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Black Cocks Are Better Fuckers

Black Cock Phone Sex

I think every hardcore fuck loving female craves black cock phone sex.  I know I do!  Hot ebony studs really know how to handle slutty mommy holes like mine.  The way they work their fat fuck hogs to stretch out my pussy and gape my asshole is unmatched by any other race.  There’s just something inside of black men that makes them passionately dominant lovers and something on the outside of them that makes them deep drilling fuckers!    

Nothing against white guys, I love the way they work it.  Latin and Asian men, too.  I’ve gotten busy with enough boys to know that every bone comes with its own flavor!  I like them all, if you’re hot, you’re hot and I want to bang.  I really look forward to getting freaky with a fine piece of sweet chocolate, though.  Men or women, every black person I’ve ever fucked had a fire in them that you just don’t find in anyone else.  

It’s not really about size, but I get off on mahogany man meat much easier than I do on the same size fuck stick belonging to a boner of a different race.  Black men just really know how to work it, I don’t know if it’s in their hips or just bred into them or what.  And have you ever had black girl phone sex or gotten head from a dark skinned slut?  I suck really good dick but my husband has fucked some little black girls that can really put me to shame and I’ve had waaaaaay more practice than they have!


Early Fall Girly Getaway

Black Girl Phone sex


I brought my horny daughter and her hot friend to a lakeside resort so we could enjoy some black girl phone sex time and a little early fall weekend fucking together.  We all needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world so I figured the post vacation crowd lake was the best place for it.  I was totally right!

Everything was so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end.  From the marvelously maintained hiking trails that led us on a wonderful, clothing free trek through the woods to the most perfect little alcove we found along the beach that turned out to be a stupendous spot for pussy licking, it was all so spectacular.

The sun setting on the water provided a perfect backdrop for our sapphic sex sessions.  Ever see two tight teen twats so ready to be fucked that they get really pink and plump up and start dripping uncontrollably?  The way their viscous vag juice caught the colors of the sunset… I don’t care what anyone says, it was pure art.

We stayed up late in our cabin talking about the cocks we’ve creamed or dream of creaming and the positions that make us squeal the most.  I think I really blew them away with my double dipped fingering and super fast tongue flicking.  My daughter’s friend said she had never squirted before then, I’m happy that I was the first one to make her gash gush.  I’m going to have to plan more of these weekend getaways with my girl and her super hot black friend.  We had so much fun!


Family Funeral Fucking

Gilf Phone Sex


I went to my aunt’s memorial ceremony expecting a solemn occasion but ended up taking part in a friends and family funeral fuckfest with everyone!  The incestuous service was full of crying and cum, it was crazy!  Nobody was left out, even the pervy preacher got in on the sexy action.

My mom is a sexy GILF that does whatever she wants to do so it was really no surprise when she showed up to the service drunk as a skunk and ready for spunk.  My older sister and I tried to calm her down, but she was way beyond consolation.  The only thing that was going to calm her down was cock and she wanted it right then and there.

My nephew is a really good boy.  He always comes over to help me out whenever I need to have my cum gutter cleaned or my dick disposal unit worked on and he’s happy to do it.  So, when he saw his granny in need of a hard fucking to help her forget some of her pain, he stepped right up to the pussy plate and started giving her exactly what she needed.  That’s all it took to get the room rocking.

Some of the attendees were shocked at first but once my sister and I pulled out the preacher man’s pecker and started feeding it to each other, they loosened up and joined in on the action.  There was one point in which I had no idea whose cocks, fingers or tongues were inside of me, which is my favorite way to get fucked, for sure.  I was in a trance-like state of mournful bliss, but big sis snapped me out of it by sitting square on my face, which was fine.  That’s how our aunty would’ve wanted it.

