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Cum Slut Phone Sex: Are You a BBC Cum Junkie Too?

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex. Is that something you like? Typically, that type of call is for men who love a dirty cum guzzling slut. Cum calls with me can go that route because I do swallow a ton of cum a week. However, my typical cum whore call means my caller wants to guzzle up some black seed. My husband is a black cock sperm junkie. He won’t eat his own cum. He won’t blow a white man, but that black spunk is like candy to him. Me too. We are both black cock cum whores. Last night, I was a gangbang whore. I had ten big black dicks fucking me for hours. I don’t usually entertain that many cocks at once, but I was super horny, and my lover had some friends in town. He wanted some white milf pussy, but he didn’t want to leave his friends either. They were fraternity brothers in town for a 20-year reunion. I told him to bring his friends. I knew my husband wouldn’t mind. More cock means more cum. As I was getting fucked full of sperm, my husband was right there to clean up the mess. A cock would pop off and my cuckold husband would slurp up the creampie. Swallow and repeat. He saved a few loads for his cum loving wife, but he was a greedy fuck last night. Good thing I had so many black lovers over with cum filled balls. My husband couldn’t get enough of that liquid candy.

Phone Sex With A Sex Slave

slavery phone sex

A submissive whore ready for slavery phone sex with you. I am a sex slave I am owned.  I love replaying exactly how my callers want to tie me up and use my sweet fuck doll holes. My Owner has a fetish for seeing my white skin get pummeled by Big black cocks. He says my blonde hair and green eyes make me the perfect black cock lover. I am petite with 32 D tits that stand out against my tiny 23-inch waist and 34-inch hips. I am fucked like the slutty slave ragdoll that I am most nights.  My owner releases me to the phones so I may know of other masters desires for my body and it helps to make me a compliant slave. Although my wet pussy loves to get fucked while my ass is being plugged up by a huge butt plug.  I love being the center of attention to a bukkake session. Give me loads of cum and I will show you just how much of a cum slut I can be. Fuck me in my tiny ass hole and choke me, show me who is in control and you will never have to go without me pleasuring your cock.

Fantasy P-Mommy Rita Needs Money

Fantasy phone sex with this coed p-mommy that has two offspring sluts is in need of money and we can negotiate. I’m open to all types of negotiations in regards to pimping out my slutkins that are a couple of teases. We do pageants all the time and the judges love to come by and inspect the girls prior to giving me a break in the registration costs.

They will have my girls do a sexy striptease and then show off their bodies to let the Judges inspect the bald cunies and those pink puckered assholes. They love testing the girls on their oral presentation with their big cocks as the tool for the test. The cock sucking little wenches pass with flowing jizz fountains of applause.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Damsel Loves Being A Cum Whore

Home Invasion Phone SexThe other night my I was home alone, my roommate was with her man getting that juicy dick. I was in the living room just minding my own business drinking a glass of wine. I heard the door knob jingle and I got scared, I hid in a closet and soon after 2 men walk into my house. I was trying not to breath to heavy but they were looking through everything. I don’t know exactly what they were looking for. They opened the closet I was in and grabbed me up and carried me down to the basement. The found a chair and tied me down and put duct tape over my mouth. What they didn’t know that they were actually making my panties very wet. I played the damsel in distress and they bought it, I acted like I was trying to get away and the guys came up to me and felt up my skirt and said this bitch is wet. Damn I have been caught, they took the duct tape off my mouth and put both their dicks in my mouth, fucking me super hard and stretching open my mouth. One of them was finger banging me and I was moaning on his dick so much it was almost making him cum. They loved me being their little cumslut and how much I devoured their dicks until they came all over my mouth and chin.

Cum Shots on Tits from a Small Cock

cum shots on titsI got some nice cum shots on tits at the club last night. I am a featured dancer at this local high end club a few times a month. A fat cat hired me for the VIP room. If the money is right, anything goes in the VIP room. The owner of the club only allows certain regulars to rent the VIP room. Technically, money for any kind of sexual encounter is illegal, so he vets the big spenders. He doesn’t want his club shut down for illegal prostitution. It happens in every club, but the key to getting whatever you want in a strip club is money. If you are a broke ass loser, you can’t get anything but a smile from a sexy stripper with your wad of singles. Demetri is some oil magnate. He owns several oil fields like Getty. I was down for some fast cash. The club owner lets the girls keep 70% of whatever we are paid.  I thought he would want to fuck me. I was surprised when he wanted small dick humiliation from an Amazon goddess. He did have a small cock, not super tiny, but no anaconda either. Usually, wealthy men want to fuck, even ones with small dicks because their money trumps their dick size. I will bark like a dog, if the money is right. I had no problem laughing at this pathetic white dick. He was turned on by my insults. I got another surprise. The biggest cum shot on my boobs from a rather small dick. He was small, but his balls were full of jizz!

