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The Power of My Cock Compels You

Blasphemy Phone Sex

I have a blasphemy phone sex fantasy in which you are possessed by a demon and I’m the only one who can save you with my holy cock. The demon has a good grasp on you and makes you open your mouth wide, sticking out your tongue all the way down to your chest and I grab it and wrap it around my dick. You struggle to pull away, but I have the power of Christ in me and you’re no match for my strength. I take my cock and shove it down your throat, agitating the demon, and skull fuck you. You vomit green bile resembling split pea soup and I use that as lube to shove my cock down your throat deeper. I pull out while you spit and sputter, and make you begin saying the Our Father prayer 120 times. I turn you over and grab my crucifix, shoving it up your ass while you pray, opening your asshole for my big black dick. I shove my cock deep inside, fucking you hard while you continue to pray, my hard thrusts making the words come out in short gasps and moans. I cum in your ass while you finish up your final prayer and my holy cum relinquishes the demon’s grip on your spirit…I literally fucked it out of you! And now you have to worship my dick for the rest of your days.

The Best of Both Worlds

Fetish Phone Sex

Fetish phone sex is my favorite. I love to tease men who are curious about my big black cock but aren’t sure how to go about getting it. I like to surprise them and have them suck on my tits before working their way down…and then, just when they think they’re going to be eating some pussy, I grab their heads and shove their open mouths onto my big dick. And they love every second of it. Men love trannies like me because I’m the best of both worlds. I’m sexy as fuck, I have perfect tits, a perfect ass…and I have a big dick that I know how to use. They love sucking me off before bending over and letting me ravish their assholes, making them my bitch. They’re always such ready and willing participants, finally having their dreams come true. They’ve fantasized about this moment since they started stroking their dicks and now it’s finally coming to fruition. My favorite thing is turning “straight” men out and getting them addicted to my cock. I can’t wait to get you addicted to mine too!


Shemale Phone Sex with Mika


Shemale Phone Sex

Are you curious what it’s like to stroke a cock while having tits in your face? Well now you don’t have to wonder because shemale phone sex will help quench your desires and give you the best of both words. My big black dick is ready for you to gobble it down. Please don’t talk with your mouth full—all you need to do is wrap your lips around it and suck. I’ll start out gently to get you used to the feeling of every inch of me invading your esophagus, but after a few minutes I’m going to have my leg over your shoulder and so I can grab your head and face-fuck you full on. You’re going to be my new cum hungry bitch, slurping on my dick on my command. There is no resisting me…and if you try, I’ll just pump harder until you gag and vomit all over it, which I’ll then use as lube to keep going. Once I decide that your mouth is my new fuckhole, there’s no going back…that’s all it’ll ever be going forward. Are you ready to worship this big black dick? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s see if you can handle it.

Young bald pussy is worth hunting for a big dick

Young shaved pussyI’d gone too long without a nice ass to fuck so I decided to look for some Young bald pussy. Guys line up for me but sometimes they get worn out before I do and that means I’m burning at both edges waiting for something else to fuck. Sometimes that means going out and finding some girly boy to rock the world of, sometimes that means facefucking a nearby throat on principal. Sometimes, it actually means finding a girl and testing her. That was today. I went for a run at a local reserve to vent off frustration, the wildlife making nice, gentle sounds that soothed my ears and let me breathe the fresh air. I was just about to head back when I found an amazing view, only to turn around and see a very cute little slut looking over the range just like me. I noticed her skirt was a little torn, a string was out and I could grab it. I smirked as I knew what I had to do. “Hey your skirt’s ripped.” I warned her, and she looked down to gasp. Those beady eyes, they made my heart beat faster. She wasn’t expecting Barely Legal Phone Sex “Hey, spin for me a little, let me make sure it’s okay everywhere else?”

She didn’t question me, why would she? 

She didn’t even realize what was happening until the fabric strand had managed to wrap her entirely several times. Her arms trapped to her sides, her face contorted in confusion. She didn’t really grasp what was happening even as I tied a knot with it. Her strawberry panties were in clear view, my dick was raising greatly, and I was going to have a lot of fun with this. I don’t normally go for girls but when a cute little whore ready for Age Play Phone Sex is tied up with a scared, confused pussy I can pump with cum… Well it’s a good replacement for a man’s ass.