By the end of it all, everyone there had a chance to dig into my mom’s horny mommy hole and pay their respects.  Even the little guys got a chance to give their grandma their liquid love, no one was left out of her cream-ated cunt.  Once the obsequy orgy was over, we all stood up, butt naked, and said some kind words about my dearly departed aunty.  She would’ve loved the whole thing and thought it was really beautiful, I just know it.


Dealing With Teen Druggies

Drugs Phone Sex


What do you guys do when your teens won’t listen to you and do drugs and drink all the booze they want to, regardless of how upset you get?  I bet you come close to sending yourself into cardiac arrest when you’re dealing with an insolent, line crossing/blowing teenage brat, don’t you?  Yeah, that’s not my style.  My daughter insists upon doing all the drugs and getting pass out drunk, so I insist that she does it in the house under my roof!

If she’s going to be whacked out of her fucking gourd then I want to be able to keep an eye on her.  Plus, she brings over the hottest young bodies you’ve ever seen to get trashed with.  I have my pick of the passed out pricks and pussies that party here to play with and please myself.  It’s a pretty good parenting method, if you ask me!

The really fun part is that my husband and I never know what kind of fuel for getting fucked up our riot girl is going to bring home or who she’ll bring along to enjoy the joy filled chemicals with her, so who we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it to them is always different!  Liquor is a given, it does a great job with eliminating any inhibitions my girl’s friends might have.  We always have some around, just in case.

Coke, meth, anything speedy will make them want their junks to be constantly juiced.  Just plant a horny thought in their mind and they basically take it from there.  You can get all the cock or cunt cream you want, you just have to keep their minds from racing off to unsexy thoughts, like what their moms would say if they saw them with my face attached firmly to their crotches.  Unless she’d be into it, that is.

Ecstasy and molly make the little teens want to get rubbed and touched all over their tight bodies.  My husband and I are always happy to oblige, complete with internal massages courtesy of our fingers and tongues and various toys.  Just a whole lot of teen body worshiping all set to an awesome soundtrack and lighting to match.  Have to create a mood.

Ketamine, opioids, any downers they might do, mix “poorly” with the alcohol and send them into a deep sleep, borderline coma.  You can literally do anything you want to them in that period of time and they’ll have no idea you were even in them.  Everything we stick inside of them leaves them plenty sore in the morning, but they have no idea how they got so stretched out or whose cum it is that’s leaking out of their young bald pussy or bashed in butthole.  They might put two and two together but it doesn’t matter to me if they do or not!

If I were you, I’d save myself the drama and possible heart attack and just let your brats and all of their friends drink and do drugs in your house.  If something goes wrong, you’re there to help.  If all goes right, you’re there to fuck!


Baby Daddy Drama

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Yeah, I’m sure daddy’s girl phone sex sounds like a great time to you, but you’ve never had to deal with my crazy ex-husband!  He’s a real piece of shit and has never really tried to be in my daughter’s life, but you know girls and their dads; to her, he can do no wrong.  After this last time he came around, I never want to see him or his amazing cock again!  I think.

We had a really volatile relationship.  He was my second true love, the first man I ever wed and the last person I ever let hurt me in my entire life.  He’s controlling and manipulative and a real baby whenever things go his way.  When I put it that way, he just sounds like a typical man, but rest assured, he’s nothing more than a super sexy sentient bag of rotting trash.  With a perfect prick.  Dammit!

I’m sure you think I’m exaggerating or overreacting because I’m an emotional woman, but you’re dead wrong.  When we were in our late twenties, our daughter wasn’t old enough to walk yet and he was in a band with this guy who had the total hots for me.  He thought I was the filthiest and most fuckable girl he had ever seen and did not hesitate to let my ex know every time he saw me at a show.  On his bass playing buddy’s 30th birthday, he wanted to give him the most amazing present he could think of so he set up a sexy night at a hotel for the three of us.  They both spent the evening obliterating my young woman holes and we all had a great time, but not more than a month later, he threw it in my face in the middle of an argument we were having about something completely different!  He actually had the balls to accuse me of subliminally orchestrating the whole thing!  Seriously!

