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Romantic Fantasy Phone sex

fantasy phone sex
Mommy is going to sweet love to you. I’ve tried to control myself, but you have grown into such a sexy young man. Mama invited you over to help me with some yard work. But I just want your hose in my black garden. As you walk in the door I instantly embrace you while simultaneously pressing my hard chocolate nipples against your chest. You can tell mommy is so horny and happy to see you baby! I plant a long and wet kiss on your lips as I stick my tongue in your mouth. You feel so good making out with mommy that I moan softly and uncontrollably as my hands wander all over your body. Mama reaches a manicured hand in your pants and your cock is already starting to grow! I knew I wasn’t the only one that wanted to have incest sex. I lay you on the bed and insert your cock into my dripping cunt.

Babydaddy Breeding

biggest cum shot

I want my babydaddy to fill my black cunt with all his seed until he gives me a baby. We work together at a big firm in the city. One day, an employee told me they caught him watching porn in his cubicle while stroking his thick white cock and I knew I had to get him inside of me. To make matters even more erotic, it was interracial breeding porn. I called him into my office and made him tell me how much he wanted to breed this nigger cunt! He hesitated so I grabbed his dick and shoved it into my pussy anyway! That plump rod stretched my wet cunt out so good I instantly started cumming on it. “breed me you fucking stud!” I moaned as I felt him oozing the biggest cum shot of cream into my sweet donut hole. After we fucked the first time we screw every chance we get! He keeps cumming inside of me in hopes that I give him a little half breed. We wont stop until he plants a baby in my pussy!

Breeding Whore Panties

Breeding phone sex


I’ve been wearing these panties all day for you baby. I know you like to sniff my slutty thongs as you suck all the cunt juice out of them. This fresh bald pussy left white creamy cum stains all over them from how gushy you make me. I can’t stop playing with my clit and imagining my panties stuffed in your mouth. When you get them, I’m sure you will not be able to call me as you will be too eager to start stroking your big hard cock with my lacy lingerie wrapped around it. Just know that your slutty breeding whore can’t wait to see you again so you can fill my cunt up with your baby making mixture!

Its Raining Cunt Juice!


Exhibitionist phone sexI have such a hot body so of course I’m going to show it off. I love to get fuck in public places where people can see my cunt being used like the slutty exhibitionist phone sex whore that I am. I usually wear slutty clothing like crop tops and miniskirts so a big dick cutie can easily slide their cock in my pussy. The other day one of my honeys took me on a mini getaway where he fucked me on the balcony in front of hundreds of people. Im such a whore that i just threw my leg over the railing and let him fuck me into oblivion. As I was getting boned so many people walked by and saw my beautiful black twat being stretched by a big thick cock! As I climaxed, I let my sopping wet pussy squirt juice rained over the people on passing by. People thought it was a change in forecast when really it was a hot slut releasing her twat juice and getting fucked for everyone to see.

Blackmail Phone Sex Whore

blackmail phone sex

How much are you willing to pay for me to keep your little secret? I bet your wife doesn’t know about all the weird and freaky things you like for me to do to you. Have you told anyone how you like to wear my bra and panties as I bend you over and fuck you from the back? Or what about how you like to suck my toes while you use a big black strap on in your man pussy. Even if that doesn’t upset her, I’m sure finding out that her husband likes to suck the cum out of my used pussy after a long night of fucking well have her in hysterics. How many times have you gone home with an ass full of cum and jizz stained lips? You know it doesn’t take much to piss me off. Send the fucking funds or I’m telling all your business, sissy ass fucker!

Brittany the Baby Sissy

Adult Baby Phone sex

I just had the sweetest little baby! Her name is Britney and like most sissies she has a kinky little fetish that involves wearing diapers and being carried around like a baby. Britney is a good girl but sometimes she gets very very naughty and requires a spanking! When Brit Brat gets out of hand, we bend her over our knees and spank her little booty! Her clit drips all over our laps but we love it! My favorite thing about our little white sissy is how and she is able to entertain me and the horny friends that I may bring around. Just about an hour ago, Britney was being held down by my 6-foot Amazonian neighbor while her daughter fingered her tight punani. Britney’s clits was dripping with passion as she got filled with dainty little ladyfingers. My neighbor’s daughter got so excited that she began to fist Britney’s little man purse until it exploded all over the sheets! We sent Brittany home limping and dripping and she doesn’t get more until mama says so. I miss her already and I can tell that I am going to enjoy this little baby sissy and all of her nasty little kinks. I hope Brit Brat is willing to take my thick heavy strap-on when she comes to see me again..

