MILF Phone Sex Stories

milf phone sexDo you look for milf phone sex sluts? I know lots of guys like the young girls. I get it. But no way a young girl has my kind of stories or experiences. Not yet at least. I have been a dirty girl since I was a schoolgirl. Now, I am in my late 30s. I have 2 sons and an older stepson and lots of neighborhood boys who enjoy fucking me. I never discourage any fun you want to have with little ones, male or female. I like both too. It is just that it is always the boys knocking on my door. This morning I lucked out. A boy and his younger sister knocked on my door. Big brother was stuck babysitting, and it was a nice day. The first nice day in forever. He wanted to play outdoors, so he brought his sister with him. His sister had to potty and he knows my youngest son. He has been over before, so he figured he would ask to use our bathroom. I was alone as my husband was fishing with the boys. I was doing lines off the coffee table and taking phone sex calls when they arrived. You know what coke does to a woman, right? I was hot for brother and sister. I was thinking of his hard little dick fucking me while I ate her bald little cunnie. When the little girl came out of the bathroom, I was on my knees blowing her brother. She had never seen anything like this before, but she did not ask questions. She just watched. I signaled her over. I told her brother to mount me from behind while I ate his sister’s bald cunnie. She giggled and squirted girl juice all over my face while her brother pumped his seed into my wet bald pussy. I think the boy and his sister legitimately stopped by to potty. The sex was just a bonus. Anything can happen with a druggy whore milf.

Masters Trade Their Slaves

Submissive Phone Sex

I swear every time i think about what’s to cum, I mean come, I only get a little bit wetter. Then again, it’s my favorite time of year. Master will be trading me out very soon for a fresh submissive little whore, but that’s okay. As long as I get a strong and powerful master, I can handle it. I need a man with a strong hand to control me.
I made sure that I had the best photos of my sexy little body available so that my new Master could bid back and forth on who was going to get to use my hot little pussy on repeat. I know damn well what my sex appeal is, and that’s only heightened by my ability to be obedient. My current Master has no choice but to put me back up on the  slave market block, as he belongs to a Domination club and they swap girls every four months.

All the men want to taste of me, because I’m the sweetest and most obedient, but also the best well-spoken slave that exists. I know several of them are ready to have been very high for me, and it’s honest-to-god a very high compliment that they would bother having an altercation over my honey pot pussy. I know I’m going to serve whomever I can

Stop Looking! You found me…

Phone SexI bet you are used to taking orders aren’t you….

Not sure what happened to your life?

In this world…you are in control!

You say suck, I drop to my knees!

You say fuck, I bend over!

I am going to make it aaaalll better!

You could get any girl you wanted back in the day, I bet.ock Worshiping Phone Sex

Now, your wife wont even give you a hand job!

I got ya babe! I am going to make your world spin!

I am going to worship you (and your cock) and love you like you deserve!

Fuck her! You are mine now!

And all I want is to suck every inch of that cock, swallowing every ounce of cum and rub your feet when I am done!

I am your dream come true!

I am the perfect girlfriend experience!

The word ‘no’ isn’t even in my vocabulary!GFE Phone Sex

Hot Ass Sex in the Park

hot ass sexI have the ass for hot ass sex. Look at my big ass? Black men will fuck any white woman. They just love white women. Young guys look for boobs and ass. I have both. That is why I get so much attention from men much younger than me. It was finally a nice day in Chicago the other day, so I went for a jog in Millennial Park. It is by the lake and always crowded, even during the cold months. It has been hunting ground for me in the past, but this day, I just wanted exercise. I had a black lover for breakfast and now I needed some fresh air. Cabin fever had set in with the winter we had. A few school buses were parked near the entrance. All the museums are along Lakeshore Dr., so I assumed it was a school thing. One boy had escaped the museum tour and was hanging out in the park. He started following me once I ran by him. He followed me right to the bathrooms by the lake. He was flirty and bold for his age. He started singing that big booty song, Baby Got Back. I asked him if he as an ass man. He said he was a me man. Turns out that running got my blood pumping and that made my pussy drip. I am not normally a risk taker, but something about the sun being out and trying to get over cabin fever made me push the lad into the public bathroom. I took him into one of the stalls and showed off my big round milf ass. I let him pump his seed into my ass too. He did not last long, but under the circumstances, that was a good thing. I went back to my run and I was sure he went back to find his classmates to brag about the hot milf phone sex slut he just ass fucked in the park

