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Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex pickle in the middle.

 Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex               Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex pickle in the middle.  It’s important to realize that you will do as I say, and I will not only force you to be bisexual I will bring the pain with it. To be sure there will be panties involved too. Put you in the middle. Fuck me at the same time that you are being fucked. Hitting your prostate. Making you hard. Getting off. Cum out of your asshole as well as out of your cock. Getting off on being fucked and fucking at the same time.

            To point out that you will be sucking cock, taking cock, and you may be forced into the Bisexuality, but you will be the pickle in the middle. Putting you in the little panties makes you parade around. Namely you are going to by my little bitch and do as you’re told to do. In the first place you need the ass fucking. You need it hardcore. Most compelling evidence is what is right in front of you. Your hard cock. As you are being fucked. Me sucking on your cock and balls as you get fucked. Moaning and shouting out in ecstasy.

            In due time I will no longer have to force you and will be the Panty Boy Phone Sex bitch you are meant to be. You will beg for the ass fucking and to suck cock. In the long run both men and women will be turning you on and I want to finally hear you beg for them both.

Cougar phone sex: she roars out to the cubs.

Cougar phone sex         Cougar phone sex: she roars out to the cubs. Calling you in. At the same time making you yearn for the forbidden taboo. Sex with mom. Means incest. Sooner or later, you are going to begging when this cougar roars out to her cubs. Sucking my tits, tugging on them as I tug on your cock. Controlling your orgasm. Making you wait. Plead with me to let you ejaculate. As soon as you have going to share with your cougar and going to make you hard again. Forcing the alcohol and drugs down your throat.
             To begin with you may fight with me. Try to say you don’t want to drink. Don’t want to do the drugs but as your superior you will have no choice. Forced Intoxication Phone Sex will have me pouring the liquid down your throat. Now that is not the only way to make you inebriated. First pull you to the edge of the bed, pushing you onto your back. Uncap the bottle before the next step. Tip the bottle of cheap tequila at the same time inserting it into your anal cavity. Now this will ensure that you get intoxicated very quickly. Having the alcohol emptying into your asshole while I am forcing it down your throat at the same time.
              Cock vibrator on keeping you hard. Alcohol drains into you. Your cougar is going to take everything from you. Roaring and bringing her cub to heel. After all, alcohol makes you putty. Take it all and this cougar will have it all. Snuffing around you. You like the drugs I am going to be giving you. Snorting the candy, snuff it with me. That is a good little cub. Let your cougar take care of it all.

Foot fetish phone sex, show you, my foot. Foot job?

                Foot fetish phone sex, show you, my foot. Foot job? Want a freaky foot job? Now you know to have a good fetish one then you need to pay attention the perfect arch of my foot. Left and right. Compare them. To up the ass. Did that just happen. Oh, what a fetish. I mean you have stockings in your drawer. Toes around your cock. In a moment you’re going to be telling me every single fetish you have.

            Going to pull it out of you just as my toes are pulling up the skin of your cock. Easily, steadily, for the most part very much in control of it. Including the darkest secrets that you have. Gripping you a little tighter. Toes working around your cock even tighter. To be sure you are going to spill those secrets. Tell me as I run one toe around your anus and the other circles your cock heads. Foot fetish phone sex

            The most compelling evidence that you are breaking down is how hard you are. Perhaps it is the heels that hold the foot so gracefully as shown above. Tightening the muscles, outlined by the stockings. Silk stockings wrapping around your cock showcasing the foot.

            What is the Fantasy Phone Sex that you really want to have? Besides the foot and stocking fetishes what is next? Shoes? Tell me as you explode. Sooner or later, you tell me all your secrets. Spilling everything.

Financial Domination Phone Sex hand over the dough.

Financial Domination Phone Sex              Financial Domination Phone Sex hand over the dough. All of it. Going to crush and destroy you. You have choices. First choice hand over then money and nothing happens to you. Don’t hand it over and the next thing you know is going to be plastered all over the net. Everyone will know that you call me. You beg me. I am not above blackmail, and I will do it. Give me all the money and no one knows that you have a thing for feet and being humiliated.

            To begin with it will be the foot pictures that have a foot job. Is that dick? I know it is. Cupping your cock. That today is worth $500 cha-ching. Going to run that card. Got the information. You don’t after all want theses getting out. You do have more than Phone sex fetish to be worried about. You have the foot, the humiliation, subjugation, among others. Want me talking? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Make it dollars and we will be in business.

            Now that don’t mean that you won’t be paying daily or weekly but a thousand will keep my fingers from walking over the keys of this here keyboard for a least a day. I will demand that you pay. Time and time again. Sooner or later you will be broke and I will discard you but in the meantime you pay more I tell all your secrets.

Fetish phone sex drop a house on a witch to get the shoes.

Fetish phone sex

                Fetish phone sex drop a house on a witch to get the shoes. After all it’s all about the shoes. What a great thing about shoes. They encase the feet. Everyone has a kink. Shoes happen to be my secret downfall. It all started when I was young. Very young. Seeing those Ruby red slippers reading the book and they were silver. Tapping them together. There’s no place like home. There is another place. A place where you get the most magical shoes.

          Somewhere over the rainbow. All you need to do is drop a house on a witch to get those shoes. Those beautiful red shoes. Glimmering with rubies. Now they are gorgeous, and they have magical abilities. In other words, any fetish you have is at the tap of those shoes. Three times. First time you say your fetish want. Show me the shows. Repeat it a second and a third time. You get what your fetish demands the most.

          Foot fetish phone sex just drop that house on a witch to get the wishes.

