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Want a Ride?

Phone sex companies

There aren’t any ride share phone sex companies out there that I know of so I decided to start giving people raunchy rides all over the city so they can cream their cunts and drain their dicks before they get to their destinations.  Good idea, right?  Everyone wants a good fucking on their ways to work or church or wherever they’re going.  I stay so busy bussing people around from here to there while they blow each other that I might have to hire some helpers!

This morning I took an old couple to the airport and picked up a pretty little college girl along the way.  The old broad already had her husband’s dong out when the co-ed got in and she was all too happy to help granny get her man’s gravy out on the trip.  They massaged his member, balls and taint like he paid them to do it.  Those horned up ladies worked together in perfect harmony as though they had jerked off tons of guys together before, though they had only just met!

He didn’t last long after the dual blowjobs started.  Their mouths didn’t even have time to get tired, they sucked him down then switched off a couple of times before he blew a hot load all over the back of my seat.  It’s cool, I have scotch guarded seat covers plus I’m used to cleaning up pools of cum and snail trails from a wet bald pussy or two.  Just part of the joys of raunchy, sexy ride sharing!


Why Do Men Love My Cocksucking Phone Sex So Much?

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Something about me makes men want to have hot cocksucking phone sex with me and jam as much of their dicks into my mouth as they can!  Maybe they can tell that I’m going to blow them for so long that I’ll suck the skin off of their shafts just by the way I keep my lips pursed.  It might just be the crusty, dried dick cream in the corners of my mouth, though!

When guys sniff out a slut all they want to do is get inside of her however they can.  I keep so many cocks in my mouth throughout the day that there’s no way I can hide it from anyone.  A freshly fucked mouth has a certain look to it, all fat and swollen.  I usually get all remnants of the quarts of throat slime I hack up when I’m getting throated off of me but sometimes I miss a glob or two on my dress.  Not to mention the dick breath.  How can a happy whore like me hide the fact that I just choked down some chump’s chode when I have his musk billowing out of my mouth?  Breath mints barely even cut the smell of ball funk that I constantly exhale after sucking a stinky schlong. 

Whatever it is, men are always super dominant and forceful when they step up to hit on me.  I do try to always keep a sultry gleam in my eye, I want guys to know they can approach me.  Maybe it’s how I carry myself or all of the innuendo I use when I speak to them.  Regardless, I can’t keep blowjob lovers away from me, I feel like all I ever do is suck cock and make men blow the biggest cum shot they can in my mouth.  Not that I’m complaining, I just don’t know how they know that they can be so blunt and bold when they hit on me.  Do I have dick juice on my dress, or something? 


Mother-Son Phone Sex With My Rolling Stone

Mother-Son Phone Sex

While my oldest son is on the road with his band, he keeps in touch with me so we can have mother-son phone sex while he’s away.  He’s been having family fuck time with me since before I even met my current husband, no reason for us to stop just because we’re miles apart.  He and I both need that cum filled connection with each other, a boy’s first love is his mother and there’s just something special about the bond between a parent and their first born.  

He gets a shit ton of pussy, that’s why he started his band in the first place.  There’s no shortage of groupie gash at any of his shows, he plays guitar like a sexy, sweaty rock god and the punk girls go crazy over him.  My good boy does exactly what his dirty mommy wants and takes plenty of fuck pics filthy videos to send me so I can see the road whores he hoses down with jizz.  The best is when he calls me in the middle of banging some broad so I can hear her moan and groan as he wails away on her fan girl gash!  I flick my bean and finger my bone hole really hard as he huffs and puffs on the other end of the phone, drilling that random dumb bitch in whatever town he happens to be in.  He likes to hold the phone up to the girl’s head so she can hear me make myself cum, my son loves to share his mommy with everyone he can.

I can’t wait for him to get back into town.  I love watching his band play live, they’re so good!  I’m sure they’ll get a big record deal sometime soon.  Plus, when he’s done playing a show, I’m the groupie he goes to for some post performance pussy pounding.  I’ve always been his biggest fan and most vocal cheerleader and he knows how to show his appreciation for that… By making my hot squirting pussy spray everywhere!


Cocksucking Phone Sex All Night!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

If you want some good cocksucking phone sex stories to tell your friends, just come stay the night at my place.  You’ll get more blowjobs in one night than most men get in a month if you happen to have a sleepover at my house.  Between me and all of my girls, your balls will be drained of every last drop of nut juice, no doubt about it.  Come over and hang out for a night if you don’t believe me.

