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Cum Slut at Comic Con

cum slut phone sex

Some Times I can be such a cum slut phone sex Tranny! I mean who else would hit up Comic-Con Just because those Nerdy, Dirty Men can give me so much hot sticky cum. I know I would be amidst so many ass virgins and shy men. SHy ass virgins tend to be my favorite. I love being bold and flirty. I know my thick seven inches will make those ass holes feel so good and I am extremely sexy. I saw three guys cosplaying the Hulk, Spiderman and Batman, They seemed to be in a hot dispute over Marvel or D.C. Hot Af to be told. I was Wonder Woman and I strutted right up and asked if I could help settle this. Mouths agape they nodded. I said I will give you my room key only if all three show up to my room, “All three, 30 min. Costumes on.” I whispered as I walked away. An hour later I was waiting thinking they had chickened out. 

A timid knock and All three were here. I let them in offered drinks and began seducing each. First with mouthy tongue filled kisses making sure my boner brushed each of them, Once I was sure they knew I proceeded to suck and fuck each of them until all I could smell was sweat and cum. Costy pieces littered the floor as at on point we circle fucking and the moans and ball slapping was all I could hear. I quietly slipped out as the morning dawned, Knowing this tranny phone sex whore gave those nerds memories to last a lifetime. 

Uncle ben

hot ass sex uncle ben has always been hands on with me I was just his type. He would always tell me how much I turned him on and how badly he wanted hot ass sex with my tight twat. i was happy to oblige with his pleads as I got older because I noticed he had so many lady friends stopping by. Uncle ben wasn’t prince charming but he had something that kept the hot girls coming in and out. It wasn’t money so I put two and two together and knew he had to be packing down below. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I purposely walked in on him while he was showering one day that I decided to pay a visit. I got in with him and let him bang my pussy in the shower. Once I saw his monster cock it was game over. I needed it badly.

Come to Me for Your Black Cock Phone Sex Therapy

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is why you call me. Just like my husband, you like thinking you are a submissive cuckold, but really that is just a rouse to cover up the fact that you are a black cock faggot. I see through my husband, just like I see through you. How? There are some tell tall signs that you are a black cock faggot. Does this sound like you? You watch BBC porn when your wife is not around. You have no desire to fluff a white lover she may have. You only want to fluff big black cock. Sometimes when you are fluffing that big black cock, your wife must remind you that you are just the fluffer not the main course. You two end up in a tug of war over who gets that big black cock. When your wife is fucking her black lover, you are watching as closely as you can. There is no apathy; you want to be watching. In fact, you are trying to figure out ways to get that big black dick up your back door pussy. You can’t wait to eat your wife’s creampie when it is from a black lover. You find yourself bringing your wife lovers to fuck, but they are all black men. These are all signs that you are more than a cuckold, you are a black cock faggot. I know the signs. You don’t have to hide your black cock loving side from me. I can be your phone sex therapist and help you embrace your BBC loving side. My husband went from a cuckold to a black cock faggot with my help. I saw the signs and I nurtured them.  I will nurture them in you too. A black cock faggot is a terrible thing to waste.

Groupie slut

Roleplay Phone SexI love rolepay phone sex. I have had some crazy real life events that I like to talk about. One of my favorite things to reminsice about is when I had a huge black mamba in my mouth. Long story short I got to blow my favorite rappers of all time. He had a huge pecker and I knew getting dressed up like the perfect bimbo would get me noticed in no time. He spot me in the crowd and sent over the stage manager to grab me. I was looking hot as fuck in my short skirt and heel boots. I knew I was going to get to hang out in the V.I.P section. All I had to do was earn it and I surely did earn it with my cute mouth. He was was so impressed by my blowjob skills he invited me over to stay in the tour bus and that where I was able to get some more of that famous nut. I also inspired a few of his new hits.

Cum Shots on Tits Girl

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits, especially when it is my tits. I told a guy I was hitting on at a bar last night that I was a shot girl. He thought I sold shots of booze in a bar. He and his friend came over last night after we closed the bar down. I said I was a cum shots girl when we got to my place and they both looked at me with a huge smile. I pulled out my big tits and told them I have tits made to be decorated with cum. Look at my boobs? You know I am right. I pushed my juggs together and egged them on. I love it when guys stroke their dicks together. Some men get weirded out seeing another dick, but these two friends had no problem stroking side by side to give this sexy BBW the biggest cum shot on her great big tits. Those guys were super horny for this big nasty slut, so I wanted them to have a first quick cum, so they would last when it mattered most. They got hard again watching me lick their cum off my tits. That is when I got in the position to take two dicks at once. These guys were so cool with jacking off together that I knew they wouldn’t mind their balls touching, so I could get double penetrated in my ass and pussy. I had cum oozing out both holes to make a huge wet spot on my floor. I licked it off the carpet which made them both horny for the third time. We fucked all night long.  My pussy and ass are a little sore today, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is not every day that I get a cock in my ass and pussy from two hung guys.

