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Naked teen pictures

Naked teen pictures of Briona’s young cunt. I don’t know what I’m doing but I know I want something done. Today I sold some nudes to this guy online, I’m not sure how old he was but I don’t care. Money is what I need from these losers. I love showing off my body anyway for the looks I get when I’m out with my friends, why not make money off some ugly old loser guy who wants porn pics of my young bald pussy. I want vacations and shoes so I did what I had to do, I spread it open in front of my ring light and got some sexy ass shots. Mmmm I think I’m going to like this new hustle.


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I love Fucking My black neighbor I always loved black hot dick I always loved how big black dicks were.
I loved his big 14-inch cock he had a monster cock was so fucking thick to he would make me squirt all over and pull my hair and would tell me to take it you fucking whore take all of my dick it was so hot when he was pulling my hair so hard,
It was so hot when he would take control of my slut pussy he knew how much of a whore I was and he loved the way I squirted on that big fat cock he was so fucking hot too i loved how cute and sexy he was I fucked my neighbor every single day and I let him cum in this tight young pussy he never wanted stop fucking my tight young wet pussy he wanted this pussy forever and he had it every day I wanted his yummy cock every single day.
Adult phone chat

Accomplice phone sex is something that I excel at, do you?

Accomplice phone sex

                Accomplice phone sex something that I excel at, do you? Now on the positive side I am good with being either the instigator or the helper. Depending on what you prefer.

        All things considered being able to help you with breaking into a house, or holding a hot young thing down. This alone gets this pussy soaking wet.

        Needing to see how hard you get when we enter through the window. I right alongside of you. Hand brushing down along your groin. Without delay entering the bedroom.

        Look at them young ones sound asleep in bed. Mommy sleeping with her tykes. Rip for the plucking. Go ahead. I will hold Mommy down. You know you want too.

        Mommy too old for you. Perhaps that rip little tyke sleeping sucking their thumb. Imagine it sucking on your cock. Fucking that mouth. Tears running down their cheeks.

        Now that is what I like to see. A cock hard, pre-cum oozing out. Urging you on. Next, time I will be the instigator and you get to be the accomplice.

Phone Sex with a Black Cock Whore

I love phone sex. Although I went to college, I never worked a normal job. I married well, and never had to work. But I enjoy talking to men about cuckolding and big black cocks. When I started my phone bone career, I thought I would talk to more black men who wanted to rail my wet white pussy. But most of my callers appear to be like my husband, small dick wonders. Think about it. Black men do not need to call a phone chat line for sex. They get the real thing anywhere they go.

Today, I spoke with a man whose daughter got him into the Black New World. She represents the younger generation who knows from the get go that black cock is superior.  His daughter has never fucked a white man. However, she does have a white boyfriend who works two jobs to support her. How hot is that? Now, I am too dominant for the BNWO, but I believe in the principals. And I enjoying hearing about young women being smart. No one is branding me or passing me around like a piece of candy though. Mature phone sex women are likely too old for the core of the BNWO anyway.

My caller told me his daughter gets gang banged daily. She has no job but getting fucked 24/7. Although I am not opposed to rough sex, I never wanted to be used like a street corner whore either. Perhaps, I am too sophisticated and old for the BNWO. I am past breeding age. Never had the desire to be a mother. When I realized I was a black cock slut, no one talked about what I was doing. No BNWO. No interracial porn dominated the porn world. And No Internet porn and no one talked about cuckolding.

Perhaps, if I was 22 growing up in this world now, I would be just like my caller’s daughter. But I am 56 and I love my life. I am definitely a black cock phone sex slut. And I sure do believe in black cock superiority. But I like to take my time with one black cock at a time.

mature phone sex

Unicorns get the Best Cum!

Biggest cum shot

Unicorns get all the loads!

Last night I went to a wonderful swinger’s party, and I was gifted with the Biggest cum shot ever.

Close your eyes and imagine 6 hot couples and me as the only Unicorn (Single female). I love being the center of attention so I suggest a game of who could cum the most. Well baby let me tell you, there was this hot Latino guy named Miguel, very dominant and naughty. He had me in just about every position you can think of including a few that I didn’t know even existed, but when he came, he shot so hard that it came out of my nose, I couldn’t keep up with swallowing that load. He won the biggest load award for sure.

