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Submissive Phone Sex Kitten

submissive phone sexI am known as a submissive phone sex kitten. I love taking care of men. I am a nurturer. I do have my whips and chains side, but essentially I like to be a cock pleaser not a cock teaser. I was dancing at the club last night. Normally, I am not working Sundays, but we had a big Game of Thrones night where the girls were dressed in a GOT theme and men could watch the series finale on a jumbo screen while getting lap dances. I was dressed as a sexy Viking chick and that made several men in the club crazy. I was hired for the VIP room for two hours. Two GOT fan boys wanted to make me their slave girl. Back then slavery was based on caste not race they told me. It was vanilla sub play, at least for this seasoned submissive whore. I was spanked, my hair was pulled, they rode on my back like a I was a dragon. I don’t mind roleplay at all, especially when it is creative. I love it, but these guys were really fanboys. I have never seen an episode of GOT, but I could play a slave girl well. For the right money, I would be a fire breathing dragon. These men were tossing $100 dollar bills at me like it was nothing, so I entertained them the best that I could. They were happy. I let them give me some cum shots on tits. My boobs were covered with jizz. As long as my clients are happy, I will do whatever I can, even pretend to be a medieval slave girl.

I Lust for more of You

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex


I woke up with you on my mind again it was amazing. You really do something for me, you move me, and I like the movement. I dreamt we were walking along Laguna Beach; we were holding hands, and we were immensely enjoying each other’s sounds and content. You attached your eyes to my eyes, and I submitted to you in the most enchanting form of romantic ways. I was weak in your trance, and you did that to me. You said to me in the column is the most secure voice, I love talking to you. I must admit I couldn’t contain my nervous captured smile, I responded, I love talking to you as well. I want to display us on a billboard “How Imperfect Perfection Looks.” I love talking to you. I love having the thought of you as my mental protector my friend my therapist my imperfect perfection. You make me happy, and when I’m happy, sunshine appears on the day especially in the summertime. I love sharing I deep conversations with each other we are amazing together at least I fantasy I mean I would write about us. If I were witness, I would love to tell our story how you the sophisticated unsophisticated highly educated underrated capable Carpenter. I would write about us, about how we long to be in each other’s arms. I would write about us. I would write about the woman who lives and rides miracles like cartoon cars on rainbows. I would write about us for sure. I love the way you make love to me in my dreams. You take me over and make me come so hard. I want more of you each day. I’m thinking of you right now.

GFE Phone Sex


Tranny Phone Sex Pearl Necklace

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex chicks with big dicks like me can give you a pearl necklace. Most folks associate girls with getting them. There is even a ZZ Top song about a pearl necklace. Men get them from sexy trannies like me too. Some even beg for them. I met Tony at a night club last night. He knew I was a special girl from a mutual friend.  We danced and made out. He is not gay, but bi-curious. He asked me about my cock, so I showed him. I don’t think he was prepared for a T-girl as feminine as me to have a 10-inch cock. After he saw my cock, he couldn’t stop thinking about my dick. He was full of questions. How much do I cum? Do I stay hard after I cum? What does my cum taste like? He was focused on my cock and my cum. He was mesmerized by my cock. I took him home. He wanted my biggest cum shot on his neck. I told him that was called a pearl necklace. I even put on the song for him. I fucked his ass bareback, then pulled out and shot my jizz all around his neck and chest. He started playing with my cum and begging to clean my cock. Men always turn into cock obsessed faggots once they see my sexy tranny dick.

Naughty Cum Slut Nurse

Hot phonesexTell me what I can do for you. I promise I will make you feel better. Oh my! Yes, I see your cock is so hard it looks like you may have overdosed on viagra. No, you didn’t? Oh, you just have a nice big thick hard cock then don’t you? Well yes, I would love to help you out with your problem. I have just the right medicine for a swelling cock like yours. I can give it to you orally right here in my office. First, let me slide your pants all the way down. I am going to take your shirt off also. I want to make sure you do not have problems anywhere else. Now, I am going to massage your cock with both of my hands. I want you to grab on to my titties, and watch how hard my nipples get when you start flicking on them with your fingertips.Cocksucking Phone Sex Once I feel my nipples reach their peak, I want you to stop. My nipples getting as hard as your cock right now lets me know it is time for me to bend down and open wide. I can see already your throbbing dick is letting out some of its pudding. I will make sure I lick up all of your good pudding right now. Oh yes, I can feel your cock throbbing as it goes down the back of my throat. You’re even letting out some more of your pudding. That is a very good sign, I can feel a lot of it shooting out. When you are ready to release everything you have packed away I want you to stick your cock as far as you can, you will know when you are far enough, you will feel my saliva running out of my mouth like a water fountain all over your shaft. When your cock comes out of my mouth your problem should be fixed. If it’s not fixed just yet, do not worry. I have stronger medication that I know will work.

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is done right with big black cocks. Why cheat with white dick? I am married to a white man with a small dick. Even men with 6-9 inch cocks don’t stand a chance with this cock size queen. When I say I want a big cock, I mean 10 plus inches.  I was walking to the corner store yesterday afternoon, and I picked up more than a gallon of milk. I brought home two big black cocks. My husband was home too, but my hung lovers didn’t care. They got in on the small dick humiliation with me. One of the studs said, “How does it make you feel to know two strangers are going to take care of your woman?” I knew then, I made the right choice in selecting a lover. I love black cock, but I also love the masculinity of black men. They take no shit from any white man, especially a small dicked white man like my husband. I told my husband to sit on the edge of the bed and watch. I got tagged teamed. I had a big black cock in my pussy and ass while my loser husband played with his micro penis. Afterwards, I was one big creamy mess. My husband is a good cuckolding phone sex slut. He crawled between my legs and cleaned up my creamy goodness and then he showed off his fluffing skills and cleaned my juices off those two big black fuck sticks. My husband is a well-trained cuckold. We have been together almost 30 years. He was not always such a great black cock faggot, but he was willing to learn which is the key. The question I have for you, is are you willing to learn? Do you want to be a good cuckold too?