I have plenty of booze to get us all loose and lower any inhibitions you might have.  Some guys aren’t sure about doing dirty things with young girls even if their mommy says it’s okay.  A little alcohol will help everyone, I’m sure you won’t care whose pussy is in your face once we’re five or six drinks in.  You surely won’t give a shit when I pull out your prick and suck it while my naked girls dance around us.  Eventually they’ll get a little jealous and will want to work your wang over themselves and who knows which one of my blonde bimbos will get their mouth on your meat first?!

Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with your bone buried deep in one of my daughter’s throats.  They always sleep creep on the lovers I bring around, they’ll definitely do the same to you.  Those teen tramps of mine will get you hard in your sleep then start face fucking themselves with your dick in the dark.  You can let them keep going if you want, but if I were you I’d pull their skinny little butts up and give them a hardcore ass fucking to teach them a lesson.  That’s just me, though.

Come on over and party with me and my daughters if you want your cock to get sucked all night long.  Don’t worry about my husband, he’ll just drink bourbon and jerk off in the corner while he watches his girls have fun with a strange guy.  That’s his thing.  I’ll even give you a flashlight to use so you can see which one of my dick crazed teen daughters it is that’s sleep creeping on you.   


Black Cocks Are The Best!

Black Cock Phone Sex

Black cock phone sex is so fucking good because black men are usually a little more aggressive when they talk to women and really give it all they got when they go at my pink mommy gash.  They don’t pussyfoot around the situation, when they want you they let you know and once they have you they show you how much they like you by fucking the shit out of every one of your holes.  I don’t know about all the other man meat loving mommies but I can’t get enough!

 I’m not saying white guys aren’t good in the sack or anything like that, all of my daughters have white dads so that should say something.  All I mean is that black men have a slick way of starting a conversation and making me feel at ease with the dirty things they’re saying even though we just met.  It never comes across as desperate or needy, probably because they know that they’ll be pounding some mommy’s wet bald pussy before the night is over regardless of whose it is, mine or some other lucky lady’s.

Maybe it’s the confidence of carrying around a BBC their whole lives or it could just be that they’ve been creaming up older women for so long that they know exactly what to do to make us get off really hard.  They’re as smooth and dominant as their big black ebony bones are and I’m not at all ashamed to say that I’m fucking hooked.  I make my husband watch whenever I can so he can see how to properly handle his whore of a wife.  He does a pretty good job but there’s nothing like being seduced, screwed down and spewed in by a black man! 😉


Naked Teen Pictures for Christmas

Naked teen pictures

I put naked teen pictures of my dirty daughters in my Christmas cards to all of my lovers this year.  We wanted to give them all something special for the holidays so we thought that a little memento of the mommy/daughter sex sessions we had with them would be absolutely perfect.  They were really happy that I thought of it and so excited to send nudey pics to all of our pussy pounding pals that their tight twats started dripping at the very idea!

With their slits getting slicker by the second, they put on their Santa hats, started posing and told me to start snapping pics before I was even done with my inspirational joint.  My middle chick snatched the J out of my hand, threw me her iPhone and told me to get to it as she finished it off.  Those gals are a handful, you should see how they tag team a guy.  Just like their mom, they get aggressive with cock and will do anything to get it.  If all goes as planned, the pictures I took of them will entice our playthings to bring their juicy packages back around our way.

I took shot after shot for a couple of hours, we had hundreds of options to choose from when we were done.  We couldn’t pick just one, there were so many pretty pictures of my adorable young daughters that we printed several and just sent out a mix.  Hopefully we hear back from some of them so we can plan a fuck filled New Year’s Eve party with a bunch of horny hunks.  I bet the guys who got the close ups of their creamy, hairless cunts will hit us up, no doubt.  Hot and wet young bald pussy is almost impossible to resist! 


I’m Dreaming of a Big, Messy, White Cum Shot Christmas

Biggest cum shot

You know what I’m dreaming of for Christmas… the whitest, biggest cum shot you’ve ever fucking had blown all over me!  Seems perfect considering that great big package you have.  I can’t wait to unwrap it and check out that perfect pussy pumping present you’re about to give me and all of the white, sticky goodness that comes with it.  My soft and ready mouth is watering in suspense!

I don’t care if they’re not made of paper, I’m going to rip your pants and underwear right off of you.  It’s my gift, I’ll unwrap it how I want to!  I just get so excited when I get a present that I can’t wait to see it and get it in my hands.  When I pull it out of your pants and stick it in my mouth, you won’t give a damn about some torn slacks and beaten up boxers.  All you’ll be thinking is how happy you are that you were able to give me such a long and thick Christmas present that I love and enjoy so much.

