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cock sucker & Anal shit

Cocksucking phone sex  My ex just walked right on in on me fucking my dildo. I did’t even invite him in. He just walked right on in.. I told him to get out and let me finish but he wouldn’t. I was still made at him for not letting me fuck this bitch with him. But he refused to leave. So, i stayed all all fours as I fucked my cunt to my favorite dildo. I told him that if he wanted to play along that he would have to do anything I wanted him to. He was down, I made him strip and to get in doggy style I ran my wet dido that still had all my cum juices all over it on his ass hole, he freaked but then started to enjoy it. I made him open his fucking mouth and throat up and I shoved it in his throat and made him suck it he was sucking hard and deep. I then started to fuck him with it I made him moan loader and loader I got deep and hard I yanked my arm pushing harder and faster I fucked his little ass hole so fucking hard I felt him cuming all over it. Then made him lick it off. That’s what he gets for sneaking in on me I turned him out to my dirty whore fuck toy.

Biggest Cum Shot Late-Night Craving

biggest cum shotLately, I have been getting the biggest cum shot to my face from a certain black lover. My husband is obsessed with creamy facials. He loves watching big black cocks explode on my face. I must admit that I love a nut explosion all over my pretty face. Most of my studs want to come inside me because they don’t have to worry about getting a 46-year-old woman pregnant. I had my tubes tied years ago because I never wanted to be anything but a black cock whore. Brats take away from sucking and fucking black cocks. Last night, I had a late-night craving for black cream. My husband called up this stud that enjoys shooting his seed on my face like it’s a canvas and his dick is Jackson Pollack. My guess was that my husband had the same late-night craving I did.  My young stud always craves white milf pussy. Even though my husband and I both had to be up early today, we had an itch that had to be scratch. I blew my young hung stud until he nutted on my face. My husband couldn’t wait to snowball that creamy fresh load with his slut wife. My stud left because he too had to work early, but my husband and I stayed up playing with the mess that was left behind. My husband is such a creampie slut. Phone sex with me is all about cuckolding, BBC and cream pies.

Cum Shots on Tits and a Cuckold Husband

cum shots on titsMy husband loves cum shots on tits. My tits and someone else’s cum.  Black cock cum is what he wants to see on my big boobs. He is my cuckold. When I get a juicy and thick load of cock cream on my jugs, my cucky hubby is kneeling in submission waiting for his treat. Last night, one of my huge hung studs stopped by for a play date. He is as dark as night too. I measured his cock at 13 inches. He is like 4 times the size of my husband. When my husband stands naked next to him, talk about a black out. It is a total eclipse of my husband’s puny white clit stick. Daryl loves humiliating my husband for his short comings. He also enjoys giving me the biggest cum shot to my tits for my loser husband to lick off in front of me. My husband is a black cock faggot. He couldn’t guzzle that shit up fast enough. Daryl was hurling small dick slams and getting hard for round two while he watched. My husband is a creampie slut too. When Daryl injected load three up my pussy, my husband was chomping at the bit to clean up the freshly deposited black jizz. Sound familiar? I bet you can’t wait to clean me up either. The question is, however, are you as good as a clean up bitch as my husband?

Sweet Revenge

Tranny phone sexI was bullied all through school because I was different. The main person who made my life a living hell was named Billy. I ran into Billy at a bar and he didn’t recognize me and he hit on me. He bought me a few drinks then we headed to a motel. I told him about my cock and he said he always wanted to fuck a tranny. He undressed me and suck my cock. I could believe Asshole Billy was sucking my cock and I could tell this wasn’t his first time. Eventually, he had me on my knees fucking my tight boy-pussy and it felt so damn good. When he got on his hands and knees I laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck Billy. I fucked him hard and fast, I wasn’t gentle at all. I thought about the torture I endured for all those years and I fucked him harder. I filled his ass with semen and with a smile I revealed my true identity. His face turn red with embarrassment and I finally felt vindicated.

Phone Sex Orgy with The Living Legend

phone sexPhone sex sugar daddies are put to shame by The Sugar Daddy, Big Daddy King. He is more than man enough to handle three sugar babies. He is The Living Legend for a reason. Girls vie for his attention and men want to be him. Not every girl is as lucky as Lena, Loretta and me.  And no man can compete with BDK and his anaconda. We three hotties are his favorite sugar babies. I introduced Lena to him and she introduced Loretta and now we all three share the most amazing, legendary man in the world. Handsome, kind, filthy rich with a cock so big it belongs in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. Lena, Loretta and I are not only prized sugar babies, we are snake charmers too. We knew Big Daddy King was coming back to the US and we wanted to surprise him. Loretta arrived in her Jag Big Daddy King bought her, Lena arrived in her Mercedes and me in my BMW. BDK spoils his beauties constantly. We were all freshy coiffed from a spa day to look our best for our beloved Legend. We were decked out in all the bling his majesty has bestowed on us over time and we were wearing our personalized BDK bedazzled bikinis. Only the finest jewels from the finest man in the world are on our smoking hot bodies. Big Daddy King spares no expense for his favorite sugar babies.

biggest cum shotWe all have a key to the palace, so we decide to surprise our King. We were jonesing for the biggest cum shot that only the anaconda can deliver. BDK was surprised and happy to see us. We pounced on our King the moment he entered his palace. We had the hot tub started and the top shelf liquor poured. First, we lavished him with kisses and hugs worthy of his King status. Then we took to Instagram to brag about the Living Legend. Haters gonna hate. Too many Splenda daddies in the world wish they could have our hot bodies. Too many skanks think they can have some time with the anaconda. Big Daddy King likes his sugar babies classy and nasty.

