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Accomplice Phone Sex Boss Babe Finds A Way To Make Money And Enjoy Her Kink

  • Shall we say I am an entrepreneur? I have found the perfect way to indulge my kink of accomplice phone sex and make money.  I have come up with the most brilliant business. I own a care center for little ones and I get paid for keeping them. Then I charge pedo daddies for access to all the fresh, sweet, little bald pussys and tiny little dicks they can play with. The best part I get off watching it all and sometimes participating. When I get a new little one I love it. I get to break them in. I want them to get used to having their little bodies touched. I take them and strip them and invade all their little holes with my fingers and give them a good sound spanking if they do not cooperate. This is the best way to get them ready to please the p daddies.  When a p daddy comes in I have him choose the little one and I prepare them. Sometimes p daddy will want. a little one dressed a certain way, but most times they just want them completely naked. That way they have full access to their sweet little bodies. Then the p daddy can have his fun and enjoy the little one as much as he wants. Sometimes I get to help I love being the accomplice.  For example, if the little one is not used to pleasing the p daddy they get a little squirmy and I get to come in and hold their little legs open. I love to watch their little tear-stained faces and their little bodies wiggle and try to get away from the invading cock or finger. I also love it when p daddy does something that feels good and their little body betrays them and they moan in pleasure. It makes my pussy so wet to see a big cock come in and out of a tiny pussy or ass. I love to see big cocks in little mouths, then the little mouth being so full of cum that it comes out the sides and drips down their precious little chins. I love being a business owner!
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Accomplice Phone Sex- Babysitting Fun

I love young ones. I don’t care if they are male or female, I get turned on by the thought of their innocent little bodies getting violated. I love to see cocks, tongues, and fingers violate their little holes. I have many P daddy friends willing to play in front of me as long as I get them fresh meat. 

This Saturday was particularly wonderful. I offered to help a neighbor with no one to watch her offspring while she went to work.  I called my favorite Pdaddy to come over for our surprise. This little one was just delicious! Nice little curls, chubby cheeks, a cute little ass and a nice bare pussy. 

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I wasted no time as soon as my friend arrived we undressed our victim and went to work. I laid her on the bed and sat in my chair to watch. The first thing he did was pinch her little flat nipples. She let out a little yelp and my pussy began to drip. He bit her little nipples as he began to rub her little tiny pussy. He took his cock and put it in her innocent little mouth and told her to pretend she was licking a lollipop. Her little mouth looked so fucking sexy with a cock in it and precum coming out the sides. He asked me to come over and hold her still for him because she was not going to like his big fingers invading her tiny little cunt. He shoved a finger in and she immediately began to struggle and cry. The more she cried the wetter I got. He finger fucked so hard!  If she only knew it was only the beginning. Before the night was over all her little holes would be ravaged. His cock was rock hard by now and he was ready to take the sweet prize. He was going to fuck that little pussy. The sound she made when he stuffed his big cock inside her almost made me cum. He pounded that little pussy till every drop of cum was out of his balls, While he was fucking her I was rubbing my clit. I wanted to cum at the same time. When he filled her up there was cum everywhere! 


MILF Phone Sex

MILF phone sex is so fucking hot. It is mature phone sex. Us moms know how to take care of a man. We love to suck, fuck and tease. We have lots more experience and know exactly what to do. I love fantasies of all kinds. I can be your sexy mommy, sexy neighbor, or accomplice corrupting little ones.  Fantasy phone see of any kind and accomplice phone sex are my specialties.  I will bring all your fantasies to life and make sure you cum many times.  Having phone sex with me is an experience. be ready to cum and feel completely satisfied.

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Accomplice Phone Sex

Accomplice phone sex makes my pussy wet and hot.  I love to find little ones for you and me to treat like sex toys.  I love to lick bald little chubby pussys and want to share.  Age play phone sex makes me want to squirt. I have no taboos or limits.  It’s fantasy phone sex so you can stick your cock in a tight, little, bare pussy and I can hold the legs back for you. Imagine the tiny nipples on that flat little chest. You can pull on them and bite them. Imagine your cock squeezing into a tiny little ass while I hold our captive bent over. Hardcore phone sex is what you will experience with me.  I am a horny mom and roleplay phone sex with me is going to be fun.  Hot phone sex is in your future!

