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Hey my name’s Mariah. What you might call a party package. That’s because wherever I go that’s where the parties at. I’ve never been what you call the girl next door, I like it fast and I like it furious. I’ve always been on the fast track. I just can’t seem to slow down. I’m the stripper you’ve always dreamed of partying with. You know the one that will fuck you in the back room, the VIP lounge slut. And for the right price you can party with me outside the club. But I warn you, if you can’t keep up I will just take your money and run. I have needs. I NEED to get high and I Need to get fucked. I mean let’s face it if you party you know, there’s nothing better than coke and sex. Hours of sweaty, hard-core, nasty, dirty, ass licking, shit hole fucking, ass to mouth, cunt stretching sex. I am the whore you’ve always dreamed of but never been able to find. And that’s because nobody is fucking nastier than me. That’s what being a party package is all about.


  1. William


    You are so right, there is absolutely nothing better than coke and sex. One makes the other last forever and makes you want to get kinkier and kinkier and biggest you can find.

    If I had some I’d give you as much as you want.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any in quite awhile. Maybe you can remind me how good it is.


  2. Mark

    Sittin at home all by myself in the peace and quiet looking at your profile love to share some of this shit with you

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