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Hardcore Phone Sex GFE Slut

Hardcore Phone SexHe came in from work, and I was already waiting for him. He’d told me at lunch what a crap day he was having, so I had put on one of his favorite outfits and I was ass in the air when he walked in the door. Without even looking, I knew he was ready. I heard his pants hit the floor, the door slam, and then him make his way to me. His hands ran over my ass before one of them plunged fingers deep and hard into me. I knew he would hit it hard, I was expecting it, so when he drilled his way into me, pulling my hair and hitting hard and fast and deep, I was ready for it. He undid my top after a bit, letting it fall off of me. He drug me around by the hair so that I was over the couch, and he pushed my chest and head into the couch as he drilled me from behind. Even that wasn’t deep enough for him. He lifted my hips up, making me stand for him as he drilled me, keeping my chest and head buried in the couch. That was when he found the exact angle he wanted, and he pummeled my pussy and ass, fucking so hard that our skin smacked together loudly. It hurt, but felt so good, too. I love that hardcore fuck he gives me!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Shannon
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Tina Loves Cum Shots on Tits and Everywhere Else Too

cum shots on tits As most of you know I can be quite the kinky girl. So when my boyfriend told me he wanted to make me his cum kitty. I was like hell yes! I have been a cum whore for as long as I can remember. I just love the way warm gooey salty cum smells and tastes. Just thinking about it is making my pussy soaking wet and tingly. The only thing that I love more than cum is having my ass played with. I was totally game for a vibrating butt plug with a tail. You even put ears on my head and had me crawl around on my hand and knees with the butt plug vibrating my ass. My pussy was dripping wet and purring. Then you started rubbing my clit and telling me what a good kitty I was. I came so hard that I sounded like a pussy cat in heat. You pulled out your big hard cock and told me to lick it. I licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. I put just the head of it in my mouth and started sucking your warm salty cum out. You started face fucking my mouth with your big hard cock. You pulled out right before you came and gave me cum shots on tits and mouth. Oh, I am one lucky kitty.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Tina
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Cody is Cock Strucked

cocksucking phone sexI am currently seeing this new guy and he is pretty great the only thing that bothers me Is a little secret he’s been keeping from me. I was instantly shocked to find out my new much older boyfriend was married. I couldn’t believe he lied to me. I am torn because no one fucks my cunt like my older boyfriend. Man, he’s huge! I  hate that he wasn’t upfront with me but can I really stay mad at a guy who is so well endowed? I mean he’s Huge.  A good whole nine inches. That’s a lot of dick for my young tight cunt. I am instantly in heaven every time he thrust deep Inside me. It’s so good just to feel him enter me and just grow hard and thick in me. So I have to look past the fact that he’s married to some lady who barely fucks him. I mean how could you not take advantage of a man with that much stamina and girth and length. I think I will keep this one around.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Cody
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Facials Make Me Happy

adult phone chatThere’s nothing I love more than giving a nice blowjob,  but what does cum close is wearing cum all over my face. I  think girls should get it on their face more often. there’s nothing sexier than seeing a girl drenched in creamy cum. I once had all the frat boys hang out with me during a party, and we would play games and of course, the good old “truth or dare” came up every single time. Well, this time It was my turn to take the dare. I was dared to do something most girls would turn down in a heart beat but not me, See I am a competitive little freak and what they said had me dripping wet at just the thought of it. The dare was a walk in the park.  One of hot frat boys yelled across the room “Caprice I dare you to get squirted on by all the guys right here right now. I *giggled and yelled back done everyone was shocked. All at once they were buckling down their pants, still kind of shocked I said yes, but I encouraged them. let’s do it let’s get this party started.  Right there in front of a room full of students, I was jerking half the frat boys. I was being sprayed and getting a nice big facial. I made some friends real fast that night.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Caprice
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Tranny Phone Sex Surprise

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex fun was had this weekend. I attended a Rod Stewart concert over the weekend with some of my girlfriends. The natural born kind of girlfriends. We all are smoking hot, but when guys were hitting on us, it was clear none of them knew one of these girls was not like the other. I love that. My girlfriends say I bring them all the hot guys. My body is so feminine that thinking I might have a 10 inch cock tucked in my panties, is the last thing on their minds. They see blonde hair, a soft pretty face, nice round ass, long legs and big tits, they are only thinking one thing. We had a hotel near the concert venue so we could drink as many adult juice boxes as we wanted. That is what I call wine in a box. I was feeling no pain. We all flashed Rod our boobs since we had great seats. We caught the attention of many guys because we made the big screen. I went to go pee and this guy stopped me. He recognized me. I was pretty drunk, but the beer googles weren’t in effect yet. He was suggesting we hook up after the show, but I was like why don’t we hook up now. I pulled him into the girl’s bathroom, pushed him into a stall and pulled his cock out. I was thinking if he had a nice cock, I would blow him. If he had a small cock, I would fuck him. He had a bigger cock than me, which rarely happens. He was a total redneck, but a cute one with a big dick. I blew him until he came. He was the kind of guy who would freak at a chick with a dick. As I left him sitting on the toilet cleaning up, I flashed him my hard cock and darted out of the bathroom. The look on his face was pure horror. He just got blown a sexy shemale and liked it.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Carla
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Fuck my titties and give me my pearl necklace

Titty fucking is fucking amazing. I love cupping my titties together so a big fat firm dick can thrust in and out of my hot titties. I love it when I can feel the throbbing of the shaft muscles and the hot clammy skin rub up and down on my milky smooth breasts. I feel the sweat as he thrusts harder and harder and I smell the scent of sex off of his balls. I can taste the sweet sweat coming into my mouth off his dick.

