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Your New Fuck Doll

biggest cum shot  

I love taking the biggest fucking cum right to my pretty little face. Anything that makes me feel like a total fucking slut, I love it and I can’t get enough of it. Treat me like a worthless little slut. Afterall, that’s what I am, isn’t it? All am is a tight wet little fuck hole for you to stick your cock into. Use me up and destroy my fucking dripping wet cunt. Throw me down and gag me with your huge fucking cock. Degrade me, call me filthy names, tear my ass and pussy open. Anything you want and I mean anything, you can have with this tiny fuck whore. I just fucking love cock and getting put in my place, on my knees and begging for your cock. Which, is exactly where I’ll be. Naked and soaking wet, rubbing my clit and waiting for you to come and use like a fuck doll.

Cum On My Tits!

titty fucking phone sexI love it when men come all over my tits! Titty fucking phone sex gets my pussy so fucking wet.  Wrapping my beautiful luscious tits around your hot throbbing meat.  Licking the pre-cum off of that beautiful mushroom head of yours just as it peeks at the top of my tightly pressed togethered breasts.  Not all women know how to titty fuck a man properly, but I sure do.  Every man has his own fantasy and if titty fucking is yours, call me so you can take a ride with me to titty fuck heaven.  Just imagine me with my tits wrapped around you.  Jacking your hard cock up and down with them.   You’ll be squirting your heavy load all over my luscious titties in no time.  Hopefully you squirt some on my face too 😉

I Love That Beautiful Cock

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

I love cocks of all kinds and I always have. I am a slut and very proud of it, a lot of guys are always eyeing me because they think I am sexy. I always see this one guy at the same Starbucks I go to. I finally muster up the courage and go up to him and introduce myself, I bite my bottom lip and just sat there looking at me. I turned to walk away and he grabbed my wrist and wanted me to walk down the stairs with him. This Starbucks was built where an old library use to be and I followed suit. He told me to get on my knees and take his cock out, it was about 5 inches long with a fat mushroom head. He told me he wanted me to worship it and that a ladies place in this world is that. I took it out and told him how beautiful it is and how lucky I am to even be able to touch it. I asked permission to suck it and he said yes. I put my mouth all the way down on his cock and then I was telling him how beautiful his balls are. He gave me his number and wants me to stay in touch.

Valentines day seduction

hot ass sexHot and horny little secretary slut for you. I love knowing that I turn you on more than your wife. I left you a little note for valentines, and you fell for my trap. I knew you would eventually cave. Its hard not to resist me. I used your vulnerability as a way to get you to do everything I wanted you too. I knew you would feel so good inside my cunt I like older guys who are in positions of power. The ones that have their wives blowing up their phones while they are getting one mean deep blowjob. I like knowing how weak I can make a strong man. When you come across me, your strengths weaken very quickly. You crave hot ass sex with me and won’t stop till you have me in all ways. I tend to give you the gfe experience you so desperately crave by also dominating your life and feelings. I like being your sexy personal slut. When you met me up after missing the reservations you had set up for v day with your wife. I knew then, and there I had you in the palm of my hands. My sweet tight pussy and hot body are all that you want from now on.

Cum Slut Phone Sex: I Love the Taste, Feel & Look of Jizz

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is perfect for me. There are many things I enjoy like cheating on my husband with teen boys and big black dicks. What all the men I fuck have in common is cum. I love the feel, look and taste of cum. I love a creampie and a facial. I love swallowing too. Yesterday morning, the neighbor boy came over before school to fuck me. He arrived after my husband left for work and after my two step sons had fucked me. I was about to hop in the shower when I heard the doorbell. I slipped on my jeans to see who it was. I should have known it was the boy next door. School was back in session after the snow storm finally. If I had been thinking, I would have answered naked despite it being 30 degrees outside. I wriggled out of my skin tight jeans and blew his teen dick knowing we were going to fuck with my pussy full of cum. He just thought I was extra excited to see him. He fucked my pussy pie and deposited the third load of cream in me. It wasn’t even 9 AM yet and I had three loads of cum in my cunt. I wanted to savor some of it, so I pissed it out in a cup. I drank it; swallowing some and spitting the rest on my tits. I sucked it off my boobs on my first phone sex call.  I am such a dirty cum slut.

Come Lick My Cum Covered Toes

foot fetish phone sex

Let me tell you about how much I love you sucking on my pantyhose covered toes during our foot fetish phone sex fun.

I love tights and the feeling of the nylon fabric against my smooth legs and long slender feet. Let me take my pretty painted toes and rub them all over your cock and balls.

