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Babysitter Phone Sex With Little Wendy

babysitter phone sex

My love for naughty babysitter phone sex started so many years ago when my naughty babysitter first played with me. I love playing the role of an innocent little girl who gets seduced by horny older men and used like a little fuck toy. My fetish for older men all started with the first guy to watch me when my parents were away. He was my babysitter and we spent a lot of time alone in my house. I noticed right away that he was always looking at me and he would bring me presents all the time when he came over. Then one day our naughty babysitter fun began. It all started with him asking me to come sit on his lap and he started to rub his hand up my leg and then up to my thigh, letting his fingers brush against the outside of my pussy. Then he undid the button on my pants and pulled down my zipper, shoving his hand deep into my panties and feeling my young cunt. Taking my hand, he placed it inside his jeans and moved my hand up and down his shaft telling me, this is how you stroke a cock and make it nice and hard for you. Then he laid me down right there on the floor and removed all our clothes, then he took his dick and forced it deep into my tight virgin pussy. I could feel him stretching me with his stiff cock. After a minute or so he started to really pound me until he pulled out of my pussy and shot his load onto my belly.

My Morning Hardcore Ass Fucking Hurt So Good

hardcore ass fuckingI got a hardcore ass fucking this morning and I am still sore. It is a hurts so good kind of sore. To be honest, I didn’t think the neighbor boy had it in him to fuck me that hard. His cock is not huge, but for his age it is ample. I cock tease him constantly by parading around naked in my bedroom with the blinds open. One time, his mother caught him jacking off to me changing clothes. She sent her husband over to talk to me. I ended up fucking him too. Daddy had a huge cock. The mother doesn’t like me much. She is one of those frumpy housewife busy bodies who likes to judge the trashy milf across the street. Judge away. I will just fuck the men in your life. If her son was my son, I would be fucking him 24/7. A young boy is always down to fuck. This morning, he skipped school and came over to fuck me. He was tired of just watching and stroking. He was bold too. He said, “I can fuck you better than my dad.” His dad gave me a good ass fucking, so I was curious. Tickle me pink, he did fuck me harder and longer than dear old dad. He gave me the biggest cum shot up my ass too. The boy’s balls were clearly in need of draining. He told me he had some anger issues over this school girl he likes, so he took it out on my ass. I told him anytime he had some aggression to work out, my ass was available. I love a good hardcore butt fuck from anyone, but a teen boy is especially welcomed. That doesn’t mean you can’t fuck my ass good, however. I am just an anal sex whore. I have an ass made for butt fucking.

2 on 1

2 girl phone sex2 on 1 that’s how it is going to go down, My best gal pal lynsi loves to send pics of us fucking to her boyfriend, I was legitamentlysuprised he wasn’t jealous of us getting rather well aqquainted, Lynsi and I have been friends forever since we were youngins, after some time we kinda drifted over school and work and all that stuff that takes a toll on your social life, We got back into contact recently since both of us became roomates, It was totally someting that kinda fell into our laps. Both of us interns at the same building and we saw that we could spend some time together as roomies, Well so many times with a beautiful friend and boyfriends kinda far away will make you horny all time, She was having a harder time going the distance, she was always horny and 2 girl phone sex with my boyfriend her and I had kept her wanting to fuck my boyfriend and I, she kinda blurted it out when we were both indulging in space cakes, I told her we should totally do that but let me eat that pussy and get you off while we wait for that threesome fuck.

Young Bald Pussy Will Make You Cum

young bald pussy

My young bald pussy drives all the guys crazy. The older guys especially love my tiny little fuck hole. I let them do anything they want to me and they can’t get enough. The fact that I never say no really makes them cum for me. There is nothing this tiny, young, little slave won’t do to please you. I love making cocks hard and I love watching them explode for me. If you want inside my wet cunt or need a young girl to use, abuse, and make you shoot that load all over her, then I’m the girl you want to play with. I’ll take your cock anywhere, in any hole, and anytime you want me to. I’m always wet and ready to go. I can make my pussy squirt for you and nothing is too extreme for me. I may be young, but I know what I like, that is nasty and dirty taboo sex with guys that want to stuff me with their cock and make me into a little fuck toy. Don’t you want to come and make me into a little fuck doll that just wants to please you?

Phone Sex with The King

phone sexPhone sex with the King is the best. BDK knows how to treat the ladies. He is a busy man because he is the living legend. When he is not wheeling and dealing, he is shooting porn scenes with eager porn stars who beg to fuck the anaconda. But, he always finds time for his sugar babies. My Big Daddy King surprised me over the holiday weekend. I didn’t know he was in town, but my custom made vibrating panties told me he was near. These special leather, diamond encrusted panties with the initials BDK on the back, are controlled by my King remotely. It is how he lets me know he is thinking of his favorite bimbo. The pleasure sensations intensified, then there was a knock on the door There was my King in a stretch limo waiting to take his sugar baby on an exclusive excursion. He told me he was taking me to the UK basketball game. He took me last year too and it was one of my most memorable dates ever. I put on my sexy UK blue dress that shows proudly my curves and my BDK tramp stamp. Of course, my King only takes me out in style. We got to meet Coach Cal and some players before we went to our private suite. All I could think of was the anaconda. My King’s monster snake cock is just one of the reason’s he is the Living Legend. I took some sexy pics of my King and I and our wonderful view of the game for my social media accounts. I like to keep the ladies jelly! But, all I could think about was worshiping the anaconda in the private suite. My King cannot deny his princess. I worshiped the anaconda until it was about to explode. I finished watching the game pressed up against the suite glass with the anaconda piercing through my body like a freight train. With the Living Legend’s billionaire nut sauce running out of my wet bald pussy like liquid gold, I finished watching the game in style with the best Sugar Daddy ever, my BDK. #bestdateever.

