Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI enjoy mistress phone sex as a switch. I am open about the fact that which side of me you get depends on your cock side. I am submissive for big cocks and dominant for small dicks. As a stripper my fans come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, I am surprised that a man has a big cock and sometimes the news comes as a total surprise. Last night this rich man came into the club spending big bucks on me. I was making all the other strippers jealous because he had stacks of 100 dollar bills he was putting on the stage for me. The bouncer said he arrived in a car that costs more than the club is worth. He handled himself like someone with a big cock, so I felt duped to discover he had a small 4-incher. It was thin and limp too. He thought he was going to fuck me with that pathetic nub. I just laughed and tossed his money in his face. When he seriously seemed perplexed, I dosed out some top-notch small cock humiliation phone sex because he needed to know that money is not everything. He was not happy at first, but once he realized I was not just playing hard to get, he got into it. I was shocked by his reaction honestly. Most rich dudes think they can buy their way out of anything. I can be bought at times. I mean I am a whore, but size matters to my pussy. I do not settle for tiny or sub-par dicks. He appreciated my integrity. In fact, the entire encounter was a test because he was looking for a sugar baby who would deliver the SDH he wanted and deserved. I guess other women have taken the money and blown smoke up his ass. Not me and my brutal honesty paid off because now I am his mistress on the side, and it comes with a lot of perks and money.

hot ass sex on campus

hot ass sex

I always find myself being a bad girl in the most interesting places. My most wild experience has to be, hands down, in detention. It was a while back, but I still get my pussy dripping wet whenever I have flashbacks of that time. It all began with detention. My tardiness got the best of me, so I ended up having to make up work and had to go to detention on the weekend. My p.e teacher was in charge of the detention class. It was only one other classmate and me. We began to strike up a conversation since we were so bored. I could hear the porn on his air pods. I was intrigued, and he began to share his fun with me. He grabbed my hand, guided it to his cock, and I began to stroke him. The teacher figured out what we were doing and completely lost it, and I thought we were fucked, but instead, he wanted to have his way with me while my classmate fucked me. Minutes later, I was getting double cocks and enjoying detention for real.

Forcing My Daughters

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies
My sweet daughters were terrified. The men holding them down were all over six feet, and strong enough to rip us limb from limb if they wanted to. I was quaking and shaking with both excitement and fear. Those darling young girls were stripped naked, and at the mercy of the men I had sold them to for the night. I needed rent money, and there’s quite a bit of excitement for me in it, too.

There’s a secret thrill in it to be able to hold those bitches legs open while massive cocks snake their way up to knock at those virgin cunts. I tell the men they’re virgins every time. They cry like innocent lambs. And yet, I know damn well I’ve been selling them like this for years. Brats are expensive, and these little sluts have to earn their keep somehow, right?

Tongue Punch My Ass

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

That’s right I want you to tongue punch my ass. That’s half the fun of ass to mouth phone sex with a slutty whore like me!  Give it to me like you want to, hard , deep and wet just like my pussy for ass munchers. That’s right kiss and lick me and go back to my ass again to please this horny whore. I will lick and suck my ass juices out of your mouth with ease. I adore men who eat my pussy and my ass hole with delight. If you have a nice big fat dick you just might get to fuck a brown sluts shitter! The bigger the better. Piss in side my anal cavity and  watch me squirt piss and cum out all over your dick. As Your fucking my ass, please, bite my back and tell me all the things you always wanted to do with a dirty half spic and have nigga female. I know you have some deep long thrust to bottom out my shitter and I will proudly suck a white man’s dick covered in my shit! Eat my ass , lick my cream pie and fuck me deep, these are the things that satisfies a bitch mutt like me!

Brother Loving

Family Fun Phone Sex

When my brother and I were younger we had our first sexual experiences together and I loved it so much I didn’t care who knew it! It was a cold night in winter when our parents were away and we were left to ourselves over a weekend. I was in the bath and began to wash myself, I closed my eyes ran the sponge over my tits and when I opened them again my older brother was standing by the door looking in at me. He was stroking his hard dick and I could see that he had been watching me for a while. I was instantly turned on, I had never expected this, I saw the way he looked at me and It really made me wet. I was stepping out of the bath when he came forward and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed his huge cock right inside my virgin pussy. I came so hard I began to shake. He carried me to the bed and fucked me so hard until he came inside me, the creampie was wet and sloppy. I didn’t care if it was risky, It was amazing feeling so well fucked.


