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Dear Amazon….

Phone sexDear Amazon,

Thanks again for having your annual prime day! I bought tons of fun things!

I got all kinds of vibrators and sex swings and chairs…it is a regular romper room for the sexually perverted!

However, I am just one tiny sweet young girl and I had no idea how to assemble all this stuff. I was so looking forward to just jumping right in and starting my own little fuck fest but now my tight little pussy is dripping and I am surrounded by nuts a screws (ha ha)!

So I thought, I bought all this from Amazon, maybe they could help a girl out!

And Amazon, you came through as always!

So I looked up  play set assembly, typed in my address and sure enough, you sent sent a couple guys over! Who knew!

They came with sexy belts and all kinds of tools!

I showed them my play room and one of the guys looked a little confused…explaining that this is not the type of play thing they assemble!

The other guy was more than happy to help!Adult phone chat

Watching these men make my little romper room was getting me even more excited! I love a man who can work with his hands!

I couldn’t wait to try everything out!

We played with everything!

The chair was perfect for sucking one guys meaty cock while having my tight little pussy pounded with the others bulging fuck stick!

The swing was so amazing! I was able to have a cock in my ass and a hard dick in my cunt at the same time!

I was getting fucked so hard that the plaster started coming off the ceiling!

But I loved it! My tight pussy and shit hole getting filled full of handy man cum!

We fucked for hours until the men were exhausted and I was dripping dick spit everywhere!

So I gave them a kiss and sent them home and then went straight to the fucking machineSo in short, I want to say thanks again for making my dreams come true!

Love always,


Amazon Rocks!


Ass Fetish For A Sub Slut

anal phone sexHis Ass fetish was crazy and I couldn’t help getting into pegging his tight ass. I loved to dominate over my boyfriend and things got so much better between us. I guess if I failed in controlling him properly then I fail at giving my lover what he craves. If he craves to be under the power of a femdom, then that femdom I will be and controlling him is a lot of fun. I’m really digging the strap-on play with him and I have taken it further. He has his needs/ desires. But, so do I with mine. I needed a real man that could really deliver the fuck. I found that with a new lover. I talked to him about things and how I wanted him to fuck me in front of Jake, my boyfriend. I would really love it if he drove it in me so hard and deep that I start screaming and moaning like a whore. I just really wanted him to see what it takes to please a real women. A hot sexy woman needs a fine bodied stud to give her what she needs and Nathan was my beau of the moment. The bull cock that would fuck me and fuck my bitch boyfriends face also. That sounds exciting to you I hope?

Swim team blast

incest phone sexToday I serviced my brother and half of the swim team. Since it was summer break my brother and I had been hanging out by the pool quite a lot to try to stay cool. MY tan was looking great but I was hoping that he would be busy today so I could work on my all over tan. However fate brought something else our way in the form of a small pool party. My brother called a few of his friends on the swim team to come over and hang out for a while and just have fun. At first I was annoyed as they were being young boys and splashing and being loud. Then during one of their games I was picked up and thrown into the pool. As I surfaced my top had come undone and I was flashing everyone without my knowledge. My brother was embarrassed and tried to get me to cover up but his friends were busy telling him to shut it. I figured that if the girls were out then I might as well make it worth their while and the bottoms came off soon after. As I went up the steps to get out I had 5 hungry boys following and my brother grumbling about my nakedness. I went to my chair and laid back putting everything on display. I told them all that they could feast on anything that they wanted but the cock that I wanted first was my brothers. They practically carried him to me and undressed him in preparation. I bent down and sucked my brother’s delicious cock into my mouth as I felt a cock enter my pussy from behind. From then on it was a solid stream of cocks in every hole. After everyone was wiped we jumped into the pool to rinse off and I invited them all to stay over for a continuation of the fun- a few accepted and I can’t wait to see what tonight brings!!!

Stranger Danger! Fucked At Work!