Fucked silly and left messy.

I spent all night fucking all 6 of those kinky couples but he was by far the hottest cum stud. I went home feeling like a total cum slut and can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend.

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex and My Mama’s Rules

forced bisexuality phone sex

Forced bisexuality phone sex is something I love to act out forcing my callers to do and maybe my love for it stems from growing up.  Acting out what I had forced on me seems to be a key theme in my life.  For as long as I could remember, I was told that women are beautiful and we treat their bodies like the palaces they are and invite all into those palaces who want to be in there.

Or something like that.  I didn’t really think much of what I sexualy thought of women.  I knew from my daddy and grandfather teaching me, cock was supposed to be taken care of by girls.  But my momma was all about the pussy power.  She called my sisters and I into her room one day.  And she proceeded to let us know how it was.

Mama may have been drinking her jelly juice from her big water bottle, slurring her words a little she tells us girls, “Lickin pussy, y’all need to eat as much of it as you can girlies.  Get your face i n that cunt,  and start slirping away.  She pushed our faces down in each others pussy, it was some hot ass sex for sure!

She constantly told me to invite all the pussy I could over to spend the night. Big sis made the comment one night that she was forcing us to be lesbians and she was forbiding any cocks of any sort around at all.   I am thankful however, it helped me get to know my sisters and friends on such a deep level. I reference these parts of my life often as I do our bisexual phone sex calls with my guys.  Who doesn’t love a freak who loves to fuck anyone and everyone and any type of way at that?  This freak, loves to rock the cock and lick the clit.

Phone Sex Mommy Blair Needs Rough Sex Often

phone sex

As a phone sex mommy I get all sorts of calls. However, my favorite calls revolve around family scenarios. I think that is because I am a real-life dirty mom to two teenage boys. My boys will not get rough with me no matter how hard I bait them though. Now they do not mind giving me rough sex, but they will not choke me or slap me or get as degrading as I like.

I blame the stupid Me Too movement. Nowadays, teachers force feed students respect for women and no means no bullshit. The way I see it, I am fuck meat for my sons, their friends, my husband, my drug dealer and even you. Do you agree? So, sometimes, I need to find men who will fuck me harder than my boys. Callers satisfy that need often. But nothing replaces the real thing.

rough sex phone sexMommy Likes It Rough Sometimes

I called Marcus last night. My drug dealer fucks me rough every time. And if I ask, he will invite some friends.  I told him I needed some rough sex phone sex, and he delivered. He even brought some coke for his favorite mommy whore. Not that I do not love free coke, but for once I had plenty of nose candy. However, what I needed was rough sex.

Sometimes, I need to be careful about what I ask for because I get it in spades. Literally spades last night because Marcus showed up with 6 hung black bulls, some of them not even as old as my teenage sons. And everyone of them seemed down to fuck a horny white milf. My ass feels sore as fuck today. So does my cunt. I am sporting some bruises today too. Sometimes, I do not know what gets into me. I love fucking my sons. And they fuck me well. But nothing feels better than a hardcore ass fucking from a bunch of black cocks.

love my brother

Hot phonesex

I love being a whore so fucking much that I used to fuck my brother up and down and ride his big fat cock.
I loved knowing I was going fuck my brother every single day we would hide it from mommy and daddy cause he begged me to keep his secret. And to keep fucking him he said he loved my tight wet pussy and he didn’t wanna ever stop.
he wanted to date me but I said we could only be fuck buddies so we would fuck every single night they were gone he made me squirt all over that fat cock I loved swallowing his big fat loads it was so good I loved the taste I always loved being a whore for my brother I would never stop being a whore for him. Anything he wanted do id let him he loved to fuck my tight asshole too and he loved how perky my tight ass was.

Foot Fetish Phone sex, cutest little feet wrapped around that cock

Foot Fetish Phone Sex


Foot Fetish Phone Sex, have the cutest little feet wrapped around that cock while her young bald pussy salivates for you knowing that soon you will slide it inside her tight twat. Sexy toes painted white covered in your warm goo, frosted like cum cupcakes. Briona loves to have her toes licked and sucked, it tickles and makes her giggle with delight. It may be silly but it makes her tiny puss so super wet to see you enjoy her feet. She doesn’t mind making them stinky for you if you like, maybe you want one of her socks to jack off into. She thinks that’s so hot and one day she wants to be cunt punted by a big size 12.

