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Sometimes a girl just needs a giant dick in her ass

Ass to mouth phone sexYou know what makes me so god damn hot? A giant cock burried deep in my tight, tiny little asshole. The bigger the better. I love the initial pain. Sometimes I don’t even want my cunt fucked first, I just want him to go straight for my ass. And of course and lovely little cuckholding husband is right there to clean up any my big guy’s dick when he slides it out of my asshole. I know how much he hates it, but he fucking adores pleasing me, and I love to watch him gag on a cock that was just in my fucking little ass. It makes me so wet just thinking about it. Honestly, I get so wet at the idea, we won’t even have to use lube. He just gets behind me, grabs my hair, shoves it in, and starts fucking me mercilessly. Oh god yes. Give me that giant dick baby, and when you’re done with my asshole my subby, sissy boy husband will gladly clean you off, and suck all the cum out of my ass. 

Tonight my girlfriend came over and we had all kinds of nasty fun

You know how these things go. Girlfriend comes over, and after just a little too much wine, the compliments start. Then the clothes start coming off. Alice, my friend, started by touching and sucking on my breasts, and hard, She loves the way my nipples get so incredibly hard! Then her hand reached down, and using two fingers she slowly stroked my clit in these tiny, perfect circles while kissing me so hard. God, it felt fucking amazing! I came in no time flat. Then it was my turn. I laid her on her back on my bed, and kissed my way all the way down to her cunt. I stuck two fingers inside her as my tongue lapped at her clit over and over again. Before too long she was already squirting into my mouth!! It was too god damn hot. I’d love to recreate that scene with the right guy and girl again, and soon 🙂Bisexual phone sex

Tonight’s goal? Masturbating at the thought of you…

Mutual masturbation phone sexEarlier today I was thinking about you, and I desperately needed to get off but you weren’t there to help me, so I did what any good little fuck toy would: I opened up my pants and stuck one hand down them. I slowly stuck one finger inside my tight, shaved little cunt, feeling myself get nice and wet. I can’t help it…thinking of you and the last time we fucked, how hot it was…it turns me on all over again. As I remembered how it felt when you slid inside me, me on top so you could look at my lovely white tits, I took two fingers and slowly circled my tiny clit. God it felt so good. I started moaning a little too loudly and I heard my neighbor pound on the wall, and it reminded me of how you pounded my cunt that night. Remember how I was riding you, I leaned back so you could get a good look at your cock inside my tight little cunt, and you used your thumb on my clit? Jesus fucking christ, that felt so amazing. That’s what I was remembering as I quickly made tiny circles around my clit, moaning your name and fucking my own hand. I came so hard all over that hand baby. Just remembering how you came inside me that night, filling up my cunt with the most delicious creampie! Oh god. I can’t help but wonder if I would have gotten off any harder had I called you first and had you on the phone while I was playing with myself, too. Then you could have joined, stroking your huge rock hard cock up and down with one hand, while I inserted two fingers inside myself, swirling them around, feeling how fucking wet you make me even when you’re not there. God damn I need to cum again. Maybe you could help me out this time baby?

When the wife is away, get ready to play!

Cheating phone sexLook at me. Your wife is gone and you need some attention right fucking now. I can be that girl for you. All those things your wife won’t let you do…I’ll do them and more. Want me to ride you while you fuck my tight, tiny little cunt? Got it. Wanna fuck my ass so hard you almost cum, then pull out and cum all over my gorgeous face and tongue? Fuck yeah baby. I love that idea. I want nothing more than to please you any way you want to be pleased. Let me get on back and throw my legs over your shoulders so you can fuck me nice and deep. Oh god, yessss. Look into my eyes as you cum inside my tight cunt over and over again. Your wife never has to know. I’m great at keeping secrets. And our secret baby? We have the best fucking sex when she isn’t around and I fucking love it. Nothing is off the list where I’m concerned. I’m that hot, horny piece of ass you need right fucking now.

Fucking in a cemetery…spooky and sexy!

Exhibitionist phone sex

You guys know me – I’m an absolute freak and Halloween is my time to play. I put on my sluttiest, sexiest outfit (I’m a devil this year, go figure), and prowl around looking for my next conquest. This Halloween will be no different! My goal is to get sloshy drunk and hit on the sexiest man at the party, then convince him where the real party is happening – the closest cemetery. Exhibitionist sex really, really turns me on. The idea of getting caught, having to stay quiet while I’m being fucked from behind as hard as he can take me, all the while biting my hand or sucking on his fingers so I don’t make too much noise…god I’m so wet already just thinking about it! I love the idea that someone, anyone could walk in on us fucking at any time. And what a show I would give them! Begging to be treated like the little exhabitionist whore that I am, I’ll plead for my victim to fuck me even harder. Demand it even. I’ll bend down and grab an old tombstone for support, and show off my gorgeous little bubble butt and perfect tiny pink cunt, and I know I won’t even have to beg that hard! 


