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I want to fuck you in the ass with my big fat cock. You know what time it is it’s time to get nasty as hell. I’ve been yearning for a nice tight ass to ram my cock into over and over again until I spew cum all over the place. You make me so hot and horny I can’t stop myself from wanting you. You are the kind of sexy little tranny that can make me cum all night long. My hard cock is pulsating right now it needs to fill empty holes up. I want your body I want your flesh I want to be dipping my cock in and out of your flesh over and over again until you cream. Don’t you want to be with a sexy tranny like me? Don’t you want to fill a big fat cock filling you up vibrating inside of your body? I know what you need, and I’m the one who can give it to you I could always give it to you if you choose. You should choose me I promise I will satisfy I’ll give you the best feeling you’ve had in years guaranteed. Good dick is hard to come by believe me I know, my good dick is always hard. You know that you need a sweet chocolate special girl to make your life complete give me all of you now I need it my body needs you I’m yearning for you come on let’s have the best time ever

Mommy wants to be a Tranny

Phone sex fetish


Let’s have raw wild sex in a sacred place, I’ve got these mushrooms and this coke, and I know you’re a daring guy. I want to go somewhere really dark we can get super high. I will bet when I ride your massive cock in a fucking sadistic manner that you will pray to my chocolate cock from that moment on. I lack attention at home, so I guess I’m going to get it out on the streets, but my friends are no good my mother calls all my friends creeps. I don’t worry about her fuckery though I always thought that bitch was jealous of me she’s constantly showing hidden hate. Mommy is a mother fucking cunt whore. I keep telling her to stay the fuck out of my business, but she refuses. My mother makes everything so fucking hard for me she makes me so angry. I want you to fuck her, drive your cock inside of her nasty wet Mommy pussy while I ram my cock into her big mommy mouth. We are going to have a ball. Mommy’s always talking shit she hates that her little boy grew up to be a beautiful woman. I’m going to get mommy, and you are going to be the one to help me aren’t you? I love your sexy body it moves my understanding to a place that is overwhelmingly Conjuring. You invoke the hardness in my cock you make me stand at attention, and I just can’t go down until I spray you with my yummy cum. After we fuck Mommy in every torrid way that I know imagination will allow us, we can suck each other off in front of her face let her see how passionate our lovemaking is. I think mommy really wants to be like me a tranny too bad mommy.


Blowjobs Phone Sex


My Lover loves Me


Crossdressing Phone Sex

Can you please dig in my booty and make me feel sweet and fruity like I always do when I’m with you. I want you to make me feel my inner sissy, I love you pretty baby you are my baby. I have been dreaming about you forever you make me feel so good to be queer you make me feel happy that I’m here and so glad to be gay I want you all the time. I love you I’m delighted you came around your the best guy ever, you make me feel so extraordinary. I have always loved to dress up like a slut for you. I love to wear lace, silk, and satin for you. I love when the way you come on to me when your teasing. I love the lipstick stains I put around the rim of your dick. I love the whole experience of getting together for you and with you getting beautiful for you making myself look right for you, and that’s what I’ll do forever. You are my king you make me feel like I could be loved forever you are my love you are my joy you’re everything that I’ve ever wanted. You’re a dream come true everything I want. I need and lust for you, I just can’t go wrong with loving you. And you’re so brave you make me crave your very essence I love you I need you I could never do without you. And every time we make love we make fireworks because you are the big bang in my life and I want to blow up for you. There’s no other man for me you’re mine I need you I love you I cannot get over how much we connect when we exchange. I am your Lover You are my lover we are together no one will ever tear us apart. I love you baby, and I want the whole world to know exactly how I feel for you.

I Cherish Our Cock Time

Anal Phone Sex

I cherish the time I get to lick my lover’s ass, he loves when I do it I really take my time. My sexy honey pie is everything to me, he loves to get surprisingly fucking fierce, his cock is beautiful it means everything to my cum filled cock. He’s a big boss in the game you can call him a pimp and his cock is the Magic Stick. My cock lover loves to have threesomes and foursomes he loves to get really fucking unadulterated, and I lust for it. No man can fuck me like my man and fuck me that’s why I let him fuck how many women and tranny girls, he wants to fuck. He says that the more sluts that he fucks, the better that our sex would be and he’s telling the truth. I love other bitches cum all over my man’s cock when I suck it off, I can taste your sweet tart cunt juices. Bitches can’t make me jealous because I love the taste of pussy in my mouth on my tongue and sliding down my throat. I love cunt bitches acting like twats for me shaking their asses and putting their tits in my face. If you know a hot bitch like me, you had better keep her because believe me, we are hard to come by. I want to get on the roof in front of an audience take your pants down and start slobbering on your yummy cock, I love it. I love to lick my lover’s ass, his asshole taste like cock cream. I can’t wait to slurp on that ass tonight. Call me whatever the fuck you want to call me I really don’t give a shit as long as I get that big fat dick in my mouth and that ass juice running down my throat I’m happy. Give me your nasty loving I need it.