Anal Phone Sex but it’s your ass and my female Cock.

Anal Phone Sex“Yeah, you like that don’t you? Take it!” My hands clapped his ass cheeks with a loud slap that made me grin during a great session of Anal Phone Sex taken too far. My thick cock gliding in and out of his quickly stretching asshole with every buck of my hips. My balls thwacking his thighs, held together by mine. Mounting him was easy, getting inside his ass even easier. Some men are toys to be played with and they’ll even prostrate themselves if it gains some of your favor. I’m a dickgirl with a massive choco prick ready to squeeze itself into any nook and cranny that you have to give me, and I’ll make room where there’s not any. “You do, haah, fuck yes!” His every groan and moan was invigorating, and my responsive thrusts were more vilifying than anything. This guy is probably straight and just Bicurious, I don’t even care, my lubed up giant of a dick doesn’t even ask about petty things like that. He called me for Bisexual Phone Sex and that’s all that matters, end of story, he’s gay for me now and I’m going to have all the fun I can wrecking what’s mine now until it can’t be anyone else’s. His face was pushed into the couch, I hadn’t even waited till we got to the room, I was too horny and he was too damn easy. So here I was, fucking deep, fucking hard, wrecking that ass and all I could think about was whether he’d give good blowjobs. You gotta consider, his groans were loud. This man had some lungs, and I would need to be cleaned off after I was done marking my territory. Maybe I’d have him calling me for Blowjobs Phone Sex when I was all done with him, wouldn’t that be satisfying.

Anal Phone Sex with my big black cock!

Anal Phone Sex“Hah, fuck yes! Give into me you fuckable slut! You like that!” I couldn’t help but cry out with my melodic voice while aggressively pumping that tight – soon to be stretched out – Anal Phone Sex ass of yours. It was thicker than I expected, bouncier than a cheerleader’s titties, a little on the unkempt and hairy side but some people are into that and I’m happy as long as my cock is pushing boundaries and stretching you out so I had nothing to complain about. Tight and fun the whole way is a great way to describe my experience, my balls were slapping against your thighs and clapping heavily, and my hands were gripping that tush of yours and holding on hard enough to indent my intent deep into your tense flesh. It was great, hazy, a little atmospheric and absolutely powerfully orgasmic. I wasn’t letting go of this Hot ass sex piece of tush anytime soon even if you changed your mind and started begging me to slow down or stop. But, well, I was about to cum deep in that ass of yours and I wasn’t holding back even to prolong the magical moment of stuffing you so hard you cried out constantly. I gave very little warning, sliding deeper one rapid thrust at a time, before my throbbing, thickening mast was unloading bubbling hot cum as far in as I could get it and your moaning voice was playing music in my ears and marking its way deep into my memory. 


That was my dream last night, and I’ve been hard as a rock ever since planning exactly how I’d make it a reality. That means I’m ready for you, I’m hard and rigid, and the only step between your fantasy and mine is you dialing my number you Sissy Phone Sex slut.

Choke on my Black Cock Phone Sex meat!

Black Cock Phone Sex“Gllpp-” The sounds of my Black Cock Phone Sex dick being all hot and bothered while slipping so deep in your throat you can’t talk let alone make intelligent discussion is orgasmic. I love every thrust, take pride in every gurgle. You want to choke on a dick? Make it mine, I’m always ready, around, and full of seed to feed that hungry belly of yours. Men like you were made to get facefucked by women like me. I’m not here to please you, or take your tiny pecker, I’m here to get my rocks off, get my cock sucked, and stain your pretty dress. “Not a sissy? That’s fine, I didn’t ask, get on your knees and look pretty because I’m giving you a paint job.” – Mika, last night. Shortly after I said that I found myself having fun with a Hardcore ass fucking, balls deep in some guy’s weak ass, making him quiver and shake and lose his damn mind. There’s nothing funny about sex, unless of course you’re like me and wrecked a man so hard his moans sounded like a defunct laugh track. It was so guttural, so deep, so hilariously perfect that I couldn’t help but cum deep in his asshole and fill it to the brim with my spunky fun. There’s prudish twinks and then there’s cock receptacle, to me which one you are isn’t important, because you’ll be gulping down my cum and trying to figure out how to breathe around a massive meat like this either way. I don’t play games with my toys, I get right to it, rough fucks and sweaty fun. So hows about we get this playing session on the bed and get to my favorite part of Anal Phone Sex, the part where you’re moaning out my name and I’m forgetting yours while letting loose.

