Mature Phone Sex Women Helping Out Coeds Get Some BBC

mature phone sexDo you like mature phone sex fantasies? This sexy milf is full of stories only mature women have. It is no secret I am a black cock slut and that I have a small dick white boy husband. I love my husband, but I love big black cock more. And because I love big black cock so much, I want all white women to know just how good it is too. I already converted my husband’s niece. She is now a big black cock whore like her aunt. She was dating losers with average or even small dicks that tried to control her. One was even verbally abusive.  I had to nip that shit in the bud. She is not the only young girl I have helped. Over Christmas, I met a young girl at a department store. A pretty coed whose boyfriend was verbally berating her in public for getting the wrong milf in his latte. She looked so embarrassed. When she went to the bathroom, I followed. I had maternal feelings for her. I felt badly for her, and it brought up memories of my niece. I gave her my number and told her if she ever needed help, to call me. One day she needed help Her loser white boyfriend left her outside in the middle of the night on a super cold January night in a bad part of town. That night, I decided I needed to give her an intervention. I brought her home. I had a black lover waiting on me. I had interrupted some hot ass sex to help this girl. I had my lover call up the boyfriend and rip him a new asshole and break up their relationship. I then introduce this hot little white girl to the power of the big black cock. Two weeks into being a black cock whore and she is loving life. I mean loving life. She is no longer some scared little girl submitting to some angry white loser or putting up with his shit. She is dating a black man who treats her right and fucks her better. I will always have time to help white women discover their full potential.

Blind date turns into an aggressive anal pound

phone sex fetish

Anal Phone Sex

I am ready to be a phone sex fetish princess of your dreams. I have so much experience with guys who have naughty fantasies. One of my favorite naughty fantasies happens to be anal fucking. I want you to force me into being hogtied and pounded. I want to plead with you that you hurt me and let me go. It’s going to be hard for you even to stop your momentum. You won’t want to let go of my tight bum hole. As I beg you to have mercy a pound my ass even harder, you begin to tell me that I am your slut. I was hoping you could stick your fingers deep inside my Twatt. I don’t care if you make me bleed. Make me your slut. I love pain now that I’m with you. I never thought I would enjoy it until we started getting nasty together.


All I want is for you to take me into your dungeon and fuck me over like I know you can. I am such a pain slut and all four fetishes because something happened to me. Well, I would love to tell you more about a situation that got me into some dark, twisted fantasies. It is all my doing I ended up on a blind date that took a turn for the worst.
I had a feeling that a guy that I was talking to would be an incredible potential boyfriend. After a nice dinner, just the two of us, he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. At first, I thought maybe it was too soon; it’s only the first date. I kept thinking this guy how great he was. He even brought a dozen sunflowers. He knew they were my favorite.  He, of course, didn’t think so, and he began to persuade me. When we got there, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He became aggressive and told me I would be his little anal fuck slut. It was like a very hard-core anal phone sex fantasy come true. I felt his cock deep in my ass. It has started to bleed that didn’t stop him. My blind date began to probe me till he could no more.


Female Bondage With Two Young Vics

Female Bondage

Female bondage gets my mommy cunt wet as fuck, especially when it’s done on my two young girls. I have two young daughters who sit with me while I do my calls, and who love to come with me on adventures. I was never a prude girl, though my innocent look might dispute my inner and outer sluttiness! My main goal is to be used and bred by as many PDaddy cocks as possible, because I want to teach my daughters how to be the perfect little sluts. They have perfect bodies, nice young and tight, so there’s no reason to not include them in my college coed sex.

I know plenty of men, young and old, who would pay a pretty penny to slide their cock into something way below the belt if you know what I mean. Something little, and innocent to stretch open and make scream. They love to act like they don’t like it, like they don’t want it, but I think you and I both know they do. Every plead to stop is really them begging you to do it again and again! Breed these little sluts, tear them open. When they’re old enough to enroll in Cheerleading, I think they’ll be great for cheerleader phone sex right now actually! Grab some little costumes, and we can show them what a real rape fantasy is.
College Coed Sex

Roleplay Phone Sex Mommy Breeding Sluts

Play phone Sex is perfect for breeding sluts. I might be a breeding whore but that’s OK I started early. I’m still young and I can pop a few more out. It’s true, I make money off my little sluts. My pageant whores Are good little girls from mommy.

The next time you get a need to have some good little horse suck your dick or maybe leave your seat in some thing give me a call we can have a lot of fun. The best thing is that anything goes with me. Yep all those taboo ideas you have I’m down.

I honestly get really fucking wet watching us at our house get violated watching my little whore suck dick and watching every lid of those every little bit of that fucking can’t an ass cape open and filled with cam it’s beautiful.

Breeding phone sex

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex and Blow

forced intoxication phone sexI enjoy forced intoxication phone sex calls, especially if it is mixed with some forced blow. Although, I am a druggy mommy whore. You do not really have to force me to drink or do lines. I love to party. I love to get high and spill the beans about my alternative family. I had a party call last night. Every time I spoke about something incestuous, I had to do a shot of whisky and a line of coke. It was a 2-hour call, so I was pretty fucked up after the call. I was so fucked up, I had to sign off because no way I could ring a guy’s card up to do a phone sex call. I have a high tolerance too. I guess my tolerance is more for coke than whiskey. Blow is my drug of choice. And I do love my party callers. I am a little hungover this morning, but I will survive.

