Boy Gang Bang Phone Sex in the Kitchen

gang bang phone sexThings got wild in the kitchen last night for this sexy mommy. It is a gang bang phone sex story. I am not known for being a domesticated goddess. My husband did not marry me for my cooking skills. But I did try to do a big traditional family dinner with the help of my two sons and a couple of their friends. They had company and I wanted to be like a regular mom for a few fleeting moments. I was trying to make a turkey dinner with all the trimings. I know its not a holiday, but this year has been crap, so why not try to be Susie Homemaker and make a nice spread for my boys and their friends. I am better at fucking than cooking. I started drinking and getting high. Next thing I knew, I was naked except for my apron. I bent over to put the bird in the oven and the boys wanted to lick my ass and smell it. While a few faces were buried in my ass, I was sucking a few cocks. Every woman in her 30s should be so lucky to have two horny boys with access to other horny boys in her house. I was getting gang banged in the kitchen while the turkey was cooking. I bent over the kitchen island and let my sons and their friends have their way with this mommy whore. My husband was watching in awe and masturbating. Luckily, the turkey took hours to cook. That was plenty of time for each boy to give me his biggest cum shot. I took cum to the face, in my pussy and up my ass. I was proud of my dinner, but that boy gang bang was some of my best work in the kitchen.

Good Cum Slut

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After a nice long day of fucking at school I decided to come home and relax my body. My asshole and pink tight pussy were both sore. I literally felt like I had been fucking all day, which isn’t exactly a lie. What can I say? I love being a good cum slut. So, imagine my surprise when I am laying there naked in the tub of my bubbles, when I am rudely snapped out of my day dream to a cock swinging in my face. The neighbor’s dad had heard about my fun at school today and he wasn’t happy that I blew him off. He came in with a hard cock demanding for me to let him fuck me like the slut I am. Normally I would have just listened and bent over and let him have my ass or pussy. But today I am sore and I wasn’t in the mood for his demanding ass. I told him we could meet in the middle and I would suck his cock. I let him know while my jaw was a little sore, it held no comparison to my pussy and my ass. I would suck him til he came and he would leave and that would be it. That is exactly what I did. I made sure to get on my knees in the bathtub and hungrily started sucking his cock. I wasn’t doing it half way. I was going to do my job and I was going to do it well. I was sucking the fuck out of his cock while playing with his balls. I felt him grabbing my hair and shoving his dick deeper down my throat. So, I started sucking it faster and harder, gagging with each deep thrust down my throat. It wasn’t long before I could feel his cock swelling my mouth letting me know he was going to cum soon. So, I started going as far down as I could, making him moan out loud. Just as I was coming up to go back down, he slammed his cock deep in my throat and held my head there, while squirting load and load of cum down my throat. Once he was done, he just walked out and I went back to soaking. Now maybe I won’t be interrupted again.

Snuff Slut Loves Nut Juice and Forced Fucks

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Snuff phone sex whores can be very slutty with huge tits and not completely scary. Just Because I need for you to force fuck sweet teens and young ones doesn’t mean I’m not a hottie with a body. My luscious curves and hot attitude make for a hell of a package deal. The fact that I need you to have sweet young ones wrapped around your cock doesn’t mean squat. What makes my cunt throb is giving into your sadistic nature. I wnat you to dump your load in these sweet fuck dolls and let me suck every last drop out of them. Meanwhile you are filling up my cunt with sweet cock cream for the next victim. It’s a cream pie massacre waiting! The way we will kill them and fuck cold young bodies is always the best part of our snuff whore game! Don’t be shy, let your fuckalicous freak flag fly in every disturbing fetish you have!

Hot Phonesex GFE

hot phonesexI am a hot phonesex GFE. I love being a sexy BBW sugar baby. Last year I accompanied a very wealthy producer on a luxurious vacation to Mt. Fiji. He paid me, but I would have gone there for free because it was paradise. It was most beautiful place I had ever seen. We stayed at this exclusive resort overlooking the mountains. For miles all I could see were fields of beautiful pink and purple flowers. The air was crisp and clean, and the sky was the clearest blue I had ever seen. Same with the lake water. I felt like I was in a different world. My sugar daddy was 30 years older than me. I did not think I would see him again. Like most sugar daddies, he is married. I met him on one of those special arrangements sites. He was in town this week on business and wanted to see the sexy BBW who rocked his world again. How could I say no? I met him at his hotel. He may be a senior citizen, but when he pops that little blue pill, he fucks me like he is in his 20s. We had the most amazing weekend in bed.  I do not know if it was the blue pill or my company, but my sugar daddy was a sex machine. He gave me a hot squirting pussy several times over. I drained his old balls as many times. We did not go anywhere exotic this time, but we had just as much fun fucking. Thanks to Viagra old men fuck me better than most men my age.


Why would I ever want you?

cuckolding phone sexWhy would I ever want a man like you? Just look at you, you’re chubby and balding and unattractive with a dick the size of a fucking peanut and you think you can get a woman like me? Boy please you couldn’t get any woman at all let alone a fucking Goddess. If you had money, maybe I would pay attention to you but you are broke as hell. You can’t afford to spoil me at all so why do you deserve my attention? At best you would be clean up boy but to be completely honest, even the clean up boys pay me well and since you can’t, well you probably won’t even be allowed to watch, let alone touch. I might let you be my fluffer only because it would amuse me to see you choking on a huge black dick that you claim you don’t want to suck. We all know you’re really a little faggot tho, aren’t you?

