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The thing about being a Sexy slut i have my pick of the litter. With this Hot squirting pussy they never want to leave! Wether its watching me getting pounded out or them doing the pounding every man that crosses my path loves it here. Clearly Its my beauty that attracts them but the ways I make them cum is why they stay.

Last night I got my hands of the most perfect chocolate treats! Two tall black guys walked into my Hotel after me and they were beautiful. Once we were in the elevator I struck up a conversation with them they were nice and very funny. We ended up being on the same floor as we were making our way to our rooms I invited them to a nightcap. they agreed and 20 minutes after I hear a knock on my door. They came with the best party favors one had a couple bottles of champagne and the other had coke and weed they were prepared for my kind of party. I was in a silk nighty ready to get filled with cum and pounded until im sore.

Boy did they spread me thin and stretch me wide all throughout the night they took turns making my tight little pussy cream and squirt all over the place. Filling my holes with their baby juice and having me disrupt everyone stay from the screams that left my body.


Adriana is craving Sensual Domination Phone Sex!

My body started vibrating at the thought of Sensual Domination Phone Sex. Something about being fucked rough and hard while daddy tells me how much of a good girl I am that makes my pussy throb. I am a bit of a brat and sometimes i lash out because daddy isn’t giving me the attention I so desperately need. I guess he noticed his little cum queen needed daddies special attention last night. He came home and I greeted him with the silent treatment. He put down all of his things and called out my name. I remained quiet! He found me in my favorite spot on the couch refusing to make eye contact acting as if he wasn’t there. He decided  to remove my blanket and got on his knees grabbed my legs and spread them open and licked my little pearl through my panties. As he licked and dug his tongue inside my pussy my body melted. He slid my panties down and slid his tongue inside me even deeper while he lightly wrapped his hand around my throat.

He tried to get up from his meal and I shoved him right back down I wasn’t finished cumming all over his face. Once I was ready i had him sit on the couch and I climbed on top of him. I took that dick he kept from me for too long. He wasn’t able to cum until I was ready for him to explode. I rode him until he couldn’t take it anymore creaming and squirting all over his thick juicy cock. I love when a man relinquishes all of his power to me!


Cuckolding Phone Sex with BBC Worship

Cuckolding phone sex is always fun when BBC is involved. Im a size queen nothing better than a large cock filling my holes until I am drained. last night my husband invited his friends over for poker night and i being the gracious host I am  I cooked and served all of them In my sluttiest outfit.

One of the guys slapped and grabbed my ass as I bent over to serve him and that made my pussy throb ten times more. After I served all the snacks and drinks I crawled under the table as the game was still going and pulled out his massive cock and swallowed him whole While the other men pull their cocks out waiting their turn. My husband suggested we move this party to the living room.

My husband took his seat in his recliner and watched as his loving wife got her hole filled by his black bull friends. As i was getting pounded he cheered me on like a good little cuck.


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The thought of Strap on phone sex with you dirty sluts called men makes my pussy drip. I know I can get you to do and say anything just to get that little dickie off. Hearing your heavy breath while you tell me all about that naughty things you think about while you stroke yourself for me. something about heating you moan and groan as I instruct you to do whatever I want makes my pussy tingle. So when I start to feel a little assertive and dominant I step out of my element of a docile submissive and go on a hunt for slave boys. Its even better when I make you watch another mans boy pussy get pounded out in the process.

Having control over your pathetic little perv cock to the point where you cant even think straight without me pointing you in the right direction. I already know that pre cum is oozing out of you in anticipation for whats to come. Me bending you over like the good little bitch you are with your legs parted and spreading that ass for me. Making you stroke that cock while I fuck you in your ass mercilessly. Digging deeper so I can pull out every little slutty scream you let out as I milk that prostate. 


Adriana loves playing with her Young bald pussy

 Strap-on Phone Sex

When I was younger my daddy could not resist my Young bald pussy! I developed quicker than the other girls around me. My boobs came in full and perky with my nice tight little ass. He would take me in the shower with him and rub my body down with soap and get me good and clean. I would do the same for him getting his body clean giving special attention to his juicy cock.

My little hands jerking his massive cock up and down while I lick his tip. Milking his cock until he exploded every all over my face. He then picked me up and wrapped my legs around his face and dug his tongue deep inside of my pussy until my legs began to shake and I came all over his face.

He put me down and bent me over and shoved his cock inside of me. He bent me over pulled my arms holding me in place and started pounding my pussy until he exploded deep inside my sweet little fuckbox. He left me drained and filled with cum on the shower floor. I loved every minute of it!