Best Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

phone sexThe best phone sex is with a sexy BBW because there is more of us for you to love and to fuck. I picked up a chubby lover at the gym this morning. He told me it was criminal for me try to lose my sexy curves or firm anything up that was meant to jiggle. I was flattered. I was not there to lose weight or even shape up. I was there to pick up men. I gave the stud paying me so many compliments my phone number and suggested he come over after his work out for a post work out work out, LOL. I was horny. I saw the ragging hard on in his gym shorts. He was clearly into my sexy BBW body and big tits, so why not fuck him. I mean I came to the club to pick up a horny man just like him.

When he arrived at my place, he went straight for my boobs. I pulled them out of my tank top, and they were bouncing everywhere. I have natural 44 EEEs. I let him fondle my tits and suck on them too. Once he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts, though, I wrapped my big boobs around his shaft for some big tit fucking. My boobs are so big that I use them to help me give head. I love titty fucking and cock sucking at the same time. It is my kind of multi-tasking. He finger banged my bald pussy as I gave him the best head of his life. I hopped on his stiff rod, pushed my big tits in his face and took him for the ride of his life. He did not last long in my pussy. I love making a guy cum so fast. That is the power of a sexy big, beautiful woman. Fat is where it is at boys.

Giving My Girls To Master

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex
When Master wants something, he isn’t to be told no. To do so would only mean a horrible punishment; so when he demanded I bring my girls to him, I had no choice but to pack them up and drive the long road to see him. Upon arrival, he made us all kneel, and made the youngest of my girls kiss his cock. To see her innocent, angelic face twisted in the fear of what was about to happen to her really drove me wild.

He caressed my darlin’s little, rosy cheek and then grabbed a hand full of her long, luscious hair. He drove his cock so deep down her throat I know damn well she’ll never forget the taste. He told her if she bit him, she’d lose her teeth. baby girl didn’t want that. After all, she has such a pretty smile, and such a bright future ahead of her as Master’s new little fuck puppet.

My sweetheart wasn’t ready for that massive meat down her throat. Tears welled in her eyes, and she started to shake as she was roughly throat fucked by a massive cock. He wanted her, he could fucking have her. My other girl and I waited quietly, ready to play.
Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC is for Men Too

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is popular with a BBC whore like me. You would think women would be calling me to find out how to get some big black cock for themselves but that is not the case. I do get the occasional couple who call me for advice on cuckolding. But most of my callers are white men who want that black cock all for themselves. I do understand that. those big black cocks are works of art. They are addicting too. Women need big cocks, and some men need black beauties. I help guys all the time get big black cock. I offer phone sex therapy to black cock faggots. Now, I will not try to cure you. I am happy to turn you into a black cock sucking faggot like my husband. I know where you can go to find black cock. I know how to perfect your cock sucking techniques. I can turn any married white man into the best cock sucking faggot in town I can help train your back door too for those big black cocks. I love telling little white dicked losers how to be the best black cock faggots. I can even dress them to look like good black cock whores. Black men do not care where their dicks land. Female, male, sissy it does not matter. A fuck hole is a fuck hole. If you want to be a black cock faggot, I am the right woman for you.

Hot Phonesex Whore

Being your slut gives me purpose and giving you all control over my body makes this teen pussy drip for your dick! I’m ready to be bent over and spread and exposed for you to take over my body. I want us to both spend the entire either making love or fucking until we run out of juices that are squirting onto the bed sheets or into my holes. I want your hard daddy cock inside my cunt and even my tight shit hole that deserves to be forcefully punish fucked by you! Let me see hard and fast that you can fuck me into the bed daddy. Come over and show me what you got baby. Teach me what a naughty slut I am and fuck this brat!hot phonesex

Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress

humiliation phone sex

The only thing about you that is appealing to me is that you’ll be calling me for humiliation phone sex shortly. I can’t even believe you came here looking for a normal phone fuck. That’s most definitely not what you’re going to be getting out of me. Just take one look in the mirror if you wonder why. And if that isn’t enough of a reason, just look down your pants. That tiny nub of nothing isn’t anywhere near what a hot piece of ass like me needs, so you are only going to be here for my amusement, loser. I would love to bend you over and pull out my strap on cock to show you what a little bitch you really are. If you’re a good loser, I’ll use lube. If you aren’t, well, let’s just say that your first time being ass fucked isn’t going to feel very good at all. I’m sure that once I start fucking you, you’ll apologize for being defiant and beg me to use some lube. I might, depending on my mood. But I also might make you suffer through it. I guess you’ll just have to call me and find out what is in store for you!

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