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Black Cock Phone Sex Converts White Slut Cody – BDK Blog

black cock phone sexBig Daddy King Turns Cody into a Black Cock Phone Sex Slut

Every snow bunny hole deserves a black cock phone sex. And if you’re going to take a huge black cock you know there’s only one Daddy that will really break your walls. My supreme being, the Black Bull God is the pinnacle of BBC. And as soon as I saw Cody I knew the Black Bull God would love to fuck that tight young pussy. She looks just like me. A blonde slut with a big ass and big tiddies. 

Big Daddy King loves to flex on you poor losers. So of course he sent the limo to bring us to the private hangar. He even got us gifts! Sexy panties with the Black Bull god’s initials on them in diamonds. Of course, we changed into them and I had to send him pics. Cody is just so fucking sexy. Her pussy lips were swallowing the thong in the cutest way. Then I pushed her panties to the side and started to lick her pussy. I took a selfie with my tongue in her cunt and another of the pretty faces she made while I ate that tight pussy. 

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Cock Worshipping Phone Sex Slut Meets the Black Bull God

By the time she was cumming on my tongue we had pulled up to the private jet. Cody wasn’t a black cock phone sex whore before we boarded the private jet. To be honest she was so nervous. She heard all the rumors about the Black Bull God and his enormous anaconda. I mean who hasn’t heard about the King of Cock himself. I told her not to be nervous but Big Daddy King just has this energy about him. It’s that same aura that makes women drop their panties in public. But anyone would feel intimidated if they were standing face to face with a God amongst men. 

Good thing I’m already a brain dead slut for Big Daddy King cock. I grabbed her, told her to relax and then started kissing her. Two hot snow bunnies putting on a show pleased the Black Bull God. He let us kiss all over his cock too. Leaving lipstick prints all over those compression pants. Then he gave us the honor of unleashing the beast. That huge block anaconda sprang out in front of Cody and she was fucking speechless. His cock is even more intimidating than he is. He take care of his sluts, but that cock can break a bitch. 

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Giving This Wet Bald Pussy Broken in by the Black Bull God

Still we both got to sucking. Licking and kissing all over his cock and balls. Cody was a cock worshiping phone sex whore who finally met the cock that every slut should worship. I slid my fingers into her cunt and could feel how wet she was getting. The faster I pushed my fingers into her pussy, the more she moaned around the tip of that huge horse cock. I was so excited to see that tight pussy ruined that I begged Daddy to fuck her. He bent her over and I got to spread her ass apart while he slid that thick black cock into that wet bald pussy.

That huge black dick was ruining her pussy. I was so fucking jealous. I was mesmerized by the way her pussy was gripping Daddy’s huge Anaconda. I rubbed her clit while he drilled her and watched her slowly get adicted to that cock. Going from moaning from the pain of having something so huge inside of her, to begging for that dick like a slut in heat. I rubbed her clit while he fuced her and watched her cum all over that huge Daddy dick. Then it was my turn. 

Of course I climbed on top. I lined that big dick up with my pretty pink cunt and slid down on it. Fuck. It feels like his dick gets bigger everytime I slide it inside of me. I knew I wanted to go second. It;s been so long since I’ve gotten my pussy fucked by a real cock and I wanted the biggest cum shot ever deep in my pussy. Daddy didn’t have to  be gentle with me. He railed my pussy so fucking hard. 

Sexy College Girl Porn with Slut Brittney and Miss Tamara

Blonde Coed Brittney is Better Than Sexy College Girl Porn 

Sexy college girl porn is even hotter when you’re the one filming it. You thought you’d go to office hours and talk to your sexy Professor Tamara. And you’ve never been so happy you invested in your education. Right before you opened the door you hear the slutty moans coming out of the room. When you peak in the hottest whore in your class is on her knees eating out your sexy teacher. Your cock swells up. You pull out your phone and start to record me fucking her cunt with my tongue.

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Hot Ass Sex for Sexy Professor Tamara

Professor Tamara is butt naked on her desk spreading out her wet bald pussy. And I’m in nothing but my panties. You try to get a better angle so that you can see our huge tits. But you lean against the door too hard and it pushes open. We both turn to look at you. But we know it’s too late when we see the phone. But I don’t mind a threesome! I grab your hand and pull you into the room. My huge tits are pressed against your chest and I kiss you. You can taste Tamara’s creamy cunt all over my tongue. Now I want to taste her all over your cock.