Hedonism, Black Cock Phone Sex and the King of all Kings

black cock phone sexWhen I think of Hedonism, I think of black cock phone sex and Big Daddy King. Of course, my beloved King, who is also the rightful leader of the Black New World Order, should be the star of a two-week sex festival down in Jamaica. In fact, Big Daddy King brings in so many hot white babes and their loser husbands, Hedonism named a wing of the resort after the Supreme Being himself.  Now, Hedonism has an entire wing dedicated to the Black New World Order and there is a marbled statue of Big Daddy King in the entrance.

Big Daddy King is the rightful leader of the BNWO. His name is synonymous with the Black New World Order. It makes perfect sense that the Hedonism festival would pay my King to host events and bring in the hot ladies. The King stayed busy between public events at night, and private events during the day. But if anyone can fuck all day and make white women’s dreams cum true with the biggest cum shot from the best cock known to women, The Anaconda, it is Big Daddy King. Wherever he is at, the Cult of Anaconda follows.

Big Daddy King collected tributes from white loser men to fuck their wives while down in Jamaica for two weeks. Some hot celebrity babes attended too. Influencers, porn stars, beauty queens, athletes and actresses flocked to his side while also helping The Supreme Being indoctrinate more hot babes into the Black New World Order. Even some long standing sugar babies were on hand to help the newbies recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Black New World Order. And of course, get their Property of BDK tramp stamps and dress in tiny black bikinis with jewels that said the same thing on the pussy.

biggest cum shotEven I got to attend the most elite party around and help with the newest class of women joining the Cult of Anaconda. We would rather share the anaconda than have one white man all to ourselves. The adulation for the King never surprises me. I witnessed women fainting at the site of my buff King and his anaconda and throwing themselves at him too. Although I am a seasoned sugar baby, I still get weak in the presence of Big Daddy King. I even watched white loser husbands willingly give away their wives to the Black New World Order.

Hedonism should be called the Big Daddy King Sex Fest because everyone there only had Big Daddy King on their mind even though there were lots of other fine chocolate men around, including many celebrities and athletes. However, none of them compared to Big Daddy King. Us sugar babies and the new inductees to the Cult of Anaconda played ring toss with the anaconda and many other sexy games. We just bask in his heat.

Hedonism turned into a Black New World Order convention. Everyone there just wanted a chance to see Big Daddy King. One of the nights there turned into a special occasion for one of our own, Destiny. She had her first all black gang bang phone sex experience at Hedonism in front of Big Daddy King and hundreds of others. Destiny dedicated her hot white body to the Black New World Order, and I helped make it happen.

gang bang phone sexNot only did we stream all the activities that occurred in the BNWO wing, but we also streamed Destiny’s black gang bang too. Even her own racist brother had to watch his baby sister get blacked. Destiny recited the pledge of allegiance to the BNWO as the finest black men in Jamaica ran a train on her. But even 6 black men could not make her feel as good as Big Daddy King and his anaconda. Big Daddy King got to the tight white baby girl pussy first.

As our King of all Kings sat on his throne, Destiny sat on the anaconda. Big Daddy King deep stroked her tight cunnie. She is his property now. As am I. We all watched in envy as the King of all Cocks, the anaconda, made Destiny squirt everywhere.

The entire two weeks at Hedonism will be memorable for decades to come. Thankfully, between me and the camera crew, we got it all on film to watch repeatedly. No woman can think of Hedonism without thinking of Big Daddy King. Now, thanks to streaming, no man can either. Big Daddy King is The Living Legend for a reason. It will take a decade for all of us hot white babes to recover from just two weeks with our King. But every moment we get to spend in his presence is all worth it. #BNWO #SupremeBeing #PropertyofBDK #CultofAnaconda #TheLivingLegend #AnacondaWorldDomination #KingofAllKings #KingofAllCocks #Addicted2Anaconda