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Cum Slut Phone Sex Whores Celebrate Big Daddy King’s Bday


Calling All Cum Slut Phone Sex Fans!!!!

Attention, all tiny cocked little white boys and sexy cock sucking whores! This isn’t my normal cum slut phone sex blogs! I have an important announcement for you!!!

Today is a very special day. I’m excited to announce that THE supreme being just turned a year older!!! That’s right it’s Big Daddy King’s birthday. That means legs and wallets open, bitches! A man of his stature and size deserves it all, and we are going to make sure that he gets it. Let’s celebrate the peak of man kind, the sigma of all you Beta cuck losers. Pay your due respects to the leader of the Black New World Order and the owner of the thickest, longest cock on planet earth by letting your wives get dicked down by a thick black cock in his honor.

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Sexy College Girl Porn Stars and Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Whores Want to Celebrate BDK!!!

Back at the mansion all of the hot and horny little sluts have been getting ready for him to come play with us. When BDK get’s home, he’s going to be swimming in even more wet bald pussy than usual. All of us are ready to serve our Anaconda cocked Daddy. Every single whore in the is walking around in their sexy BDK thongs. Their ace and Property of BDK tattoos are on full display. All of these bitches are pretty. Long, soft legs and perky tits and asses. All for big Daddy King’s cock. He’s out of town right now but the girl’s thought we would surprise him with a fun little video.

I got every one of his cock hungry, snow bunny sluts onto their knees and had them open their mouths wide. Each one of them had to say the BNWO pledge and the thing they loved about Big Daddy King the most. All of these sexy college girl porn stars and freaky little strippers lined up to show their appreciation. BDK’s pretty bimbos complimented his body, his cock, his muscles, his millions (ha ha). They love it all. Then they opened their mouths and swallowed the cream like the good little whores they are. Practice for the next time Daddy comes home!

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Exhibitionist Phone Sex Porn For Big Daddy’s Cock

For my Daddy appreciation there’s this Big Daddy King appreciation blog and I made a fun little for daddy too. I got this cool little set up that let’s me stick my phone to the ceiling. I special ordered a huge black dildo and a new custom but plug. The dildo was almost as big as THE anaconda. I pressed record and let daddy watch me strip off the BDK thong and show off the tattoo and tongue ring I got with his initials on them. And then I showed off the plug. Shiny black glass with BDK written in big bold letters. I slid it into my mouth and got it covered with spit, and then bent over and showed pff my phat white ass. I slid that fat ass plug in deep and smiled up at the camera.

Then wrote BDK’s Barbie and black cock whore all over my chest and thighs. He loves knowing I belong to him. I blew a kiss to the camera, grabbed the massive toy, and then slid it into my pussy. Fuck, not slide. I had to force that monster dildo into my hot squirting pussy. It’s not as big as BDK’s but it’s still x2 the size of most white cock and it was bottoming out my cunt immediately. I fucked myself hard. Rubbing my clit and pounding my pussy for him and begging to cum all over it, just like if Daddy was here. My pussy exploded on that black dick and I squirted all over it. I had to take a minute to stop my legs from

I fucked my cunt until I couldn’t take it anymore, but now my ass was ready to take it. I licked my pussy juices off of that cock, spit on it, and then lined it up to my tight ass. “For the King of Black Cock Phone Sex”. And then rammed it deep into my ass. It was so fucking huge in that tight hole but I fucked myself like the little submissive whore that I am. I hope Daddy likes the videos I made for him.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex is Easy with the King of Cocks


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex is Easy When You’re Fucking the King of Cocks

Big Daddy King came over to reward his favorite blonde whore. He just can’t resist my sexy voice and sexier cock worshiping phone sex. I’m his favorite cock worshiping phone sex whore. And God, Daddy’s huge black anaconda makes my pussy soaking wet. I’m officially the luckiest sugar slut in the world. Everyone wants Big Daddy King to take care of them, but only the most elite little snow bunnies deserve the supreme being’s cock and attention.