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Fuck Tamara’s Wet Bald Pussy For Me

Professor Tamara watches me pull out your dick and start stroking for you. Your cock is rock hard for that slutty professor pussy. But I drop to my knees and start licking and sucking that hardwood. You’re close to cumming from the slutty cock sucking, but Tamara stops us. She bends over the desk and spreads that fat ass apart. You can see that dripping wet cunt. I watch you push that dick inside her pussy and start finger fucking mine. Just watching the hot ass sex makes me want to fucking cum. Fill her pussy for me!

The Black Bull God is the King of Hot Ass Sex

The Black Bull god Always Gives Me Hot Ass Sex

Hot ass sex can’t happen if you aren’t fucking a hot sexy slut. But this pretty pink pussy craves the thickest, biggest black cock on the planet. And that means getting dicked down by the Black Bull God! And of course, I recorded it all for you. I had to wait for him to come back from a trip out of town and my pussy was fucking throbbing for him. Every night I was pushing a thick silicone cock into this pretty white pussy and wishing it was him. So I couldn’t control myself when he finally paid me a visit. 

I was on my knees rubbing my face against the Anaconda. My face pressed against those compression pants. I wanted his cock down my fucking throat. But the Black Bull God likes to make his sluts beg for it. I was already on my knees. Pressing my lips against his cock while I begged him to fuck me. I pushed my panties to the side and slid my fingers into my tight white pussy. That pussy was so fucking soaked. And I sounded like such a fucking slut begging my King to let me swallow his cock. 

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I Love Blowjobs Phone Sex When I Get to Swallow Big Black Cock

I could feel his cock twitching through his custom-made underwear. The Black Bull God rewarded his little slut by slowly pulling down those compression shorts and letting that heavy black cock slap my face. I’m addicted to that black slut tamer. My lips were wrapped around his dick immediately. I love polishing that cock as much as I love the hot ass sex. I wanted to fit as much of his cock down my throat as possible. Then pulled out my phone so that we could stream me gagging on that King Cock. I tried my best to look up at the camera while trying to squeeze his cock down my throat. I could barely keep my eyes open. 

But no matter how hard I tried, half of Anaconda still wouldn’t fit down my throat. That was until the Black Bull God put his hand on the back of my head and fucked my pretty throat. I propped up my phone and let my throat go limp. His dick pumped my mouth. My slut slop was leaking out of my mouth and soaking his cock. I was blowing pretty bubbles all over that thick Daddy cock. But no matter what blowjobs phone sex will never beat fucking this tight white pussy. 

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The Black Bull God Destroys This Hot Squirting Pussy

I wanted to take care of my Black Bull God. He got to lay back and watch this pretty cunt slide down on that dick. His cock spreads this pussy out like no other dick could. I had to wait and adjust to that huge cock. I couldn’t even ride his dick like that. Instead Big Daddy King started pumping his cock into my pretty pussy. My big tits were pressed against his chest. His hands were squeezing and slapping my ass. I could feel my ass bouncing every time he pushed his dick deeper into my pretty pussy. 

The way Big Daddy King fucks me turns my brain to mush. All I can think of was the way his cock felt inside of me. His dick stretches my pretty pussy no matter how sloppy this pussy gets. And the butt plug in my ass made me feel even more full. The only words I could get out of my mouth was begging him to let me cum. He railed this hot squirting pussy until I was passing out. I begged the Black Bull God to fuck his cum into my pussy. And my generous Daddy flooded my cunt with that millionaire nut.

Big Daddy King Proves Black Cock Phone Sex is the Only Choice

Big Daddy King Proves Black Cock Phone Sex is the Only Choice

I’ve bragged about black cock phone sex with the Big Daddy King so many times. Some of you don’t thing his anaconda is really the beast that me and all the other girls gush about. A cock of that magnitude would be of mythic porportions. But there’s a reason we call him the black bull god. I’m always a brain dead slut when he’s around, but I wanted to take a real good look at such a huge mythical dick.

