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Ass to mouth phone sex with Janie

ass to mouth phone sex

Today I went to an audition for a super kinky scene and of course, I got the part! I think some ass to mouth phone sex with you is the perfect way to celebrate me getting the role! That’s what I spent all day doing and I can’t stop thinking about it. I was gagging on thick, hard dicks right after they had pounded my perfect, little asshole and shot big,sticky loads in me! Sucking that mixture of cream and chocolate off of a fat dick, gets my cunnie so fucking wet! After I sucked them clean, I let them pump my little pussy and spurt those warm, gooey cum shots in me! Right now I’m playing with my cummy cunnie and wishing you would call so we can talk more about my audition.


I love playing with my pussy to Hot phonesex

Hot phonesexHot phonesex. If you really want to get my pussy wet that’s it. I love hearing men jack their cocks off to my sexy voice and my fingers deep inside of my slutty pussy. I imagine myself bouncing on those hot cocks of theirs and sucking them off until their balls are drained. It’s so fucking hot thinking that I’m there taking care of those poor hard cocks that their wives can’t handle because they’re either too old, loose, or not young enough. I’m always here to help a man out. 😉 Let me suck that hard and throbbing cock and swallow that yummy cum down my throat. I love Blowjobs Phone Sex and the thought of swallowing all of your cum! I need you to put me on all fours, smack my ass, and anal fuck me and cum all over my hot bubble butt!

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Whore

Phone sex fetish

I need a nice hard cock to slobber on right now.. I have been practicing all morning on my dildo… I just can’t help but want the real thing.. I have been fucking myself for hours in every position I can possibly think of but still there is something missing… I have orgasmed about 5 times today and squirted 3 but I just need a man to join me…

With a man these orgasms will be so much more intense.. Even if that just means a man in my ear telling me all kinds of naughty things! I just want you to talk dirty to me, degrade me and direct me… I am willing to do everything and anything you say.. I even invested in a handsfree so that I am able to mutually masturbate with you without any interruptions…

Mm I want to spread my pussy lips and lather my slit with a bunch of saliva from me slobbering down all over this long dildo.. Once I am fully naturally lubricated I can slid this hard long fuck rod inside of me and pound my pussy while you juice your cock for me.

I am so ready for a good time! Come join me.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

foot fetish phone sexDo you enjoy foot fetish phone sex? I am a special girl, but I cater to a lot of fetishes. I like to be a pretty T-girl and that means regular pedicures and manicures. I just got back from a spa day, and I had beautiful, polished toes, and silky soft feet. And there is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my pretty pedicured feet on a throbbing cock. I have a shemale lover with a foot fetish. Something kind of sexy to him about a special girl with pretty feet and big cock. My cock is bigger than my foot. At first, I thought if I gave him a foot job that would make him cum quickly to last longer when I gave him his hardcore ass fucking. He kept insisting that his cock preferred my small, smooth feet to my big tranny cock in his ass. This guy has not let me fuck him yet. I just know his ass is nice and tight. I love giving foot jobs. Just not as much as I love slamming my sexy tranny cock in a tight ass. I started teasing his cock with my pretty painted toes. Swirled my big toe over the purple head, traced his bulging veins that popped out on his cock. I massaged his balls with my toes too. Softly kneading them until I heard him moan and pre cum started leaking out the head of his cock. I took my big toe, and played with that pre cum. I fed him a cum coated toe, and he sucked his own jizz off my pretty toe. His cock got even harder tasting his pre-cum. That’s when I start rubbing his cock between my feet like I was starting a fire. I was building a fire. A fire that quickly got put out by the biggest cum shot of creamy, white jizz. When I milked all the jizz out of his cock, my feet went in his mouth to clean up the mess he made. Still did not get to fuck him, but he ate his own jizz this time. I am getting closer to his virgin ass every foot encounter we have.

Fuckalicious Cum Slut

Adult Phone Chat

This summer I spent my time being the best cum slut any daddy dick could ask for! My pussy was done for by the end of August just full of cum. I kept my leg spread and above my head every day. I wore my pink panties with bows on the last day of summer and went to my daddy’s house where all of his friends were there with their hard cocks out ready to gang bang me! As soon as I walked in, my daddy and his friends bent me over and watched all of yesterday’s cum leak out of my cunt and down my thighs where I picked some up with my fingers and let them watch as I licked it off of my fingers. I am all theirs for the next few hours to use my cunt on this last day!

