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Red Lipstick

Cocksucking Phone Sex

I went on a date last night with a guy who had a serious thing for women dressed like whores and wearing heavy makeup. I did my hair and eye makeup and I was looking smoldering hot. I finished the look with a shade of blood red lipstick smeared across my lips. When he saw me in my tight dress, sky high heels, and dark red lips, I could see his cock starting to bulge through his pants. We went back to his hotel and I pushed him back onto the bed and did a little striptease in front of him and took off all my clothes except my heels and black thigh high stockings. I pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck him. My lipstick smeared all up and down his cock as I licked and sucked him from his balls to the tip of his dick, before sliding him all the way into my mouth and throat. I bobbed my head up and down while stroking his balls and rubbing my little wet bald pussy with my other hand. Sucking a big cock makes me so wet and turned on. He squirted a big thick load of cum into my mouth and I swished it around and let a little bit drip out of the side of my mouth. I wanted to savor the taste and I know he loves seeing me with his cum in my mouth. I wanted to leave a lasting impression on him, give him something to think about days from now when he’s alone and stroking his cock. I want him to crave me and have him begging me to come back and fuck and suck him again. After swirling his cum around in my mouth a little bit more, I swallowed it all down.

Worshiping Threesome

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

I had an appointment with three men today. This was the first time I had a group of men come to see me for a session. I couldn’t help but notice that all three men were very attractive. They seemed a little nervous, I decided I should set the mood by teasing them. I turned the heat up in my office, once it started getting hot in the room, I began to take some of my clothes off revealing a little more skin. I could tell this was getting the men excited. I could see that the men were getting comfortable. Then one of the men blurted out that their true desire is to have a 3 sum while they are getting their cock worshiped. This was my opportunity to fuck all three of these men without them thinking that I am a dirty slut whore. I like to stay professional while I work. If everyone knew I was a horny slut whore I would have men and woman coming to me just for sex! I told all three men to lay back and pull their cocks out. I could see their horny meat bulging from their pants. I taught these men the real art of cock worship. I sucked all three cocks at the same time. I praised these hard-ripe cocks. I did things to these men they will never forget. I even worshiped while I had one of the men stick his cock deep inside my dripping cunt. I know these men will never forget the time they had. I am sure they will be back with another fetish soon.

Wet Bald Pussy for Married Men

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy was extra wet this morning. I was in whore mode last night. I had a revolving door of folks coming over to fuck me. I have a lot of fuck buddies. All married men who can only come over when their wives leave. For some reason, all 6 of my married lovers wanted to fuck me last night. I just had to do some fancy scheduling. I love my married men. All of them have nice cocks and they are each generous in their own way. One lover always gives me a little cash to buy myself something pretty. Another one brings me gift cards and another one always gives me a salon card so I can get my hair and nails done. I cleaned up last night having all 6 men come visit me in one night. My pussy and ass got a work out too. Funny thing is that no one seemed to know that my pussy was full of cum. They each just thought I was happy to see them, which I was, but I was a creampie phone sex slut. I like each lover so much, but they don’t know about each other. I fear I would not be spoiled as well if they knew what a whore I am. It all worked out for me. I had lovers coming every couple hours with hard cocks and presents. I love married men. They are the best lovers.

Tranny Phone Sex Threesome

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex lovers can’t get enough of me. I am glad too. I love talking to men who have never had dick or who are obsessed with chicks with dicks. I was at a party last night and this guy was hitting on me, but it is not what you think. He had no clue about my shemale surprise. He was trying to recruit me for his wife. She has always wanted a lesbian experience. She thought I was the prettiest woman in the room. That is what he told me. She was a sexy MILF. He was pretty handsome himself. I thought it would be a hot threesome, but I didn’t know if I should tell them I was a sexy T-girl or let it be a panty surprise. I decided to let them know since she wanted a bisexual experience. They both couldn’t believe it. In fact, the husband thought  I fabricated the story to get out of fucking them. I took his wife into the bathroom to show her my ten-inch cock so they would know I was not lying. She couldn’t believe I had a bigger dick than her husband. The prettiest girl at the party had a bigger dick than her husband. She blew me in the bathroom. She gave a great blowjob too. I went home with them after all. She didn’t get a lesbian experience, but her husband got a bisexual one and the biggest cum shot up his ass.