Adriana Loves Cheating Phone Sex!

Cheating phone sex

Is Cheating phone sex really cheating?  I don’t really think so! Most of my lovers have wives and families. I know their wives may think its cheating if you give me a ring, but im not really sucking your cock now am I? I have not laid a single finger on you so could it really be cheating?

Being your mistress over the phone however I love. I’m a horny woman, playing with my pussy while you tell me all the things you want to do to me rocks my world. Although I do prefer the real thing the fantasy of it all really makes me gush. My insatiable hunger for cock seems to be much larger than any man Ive played with. Thats also why I keep so many lovers on hand. Not only for the numbers but for the variety all the flavors of cock I can taste. every inch and size that can stretch me to no end.


Girl on Girl Bisexual Phone Sex

Bisexual Phone Sex

I will be your favorite choice for some Nasty Bisexual phone sex. You see I truly enjoy teaching other girls their place in my world. That place is on all fours taking every last inch of cock from whoever wherever. There are a few bitches that really misunderstand what their purpose in life is. All the complaining and whining I honestly have no clue why they exist. I love being the one who gets them in line and show them the right way to be. I must teach them everything I know to succeed.

That means standing in my power as a woman and staying in control. Wielding my control and aggressively corrupting and convincing these Sluts on who they need to be. Its so much more fun when one girl is innocent and sweet and the other is forceful and dominant. It encourages the man to relax and be able to easily control where his cock goes. It also keeps the both of us Whores in line and maintain proper guidance for our demands. That makes my pussy throb just thinking about it!


Bratty Girl Phone Sex With Adriana!

Bratty Girl Phone Sex

Bratty Girl Phone Sex is by far the most fun for everyone playing! Buy me the things that i want. I need more. I crave more. I must have all the pretty luxury things i can get my cute little hands on. If you don’t give me what i want when i want I wont play nice anymore!

Ill pull on your balls and pinch them. ill nibble on the tip of your cock with my teeth. And if im really cranky because i cant have what i want. Ill take this Thick Fat 10 inch black cock and shove it down your throat while Im pegging you in the ass! 

If you keep me happy with that juicy monster cock and take my sweet little fuckbox to pound town. Grabbing me by my neck and pulling me back on that Cock. Ill be the sweetest little brat you’ve ever had! Just give me what I want and keep me in luxury. Ill play every game daddy wants to play with me. You want a brat that’ll keep you on your toes and keep your balls empty? Give me a ring daddy im here for all your needs.


Princess Phone Sex

Hot ass sex

Hot ass sex Is what im craving on the daily ,Daddy! I love when I go and visit a glory hole there’s always a man waiting with a thick long black cock waiting to dump its sweet hot load into my ass. Even when im between two big black cocks with one in my throat while the other Pounds my tight little asshole until my tight wet bald pussy creams with excitement. I want you to pin me down and shove your thick juicy Cock deep into my tight little asshole with no lube or mercy! When i tell you it drive me crazy being completely out of control and being used for your insatiable fantasies It makes me drunk and im a alcoholic for that fat cock in my ass daddy.

I love being naked and bare around a group of big strong men I feel so exposed and Raw! You would think that would make me shy away but theres Power in that action of openness. Ill spread my luscious ass cheeks and welcome your Cock inside of me freely. The pleaser i get from you being so deep in my ass is so intense it makes  my body vibrate and my pussy cream. 

If your ready and looking for some wild  Hot squirting pussy and Hardcore ass fucking Ill be waiting on your call. Come and join my world to fulfill all of your wildest dreams I promise Daddy you wont regret it! Let be Naughty together!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Mutual Masturbation Phone SexHello, my name is Adriana I can be your naughty slut next door or the sensual lover you cant resist.

The best part about all of this is that I am open and willing to give you everything your heart desires. We can talk about every last one of your kinky and thrilling fantasies Or we can just chat about your day. 

There are no limits with me. You can tell me your deepest darkest fantasies the kinkier the better. I want you to be so open with me and tell me every detail of your fantasies. I want to be the star in your show tell me my role and ill do as im told. I want to flick my bean to the sounds of you telling me all the things you’ll do to me. make me put my fingers into my tight wet pussy and taste my own juices. We can play so many fun games. Id love to hear you jack off while i play with my pussy. can you help me cum or can i help you explode? Im really good at Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex.

Yours always Adriana 😉Spanking Phone Sex turns