I was sure that he was just was just fucking me delusional. Maybe his cock only seems bigger than humanly piossible because the Black Bull God is a muscular giant with sexy, broad shoulders from years of football. Maybe his big dick energy is just so strong that it magnifies my perception of his cock. Or maybe, he makes my young bald pussy so fucking soaked that I couldn’t even think of another cock to compare him to. But I assure all my fans, and his, that me and all the other sluts that got the honor of worshipping that cock are not over exaggerating.

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My Shaved Wet Pussy is Controlled By Black Cock

Even when I was trying to focus on being objective to really examine him. I was resisting when he was just in his compression shorts. But my pussy ached when he pulled out his cock. It’s like he emits these pheramones that completely disable a blonde bimbos brain. The Anaconda is so heavy that it bounces when he drops it out of his compression shorts. Before I knew it my mouth was watering as much as my pussy. I think I’m addicted to black cock phone sex. Or at minimum to BDK’s Black Bull cock.

He asked me if I wanted to get a closer look and I dropped to my knees. I needed to taste that hot chocolate cock. And thoroughly examine him. When I tell you this is the type of cock your wife fucks herslef thinking about, I fucking mean it. Down to every throbbing vein on that rock hard dick. I had him pushed down my throat but there was still so much fucking cock left. He was too thick to be able to deep throat him properly. All I could do was fit the tip of his cock and a few extra inches into my mouth and then pump his spit dripping dick.

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My Pussy Begs for the Hot Ass Sex with the Black Bull God

I thought the cock sucking test was a perfect examination of size. But what about the rumors of his stamina and performance. There’s no way he is really breaking down sluts walls until they leaking from all of their holes. If you really thought that you’re fucking insane. There’s a reason why BDK has a haram of the hottest sluts you can imagine, while you’re at home stroking your cock alone. My wet ass pussy is still fucking sore from testing out that null hypothesis.

I was impressed when he wouldn’t fit in my mouth. I thought I would cry tears of joy when he could barely fit it in my cunt. His dick was splitting this pretty slut cunt in half agonizingly slow. He was making sure I felt every inch of his cock. He definitely is a God because I saw fucking heaven. Then he picked me up and bounced me up and down on his cock. His huge fucking cock thrust into my pussy so fucking hard. My pussy couldn’t help but squirt all over his Anaconda cock.

The Black Bull God didn’t stop fucking my cunt. The more I screamed an squirted, the harder he fucked his pussy. If this hot ass sex is the punishment for questioning my Master than I will do it so much more often. He fucked me until I couldn’t even feel my pussy anymore. My pussy had cum so fucking much it was just a swollen throbbing mess. All I could do was beg him for his cum. I wanted to get the full Big Daddy King experience and have him fuck that millionaire cum into his barbie slut’s cunt. All I could do was say his name and take his load.

Two Snow Bunny Whore Share the Biggest Cum Shot

The Biggest Cum Shots are for BDK’s Biggest Fans!

Taking the biggest cum shot comes with the biggest perks. You know how much Big Daddy King likes to spoil his black cock hungry little sluts. This week he decided to do something special for his number one fan. From across the screen, Big Daddy King was able to show our friend Kay the truth. That no white cock is good enough for a snow bunny cunt. That includes her pathetic cuck of a husband. She’s stopped fucking he husband completely. And as a reward, BDK flew us both out to one of his beach houses.

We couldn’t even get to the beach house before the Black Bull God started making us cum. He suprised os on the private jet with these cute new thongs. Of course we put them on immediately. We love when he gets us gifts. What we didn’t know is that the panties had built in vibrators. As soon as we were up in the air, Big Daddy King had control of our cunts. He had two big titted, horny sluts begging and moaning for his cock. He didn’t give us a moment to breathe. Every inch of my body was shivering and sensitive.

And all of this was just to prep us for the hot ass sex we were going to have back at the house. Black Bull God pulled up to the hangar in a limousine, just to see his little whores. Me and Kay couldn’t even walk! Our legs were still shaking from round after round off squirting for our King. He had to carry us down to the limo. But it wasn’t a problem for this sexy, well built superbowl champ. He tossed us in the car like two bimbo brained fuck dolls.

