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Fetish Phone Sex is never enough

Fetish Phone SexSlurping cocks and fucking kinky men during Fetish Phone Sex is an easy and fun passion I enjoy to the fullest. He rammed my cunt with deep womb stabbing thrusts while scratching his nails up and down my arms. It was gratifying to bite him right back, and continue to use him as a toy for my insides. I never say no, this body is meant for fun and nothing else, so if I neglected myself of a fun new fantasy I’d be wasting it. He didn’t unload in me so much as gush a typhoon into my slit and hold me still while I took the entire powerful, sperm rich load right in my gushing pussy. I adore Black Cock Phone Sex, and the fact that he brought a friend to pound my ass with his dark dick was enough to push me over the moon the same way his dick in my asshole pushed my limits and stretched me so wide I had to squeak in bliss and surprise. The two fucking me hard was more than enough to have me salivating at the thought of a complete set and made my whore cunt spill squirt a rich mix of cum and girlcum and everything nice. I was pounded so roughly I thought I might break and that just made it sexier and sexier by the thrust and pounce and bounce. I was more than ready when their third friend entered the room, a big black girl with the biggest cock I have ever seen. I was not expecting Shemale Phone sex but if I was gonna be a slutty girlfriend for the evening I was not going to back down from a challenge. Not a cock so deep in my throat I’m gagged and certainly not even if they turn around and force me to give them a rimjob. I’m here for everything, and I was more than happy to have my airway blocked and my face fucked to complete my professional solo orgy.

Mr. Bovy and Paris


Cocksucking Phone Sex

My fiance and I went on a vacation trip to Paris, and we were meant to spend two weeks in the hotel. When we arrived at the PROTEI HOTEL Mr. Bovy (the waiter) received us on arrival. Mr. Bovy was a handsome, tall black guy with a lot of swag. He looked eye to eye with me, and we both smiled. in the evening joe( my fiance) left for a yoga class downstairs. I became a little bit testy, so I called the room service for a bottle of champagne after about 15 minutes I heard a knock on the door, and it was Mr. Bovy. Both of us smiled, then Bovy handed over the bottle of champagne to me. He was about to leave, but I quickly grabbed his hands, turned him around, and started kissing him. Bovy returned the kiss, then gently pushed me onto the bed, removed my pants, and began to suck my juicy pussy; I moaned joyously while rolling my pussy on Bovy’s mouth. Bovy slightly inserted his fingers into my asshole. It increased the tickle that I felt after a long time of licking my pussy Bovy brought out his big black king-sized dick and drove it into my hot wet pussy and started pounding me vigorously. Bovy didn’t take it easy on me, and fortunately, I love rough sex, so everything was perfect. After like 45 mins I squirted cum all over his hard cock and released so much sweet cum everywhere. Immediately Bovy left, as Joe was about to return from his yoga class. I thought about cleaning myself up, but instead, I made Joe clean my cum-filled pussy with his tongue, and he loved the taste and the aroma of my cum soaked juice box. Paris was the best everything was fabulous, especially Bovy hand his huge black throbbing cock. I can’t wait to go back for our honeymoon.

Make Me Your Slut Girl


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Oh, my nasty fuck loving babe, my cum-filled sweet sexy babe, I’m going to let you drive your bone hard cock in my slut hole forever. We can do whatever you want; I will be your dream girl. We can do all we please there is no judgment over here. I’ve been yearning for a vulgar huge cock motherfucker who can treat me like a sluty sex queen, and it’s you, babe. I know just how important you are I will rub your back I will massage any part of your body that you need me to. I am your cock worshiper, and I love worshipping your commanding cock. You’ve been my dream stone-hard cock guy for a while, and I’ve watched you fuck other girls. You are so fucking amazing to me. I love you so much. You make me feel like I want to feel, and I want to be your nasty little whore girlfriend. I will do whatever you tell me to without question. Every girl I know wants you to be their man. I am the fucking nastiest anal sex whore you will ever have as your tramp cunt. I want to be more important to you than the rest of your other bitches. I know that you need total and complete control, and I am ready. I am that someone for your nasty needs. I want to be there for you because you make me feel so fucking out of control. I just need to be your cum dumpster sex slut. I want to make you know that you are the leader in my life, and that means I’m willing to do anything. I can give you the full whore girlfriend experience because I’m crazy about you. I miss you when I’m not near you, and I know I can make you miss me too. I will do what it takes to be your number one slut.

