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My black dick addiction is costing me to have damaged pussy, anal, and throat tissues. My holes randomly gap as I walk. It honestly gives me the tingles and gets me so wet. My inner thighs get soaking wet and my mind wanders off. I can’t focus if I don’t get my fix so I make sure to fulfill whatever it is my teared up cunt needs. My office job isn’t cutting it for me and my 2 supervisors and manager are tall black guys. Knowing I can persuade them into giving me a promotion I seduced them. Oh boy they banged my fat ass causing it to clap. Holy shit two warm big satisfying dicks are rubbing on each other through my thin layer of skin that splits my pussy and anus. Fuck the third one is getting the best cock sucking experience in his life. Mhm I had them film it and I keep that video whenever I need to temporarily get off. I am a true big black dick lover. God’s best gift a woman can have is exactly that. To all my whores out there if you haven’t tried one I recommend you do. You will find yourself feeling out of the world. It’s unexplanatory the magic a big black fat dick does when lubed up with hot juicy pussy cream…mhm.

Double Penetration

anal phone sexI love being the nasties little fucking whore I can be. I love having anal sex. I mean just the thought of having a hard thick cock being pushed in and out of my tight shithole already has my pussy soaking wet. I just love how I have 2 men in my bed right now rubbing and licking my clit while I sucked the other man’s hard thick cock. I was flitted over with my tight little ass in the air while he was sucking and licking my asshole. Suddenly they switched positions and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my tight asshole. I had a cock shoved in my mouth at the same time as the other cock was shoved hard and deep into my ass, his hard cock silenced my scream because I was choking on another cock. While I was getting fucked, I didn’t even notice the feeling of something else poking at my ass. I felt my asshole stretch even farther as another cock gets shoved into my shithole.

A Special Kind of Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI am a special kind of mistress for mistress phone sex. Unlike most mistresses, I have a big cock. I am a dominant tranny. For the past few years, I have been seeing slaves for money. I have expensive tastes and I like to live elegantly. I am living elegantly on the backs of slaves. Little bitch boys pay well for my special kind of abuse. It amazes me how many little beta bitch boys beg for my sexy tranny cock up their sissy ass. I love a tight ass. I do not just fuck these bitch boys. I whip them and administer some cock and ball torture too. I love a tight ass. Dale is my latest paying customer. He wants to see me once a week. He had a tight virgin ass. That was until I ruined his asshole with a hardcore ass fucking. I strapped him down first with his ass in the air. I have a dungeon room in my place. And it contains an anal bench rigged for men. It has a hole for the cock to go through. While I was fucking Dale in the ass, I reached around and squeezed his balls and dug my long fingernails in his cock. Can you believe he paid for this kind of torture? I enjoyed every minute of it too. His ass was tight. The way he whimpered at the cock and ball torture made my cock harder. He was nothing more than a bitch to me. A bitch with money. He was tipping me too. I do love tributes. The harder I fucked him and the more pain I inflicted, the more dollar signs I saw. I do enjoy milking a man in more than one way. I do not get many calls for CBT phone sex, but I do have lots of experience. Just ask Dale. I fucked him and fucked up his cock and balls. Who is next?

Anal Phone Sex Booty Bitch J

Anal Phone Sex Booty Bitch J is a dirty slut. My bottom Bitch booty fucking cum dumpster for dirty dick. He wants to be the dirty slut that takes the street stray rabid furry cocks and be busted into with the dirt seed of that filthy beast. This booty bitch is a total whore and is looking to service the most tainted of black dicks. J is not the normal little cum slut, he wants to be the dirtiest and most filth loving kind. Pound this bitch and let the stray sick beast cocks take control of and own that booty cunt. This is truly a dirty little cum slut and I had so much fun getting his to hook up with a dirty dicked man.