Daddies cock tease

Biggest cum shot

I have gotten daddy to the his breaking point. I know he hates that I cause the biggest case of blue balls ever for him. He can’t stand it when I prance around naked, When I skinny dip or when I rub my twat with the door wide open. I never mind leaving the door in the bathroom open when I am showering. I know Daddy goes wild when I take a dip in the pool completely nude. It makes me smile knowing Daddy wants to fuck me but is trying to be politically correct. I kept wishing Daddy would break the rules. Well I got my wish! Daddy must of been on the brink of losing his mind when saw me playing with my Hitachi. My Daddy busted in the room and he wasn’t going to go gently he was going to pound my pretty pink pussy till I got the biggest cum shot out of him. Mission accomplished Daddy. 😉

Cheating Phone Sex Wife

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex whores like me, love sharing our exploits with callers. It is you guys that truly appreciate a cheating whore. My husband enjoys hearing about my cheating ways, but he prefers to watch. He enjoys seeing me take big black cocks the most. That doesn’t mean he won’t watch me take a white mamba snake, because he will. In fact, he hired me an Italian stallion massage guy the other night. The kind that comes to your place and gives you a happy ending. When I saw him, I knew he was endowed. He was a beefcake hunk. Strong arms and built like an Adonis. My married pussy got wet instantly. He liked what he saw too. He told my husband he had a hot wife. I got naked and laid on his table. I massaged his tree trunk as he rubbed me down in oil. He was talking to my husband as I was lost in his touch. From what I found out later, he enjoys fucking married women in front of their husbands. I was happy to have him watch. The massage was foreplay. I was super wet and eager to feel his pulsating cock in my pussy. I straddled him, so he could enter me deeply. He was white, but he was hung like a horse. When I sat my entire body on his hard cock, I felt full. Not easy to make me feel full like that. Well, not easy for a white guy. I could hear my husband beating his little shrimp dick as I had a hot squirting pussy all over the hired help’s cock. He fucked me well. My husband said the show was well worth the money. I have a feeling I am going to be getting a lot more in home massages.

Submissive Phone Sex: BDK Owns Me for Life

submissive phone sexMy Big Daddy King knows I have a submissive phone sex side. I can’t help but want to be on my knees when he is around. He owns me. Body and soul and of course my pussy. Sometimes, I am a bad sugar baby and I need to be punished. Punished by the anaconda!  I have not seen The Living Legend in a week or so, which makes me long for his touch; long for the only man who can break me.  The only man who truly owns me. He called me up, gave me specific instructions to dress sexy, display my tramp stamp that says, “Property of BDK” and go to this nearby bar. My King spoils me so. He arranged for all my drinks to be paid. Only top shelf drinks for his blonde sugar slave. Men were vying for me at the bar. They were buying me drinks, but I sent them back. I don’t need losers or Splenda daddies buying me cheap ass well drinks. I also don’t need any losers trying to get into my panties. Even my sexy underwear says, “Property of BDK.”

phone sexThere was this one phone sex guy who recognized me from my pictures. He was trying to be all suave coming up to me with cheesy lines. As soon as he started talking, I knew who he was. I was not going to taint my owned body with imitation white meat.  I had no idea if my master and owner, BDK, would show up, but on the off chance he might, I was not settling for cut rate cock. That is when I felt someone press against my back. I felt the anaconda, so I knew it wasn’t any loser barfly. It was my King. I fell to my knees in a public bar and started kissing just the outside of his pants. Rainbow kisses for the best cock in the world. I begged to see the anaconda. I wanted all those losers who were attempting to get into my owned pussy to see why I denied them. Girls lucky enough to be in BDK’s exclusive and elite sugar gang, don’t soil their hot bodies with little white dicks. All the losers watched in shock and dismay as BDK, my owner, bent me over a table and pounded his pussy. My Big Daddy King is an amazing sugar daddy and master. I begged for his billionaire nut sauce while others watched. Splenda daddies and wannabe suitors need to understand not only who owns my pussy, but who is worth waiting for. Hint: It is not little white dick.

black cock phone sexMy Big Daddy King is The Living Legend of my World. I will do anything for him. I will do anything he tells me to do. I will only obey the best! I am his OG Sugar Slave for life.

Sloppy seconds cum slut

Biggest cum shotI want the biggest cum shot from your cock to explode inside of my tight little pussy. I’ve been getting fucked all day long and can barely even walk because i’m so fucking sore and tender. Literally I lost count of how many dicks i’ve had plunged inside of my cunt all day long today. All I know is that it’s been a lot! Thank goodness I am so fucking flexible, I can easily wrap my legs behind my neck and spread open my little pussy hole so that I can make that cock dig up into my guts. My period just ended a few days ago so my body is nice and fertile & ready to be fucked! I want to get pregnant so bad, I wonder who the lucky pervert is gonna be that’s going to be my baby daddy! So much cum is oozing out of my body, i’m filled up and overflowing! There is so much sperm all over my tits and cunt, i’m fucking drenched. Daddy said that he wants to lick all the sloppy seconds cum loads off of me. He’s such a good clean up slave, hehe.

Drugs Phone Sex with a Mommy Whore

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is what I do best. I always have a bowl of coke, a mirror, a straw and a razor blade handy for calls. I am an old school 80s coke whore. I partied with my drug dealer and his friends last night. I needed to refresh my coke stash before the weekend approaches. I thought I was just going over to party with him. When I arrived, his posse was all there, and they looked shocked to see a white MILF at the door. Marcus lives in the hood. He makes a good living dealing drugs, but he says if a hood rat like him was to move into a gated community like mine, eyes would be on him and questions would arise about how he earns his income. He said in the hood, everyone leaves you alone. He said the big Italian mob bosses lived modestly for the same reason. I guess I was drawing attention to myself being a white upper-class woman in the hood. His posse knew I was there for cock or coke. I was there for both. Before I could get my bag of coke, I had to earn it as always. This was the largest crowd at his crib before. They looked like they were jonesing for white pussy like I was for white powder. I got naked and earned my weekend fix the old-fashioned way. They passed me around like I was candy. I was a black cock gangbang whore for the night. I was covered in jizz and my holes were gapped from the thick rods that penetrated me for hours. My sons would be disappointed that they missed my taboo gangbang. They love it when their mommy is a whore. I don’t know how to be anything else. I love being a phone sex mommy, but nothing beats being a real mommy whore for my sons.

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