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Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard.

                 Ass to mouth phone sex will be sure to get you hard. Lubricating your dick, rubbing it up and down over my ass hole. Right between my cheeks. Having me hold my nice firm cheeks open. Ass beckoning you in. You are able to see that my pussy is already wet and waiting for you to enter.

        Pressing into my ass, relaxing but adding enough pressure around you to make you even harder. I want you to fuck me even harder. Driving your balls into my sopping wet pussy. Getting them coated with my juices.

        Usually, I would want you to cum inside of my ass but this time I want you to cum in my mouth. When you are getting so very close, I want to suck on your cock. Along your length.

        You are so close. Give me that cock to suck on. Taste all of you and my shit on your cock. Turning around, lips on you, pulling you into my mouth. Tongue running down your length over the mushroom head.  Hand cupping those tight balls all filled with cum. You taste like my shit and your pre-cum is gushing.

        Let is all come out. I will swallow all of it down my throat. That is what I wanted. Thank you.Ass to mouth phone sex

Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard

Adult phone chat                 Adult phone chat is a prelude to cumming hard. Which you know you want to cum. We are able to chat about everything. Cyber and put it on the speaker to just talk into your phone or computer. Hands free.

         It will make it that much easier for you to pull your cock out and start to jack off. Have your lotion and I am able to turn my vibrator up on high and the sound will not hinder our ability to have a lot of fun. Guiding you and talking about your biggest fantasies.

        In summary, you will have the biggest cum shot and cum all over my pictures while you are chatting away with me. Jerking off to my pictures, knowing my sultry voice, or sweet voice, inflecting the tone as you please, causing you to cum that much harder. Bringing you back to me time and time again.

Age play phone sex goes right along with a dirty sexy Mommy.

                Age play phone sex goes right along with a dirty sexy mommy. I’m a nasty mom. Playing with brats that hang on my ankles has the juices flowing down my leg. Look at that creamy goodness.

        By all means come and lick it up my sweet little one. You want to taste mommy. Follow it all the way up to the hooey gooey goodness of this nicely shaven pussy.

        Delve your tongue between the folds. Sucking out the cream filling. Tongue getting deeper inside of this pussy. You are such a good boy. Eating all your candy. Loving it too aren’t you little one.

        Mommy wants to suck out the creamy goodness from you too. Pushing you back down. Lying beside you, one leg raised so that you may continue to feast on your candy.

        Taking your pee-pee into my mouth and sucking hard to pull out your candy filled creamy center. Pressing on your balls to milk out every drop of you. Leg hooking around your neck pulling you in deeper.

        Let us cum together my little one.Age Play Phone Sex

Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering.

Adult baby phone sex

                 Adult baby phone sex means baby needs pampering. Pampering is what you shall receive too. First, I need to check your diaper for you. Patting your bottom. Leaning close so that I am able to get a really good sniff.

          As soon as I pull back the diaper a little bit I am smelling a messy dirty stinky diaper. Now, someone made a mess in their diaper. You need a good changing don’t you.

          Let me lay you down, get to changing this diaper of yours my little baby. Clean you all up in no time. Then I will then take a hold of a wet wipe, front to back. Must pay close attention to detail and be sure to get all that poop off of your bottom.

          Once I have cleaned your bottom I move to your pee-pee. By all means kick your little feet and suck on your thumb. You have such a nice pee-pee yes you do.

          Usually, I would simply clean you and put the powder on then set you back on your feet. However, I think a little more attention to detail on your pee-pee is in order. You agree, yes.

          Wiping down your pee-pee, lifting it, wrapping a hand around it. Oh, my goodness. Someone is getting hard. Shall I put the diaper back on?


          It is time for the diaper. Putting some powder on your bottom and pee-pee before slipping the diaper under you and securing it around you. A nice fresh diaper and now I will put you in front of me to play at my feet.

          Watching you closely. Patting the front of your diaper. Feeling the hardness in it. Wanting you to shoot the biggest cum shot possible into your diaper so that I may take care of you again.


Accomplice phone sex is something that I excel at, do you?

Accomplice phone sex

                Accomplice phone sex something that I excel at, do you? Now on the positive side I am good with being either the instigator or the helper. Depending on what you prefer.

        All things considered being able to help you with breaking into a house, or holding a hot young thing down. This alone gets this pussy soaking wet.

        Needing to see how hard you get when we enter through the window. I right alongside of you. Hand brushing down along your groin. Without delay entering the bedroom.

        Look at them young ones sound asleep in bed. Mommy sleeping with her tykes. Rip for the plucking. Go ahead. I will hold Mommy down. You know you want too.

        Mommy too old for you. Perhaps that rip little tyke sleeping sucking their thumb. Imagine it sucking on your cock. Fucking that mouth. Tears running down their cheeks.

        Now that is what I like to see. A cock hard, pre-cum oozing out. Urging you on. Next, time I will be the instigator and you get to be the accomplice.

Furry friends phone sex will get us both off in no time

Furry Friends Phone SexFurry friends phone sex will get us both off in no time. The first time I met a furry; I really wasn’t sure how to take him or her. It came to my attention that I needed to expand my horizons a little bit more. Expand I did. 

