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Teen mommy Haley!

Her tiny little frame laying on top of me while you are pounding your cock inside of me.  Her lips wrapped around my nipple sucking, pulling, nursing.  Me holding her little bottom up in the air at the perfect level for you to shove your tongue between her little slit.  She is giggling and cooing and I am cumming all over your dirty cock!  Lets do it!

Chocolate Tranny cum shooter!

The most beautiful view in the world is the super-duper extravaganza of seeing my load shoot out of my dick.  I love trying to see just how far I can shoot it.  This motherfuckin chocolate fuckstick looks fabulous with cum shooting across the room. 

Well, there is one view that is just slightly better than that.  Your face being the pallet for the cum portrait I paint.  You sucking my dick until I am ready to shoot, and then moving back with your mouth wide open as I jack my load right on your face…..

Goddess Levi owns you!

Cumdumpster Fagtoy!  Remember those words because that is your destiny.  More specifically, to be MY Cumdumpster Fagtoy!  Granted it might take some time for me to train you and break down your resistance.  However trust and believe in the fact that you will SUBMIT.  You can not possibly resist my charm.  I am a submissive trainer in every sense of the word.  I will caress your submissive side like a snake charmer, caressing your senses with my voice and weaving my web of control so strong you will never escape…

Giving head in the men’s room for favors!

Last night I was a BAD girl.  In my state ya have to be 21 to drink and of course I am not old enough yet.  However my friends were going to this new club that just opened up and I wanted to go too.  My one friend said she could get me past the bouncers but what she didn’t tell me was it would mean me doing a nasty favor for the guy.  The nasty favor was me in the mens room at the gas station next door blowing him.  Like literally he wouldn’t even let me in the club until after I sucked his dick.

Normally I like something nasty and humiliating like that but he was like this big muscle bound bouncer guy and it is true what they say about all those steroid make a guys dick shrink, haha!  Well I still liked it because his cum was yummy even if he short dicked me.  🙂



Zoe’s phone sex Seduction

A beautiful submissive whore like me is the best at Seduction phone sex. My sexy voice will make you want to please my pussy as much as I’m pleasing your throbbing rod. I want to tell you all of the nasty ways I want you to fuck me and moan to me while you jerk. I’ll set up

the perfect roleplay where I seduce you with my sexy body while I look deep into your eyes. There will be no way you can resist me as I capture your mind and body and continue to push you closer and closer to the edge. Cum play with me and experience the sexual escape of a lifetime. 

China Doll

When you found me down town in China town, you just had to bring me home with you. On the way home you couldn’t keep your hands off of my silky long legs while I was grabbing your cock threw your pants. I could feel it get rock hard as my finger tips went back and forth along your shaft. I can’t wait to get you alone and show you how “extra special” I am underneath my silk mini shirt. It will be so much fun when you realize that a chick with a dick can be the perfect china doll that you have been looking for.

All around Accomplice…..

There you go hun, expand your throat as wide as you can because his cock is going all the way down the back of it whether you want it to or not….

Now if you are a good girl, maybe you will get to go home when we are done.  Maybe….  If your teeth scrape his dick or you don’t suck it adequately enough I am going to take my pretty little boxblade here and slice you from right there at that pretty little jugular vein in the side of your neck…….

Your choice…. suck to live or choke to die?

The best orgasm you ever had…

Close your eyes and relax.  All I want you to think about is your orgasm and how intense you want it to be.  I bet you have jacked off thousands of times and enjoyed that cum  experience a lot.  However how many times have your purposely held your orgasm?  Bringing yourself to the edge and then pulling back and not cumming yet?  Over and over again.  Never?

Well today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Clique it may be, but so very true.  Once my sweet & alluring voice brings you to the brink of explosion over and over again you will never want to rush your cum again.  You will also never be able to orgasm again without thinking of your sexy Monika and how intoxicating our cum play was….

Cock wrap in Latex

Now I know that you think about how fucking hot it would be to have a dominating latex bitch with a dick. So get on your knees and suck this dick! This is not an option and you will obey me! You just get so hard by just looking at me in this tight little latex dress while your cock throbs knowing that I will drop a fat load in your mouth. So no more excuses, it is time for you to do your desire … not just think about it like a pathetic looser!

Haley has What You Need

This weekend was a wild party weekend for sure.  A friend of mine scored a huge load of some really good shit.  *wink*  I fucking stayed so high I swear at times I thought my heart was going to explode in my chest.  It was incredible!

So the friend of mine who got this good shit spent the weekend.  He is actually pretty generous because he let me snort up all I wanted and just had one tiny little request.  All he wanted was for me to put my little girl on my titties nursing me and I held her little ass up in the air so he could lick her tiny little asshole while he fucked me.

Who the fuck is going to say no to that?  She giggles and sigh’s and actually seems to like her little asshole being licked.  I love my tits getting sucked by her.  He has a very good cock and of course all the dust I can sniff is a fucking bonus indeed.

So we fucked, he licked, she nursed and I sniffed up snow like a fucking snowblower in reverse.  So that all ended on Sunday morning and I am just now recuperated enough to climb out of bed and function like I should.  I am only 19 years old now so I figure I have another good 10 years of partying in me before I have to worry about being a responsible adult.  🙂

For now though I am ready for some sick and twisted phone sex.  My cunny needs some extra nasty phone sex fetish play!