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sexI know what I am and I love it a hood rat slut . Growing up I hung out with all the gangsters and thugs in there trap house I get high and drunk all day with them and I repay them by being the best Trap ho I can be. You got gang if you ever had none of keisha. I do all things for the right price I will let you put it in my ass. I like to be roughed up and when they gang needs me to I sell they drugs bring them new hoes but everybody knows who has the best pussy on the block. One New years the whole gang lines up and stuff every whole I have until I can’t take any more . Im ready for you to Come show me a Cock Keisha never did right. While I play with this juicy sweet pussy I will lick the top all the way down the spit and slurp it all up in one breath I slowly put it deeper in my mouth till I gag and swallow at the juices off that big thick cock up and down up and faster till I feel pulsing in my mouth and explode all in my mouth while I happily swallow you sweet juices left just for keisha

Adult Phone Chat About Big Black Dicks

adult phone chatLet’s have some adult phone chat about cock size. We are adults. We can discuss your little white pecker civilly. Do you see the cock I am showing off in this picture? Now that is a cock. I am showing it to my husband like a game show hostess shows off a brand new car. I am proud of the big black cock I am going to fuck in front of my husband. Like you, he cannot stop staring at Leroy’s massive member. It’s like a prized stallion dick, no? One of the things I like about big black dicks are their mushroom heads. I love a juicy cock head. Especially one that is veiny too. Leroy’s cock is like a snake. It pulsates on its own. Leroy can make it move like some men can jiggle their pecs. I spend hours worshiping cocks like this one. They are worthy of worship and adulation. Tiny little white nubs are worthy of nothing, except maybe laughter. I love comparing a big black bull cock with a little white nub. The contrast is drastic. I stand in the middle of my lover and my husband comparing the two dicks. The difference is obvious. A black cock is thick, long, heavy, dark and veiny. Black balls are as big as tennis balls and filled with an endless supply of cum. White dicks are short, thin and disappear in your hand. They have walnut shaped testicles and their cum could only fill a thimble.  It is like comparing an anaconda and a caterpillar. My husband is a BBC faggot and cuckold. He loves it when I shame his little dick and compare him to a real cock. I provide phone sex therapy for men like you and my husband. I can talk about big black dicks all day long. What about you?

Be A Good Boy And Suck That Dick

Forced Bisexuality Phone SexI can be very persuasive when I want to be. I know my hot teen body does captivate guys, a lot of guys want to fuck me and I am okay with that. There is a fetish I have however that I have gotten to fulfill that I want to do again as much as i can. I love have cock sucking contests to see which of us suck it better. I love getting the guys who are so against it and making them suck those big fat cocks for me. And the guys i have done it with the cocks have been way bigger than their own. This fetish titillates me and my bald pussy gets so wet. I love teasing the guys and showing them my perfect tight kitty. Telling them the way to get it is to suck that fat dick for me. I will take them by the back of their head and place their lips right on that cock. I also love sucking cock with guys and have our tongues massage at the head when we are both sucking for that cream. I am rubbing my pussy right now just thinking about it and much I love us licking the creampie of each others faces and then kiss with it thick on our lips like lip gloss.

Your Ass? My Girl Dick?

tranny phone sex

Finding Tranny phone sex enticing? I love it when I get to make your cock ooze with precum as I stroke my beautiful dick. I imagine you’re the sexy older businessman I ran into at the condo complex yesterday. Talk dark and handsome and very flirty. You told me you were not feeling well and I invited you over for a joint to make your big beautiful eyes feel better. We sat down and we rolled a joint and you were not shy about telling me how hot you thought I was and as we smoked your dick began to grow. I got between your legs and unzipped your pants and locked eyes as I began to suck and lick your thick shaft. I stood up and raised my dress and you saw my girl dick and tried to act surprised as I lowered my ass down on your cock facing you. We kissed long and hard as I rode your throbbing dick. I leaned in and whispered that I was going to take your ass and you shuddered and I could feel your meat stick jump in my ass pussy. Kissing you I popped my ass off you beautiful powerful dick. I demanded you naked and bent over in front of me. You said yes Mistress. I grabbed the lube and started working my girl boner in and out of you as you begged for me to go deeper and harder. I grabbed your dick as I filled your ass with my cum. My hand covered in your load, I licked it off and made you lick it too. I said you would be my bitch anytime I wanted because I now had video of you taking it up your ass and You would give me that dick whenever I wanted. I know you will, I’ll be here stroking till I have your ass again.

Daddy’s Cum Loving Whore

young bald pussy

My Daddy’s friends all wanted a taste of my young bald pussy. He knows how much his naughty little girl loves cum. So, one year for my birthday he threw me the best part ever. All of my Daddy’s friends came and he had me dressed up like the perfect fuck doll. My tight fuck holes were pounded by one cock after another. I was filled and dripping with cum but I was still begging for more. Daddy told me how proud he was of his tiny little fuck toy for pleasing all of his friends. the night ended with Daddy fucking my pretty little mouth in front of everyone and then showing em with his load of creamy warm cum. I fucking loved it. I came so fucking hard having everyone watch what a dirty little slut I was. I hope Daddy throws me another party to stretch out my tiny ass and pussy.

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