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Big Daddy King Makes This Wet Bald Pussy Cum from Miles Away

Our generous Big Daddy King let us rest in the car, just to surprise us with dick by the ocean! He picked out new bikinis that showed off these fat ass and tiddies. Just the way Black Bull God likes his cum loving snow sluts. That’s what he finally gave us what we had been waiting for. He came out to the beach with Anaconda all ready for us. We’d been begging for his cock in the limo, but he made us wait for this very moment. Both Kay and I dropped to our knees in front of the Sex God we worship. 

“Please let us take your cock.” He loves to here his concubine cumsluts beg. He let us unleash the beast. That fat black dick sprung out in our faces. Everytime I forget just how fucking huge he really is. The only thing I could think of was fitting as much of that chocolate stick down my throat as possible. All the cock worshiping phone sex in the world could prepare a phone whore for BDK’s slut tamer. I tried to fit as much as I could but Kay was still able to wrap her hands around it and pump. I was basically only sucking to get his cock all lubed up and covered in slut goo. 

Hot Ass Sex

Dirty Whores Beg for Hot Ass Sex with the Black Bull God

Then it was time for the main event. The Black Bull God’s black anaconda looks even better after it’s been polished by pretty white sluts like me. Kay and I were soaking through our bikinis and waiting to see which one of us he picked to fuck first. BDK fucking your wet bald pussy is to die for. Since this is Kay’s first trip, it only seemed fair for him to rearrange her guts first. After all, I get to go home to BDK’s mansion and she has to go home to a pathetic, tiny white cock. She needed to be reminded of what a real dick felt like. And that’s one of the Black Bull God’s many talents.

Kay’s pussy was creaming all over that thick black hog. She was screaming like a worthless little whore. I started rubbing her cunt and making sure Big Daddy king’s balls were taken care off. That sack carries millionaire seed and needs to be handled with care. At least until he empties it all over my face! After he pulled put of Kay’s tight cunt, he forced his cock back down my throat. We could taste her pussy all over. It had us thirsty for something else. The biggest cum shot from the black bull god himself! BDK pulled his cock out of my throat and made it snow all over his bunnies. 

Mutual Masturbation Porn Makes Your Cock Throb for Brittney


Mutual Masturbation Porn Made You Crave a Private Session

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My mutual masturbation porn drives your cock crazy and you know how much I love showing off this sexy body on camera. You’ve been watching all my videos and scrolling through my blogs. Just looking at me makes your dick ache for me. You’ve been messaging me for months asking for a private show. I wasn’t even going to consider it until you dropped an enormous tip and I just had to see who my biggest fan was. I was waiting on the other side of the call in sexy lingerie. I’m all dolled up with my huge tits pushed up to my face and my hairless cunt barely covered. 

You can’t even get through the hello before you start touching your cock. You explain to me that everything I do makes your dick hard, and you just want to watch me fuck myself. Good thing I have a nice thick dildo sitting next to me. I slide the tip of that silicone cock to my soft pink lips. I always start by getting a cock wet and sloppy before I slide it into my cunt. It makes my twat soaking fucking wet. I reach down and spread my cunt lips apart to show you that wet bald pussy.

Your Hot Phone Sex Whore Makes That Wet Bald Pussy Squirt!

mutual masturbation pornYou’re pumping your cock so hard it makes me giggle. Do you want me to slide it in baby? I drag that spit covered cock down from my lips and between these big milky tits. Your dick jumps for those heavy bimbo boobs. I push them up to the camera and start squeezing and jiggling those tits. You beg me to take off the bra and show off those sexy nipples too. I press that thick plastic cock between those tits and start to stroke. I want you to picture your dick being there instead. You’d do anything to get between these soft tiddies. You even cum to my big tit photos.

That toy slides in my pussy perfectly and the sound is intoxicating. You keep pumping that throbbing slut tamer while I fuck my cunt for you. If I slow down to tease my cunt, then your hand pumps slower. You’re waiting for me to squirt all over this cock. I’m done teasing that cock, I want to watch you cum for me. I slam that vibrator into my wet cunt and start rubbing my pussy right in the fucking camera.

