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I love sneaking out at night to satisfy my dripping cunt and leaving the men with no number to call back and no name for them to call me by. Some love it but for others, it drives them crazy and that is exactly what I love about it! It is what I want, leaving them wanting more wondering if they will ever find such a sweet pussy to taste and fuck again because they probably won’t. No a girl like me with all the hot sex talent I have with my cunt and tongue! My ass as well of course. I know how most girls won’t let their man near the back door but me, I love bending my sweet body over and spreading my ass for a hot cock just dying to be pushed inside of my tight little shit hole. Having your ass hole fucked is a whole new level of naughty, dirty, and sexy fun! Giving in to the man in the middle of the night, letting them have whatever they want all night long and then sneaking away with out a hint of me being there lets me play with my hot and dripping pussy later!

Hot Phonesex

Girlfriend Experience For Your Cock

gfe phone sexOh baby my pussy missed you so much! You must have had such a long and hard day just like that cock. My cunt aches and drips for you out of excitement and I need you so badly baby. Get over here and make out with me right on our couch while touching and licking me up and down, all over this tight body. I am so happy now that I can feel your cock grow on top of me, grinding against my thigh. You feel so fucking big baby I crave you and your body to be deep inside of me all of the time! I think it is time for your pretty little girlfriend to become your pretty little slut as well! I smile devilishly at you and lower myself beneath you and start to take your pants down below your ass and pull that hot dick out of your boxers. It just looks so tasty and I need you down my throat! I start sucking hard and fast, taking you down as much as I can without choking, I slobber your cock with my mouth and push down my skirt, pulling my panties to the side. You ram that hard and long dick into me and fuck me until you can’t go any longer. You bust that hot load in me and we spend our night fucking!

He was so humiliated

cuckolding phone sexI was hanging out with this guy and to be honest, I was bored as hell. He was alright and all but just gave off wimpy cucky vibes so I was just not feeling it. I just knew that if I got his pants off the dick would be tiny and who wants that? But all that changed when his brother showed up. Now there was a man, a real man just throwing off alpha male vibes everywhere and instantly I wanted him. He knew I wanted him too, he just swaggered on over and shoved his brother out the way and told him it was time to let a real man spend some time with the beautiful woman. A shiver went down my spine and my pussy was soaking wet. He fucked me right in front of his brother and all that lil cucky did was whine and cry and beg to be allowed to rub his lil nubbin. Pathetic really…

He was way too small

cuckolding phone sexI like big cocks, huge cocks, cocks worth fucking and what this loser had was definitely not that. His shriveled up little dick was maybe an inch long, it was literally just the fucking head what was I supposed to do with that?? I didn’t even want to look at it let alone touch it! I laughed in his face and told him that I would not be doing anything with his useless cock, and that he wouldn’t be touching it either. I made him put on a cock cage and I locked it up. Then I made him watch me fuck a real man. A big black man with a huge black dick. He wanted to clean up my pussy after we were done fucking but I wouldn’t let him. Instead he had to suck that huge cock clean. That was as close as he was gonna get to my pussy!

He was utterly useless

cuckolding phone sexIf there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a broke ass cucky. This little wannabe pet of mine said that he would do anything for me, that all he wanted to do was serve me… but he was broke as hell. He wanted to serve me by doing stupid tasks for me as if I cared. I had to break it to him that his pointless declarations of love and all his little “tasks” that he wanted to do for me were only boring me. I reminded him that he was the one getting off on doing those things for me and that he didn’t turn me on at all, not one little bit. He was not manly enough for that, his dick was far too small and honestly his personality was grating. Money was the only reason I talked to him and since he had none of that, what was the point? I told him to go get a better job and not to bother me until he had money to pay for my time, can you believe the nerve of some people? The only free fucks I give are to real men with huge cocks!

Why would I want you?

cuckolding phone sexTell me loser, why in the world would I want you? I mean just look at you, you’re pudgy and out of shape. Your cock is really too small to even be called a cock, it’s much more like a clitty. Honestly you should just give up on being a man at all and just start dressing like a woman because you are much more womanly than you are manly. In fact, there is nothing manly about you at all! You are not handsome, you have a tiny dick and you definitely do not have enough money to make me try to forget those things. I know it seems harsh to say it so bold like that but you need to know that no quality woman would ever want to fuck a man like you. Women like me we like real men. Men with big fat cocks and wallets to match. The kind of men that think nothing of dropping a few grand on a night out with me and then fucking me for hours afterword. You could never do that now could you?

You are pathetic

cuckolding phone sexYou are a pathetic little bitch with a tiny dick and an empty wallet, why would a Goddess like me ever pay attention to you? I know, I know, you want me, I’m the only one you trust and you just have to be able to talk to me at least right? Well guess what loser, I don’t want to talk to you unless you get a better job. You know I’m a money hungry bitch so if you want to be able to taste this heavenly pussy you better find a way to pay me. You don’t like that? Oh well too bad so sad for you! I am not a nice person and I don’t talk to little dick men for free period. The only men I fuck have huge cocks and an alpha male personality and you little cucky don’t have either of those things.

Why would I ever want you?

cuckolding phone sexWhy would I ever want a man like you? Just look at you, you’re chubby and balding and unattractive with a dick the size of a fucking peanut and you think you can get a woman like me? Boy please you couldn’t get any woman at all let alone a fucking Goddess. If you had money, maybe I would pay attention to you but you are broke as hell. You can’t afford to spoil me at all so why do you deserve my attention? At best you would be clean up boy but to be completely honest, even the clean up boys pay me well and since you can’t, well you probably won’t even be allowed to watch, let alone touch. I might let you be my fluffer only because it would amuse me to see you choking on a huge black dick that you claim you don’t want to suck. We all know you’re really a little faggot tho, aren’t you?

He just wasn’t good enough

cuckolding phone sexThe problem with being as beautiful as I am is that all men want me but very few men are actually good enough to get me. If a man isn’t good enough to be my lover, sometimes I will allow him to be around me anyway as my cucky but some men aren’t even good enough for that. This guy was definitely one of those kind of guys, his dick was ridiculously small, he had no money to spoil me with and he had the nerve to try and tell ME what to do! As if I would ever take orders from some little dicked bottom topper! I set him straight immediately by laughing in his face. And when he tried to get all huffy about it I dragged his ass to the door and pushed him out. If you have a little dick you better have a big wallet and an attitude of wanting to please and you might just get to be near me. If you’re a bottom topping little complainer all you get is blue balls.

Honestly it was all his fault

cuckolding phone sexSometimes my little cucky boys and sissies send me pictures, I never ask for them because honestly who the fuck wants to see little dick pics? But whether I ask or not they send them knowing that I could at any time use them in a blog or send them to their family. They all claim that they don’t want to be outed but why would they send out those kind of pics if they didn’t want me to use them? One “man” in particular has been annoying me with tiny dick pictures even tho I have repeatedly asked him to stop. His dick is the smallest micro penis I have ever seen in my life. It looks like a shriveled up little white walnut in a nest of straggly hair. Looking at it makes my pussy dryer than the Sahara desert and quite frankly ruins my day. He insisted on continuing to send it tho so I told him that next time he sent one, not only would I force him to pay me a large sum of money but that I would also out him to his boss and make him fuck my big black lover. Well he sent another one so I copied it, sent it to his boss and his mother, drained his bank account and tied him to the bed so that my huge lover could force fuck his tight virgin asshole. I hope this taught him a lesson because I don’t want to see that thing ever again!

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