I’ll Train You Right

Sissy Training Phone Sex


It’s time to train some little sissies, and I’m the dominatrix to do it. I love little tiny hanging clit faggots they turn me on the most. Like Donna, Donna is a beautiful little sissy slut fag, and I can’t get enough of ruling over her. Ever since I locked that little waste of a hanging clit up in her new pink chastity belt, she’s been begging to please me. I know what Donna wants; she wants to get out of that chastity belt so that she can perform all of her little rape fantasies on that tiny little insignificant hanging clit. I need Donna to do much more than what she’s been doing to prove to me that she deserves to touch herself. Donna is transitioning into a complete woman; she’s taking hormones; she’s really going to the next level she’s a pre-op. I’m helping to mold her into a subservient submissive woman, and for that, I’ll make sure she’s grateful. I love turning little tiny cock men into Brave, bold subservient submissive women. Donna is my property; I am her mistress her ruler. I’m her everything. Whenever I want Donna to be a perfect girl, I take something away from her, and I make her earn it back. Donna is really good at getting on her knees and licking my pussy until I erupt into her mouth. I also let Donna eat my ass out like a pro she sticks her tongue deep inside of my ass and twirl it around just like a good girl should do and for that I’ll give her something that I’ve already taken away from her. Donna is very grateful she knows that I’m doing something very beautiful for her I’m making her into a real girl the kind that guy’s lust For. I feel like all tiny cock guys with fantasies of being women should have them a very dominant woman like myself because no one can teach them how to be a woman like a dominant woman. I really need me some more girlies like Donna so that I can start me a stable and make some money.

Are you fit to be Cuckolded?

Cuckolding Phone Sex


I love to tease him because he’s not worthy of my pussy. Christopher sometimes can be a pain in the ass; he loves to get mad when he comes over to my house and sees things like my red velvet panties lying on the couch. Christopher gets mad because my good friend Marcus is over. Everybody has clothing on Christopher gets pissed off because he just knows Marcus is fucking me for sure. I love for him to think that because the truth is Marcus is fucking me, he’s plowing my asshole raiding me like a refrigerator. Marcus is much younger than Christopher, and Marcus is so much more verial. Marcus has a big fat 11/ and 1/2 inch dick that has a hook on it. Marcus fucks me like a rabid Beast; he stuffs his huge fucking cock deep inside of my holes, all three of them. I love to take the head of his cock and start kissing and sucking it. I love to get that hook wrapped around my tongue. Marcus knows how to fuck me; he pushes me on the bed and takes my pussy. Every other time that Marcus has ever been over my house, Christopher has been able to handle himself, but this time was a little bit different. Maybe Christopher smelled the scent of my pussy mixed with Marcus’s cum in the hot brisk air. Marcus decided because he knows all about Chris and his small dick and unsatisfaction that he would prove who the Alpa male is. Marcus grabbed me by the back of my neck.


Christopher was shocked while Marcus pulled me to him. Marcus stuck his tongue down my throat and took his big thick cum filled dick out and stuffed it into my throbbing pussy. At first, Christopher protested; he said some stupid words, but Marcus told him to shut the fuck up. Marcus said to him that he was going to fuck me like a man is supposed to fuck a woman. He bent me over with one hand and started driving his dick deep inside of my pussy. He made me Arch my back so that he could power drive his dick harder and further with each stroke. Marcus looked Christopher and his eyes and told him that he could never fuck me like this. Marcus had me screaming and begging for mercy. I loved every second of it. I looked at Christopher, and I told him that he couldn’t fuck me like this. I screamed it out to him. Christopher said no, stop saying that! but I continue saying it. I kept telling him that he didn’t have the right equipment to fuck me like an enormous, cock black man. Christopher started crying Marcus fucked me even harder. My whole body started to purge cum and sweat everywhere. Christopher began to like it; he kept his head down, but he took his little cock out and started stroking it. He was jerking his little thing while Marcus was fucking me with his big fat black dick. You might call me mean you might say that I’m vicious for what we did, but I don’t care. I liked letting Christopher know where he was on my list of successful suitors. My mother says a man with a small dick is always going to be an insecure little fucker. My grandmother said the same thing. That’s how I know Christopher is only fit to be cuckolded.

I like it Rough


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

My pussy is always wet, and he knows that about me. Justin knows that I’m a whore; he knows that I like fucking any cock that comes my way. I’ve been his favorite slut for such a long time now; he constantly drools over my pussy. I’ve got Justin exactly where I want him, and that is in the palm of my hand. I love it when Justin gets sexually frustrated, he goes crazy, and he needs to fuck so badly. It turns me on to see a guy lose his fucking mind over me. I love to tease guys; I love to drive them up the wall. Justin has a big fat cock, and he’s a looker; he’s gorgeous, in fact. Other girls go crazy over him; they do whatever he likes, and that’s why I am so fucking rude and domineering with him. I don’t want Justin to think that I’m like the rest of those week bitches. That’s why he likes me. Justin knows that I’m hard to get, and he goes crazy for that. The other night he threw me down on his bed he snatched my bra and snatched my panties off he tore them. Justin got on top of me he took his cock into his hand and rammed it into my soaking wet pussy. We fucked for an hour. When his mother came home, she heard me moaning and screaming and passion, and she walked in. Would you like to know what happened next?

