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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Elaina’s Sexy Feet

I bet you love foot fetish phone sex. Cute dainty soft feet in stockings turns you on, doesn’t it? I love having my feet rubbed and kissed and sucked up. I even enjoy when someone oils up my feet and then lets me use my feet to stroke their cock. It’s one of my many fetishes.

foot fetish phone sex

I keep my feet nice and smooth. I lotion them daily, but now it’s your turn to do it for me. If you were here with me, I’d turn you into my own little foot rubbing slave. I’d make you wash them every time I came home from work or the gym. But not until you’ve taken my socks off and licked them nice and clean with your warm tongue. Maybe if you’re a good little slave I’ll let you take my socks and keep them. 

I bet you would love to smell my feet 

Forget cum shots on tits, I’d only let you cum on my feet. Then I’d make you lick them clean again. You’d be my little slave who rubs, oils and lotion my feet every single day. Making sure my feet are well taken care of before I have to go to work. The only way you’ll be able to cum is if it’s on my feet.

Using it as lotion to make sure they’re nice and hydrated daily. I would make you put my stockings on too, starting from each foot and work them up my sexy legs, over my nice round ass to my waist. I’d tease you every day with my feet until you couldn’t take it anymore.

Let you rub and suck on them anytime you wanted, too. I love my feet. Once you got me all fired up from touching my feet, we could have some hot ass sex afterwards! 

Hardcore Ass Fucking Turns me into a Squirter

hardcore ass fucking

Fuck My Ass Nice and Rough

I love a good hardcore ass fucking. The feeling of having my asshole stretched wide open and gaping feels so fucking good. Doesn’t have to be a cock that gets shoved in there either, we can use toys, or bottles, or whatever you like. I like it rough, too. I want to get fucked so hard up my ass that it prolapses like a sweet rose red flower!

You can use my ass like a little cum dumpster too. Fill me up front to back with all your juicy white milky man seed. Then once you’ve pounded your hot cum into my asshole, you can rip your dick out so fast that my sweet little rose bud pops out, dripping from everything you spurted inside of me. Then you can slurp up all your juicy cum while you suck on my prolapsed asshole. Sticking out like my own tiny cock rose.

Once you’re done pounding my asshole, you can get to work on my tight wet bald pussy. You can spread my legs wide open and shove your thick dick inside my meaty mound. Pound my pussy as hard as you want to, I want you to pound me so fucking hard I can feel your cock in my throat. I want it rough. Pull on my nipples until they’re hard as fuck.

I know you love watching my jiggly titties bounce around while you’re pounding your meat stick into my tight cunt! You feel my pussy clenching your cock more and more the harder you pound me. Then right before you’re about to cum, you feel my hot squirting pussy drench your cock in my warm juicy liquids. 

You made me cum so hard I squirted all over your long thick meat stick!  Don’t stop now, we’re just getting started! Now it’s my turn to ride that thick dick till you fill me up with your deliciously sweet sperm treat! 

Cyber Sex Phone Sex with Sexy Elaina

cyber sex phone sex

One of the perks of working here is that I get to have cyber sex phone sex. I really enjoy getting naughty pictures and videos sent to me. I know that they’re special just for me, and no one else has seen them but me. But most of all, I get to text you when other people are around. Like it’s our dirty little secret.

Both of us typing to each other telling one another how badly we want to fuck each other. It’s so erotic to sit in anticipation waiting for the other persons next message to come in. I absolutely love the suspense of it all. It turns me on so much! I get to send you big tit photos for you to masturbate to.

Please Send Me Photos of That Huge Cock

I also love it when you send me photos of your rock-hard cock. Maybe even little videos of you jerking it for me. I love being about to vividly spell out just what I want to do to you in my own words. When I sit back typing with one hand playing with my nipples while we text back and forth.

I know you love this just as much as I do. We get each other so turned-on sexting back and forth. You know the best part is? Later on, when you’re alone, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me so we can have phone sex!

I can’t wait for you to call me so I can hear you moan for me while you’re stroking your cock. I can finally put a voice to the words you texted me earlier. It’s so much fun teasing each other but now we can finally cum together for real! I know for sure we’ll both be fully satisfied once you hang up with me. 

Daddys Girl Phone Sex – I love Pleasing Daddy

Daddys girl phone sex Hey there guys, Happy Hump Day. I think it’s time for a little Daddys Girl Phone Sex fun. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed pleasing Daddy. I would always sneak into the hallway at night to see if Mommy was asleep and knock to let Daddy know I was still awake. Once the coast was clear Daddy would jump out of bed and come into my room.

It was my way of showing Daddy just how much his little girl loved him.

It was always my goal to make sure at the end of the day, Daddy knew how much I loved him and cared about him. After all, Daddy always made sure I had everything I ever could want. So, in return, Daddy got all the young bald pussy he could ever want! As I grew older, Daddy would let me have all the fun I wanted with all my little boyfriends.