Old Man Blow Job

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This old ass man tried to pick me up off the street when I was walking home. I don’t know if he thought he had some pathetic attempt of trying to kidnap me going on, but it wasn’t happening unless I wanted it to happen. I took a look at him and felt sorry for his old ass. So, I got in the car. I made sure to take off my jacket so he could see my small tits. I could already see his cock starting to rise. I reached over and started undoing his pants. He seemed so shocked that I was not only doing this to him but also while he was driving. Serves him right for thinking he was going to pick me up and fuck me. I was here to rock his old ass world. Hopefully by the time I am done with him, he won’t have a heart attack. I decided to suck his cock while he was driving and maybe he would get the hint to either go to where ever he was taking me in the beginning to fuck, or to pull over somewhere. I pulled out this old cock and started sucking him. I heard him moaning as I started deep throating his fat old man cock. I was going to suck his cock until he blew his load in my throat. I started taking it all in my mouth, going as deep as I could.  I think as soon as I started playing with his balls and shoving his cock down my throat, was what through him over the edge. I felt him slam my head down all the way on this cock and he started fucking my throat deep as fuck while cumming all down my throat. Making me gag and choke on the amount of cum he was shooting out. By the time I was sitting up and cleaning my mouth, I noticed we were pulling back up to around the same spot he found me. He said if he ever seen me walking again, he will be sure to stop and see if I need a ride. 

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

foot fetish phone sexI enjoy foot fetish phone sex calls. I started my nude modeling career as a black cock fetish model. As I got older, photographers gravitated to my feet. Some black men can cum so much and with so much force, that they cover me head to toe. Cum ends up on my feet. Before long, I had a new following of foot fetish guys. That group is almost as big as my big black cock faggot following. My husband has a foot fetish. I think it just happened naturally because so much black spunk would end up on my feet and he takes his clean up bitch duties seriously. Now, my husband loves to watch me give foot jobs to monster black cocks. I have large feet, so I can handle big black cocks between my feet. Of course, there is always lots of extra cock between my feet with BBC. My feet are bigger than my husband’s dick. My feet are bigger than many white dicks. I kind of use my feet as a ruler for what can go in my pussy. Your dick must be bigger than my size 8.5” foot to fuck me. I love giving foot jobs to little dicks because I can mix it with small cock humiliation phone sex. If my feet swallow up your dick, you have no business in my pussy. I would not let you in my pussy or ass if you paid me. I have standards. My husband knows his place. It was his birthday last night, so I gave him a treat. Not my pussy. I can never give him that. I would not feel him. Hell, he would fall out of my black cock whore loving pussy. I gave him a foot job. Did not take long for him to blow his load, but he is a clean up bitch always, so I made him clean his own cum of my feet.

What your wife won’t do!


Mistress Phone Sex



I start sucking his cock real sloppy. Sucking real hard and as he was about to cum I let him cum all over my face. Believe me, I didn’t stop there. See I was his hoe, we meet up once a week. We don’t argue and I do everything his wife doesn’t do. SO I took my strap on out and I started pegging him in the ass. He was moaning so hard and it turned me on so I kept going while I was playing with his dick. I pulled out and straddled him and gein to bounce on his cock. Then I slowed down and began to ride him slowly just like he likes it and I was riding he was pushing himself deeper inch by inch inside my pussy. He made sure I felt it all. I kept going and told him, daddy, I’m about to cum and just as I creamed all over his cock he came all inside. I got off sucked my juices off him and sent home. Until next time.

I Put the Hot in Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sexI know how to put the hot in hot ass sex. I am a sexy switch. Who you are determines which side of me you get. If you have a little dick or you are a broke ass loser, you are not in charge of me. However, if you have a big dick and a big wallet, you can own me. Or, at least rent me for a few hours, LOL. This virus has affected me financially. The strip club was closed for months. Sugar daddies were benched from travelling. All my photo shoots were cancelled.  I still had my phone sex job, although it has been slower lately. I decided to get back into escorting. I have made financial arrangements with men in the past, just never done it long term or with much consistency. I am back in the game. A girl has to make a living right? Sex sells. Sex is repression and virus proof. I have used the club to meet clients. I get propositioned there constantly. The owner never minds if I moonlight. I am his biggest money maker. I make sure a man can afford me before I slip him my business card. I made a special arrangement with Tony last week. He spent thousands of dollars in the club on top shelf Tequila and lap dances. He had a Rolex and he was driving some Italian sports car. He is literally a brain surgeon. He is a neurologist who likes strippers and hookers. I slipped him my escort card and he wasted no time booking an appointment. Last night was our “date.” The money was wired to me through Venmo and he doubled my asking donation. Of course he wanted to give me a hardcore ass fucking in return. I did not say no, because money talks. I let him fuck my ass for hours. Turns out he pays escorts to fuck their asses because wives never let their husbands in their back doors. They do not know what they are missing. It is profitable to be an anal slut.

Fetish Phone Sex Cum Slut

I’m a totally no taboo kinky mama! The fetish phone sex cum slut daughter of mine is as bad as mama. I really cannot control the little brat. When she wants something she will not let up. The other night the slut snuck out of her bedroom window to go spy on the neighbors that were having a party. Was a college gathering and she is a feisty brat. She snuck in on that party and being the slut she is and so petite she managed to get wasted. I had to over there when i realized what happened and smoked some and had a few drinks while I scope the place out to find her. I won’t lie, I flirted and sucked a few cocks and got some blow for it. It’s what I do and how my daughter picks up the best attributes of her mama. When I found her she was getting throat fucked by the biggest fucking dick I had to be a good mom and help her out with that. What fetish do you have? A young daughter and mama sharing your dick? Of course it is!

Fetish phone sex

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