Cum Slut Phone SexI’ve been working at the local bowling alley lately, and their uniforms are just absolutely slutty! It’s this tiny little crop top with these tight little shorts, thigh high stockings with a garter, and heels? Who the fuck bowls in heels?! I was bending over, checking the return machine for the balls when this rough fucking hand grabbing a handful of my pretty ass.
“ Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” he growled into my ear. Something in his voice started making me so fucking wet! There were other people there in the bowling alley. In fact, I was making direct eye contact with my boss as this stranger pulled my shorts aside and slid his thick fucking cock right into my tight teen little pussy! I tried to be quiet, I tried to resist, but the way that big fucking python was stroking in and out of my dripping wet cunt was driving me crazy!
I started moaning like such a little whore, bracing myself on the machine, and trying desperately to look away from my bosses gaze. My boss was sitting behind the desk jacking off his big black cock while watching me get pounded by a stranger.
I started wondering if my boss hadn’t set this up just to see me get fucked!. That turned me on even more. It honestly wasn’t too long before I was cumming all over his cock, and he was filling me up with his big fucking hot load of cum. I watched my manager cum to, all the way from across the bowling alley. He called me into his office later to discuss my disciplinary action, and that’s a story I’ve got to tell.

Fetish Phone sex

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI can take a lot of cum shots on tits because I have huge boobs. Natural big tits too. They are sort of my best feature. They are what bring all the boys to my yard. I have a milkshake too. I never want for cock. I can have almost any man I set my eyes on. Last night, I sat my sites on brothers. I have had brothers before and a few father son combos. I love being that hot to men that they will share me with some one they never thought they would share a woman with like a relative.  Men can get weirded out easily with threesomes when it is one sexy BBW and two men. I think they prefer a different configuration like two girls and one cock. I was on the patio of this local dive bar last night chatting with a friend when these guys approached us. My friend is married, and she was not interested in taking a man home. I lived right around the corner and I was more than happy to entertain two hot guys. My tits love to entertain too. At first the guys were hesitant to come home with me because they were brothers in the biological sense. I had them do a few more shots and showed off my big boobs. I asked them who wanted some big tit fucking? My melons are mesmerizing. I knew my boobs would break down their wall. A quick titty flash and a few shots of liquid courage and we were back at my place fucking. My tits got their cocks first. Then my mouth got a go at their big stiff dicks. Finally, I had a pussy and ass free for some brotherly love. They fucked me in unison and left me coated in cum. I love waking up with cum covered titties.

Hardcore Ass Fucking For A Pig

What happens when a Pig comes to my side of town?
hardcore ass fuckingI get to give that fucking police officer a hardcore ass fucking he deserves! And you fucking came alone.
What a mother fucking idiot! My homeboys and a few of my girls were on him like white on rice, or brown on shit! Pushed down and stripped of his uniform I had your cock in my hands squeezing it hard.
“Oink for me Piggy! Squeal like the piece of shit you are!”
Look at all these Latina Bitches who want you fucking dead!

My big 11 inch strap on needs to scoop you out but  have better plans for you.
You deserve all the punishment I can give you. I fucking hate cops!
It wasn’t long before I pissed down in your mouth making you drink my golden nectar. I shoved your own berretta up your ass. I assaulted you with your own weapon. Made you scream like a little girl.

Blue lives don’t matter to a thug Bitch like me!

But that wouldn’t save your dick. I rubber banded the whole thing. God you were so hard, I made you beg for your life as I had my homeboys shove you mouth full of Mexican cock. Not so big and bad now pig!
The last thing you feel is your cock is severed and I pull the trigger of you gun to kill you as I give you an ass fucking that killed!

I want to get off on your humiliation!

Nasty Whores Can’t Get Enough

fantasy phone sexI am a dirty nasty slut. Not just one man can satisfy me. I need a cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time. If I can get a third for my tight juicy pussy, they will do as well. I want them thick and long and hard. I want them rammed into my sweet little tight asshole. I want to be throat fucked so hard that I get friction burns from your full ball sack beating against my chin. I want to gag and choke as you hold my head and unload your warm cum deep inside my mouth. I want that thick cock to pound my tight ass, hard and fast. I want to feel the cock grow thicker and twitch before squirting your sperm deep inside my ass. I don’t want gentle and I don’t want any tiny dicks. I want thick and rough and hard and deep. Think you got what it takes to satisfy this nasty whore?