Daddy Loves my juicy pussy

Just as long as at the end of the day, I came home to his big thick cock. When I became a tight little teen, Daddy started sharing me with all of his BBC friends. I loved being able to get all the cock that I wanted. Everytime that I got used by Daddy or one of his friends, they always made sure to take care of me when they were done. They would pamper me to pedicures, and manicures.

I would get everything waxed so it was nice and smooth. Daddys girl had to have a nice wet bald pussy. Daddy loves a nice sweet bald mound. I always made sure I was presentable. I was Daddys pretty little barbie doll. He would dress me up in all sorts of pretty little things. I would always make sure that I was as cute as possible, nails and hair done.

Just last week Daddy took me out for a gorgeous photo shoot on the beach. I was treated to a mani/pedi, I got my hair done and make up. I posed in all the sexy poses that Daddy loves the most. He wanted to have pictures that he could look at of me when he was away on business. He also uses them to hand out to all his really rich friends, who pay to take me out and use me as arm candy. Daddy said I could make tons of money being a high-end escort someday! 

Submissive Phone Sex with Elaina – Humiliate me


submissive phone sex

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed submissive phone sex, and humiliation. I want to be used and abused, for your pleasure. My body and my holes are yours to use as you please. I’m nothing but a nasty little fucking whore for you to treat how you want.

Good Little Subby Slut

The only thing I’m good for is fucking and sucking your cock, taking care of your friends’ cocks is a plus too.  You can run a train on me with all of your friends. Gangbang me until your heart’s desire.

You can invite over as many thick cocks as you want to take turns fucking my tight holes. Filling my pussy with as much cum as you want. Treat me like the nasty little filthy whore that I am.

Once you’re done using my wet bald pussy to your satisfaction you can piss all over me. Then use me as your own personal toilet. Treat me like the nasty filthy toilet that I am. Don’t let me shower, and you can reuse my cum filled pussy over and over again for as long as you want.

I’ll do anything you ask me to do, no matter what it is, as long I’m servicing you, that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to be your slave and have submissive phone sex with you! 

Married Men Phone Sex, Elaina enjoys it all

married men phone sex


There isn’t anything better than Married Men Phone Sex. We both get what we want, and there isn’t any clingy issues, or any significant other’s getting pissed off, or upset. You can call me whenever you want to, all the while I get to hear about tons of different peoples deep dark desires. I won’t judge you; I’ll indulge you.

I’ll be that sweet little co-ed that you saw at the coffee shop. Or I can be the dominant mistress you’ve always wanted that will tie you up, use you and abuse you. Tease you over and over again, denying you the ability to cum. Then right when you think I’m just going to tease and deny you again, I keep stroking and let you cum deep inside me. Maybe you want to get turned into a nice little sissy boy, dressed up and pranced around for my own pleasure. 

Tell you what to do with my body, exactly where to touch, how to touch, and when to lick and suck. I can guide you with your own body, tell you where to touch, how tight to grip your cock. We can fantasize about anything you want, and roleplay and type of situation you want.

Dive deep into your darkest depths of your mind, into the nasty raunchy shit that makes your cock hard. Phone sex is a release that some people just like to do when they don’t want to put in the effort to actually fuck someone. Gives you that little bit of edge to jerking off when you’re away from your wife for work.

Some wives are so prude now a days and think that just because you’re married you don’t need to engage in sexual fantasies when you guys are separated by states or oceans. What a married man really needs is a woman who will help him think and talk about exactly what he likes to think about while he’s jerking his cock, and not be judged by it.

That’s why I’m here, to help you with anything you want. Roleplay what you want, tell you how good your cock feels deep inside my tight shaved pussy. Call me tonight, when you’re alone and let’s get dirty together. 

Bratty Girl Phone Sex with Elaina will leave you wanting more

bratty girl phone sex


Being submissive can be fun, sure, but bratty girl phone sex is even better. I like to tease a little here and there, tell you no just to see how mad you get. If I say no enough times, maybe you’ll finally spank me until I say, “Yes, Sir!” I love how you think that I’ll do everything you want, if you just ask. 

But honestly, it’s the other way around. I’ll do what I want, when I want, how I want. If I want to suck your cock, I’ll do it, but only if you ask me nicely. Don’t feel like asking me nicely? Fine then, I’ll just cut you off. You can walk around with blue balls till I think you’ve finally learned your lesson, and then maybe I’ll let you eat my pussy.

If you do it good enough, then maybe I’ll finally suck your cock. I do enjoy making Sir happy, however, if I’m not happy, then what’s the point? Now be a good Daddy and spoil me. You know I deserve it. I’m always putting up with your shit all the time. The do this, do that, suck this, suck that. Don’t you think I deserve to be spoiled a bit?