My screams make the precum leak from your cock. You’re trying not to explode before you see me squirt all over that dick. As soon as the pussy honey hits the camera you give me the biggest fucking cum shot all over your computer. But that dick doesn’t shrink down. If you want me to drain you again, you’re going to have to leave me another hot tip!


Black Cock Phone Sex Addicted Slut Begs for a Huge Load from BDK

Big Daddy King has me addicted to black cock phone sex! I just can’t stop my cunt from cumming when he pulls out that thick anaconda cock. He may be an internationally well known millionaire with unlimited access to pussy, but he always makes time for his favorite fuck toy. He made sure to pay me a quick visit to cum cream this cunt. It might be because I’m a hot, young slut or it might be because of this wet barbie pussy and fat ass. And I’m fucking addicted to that thick, meaty black cock.

He’s the black bull god for a reason. BDK’s cock is three the size of an average white boy cock and such a fucking mouthful. No slut can fit the whole thing in their mouth. His cock is bigger than my fucking face. No matter how far he pushes me down on that meaty dick, it never seems to fit down that tight hole. The tip of his cock just crams it’s way as far as it can down my esophagus. My slut mouth leaks around the thick middle of his dick. I can gag my throat and still pump both of my hands around his cock.

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Big Daddy King Made Me Addicted to Black Cock Phone Sex

Big Daddy knows how a man of his stature is supposed to be treated. He lays back like a King on his throne and let’s me take care of him during the cock worshipping phone sex. I’ll deepthroat his dick until I’m a sloppy mess and covered in saliva. My big milky tits get covered in it and I give my throat a break. I wrap my tits around his big anaconda cock and pump. There’s still so much dick left that I can pump him right into my mouth. His hands are in my blonde hair and forcing my head down on his dick.

Having the black bull god fuck my throat just teases my cunt. My cunt is creating a puddle underneath me. It makes my cunt throb to worship him. I beg for him to give that same attention to my pussy. If I’m lucky he let’s me climb on top and slide my pussy down on that fat cock. I’m addicted to the feeling of that black stretching me to my limits. No cock could ever make my pussy wrap around their cock so tight that breathing could make me cum.

Black Bull God’s cock turns me into a brain dead fuck doll. All I can do is bounce on that dick and let the filthiest things come out of my mouth. My pussy starts squirting all over his cock and everytime I feel my lust for Daddy cock taking over me. That’s when Big Daddy King gives my sensitive cunt a break. And decides to use my asshole instead. He slides that dripping wet cock out of my cunt and pushes it against that tight fucking asshole instead.

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Hot Ass Sex For Black Dick Obsessed Slut 

I always look back at it when that big black anaconda stretches out one of my holes. I’m always convinced that it won’t fit, so it’s so shocking to watch that huge cock split my ass apart. He gives me those slow, deep strokes letting my ass hole get used to the hot ass sex. As soon as my asshole adjusts, the beast is unleashed and he starts plopping this fat ass down on his cock. He loves hearing the sounds that fat white ass makes when I slap down on that dick. He loves the way I scream for that cum when he fucks me.

And even after all of this, that’s not what got me hooked on black cock phone sex. It was those huge fucking loads he pumps into me. Gripping both of my ass cheeks and slamming his cock into me. My cum hole is sucking him in deep and just begging for him to drain those balls. And of course I’m screaming and begging for that dick to explode inside of my ass. He explodes that load of cum into my ass. It feels like gallons are filling into my stomach. I can’t even think straight after he leaves me leaking like that!

Black Cock Phone Sex + Superbowl Weekend = Big Daddy King!!!

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Black Cock Phone Sex + Superbowl Weekend = Big Daddy King!!!

