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Moisturize My Mammaries

Cum shots on tits


Hot cum shots on tits is how I learned to love using spunk for moisturizer! It’s sticky and sweet and full of protein, probably the perfect concoction for a cock loving cougar like me to use for massaging my flesh and making my skin super soft.

Being an open minded mommy, there’s no end to the amount of rock hard semen squirters I have to give me all of the creamy cum I need to coat myself in cod sauce.  Every time I give the mailman or pool boy or whoever else swings by the pole pleasing attention they desire, they blow their juicy jizz wherever I tell them to.  They don’t care where they get to shoot as long as I drain every drop of dick broth out of their big, bouncy balls.

If my feet are a little ashy then I have them toss their torrents of splooge all over my soles and toes.  When my elbows are rough I spread globs of gelatinous gash basher goop all over them to smooth them back out.  And when I just want to see rivers of warm cum flowing off of my nipples and down my cleavage, I make sure that my titties get sprayed and sprinkled with that pearly white penis potion.  I fucking love it!


My Boy’s Pool Time With Mommy

Family Fun Phone Sex


I love having family fun time at the pool with my favorite little boy pool toy, Stubby!  He’s always so happy to see me and loves to splash around and get all wet with mommy.  I can’t help but to have a blast when I’m playing with him and his tiny little pee-pee!

I was sunbathing in a tiny bikini when he got home from school the other day.  You should’ve seen his jaw drop when he rounded the corner and saw me rubbing suntan oil all over my body.  His wittle weiner got hard really quick, by the time he reached me so I could help him out of his clothes he already had a tiny little tent pitched in his pants.  I just smiled at him and told him what a good boy he was as I stroked his hair with one hand and undid his button and fly with the other.  

He looked at me curiously and asked “Mommy, what are you doin’?  Are we gonna swim in the pool?” as I stripped him down to his tighty whities and gave his hard little wang a quick tug.  “Of course we are,” I said gently, “but do you need to go wee wee first so you don’t put P in our ool?”  He giggled with a nod so I carried Stubbs over to the bushes, pulled his undies down and held his tiny little pre-prick between my thumb and forefinger to aim his thin and steamy, golden stream for him, making sure to keep all of his shaft and scrotum skin pulled really tightly like he likes.

When he was done he cannonballed right into the deep end without even waiting for me to be in the water first!  That’s dangerous for the little guy because he can barely swim but he was too excited to think that through before making his big splash.  Stubby dog paddled up to the surface as I hopped in and grabbed him to make sure he didn’t drown.  “You should’ve waited for mommy, Stubby.”  He knew I was right and I don’t ever come down on him too hard, he’s just so sweet.  I just pulled out my terrific titties and let him play with them a little before pushing him back out into the water so he could swim back to me.  

We went on like that for a while, with me peeling out of my bikini little bits at a time whenever my buoyant boy wasn’t in my arms.  Once I was completely nude, I pulled him in and wrapped Stubby up in my arms then made him play with pussy under the water’s surface while his face was wedged wonderfully in my beautiful bosom.

When his tiny pecker was about to blow, I just lifted him up and made him float on his back a bit while I rubbed his little bum bum and kissed his boy ballies a bunch.  When I traced a line with my tongue from his tiny taint to the tip of his pee pee, his short little semen shooter squirted the biggest little load out right into the pool water.  At least we kept his piss out of there!


Fat Loads Make Fat Stacks

Financial Domination Phone Sex


My plans for prick pleasing financial domination are coming to fruition, and my cash collecting cunt couldn’t be happier!  Using my feminine wiles to work up my finances and fund my future is the most fun way I’ve ever gotten paid in my entire life!

You know I’ve done all kinds of things for money, I’m what you might call a Jill of all trades.  A horny, enterprising broad like me is always on the lookout for new ways to make some fat stacks of loot take fat loads of cum, so blending both endeavors was a natural step to take.  Once I took that step, my bank account has never looked better.

I have just as many ways of controlling a guy’s cash as I do his cock, probably because I tied the two together, sometimes literally!  As a dominating mistress, I whip little wimps into submission until they’re willing to give me all of the money in their wallets, their ATM card and PIN.  I’ve even pushed a sub so far that he gave me access to his company expense account!  I didn’t abuse it, just him.