Big Daddy king is THE leader of the Black New World Order. He has to be exclusive. BDK is like Hugh Hefner, but with a bigger, blacker cock and an incredible body. Just seeing his cock makes sluts go crazy. And Daddy says I look sexiest with his cock pressed against my face. That’s why we did a sexy photo shoot with Anaconda pressed against my face and forced down my throat. I want everyone to see that I am one of the lucky little whores who get the privilege to swallow that impressive monster BBC. I love to serve him and Anaconda. He’s the reason I love black cock phone sex.

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BDK Males my Wet Bald Pussy Squirt All Over That Massive Cock

Anaconda is always way too much to take, but I force his cock down my throat any way. I love the way his cock feel stretching my throat to it’s limits. I can barely think whenever he’s inside of me. And he loves the way I choke on his cock. Every time I come up for air BDK had another nasty thing for his little fuck doll to say. Having me admit how much I love his cock being inside of me. My pussy was getting was jealous of the way Daddy was fucking my throat.

I was soaking through the custom panties with Big Daddy King’s name all over them. I needed to feel that BBC stretching out this tight white cunt badly. And of course I begged for it like the cock hungry little phone sex slut that I am. I begged for him to slide that monster Anaconda deep into my pussy and fuck me hard. I didn’t want him to stop until he filled my pussy with cum. He made my wet bald pussy cum all over his cock, screaming at the top of my lungs. thanking him for fucking me. Telling him that I love BBC way more than I could ever love white cock. Big Daddy King really is my King and the best Sugar Daddy a barbie bimbo like me could ask for <3.

Phone Sex Freak Shares BDK’s BBC With Sexy Mommy

Big Daddy King Always Makes Me Crave BBC Phone Sex

Big Daddy King paid a visit to one of his favorite phone sex barbies. Millionaire Daddy just came back from a very busy few weeks. You know BDK is always jet setting to grow his empire and find more horny snow bunnies to add to the harem. The Black New World Order needs as many white sluts as possible and Big Daddy King takes his job very seriously. He is making sure his name is synonymous with huge black dick.

One of his latest trips was to Jamaica. Daddy was hosting a party at the sexiest resort on the planet, Hedonism II. Big Daddy King was the man of the hour. He’s the man in any room he walks in to, but this was an extra special occasion. They opened a brand new wing in his honor. Even more groupies flocked to BDK and that huge anaconda he swings around. 

Guided Masturbation with Daddy Made Me Cum All Over My Hands

Daddy didn’t forget about his girls at home. He even sent us videos of that thick black dick railing tight white cunt. He gave me a call and we watched it together. Guided masturbation with the king of all kings is extremely sexy. I watched the video of him fucking that cute little whore and slid my hands into my custom made thong. I slid my fingers into my tight pussy, wishing it was his cock instead. His voice and seeing his cock, was enough to make my legs shake like he was there fucking me. 

Seeing Anaconda in action makes me remember why I submitted to the BNWO. That thick, throbbing black dick is hypnotizing while it’s sliding into a young bald pussy. Getting coated in wet cunt juices and getting milked by her tight slippery walls. He made her squirt all over his dick. I wanted to suck his cock clean so bad. I was so jealous. But I still came to the video he sent me 4x while he was out on vacation.  

The other girls that worship Big Daddy King loved the video too. It made all of us miss Daddy’s huge cock being inside of us. So of course, Daddy stopped over on the west coast to check on his needy little snow bunnies. All of his whores were excited. But I got a special visit. I’ve made it extremely obvious how much I crave Big Daddy King’s approval and attention. So I did all the things that drives BDK wild. 

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My Young Bald Pussy Was Begging for Big Daddy King’s Anaconda

I couldn’t even wait for the man to settle in. I was on my knees in my BDK bedazzled thong immediately. While he’s telling me about all the hot sluts he fucked on vacation, I’m reminding him why he made me his new favorite toy. My mouth, pussy and ass are always for BDK’s use. He is the Supreme Being. The rightful leader of the Black New World Order. The one and only Big Daddy King. How could I ever say no to him. 

We had even more fun than usual on his last visit. He thought I should invite my mom over to finally meet Big Daddy King. We look so much alike. Blonde hair, perky tits, and a fat white ass. Aka exactly Big Daddy King’s type. My pussy flooded watching her gasp when she pulled down his compression shorts for the first time. That meaty cock is so fucking impressive. I know it made her insides ache to be filled. 