Black cock phone sex is my favorite way to celebrate black history month and I know I’m not the only one. It’s the perfect time for pathetic snow bunny sluts to get on their knees and open wide for a thick black dick. Your wife and girlfriends included. While you were getting excited to pack up for the superbowl, your girl was too. Not to watch the game of course, but to scan the stadium for the King. You know the one. You can’t have a superbowl without the 3 time superbowl winning,19XX rookie of the year, 6’3 former football legend that is Big Daddy King

Of course Daddy was out in full force all super bowl week. If you live in Vegas you know where to find him. Just follow your wife out to the strip. She’ll lead you to the crowd of white slut begging for his attention. While she’s praying to the Black Bull God and begging to worship him, you’ll be crossing your fingers and hoping she’s not hot enough to get chosen. Because we both know that after she meets the Anaconda, there is no going back. Big Daddy King owns her now.

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Your Wife is Ready to be a Black Cock Phone Sex Loving Slut

BDK will take her and 5 other horny, hot sluts up to the presidential suite of the Bellagio. They’ll be kissing all over him and trying to unbuckle his pants before the elevator doors open. Then rush to the room so the real fun can start. I know you have a tiny cock and have never experienced cock worshipping phone sex, but Big Daddy King is no stranger to women begging to serve him. He gets all those pretty whores down on their knees and has them say the pledge 

“I pledge allegiance to the black new world order. And to Big Daddy King, the supreme being that he is, with millions of dollars and a big, black Anaconda cock for all the snow bunnies.” Your wife gladly repeats the words and begs for him to finally pull out the monster. She’s just as shocked as all the other whores in the room. I mean, she had heard the stories about how huge he was, but he was even more massive in person. Her panties start soaking and she completely forgets you exist. All she can think about is how the fuck she’s going to fit that cock in her wet bald pussy!

I’ll be honest. I’ve taken his dick so many times and even I can’t handle every fucking inch. Your wife knows it too. When they try to wrap all their hands around his cock, they still aren’t able to hide that massive slut-maker. Too bad your wife is the one who’s going to be destroyed by it. 

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Wet Bald Pussy Cums from Hot Ass Sex

Your wife has no issue spreading her legs and showing off that wet bald pussy. She stares at the huge black dick and begs for him to take it slow. And that your cock is so small in comparison that she doesn’t even think she could fit half of it in. It’s not the first or the last time Big Daddy has heard that kind of begging from a slut he was about to dick down. While your wife is your whole world, she’s just one more cumslut in a sea of hot white pussy. He’s going to show how what it feels like to be fucked by a man.

You’re lucky the hot ass sex wasn’t caught on camera. It turns out your whore wife can take it. Well at least most of it. Begging for the foot long cock to rearrange her insides. Then her words turn into brain dead moans. He’s fucked the sense out of her while he bruises the inside of her cervix. She swears she’s never felt so full in her life. But that’s before our Black Bull God gave her the biggest creampiet she’s ever gotten inside that slut pussy. She almost blacks out when he breeds her slutty cunt.

Lucky for you, he sends her home. Leaking his cum into BDK labeled panties.. Just another example of how superior our big black Daddy is. No white cock could ever come close to our King’s opulence and notoriety. Much less get close in cock size. Everyone knows he is the King of All Cock. His Anaconda alone is world famous for turning white whores into black dick worshipers. Just remember. If he wants your bitch he can have her on the phone in two minutes begging for black cock phone sex.


Hot Ass Sex Between ‘Nurse’ Brittney and Horny Patient

Horny Patient Desperate for Hot Ass Sex with Me

Hot ass sex cures all diseases! So which whore would be a better volunteer for a blood drive than a cock hungry blonde slut like me. I usually prefer black dick, but I’ll do anything for a good cause. They had me dress up in the sluttiest nurse outfit and stand outside to lure horny cocks in. But some of you horny fucks didn’t get that I was just an advertisement. They were begging for me to be their nurse! This one guy was so pervy and persistent. He was wheeling around in his wheelchair and trying to look under my skirt.

I laughed it off at first. “Your dick probably doesn’t even work.” But I was so fucking wrong. He pulled out this rock hard cock. I haven’t been fucked properly in weeks and my mouth and pussy were watering. Maybe just a taste. But once I start I can’t stop. I’m just a horny phone sex whore. How could I resist? Just the tip quickly turned into getting my mouth and throat fucked. He was pushing me down on his cock and gagging me. My eyeliner was running down my cheeks, but I was more worried about sliding my fingers inside of my cunt.


