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My new fuck buddy/booty call

Smoking fetish phone sex


As cliche as it sounds I just love have a cigarette after some hot ass sex. Getting dicked down really good and having  a smoke afterwards is the fucking best. Especially  when I can just lay in bed after getting the fucked pounded out of my pussy.

Last night I ran into a guy I knew in high school and hadn’t seen since…long story short I invited him over and we ended up bumbin uglies all night at my apt. He had the most massive cock, if I’d only know in high school I would have fucked him then!

Gawd dayem he fucked like a porn star too. I must have gotten my rocks off 4 or 5 times while he filled my gash with his frothy cum three times at least. He stretched my twat out so much I was leaking his jiz down my taint and ass crack as I laid in bed enjoying my cig.

He joined me of course in our post fucking bliss and puffed on one of my marlboro reds. I got his number before he left, being a slutty whore I’m always up for meeting new fuck buddy’s and booty calls. He’s definately in the rotation.

Gang Bang for master


Gangbang phone sex





Last weekend I fulfilled a fantasy for my master. He has a stocking and gang bang fetish that he wanted me to submit to. I of course agreed. Whatever my master desires is what I am commanded to do. He dressed me up in a slutty white teddy with a garter belt and stockings. He loves the way I look all slutty in that lingerie. He then placed an ad on craigslist for random men to come to our hotel suite and fuck the shit out of me. No limits fucking is how he described it in the ad I think. So 13 men replied and showed up. My master had them circle me on while i was blind folded on my knees and they started stroking their cocks getting them nice and stiff to fuck all my holes with. The first guy started face fucking me hard , slamming his dick deep down my throat ,while another dude grabbed me and shoved me down impaling my tight wet slit with his stiff rod and instantly I felt moisture around my asshole and another random dude started butt fucking my tight puckered pink hole really hard. I was completly full of random peckers for hours, Some of them sprayed their jiz over my body,while others took turn after turn in my fuck holes, stretching me out to gape everywhere. By the end of the night i was so loose I could barely keep a prick inside me. I was crusty covered with layers of splooge and my master loved it. He never took my blindfold off once and I knew better than to ask. I know master recorded it with his phone maybe if I”m a good girl he will let me watch…but only if i’m a good girl.



Is he coming back?



I really get into being dominated in bed. Being submissive really makes me so fucking horny. When I have to beg for Daddy’s throbbing hard cock to fuck my tight wet pussy gets my motor going!I have no  limits and dudes really get off on that too. Those sick fucks are always coming up with freaky nasty shit to do to me. Such as shoving empty beer bottles up my twat and fucking me with it,and then making me lick all my pussy juice off the glass bottle after I cum all over the neck of the bottle. The other night this booty call friend of mine, snuck into my bedroom while I was starting to fall asleep and I felt as his arm was creeping up my body and then he pinned me down with his body weight , he put a ball gag in my mouth so i couldn’t scream and without any warning or lube he shoved his massive 9 inch cock into my twat and started to fuck the shit out of me. He wrapped his hand around my throat as his dick was deep inside my wet cunt and started to choke me. I got so fucking excited I instantly cam all over his cock coating it with my thick  creamy cum. He choked me harder as soon as he realized I came so fast and told me I better not fucking do that again until he got his rocks off and dumped his load of jiz into my twat like the cum slut whore I am. I nodded yes without even making a sound as he thrusted so hard into me I thought he was going to fucking split me in half. When I felt his sticky thick sex soup leak out the sides of my snatch I couldn’t hold back any more and I came all  over his pecker again , toes curled back arched and moaning like a bitch in heat as he choked me til I saw stars and i felt myself blacking out. Next thing I remember I wake up and he’s gone but my arms are tied above my head to the headboard with rope and they are tingling and I can barely feel them. Shit I think to myself he better come back soon or I’m going to be in trouble…


My Best Friend’s Beef Curtains

Barely Legal Phone Sex






My girlfriend and I could pass for twins, we look so much alike. We do everything together and even dress alike a lot of the times, especially when we go out on the weekends to clubs and bars and stuff. We are some smokin hot bitches! Guys always loose their shit when they see us walk in a bar or club holding hands, and the more we drink the hands to kissing each other on the lips and go farther and farther and last night we ended up in bed together. Kissing, rubbing , fondling and licking each other to orgasm. I can’t get enough of licking her box and cupping her breasts in my hands massaging them and squeezing the fuck out of them,they are so perfect. Don’t get me wrong I’m still going to need a good stiff dick most of the time. I”m just enjoying experimenting with her pretty tight slit and How to lick her beef curtains just right while finger banging her cunt. Her pussy juices tastes so heavenly. Maybe tonight I can talk her into experimenting ith the strap on I have been saving for the right time. My cunt gets wet just thinking about thrusting a strap on cock into her body and watching her titties bounce and jiggly with every motion of my body impacting her slit. My pussy gets so excited thinking about  it’s twitching with excitement.

My cheating boss

Married men phone sex



My boss is married but who gives a fuck right? When you are cock craving ho like I am shit like being married doesn’t get in your way of a good dickin down. Especially from someone as hot ass my boss. He’s got the biggest schlong I’ve ever seen over 11 inches that thing impales the fuck out of my twat when we bone. When he empties his balls inside my cunt that jizz spills out the sides of my box he’s got so much cum in his nutsack. When he finally does blow his nut he grunts and groans like a animal. I swear the office people next door can hear us having sex. He can never get enough pussy. I’m sure his wife must know but she probably just doesn’t give a fuck, she gets to stay home and play house all day so that bitch has it made. I’m jealous. I just might forget to take my birth control so I can get knocked up and get to stay at home and make a baby in my tummy. I’m just going to  be his breeding whore and see how he likes that!