Mommy and I Share the Biggest Cum Shot from the Biggest Dick

We both shared the Supreme Being’s anaconda. He had two identical barbie sluts licking and sucking his cock. Fighting over who got to slide the majority of it into our mouths. All you pathetic white dicks have been imagining mommy/daughter play like this. But only a BBC deserves that type of treatment. I got to watch his superior cock slide into her Milf pussy and the way she gripped his meat. Watching her get fucked was like watching me take his cock. I loved every minute of it. She was converting to black dick as soon as she came all over his cock.

I played with my pussy like a horny little bimbo. I couldn’t wait for my turn. It was so worth the wait. Feeling such a huge dick push it’s way into my pink twat felt like heaven and hell at the same time. I didn’t know if I could take so much dick at once. But I still wanted him to force every inch of his cock inside of me.

I begged to be fucked like the dirty slut that I am. And if there is one thing you can count on Big Daddy King for, it’s balls-deep hardcore ass fucking. I felt like I was going to cry when my legs started shaking. And then I could feel it. His thick cock twitched inside of me and I could feel his load exploding inside if me. Filling me completely. I swear big Daddy King not only has the biggest cock, but the biggest cum shot ever. I’m so lucky to be one of his toys.

Anal Phone Sex Whore Needs Black Cock

I need my pussy fucked as soon as possible. Anal phone sex is great, but it’s nothing like the real thing. It’s been so long since a thick meaty cock has pushed its way into the pretty pink cunt and made me scream. All I can think about is huge black cocks. Black dick looks so good fucking white sluts. And white sluts look perfect getting railed by a big black dick. I am a complete snow bunny bimbo and I’m well fucked.

Tonight I will be having a foot long mandingo forcing my face down into a pillow.  I love having and disappearing inside of me. Backshots. I need backshots. Having my ass in the air with both of my holes up in the air. Having him pull on my blonde hair and hit my cervix at just the right angle.The purple tip of his cock hitting my cervix over and over again. Only black cock is big enough to reach my womb. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to be bread out by those big black dicks.

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I want to scream that his cock is too big. My wet bald pussy is built for much smaller white cocks. I want to scream that I can’t take it that deep. And feeling him force it deeper to punish me for complaining. Telling me to shut the fuck up and asking me whose pussy it is. I want to squirt all over his black cock like a brainless fucktoy.

And I did say both holes. My tight backdoor is still ready for a good fucking, even after my pussy has tapped out. I want my bull to treat me like just a set of holes. There is nothing like a massive black pole ramming into my ass and making me scream. Gaping my slut ass hole like anal phone sex whore that I am. He doesn’t have to hold back when he’s fucking my ass.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore Brittney Needs Her Face Painted

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I’m obsessed with cum and cum slut phone sex. I love everything about it. The smell, taste, the way I look covered in it. But let’s be honest, the best part about cum is all the fucking and sucking I have to do to earn it. I belong on my knees in front of a huge throbbing dick. My hands behind my back while I force your cock down my pretty whore throat. Fuck my face. I want to massage every inch of your shaft with my throat. 

Treat my face like a pussy. Slide so deep and fast into my mouth that I don’t ever have the chance to breathe. Suffocate me, please. I want to be a drooling, spit soaked mess. I want it all. My spit should be dripping from your balls and rolling down my tits. I should feel your balls slapping against my chin over and over again. There’s no such thing as too deep. I want to choke and gag and slob n your dick like the cocksucking phone sex slut that I am.

I’ll make sure to get everything nice and sloppy. These big soft melons need to be nice and lubed up. Now pop that cock out of my mouth and slide it between my sexy breasts. Let me lick and kiss your cock while my tits are wrapped around your dick. Soft pillows stroking your dick. Tiddie fucking always makes those horny dicks want to explode. Explode for me. Give me what I want and paint my face and tits with your cum. Then watch me lick my tits clean and swallow it all anyway.

Hot Ass Sex W/ Anal Whore Brittney


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Daddy, hot ass sex is just what this pretty little anal slut needs. I love the way it feels when my ass stretches around a cock for the first time. I feel my best on my knees face down, ass up. My tight puckered starfish loves getting all lubed up with spit or my leaking pussy juices. It’s begging for your dick.