Wet and Splashy


Breeding Phone Sex

My big hard gorgeous chocolate cum-filled cock wants to dive into your wet and splashing boy cunt. I can’t wait to give you all of me, every part of my satisfying substantially enormous erect sweet chocolate cock. I want you to desire me every single day, I want you to yearn for me in your dreams and wake up demanding me. I want you to go to sleep aching for my cock to be inside of your ripe wet hole. You know how much I love you and I love penetrating that boy cunt of yours it makes me feel so viciously dominant to have you bent over like I have you. While you look into my eyes and suck my cock that makes me crazy too, I love you on your knees yes. I need to treat you to some satisfying jizz and let you enjoy the taste of me. You’ve got to work for me and you know exactly what I mean you’ve got to work for the real raw meat to be inside of you. I want you right now I want you tomorrow, I wish for you the next day, and I want you after that. You had better make way for us because I don’t care what happens I just want to be together. You work so hard to make our relationship possible you buy me beautiful gifts, and I appreciate it, you allow me to be sexy for you and I love that. You are the lover of my dreams because I can breed you and you know precisely what I’m talking about. I dreamt about you last night I was pounding inside of you and I exploded into cum guzzling goodness, and you got pregnant. My love, I want you to know that was the most intense dream I had had in so many sleepless nights. Let me feel that boy cunt up with my baby making juices.

Booty My Way


Fetish Phone Sex

Listen you funky little mother fucking bitch, you have got your skank ass whore friends instigating you to get your ass fucked hard. I can’t wait to stuff my cock in your cum guzzling asshole. Is your little fucking boy cunt ready for some hard black meat? I’m going to give you the time of your mother fucking life you God damn sissy butt buddy. I know what you dream about, and it’s me you fucking fag boy you want me more than anything you like the way I look don’t you. I am your sexual ruler I own that motherfucking boy cunt. You had better listen to me sissy fag boy you better do everything I tell you to or else I won’t fuck you like you want me to. You keep dreaming about me, and you want me all the time. I know when you see my big fat dick you want to go crazy don’t you. I see this shit makes you want to cry. You’re a faggot you’ve always been ever since you were a little sissy fairy fucker now you’ve grown up and become a fucking full-blown faggot. I know your heart, and it wants my hard cock you like the way my tits look too don’t you how I look so pretty and confusing to you. It makes your cock so hard to see a chick like me with a dick like mine. I’ve got to hurt you, naughty boy, every time you look at my pictures your cock gets so rock hard. I know who I am to you and you know just who you are to me, my sexual slave. I love you booty boy I love your sexy tight hole.

White Boy Taken in Jail

Gang Bang Phone Sex


A close friend of mine had to go to jail because he did a horrible white collar crime. Now he’s in trouble, and he has to pay for his behavior. Mr. White is what we will call him because he has blonde, sunny locks, and big beautiful blue eyes. Mr. White also has a sexy hot body because he exercised and stayed in shape and ate right when he was out in the Free World. Mr. White dated all kinds of exclusive high price hookers and escorts, out in the free world too. Now Mr. White is locked up behind bars and with the worst kind of criminals. Mr. White isn’t in a cushy Federal Penitentiary Hotel, no he’s in a Hard Knocks level 3 maximum security jail. At the penitentiary where Mr. White is, there are so many hardcore criminals all races Black White Spanish even Asians, and they’re all hard. The guys in this prison, they are serving a hard time 30 years some of them are also serving life, and they’re all crazy and hungry for new meat. Mr. White came in at such a good time summer when it’s hot but, he’s going to be somebody’s fucking bitch that Mr. White. Those big black guys love to explore all of their fantasies, they like to spill their cocks in tonight’s tight little white asses. They are going to have so much fun with Mr. White every night until he gets out if he does. I wonder will Mr. White like women when he’s out or will he urge The Taste and feel a big thick solid cock.