On the other hand, I have a couple of daddies who want nothing more than to see me completely satisfied in every way.  They know how to take care of my body, tenderly caressing and kissing me as they pump their cum deep inside of my holes, and my wellbeing as they always give me presents and gift cards to the places I love most.  Also, the shopping sprees we go on are out of this world!  I can’t believe all the places they’ve taken me, not to mention the per diems I get when we’re on extended shopping trips in exotic locations.

My favorite way of making that moolah has to be my erotic hypnosis phone sex line.  I love to play with a man’s mind and implant some subliminal messaging that makes him want to keep giving me more and more.  More cum and more cash!  Their ability to get off is directly linked to how much money I can take from them.  Don’t get it twisted, I completely satisfy my mesmerized men, just so happens that they need to give me access to their bank information to be happy.  I even made one of my hypnotized hot guys directly deposit his paycheck into my account, that way we don’t have to mess around with PayPal or Venmo when I’m making him cum, I can give my full concentration to his cock.

I have all kinds of ways of making your money work for me.  I’m pretty smart, I’ll probably come up with a couple more before all is said and done.  I’m toying around with an idea…  “Buttfucking for Bitcoin.”  How’s that sound?  Needs work, it’s still in the planning stage.  I’ll figure it out.


Easter Egg Cunt

Furry Friends Phone Sex


One of my furry friends paid me his yearly visit bright and early this morning while I was out in the yard hiding eggs for the little ones.  I should’ve known I was going to see him, he can’t resist hopping by my place to conceal some sweets in my cum container every season!  I was all decked out in one of my slinkiest leopard print dresses with no panties as usual, and when I bent over to hide an egg in the shrubbery, I heard that familiar, whacky voice in my ear.  He chuckled, “I’m gonna root around in your shrubbery, you hot bitch.”

Not gonna lie, I got so scared that I actually pissed myself a bit. I mean, I should’ve expected it since he’s here every year, but on a peaceful, sunny Sunday morning in your own yard, you’d be pretty fucking surprised to hear that shit, too!  Tell me you wouldn’t piss yourself!  Anyway, as my hot golden stream trickled down my sun warmed thigh, Mr. EB immediately hopped down and deeply inhaled my scent all over my long legs.

His ears weren’t the only thing that perked up, let me tell you!  That man-bunny was packing a massive pink rod of epic proportions and I could tell by the look in his crazed eyes that he was about to show me what Easter was really all about.  I was still on my knees so pushing me over to get my pussy in prime pumping position was no problem at all.  He grabbed me by my scruff, shoved my face into the dirt and started wailing away at my tight little rabbit hole, pounding fast and hard just like you’d expect.

As he wailed away on my wonder puss, my entire family wandered into the yard to see if the little ones could hunt for eggs yet, only to find that the hunt was already on.  The only difference was that the hunter wasn’t the tots, it was Mr. EB, and the eggs that were being hunted weren’t the colorful candy filled sort, they were my own!  Every last one of my family members watched as I got used like a fuck toy by some furry freak, until he finally finished off and dumped his sweet cream deep into my cunny cache.

He hopped away with a chuckle as quickly as he arrived, leaving me useless and writhing on the ground next to my toppled basket of scattered goodies.  Next year I’m going to remember that I’m going to have a hoppity hornball backyard Easter visitor.  I’ll be ready for my furry friend to dye my eggs with his milky cum!    


Free Dick Draining Lesson

Blowjobs Phone Sex


It takes more than just a willingness to put a prick in your piehole and swallow a load to be great at giving blowjobs.  You have to know exactly what a big ass bone needs in order to extract the biggest blast of splooge you’ve ever had the good fortune to gulp down to be considered one of the best.  You can bet your sweet ass I know the best way to build up a giant load inside of any man and make it explode out of them like a gooey, throat coating geyser.  I’ve been doing this for a long time.

To be a perfect cum guzzling slut you have to edge that cock out to the max.  You just milk his prostate and stroke his balls with little tugs while you lick and suck real slow like up and down the shaft.  How your tongue and lips move around all over his cock, balls and taint is up to you, but I have my mouthy method down to a nut draining science.  I can let you in on a couple of secrets, I guess.