The tip of a thick meaty cock pushing against my backdoor slowly until you have me completely wrapped around you. Gripping on to your dick so fucking tight. Fuck it feels so good having my slutty asshole being stretched to the absolute limits. I want you to rip me in half. Don’t be gentle. I want a hardcore ass fucking like the cock hungry tramp that I am. Make it hurt daddy. I’m a fucking pain slut and love hot ass sex. Use my ass to make you fucking cum. Fuck me as hard or as fast as you want to. I’m your fucking cock toy. make me scream while you punish my slut hole.

I want to suck your cock after. Let me taste my slutty shit hole off of your huge throbbing cock. I’m a certified ass to mouth whore. Fuck my face too. Make me prove that I’m a pathetic little whore. Cum down my throat and all over my face and tits and make me look like the cumslut that I am.

Big Daddy King Provides the Only Big Black Cock Phone Sex I Need

You may be tired of me talking about Big Daddy King, but I’m never going to stop. Not when he treats his cum slut so busy with the hottest black cock phone sex a girl can dream about. After, the beautiful housewarming party we threw this weekend I got the pleasure of taking him back up to the bedroom. Just walking up the marble stairs of our brand-new headquarters made my pussy beg for the supreme being and his supreme anaconda.

Fuck, just looking at him made my insides ache. Tall, dark, and handsome in every sense of the phrase. If I was a little less sober I would have hopped in his arms and begged him to fuck me right then. But instead, I thought I’d act a little more mature.

I put on a cheerleading uniform for one of the teams he played with. That’s right. Our supreme leader is a former first-round draft pick. black cock phone sexAnd tonight I wanted to be his. I got to my knees and asked if I could help him relax after all the festivities. Dressed up like a Barbie doll, how could he say no? I pressed my face to his cock and loved how his cock dwarfed my head.

Well, the unimaginable happened: he said no! He told me I would have to wait and earn it. Instead, he cuddled up in bed with me, that massive cock pressing into my back the entire night. I spent half the night trying to get him as horny as me. And the other half rubbing my clit through my BDK thong. I could barely sleep.

I was up as soon as the sun was. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and BDK definitely proves it. Looking down at him in the morning sunlight, was surreal. He humbly claims that he isn’t a god, but he is beyond this world. I had to capture it on camera. Of course, I made sure to record everything. I sat on his lap and ground against that massive cock. My pussy was begging to ride him, right then and there.

I couldn’t wait for him to wake up. He made me wait to fuck him all night. I wanted to taste my King so bad. He’s the leader of the BNWO for a reason. He’s irresistible to blonde bimbos like me. My mouth was watering when I slid down those compression shorts. His huge dick was already so hard. He woke up, just as I started to slide him down my throat. He liked my little surprise and let me keep deep-throating him. Practicing on his dick will make me a pro at sucking big black cocks.

I could feel his cock pulsing in my moist mouth. I begged again to be fucked like the nasty slut that I am. My thighs were a puddle and I needed my supreme leader to be inside of me. He finally gave me what I wanted. Standing up at 6’3 and showing off his massive rod covered in my spit. He finally fucked me. I forget just how a cock like that feels inside of me. It’s indescribable. It’s just on that line of pain and pleasure. After the first few inches, I didn’t think I could take much more, but I still begged for it.

I begged him to fuck me as hard and rough as he wanted. Wanted to be treated like his little fuck doll. I wanted for him to pump load after load of his inside of my needy cunt. He gave me what I wanted. Everything that I wanted. Having my pussy filled with his biggest cum shot to date. I moaned loud, cumming all over his cock and milking him for everything he had left. Fuck. I love when Big Daddy King is in town.

Marriage Therapy Leads To Cheating Phone Sex

I know I’m not supposed to fuck my clients, but I constantly hear married men complaining about a lack of sex. Cheating phone sex seems like the best solution. That way they can get the sexual release that they need without actually fucking someone else. They pay me to cum and I help them stop resenting their wives.

I had a particular client who really needed the release. He hadn’t had sex in two years and his wife was refusing to cooperate. So I suggested ‘private sessions’. I invited him to his office and reminded him that men need sexual activity, and I respected him for not cheating up till now. I sat down on my desk and spread my legs to show off my pink panties. I let him know that it was perfectly normal to get hard. I would be motivation, but I wouldn’t touch him if he didn’t want me too.