I Can’t Leave

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

He wants me to come to him broken; he wants me to get down on the floor and grovel. I have to forget that he punched me and shoved me in the closet for three days. Three gottdamn days because I gained four pounds. I hate my old man for what he does to me, but I can’t leave him. When he fucks me, he rams his hard cock so deep in my ass that my pussy squirts across the room. He fucks me in my ass while I’m lying on my back. I look at him while his huge cock completely owns me. It’s my fault he gets mad, I’m always fucking up and making shit hard fro him. I wear tight little skirts that drives his friends to catcalls and more. He beats me good when one of his friends sticks their cocks down my throat. Before he hits me, he makes me suck the guy’s hard cum filled cock until he creampie’s me.
After my good whipping, I get fucked so hard I lose my mind. I hate him, but I couldn’t even think about leaving him. I’m in love, and love is hard.

Let me Train your Wife


Dominatrix Phone Sex

Let me turn your wife into my personal sex slave. I see how your wife is so very spoiled, that bitch is ungrateful, and I need to teach her a lesson. Don’t you ever think that she could be trained so that she could appreciate you better? You need a wife who knows how special she has it and how lucky she is. So far, your little cunt slut bitch doesn’t know how good you are; she has no idea that other women would do anything to have you. I want to make your wife understand that she should be punished if she’s not a good whore slut from now on. I’m going to make her wear a little itty bitty pair g-string panties she’ll also have to wear 6 inch high heels when she walks around, and she’ll need to be topless at all times. Your wife is ungrateful, but when I get done, she’ll know your worth. I can’t wait to get started. She will be begging for mercy.

Cuck and Fuck Fun

Fantasy Phone Sex


I walked into the nightclub, and I saw the most divine man that I could ever imagine. He was tall, dark, and oh so fucking handsome, and I could see the big bulge in his pants told me that his cock was at least 10 inches. I walked right over to him; it’s like our eyes were pulling each other. I said hi, how are you he responded that he was super attracted to me. My pussy got instantly wet, and by the looks of it, his cock got equally hard. All I wanted to do is get naked right there and fuck him and let him fuck me until I was unconscious. He asked me to go to the back VIP section with him, so I followed. There was another guy there. I couldn’t see his face, but I didn’t really care. The guy who I initially saw his name was Jacob, that’s what he said, his hands ran down my back as he unzipped my dress. He took my dress off, and it fell to the ground, and he bent me over gently. He took his cock out of his pants and put my hand on it; it was huge and veiny. The other guy was still in the shadows, but I could see his cock as he started to stroke it. Jacob put his cock into my pussy doggy style; it, felt like an eggplant with muscles was entering into my wet pussy. The other guy came out of the Shadow and walked around to my mouth; he put his hands over my eyes and his cock into my mouth. I started sucking as I was being fucked doggy-style. It felt like I was in pure heaven. I loved every minute of it, taking cock in my ass and sucking a big dick at the same time, from what I thought was two strangers. After fucking me uncontrollably and me sucking this other stranger’s dick for about 10 minutes, the stranger took his hands off of my eyes. It was my boyfriend, when I saw his face, he started to force-feed me cock he was smiling, and I noticed he had a look of devious Joy on his face. I had no idea that my boyfriend would go for something like this, but it seems I was wrong. Jacob forced his cock into my asshole, and when I let out a huge moan, my boyfriend sprayed me with a creampie, it was delicious.

Cuck on a Big Black Buck


Black Cock Phone Sex

I love fucking black guys because black guys have big hard veiny dicks, unlike white guys. I feel like when I am getting plowed by a big fat hard black cock I feel like it makes me free and only a black man has the ability to do that. You can call me a black King’s dream because all I want to do is make his dream come true. I love getting my hair pulled while I’m on all fours getting fucked so hard by a beast of a cock. White guys just don’t have it like black guys do I mean after all black guys have ten and 12-inch cocks and white guys only have four and six-inch cocks. I had a white husband, but I had to leave him alone because he had no satisfaction for me. All that my ex-husband has for me what’s money and money doesn’t satisfy my pussy like cock does so I had to take half of his money and divorce him and fuck black guys. I want to be a black man’s whore; I want to be his slave; that’s what I desire. My heart beats for big strong black cocks it’s all I ever dream about. I spend all of my money buying them gifts, shoes and cars well it’s not my money; it’s my ex-husband’s money, and it feels good. I’ll let a black man call me his white cunt slut I let him suck me; however, he wants to. Any big dick black guy can treat me just like a fucking slut whore because that’s what I deserve. I’m a nothing piece of white trash, and black guys love to abuse white trash. Black eyes take me around white guys, and they show me off they make me wear little itty bitty tight skirts and Daisy Duke shorts so that my ass is popping for the white guys to look at, but they can’t touch. I love a stiff veiny long thick black dick it’s mesmerizing. I love the way those horny black guys force their cocks deep inside of my asshole in and out it’s liberating. Do you have a black friend that wants to fuck a white girl? I will let you watch me get fucked by a real man if you want to.


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