Hello I am Glenda. Glenda the gorgeous! I know you noticed! You see there are two types of women in the world. Little, tone tight flat chested girls. You know the ones who get mistaken for boys… And then there are the big beautiful voluptuous women. You know the ones with those big round mounds of tits that you can bury your face or your cock in. The ones with more cushion for the pushing. And I am the second one. I am the one with the big tits and round ass you need so bad. Big girls know how to take care of cock. We use our whole body to take care of a cock. We wrap our tits completely around you meat. And suck on your mushroom head while your balls are being squeezed by my massive jugs. I want to watch your cock getting all juicy for me. Then I will let you fuck me like you need so bad. Like I said. I know what you need. Now you should know what I need. I need it nasty. Dirty and hot. I want you to fuck me like a whore! Like a dirty slut! I want to be a nasty cum guzzling, ass fucking, balls licking, cum dumpster. Come on baby. Fuck me like you have always dreamed of. Finally you have found the whore nasty enough to give it to you. I am that kind of whore!


    • george on June 29, 2017 at 3:02 PM
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    Baby I’m a white 50 yo divorced horny male with 8.5 inches of hard throbbing cock that I would love to shove down your throat

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