I have a ton of stories in the same vein I could tell to illustrate how shitty he is, but I’ll save time and get right to this last go round.  I can always tell when he’s about to blow in with the wind because my girl starts talking about him incessantly.  She says he’s the dreamiest daddy and talks about how perfect his prick is for hours on end.  That kind of shit.  She’s not completely wrong and, to his credit, my current husband doesn’t really mind hearing about him that much.  They share the same daddy/daughter privileges with her so he figures, as long as he gets a piece of her pussy whenever he wants, why be jealous?  Kind of the same deal we have with our relationship.

This time, he implanted the idea in her head that we need to get family pictures together even though we haven’t been together for well over a decade.  I hated the plan but my daughter wouldn’t stop whining and begging me to do it, so I relented and took a few shots with the two of them.  After that, my ex old man had a couple of shots to give the two of us.  He didn’t even wait for us to leave the studio, drilled out his favorite mother/daughter combo right there on the phony house set while a couple of the photographers watched.  That part was fine.  More than fine, actually.

We got the touched up prints the next day and, as some sort of grand gesture, he framed one and gave it to me.  He started talking about how good we look together and saying that if he moved back into town that we could be a family again and fuck our daughter together whenever we want.  I reminded him that I have another family now and that we all already do fuck her whenever we want.  Stating that simple fact set him off, I swear he’s a ticking time bomb and I definitely don’t want to be around when he finally blows for real.  He yelled at me at the top of his lungs in a grocery store parking lot then followed the verbal assault up by punching the picture he had just given me!

Of course my daughter never sees this side of him.  With her, it’s all presents and nights out and orgasm after leg shaking, core shattering orgasm.  She wants us all to get back together and there’s just no fucking way, I don’t care how good he fucks.  I told him a long time ago that I’d never let him into my heart again.  He’s lucky that I still let him into my cunt.  After this last little stunt, I think that might need to change.  Maybe.


Fuckboy Loves His Cougar

Cougar Phone Sex


I have a new younger boyfriend who just can’t seem to stop fucking my mature my muff or ever have enough hot and sticky cougar phone sex with me.  I’m telling you, he’s insatiable!  He hits me up to please his prick so much that he’s actually started taking a little too much of my time, lately.  It’s cool I guess, but I have a family to tend to so I’m going to have to figure out a way to make him cool his jets a bit.

It’s not that my husband cares that I’m banging someone else, he loves to watch me get fucked by a young stud or three just like I love to watch him make some fine young females squirt and shake as he brings them to climax.  He gets upset with the constant disruption of our everyday lives, which is perfectly understandable.  We should be able to get through dinner without being interrupted by texts, phone calls or unexpected pop-ins, but my beautiful new fuckboy doesn’t understand that.

I don’t know if he’s just insecure or if my pussy has some sort of mesmerizing pull on him, I’ve had both happen in the past.  Whatever it is, I’m going to invite him over for a talk so we can figure it out.  If we can’t come to some sort of agreement then that’ll be the last talk/sex session we’re ever going to have.

 Yeah, the discussion is definitely going to devolve into hardcore fucking, that’s just how it goes.  But maybe I can get through to him, either before he blows a load in me or afterward, that I love the way his dick feels and I’m not going anywhere and I just need him to relax.  I don’t want to stop fucking him, but if he doesn’t give me the space I need to be with my family, I’m going to have to. 


Bratty Girl Beer Pong

Bratty Girl Phone Sex


If you think my daughter is a coy little snot when she’s on the line having bratty girl phone sex with a head game loving loser, you should see how she treats the simpering sacks of semen who are always around sniffing tail and trying to get a piece of her tight teen pussy!  They’re so hard up for her high end hump holes and she fucking knows it so she just strings them along and teases the everloving shit out of them!  Who knows if she’ll ever actually put out for those poor pud pullers.  Lucky for them, her mother is always there to give them a cunt-solation prize!

