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Young Bald Pussy Makes My Neighbor Cum

Young Bald Pussy

My neighbor has been trying to catch a glimpse of my young bald pussy for weeks now. I’ve seen him in his window peeking over at me. I know that he’s just hoping to see me changing, playing with myself, or fucking someone. I decided to make all his dreams come true in one night. I texted this guy I hook up with and told him to come over to my place. I knew that my naughty neighbor would be in his window checking up on me. I walked over in front my own window and start slowly and sensually undressing for him. Peeking up I saw him there, his face had a look of surprise. I had never deliberately given him a striptease before. Then I set my chair up right where he could see and started to rub my little pussy for him. I could see him over there, stroking it, playing with himself while I did the same. When my booty call showed up, I answered the door naked and he was instantly hard, thinking that I was nude just so I could fuck him. He had no idea that we were really about to put on a kinky live porn for the guy in the next house over. I had him bend me over my chair right there for him to see. I stared at my neighbor the entire time, even as I came, I let him see the look on my face while I got fucked. Just as I felt my ass getting glazed with cum, I saw my naughty neighbor shoot his load all over the place.

Hot Squirting Pussy In Your Face

Hot Squirting Pussy

My hot squirting pussy drives all the guys crazy. I love shoving their face right up in my sweet honey pot while my cum is exploding out onto their lips. They love opening their mouth, sticking out their tongue and catching all of my pussy juice. They say I’m sweetest tasting little cunt they’ve ever had. I make all the boys I fuck spend hours licking up my clit and making me cum before I let them fuck me. I want to cum all over your face and in your mouth before I take your cock and stuff it inside my fuck hole. My pussy will be so dripping we when you slid inside me you won’t be able to help yourself but to start pounding my tiny bald pussy. Just like you took my cum in your mouth, I’ll let you cum deep down my throat like a good whore. Fuck me hard and rough until you’re about to burst, then shove me to my knees and shot the creamy goodness right down my throat and into my belly. I’ll suck out every last drop of that creamy goodness and be begging for more!

Big tit fucking

big tit fuckingBig tit fucking is fun. When you have tits like mines everyone wants to feel upon them. I love how sensitive my tastes are. Last night I got so horny and invited over a guy I have been talking to for a while. He came over quickly, It was literally 5 minutes after I texted him. I guess you can say he’s under the body spell. He came over and I greeted him with the hottest outfit. A low-cut halter top that plunged down my chest. He was in awe and loved the little skirt I had on. I whispered in his ear “Fuck me like a whore tonight” I got my wish because I had never seen him be so aggressive. In a good way of course. That top was off in 2 sec and he made that skirt come up my waist. He fucked me like the bad whore I was being. Teasing his cock got the best of him because he nutted all over my pretty little tits.

Biggest Cum Shot For Little Wendy

Biggest Cum Shot

I love watching the biggest cum shot explode all over a hot girl’s face. I watch so much cum shot compilation porn it’s insane. Every day I like to sit down and rub my sweet wet little cunt. The thing I like to watch most when I fuck myself is cum shot videos. I just can’t get enough of seeing huge hard cocks shoot their cum out. Every whore looks better with a giant load of that creamy cock juice all over her face and tits. Whenever I see them playing with it on their tongue and swishing it around in their mouth I about explode myself. I can’t wait until the next time I get fucked so I can get on my knees like a good little cum slut and take a load to the face. Licking it up and sucking it off my fingers while I rub my soaking wet cunt, what could be better?

Young Bald Pussy Is So Much Better

Young Bald Pussy

Every guy craves young bald pussy. The married ones really get my pussy wet. I love knowing that my tight young body is much better than wives. Tell me how much tighter and how much sweeter my little cunt tastes than hers. It’s why you want me so badly, isn’t it? You know that my freshly shaved honey pot will have you begging me for more. I’ll always give in, I’ll suck and fuck you like really need. Don’t let your wife waste that cock and come to me. I’ll be on my knees already waiting to suck every last drop of your hot creamy load out. Watch me rub my clit while I deepthroat you. Then I’ll set my pretty little pussy on top of your cock and bounce my tight tiny body up and down on you. It’ll feel so fucking good when you shoot your load deep inside my pussy.

