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Tie My Tits and Use My Pussy

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You tie my tits and wrap a rope around them like they are your present. This is not too far off as you completely own me. I cannot do anything without you and it is impossible for me to get off without your guidance. I need you to play with my nipples when you tie them like this, twisting and rubbing them. This makes my clit so hard and you know exactly what to do with me when I get this horny. You take your cock and rub it against my pussy lips, making me moan and grind my hips so I can rub my clit against the head of your cock. Then, you tie my hands to the bed so I can’t move. You are going to use my body as a fuck toy so you can get off, which makes me so horny that I cum all over your cock. That only makes you fuck me harder. We are done when you say we’re done. 

Want a Ride?

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There aren’t any ride share phone sex companies out there that I know of so I decided to start giving people raunchy rides all over the city so they can cream their cunts and drain their dicks before they get to their destinations.  Good idea, right?  Everyone wants a good fucking on their ways to work or church or wherever they’re going.  I stay so busy bussing people around from here to there while they blow each other that I might have to hire some helpers!

This morning I took an old couple to the airport and picked up a pretty little college girl along the way.  The old broad already had her husband’s dong out when the co-ed got in and she was all too happy to help granny get her man’s gravy out on the trip.  They massaged his member, balls and taint like he paid them to do it.  Those horned up ladies worked together in perfect harmony as though they had jerked off tons of guys together before, though they had only just met!

He didn’t last long after the dual blowjobs started.  Their mouths didn’t even have time to get tired, they sucked him down then switched off a couple of times before he blew a hot load all over the back of my seat.  It’s cool, I have scotch guarded seat covers plus I’m used to cleaning up pools of cum and snail trails from a wet bald pussy or two.  Just part of the joys of raunchy, sexy ride sharing!


Sissy Phone Sex Is So Sensual and Fun!

Sissy Phone Sex Cody

I know what you are looking for, my love, you are longing for that oh so sweet sissy phone sex. That type of phone sex that will have you crawling on your hands and knees, is a sexy little dress, begging me to let you cum. But I won’t, because once you cum you know that the satisfaction is over for now. I know you love my sissy phone sex. Especially when I make you dress up for me and then parade you around town as my filthy little whore.

You, wearing those 6-inch heels and fishnet stockings paired with that slutty, poor excuse of a red dress. It only covers your cock, letting your balls show to the world. I make you bend over to pick up something and one of my guy friends comes rushing over to fuck your tight little hole. You moan in ecstasy as he pumps you full of his enormous cock while another one of my guy friends starts to fuck your face. Yes, my sissy phone sex will have you begging for more. And who am I to refuse you of your desires?

I know you want them to explode inside of you, it’s what you always crave, their cum. Oozing and gushing from all of your holes. You little sissy, I know you love to eat other men’s cum. It fulfills your dirty desires and completes you. So, go ahead and do what you do best, make those men fill you up then eat all that cum right out of your fuck holes. Push and squeeze every last drop out, you better not waste a single drop of that pure delicious cum.

hot ass sex with him

hot ass sex

My friend’s younger brother is all grown up and looking so hot. When he came into her room while she was in the shower, he saw me there and couldn’t contain himself. I was naked, trying to dress up for a girl’s night out. Her brother stared and then went off, but he made sure to make his move later that night. When he came to me in the middle of the night, he put my hand on his crotch. I could feel he was rocking with a big one, and I was so wet.

Seconds later, I am letting my best friend’s younger brother fuck me silly. I used to babysit him not too long ago. I was both excited and disgusted. It was like I became the  p-loving girl who loves hot ass sex.

Shemale Phone Sex with a Dominant, Big Dick Shemale

shemale phone sexIf you are staring at my big dick, you want shemale phone sex. No shame in admitting you think my cock is pretty. Although it is big and it is dominant, it is still feminine looking. I have long shaved my cock and balls. Now, thanks to modern science, I use electrolysis to remove all that masculine hair. I knew I was born in the wrong body when I was a schoolboy. I would play dress up in my mother’s clothes. I experimented with lipstick. I always wanted to have painted toes and fingers. It was not even a sexual thing yet at that age. I was not attracted to boys or girls yet when I started playing in my mother’s closest. This was before nonbinary terms were even used. I did not know what a transsexual was really. The only time I heard the term trans at all was in Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Tim Curry’s character was a sweet transvestite not a sweet transsexual from Transylvania. I thought I was a transvestite. I was never really submissive. I was not really into girls. But I did not feel gay either. Just gender confused. Now, I am a confident, sexy shemale domination porn star. And I know that any attraction you have to my pretty she-cock does not make you gay. It makes you human. A red-blooded human male. Gay men do not like femboys like me. I take the term femboy to the extreme. I am very girly in my dress, my hair, my body and my actions. I live my life as a female. I just have a big cock. And that big cock loves to fuck a tight asshole too. You will not think of yourself as gay when I am fucking your ass because you will feel my soft hands exploring your cock. You will feel my big boobs against your back, and you will feel soft lips on your lips when I am giving you a hardcore ass fucking. The only thing masculine on my body is my ten-inch dick. Ready for some hot shemale fun?