hot ass sex with my new BF

hot ass sex with my new BF makes my pussy so wet just at the thought of it. I love pleasing my boyfriend, He is someone I shouldn’t be fucking but I just have to fuck him because he is too irresistible. For one he has the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. Secondly I know his wife and I’m best friends with his daughter, If you think that’s tricky, well my dad and him are best friends for over 20 years, I just love the excitement, the thrill gets me off instantly, The other day I just needed his cock and he needed to fuck me, He had his whole family home and he still managed to sneak me in from the garage and fucked me right there in the laundry room. While his family had no idea he was making a teen slut cum hard a couple feet away. Its such a turn on to feel his big daddy penis inside ass sex

Black Cock Phone Sex on Cyber Monday

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex pairs well with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While wives are shopping, black cock faggots are calling. I have been busy all weekend between horny cuckolds, black cock faggots and my own need for black cock. I took a break from my phone sluts yesterday to get some BBC. Not just any BBC either. Marcus is very well endowed. I met him over the weekend at the gym. He stood over me to spot me on some chest presses and I could see his cock dangling down his legs. It wasn’t even semi-hard, and it was still bigger than my husband and few others combined. Marcus wanted me to see his cock. My reputation as a black cock whore is well known at the gym. Although I do like to keep my body in shape, I go to the gym for black cock primarily. It is great hunting ground. I asked Marcus if he would enjoy fucking the shit out of a hot MILF in front of her loser husband.  His smile said it all. An hour later, we were at my house and I was sucking on his black mamba snake while my husband whimpered in the corner. I love hearing him whimper. I wanted Marcus’s cock all to myself. My husband was pouting. Sometimes I share BBC with him, sometimes I tease him. Marcus enjoyed shaming my husband for being physically ill equipped to please me. Marcus was clearly enjoying the power trip over a white male. It made my pussy more wet to hear a young black man ridicule an old white man. Marcus fucked me for hours in every position possible. It was the highlight of my weekend. Don’t get me wrong. I love my phone sex cuckolds and black cock faggots, but nothing compares to sucking and fucking a huge black cock.

Big Tit Fucking With My Hot Friend

big tit fucking

I’m obsessed with big tit fucking. I have tiny little tits and I have always loved watching porn videos of girls with giant fat boobs squeezing their cleavage around a long hard cock. I made friends with this girl who had some really nice big jugs on her. I started joking around about being a kinky little whore to see if she was a slut just like me. I could tell right away that she was so I invited her over to have a kinky threesome with my friend. I wanted to see the big ass tits with a cock sliding between them. We all played around, taking turns sucking his cock and letting him taste our sweet pussies. Then I finally got what I was really after. Laying back on the bed and rubbing my bald wet pussy, I watched him slide his wet cock between her tits. He was pumping nice and fast while she sucked the tip of his cock. My pussy squirted everywhere when he came all over her face and her nice fat tits.

Biggest cum shot pretty please

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot pretty please right in my mouth. Let me feel it go down my throat. I know how much you love when I look at you and smile with cum all over my mouth. The way cum glistens on me drives you wild. You had to have me even though it was risky, You being my dads best friend and all, you have tried endless times to fuck me whenever you can, Even at my little brothers party, you went into the private bowling room snuck me in and made me open my legs so you could fuck me, Its so hot that my whole family and yours were in the very same building, Loved feeling your cock bury deep inside me. Your cock felt so fucking good you had me cumming non-stop. Even though you are twice my age you can fuck better than the guys my age. It turns me on to know that you play golf with my daddy every Sunday, I love being a cumslut for you.

Fuck Me Hard

hot squirting pussyYou know how much I love to suck a big cock while you watch and stroke your little dick. It makes me so wet just having YOU watch me. I love knowing that seeing me swallow that big cock is what makes you cum. But today you were different and in such a great way. The way you used your tongue on my neck down to my back teasing me. Making me want so much more and you gave it to me, didn’t you. Sticking your tongue in my little puckered asshole, eating my ass, making me moan and beg for more. Then you flipped me over and worked on my cunt. Licking, sucking, fucking it with you hot wet tongue, oh God you made me feel so amazing, my pussy tingling, cum dripping in your mouth. And when you moved up and had me lick all my sweet pussy juice off your face, baby you had me cumming again. But then you went and stuck that little dick in my pussy and fucked me real hard, I wrapped my legs around your hips and held tight as you pounded into my soaking wet cunt. Thank you for the fucktastic time. I can’t wait until you make me cum around that cock again!

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