Cheating Phone Sex Wife

cheating phone sexI love my husband, but his cock is too small and he just can’t satisfy me. So we have a perfect arrangement where I get to go out and fuck all of the big black cocks that I want, I do come home to him at the end of the night. He gets so hard knowing his hot wife is out getting fucked by strange men with huge cocks. I brought home a sexy guy with a 10 inch BBC from the club last night. My husband was in bed, but he got out and made room for us. He sat in the corner and quietly watched as the strange man from the club fucked my dripping wet pussy and mouth. His cock was so thick and long I could barely get my mouth around it. He could only fit half of it in my pussy before bottoming out. He decided to turn me onto my stomach and fuck my ass instead. I never let my husband give me anal , but I couldn’t resist this well hung stranger. It hurt a little, but soon I was in ecstasy from the feeling of his big black cock pounding in and out of my ass. My husband was rock hard, pre cum rising more and more as he watched this 10 inch stallion take his wife’s anal virginity in his own bed.

2 Girl GFE Phone Sex with The Living Legend

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is better with two hot chicks. But as hot as Adrianna and I are, Big Daddy King makes everything better; he makes us hotter. My friend Adrianna is a size queen and an alpha bitch. I have been bragging so much about my beloved Sugar Daddy, BDK, that she had to meet him too. She didn’t believe me that the anaconda was as big as it is. She thought I was showboating to try to compete with her. I love Adrianna, but there was no way any of her hung studs had a cock like Big Daddy King. There was no way any of her worthy men were AS worthy as Big Daddy King. He is the most accomplished man in the world: world class athlete, business man, best Sugar Daddy of all time, club owner, porn star…you name it, BDK has done it better than anyone. One of the many reasons he is The Living Legend is because of his big black cock that makes every man jealous and every woman weak.

biggest cum shotMy King paid me a visit and he told me he was going to grace my friend with his presence too. He decided she had waited long enough; it was time for her to see what a huge cock really looked like. Adrianna is used to being the bitch in charge, but Big Daddy King and I think that was only because she had never seen a real cock. The anaconda turns all women into submissive slaves. It was tough for me to not devour my King’s anaconda because I have missed him so much, but I had to let Adrianna have the supreme honor of worshiping the best cock on the planet. Adrianna was weak in the knees for the first time seeing the white man sleeve unfold like an accordion. She has big dick sucking skills, but the anaconda is more than enough meat for two hot bitches. I helped her worship the best cock either of us has ever seen. When she got the biggest cum shot to her pretty face, she screamed that BDK owns her pretty white pussy. Of course, he does. He owns mine too. Big Daddy King owns every woman who meets him. Adrianna’s stock just went up too because men want to be with the women that have been blessed by the anaconda. But they are just Splenda daddies. Adrianna and I know the real thing, the one and only Living Legend, Big Daddy King. #OwnedbyBDK #SugarBabyPosse #TheLivingLegend #BestCockintheWorld.

First Appointment for the day

Accomplice Phone SexI was excited to get to work today. I have been so horney lately. My first client is so ready to do everything I want. And I am ready for him today. Today I have a  very sweet surprise waiting for him. She is a consultation form the youth center down the street. I realize Mr. Bradely still needs another Hypnotism appointment. He wants to give into his private demons. He wants to fuck and force a little whore. He has always been too scared. But today is the day for his break thought. It was easy enough to put him under. when I pulled out the little slut from the closet he got hard instantly. But I could see his hands shaking. I had to be right there guiding and helping him do what needed to be done. Making sure he lived out his fantasies exactly and not cave into social norms. It was hard at first. He was so hesitant. Getting him to rip and tear her clothes off. Until he got to her panties. His hands were shaking so hard. But the second he slipped his finger inside her panty to rip them off, and touched her pussy. That is when he finally let go! Something inside of him just too over. He ripped her panties in half. I didn’t even have to tell him to touch her pussy. He did that on his own. Jamming his fingers in her tight little cunt. Mr. Bradely’s hand were not shaking as he pulled his pants down. He grabbed ahold of his cock and pressed it up against her tight little hole. That is when I had to step in. I had to tell him to wait. He had to repeat the phrase. “I deserve this. I am the master of my domain. And I deserve this” I made him say it three times before I let him plunge deep inside that tiny whore. She was so small he had to grab her hips and force himself inside of her. Over and over again. Until he finally came so hard making that whore his little cum dumpster. A major breakthrough!