Adult Phone Chat Is Legal

It’s often I get questioned if it’s ok to talk about this or that. In the fantasy world of Adult phone chat we have the Freedom of Speech. We are discussing fantasy roles and nothing needs to come of it. You and I both get turned on by the things we talk about and to me, that’s all that fucking matters! So yes! I don’t give a fuck about how taboo and ridiculous this shit is, I am mother fucking down! However, there are things that just cannot be mentioned on here, and that requires you to use that dirty mind of yours, be creative, and think outside of the norm. You just let that cock do the dialing and it’s me that it will throb for. Well, me or my little brats. One boy, and two girls. Pageant whores with naughty little cum suckling mouths. I have my sluts to pay my rent, buy my materialistic needs and my favorite ways of getting horny is playing with perverts like you that want some of what mama popped out of her cooch! Now now don’t make this slut wait.. too long before you grow the balls to call me! My girls and boy will get too old to be so desirable for you and I want you to experience their bald, soft little hairless bodies as soon as possible! Gape their holes, fuck their faces. Make mama’s cunt gifts your special little p daddy treats.

Adult Phone Chat

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits. I have some big jugs. I am a naturally busty girl. Long before I ever popped my cherry, I was letting boys from school jizz on my tits for $10. Jugs like mine earned me a pretty penny. I paid for college by letting schoolboys and dirty old men cum on my big boobs. I had this one dad of a girl I babysat for in the 90s who likely paid over a grand over the years to jizz on my boobs. He was a frequent flyer. I wanted to fuck him. I tried to lose my virginity to him, but he would not go that far. I think the fear of prison was stronger than the desire to fuck my young bald pussy at the time. I ran into him the other day. I had not seen him in 20 years. He is a silver-haired fox now. And no longer afraid to fuck me. He is still married to my friend’s mom, but she apparently stopped taking care of her husband ions ago. Sexy BBW Glenda to the rescue. This time, I finally got my man. He was not afraid to fuck me. I am legal age now. And he did not need to pay me a penny. He titty fucked me. He mouth fucked me. He ass fucked me. And he pussy fucked me. He is old enough to be my father and he came 4 times in an hour. That is impressive for men even half his age. I guess that is the power of my big 44 EEEs.

Hot Squirting Pussy For Sissy Bois!

hot squirting pussyTell me how much you love seeing my delicious little Hot squirting pussy all stretched out in front of you. Heard you wanted to join my whores, well you got to learn to be a bad bitch like me! I love that I keep your little clitty locked up in a cold, steel chastity cage. It fits perfectly under those pretty lacy panties. You wore your mini-skirt and my favorite stockings today; what a good girl. Mamacita Alanza is gonna reward you, perrita. Mirame, look at me. You see this Torro cock, right here? This big Alpha bull cock is going to fuck me right in my tight fucking twat! I’m dripping at the thought But you need some cock training, don’t you? Open real wide, say AH! Good girl! Take that BBC monster man meat and swallow it whole! I need you to choke on that beast of a  BBC baby boi! Take it all the way down, you want to be a bad bitch then do as I say! I will make you the high rolling paid slut you were always meant to be! Get him so hard! Now watch me bounce and grind all over him. I know you wish you could play with your clitty, but sissy whores don’t get to cum unless I decide you do. Got it, bitch? You are my sissy phone sex little bad bitch and I’m going to put you in your place! sissy phone sex

I’m Your Fantasy Phone Sex Girl

fantasy phone sex

Does your cock get sticky when you start touching it and thinking of all of the fantasy phone sex calls you’ve done with me? If we haven’t talked yet, I’m sure your dick starts to leak when you look at my picture on the website. What are you thinking about doing with me while you look at me? Do you picture me down on my knees in front of you with your throbbing hard-on in my mouth? Do you want to see my glossy pink lips suck until it makes you cum on my tongue? I’ll even open my mouth and let you watch me swallow it.