Bringing My Black Pussy to the Edge

edge play phone sex

It only took 10 minutes before I was begging him to let me come! My favorite client knows exactly how to make my pussy drip. While my daughter was at school he came over for a fun little session. I told him I was so excited to have fun with him. “im going to be the only one having fun, today” he said menacingly with a smirk. His voice and his tone made me nervous and horny at the same time. He started by making me plug my ass hole and my pussy with the biggest plug I own. I was so full I could feel them rubbing against each other as I sat on the floor. Master then told me to put my vibrator on my clit an cross my legs. I almost came when he yelled for me to uncross my legs. As the vibrator fell from my clit, he looked me in the eye and told me not to cum unless I received permission. I begged and begged but he wouldn’t let me! That made my pussy gush! I have never been edged like this! As I was on the floor in a puddle of my own juices my girl walked in and saw her big titted mama on the floor naked with a Dom standing above me. I could tell how horny my youngin got from how her eyed locked in on his stiff member. He demanded her to strip and bed over in front of me. While I had a view of her perfect little tits and bald pussy, as he slid his fat hard cock into her tight wet pussy. He made me watch his cock glide in and out of her cunt while I yearned for a taste! He didn’t let me cum until he filled my barely legal beauty with his load. I came so hard I saw stars!

Cucks Pay to See Me Full of BBC!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Sexy black bitches take money and suck dick! Typically, when you think of a sexy black slut the first thing you think about is all the ways in which you want to bend her while you slam your hard white rod into her. However, this black bitch is different! I expect you to get down on your knees and worship this hairless black snatch while you beg for the chance to get a couple of licks. Having your tongue slide in between my pussy lips is a privilege that your sissy ass must earn. For now, the only thing you can do is sit there while I take big black cock! You better keep your eyed on me while you watch a big dick glide deep in my hole!! As I moan I bet you’ll be wishing that you could please me like that. But, we both know your tiny little cock could never fill me the way that a black anaconda does. The only thing you can do is use your mouth to make the dick glisten with spit before I shove it in my pussy. You’re going to empty your wallet to watch a black queen work her body on a BBC! You don’t get a free show sissy! Rub that little clit of a cock and beg for more time to see me get fucked!

Wanna Watch Me Suck BBC?

cuckolding phone sexI have a feeling that watching a big tit black bitch suck down a BBC makes your cock throb. I bet you would love to see how my juicy lips look with a gigantic dick in between them. I have no problems letting you watch me work while you jerk off. We can role-play that you just caught your fucking whore wife cheating with a nigger that was hung like a horse. When you walk in I don’t stop because I can feel your desire from across the room. Your horniness, rage, and lust give me more motivation to be as slutty and nasty as possible. you can see from how soaked I am that my chocolate cunt loves to be admired while working on my cock sucking skills. Once you decided that you wanted to join in, I would toot my fat ass up and let you plow me from the back while I am gagging on fat meat. Each thrust makes the dick go deeper down my throat! Feel my perky ass bouncing back on you as you both fill me with you loads from both ends. When it’s all over you can decide how you would like to punish me for being a cum guzzling slut behind your back.

Vacation Punishment

BDSM Phone Sex

I have a few masters but my favorite loves to spoil me after fucks me like the submissive slut that I am. He adorns me in jewelry, takes me to fine dining, and we travel to luxury destinations. The only thing is I have to deserve and earn this treatment. I earn it by letting him beat this pussy up until I am on the verge of tears. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I beg for Mercy. I wouldn’t dare tell him know because I know my place and a secretly enjoy being violently plowed. The last time we met up was in Bora-Bora and he filled my chocolate slit with his cream filling on the richest golden sand. My body began to quiver when he put the diamond anklet on my ankle because I knew it would come with a hefty price. I was so grateful I instantly drop to my knees and began to worship his cock and balls. I took him into my mouth and showed my appreciation by twirling my tongue on the tip of his meat. His moans let me know that I was being a good girl and made my snatch pulsate with desire. Before he shot his load into the back of my throat, he grabbed a fist full of my hair and made me choke and gag. He was so deep down my throat my eyes were watering but I would give my last breath to my master. I let him fuck my throat all night while my bare ass felt the cool ocean breeze. I know master could make me do the things that he makes me do. I will always be his submissive nigger whore. 

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