Two areas on a guy’s junk will really get them moaning and groaning while you’re going down on them.  Other than his asshole, that is.  This is a simple lesson for beginners, Rusty Trombones are best saved for cock sucking specialists.  The first one is easy, it’s his C-Spot, the little area right below the head on the underside of his hog.  It’s really sensitive, made up of scar tissue from when they were circumcised, hence the name.  It works on uncut wangs, too, you just have to pull back all of the excess skin.  Not sure if either type of tool likes it more than the other, they all go crazy when you pay that spot some special attention, head in or out of your mouth.  You should be a good girl and do both, but being a well trained slut is up to you, I can’t do it for you.

The second area is a little trickier but still considered first level blowjob action.  It’s just everywhere the scrotum attaches to the body.  Hold his balls in your hand and lift, all of the skin you see and the tissue beneath, from the edge of his taint to the crooks of his legs, is extremely sensitive.  Licking and sucking will lightly tickle and tease it but pressing your lips and tongue firmly in to search out and massage the part of his erection that’s inside his body is key, his inner cock likes to get worked, too.  That part of his prick is right by his prostate so the loving pressure you put on it directly affects his semen maker so that’s where you really help him build up a super sized sperm smoothy for you to enjoy.  Don’t worry, I promise he’ll like it, too!

That’s it, I’m done giving tips for now.  It’s time to put my masterful skills into practice and gargle some lucky guy’s pearly goop.  You know I’ll be doing the same, if a cum guzzling slut like me isn’t talking about cock, she’s taking one. 


Black Cock Bowling Baller

Black Cock Phone Sex


Why do I love black cock phone sex?  Because nothing makes my horny holes feel better than having them stuffed completely full with a bodacious black bone.  Other cocks can try, I’m happy to let them, but they just don’t compare to the massive mahogany man meat that my creamy cunt craves.

My husband knows how much I need a nasty anaconda to ream out my rims and brings his black friends over to “mess up his wife” on the reg.  He’s such a good man to let his buds bust me out with their perfect pitch black poles like he does, I can’t think of a better friend or husband to anyone!

He’s on a bowling team with an incredible specimen of a king named Darnel.  His muscles have muscles, he’s so fucking buff, and his footlong sub packs a good four inches of girth, judging by how stretched out my pussy is after he’s done manhandling it.  Just like when they’re toppling pins on the lanes, my hubby cheers Darnel on as he crashes into my gutter and makes my turkey gobble.  He doesn’t spare me one bit, giving me everything he’s got as he pounds his way toward a perfect gash gooping, jizz slinging finish.

I have to have some big black cock in my life and my sweet man knows that.  Lucky for me his gorgeous friends have exactly what my nasty nooks need.  That big ol’ ebony bone and sweet, pearlescent cum.


Fat Ass Frank Gets What’s Cumming

Cock control


My father-in-law, Frank, mistook me for somebody he could just boss around and keep in check, but he didn’t realize that I’m actually a well seasoned mistress mastering in the erotic art of cock control.  I guess he thought I was like his milksop wife, completely worthless and only good for feeding and fucking. Boy, did he have another thing coming.

Last night he stopped by unexpectedly and thought his big, dumb ass could waltz in and order me around like I had some sort of duty to appease him.  He told me to make him some dinner and put on something sexier to please his hungry eyes and enormous stomach.  I threw some leftover spaghetti into the microwave and excused myself to change into something more suitable for the plan I was concocting.

When I returned, my red and black mistress getup made the noodles fall right out of Frank’s fat mouth.  I walked around the table and toward my speechless pop as the fork trembled in his hand.  Before I even made it to him, his eyes rolled back and his stupid head fell and hit the table with a loud thud.  I knew I had to incapacitate him to get him down to my dungeon so I drugged his dinner.  No one ever expects their marinara to be roofied!

I tried to drag him downstairs myself but he’s just too fucking fat for me to move on my own, so I had to wait for my husband to get home for a little help.  He understood the situation completely and was happy to help me teach his dad a much needed lesson in humility.  Plus, he loves it when I rule over his rod and put it through my raunchy ringer, this gave him the chance to show his fat ass father what type of man he really is.

When Frank came to, he was obviously shocked to see that he was shackled to an inverted table with his little bird nest of a cock and balls in a cage strung up to an intricate pulley system.  I was in front of him whipping his son, his balls anchored to the ground and his cock attached to the same pulley system as his pop’s.  Every wiggle, every flinch or wence, every inch of movement my hot hubby made transferred over and pulled on Frank’s private parts over and over again.  If I wanted more tugging, I flogged more or tickled hard.

