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Slavery Phone Sex Makes Me Cum

slavery phone sex

My black pussy is craving some erotic slavery phone sex and to be a good little house nigger from my master. A lot of these sluts will try their hand at slavery sex but only a lowly black whore knows what it’s like to be a slave and how to properly submit to a superior […]

You’re gonna pay in pain

bdsm phone sex

  You’re such a fucking pervert! Look at you playing with your tiny little cock while you watch those brats play over there on the playground. Someone as disgusting as you should be punished. How would you like it if I took this ball press and attached it to your pendulous nuts? Do you think […]

What the fuck is this ?

I met this hot sexy stud at the club and he knew all the right things to say to a money-hungry ebony slut like me. As soon as he saw me he pulled out his wallet, gave me a wad of cash, and ordered me my favorite drink. As we sat at the bar I […]

Gold Diggin’ Slut

ethnic phone sex

I see that you just won big downstairs at the casino and a gold-digging slut like me is willing to do anything to get a piece of the pie. I see that you just won big downstairs at the casino and a slot like me is willing to do anything to get a piece of […]

Black Sluts are Better

ass to mouth phone sex

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a hot sexy ebony slut like me? this coco cunt is always in need of a throbbing hard cock being rammed inside of it. Most white girls can’t even take dick like us! White whores handle being fucked to a certain extent but slave whores like me were born […]

Romantic Fantasy Phone sex

fantasy phone sex

Mommy is going to sweet love to you. I’ve tried to control myself, but you have grown into such a sexy young man. Mama invited you over to help me with some yard work. But I just want your hose in my black garden. As you walk in the door I instantly embrace you while […]

Babydaddy Breeding

biggest cum shot

I want my babydaddy to fill my black cunt with all his seed until he gives me a baby. We work together at a big firm in the city. One day, an employee told me they caught him watching porn in his cubicle while stroking his thick white cock and I knew I had to […]

Breeding Whore Panties

Breeding phone sex

  I’ve been wearing these panties all day for you baby. I know you like to sniff my slutty thongs as you suck all the cunt juice out of them. This fresh bald pussy left white creamy cum stains all over them from how gushy you make me. I can’t stop playing with my clit […]

Its Raining Cunt Juice!

Exhibitionist phone sex

  I have such a hot body so of course I’m going to show it off. I love to get fuck in public places where people can see my cunt being used like the slutty exhibitionist phone sex whore that I am. I usually wear slutty clothing like crop tops and miniskirts so a big […]

Blackmail Phone Sex Whore

How much are you willing to pay for me to keep your little secret? I bet your wife doesn’t know about all the weird and freaky things you like for me to do to you. Have you told anyone how you like to wear my bra and panties as I bend you over and fuck […]


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