Anal Phone Sex

Incest Phone Sex and Coke

incest phone sexIncest phone sex gets my cunt wet, sober or high. I am usually high, but even sober I am a dirty mommy. I love playing with my boys. They are horny teen boys now. The older they get, the more aggressive they become. That does not bother me though. I love a hardcore fucking in my pussy or ass. This morning, I overslept. I had been partying last night and slept though my alarm. The boys are used to mommy waking them up with her mouth. They got up on their own and took it out on mommy. They ravaged my holes. I had a boy in my cunt and one in my ass. No lube for either hole either. I am a mommy phone sex whore, so I can handle it. I went to take a bump, but my oldest boy slapped my hand. He wanted me to feel his cock in my ass. Even though it hurt a bit, I like pain, so it was no big deal. I knew my sons thought they were punishing mommy. They like to get hardcore sometimes. I begged and pleaded for them to stop, even though I want them to keep on fucking me. I love it rough. I am tiny, but I can still handle a hardcore fucking. They nutted quickly inside my fuck holes. I was hoping they would last longer, but what they gave me felt amazing. They were rushing to the bus with just Pop Tarts for breakfast. I was laying on the bed with boy cum oozing out of my pussy and ass. I did a bump of coke on my nightstand and masturbated. I had a sore ass from my son’s hardcore ass fucking. It was a great morning. Made me want to stay in bed and do lines and play with my cum filled holes. Want to join me?

Cock Worshiping Mistress

cock worshiping phone sexI am so hungry for cock, and I just cannot get enough. So, come over here and let me get down on my knees in front of you and give you the best fucking blow job you’ve ever had in your life. When you call me for cock worshiping phone sex, I’ll tell you in explicit detail about all the things I would do to your big, throbbing cock. When I have a dick in my face, I can’t help it. I have to wrap my hand around it and stroke while I slobber all over the head and suck it like a nasty little cum slut. 

Of course, I’ll take breaks from sucking so I can tell you how magnificent your big dick is. I’ll tell you how I’d do anything for it and that I know a lowly slut like me doesn’t deserve something so satisfying. Grab my head and fuck my face while you spit on me and tell me what a slut pig I am. My only purpose in life is to worship cock and give it the proper attention it truly deserves. I promise to be a good cock worshiping slut for you.

Such a good little whore!

Hot phonesexI love to watch you use my brats for your pleasure! That’s what they were made for daddy; for you! Use their holes to jerk off your big, huge cock! My little brat, well she hasn’t had a dick in her ass, and I don’t want you to be gentle! Fuck her! She is a little fuck sleeve, isn’t she?! I watch as you lower her down on your cock being gentle. But I told you to rip her open so I grab her hips and force her down on your cock. You are balls deep in her virgin hole. How does it feel knowing this is your whore? This is your hole! Rip it open baby! Make her remember your name! she is a dirty little cum whore! Her cunny was dripping wet when you came here and by the time you cum.. well just know she will be all yours! I watch as she is gapping for you. Tiny tears streaming down her pretty face. “shut up slut! You will take all his cock and like it!” I demand as she cries! Momma didn’t raise no quitters! no get your ass fucked like its your job. Well it actually is! You need to pay me for room and board! And in starting to get bored! “Hey, why don’t I hold her down while you fuck her ass! All the while, I fuck her pussy with this Bbc dildo! Then after you’re done with her ass, you can bread her and use her for all she is good for….! Such a good little whore!