          Ordinarily I would stick with the shoes but when you really think about it you have the Foot fetish that shoes cover. Add in pantyhose or even stockings and you have a whole lot of fetishes all together now. Next thing you know you are going to be coating those ruby red slippers and even cum in them. Ever fill up a shoe with just semen? Try it once and you will learn that there is no place like over the rainbow.

          In summary, to have your fetishes, cake, shoes, and eat it too then you fly over the rainbow. Drop a house on the wicked witch of the east. Throw a little water on the witch of the west and finally follow the yellow brick. Tap, tap, tap and it must be remembered to say the fetish First time, second time, and third time.

Cum Slut Phone Sex fuck-a-luscious freaky slut sucks cock.

                Cum Slut Phone Sex fuck-a-luscious freaky slut sucks cock. To begin with going to pull that cock out, give it a spit shine. Hocking a loogie on it, just to pull it into my mouth. Hands wrapping around your shaft. Applying pressure. As soon as the cock is in my mouth, need to be spit roasted. A cock enters the ass and the cunt.

          Sucking on cock, slurping it up, get fucked in all three holes while worshiping every cock around is what this freaky as slut simply likes to do. Get nasty freaky with me. Make it public. Generally speaking, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for a great big Anaconda cock. The one-eyed snake.

          Pull the balls into my mouth. Clamping down with my teeth and tugging on them. Going to make you howl with pleasure and pain. I would like to see you try and keep it quiet while I am being a Cocksucking phone sex whore in public.

          Now you have an idea of just how much this freak slut loves to suck on cock. Showing one and all just how much I will be the cum queen for all to see. Cum down my throat, in my ass, up my cunt. You know name I want it there. On the tits, the belly, even the feet. So many body parts to be covered in cum.

          In Summary let me show just what a cum whore I am.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum shots on tits cover them up. Make them sticky.

           Cum shots on tits cover them up. Make them sticky. After all they are made for the cum. Lick it up. Taste it. In the meantime, to get you to jizz on these tits need to fuck them first. Cock between the tits. Smashing them in on either side.

          Let spit dribble down onto the head. Lick the tip. Goes down into the crevasse.  Spit and pre-cum slicking the way, there it comes back up. Lowering my head to lick the pee hole. Give it a kiss. Pull it up further into my mouth.

          Balls getting cradled in the middle of the breasts. Swirling the tongue around the head, down the shaft. At the same time feeling the balls getting tighter against my breasts.  Cum shots on tits Going to show you what a Cum Slut phone sex whore that I am. Getting you hard not for the first time but numerous times. Wanting that cum all of it on my tits. Coating them. Getting them sticky wet. Next, I will lick it all up as you are fucking my cunt and filling that hole up with jizz.

As soon as you cum will suck your cock clean and hard until you are ready to cum again. You have filled my cunt, covered my tits, now you need to cum down my throat and my up my ass. Until finally you are depleted, and you have me completely full of you jizz.

Cuckolding phone sex lick the pussy as I’m fucked.

Cuckolding phone sex          Cuckolding phone sex lick the pussy as I’m fucked. That’s right bitch you’ll lick my clit, suck his balls, clean of all my cum and his.  At the same time your cock will be under lock and key. Collar snapped onto your neck with big loop in it. Obviously, this will be used to control you. Pull up into those balls. Push you down to lick the asshole. Either one.

          As long as you have your little dick under lock and key, being my bitch, you will lick all the balls, rimming, dicks, and suck my clit as I order you to. Mistress, Dom, Mommy, any one of this are going to be acceptable terms for you to call me. Wife is not one of them.

          Humiliation phone sex is just exactly what you deserve. That dick is shrived and little. Push those balls of yours up inside of you and you have a ready-made actual pussy to be fucked. In fact, you could even go so far as to say that your tiny penis is a clit would you have your balls shoved up.

          Do believe that is exactly what we shall do with you. In summary I am taking the cocks, you get the leftovers, and you will beg and plead for the scraps as every good bitch does.

Crossdressing phone sex a few little tips to hide the penis.

Crossdressing phone sex Crossdressing phone sex a few little tips to hide the penis. After all you don’t want to be out on the dance floor and all of suddenly your little partner makes an appearance. Let it know what that should happen and they don’t know you are indeed a man. Well, to be sure, you’re going to be sorry. With this in mind you need you put him in a stretch, a nip, and a tuck.

          Now to do this you take the balls and push them up inside of you, then you pull your little penis down, the pull him up between your ass cheeks and then continue to dress. Panties, which to point out will fit so much better when you do this.

          At the same time, you will be able to wear a nice tight form fitting dress like mine. As shown above you will not be able to see any unsightly bulge. No one will notice on the dance floor. If tucked correctly between the ass cheeks it can’t even be seen from behind.

          As long as you follow along with the tips and tricks, come play with me, do you as you’re told then your secret will be safe. If not well…there is a list of people that I am sure are just dying to get their hands on the dirty little secrets in your closet.

Creampie phone sex so many cocks to fill me up.

                Creampie phone sex so many cocks to fill me up. What is your favorite cream pie?  Now me I like to have that black and white cum. Fill me up. Make me overflow. Clean out that cream pie cum all over. Let’s have a party. To be sure a big party make it sure it is a sausage fest party.

          Taking turns slapping me with cocks. Fucking me with those cocks. Spilling their seed inside of me. Having the party is to be sure a great way to fill me up. This well used pussy can handle a shit ton of cum. Being an absolute cheating fucking Phone sex cum slut suck it all out bitch. When you suck out all the cum from those black cocks and it makes you cum so fucking hard.

          Cleaning out that cream pie turns me on at the same time. Just knowing that you are my little bitch now. You just have to have that pie all to yourself. Like all the different flavors of cum. As has been noted when you eat out the cunt of all those other cum shots in the ass as well makes you my little bitch whore.

          Beneath me.  Creampie phone sex