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Babysitter Fucks for Extra Cash

Babysitter phone sex

Being a teen babysitter is a great way to make extra money so I can do things like go to the mall and out to eat with my friends. However I’ve figured out slutting it out and fucking and blowing the dads of the kids I babysit is a even better way to make some […]

Young voice phone sex

young voice phone sex

  Young voice phone sex is something I really love to do for my most special callers. Their dicks get so hard just when I speak with my young voice. It’s so exciting and thrilling for those dirty little fucks to hear. And this party girl loves to make her guys happy. First I start […]

Golden shower incest brother sister love

incest phone sex

  “You belong in the gutter” my brother said to me as I felt his cock enter my wet pussy. It was huge and thick, and I bucked and writhed under his taut sexy body I was overcome with how fucking turned on I was, and I felt myself want to cum all over his […]

Yes master

submissive phone sex

As my master dresses for the office today I make sure his breakfast is ready and waiting for him. As I go to tell him that it’s ready, I realize my master’s cock is hard I can see the shape of his cock straining thru his boxers underneath his pants. “May I suck your cock” […]

Slave Training


Slave training phone sex is how I start every day.  Get on your knees whore, my master hissed. I did as I was told I slowly lowered myself to kneel in front of him….my cunt moist with anticipation. He blindfolded me and put a ball gag into my mouth tightening the strap so much my […]

Naughty Maid Phone Sex is classic

Naughty Maid Phone Sex

Today my master gave me to a black guy with a big black cock for me to suck and fuck, luckily I got to do it in a sexy lace maid outfit, can you say Naughty Maid Phone sex? I made sure every step made my ass bounce and my hips pump and made him […]

Blackmail phone sex to protect master!

Blackmail phone sex

My master was caught doing something very bad so now I’m serving lots of needs to get him out of trouble, all this Blackmail phone sex has me super horny and confused and all I know is that my master will be safe if I do what they say. I don’t know what he did, […]

Slavery Phone Sex

Slavery Phone Sex

I’m an expert at Slavery Phone Sex. My real master is not the jealous type, he goes out of his way to prove this by offering me up to the highest bidder night after night, a plaything to be sought for. He’s not the degrading type, he loves that something – someone – he owns […]

Slave Trading Days

slavery phone sex

Its time for slave trading and this slut wants to make sure she gets a dirty and powerful master! I made sure my best tit pictures were available for the new Master bidding. My current master has no choice but to put me up for auction. He belongs to a dominating club that has rules […]

Double Dicked = Double Piss and Cum

toilet slave phone sex

Master wanted this lowly sub slut to be humiliated to the max. He picked up two homeless men under the overpass and brought them back to have their way with his pretty sub slut cum lover!  They were filthy and as soon as they saw my sweet fresh body they were hard. I took those […]


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