I love GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I have been dabbling in the sugar baby world thanks to a special guy in recent years. A friend of mine is a professional sugar baby.  She travels all around the world with her sugar daddies. I usually just watch her dogs while she is jet setting somewhere exotic. Last week, she needed me to go with her on one of her special arrangement dates. This sugar daddy is rich as fuck but old as dirt. I was picturing that poor old man Anna Nicole Smith married for his money. It was a free trip to Bora Bora, so I said why not. While we were on the plane, she told me what to expect. This guy has dick issues but thinks some girl-on-girl action might raise the dead. I am a phone sex whore, a stripper, a sugar baby and a bisexual hottie, so that was not a problem. I will eat the pussy of a hot chick any day. I would rather eat my friend’s pussy than suck a shriveled up old dick any day. A limo picked us up and took us to her sugar daddy’s beach pad. It was pretty awesome. A pool that faced the ocean, a private beach. I was going to enjoy this jaunt. And I did too. Her old sugar daddy was as sweet as could be. Just a lonely old man with needs he struggles to get met in his 80s. You could tell Ross had been handsome in his day. WW2 veteran who started his own business after the war. One store turned into 10 and within 30 years he had over 100 stores across the US. His wife is dead. His son and daughter cannot wait for him to die for their inheritance. He told us he was giving most of his millions to charity because his money has made his family weak. I kind of get that. Most of the time he was watching my friend and I frolic on the beach nude or watching us eat each other’s wet bald pussy. He snuggled with us in bed, which honestly was not that bad. You know, I really like this sugar baby thing. Taking care of nice men who take care of you too is not a bad way to live. Sure, I prefer a younger sugar daddy with a huge working cock, but not all sugar daddies can be legends.

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Nude beach fun with uncle dax

Hot phonesex

My uncle Dax is so hot! It’s always quite weird to call him uncle since we barely have a four-year age gap. We practically grew up like siblings. My uncle looks so much like my dad, a younger version, of course, and we all know that I am very fond of daddy. When uncle Dax comes over, he always takes me on some gnarly adventures. Lately, he has had me try all his hot spots that I can now legally go to, and that’s always a blast. When uncle Dax told me he had a special surprise, I got all excited, and if I’m being frank, my cunt got slippery wet! Dax and I have a special relationship. We have long crossed that incestuous line, and we don’t apologize. 

I knew wherever he took me, it would be memorable, and boy was he right. Uncle Dax told me not to worry about dressing up because where we were going required little to nothing. Once he said to me that I could guess it was going to be a private affair. After a good hour’s drive down the pacific coast highway, we ended up at a secluded little lagoon. A big “Clothing optional” sign stuck out like a sore thumb. There was barely anyone around. A nice-looking throuple and a few couples. Uncle Dax and I made a run to the cove and began to frolic on the beach. the turquoise waters and sunny sight felt like I was in the Caribbean. I couldn’t contain my eagerness and happiness. We made out like teenagers in love. It didn’t take long to make uncle Dax fuck me right on the shoreline.

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

His big black juicy cock spread through my walls! That King cobra is unlike any cock I have ever seen or experienced! He noticed me OMFG he noticed me!! I was standing in line at the club and he was being escorted in by his security team. He looked at me as I was screaming and chanting like a little groupie. He pulled me and my friends out the line and invited us back to VIP. My pussy instantly began to throb all I could think of was his big juicy 14in BBC. HE bought all the bottles leaving none for anyone else in the club. I was fucking white girl wasted! Me and my friends were drinking 1942 straight from the bottle. I was rolling my tongue in circles easing the bottle into my throat that’s when he demanded I get down on my fucking knees. He treated me like the filthy little white whore that I am. I love being mistreated by black men. I mean hello they have a huge cock and deserve to be served like Kings! His disrespect is a pleasure to me and an honor. While his big black juicy cock rammed me deep inside my big round ass I facetimed my husband and told him how his pathetic white cock could never amount to this BBC. I moaned intensely as he lifted and spread my ass “Finally I can get fucked by a real man a real fucking king!” I hung up on my husband, turned around, got down on my knees and begged for his cock deep down my throat. He whipped his cock across my face and said “You Snow-bunny bitch you are going to swallow this Big cock” I slurped, gaged and drooled all over that BBC. He dumped alcohol all over me and treated me like the dirty little whore I am. He drained his cock down my throat and then kicked me out of VIP. My pleasure is that I love being mistreated by a king!

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