Mature Phone Sex Women

mature phone sexMature phone sex calls are popular with me. I am over 50 and I look great. I believe in keeping my body in shape. I was a professional body builder in the 80s and 90s. I have good genes. I do Pilates and yoga; plus, I keep in shape riding those big black dicks. They give my pussy and entire body a good workout. Younger men give me a good workout too. Guys under 25 have stamina that rivals that of a superhero. So, black or white, if a young man hits on me, I am happy to be his Mrs. Robinson. I got some wrong mail yesterday. I went across the street to deliver it. Since one was a package, I had to knock on the door. A young boy answered the door. He was like, “You’re the hot milf across the street.” I was flattered and felt special that he noticed. me He joked that even his dad calls me “Mrs. Fine Ass.” He invited me in. He was alone, doing schoolwork. He was old enough to be left alone. He was also old enough to fuck a sexy milf phone sex slut. I seduced him. I was sure he had never heard of The Graduate, but I started humming the theme song by Simon and Garfunkel. He did ask me if I was coming on to him. I just nodded my head as I dropped my clothes. He pulled out his cock and I worked my mouth magic on his hard cock. He was big for his age. Made me think about his daddy. I would save him for a different day. That day was all about my teen neighbor and his throbbing cock. He fucked me doggy style, so he could slap his balls against my ass. He drilled me like he had never fucked before. He was no virgin. He had just never fucked a married mature woman before. Life brings me big dicks in mysterious ways.

Textbook small cock humiliation phone sex

small cock humiliation phone sexThis guy tried to pick me up at a bar but he was a complete dick. Really full of himself like he was trying too hard to overcompensate for something if you know what I mean. It all came off like a textbook version of a small cock humiliation phone sex call. He just had some real small dick energy going on and I was over it. I snapped at him and asked him if he really thought he had even the slightest chance of taking a Goddess like me home and he just hung his head and said no. He said that I was just like his wife, beautiful and cruel and he knew that there was no way he could ever satisfy me but he just wanted to feel like a real man for once. Well he was going about it all wrong and all he succeeded in doing was pissing me off so I made him take me home and introduce me to his wife. Her name is Vinny and she is a very beautiful woman with a taste for large cocks and boy did I have a nice big one for her. He was so shocked that I even had a dick let alone one so big, he so did not want me to fuck Vinny but I did and I made him watch the whole thing. He literally cried can you believe that shit? Vinny just laughed at him and made sure he saw that I could make her cum over and over, something that he could never do. He cleaned up her cum filled pussy when I was done fucking her too, he tried to act like he didn’t want to be he loved that shit. He still needed to be broken a bit more tho so I made sure to fuck that little man pussy of his while he was cleaning Vinny’s pussy. Little bitch even screamed can you believe that nonsense? I hope he learned a lesson on hitting on women that are way out of his league.tranny phone sex

I Have Been Giving Hot PhoneSex Since I Was Jailbait

hot phonesexHot phonesex needs a hot babe. I have been in the adult industry in some form or another since I was a teen girl. I am 34 now, so I only know sex. I am not book smart, but I am sex smart. I know what men want and I know what they need. My first job I was not even old enough to have, but I looked older and I had a fake ID. I stole the purse of an older girl who looked like me hoping she would have a license that would have a picture that looked enough like me to use. I hit the jackpot. She was a truck stop hooker. When she got high in the bathroom, I stole her purse. She was 22 and a tall blonde. No one questioned me when I applied for a job at a truck stop dirty bookstore. I just wanted to sell DVDS and sex toys, but the owner thought I was hot and looked even younger than I was. He thought that I should dance in a cage. He had these booths in the back where girls danced naked in cages while men beat off. Customers would pay to keep the curtain open. They got 5 minutes for $5. I guess it was my first stripping job. I had run away from an abusive daddy and hooking on the street was dangerous. I just wanted to make some money daily so I could stay in a hotel until I saved up enough money to rent an apartment. I learned early on how to make men feel special. I learned how to suck cock and fuck like a much older girl. I have come a long way from those roadside attraction days, but I still make men feel good. I still make men have the biggest cum shot all over my sexy body.

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