One of her friends threw a keg party the other day and she invited me and my sweet mommy snatch to tag along with her.  I do love a good not-quite-college-aged kegger!  They’re full of hot music and even hotter bodies, plus there’s not a better place to find a bunch of young, drunk and willing cocks to let plow their way inside of me.  I’m pretty sure that’s why she and her gaslighting girlfriends like having me at their parties in the first place, to help with the dick deflection!  Not gonna lie, I don’t mind one bit.

The beer pong table is where all of the real action was.  My daughter and her friend are fucking pros and teased the guys they played with the entire time.  They flashed titties and bald little slits to throw the guys on the other end of the table off of their game, made out with each other, twerked a little, standard slut girl stuff.  It totally worked and none of the other teams could best my beauty and her bestie no matter how many times they rematched.

Most everyone was pretty cool about it, but when one of the starters from the school basketball team lost for the umpteenth time and couldn’t get a pity fuck from either of his hot ass opponents, he started to get mad.  That’s where I came in to play.  I cooled him down really quick like only a mommy knows how.  Like every man, he just needed to bust a nut and I have the perfect cock loving cum caves for him to choose from for making his drunken dick dairy delivery.  I started with a blow job right there in front of the whole crowd to help ease his fragile ego in a quick fashion.  When he was done with the head, he threw me up onto the beer pong table, rammed his rigid rod right into my pussy from behind and started pounding me really hard right next to my daughter. 

My girl just laughed and told him that her daddy does it harder, which was simply the honest truth, but still kind of messed up to say.  The best part was when he told her that it could be her in my spot if she wasn’t such a bitch and all that my hurty-flirty little girl said back to him was “I would be in her spot if YOU weren’t such a bitch, but have fun fucking my cum dumpster of a mother!”  The whole party erupted in a simultaneous “OHHHHHHHH!!!” and my girlie walked off with a few super hot young studs.  I was so proud!

I let the guy finish inside of me, but he didn’t do it with much gusto.  I think having the fact that he had to settle for fucking his beer pong rival’s mom instead of the real object of his desire just kind of took it out of him.  I told him he was fine and that he’ll find another pretty girl to try and domineer then eventually disappoint, but it won’t be my daughter.  Then I made him clean his jizz out of me with the shirt off of his back.  Fucking simp.


My Popular Panty Boy Stepson

Panty Boy Phone Sex

My stepson is a total panty boy but he looks hot as hell, you guys!  We don’t give him any shit about it, my husband and I love letting our offspring be exactly who they want to be.  Just so happens that our teen stud wants to dress in women’s underwear.  No biggie.

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him.  He’s a star athlete, starting on both the baseball and basketball teams, and he’s so cute and elfish that everyone in school wants to have their turn with him, girls, boys, students and teachers alike!  He’s definitely the most popular guy in school and he works hard to maintain that image.

When he’s at home, he gets to relax and really let his guard down because there’s no one here to judge or ridicule him.  In fact, we’ve raised our family to be extra loving and caring and, if anything, him wearing girl’s undergarments is kind of exciting and turns a few of us on a bit.  I have to admit, there’s something extremely sexy about a straight male who is fluid and secure enough in his sexuality to embrace the beautiful side of sexy female clothing.  It shows confidence and is very aesthetically pleasing, plus it lets all of us see his fine chiseled form in the grandest of manners.

I know he doesn’t dress in dainty undies for me or anyone else other than himself, but when my stepson prances around the house in a hot pair of panties and silky top, I absolutely have to get a piece of his action.  Our whole brood is great at giving me the familial fucking I crave, but my panty boy stepson has the juiciest and sweetest cum I’ve ever had the pleasure of swirling around in my mouth and gulping down.  It goes perfectly with his super sweet personality!


Drunk Daughter Punishment

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex


When my youngest bratty bitch breaks our rules and goes out drinking with her friends, we teach her a lesson just like millions of parents have done before us and pull out a bottle of booze for her to swill down while we watch, then make her have forced intoxication phone sex with some perv while we play with her passed out pussy.