I Love GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex! I had a sugar baby date last night. He was an older man. I am in my 30s, which is on the older side of the sugar baby life, but my date was in his 60s! He was a silver haired fox. I’m talking sexy salt and pepper hair. He could have been George Clooney’s dad. I met him at the club. I was not working as a stripper. I was doing some bookkeeping and managing the girls and staff. He told me I reminded him of James Mansfield. I was flattered. She is a sex kitten legend. He offered me a ton of money just to give him  a lap dance. I was happy to do it for free. I left him briefly to put on a sexy stripper outfit. I gave him such a hot lap dance that he had a boner he said he had not had in 40 years. He wanted to take me out after the club closed down. It was late and I had no clue what would be open. His penthouse suite with room service was open. His suite had a hot tub too. I fucked a senior in a hot tub! I was worried about him with all that heat and action on his heart from fucking but he was fit as a fiddle. I wanted to ask him if he took Viagra because he had a cock as hard as a teen boy who just saw his first set of tits. He told me before I could ask that his erection was just a testament to my sex appeal. We had a romantic night of love making. He treated me like a princess not a whore. Maybe I have been wrong to neglect much older men as sex partners. That silver haired fox had some serious moves and a serious boner.

All Girls Need Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexSome girls need black cock phone sex too. I have a few women in my family that waste their time with white losers. Men with thin wallets and small cocks. The girls in my family deserve better. That is why I invited my sister’s daughter over. My sister told me her baby girl has a punk ass boyfriend who makes her pay his bills. I needed to set this girl straight. Let her know it doesn’t work that way. The men pay us. The men take care of us, especially if they have a small dick. I brought my niece over. I had a surprise for her, a big chocolate one that would make her forget her loser boyfriend. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Andy’s 11-inch anaconda cock. I had to teach her a few things. It is a struggle to go from 3 to 11-inches overnight. I gave her some olive oil to coat her throat before I taught her the art of a deep throat blow job. She couldn’t wait to bounce on his cock. It was going to take a lot of lube to make her a black cock spinner. I fingered her cunt with lube to make it extra wet, then watched as her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she took every fucking inch of Andy’s massive rod on the first try. My niece is a natural black cock whore. Must run in the family.

Fantasy Phone Sex: Can I Be Your Naughty Nurse

fantasty phone sexI love fantasy phone sex calls. On a fantasy call we both get to be whoever we want. I enjoy playing naughty nurse. I have been playing doctor patient since I was a wee girl. I would exam my friends’ little pussies and dicks when I was a school girl. Sex has been on my brain for decades. Men love role playing with me. I have this one fuck buddy who loves a sexy nurse role play. I have a naughty nurse outfit from a few Halloweens ago, so I wear that when he needs a prostate exam from his busty nurse. He came over last night in need of some prostate phone sex fun. I had him strip naked for me. I put him on my massage table that we pretended was an exam table. I am very thorough with my prostate exams. The goal is to drain the balls completely. I started sucking his cock while I worked a finger up his ass. When you work the cock and the ass together, the result is a mind blowing, ball draining orgasm. I even hummed on his cock. It didn’t take long before I had a mouth full of his salty jizz. I had to swallow a few times because he had such a big load. I don’t let cum go to waste, not even the backed up cum that has been in balls for months. Can I drain you too?

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