Hot Squirting Pussy Makes It Better

Hot Squirting Pussy

My hot squirting pussy is exactly what you need. My sweet honey pot can solve all your problems. Anyone who is having a bad day, come and get a face full of my tight young little pussy. I want you to take all that stress out on my tiny teen cunt. Fuck me so hard that you let all those frustrations out on me. Let my pussy take a beating from your nice thick cock. I’ll cum so fucking hard you’ll my juices spilling out all over your cock and balls. These pussy walls will tighten around your dick while you pump in and out of me. Let all that anger out on this shaved little fuck hole. When your hot creamy load explodes inside me I’m sure you’ll feel much better. Unless it’s my ass you are after, then go ahead and rip my tight asshole open. I want you to get that release in any way you need. I’ll be the little fuck doll that you need.

Hardcore ass fucking

Hardcore ass fucking Hardcore ass fucking with my best friends boyfriend makes me cum extra hard. I have never been a loyal friend because I have always liked all the guys to rally around me and lust over me. So I have had all my friends boyfriends. I like being able to take a guy that’s in any sort of relationship and I like to ruin what they have. Its evil but its hot and gets me off. Having a good fuck fest with someone you aren’t supposedd to be boning is such an exciting feeling.


I have even fucked my mom’s fiance while she’s been in the same room. I snuck in my moms room while she was sleeping next to her was her very young fiance, my mom is a total cougar and she’s  hot but I liked her young fiance and when I got home from college I was so attracted to him and had to have him while my mom was in deep sleep I fucked my soon to be stepdad.


I have fucked my friend’s boyfriends while they were in the same house. Last year during a summer vacation my best friend was downstairs and dozing off, I made her boyfriend follow me upstairs and made him give me some good anal, and cum shots to my mouth.

Biggest cum shot

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot on my face. I have been putting overtime at work, Even when I’m not scheduled by boss makes me come in and has me be his fuck slave. I was in school and I wasn’t scheduled to go to work, I was relieved because I have been getting fucked nonstop and have been paying for what I did to my boss, I stole from him and he has made me pay him back with my pussy and my time. I have gotten used to not being able to do what I want and I have kind of given my boss my life and mercy in a silver platter. Its so easy for him to manipulate me,  So of course I am tired and just excited to be in class and away from him and his antics.


I was taking my test in class today, I was focused and ready to turn it in when I get an emergency text I had to drop everything and meet my boss outside of campus. I was mortified I was not expecting him to intervene with my school life this was the only time I had for myself. Well, I dropped everything and went right outside to the parking lot like I was directed. I saw his car and he told me to get my little ass in the back seat and to get buck ass naked.

I knew not to argue and so it began moments later I was being fucked in the parking lot of school by this old man who has become my owner. He got hard and wanted to use my pussy. I had no way to protest I had to give him what he wanted. It only took about 10 minutes. He was so hard and throbbing and ready to pop that he just need my hot cunt to unload. He grabbed my panties and didn’t let me take them. He wanted me butt ass naked underneath my sheer short skirt. He told me it was punishment for wearing such a short skirt and for making him wait 2 minutes. I left with cum running down my leg and I wiped as much as I could. I got back into the class all frazzled and wet just waiting till I could get home.

Pegging is My Fetish, What’s Yours?

Fetish Phone Sex

One of my long-time fetishes is pegging. I absolutely love love love to give a guy a great orgasm from fucking his ass, hitting that just right spot and sending you into a whole other realm of a “good fuck.” I pride myself on being the best fuck I can. Not because of anything other than I just love to have a guy leave and not be able to concentrate on anything else than wanting to see me again.
I have this killer strap on that has all different types of toys that I can change around and find what really makes you grunt and need to cum. And I’m not just going to fuck you from behind. I’ll flip you over and fuck you missionary so I can jerk that cock off while I fuck your ass hard. And when you are really really close to cumming, I’m going to stop stroking your nice hard cock and make you cum hands-free. Do you think that will make you desire me constantly and needing me to fuck you again and again?

Phone Sex

Cum Shots On Tits Really Turn Me On

cum shots on tits

I’ve been watching so much porn that ends in cum shots on tits lately. I just can’t enough of watching that hot creamy load shoot all over a nice juicy rack. I needed to share my current obsession with cum covered titties with someone, so I invited this guy over and asked him if he wanted to watch my dirty videos with me. Having smaller tits myself, I love watching the girls with those giant floppy boobies get glazed. So, we started watching a video of this girl on her knees. She was surrounded by guys all jerking off their cocks onto her huge double D tits. It was so hot to watch her take load after load. Sticking her tongue out and licking up what cum she could. My friend and I fucked while we watched and when he was about to blow his own top, I got onto my knees and let him stroke his nice dick right onto my face and tits.

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