This is how it always goes; she stays out past curfew drinking and doing god knows what with god knows who, then expects us to not only be fine with it, but to cater to her every hungover want and need the next day.  Fuck that, it was cute the first time, but got to be a nuisance really quickly, so we decided to take action.

After school let out, she started partying every night.  A few weeks ago, she stumbled in all glassy eyed a few hours past when she was to be home and staggered back to her bedroom without even noticing my husband and I were up watching her.  We silently followed her with a bottle of vodka and a few shot glasses in hand and, just as she laid her head on her pillow, invited her to have a nightcap with us before bed.  She didn’t want to but, of course, we insisted.

After slamming a couple of shooters each, she completely blacked the fuck out!  We decided, as good parents, that our next step in proper punishment should be exploitation, so we peeled her clothes back and started taking pictures and videos of her.  We pawed at her skin and pinched her nipples, even slapped her cunt until it was good and red.  She just moaned a bit and snored her way through it.  I sent the pics and vids out to all of the crazy cocks in my contact list and got just the response I was looking for.  All of them absolutely loved it and wanted to see more, so we started finger fucking her and munching on her unconscious holes.  She let out a couple more moans and groans, which gave me the idea to call up my favorite part time prick to let him hear all of the action.  It made him so happy!

I just put my phone right by her head and had my hubby go to town on her bald little beaver and balloon knot of a butthole.  He started out by shoving his fingers inside of her, all four in her cunt at first, massaging her teen g-spot, then working his pinky and ring finger into her brown round to get them good and stretched out for his cock.  Every time she moaned or breathed sharply, my phone friend did the same.  I could hear him whacking his wonderful fuck rod over the sounds of my husband shoving himself into her unknowing holes over and over again.  What an amazing sound!

When he was all done with her, he covered her face with his cum and made sure that I got some great shots of it for the upcoming part of our plan.  The next day, she didn’t even remember she had seen us when she got home.  She zombie walked her way into the kitchen around 1:30 in the afternoon talking about how she felt like she had been hit by a truck.  I gave her a cup of coffee and my husband and I each sat on either side of her and flipped out our phones so we could show her our evening.

Needless to say, she was mortified… At first.  The sight of her parents using her drunken body to get themselves and their friends off made her straighten up her act for, maybe, ten days or so.  Then she went back to breaking rules and not giving a shit.  Even seeing her dad’s load oozing and dripping off of her face wasn’t enough to keep her in line for long.  We repeated the punishment and the next day, she walked into the kitchen, made her own coffee and sat beside us.  Holding out her hand, she said “So show me the pictures.” and took a long sip of her hangover remedy. 


What Did You Think Was In There?

Scat Phone Sex


Hey, Man, if you don’t like to get shit on your dick then you probably shouldn’t be having scat phone sex!  What did you think was in there?  You knew the risk you were taking when you decided to cram that baloney baton of yours right up my ass!  Shit comes out of shitholes and if you are so afraid to get your cock covered in crap then you probably should’ve kept it out of butt, Bud.

What, is this the first time you ever got to stick your donkey dick in a butt slut’s ripe and ready rot hole?  It’s too big for all the other women you fucked to even pop the head past their tight little assholes, huh?  That’s understandable, you are packing an awesomely powerful fuck stick there, Guy.  I won’t give you too much shit for not knowing that butt fucking often times leaves your bone caked in that ass’s upcoming BM, I already left you with plenty on your prick to make that point.

Really though, just jam that dynamic dung covered dick back in my ass and keep pounding away, Pal.  You know my tight trash hole feels better than any pussy you’ve ever stretched out and obliterated.  Forget about the shit and just keep drilling out my dunger, my ass was just about to cum!  Just be sure you piss and wash yourself off really well when we’re done and you’ll be fine.