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Cougar Phone Sex

Cougar phone sex makes my pussy wet. I am a hot cougar looking for prey. I love young cocks and the nice firm bodies they are attached to.

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I am a self-declared MILF and will give you the hottest MILF phone sex you have ever had. I will help you live out any fantasy you have. That is the great thing about fantasy phone sex, we can do it all without consequences. Fetish phone sex of all kinds turns me on too.  My pussy is always wet and these big tits are just begging for your cock in between them. This mommy will give you hot phone sex that will make you cum repeatedly. I also love mommy phone sex. I have no taboos and love to play. Call ema and tell me all about what you like. I bet we can do some cumming.

Fetish Phone Sex Makes Me Squirt

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I love fetish phone sex. It is such a turn-on for me to hear what others find sexy. I love them all! From feet to spanking. I have no limits and no taboos. I will try anything. What are your most perverse and crazy fantasies? I would love to hear about them. My biggest fantasy is to be kidnapped and made a sex slave. I would love to be raped several times a day by different men with huge cocks. I want to be forced to take every inch in every hole. makes my pussy so hot just thinking about it. Another fetish I am into is spanking. I would love to get a good bare-bottom spanking and then get my ass fucked to keep me in line. who wants to keep me in line?  I can’t wait to find out.

MILF Phone Sex To Make Your Cock Explode

I enjoy the company of young strong athletic guys. That is why I have found the perfect job. I am a trainer for a soccer league. I have access to all the young cock I want. I have fucked everyone on the team including the coaches. I am a cougar on the prowl. I love to suck young cock.  I love to ride young cok. I also love to slap young asses. My favorite place to fuck is o top of the weight machines. I go into that gym and my nice blad wet pussy starts throbbing. I work the guys on the team out all day every day. They are in tip-top shape from all the fucking we do. Sometimes I throw parties where the drugs and alcohol are flowing and then it is gangbang time! I love it when the team runs a train, then of course I go home and fuck my husband. Little does he know when he is eating my pussy, he is eating the entire team’s cum.

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Hot Phonesex Makes Me So Horny

I love hot phonesex! I love exploring any fantasies, the more twisted the wetter my pussy gets.  I love it all! I want to talk about P daddies and be their accomplice. I want to talk about fucking anyplace and in any position. I love all fetishes! I love BDSM, adult babies, voyeurism,  and any other you can think of. I love eating cum and getting fucked in the ass. The harder and faster the better.

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Taboo is not a word in my vocabulary. Think of the most perverse twisted fantasy and let’s explore it.   My pussy is so hot and wet, just waiting.  I am already thinking of the fun we can have and my pussy is beating like a horny little heart.   I can just imagine a big cock pounding it then I will greedily taste myself while I suck the cock,

Phone Sex gets Me Off

I love phone sex, never fails to get me off. Just thinking about talking filthy on the phone. The dirtier the better. I like to talk about anything. I have no taboos at all.  The dirtier and the more perverse the better. I always have my fingers deep inside me while I am having phone sex.  I love sex toys. I have been known to fuck myself in the ass with a dildo while having phone sex.

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I love every fetish out there, especially accomplice scenarios and MILF sex.  I also have two little ones that I fantasize about playing with them and a Pdaddy. I love to explore deep dark fantasies. When I am on a phone sex call the only limit is our imagination. Nothing is too dirty or off limits.  Just know, while we are having phone sex my fingers will be deep in my pussy fucking it hard and squirting.


Momma Knows Best


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The landlord was breathing down my neck. I was two months late on the rent and had nothing of value to sell except… little one with the chubby bald little pussy. Pdaddies are willing to pay big money for precious little princesses like mine. She has two big blue eyes, pigtails, and a delectable little body. her little pussy is so tight and sweet and her little nipples are so tiny and flat. Both her nipples and pussy are perfect for licking, biting and sucking.  That little pussy is just made for a tongue, a finger or a cock to be buried deep inside it. She is pretty active so the P daddy may need my help holding her legs open. I can help her head stay near his cock for her little mouth to suck the cum right out of it. Imagine how good that tiny little mouth and tongue will feel on that big cock.