If that’s not your fantasy, maybe there’s something a little more kinky and taboo that you’d like to talk about. I’m always up for talking about anything that makes your toes curl. A fucking horny slut like me will never say no. It’s not something I say, anyway. So if you’re looking for something hot that’ll make you cum hard and then maybe even be ready for more, just pick up that phone and give me a call right now. I’m ready and waiting to make your world rock, you dirty ass perv.

GFE Phone Sex: 2 Sugar Babies and 1 King

gfe phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like Big Daddy King. He spoils me like no other man ever could. Our last visit, he took me to this high-end car dealership to get me a new car. We drove up in Big Daddy King’s Ferrari. That alone guarantees us top service, but when you are Big Daddy King, you get that anyway. I saw something I liked, but it was not a car, it was Gwen, the dealership girl. I insisted she be the one to wait on us and she saw this buxom blonde and the sexiest man alive and she wanted to wait on us too. She convinced me I needed a BMW and I convinced Big Daddy King we needed her. Although Gwen was not yet aware that she was in the presence of greatness, her boss knew all about Big Daddy King’s athleticism and impressive football career. We took the BMW and Gwen for a test drive. Since the car was only a two-seater, Gwen sat on The Living Legend’s lap while I worked the stick shift. Thanks to BDK, this sugar baby OG can handle a big stick. Gwen could feel the anaconda coming to life under her tight little ass.

biggest cum shotI drove my soon to be new ride to Big Daddy King’s Tampa mansion. Gwen needed to become acquainted with the opulent lifestyle Big Daddy King lives in. She needed to get acquainted with the anaconda too. She was impressed with his crib, but she had not seen anything yet. We took her to the throne room. She had never seen anything like it before and I am talking about the anaconda. The throne room with its gold walls, bejeweled throne and crown is impressive, but the anaconda is the 8th Wonder of the World. I wanted Gwen to have the full Big Daddy King experience, so I took off his robe and pulled down his white compression shorts. When the anaconda rolled out in its white man’s sleeve, Gwen almost passed out. BDK has the most sought after and addicting cock known to women. Even a sexy babe like Gwen had never seen something so incredible. She begged for that billionaire nut sauce and her eager mouth got the biggest cum shot too. The kind of money shot even the best known male porn star cannot deliver. You might think I was the winner of the day because I got a new a Cherry Red 2021 Mercedes Benz sports car from my beloved King, but Gwen was the clear winner of the day because she joined the ranks of the best and most elite sugar baby posse around. Gwen’s stock just more than quadrupled because she is now owned too by Big Daddy King. #Addicted2Anaconda #PropertyofBDK #BBCMatters #TheLivingLegend

2 girl phone sex

My Babysitter Services

Babysitter Phone SexWant to know why hot girls like me go into babysitting? Cause horny dad’s can’t overcome our sexual prowess, so a ten dollar an hour job can turn into hundreds on the hour. I’m not saying rug-rats ruin marriages but sometimes couples just fizz out once tiny brats come along. So it less those often rich daddies aching for some hot young pussy like their wives used to have. Cue me in a short dress bending over and cleaning up the toys making sure he catches a glance that will make him hard instantly. A shy smile and a few complaints, and we are on the couch sharing a bit of flirtatious small talk. A hand on his thigh tells him he’s in, but my mouth tells him I’m expecting a big tip for going the extra mile.  It’s too late there is no more blood up in the brain of his, it’s all down in his engorged cock as he’s handing me hundreds from his wallet. Then I let my wet pussy give the sex-starved daddy what he needs. Honestly a few extra moments a night is worth a few hours dealing with his seedlings.

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