The Boom Boom Room

Interracial Phone Sex


Imagine a place where the wine falls from the ceiling and the walls are made of Egyptian cotton and silk curtains. Close your rational fears and open your sexual mind with me. I have been fantasizing about a secret anything goes, sex association. I am the mistress in all of my fantasies, I rule over the perverts. I bring new girls and or guys in for the horny, wealthy old man. Substantial projector presentations are viewing immoral sexual content for all the audience. The best part is the sex cages displaying damning fuck actions. As the mistress, I can grab any of my concubine whores and their hot wet pussies. I can and often do tear my boy toys cocks from their boxers and suck until I see semen Stars bursting out. This place that I fantasize about quite often I call it the Boom Boom Room. All of the waitresses are topless with itty bitty edible panties on. I know you if you are here you get to choose your flavor. My horny guys will get to stick their long tongues inside of the waitresses pussies well they’re ordering their drinks. And if you like the pussy, you can suck the juices out of it. My boy toys get on their knees how to suck cock properly, and they know what spots to hit. If you want my boy toys to f*** you all you have to do is bend over and open that ass wide. Imagine a place where the wine rains down on you and cunts and cocks live to satisfy you. The shows in this place or unbelievable out of control and moral disastrous and oh so sexually satisfying. Imagine a place where your ass gets eaten out, and you can push it onto sexy girls faces making them take all of your ass juice. Come with me to the Boom Boom Room so we can do some boom boom me. All around you in this place, sexy girls and guys are fucking, on the floor on beds on tables on the bar too. It gets nasty in the Boom Boom Room.

Caught in a Fourth of July prison riot

Rough Sex Phone Sex


Oh fuck this is going to happen I got locked up when I was a teen still in transition, unchanged. I stayed for about 6 months the experience made me what I am today. I’ll never forget, for weeks the prison was on edge, Inmates were walking around like they were going to do something, me I stay to myself I did not partake in all of the fighting you see I was a pretty boy before I was a pretty girl. My cellmate told me it was going to go down that night and I had better find me a good hiding place. I was scared I admit I was terrified what was going to happen to me I didn’t want to fight. A few guys older than me they had plans during the riot too I had no idea but I was involved. My cellmate was setting me up and I had no idea he told me he knew a great place to hide and he took me to the showers he said everyone was going to be out not in the shower. I trusted him why I don’t know. We got to the showers and to my disbelief 12 big broad shouldered, strong guys were waiting for me they wanted all of my pretty boy ass. I screamed I said don’t but they threw me on the shower floor and told me to hike my ass up in the air or else. I was defenseless I had nothing to do but what they told me. Next thing I knew I was on the floor being gang fucked hard taken total advantage of and I couldn’t do anything so I started to enjoy it. My cock started cuming like crazy. I was moaning out of control my body buckled under the penetration of all those pulsating throbbing cocks. There were cocks being forced into my mouth I couldn’t fuck them fast enough. I wanted more dick I took as much as I could at one time there were three cocks in my mouth at once and I ate them with a gratefulness that you cannot explain. Cum juice was everywhere beautiful facial nature gel all over my fucking face, it was so intense. I will never forget the prison riot it was ecstasy for me after that I couldn’t wait to get out and get me some tits and start pleasing guys by the dozens.

Did You Dream About Me Again

Exhibitionist Phone Sex


Kevin said he woke up with me on his mind last night in the middle of the night, he woke up yearning for me. He told me he had a wet dream that we were at a carnival and we were playing all sorts of fun different, exotic games. He said there were strange sexual contraptions all over the park and strange sexual games to play like, “Pin the cock in the booty”. Now “Pin the cock in the booty” was a very interactive game there was a really big strong black guy 6’4 tall and about 260 lbs, so fucking strong all muscle. He was buck naked with oil all over his Brown Godly body, my cock got instantly hard and my nipples went psycho when I saw him all glistening wet looking, it was disturbingly good. Kevin said that I was getting out of control he said I ran over and bent over in front of that big fat 13 inch cock and it started to drive in and out of me instantly Kevin said it made his cock explode and he woke up sweating and full of cum. Needless to say when Kevin told me about his dream I wanted to go to sleep in his head. I think we’re going to find us a sexual Carnival do you have any ideas where Kevin and I can find a sexual Carnival?


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