This caller and I shared incest stories. He was raised by a single mom who seduced him when he was quite young. He grew up eating mommy’s pussy. He eventually started fucking him when he got older. It was a similar story to how I was raised. My momma was a socialite. She married a working-class guy for love, and soon regretted it. He was gone all the time. She started doing coke and that led her to a relationship with my brother. I caught them one night and after that, I was watching and partying with my mom. My brother loved fucking my mother. I lost my virginity to my brother because one night my mother said it was time, I become a woman. My dad never found out. He was gone too much and when he was home, he would pass out drunk. My mom gave me my love for incest phone sex and coke. Now, here I am, doing coke daily and fucking my own sons. My mom is so proud of me.

I Want It To Hurt

Bondage Phone Sex


I never thought my pussy would gush from being hogtied and thrown on the floor to be used by a roomful of strangers like a worthless fuck-toy, but apparently bondage phone sex gets my whorish juices flowing.  Being completely restrained and gagged and forced to take cock after throbbing cock in every one of my dirty holes is exactly what satisfies this sub of a mommy slut.  A blowjob gangbang was a perfect way to start our sordid slave fucking soiree’.  Choking on dozens of dongs, gawk-gawking my way through that tear filled fuck fantasy had my pussy ready for the pounding it was about to take.  You have to admit, a filthy fuckfest is so much better when the bitch is crying.  I screamed and flailed as my horny holes were ravaged by one thick dick after another, taking every frothy creampie those sadistic fucks had to give. When they had their fill of me, they left me lying on the cold floor, still bound, still gagged and still crying in sweet agony.  I could get used to this.



GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexDo you love GFE phone sex? I sure do.  I get to suck cock, fuck men, go to nice restaurants, travel, and get spoiled. What is there not to love about being a GFE. Sasha Grey made it a thing. She paved the way for other hot women to rise up and make a living off of taking care of men. Now, of course, I have a favorite sugar daddy. I am sure you all know who my favorite King is by now. I have other men I take care of too. In comparison, they are more like court jesters. But they still adore me and what woman does not enjoy being adored? Sugar Daddy Bruce is too old to fuck me anymore. He is like 70 something. Now, I am not saying all 70 something men cannot fuck. Bruce has a ton of medical issues and they have affected his sexual performance. He is okay with it. He likes to look and admire and just have company. It is not as big of an age difference as Anna Nicole and her old rich sugar daddy, but Bruce is the oldest man I been with so far. He spoils me. He is a widow with estranged sons. He likes me to come over to his mansion a few times a month so he can just look at me. He used to pay me for my company, but I told him to stop. I know what you are thinking. Why would a gold digger say no to money? I am aiming for a will inclusion! Plus, I enjoy being at his mansion and his company. We talk about movies and music. He knows so much. Plus, his fingers work very well. No one has finger banged me into a hot squirting pussy before. I adore Bruce. I know I am not his only hot babe, but I do know I am his favorite.

hot ass sex with twin brothers

hot ass sex

My brother’s friends came over, and he wasn’t around, but they wanted to have some hot-ass sex with me. It started pretty innocently. They came over unannounced, and my brother wasn’t in town. They made their way in and said that they would just come to check out the gaming system my brother had just bought. I let them in since Rod and Rocco are the two twin boys best friends with my brother. They are pretty handsome boys older than me, but they would never even give me the time of day. They tape the girls that are beautiful cheerleaders, and I’m not saying that I’m not beautiful because I am the hottest tiny spinner around. The only thing is that I’m a lot younger than them so I didn’t think that they had any interest in me. At the same time, I was wrong because they both came over to double-tag me. I got a tag team by my brother’s best friend’s twin boys. Amazing twin brothers who were rough with me gave me the best fuck ever.

BBW Big Tit Photos

big tit photosAre you a fan of big tit photos? I am a bit obsessed with posing naked. I love to show off my body. I look good, don’t I? Sometimes I pose for professional outfits like Score and other times I am letting some random dude snap pictures of me for his spank bank! Barry was not a random dude. He is a 23-year-old barista at my Starbucks and an art school student. He said I was way hotter than any of the models used in his nude portrait courses. He asked me very politely if I would pose for him. He wanted to use me as his subject for his art project. I was flattered. I had no reason not to believe him. I have been to his art shows. He has been working at Starbucks for a couple years now. I am addicted to Chai tea lattes, and I am what you call a VIP at my local Starbucks, LOL. He is 10 years younger than me, but age is just a number, right? He is cute and talented. He may be rich one day. Maybe I would help make him rich by being a kick ass subject for him. I am an exhibitionist phone sex BBW, so I had no problem posing for him. We went out to the country over the weekend when it was a warm 50 degrees. Cold to be naked outside, but way better than the below zeros temperatures we have been having lately. He took me on his bike, and I stripped for him. We were in the cold for a solid hour snapping pictures. When we got back to his place, we fucked. He had a boner looking at my sexy BBW body. I was wet too. I mean I was posing for a cute boy who was going to immortalize me on canvas. How fucking hot is that? I let him fuck my wet bald pussy because I was just as turned on as he was. Hell, I may even get some free Starbucks out of this. Either way, I am happy to be his muse.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Lacey

smoking fetish phone sex

Smoking fetish phone sex is so underrated, in my opinion. I get so excited every time I get a call and a guy tells me that he’s into smoking, watching me smoke, or even us smoking together. There’s something so phallic about cigarettes, don’t you think? Men and women get excited watching their partner smoke, I think, because they secretly desire seeing that woman suck cock. I know that when I watch a man smoke, I always think about what it would look like if his lips were wrapped around a dick instead of the cigarette. Has that ever happened to you?

But you know, I also love it when a man wants me to smoke and then, with the smoke still in my mouth, take his dick down my throat. Then, I love pulling his cock out of my mouth slowly while making smoke rings around it. Something about that just really makes my pussy wet and then I need to get fucked with that smoky cock. Does the thought of that turn you on as much as it does me? Get on that phone and call me and tell me about your naughty smoking fetishes. Let’s light one up!

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