2 chicks 1 strap-on

Big tits phone sex






My best friend and I could be twins we look exactly alike. So we get a lot dudes who want to fuck twins stalking us and wanting to dick us down. Most of them won’t take no for an answer. They are obsessed with having a pair of hot blondes with tight wet pussy tag teaming their dick or licking their asshole. Of course they want to munch on our pretty blonde beaves. She and I just lately have been into licking each others twats and kissing each other’s mouth and when one of us is aching to be full of  a massive cock, the other one climbs in a strap-on and fucks her into submission. That  person has been me, I’ve been the one fucking my friend Kendra with strap on pecker. It’s no joke , that fucker is huge and thrusting and pumping her box swollen takes it out of me! I get exhausted from all that work! When I bone her I do it right, I shove that pink plastic pecker deep into her cunt and bottom out that bitch in her guts! Then I shove it down her throat and make her suck my cock. I always finish her off with drilling my strap on pole deep into her sphincter butt fucking her til she gets off and I can feel her cum leaking down the shaft and in between my thighs. Thats when I’ll give her a break but not before!

Perfect Pussy

Cum slut phone sex


Late night phone sex operator calls can get really kinky. I had a caller that wanted me to describe in detail what my pussy looked like and after that describe to him how I am cum slut whore. Easy enough I think to myself nothing I like talking about more than my pretty tight twat and how bomb it is. My slit is so pretty guys can’t get enough, i’ve got dick lined up around the block for a taste of my delicious cunny juice. Just I told my caller the other night, It’s nothing for me to bank 4-5 guys a night, it’  just depends on if I have enough time! Thats why a good old gang bang train action is my favorite.I can just lay back and get every fuck slot filled and drilled in a pecker rotation. I fucking love the feeling of semen seeping from every hole, that’s when I know it’s been a good night!

Smoking Dope with a side order of Turkey basting

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex



Getting high and fucking is my favorite thing to do as a cum slut party girl. I’m always down for a good time. So when my friends called saturday and said they had some really good shit to smoke and some molly I was 100% down for that ! My friend gave me directions to where the party was going to be. I showered, put on my sluttiest skimpiest skin tight bright red halter dress with some fuck me pumps added my red lipstick and I was out the door. Immediately as I walked thru the door smoke clouds were billowing in huge clouds every where. People were sucking on glass pipes in little circles of 4 or 5 and I picked a group and put myself in the steady rotation of sucking on the “glass dick” and started getting really fucking high. This dope was bomb! It was definately horny dope because every hit I took my cunt got wetter and wetter. I had my eye on this big biker looking dude and I sauntered over to him and whispered in his ear., ” i don’t know about you but I’m high as fuck and I’m so horny…could you help me out?” His eyes lit up and  he nodded his head yes excitedly. We found an empty bedroom and next thing you know my skirt was over my head and this rando dude had me bent over at the waist over a dresser pounding the shit out of my tight twat. I was so loaded that I kept a steady stream of lady goo running out my slit down his shaft coating his nut sack over an over. I told him I wanted to turkey baste and fuck some more…he didn’t know what that was so I had to explain to him that you take a shard and add some water shake it up in the needle break the point off and then put the broken syrienge up your poop chute and bing bam boom you are hornier than you’ve ever been in your life! He said he’d help me with mine but he was to chicken shit to do one himself so I let him make the shot and take the dull end and shove it deep into my sphincter filling my guts with liquid dope and my eyes rolled back in my head and It was on! I fucked that dude upside down sideways, standing on my head and facedown and ass up for hours…until the sun came up and I snuck out the back door to do the walk of shame home.

Craving for black cock

Blowjobs phone sex



Lately nothing can satisfy my tight wet cunt or my hot wet mouth like a big black cock. they say once you  go black you never go back, and god damnit it’s true! Black cock is meatier, all the way around.  Not to mention those fuckers have some stamina! They can bone for hours, There is just one problem for example the other day this dude Tucker was fucking my face and I could smell  his ball sack and his taint. He definately needed a shower that’s for sure. It didn’t help when he pinched my nose and I was only breathing thru my mouth I could literally taste his stinky crotch rot. So tomorrow after we work out it’s straight to the showers for both of us. And the n I’ll be straight to my knees ready to swallow that big black anaconda. the cum slut semen slurpper I am. My reputation of one hell of a dick sucking genius. That’s what I’ve been told anyway

Lactation Sex while Bf watches

Lactation phone sex





My neighbor recently just had a baby and my boyfriend and I have been really wanting to invite the new mommy over for a three some. Mostly because my boyfriend has a hard on to see me suck on her nipples and drink her milk. He fucking is obsessed with me doing this in front of him. So we propose mommy and she’s down. I seductively undress her and unsnap her bra letting her beautiful double d breasts flop out free and I cup her soft supple breasts in my hands as my Bf watches stroking his pecker on the edge of the bed. Then I lean down and open my mouth and start to gently suck on her hard pink nipples I use my hands to massage and milk them in a rotation motion and soon I taste her sweet nector flow from her pink nipples. I look over at my Bf and seem him watching everything jerking his pecker harder now as a I slurp and suck her mild from the tip of  her nipples and take her hand and shove it down my panties and encourage her to rub my clit and it’s isn’t long til I’m coating her fingers with my juices,I”m so fucking turned on sucking on her titties drinking her milk while she’s rubbing my clit. Then I her some groaning and just in time I see my Bf approach us and stroke his dick into spraying mommy’s boobs with his spooge and it drips down to her tight tummy in globs and lean down and with my tongue I lick up his jiz too as they watch. I”m definately not needing dinner tonight I say to myself .