gfe phone sexAll three of us sugar babies begged to see the anaconda. Even a day away from the biggest cock and the best man on the planet seems like eternity.  When he unzipped his pants, I swore I heard a drum roll. The anaconda in its diamond encrusted man sleeve rolls out of our King’s pants like a red carpet. We gave the anaconda thousands of kisses. To give you wannabe sugar daddies an idea how big the anaconda is, Lena, Loretta and I can stack all thee of our hands on top of each other, around the anaconda (that is 6 sets of hands) and more than half of the anaconda is still flopping outside the last hand at the top. Like wild animals in heat, we took to worshiping the Living Legend of cocks. We idolize our King and his anaconda. He worships his three bombshell sugar babies too. We got jet blasted with billionaire nut sauce and it felt like we had been doused in gold that fell from heaven. Our Big Daddy King had more than enough nectar of the Gods to douse  three faces. What happened next, is something out of the tales of Sodom and Gomorrah. Legendary tales of sexual prowess that makes mere mortal men green with envy. Big Daddy King is no mortal man, he is a God, our GFE phone sex God.

fantasy phone sex

My younger brothers friend

big tit photosMy younger brother has dweebs coming in and out. One day I guess I was in the mood to have any cock because I let one of those young fuckers pound me. It started out with me finding out he was looking at my pictures. I had a secret file in my laptop and I guess I had forgotten to log off because when I checked he was was looking at all my big tit photos. Poor youngin was pale like a ghost. I liked that I caught him with his hands in the cookie jar. I seduced him right there. My brother was sleeping and I thought it was a perfect chance to get some youngin dick. The little fucker had a decent dick and I knew I wouldn’t be around much I was just visiting for the break. I wanted to take advantage of an innocent boy and I did 🙂 After not having dick for a few days I got what I needed and let out some steam.

Biggest Cum Shot from a Young Black Bull

biggest cum shotI got the biggest cum shot to the face this week. My husband took a picture of my face because he couldn’t believe all that cum came from one cock. Yes, it was a black cock, but it was not one of my usual studs. This was a boy. A teen boy who happened at our door one day looking for some odds and ends work like mowing lawn. He is too young to work a normal job in this state, but he can do yard work and household projects. He was cute, but with his age, I was not expecting a monster cock. Not yet at least. And, I had no idea that he would cum as much as a few full grown studs. I was going to hire him to do the lawn. My husband had a better idea. Hire him for stud services. He was tall for his age, plus he was black, so we both agreed he was likely hung. We knew it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to get him in my bed. Boys his age all have MILF fever. When he came the next day to mow the yard, my husband asked him if he would prefer to be paid to fuck his wife. The lad was a bit perplexed. I guess he thought it was a joke until I came out of the bedroom naked. He was too young to know about the perversions of adults. I think I gave him his first head. He didn’t last long in my expert mouth but sucking on his junior python gave me a hot squirting pussy. Seriously, his Johnson was long for his age. It was his nut sauce that really threw me for a loop. It was like a bomb explosion to my face. I need to rethink my age limit for black bulls.

Bimbo barbie

biggest cum shotHmmm, there is nothing I enjoy more than being a bimbo. I am the epitome of a blonde bombshell. I play the bimbo role well. I will make you think I am dumber than I am. Once I get you where I want you, I will make sure to ruin you in every way that pleases and satisfies me. It may be evil, but it makes my twat tingle. I know you want me on my knees working the biggest cum shot out. You may get lucky and get that. It depends on how you act and how you satisfy me in total. I want you to surrender and submit to me. I want to take all the power you think you have and turn your world upside down. I like to get what I want always.

Phone Sex Inspiration

phone sexI love having phone sex. You guys always tell me the dirtiest stories. Sometimes our roleplays spill over into my real life. I have a caller who fantasizes about sharing me with his best friend. He is bisexual and wants to see his friend’s cock. He wants to do more than see it. He wants to suck it and feel it in his ass.  I have had threesomes before. I love them. Two cocks for me is always better. One in each hole! But, I have never had the kind of threesome where two guys enjoy each other as well as me. That all changed the other night. I picked up two guys at a bar. When we got naked, I was surprised when one of the guys grabbed a boob and a cock. Not his cock either. He was squeezing and pumping. I didn’t flinch. I didn’t want to stop him. I mean in the throws of passion, anything goes right? Even boy on boy action. They both pumped me full of seed. I mean the biggest cum shot went in both holes. I excused myself to the bathroom for a second. When I returned, they had started round two without me. They were on the floor in the 69 position sucking each other’s cocks clean of my juice. I have never watched two men have sex in person, just in porn.  It was fucking hot. I let them have round two without me while I watched. Round three, however, I wanted back in on the bisexual fun.

Daddy fucking me in the back seat

Biggest cum shot

On a long ride to an amusement park Daddy was taking me I got the urge to put something in my mouth, and that something was Daddies dick. I had no shame I unzipped Daddy and gave him some good old fashion road head. I was deep-throating him like no tomorrow. I had no shame in being Daddies young slut. He was enjoying every minute of it, but things got extreme after his first nut. I got Daddy hard again and ready to go at it again. Daddy had to pull over and finish his load on me. Daddy exploded, and the biggest cum shot came out all over me. I licked it up and tasted him. Daddy got hard again and had to fuck me in the back seat. It was just a perfect Daddy daughter day.

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