From time to time I would be envious and want to see what scratching was all about. When I would think about the scratching my clit would begin to throb. Pulsating that would travel up to my stomach. Twisting it into knots. In fact it got me so horny I was consumed with a need to fornicate with them. 

At long last I gave in and when he had me push back the fur revealing his hard pink cock, I almost leapt on him. Feeling his length, width filling me. The rush. Pushing my ass against his thighs. Pumping, pushing. Cumming hard and fast, collapsing onto the ground. 

Panting as he sprawled on top of me. Both spent. I am hooked. Now I look for my furry friends.  

Cock control will have you begging for a release

Having complete cock control is what I love. Making you beg. Licking the tip of your cock in this private hotel room. Watching it twitch. Wrapping my lips right around your mushroom head. Sucking deeply. Pulling your pre-cum out of your cock. 

Mmm…I want more but you need to last. Rubbing a finger down the length of your cock, circling the base. With attention to your cock, you are getting very hard. Blowing on it. Warm breath teasing you. Kissing down your shaft to get to your swollen balls. 

Twisting your fingers in my hair, pulling your balls into my mouth. Then letting them pop out one by one. Hairy balls glistening with my saliva. No, you can’t cum yet. 

My body presses into you as I crawl on top of your lap. Your soldier stands at attention, wanting entrance. Lowering myself slightly you feel my wet choochkie. Flexing, sitting I take you into me. Ass slamming into your thighs. Grinding back and forth on your crotch. 

Holding you in a vice. Not allowing you to cum. Not until I reach mine. You lips latch onto my tit. Biting the nipple. Forcing you closer, riding you faster. Throwing my head back, finally allowing your release and I reach mine. 

Cock control

Home Invasion Phone Sex where you break in and force me

Home Invasion Phone Sex

Home Invasion Phone Sex where you break in and force me. Breaking in through the window, back door, and patio has me turning from on of you to the next. Jumping to my feet, hands smoothing down my gown. Looking from one to another, not sure who not to turn my back on. Pointing your gun at me, “Do as I say and I will let you live.” 

Not wanting to die, I raise my hands. You motion to lower my hands. One shoves me so that I am bent over the arm of my couch. Shoving my harder one pulls his cock free, forcing it into my mouth. Force fucking me as another one starts forcing my ass. 

Wanting to scream but with one gang members cock already pumping into my mouth, gagging on his huge shaft. A second cock starts fucking my ass, tearing, stretching, ripping me apart. Argh…two more cocks penetrate my Vijay jay. Pounding into me.

The one pumping into my mouth grabs my hair, forcing my head all the way down onto his cock, shouting out as he cums. Feeling the rest fill me with cum. Groaning as they pull out of me. Letting me slump over the arm of the couch. 

Looking around they begin to rummage in my things. The leader pushes his shlong into my mouth telling me to clean him off as his men look for anything worthwhile. Tasting myself, I do as he says and clean his cock. His hands squeezing, playing, plucking my tits. Moving his hips to force his cock deeper down my throat. Laughing as I choke on it. Cumming a second time; he pulls his cock out. 

Zips. Tilts his head and before I know it, they are all gone. 

Adult baby phone sex

Adult baby phone sex will make my Mommy instincts kick into overdrive. I will pamper your tushy, make you cum in your diaper.  I have so many different types of diapers for you. Dinosaurs, little pink bows, hearts, stars and moons, we cannot forget the cartoons. I will swaddle you. Hold you close to my big milk producing boobies. Wipe your pee-pee. Give you little tuggies.

Let Mommy play with her baby all nice and snug sucking on my boobies. Fist squeezing as you drink from my breasts. Going to jerk you off in public while I change your diaper in front of everyone. You know you are my favorite little one. Yes, you are. We are going to have so much together as I potty train you and teach you to wear big boy panties. Not for a long time though.Adult baby phone sex

Black Cock Phone Sex is sure to get me to cum.

Black Cock Phone Sex

Black cock phone sex is sure to get me to cum. That big thick black beef sausage pumping into my ass. Stretching my asshole wide open. Fucking me harder. Squeezing my butt hole tight around that massive fourteen inch shlong. Pumping faster and harder, balls smacking into my labia. Grasping my hips as you rail me. Making me brace my hands onto the headboard. 

Gasping for breath, my tits bouncing. Needing you to grab my tits. Begging you. Slam that big nigger cock into this tight white asshole. Tighter I grip you. Stopping you from ejaculating, you need to wait. This cunt of mine is soaked. Wanting to squirt but first I want to suck on that big black cock. Turning to you, I grasp your cock to lick down the length of your cock. Tasting me on your quivering member. Sucking on the tip of your cock. Pulling out your pre-cum. 

Grabbing my hair, forcing your cock down my throat. Damn you taste like me as you face fuck me. Moaning on your cock, I swallow your semen. feeling it slide down my throat. I release my control and begin to squirt all over the bed. Damn I need some more black cock.