I got down on my knees in front of my guy and sucked his handsome hog making his writhing and hip swivels jiggled Frank’s junk just right.  When I got my husband to fill my mouth with his silky smooth cum, my father-in-law busted his gross nut and spewed splooge all out of his cage.  I took my mouthful of his son’s spunk, positioned myself over his sweaty head and slowly let it drip out of my lips and drizzle down onto his potato of a face.  After spitting every last drop of semen filled saliva and expelling every single one of his son’s little spermys all over him, I scooped up Frank’s jizz and jammed it into his mouth.  He didn’t take it willingly, but he still fucking took it.

Now Frank knows exactly what I’m all about.  Any more lip from him will land his cock right back in that cage.  That probably won’t stop him from telling me to change my clothes, though. 


Cougar On Cue

Cougar Phone Sex


I love being a sexy cougar, there’s nothing as exhilarating as stalking down a young stallion and fucking them into submission. I have all the tools an older woman needs to hunt and slay an inexperienced cock: beautiful face, tight cunt and ravenous appetite for loads of cum.

I went down to the pool hall to troll for some sweet young sack syrup, there’s always plenty of prime pricks drinking beer and shooting billiards, I never leave there without a prized catch.  I posted up at a table by myself but it didn’t take long for a hot and horny frat boy to come over with some quarters and ask if he and his buddies could play with me.  And just like that, I sank the eight ball.

I placed a simple bet with them that ensured my cunt would be stuffed by some twenty something cocks within the hour.  I win, they have to fuck my pussy until I’m done with them, they win I have to please their poles until they were fully satisfied.  Either way, I’m taking some dick!  

I don’t even remember who won the game, we all ended up back at my place fucking and sucking getting our rocks off with each other.  I handled those sticks and balls like a real pro until they busted their hot young nuts all over my rack.  I love being a goddamn, cum craving cougar, but sometimes I have to be a shark. 


Ass Eating Angel

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

I’m glad that porn has normalized ass licking, I love giving rim jobs!  Munching on my man’s ass pussy is the best way for me to show him how it feels when he tongue fucks all of my holes.  The feeling has to be pretty similar because everytime I push my pursed lips against his puckered pooper he squeals and moans just like I do.

I don’t wait for him to ask me to do it, I devour his dung ditch every time his cock goes into my mouth for some hot throating.  I spin him around and suck his butt because I know there’s no other feeling like it and I want him to experience that pulse pounding, hole puckering pleasure, too.

Thick and slimy throat spit makes great lube for the rusty trombone I love to play.  The notes I get him to bellow out as I suck, jerk and lick are heavenly.  Like a glorious angel playing its trumpet, I seal my lips  tight on his sphincter, get a good hold on his cock and balls and masterfully maneuver my mouth and fingers all over his manhood to make my wonderful music with my divine instrument.

Rim jobs are great to give or receive.  I can make his tongue shoot into my asshole when he’s going down on me but it takes a little work for me to clean his crap ring with my mouth muscle.  I don’t mind, though.  That effort fills the room with magical music and loads of cum.



Creamy College Coeds

College coed sex


It’s really great having a daughter who’s the hottest college coed on campus.  It’s given me an incredible amount of access to young men with hard cocks and you better believe I’ve been working my way through the entire campus directory!

When I visited the dorms last week, my daughter took me to her friend’s frat boy fuck room. In typical male fashion, he had a huge picture of a beautiful beaver on his wall.  It looked so familiar, I just  couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Suddenly it dawned on me; those were my daughter’s hot fuck flaps!  Once I recognized that pretty pussy something clicked in my head.  I needed cock right then and there and that bro-hunk had exactly what I was craving to satisfy all of my hungry mommy holes.

My girl knew the look in my eye so she started the freaky fuck action by getting down on her knees and priming his pussy pumper with her plump, pink lips.  Before the studious stud knew it, we were both on top of him making him take care of our hot mommy/daughter twats in every way imagineable.  

I love college!  It’s fun, interesting and you get to meet all sorts of horny people.  Maybe I should’ve matriculated, but I’m satisfied regardless. 


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