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I’m Desperate For a Hardcore Ass Fucking and a Hot Load

My ass was getting jealous of my mouth. I slid my panties down to my heels. His cock was lubed up with all that throat juice. I could slide it right inside my ass. I started bouncing up and down slowly but that perv wasn’t settling for a little fun. His cock wanted hardcore ass fucking. He grabbed me by my hips and started bouncing me on his cock. My ass hole was fucking exploding, but my cunt loved it. As soon as I started rubbing my clit I squirted all over his dick.

My legs were shaking so fucking hard I couldn’t ride his dick anymore. They practically gave out. I got on my knees in front of him and he pushed his cock back down my throat. I could taste my ass all over his meat. Fuck! I taste so yummy I got horny all over again. I went back to playing with my hot squirting pussy while he abused the back of my throat. Then I felt his cum shooting in my mouth. I didn’t even get a warning before I was gulping down a mouthful of sticky cum!


Bratty Barbie Slut Loves Black Cock Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex is Recruiting More White Breeding Sluts

All of you know how much I love black cock phone sex. I’m a total slut for a thick black dick. And I’m lucky enough to be one of Big Daddy King’s superior fuck sluts. He has the thickest, longest, meatiest bull cock. And I love to see that meaty fuck stick in action. Everything about BDk is fucking Huge. From his cock to his wallet and he’s not afraid to flaunt either one. Especially when it comes to putting pathetic white cucks in their place. I just happen to know one who a BDK obsessed wife and a hot coed daughter. 

That’s right! Big Daddy King and I took another trip out to see Kay. But this time her slutty step daughter Em was also there. Both of these BBC loving whores just got their BDK tribute trampstamps done and we decided to reward them for their loyalty. They got to worship the King’s massive Anaconda and properly thank him for showing them the way. After Kay cucked her husband infront of millions online, her step daughter got sent the video. After seeing a black cock that big she became a black cock loving whore too. Both of these snow bunnies dropped to their knees when they were faced with such a legendary member.

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Three White Whores Have Hot Ass Sex with King of Cock 

And we can’t forget the husband. You can’t have cuckold phone sex without the pathetic cuck. Kay’s husband is pathetic compared to Big Daddy King. He’s a short, weak man, with a tiny white shrimp dick. The exact opposite of the Supreme Being. He had no choice but to submit to BDK and his massive cock. Especially when his wife and daughter were on their knees about to become feral. They were begging for a taste of that big black dick. And Big Daddy King loves to spoil his snow sluts. 

Our King let us worship that huge fucking cock with our lips and tongue. Kissing and stroking that thick Anaconda. Our hands looked so small around that big dick. Even with three sets of hands wrapped around it, he still had dick left. Then he tossed Em over her lap to give that ass a slap. I hope she’s a fan of black cock phone sex! His big hands slapped down on that tight young ass. It just made me and Mommy’s pussies so fucking wet. Kay was in need of that dick and she was the lucky slut who got to feel that dick first.

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Young Bald Pussy Salutes to the Black New World Order

Big Daddy King Man handled that whore and slid her down on his dick. She was looking directly at her husband while she felt that missive schlong bottoming out her pussy. Her step daughter watched and played with her pussy. By the time Mommy was cumming on that cock Em was bent over ready to get fucked in front of her Daddy. Her fat ass still had Big Daddy’s hand prints all over it. She screamed when she took that cock inside her pussy for the first time. And her cuck Daddy just had to sit there and watch his slut daughter get demolished.

I was fucking hypnotized watching the hot ass sex between these two. Her ass was bouncing up and down on that cock like she was bred to be fucked by black bulls. His black Anaconda was tearing up that tight cunt and she was panting like a bitch in heat. Her daddy just sat there trying to avoid watching his daughter squirting all over that huge black dick. I was ready to get demolished too. My legs were split apart and ready for my Daddy to use my whore cunt. 

BDK loves to torture me and force me to watch while he fucked those two other sluts. But this young bald pussy was ready for that black dick. Even though I’ve taken it so many times, his cock still felt like it as tearing my cunt apart. I could feel the moment my brain turned off and I started thinking with my pussy. Screaming for BDK to fuck his cum into me. All three of us are such lucky fuck slut whores.