You can bust that fat nut of yours wherever you’d like.  My mommy twat is warm and toasty and my asshole is always puckered up and ready for a kiss under the mistletoe and frothy, foamy fucking.  If you want to see my pretty face glazed in your pearly holiday goop, you’re more than welcome to coat my mouth, cheeks and everything else you want.  I just want to see that package, already, I don’t think I can wait another week.  Honestly, as long as you give me and my wet bald pussy the white Christmas I’ve been dreaming of, I don’t care where you shoot your jizz.


Big Sis Loves Family Fun

Family Fun Phone Sex


My big sister loves family fun phone sex just as much as my whole clan and I do, and she sent us the prettiest Christmas card, this year!  That’s not like her at all.  My siblings and I all grew up on the wild side of life but she’s always been the craziest one out of all of us and has never given two shits about the holidays.  Maybe maturity is making her realize what’s really important in life and she’s trying to settle down a bit.

I learned a lot from her, for sure.  Big sis is the first girl I ever saw get gang banged by a bunch of older guys.  I was really young, I didn’t know that a chick her age was allowed to have sex with old men.  I was also unaware that a tiny teen cunt could stretch out as far as hers did.  I’ll never forget the screeching moan she let out as, what I assume to be, the first cock she ever took up her ass pushed its way into her rectum.  It instantly made me want to try anal!  The way she screamed when two dicks double stuffed her snatch as that ass loving creep plowed into her butthole didn’t sound nearly as pleasant.

Family can be weird sometimes, especially if you’re dealing with a loose cannon like my sister.  There was a 3 year period that we didn’t even talk to each other, I had no idea where she was.  Partying it up with a bunch of young misfits, if I know her.  I’m sure she’s seen a lot of stuff over the years, my sister always has the best stories to tell.  She’s got some secrets, though, I can see it in her face.  That’s okay, we all do.  I’m going to get my family together, strip them all down and take a Christmas card pic for her.  She’ll like that a lot, maybe it’ll make her want to stop by for the holidays!


I Love Strange BBC!

Black Cock Phone Sex


My favorite part about thick and veiny black cock phone sex is the reveal.  Getting to know some strange ebony bone is so fucking exciting, just the thought of it makes my mouth water and my pussy drip!  I love to seduce black men because landing a gigantic BBC makes my creamy cougar cunt so moist and wet.  I can’t even wait to get the guy back to my place before I give his crotch a complete inspection, I get super handsy with my black kings as soon as I know I have him hooked.

When I get any guy’s attention, one of the first things I do is get my hands on his hog.  I want to know what I’m working with before we get to it, gives my mommy holes a chance to anticipate what’s about to happen to them.  When I have a fine hunk of black man on my hands, I’m always extra excited to reach into his pants and get my digits on his fat donkey dong.  I don’t care who’s watching or where we are.  Once I’ve reeled in an ebony skinned god of a man, all I can think about is how big his cock is and how hard he’s going to hammer it into me.  Pulling it out and playing with it right then and there is just a must, on my end.  Or in my end, if that’s how he wants it!

I’ve sucked off a ten inch tall boy of a massive mahogany muff stuffer under the table at a restaurant, jerked off a giant black ball bat whore banger while we were ponied up to the bar and let an extra long super-duper dark dong titty fuck me on a balcony overlooking a busy city street, all because I get a little over zealous and eager to touch and taste a BBC whenever I get around one.  I can’t help it, they taste good and feel great!


Young Pain Slut Pussy

Pain Slut Phone Sex

My youngest teen daughter has a brand new giant dildo that she got specifically to make her scream extra loud during all of her hole stretching pain slut phone sex sessions.  She’s got guys calling her 24/7 that want to make her hurt her small little snatch with some extreme insertions so they can hear her squeal and squawk.  They must love the way she sounds when she’s fucking herself senseless with a forearm sized dildo, or something.

She’s always been a really vocal lover.  The first time I ever sucked on her bald beaver and licked her teeny-tiny clit, she whooped and hollered like she was being electrocuted.  There’s never any doubt if she’s getting her pussy pleased, everyone in the whole house can hear her yelling and howling, and that’s just during a seemingly standard sexing.  When she wails and cries out in pain filled pleasure from jamming a massive puss poker deep inside of herself, I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear her!

That’s what all of the men who call her want, a hot little blonde bitch that sounds like every pump, slam or slap of her snapper is about to break her in half.  Makes sense to me.  Real hardcore phone sex should sound hot as a mother fucker and the way my girly grinds her cunt on her oversized dildos makes her wail and shriek like a banshee, especially when she cums and creams all over it.  What could be hotter than that?