I mean, you are the one in control, most of the time. I usually do everything you ask of me. From gang banks to hardcore ass fucking. I do everything you tell me to do unless I feel like you just aren’t giving me enough of what I want or need. I do enjoy making you mad sometimes just to see if you’ll tie me up to the bed nice and tight.

My legs spread wide open on the bed. My pussy dripping while I think of all the nasty things you want to do to me. What would you do to me now? I’m just all tied up, and I’m still talking shit. You couldn’t make me cum if you tried. Could you? I dare you try to make me cum over and over again until I can’t anymore.

Fuck my pussy so hard and so deep I can feel it in my throat.

Cum Slut Phone Sex, Elaina covered in Cum

cum slut phone sex


Cum slut phone sex with Daddy has always turned me on. I also know Daddy loves it too. Daddy loves when his baby girl comes home from school on her little cheerleader outfit. All pretty and dressed up. Big tits popping out the top. Tight little ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of that oh so short skirt. When the school asked for sizing daddy made sure to give them the size down for me, just to make sure all my deliciousness popped out in all the best spots.

When I got home today, I had a feeling daddy was in a good mood because he picked me up and gave me a big kiss right on the lips in front of 2 of his work friends. Daddy only does that when he’s about to give me a good pounding, just the way we both like it. I love submitting to daddy and letting him take good care of me. But that also means I have to be a good little cum slut and take every single cock that he brings home to fuck me.

Doesn’t matter who they are, just as long as I slurp their cocks clean when they’re done using all y fuck holes. Today was especially fun, because I knew with daddy and 2 of his friends, that I was getting double stuffed today. I love the feeling of a cock deep in my tight little cunt, another up my ass, and my mouth gagging all over another one. It’s the best feeling in the world to be stuffed full of cock, every hole of mine filled with delicious cocks.

I would do anything to make daddy happy! being daddy’s little cum slut has been such a fun adventure. I get to explore all the different kinds of cocks out there, while also taking good care of daddy’s cock whenever he wants me too. Maybe I can take care of your cock too? Ooh wouldn’t that be fun! I know cheerleader phone sex has always been one of my favorites, maybe it’s yours too? Call me tonight and let’s find out. 

GFE Phone sex, all the things you can explore

GFE Phone Sex

Who doesn’t love some GFE Phone Sex? I know I do. After a long day at work, dealing with all the stress of daily life, it’s nice to just sit back and talk to someone on the phone, and get all the things you’re not getting from your daily life. Just having someone to sit and share your likes and dislikes with. Talk about all the things you can’t or don’t want to talk to someone about in your daily life. That’s where I come in.

You can tell me all your dirty little secrets. You can call me and talk to me about whatever is on your mind tonight, whether it’s some erotic roleplay you want to enact, or maybe you want to try something you’ve never done before. Maybe you just want to hear about someone else’s day, have someone to check in on and see how they’re doing.

You can tell me all the dirty things you’d do to me if I was there. Maybe you miss having a GF/Wife to spoil and buy nice things for, and you want to explore Financial Domination Phone Sex. Having someone to buy gifts for, and them showing you their appreciation in return for them. I know I’d love a man to spoil me after a long day at work.

Or maybe you’re wanting to get down dirty and nasty, and fuck someone you’ve never met. A one-night stand cure all. Let everything go, unleash everything you keep buried in your daily life. Let a new woman tell you all the nasty perverted things she would do to your cock if you were in front of her.

How she’d deep throat your cock like you’ve never been blown before. How she’d let you do all those perverted things you keep locked away in your mind, that you haven’t been able to explore before. Let you explore every inch of her perky tits, down to her tightly sculpted ass. I will let you undress me with your mind, and let your hands wander all over my lightly tanned and oiled body, touching everything you want to, how you want to.

Although if you’re a man who can’t call because someone is always around and you still want to talk to someone, you can always try cyber sex phone sex with me, I’m only a click away from giving you what you need!

-Elaina, the girl of your dreams!


Gangbang Phone Sex Is The Best For A Slut Like Me

phone sex

One thing about me is that I’m always thinking about how much I need cock and today is no different. So I invited a few of my guy friends over to come fuck me and turn me into a gangbang slut. A total of 8 men showed up at my door, all with their cocks hard and ready to fuck. They weren’t even all in the door when they started to taking turns groping at me. They are all so much bigger and stronger then me and easily toss me amongst themselves. I can feel myself start to get soaked as they rip off my clothes and force me to my knees. I open my mouth and the first guy shoves his cock in my throat while the other’s start stroking their cocks. Soon he shoots his load and I move onto the next guy. After I swallow his cum too, they threw me to the floor and opened my legs. They all swarmed me and took turns filling up my pussy,ass, and mouth and pumping me full of cum. If filling all my holes wasn’t enough, I also have a cock in each one of my hands, stroking furiously. This goes on for hours until everyone is drained of cum. And yet, I still haven’t had my fill of cock. I think next time, there needs to be at least 15 guys! Maybe that will finally satisfy me.