Cocksucking Phone Sex makes a young lolita horny

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Cocksucking Phone Sex makes a young lolita horny. I’m your little niece and I’m all hot and horny for your big dick. I want to have sexy dick sucking phone sex with my uncle while my parents are asleep in the next room. I call your and I begin to play and finger my wet lolita pussy. I sent you nude pictures of my big teen ass and my wide-open pussy all for your hard cock. You’re stroking your dick to my pictures while I moan over the phone for you. “Uncle! Yes! It feels sooo fucking good!” I moan loudly, trying to keep quiet so my parents don’t hear me. I’m your favorite kind of Fetish Phone Sex, especially when you hear my pussy squirt it’s juices out across the room, making me your favorite teen fantasy slut niece, hehe!

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Cocksucking Phone Sex leads to some nasty drolly throatfucking and what makes that so sleazy is it’s mx slutkin. I think it’s super fucking hot and pussy moistening to fuck that little girls face until she snots up and drools all over the place. The best part of the after… is going for that cherry popping business.

So, I am super strapped for cash. My slutkin is acting like a pain in the ass. What will really help right now is a p-daddy to come along and help me the fuck out. Like you can hook me up with rent moola and hit Emily Jasmine up with some dickipline.

I want her over your knees and spanked. While you are at it feel free to touch her naughty spots. Finger her baby girl asshole. Touch that bald pussy. Go ahead get a hard on for my daughter. I know, you can pay me a little more moola and I will let you take care of the erction she caused. Use the fuck puppet and I’ll be back in a bit after I get rent paid and some candy.

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snuff phone sex Snuff phone sex victim Alanza gets stuffed. Did I ever tell you how I enjoy fantasies of my very own demise? I have been watching a lot of nasty gang-bang porn and my mind is reeling. I don’t think my wand has had a minute’s rest in days. These snuff fantasies are all consuming and I just had to share with someone. I need to be forced into a nasty gang-rape fantasy of the first degree. In a cold, dirty back alley away from the city’s foot traffic, Alanza is taken down. I know I should have covered up more walking home from the strip club.

I recognized the colors on their jackets. I started for my phone, but three rival gang members knocked me to the ground. Cock already out as the beat and force fuck my mouth.  I feel a blade slide down my thigh cutting my pantyhose and panties off. I am sodomized and tortured beyond belief. I have been stuffed with ten cocks  and objects for hours. My nipples have been seared and my ass has been ripped open by a pipe. My breasts are cut deep and as I lay in a pool of my own blood and vomit Death approaches. My cunt still pulsates with desire and as I feel my neck snap orgasm washes over me!accomplice phone sex

Rim Jobs Phone Sex is Penitence for Thinking I Want Your Small Dick

rim jobs phone sexDo you enjoy rim jobs phone sex? I do not rim your ass. You rim mine! That is the way it is when you are a loser white boy. I do not fuck small cocks. Yet, every day some small cock loser thinks he can fuck me. The losers are getting bolder by the day too. I went to get a massage today. Not a happy ending massage, but a legitimate European massage. The man who was assigned to me was not my normal guy, but I was sore and I needed the kinks worked out. Between being on the phone for hours a day and bobbing my head up and down those big black cocks for hours too, it is easy to get a sore back and neck. A weekly massage takes care of it. As I was on the table, this guy took his hand and put it on his cock. Instinctively, I bitch slapped his cock. He immediately got apologetic for misreading the cues. I told him there were no cues given. I know I am a sexy mature phone sex babe, but I did not need his pathetic white dick. I turned the tables on him. I said he was going to eat my pussy and ass as penitence.  It was either that, or I told his boss about what he did and he loses a good job. He got up on the massage table, and I squatted my fine ass over his face. What he did not know was that there was black cock cum in my cunt and ass. It was pretty fresh too because I fucked a black stallion two hours prior to my massage. This is what he deserved. He presumed that because I was mature I needed cock. I have never needed a pathetically average white dick and he paid the price of assuming incorrectly that I did. He paid the price with creampie phone sex and a rim job. He will think twice again before making assumptions.

Slavery Phone Sex – Enslave me

Cuckolding Phone Sex He had me missionary finger fucking my cunt roughly.. He tied my tits up soo tightly with rope that they were swollen purple. I still have huge bruised rings around my DD tits.. He called up a Submissive phone sex slut and let her be in charge for a change..

She had started talking about all the things he put her through during their Bondage and submission Phone Sex sessions.. She decided to have him do all the cruel things he convinced her to do to herself to me. I had to bare an extreme throat fucking while my head was dangling off of the bed.. Blood rushing to my head, struggling to breath he didn’t give a fuck and neither did she!

I am not sure if this Phone Sex whore had any idea that he was actually tormenting someone but she is to blame for the lacerations all over my fat pussy. I know she heard me scream and gasp whenever he did give me a second to catch my breath.. she had to of!

He prepped my ass with a baseball bat for a Hardcore ass fucking while she moaned and insulted me. Him and I normally do call up some hot phone babes and have them join in while we fuck but this particular phone whore had it out for me..  There is no denying that yes I am a pain slut, I did get off and of course my hot whore cunt squirted while he was pumping my fat ass with jizz.. But, I didn’t deserve what was done to me.. Do you think I did?

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