Fun Boy

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I want to fuck you in the ass with my big fat cock. You know what time it is it’s time to get nasty as hell. I’ve been yearning for a nice tight ass to ram my cock into over and over again until I spew cum all over the place. You make me so hot and horny I can’t stop myself from wanting you. You are the kind of sexy little tranny that can make me cum all night long. My hard cock is pulsating right now it needs to fill empty holes up. I want your body I want your flesh I want to be dipping my cock in and out of your flesh over and over again until you cream. Don’t you want to be with a sexy tranny like me? Don’t you want to fill a big fat cock filling you up vibrating inside of your body? I know what you need, and I’m the one who can give it to you I could always give it to you if you choose. You should choose me I promise I will satisfy I’ll give you the best feeling you’ve had in years guaranteed. Good dick is hard to come by believe me I know, my good dick is always hard. You know that you need a sweet chocolate special girl to make your life complete give me all of you now I need it my body needs you I’m yearning for you come on let’s have the best time ever

Mommy wants to be a Tranny

Phone sex fetish


Let’s have raw wild sex in a sacred place, I’ve got these mushrooms and this coke, and I know you’re a daring guy. I want to go somewhere really dark we can get super high. I will bet when I ride your massive cock in a fucking sadistic manner that you will pray to my chocolate cock from that moment on. I lack attention at home, so I guess I’m going to get it out on the streets, but my friends are no good my mother calls all my friends creeps. I don’t worry about her fuckery though I always thought that bitch was jealous of me she’s constantly showing hidden hate. Mommy is a mother fucking cunt whore. I keep telling her to stay the fuck out of my business, but she refuses. My mother makes everything so fucking hard for me she makes me so angry. I want you to fuck her, drive your cock inside of her nasty wet Mommy pussy while I ram my cock into her big mommy mouth. We are going to have a ball. Mommy’s always talking shit she hates that her little boy grew up to be a beautiful woman. I’m going to get mommy, and you are going to be the one to help me aren’t you? I love your sexy body it moves my understanding to a place that is overwhelmingly Conjuring. You invoke the hardness in my cock you make me stand at attention, and I just can’t go down until I spray you with my yummy cum. After we fuck Mommy in every torrid way that I know imagination will allow us, we can suck each other off in front of her face let her see how passionate our lovemaking is. I think mommy really wants to be like me a tranny too bad mommy.


Blowjobs Phone Sex


My Lover loves Me


Crossdressing Phone Sex

Can you please dig in my booty and make me feel sweet and fruity like I always do when I’m with you. I want you to make me feel my inner sissy, I love you pretty baby you are my baby. I have been dreaming about you forever you make me feel so good to be queer you make me feel happy that I’m here and so glad to be gay I want you all the time. I love you I’m delighted you came around your the best guy ever, you make me feel so extraordinary. I have always loved to dress up like a slut for you. I love to wear lace, silk, and satin for you. I love when the way you come on to me when your teasing. I love the lipstick stains I put around the rim of your dick. I love the whole experience of getting together for you and with you getting beautiful for you making myself look right for you, and that’s what I’ll do forever. You are my king you make me feel like I could be loved forever you are my love you are my joy you’re everything that I’ve ever wanted. You’re a dream come true everything I want. I need and lust for you, I just can’t go wrong with loving you. And you’re so brave you make me crave your very essence I love you I need you I could never do without you. And every time we make love we make fireworks because you are the big bang in my life and I want to blow up for you. There’s no other man for me you’re mine I need you I love you I cannot get over how much we connect when we exchange. I am your Lover You are my lover we are together no one will ever tear us apart. I love you baby, and I want the whole world to know exactly how I feel for you.