Rim my asshole

Biggest cum shotI want your biggest cum shot smeared all inside of my sexy little asshole, I love being filled up like a total cum dump. After all, this body of mine was made to sin so it needs to be put to good use constantly! I wanna see how wet your tongue can get while you slosh it all over my poop chute. Rimming my asshole drives me crazy!! I especially love when you use your fingers at the same time that you’re tickling my little balloon knot with your eager mouth, hehe. Ass play has always been a huge kink of mine so it really turns me on when a man knows how to handle my delicious booty juice. I haven’t showered yet today either so i’m sure you’ll be able to experience a whole bunch of tasty scents while you’re down there eating me alive!

She Watched Me Fuck Her Man

Adult phone chatA longtime client by the name of Dan contacted me last week. His girlfriend of 5 years has been cheating on him for the last three. He asked me if I could help him get back at her. I love dan, just like I love all my men. I agreed to help him with no hesitation. He told me he wanted her to walk in on us having sex. I always did think Dan was a sexy man, I still do not understand why his girlfriend of five years would cheat on him. I was excited to help Dan get back at his now ex-girlfriend. We set up a plan and chose the perfect time for the cheating slut to walk in. Dan knew exactly when she would be home, he wanted his cock buried deep inside my sexy wet pussy, fucking me long and hard as she walked in the door. Well, let me tell you, that is exactly what happened. Dan’s ex walked straight through the door and saw, who she thought was her man, with his big, throbbing cock deep inside my tight pussy. All she could do was stand there in the doorway and watch. Her eyes wide and body froze, she watched Dan fuck my soul straight out of my body. Dan’s throbbing cock filled every inch of my dripping cunt. the moans coming out of my mouth were real and at that moment, Dan’s slut of a girlfriend regretted cheating on him. We did not stop until Dan showed his ex slut that he did not need her and he could make any woman his cum slut for the night. I let Dan blast his cock cream all over my body, begging him for more. Dan told his ex he knew she had been cheating on him and to pack her shit and go. Now Dan and I are going to schedule regular appointments together. He can pleasure this pussy anytime.

Biggest Cum Shot from that Cock

biggest cum shotI was not expecting the biggest cum shot from Dan. He was not very tall. In fact, I was taller and bigger than him. His hands were small, so were his feet. Even though nothing about him screamed big dick, he was cute. He was a foreigner with a sexy accent and a bald head. I picked him up in the subway of all places. He asked for directions and the next thing I knew, I was going south on his cock. It surprised me that his cock was thick. It wasn’t a monster cock in length, but it was more than average too. I really liked his dick. I am a good cock sucker. I put my all into dick sucking. I use my big tits, my hands and my mouth to drain a man’s balls. I also licked his taint, tossed his salad and let him tea bag me. I was obsessed with his cock. It was the hardest dick I have been around in a while. He said it was because I was such a sexy BBW. Whatever the reason was, I enjoyed draining his balls. I also enjoyed the hot squirting pussy he gave me when we fucked. Looks can be deceiving. I am so glad I didn’t count him out.

Cum Shot For My Facial

Wet bald pussyWeekly facials are a must and no I do not have to go to the spa for these types of facials. All I need is a rock hard cock with nice big balls to go with it. Yea I might need to put a little work in to get the product for my facial out of his throbbing dick but that is what I love about it most. The men I choose to give me facials are handpicked by me. Not just any man can walk up and blast off all over my face and mouth. These men have to take care of themselves. I want thick warm dick spit on my face. I need your cock to be hard even after you give me your formula.Cum Slut Phone Sex I will use your cock to rub all of your good cream right into my skin. I will even drink a little of your white protein. I do not ask for much, just stay healthy and make sure your cock cream is up to par. In return, you will have me every other week giving you the best blowjob you could ever imagine. I make sure your cock goes deep down my throat, I am trying to suck all of your man creams right out of those sexy big balls of yours. Then you get to erupt on my face and let me use your cock as a beauty tool. I also clean you up, making sure you do not leave with my facial cream and protein drink. I am always looking for new men who think they can give me what I need to keep my beautiful face glowing, and my sexy body fit. I love finding new men to add to my spa regimen.

Black Cock Phone Sex Faggot

black cock phone sexMy black cock phone sex lovers love going to the glory hole with me. I have one special black cock faggot who is so desperate for big black cock, he will go to the homeless shelter in his town to score some. He was inspired by reading an erotic story by a nurse who was surprised by how hung the black men in her local shelter were. She was there to give some basic medical services to homeless men. She saw a few big black cocks and it changed her world view. I have long said, “Seeing is believing.” Most white men in denial about their small dicks, think the big black cocks on the internet are computer enhanced or just a fake dildo made to look real. Once they see one up close; once they have one in their mouths, however, they become black cock faggots for life like my caller and my husband. My caller loves going to the glory holes with me to suck some BBC, but he is prepping now as I write this blog for his excursion to the homeless shelter tonight. He preps with big black dildos in both his fuck holes like a good black cock faggot. I am so proud of my black cock loving faggot. He is going to get himself a black horse cock tonight. He is going to be a black cum catcher and a black ball washer. He was already out there scouting out the talent and found one homeless man with a black monster dick and plotted his return to get the biggest cum shot down his black cock loving mouth.  Like my husband, my caller knows once you go black, you don’t go back. I haven’t gone back since 1988. I am such a black cock whore that I want to help the white men of the world be black cock faggots.

biggest cum shot

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