Tie me up, whip me, make me cum so hard

Bondage phone sex

I’ve been a bad, bad girl, Daddy. Looks like you’re going to have to get out the ropes and chains again. See, I was masturbating on my chair earlier and I came without your permission. I’m so very sorry. Looks like you’re going to have to tie me up and spank the ever loving shit out of me. I need your red hand prints on my bare ass. Get out that whip and whip it across my super tight ass. Tie my ankles to my wrists and fuck my sopping wet cunt till I absolutely can’t stand it and beg you to let me cum. Use every inch of my super tight, tied up little red headed body. Put an O-ring in my mouth so you can face fuck me till I gag and almost vomit without being able to swallow. Use that red rope and tie knots all over my body, Suspend me in the air and fuck my sopping wet cunt till I scream your name Daddy. I want to be your filthy Bdsm freak. You’re very own submissive little slut. Who owns this pussy? Daddy owns this pussy. 




My girlfriend gives the best orgasms!

Bisexual phone sexEarlier my best girlfriend came by with one thing on her mind: she was going to get into my cunt that night no matter what! She wore her sluttiest red panties and bra, and as soon as the door was closed, she kissed me hard and passionately. I felt her long, thing fingers run up my spine and unhook my bra. As my gigantic boobs tumped out, she was quick to reach down with her mouth and flick my nipples with her tongue, while also using a finger to run tiny little circles around my clit, teasing me. She eventually laid me down and began to tongue fuck my cunt, moving it up and down and sucking on my clit as hard as she could. I came so god damn hard! I’m such a bisexual slut! Finally, she stood me up and told me she had a huge surprise for me. She pulled out my favorite dildo she owned, and while I was standing, she drove it right into my pussy as hard as she could. My god, I felt so full! I must have cum 3 or 4 times before finally falling back into her waiting arms where she whispered “oh we’re no where near done yet”. I can’t wait to finish telling the rest of the story…

Paris Can’t Compete With BDK

2 Girl Phone SexThis weekend Big Daddy King brought his two favorite white bitches, Cassandra and myself to Paris for the weekend! It was such a surprise, but then again, that’s how our Big Daddy rolls. Always showing off his girls and buying us the fanciest jewelry and clothes. This time was no exception of course. As we strutted down the runway towards Big Daddy King’s private jet, Cassandra and I decided we would give Our Daddy the best thank you gift ever – when we reached him at the stairs to board the plane, we got on our knees and began to kiss his already rock hard 13.5″ member through his pants. I told him this weekend I was going to worship at the altar that is Big Daddy King. That I needed his BBC…..his Anaconda. I’ve wanted it ever since I started working again!

When we arrived in Paris, our Big Daddy King had the best surprise for all of us – something only Big Daddy could do of course. He had rented out the top of the Eifel Tower for our enjoyment. And enjoy it we sure as fuck did. At one point My King had me bent over while driving his anaconda im and out of my incredibly tight, wet pussy, all the while looking over the Paris lights. It felt fucking fantastic of course – nobody, and I mean nobody, can fuck me like Big Daddy King can. When he allowed me to cum I screamed his name at the top of my lungs and I didn’t care who heard me. Cassandra cheered us on all the while, looking fucking amazing in her tiny little mini dress and 5″ heels, all sexy and sultry.

Truly, Big Daddy King is the best Daddy around. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next time, can you Cassandra?

Your Fetish Queen has Arrived!

fetish phone sexHere I am baby. Just what you’ve been looking for. That incredibly fucking kinky whore you’ve been waiting your whole life to fuck. I love it all. You name it, I need it. I want your cock so bad I can taste it. I want you to fill every single one of my holes with your hot fucking baby batter. Treat me like the dirty, filthy little slut you know I am. Or maybe you feel like being dominated. I’ll tell you what to wear, dress you up in my sexiest lingerie and parade you around my apartment building like the little sissy faggot you are. I’ll force you to watch me fuck a real man with a real dick, then have you lick him up and clean him off for me. Or perhaps you need a super submissive bitch, to treat you like the king you deserve to be treated as. Someone who will worship your cock with every hole I possess, all at your demand. Then again, maybe you just want me to stop by in nothing but my jacket, with nothing on underneath, so we can get right to business. Your hands all over my tight fucking hot as fuck tiny little body. Whatever your kink is baby, I’m your girl. Let’s play tonight!

Training my sissy boys

sissy training phone sexI love trailing my sissy boys. I just can’t help it. I love putting them in a pair of my sexy stockings and garter belts and parading them around the house, all the while teasing them about the size of their dick. I’m a size queen, see. I certainly won’t have sex with my sissy boys, but I might let them go down on me, all glamoured up in my finest hosiery and jewels. They might not be able to fuck well, but I will teach them how to go down on their mistress the correct way! After that, I let them stroke their tiny little dicks in front of me as I make fun of them and tease them. The love to hear me giggle and call them by their little sissy names. The last time I even dressed my last little sissy boy in one of my fanciest tiny black dresses, gave him my 4 inch heels, and a grocery list. I expected him to come back with every single item. Carrots, cucumbers, an eggplant…anything that could misconstrued as something he would eventually be putting up his ass. It was so much fun to see the look of both shame and utter delight as he got back in my car and we drove away with everyone looking at us. They all knew what he had on underneath that dress. Nothing. We got home and I allowed him to get me off with his hot wet mouth before I bent him over, lubed up a cucumber and forced into his tight asshole. He was in HEAVEN. As was I! I love training my sissy boys to please their mistress.