My feet are so sensitive, come give them a lick. Run your tongue along the arch of my foot, let it slide between my toes.

Get my feets nice and wet and then take out that rock hard cock.

Feel my feet slide along the shaft of your cock and pump out every last drop of that warm and cream delicious cum.

You love the taste of it on my toes, don’t you?

Come and clean them up for me. Take my pretty painted toes cum covered toes and suck off your huge load! 

Naughty getaway with daddy

cum shots on titsI have been doing so good in school. I have kept my GPA high.

Daddy is so proud of me for being a good girl. Daddy decided it was about time we spent some more time together.

We went away to a little vacation without mommy of course. I loved having daddy all to myself. Daddy took tons of pictures of me, and we were able to stay completely nude since it was a bare resort. I love being daddies, special princess. I liked having all his attention without having mommy disrupt us. Daddy couldn’t keep his cock to himself. I loved fucking daddy on the beach. Sex on the beach is just about the best thing ever too. I liked getting daddies cum shots on tits and ass also. I could see how desperately daddy needed my wet cunt so I was happy I could make him satisfied too. I liked watching as daddy thrust his cock into me and how we were able to fuck for hours on end. I made sure daddy had a blast because I was having a blast soaking the sun and soaking his big daddy cock inside me. My cunny was so sore after from all the fucking we did. I didn’t care; I just wanted more and more of daddy. My mouth and ass got a lot of love from daddy too.

Black Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits, especially when it is black cum and on my tits! I had a surprise visit this morning from an old lover. I have not seen him in forever. He got married and started having little ones, so fucking a slut wife was no long a priority. His wife is a black beauty queen who would not stand for him cheating on her with a white woman. I was surprised to see him, but happy nonetheless. If he was at my door, he wanted to fuck. His cock is a work of art too. Thirteen inches, thick and uncut. He told me he loves his wife, but she can’t handle his dick, not even after she birthed a few brats. I told him his cock was always welcome in my fuck holes anytime. I meant it. Tray is one of the best cocks I have ever fucked. He wanted to fuck me, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to cheat on his wife. It was sweet, but frustrating. I mean why the hell show up at my doorstep unless you want to fuck? He apologized for twat teasing me. He wanted to see if I was still smoking hot. I suggested something to him I thought would work for both of us. A little guided masturbation. I mean if he was stroking his massive rod in front of me, that isn’t technically cheating. If he came on my tits, his cock didn’t touch me. He loved the idea. His balls were big and swollen too. They clearly needed drained. Tray always had huge cum shots.  Look at my tits? I took a selfie. That is one load of hot sticky cum. It is on my face too.  Tray knows how to give a woman cum. Too bad my husband isn’t here to lick it off. Would you like the honor?

Sissy Boy Training

phone sex

Cuckold Sex for a nasty fucking sissy boy! I will make you the sluttiest panty sissy boy who loves to watch me get impaled by 10-inch cock. Wear your pink and white baby doll nighty while you stroke your pathetic little cock.  My legs will be spread so wide you will be able to see my pussy sucking in that BFC…Big Fat Cock!  I will make you the prettiest little small dicked sissy. I will have bright red lipstick on and I will make you suck and lick a nice fat cock in front of me, leaving a ring of pretty lipstick around that pretty cock. I will get my pussy filled with salty stick cum and demand you between my legs.  I want you to suck all that sweet cum out of my pussy, drop by drop.  While you are doing that I want to be deep throating this BFC until I get the biggest cum shot in my mouth. I will hold that load of cum from him and make you on your knees holding your mouth open. I will spit his second load in your mouth. You will swallow it all sissy panty boy.  Let’s get this show going, we have much more to explore.

Stranger in the Elevator

Tranny Phone SexLast night I met a beautiful stranger in an elevator. He couldn’t stop staring at me and it excited me. But I was nervous because I’m not your average girl, I’m special. When he stopped the elevator between floors and got right in my face I put his hand beneath my skirt and let him feel what made me special. He dropped to his knees and pulled my skirt up and wrapped his soft lips around my hard cock. While he sucked my cock he kept his blue eyes locked to mine. The only sounds were his slurping and my moans of pleasure. This man was wonderful and so very sexy. I tried so hard not to cum fast but the oral sex felt too damn good. Sweet warm nectar filled his mouth as he sucked me dry. He got off his knees, started the elevator, and got off on the next floor. He left me alone and shell-shocked, and  I didn’t even know his first name.

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