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 I slid my panties off and showed off my slick slit. He wasn’t stupid enough to waste the opportunity, but he didn’t want to fuck another woman. So I dropped to my knees and slid his hard cock past my pretty lips. He loved looking into my pretty eyes while I gave him the sloppiest, spit-drenching head he’s gotten in years. He fucked my throat the way he wished he could fuck my pussy. I thought I would pass out, and my pussy was fucking soaked. He finally pulled out and told me to push my tits together. All of the spit running down my chin had landed on my chest and he said he loved big tit fucking. He slid his throbbing cock between my warm funbags and fucked them hard as fuck. He squeezed them and shot sticky load after load on my tits. He snapped a photo of my cum painted tits and left me a hefty tip for my services. 

BDK’s Bimbos Share the Anaconda and the BIGGEST Cum Shot Ever

biggest cum shot

Calling out to all pathetic white dick owners, I have an announcement to make!

I want to finally declare that I’m officially and permanently a big black cock phone sex slut. I tried to deny it, but I can’t anymore. After experiencing thee anaconda, I just can’t think of anything else except for Big Daddy King’s massive dick print in his signature compression shorts. I’m obsessed. I can see why he has so many groupies chasing him around. Too bad those dumb sluts don’t look like me, ha ha.

I’m getting absolutely spoiled, working at one of the most elite strip clubs on the west coast. From private jets and dream vacations to getting slutted out in back rooms and getting full access to one of the biggest black dicks I have ever seen in my life. I’m such a lucky slut. And, I’m not the only one. While I may be the newest slut on the roster, Cassandra has been a dedicated BDK slut since the beginning. He transformed her from a happily married woman to a Black New World Order fuck toy. And she loves it just as much as I do. How could we not? Every white bimbo wants to be on their knees for black cock, especially Big Daddy King’s massive BBC. 

I ended one of the best nights of my life with a major gift. Big Daddy King painting Cass and me with the biggest cum shot I could ever imagine. Oh. And a fucking house. Ahhhh! We threw a huge house warming party with a red carpet and everything. Me and Cassandra got to be shown off on the arms of one of the most famous men in the world. And as a reward he let us put on a nasty display to service that huge cock on camera! Cassandra pulled off my BDK thong off and licked my pretty little pussy while I stroked the Anaconda.

She didn’t even need to. My young bald pussy was already soaked, but her tongue fucking me in front of a crowd of people and a camera crew was amazing! That was just the warm up. I’m proud to say that Big Daddy gave me the honour of being bent over and fucked like the BBC slut that I am in front of everyone. I tried my best to take that huge dick, but no girl can stand the way Anaconda stretches out their tight little pussies. Still, I loved the feeling of him fucking destroying me. Especially with so many people watching. I wanted him to creampie me so fucking bad, but Big Daddy King had a better idea.

Me and Cassandra got to get on our knees to lick and suck his dick clean. And we were rewarded with shot after shot of the most sought after cum in the world. My favorite part of the night was turning to the camera and saying I was Big Daddy King’s little cum slut. And getting the nickname Cum Dump Barbie. I just have to say, this is way better than exhibitionist phone sex.

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Beat Your Dicklet to Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sex

Look at your useless pathetic cock. You must love cuckolding phone sex, don’t you? A girl like me would never pay attention to your pathetic little dicklet. But that won’t stop you from begging for it. That’s why you pay me to talk to you. To remind you what women actually sound like. This is the closest you’ll get to female attention. Someone you pay to pay attention to you and your ‘needs’. Even still you are extremely lucky. Letting you hear my voice while you tickle your throbbing clitty is a fucking blessing. It doesn’t matter what I say, does it? I can talk about how fucking weak your little prick is, or how I would never touch you and you’d love it. But what really makes you beg is knowing that I do fuck bigger and better cocks. That every night I’m being carried away by a tall stud with a massive cock. That I have no problem getting on my knees and worshiping him with my lips and tongues. That I take every inch of him down my throat until I’m a sloppy slutty mess. Then I bend over and let him use me like his little toy. He impales me on that mandingo dick and makes me scream for him. And all you can do is stroke that pathetic excuse for a penis. Sweaty and alone.