Romantic Phone Sex with a Cheating BBC Whore

romantic phone sexI may be a BBC whore, but I love romantic phone sex calls. I am not the kind of woman who is with thug black men. That is because I am sophisticated and not a bitch. I love big black cocks, but I will never be the bitch who is passed around at a party like a piece of candy. No black man no matter how hung he is will slap me or choke me. No one is intentionally ruining any of my holes either. Not who I am. I talk to guys weekly who have wives that let black men use and degrade them. There are plenty of black men who want to fuck me and treat me right too. Darius is a younger black lover. I am sure the police just see a black punk boy, but he is not a gang banger. He does not walk around with his pants at his knees wielding a pistol. He is a young graduate student. He comes from an upper middle-class family. He talks eloquently and treats me like his white goddess. Sure, technically I could be his mother. He has milf phone sex fever, and I am addicted to those BBCs. He measures at almost 14-inches, and he loves to use his cock to make women cream their panties. We had a magical night last night while my husband was home. He watched some of the romantic fun. Darius is a masseuse. It is his job while in grad school. He gave me a sexy rub down with hot oil to make me feel so relaxed. That was followed by a bubble bath for two. It was a long seduction until we got to the fucking. His beautiful cock had been erect for a couple hours while he pampered and spoiled me. He calls me his queen. He made me feel so sexy. And when we did fuck, the teasing worked me up so much I had a hot squirting pussy for him. I can be a bbc whore and a romantic.

Fantasy Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

Cock sucking sluts is all I want to befriend.. I do not care if you’re a male or a female. All you have to be is a slut, who only cares about savoring the moment and living life to the fullest! To us tomorrow doesn’t matter! What really matters is going all out for the hot sexy babes that we want to attract & most importantly going all out for ourselves!

Don’t you just want to go skinny dipping up in the mountains with random people. Get so drunk that you don’t even remember the names of people you fucked the night before…

hahaha even if you just so happen to run into them at breakfast but you have no idea who or what you just know you surely enjoyed yourself and that’s all that matters… well that’s the kind of fuck I am interested in having tonight. I want to go all out and be so wild that it’s a night to remember but so good it felt like a high. I am super horny and ready for adventure. I like to believe that sex is endless and devouring your cock is my specialty.

Let’s have the best fucking sex we could possibly imagine daddy!

Why I Love CBT Phone Sex

CBT Phone Sex

Let’s take a moment to discuss CBT phone sex, why I love it and how you can utilize simple items for a great ball-crushing time. The why I love it part is easy, I’m a sadist I get off on your pain. Gives me a little happy high when I hear you whimper after being bludgeoned in the testicles. Really fuels that sadism inside me. The best part is if you really enjoy cock and ball torture you can use a lot of different items easily found around any home. 

My favorite is using a thick hardback book. So you can open it to the middle and…well I’m sure you see where I going with that one. If you can’t then I’m happy to help figure it out. Other things like spatulas, hairbrushes, hammers (if you are brave), and clothes pins. The list can go on and on some more dangerous than others. My goal is to have you shredding tears, with your sack black and blue while I enjoy the pleasure of your pain.

Fantasy Phone Sex with daddy’s baby girl!

Fantasy Phone SexFantasy Phone Sex with daddy’s baby girl and you are always so amazing daddy! You know exactly how to eat this pussy just right! You suck, and lick, and nibble just a bit so I will be cumming in no time! The way you force your tongue in my sweet wet cunt while I moan. You force two fingers deep inside letting me know you want your baby girl to cum for you and soak you face. You start sucking this tight bald pussy and I squirt on demand. This is your pussy daddy! You made me for this. And the way you make me cum, well let’s just say you’re all the man I need!

I sit on your lap and grind my hips. I want you deep inside me while you give me a passionate kiss! I’m a good girl daddy and I know how you like it! so go ahead take this pretty pink hole! This is all I was for and I want you to blow! Turn me over and make me take that daddy cock. But don’t forget that this ass needs to be rocked.

Pound my pink pussy, make me sloppy fucking wet! Then shove that cock deep inside mt ass while I beg. I’m begging for mercy while begging for more. this dirty whore doesn’t know which I want more of. So fucking use me daddy; that’s what I fucking get. This is my punishment and I will take every inch of it. call in my spawn make them line up and watch. This is wat happens when mommies don’t follow the rules. But just remember if it can happen to mommy, imagine what would happen to you!

Cheating Fuck

Cheating Phone Sex Tina

 You get up all between my thighs I know what’s coming next the long cock bouncing between them. Our possibilities are endless, and fuck sessions have no stress, I feel you slip inside while I make my cunt grips you. I feel you grabbing and spreading my ass ready to fingerfuck it- I make you stop because I want something more! Let me slowly slip your dick out and lick it clean for a moment all the way to your balls and rim that tight asshole of yours. Mmm I know you like it the way you groan while glide my tongue deep in that ass. You beg me to go deeper so I grab my toy- as I rub your cock you tell me to keep fucking you, I know your about to blow your cum cause your cock is so fucking hard. I slip between your thighs looking up at you, pink dildo in your ass while your cock fills my mouth and your cum explodes leaking out of my lips. I didn’t expect such a mess but I love it, that hot sticky feeling dripping onto my big tits, couldn’t ask for a better cum shot!


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