because I’m so fucking excited. Do you want to fill my cunt, or make me eat that, too?

Big Tit Fucking Skank

big tit fucking

I am totally a big tit fucking slut. Of course, I love getting my cunt fucked, but there’s something hot about a man throwing me on my back and fucking my big tits that sets my cunt on fire. That’s why I always love being titty fucked when I’m having a threesome. That way, there is a cock to fuck my horny pussy while my boobs are getting plowed. Nobody even has to try very hard to make me cum in that scenario. My pussy is locked and loaded and ready to cream all over a big fat cock.

Don’t even get me started on how hot it is to have a load of sticky jizz all over my jugs. Group sex and gang bangs are fun for that reason. I always ask the guys to blow at least four or five loads on my boobs. They like to cum inside me sometimes, but we all end up getting what we need. Do you have a fantasy involving a big pair of titties and you want to play with me? Get on the phone and call me for the best big tit phone sex you didn’t even know you need.

Hypnotic Lacey

erotic hypnosis phone sex

You might not think that erotic hypnosis phone sex is for you but hear me out. You might not want to be the one who is being hypnotized, and you don’t have to be. I could tell you stories about the times I’ve used erotic hypnosis to get what I wanted. The most recent example was more fun than I’ve ever had in my life. I have this fuck buddy who told me early on that he secretly desired sucking big black cocks. If you know me at all, you know that that statement excited me quite a lot.

I didn’t bring it up for a while, but when I did, he denied ever saying that. He tried to tell me that he’d never do something like that. So, I hypnotized him. While he was under, I planted seeds of the naughty nature. Let’s just say that when he woke up from his hypnotic trance, it was easy to manipulate him. He was more than ready to get down on his knees and suck a big black cock. I know I can help you out in the same way. If you’re brave enough, that is. You can always blame me if your wife walks in on you with a massive black cock deep down your throat. 

Evil Cunts

2 girl phone sex

I hope for your sake that you’ve been saying your prayers. Something dark and delicious is coming for you. Is your faith strong enough for you to resist two gorgeous temptresses? Is your sky daddy strong enough to hold you up when we start on you? I doubt it. I’ll give you a head start.  Repeat after me, “god, help me. Lacey and Haley are coming for my soul.” Your cock doesn’t stand a chance.  Between my round ass and her perky tits you’ll be so compliant for us. Your god can’t stop us from taking your soul. He’s too weak. 

You can tell yourself that it’s not a big deal, it’s only blasphemy phone sex. The devil is very real and we’ll pray to praise him for giving us the gift of sexuality. Our dark Lord, thank you, Lucifer for falling so that we could experience the pleasures of our human flesh.  He left the kingdom but he is the true King. You’ll see, you’ll serve him too. With two evil beauties goading you into cursing and blaspheming the cunt son of god, you will fall too. We’ll seduce the sin right out of your mouth. Pray then call. 

blasphemy phone sex

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