Blowjobs phone sex

When he is pounding to the rhythm of his manliness and his sweet sticky jizz is about to give me a grand pearl necklace. I stick out my tongue to taste that gooey love cream. As he thrusts that final time before the eruption I look down and see him throbbing and find my body moving in syn with him, as I arch and await my creamy prize. I await my pearl necklace.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Janelle
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Financial Domination Phone Sex For Sale Here

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I’m the type of girl who likes to spend your money for you. Not like a gold digger, but more like the fact that your money is my money. When I say I want something, you get it for me. If I say I need something, you get it for me. No questions asked. If you need something, you ask me if you can get it first. Don’t ever forget that I control the purse strings. If you are spending time with your family and I call you and say I want to go shopping, we go shopping, got it? And if it takes all day, so be it. When I’m through with you and your credit cards and your cash, then you can go home to your boring life and boring wife. However, I will give you a little treat if you get me everything I ask for today. No exceptions and no substitutions. You can lick my pussy. Taste my sweet cunt. Make me cum and squirt. That is how I’ll allow you to keep me comfortable. All you have to do for me is keep me in the things I want and need. Always. And don’t ever say no to me. Ever. You’re my cash cow. Keep me satisfied and I’ll do the same for you. However, if you fail to keep me happy, rest assured that I will make your life miserable. I am your financial domination queen bitch, and you will treat me as such. You are my money slave, and I will use you and your wallet as I see fit. If you decide to back out now, after all we’ve been through and all you’ve given me, think twice. I’ll put you in financial ruin. Everyone will know you were my money whore. That you were controlled by a bitch like me. All so you could lick my clit once and a while. You’re kind of pathetic, don’t you think? I do. And now that you’ve made me feel kind of bad, I need flowers, chocolate and some pretty jewelry. Get on it.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Mariah
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Titty Fucking Phone Sex Is All I Need

Titty Fucking

Hey there, Jake. It’s Gabrielle. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I want you to take a look at my tits. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? Perfect you might say. Big and round, nice and firm. And my pink nipples? Nipples don’t get more perfect than that. They’re just the right size for you to put in your mouth and suck on and they’re as hard as a rock. Go ahead, give them a little nibble. Take your time with my big beautiful breasts. Use your hands, fingertips, tongue and mouth. Turn your body so that you’re positioned for me to be playing with your cock and massaging your balls. I want to feel you get harder and harder in my hands each time you lick across my tits.

When it’s gotten to be too much for you to take, and you need to fuck me, I want you to straddle my big chest. Get a little dirty here and spit on me. Right between my huge titties so that you can get me nice and wet and ready to fuck. I want to watch the look on your face as I squeeze my tits together around your massive cock. I want you to start slowly. Move your dick back and forth between my tits, and enjoy how soft and exquisite my skin feels wrapped around you. You love the way your balls feel dragging on my stomach. I squeeze harder, and as you push you cock through, I put my head down, and lick the head of your gorgeous hardness. The taste of your precum makes my cunt start to ache and drip with want.  You start to pump harder and faster and I squeeze my tits tighter together for you. I can actually feel the rigidness in your balls and the throbbing in your cock as you begin to experience what it’s going to be like to have the greatest cock explosion of your life. You grunt and yell out ‘oh, fuck’ and blow your hot load all over my pretty face. I had my mouth open, so I got most of it, and swallowed you down, but what I didn’t get, I’m going to lick off and then use my fingers to get the rest.

I hope you liked fucking my titties. I know I liked your cock between them. Let’s do it again, soon.





Written by Fuckalicious Freak Gabrielle
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Masturbating With My Furry Friend

Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI guess I should be more quiet when I masturbate cause I always seem to attract some kind of attention. Last night I was masturbating in my living room with my dildo. And it was feeling so ultra good when I all of a sudden felt the nose of my furry friend sniffing at my cunt. I slid the dildo out of my soaking wet cunt and slipped off the couch. On to my knees. Placing my ass to his nose. I could feel him sniffing. Then feeling him scratch my back as he jumped up. Feeling his cock at my cunt hole. His cock finding his way into my waiting wet cunt.  I moaned loudly as he started to fuck my cunt.  Sliding fast in out of me making me his bitch.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Reanna
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Breeding Phone Sex with BBC: If I Could Turn Back Time

breeding phone sexBreeding phone sex is not my specialty. That is because I am not of breeding age nor do I have a daughter. However, I do have some experience in this area. I have a niece who I recently made a black cock whore. She was wasting her tight teen holes on this white jack ass. Not only did he have a pathetically average white dick, he treated her like shit when he should have been treating her like a princess. No one in the family liked him, so I did what no one else would do. I got rid of him by making her like me: a slut for big black dicks. She appreciates getting fucked now. She gets more black dick than I did at her age and I got a lot. Last week she spent the weekend with us. I had a few black guys over to fuck. I share my black cocks. My husband will verify that! I got to talking to some of the guys about my niece. Jerome said she should be bred. The breeding question never comes up with me as I am almost 50. It was a hot idea. A pretty little white girl black bread and owned? I wanted to be a porn star more than a mother when I was her age, so I made sure I never got knocked up. It is a regret of mine. The thought of having a half black son to fuck in front of my husband is the ultimate cuckold fantasy for me. Even half black, I just know he would have been more of a man than my all white husband. Anyway, my niece was far more receptive to the idea than I was at her age. She is now off the pill and ready to take that black baby batter all up her teen pussy. I can’t wait to have a black grandnephew to fuck.

black cock phone sex


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Vinny
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