Cuckolding Phone Sex My Husband with Brian’s Beer Can Thick Cock

cuckolding phone sexBrian is not the cuck in my cuckolding phone sex calls. He is the bull. My husband is the cuck. Brian is not my typical caller because he is actually a man. A man with a big cock. Over 13 thick inches. And yes, he is a white man. I know I do not often fuck white men, especially in front of my loser husband, but a big cock is a big cock. Plus, I like my husband knowing he is just a loser because even white guys can have long beer can thick cocks. Even white guys can give me a good pounding. So, when Brian called last night, I told him to come right over. I planned on having hot ass sex with him in front of my husband. I bent over on all fours because Brian loves my ample ass. He is a fan of my dangerous curves. Tits and ass for days is what I got. My husband looked shocked that a white man could be that big, but Brian is the proof. I could see the wheels turning in his head. The hamster was spinning as he came to the realization that it is not just race that makes him inferior. My husband has always thought that all white guys were small like him in comparison to African American men, but Brian shattered that delusion. My husband is just small, but Brian is not, and he fucked me the way I deserved. A sexy milf like me needs a big dick in her fuck holes.

Chloe’s Naughty Blackmail

Blackmail Phone SexNaughty Naughty boy! Does your wife know that you’re still here? Of course now! She would never know about her husband still here playing with himself while watching porn in his office. What? You didn’t know I was still here? I was doing all of that work you emailed me and I’m just now leaving! Shouldn’t have done that sir. I could call her up right now and tell her about you after work activities. No? Well what are you gonna give me for it? It’s gonna take a little more then a flimsy raise. You’re little naughty secretary is gonna financially dominate you completely now. Should have left and played with yourself in your car or something at least then I wouldn’t have to catch you and you could have gotten away. But no know you have to deal with me babe. Take your clothes off and get your wallet out and be ready to become all mine! That’s right keep taking it all off and out and be ready to be dominated by your naught secretary.

I Put On A Show

fantasy phone sex

We went away for the weekend and daddy gets off on other men looking at me. So, after dinner and some drinks we came back to the condo and did a few lines and drank some more and then he took of my clothes leaving me in only my bra and panties. I moved towards him because my pussy was wet in anticipation for his big thick cock. But he stopped me. We were above a courtyard and he opened the doors and walked me out to the balcony. It looked out above the street that was full of people partying. He turned the ring light on me and told me to pose for him. I knew what that meant. He wanted me to give those below a hot strip tease show. I did not disappoint. He pulled up a chair, pulled his cock out and started jerking as I pulled my bra down and turned to the street of onlookers and pulled my tit up and started licking my nipples. The cat calling and whistles made my cunt warm and wet, and I could see precum all over daddy’s dick. I lifted my leg and removed my panties to show daddy my wet juicy bald cunt and the crowd below my sweet ass. Then daddy threw a dildo at me and I sat down and spread my legs and pushed the dildo inside of my pussy. Want to hear what else I did? And the things that I did to daddy on the balcony too? Pick up that phone and give me a call baby.

Mommy Phone Sex Every Day

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is my specialty. That is because I am a mommy whore. This job is perfect for me because I need an outlet to discuss my naughty endeavors past and present. Coke makes me extra naughty. I was coked up on Mother’s Day too. My mom is with us now, so every day is Mother’s Day for my sons. The day started off nice. My sons and husband made us breakfast. After we ate, we gave the boys a show. Mommy on mommy action on the couch while my boys watched and stroked their cocks. The boys love watching mommy and granny bump and grind pussies. It is their favorite way to masturbate. They enjoy my mother’s hairy pussy. I have a wet bald pussy they like too but watching us together is their favorite. My husband enjoys our shows too. We gave them a hot show until we each had a cock in our ass. A boy cock for each of us. My mom fucked my brother when I was growing up but I know she always wanted another son so I had some one to fuck too. I fucked my brother sometimes and she would watch and masturbate, but she was pretty greedy with him. With my boys, she shares. We share my husband too. He always wanted to bang his own mother, but he settled for marrying a dirty mommy. It was a wonderful mother’s day spent just how I like in bed with my mommy and my sons.

May is Mental Health Awareness and it ties in with my Fucked up Anal phone sex dream

anal phone sex

I’m very much into getting my ass pounded. I have thought about an older man completely taking advantage of me. The perfect anal phone sex scenario for me happens to be in a therapy session.

I want to be a victim of hardcore fucking. I want to be roofied and suffer from PTSD, that I need some mental health counseling. I know it’s fucked up!!! I want to tell my therapist how it’s all a daze, but I woke up with a sore bum and my body all bruised. My fantasy is to have this therapist make me undress and play with myself in front of him. I, of course, won’t be on board, so he takes matters into his own hands and anal pounds me. The idea of being used by someone in power who is supposed to help you turns me on more than anything. Every time I think about it, I can’t help but orgasm so hard!!!

Cum Slut Phone Sex Birthday Bash

It was my daughters birthday on Mother’s Day. She was a good deviant slut and we had the best party. Since it was one of the years where Mother’s day landed on her Birthday is was special. Very special in the types of party we had. Cake, with lots of sugary frosting and some other kind of cream was flowing also.

We had about fifteen to twenty men at the party, and yes just us two gals celebrating our big day together. It was a mother and daughter sharing. After all they say sharing is caring. We were showing so much care to these big cocks at the party. I had my girls sweet tight ass pounded with so many cocks she was prolapsed, gaped, and flowered into a juicy little open rosebud. It was profoundly exciting the amounts of fucking and cum we got into. That cake was consumed and demolished with the kinky filthy fun we had. It was the best way to enjoy that cake. It was certainly filling the holes and offering the pure sweetness it was meant to give. I think we are having a cum withdrawl and just need to get some more spooge flowing… join in the fun. Anal sex for all!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Titty Fucking Phone Sex at the Doctor’s Office

titty fucking phone sexTitty fucking phone sex? If you have not noticed, I have huge breasts. They are my measures of a big cock; a cock worthy of a sexy BBW and her big natural tits. I met two guys yesterday in a rather nontraditional way. I was at the doctor’s office. One of the guys was a Physician’s assistant and the other was a pharmaceutical guy who was just there at the right time. The PA was mesmerized by my big tits, so was the pharmaceutical rep. After my doctor’s appointment, the PA stopped me. I had just peed in a cup, and he cornered me as I was exiting. He said he needed me to sign something, so we went into an empty room. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and told me I was the sole reason his dick was that hard. It felt mighty big. It looked amazing when I pulled his cock out of his scrubs. My tits immediately swallowed him up. I guess he forgot to lock the door because the pharmaceutical guy busted in on us. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, they were buddies and working in unison. The more the merrier for this cock obsessed slut. I just hoped he was as big as his buddy. He was bigger!!!! I slid them both between my big knockers and both came out the other side and into my mouth. Hot fucking damn. Two big dicks meant the biggest cum shot for my big breasts. I wanted to fuck them, but we were in a doctor’s office with all sorts of people walking the halls outside the door. We exchanged info after they came on my boobs. They came over last night and tag teamed me properly. My ass and my cunt have not felt this good in a long time. And to think I was dreading going to the doctor.

The Cum He Ate From Her Cunt Was Mine

Phone sex

I love experimenting!

Daddy has a new girlfriend and I walked in on her playing with her pussy in the shower!

She didn’t even stop when she saw me, she just kept sliding her fingers deeper and deeper into her dripping wet cunt!

I turned to leave but she followed me into the bedroom and started taking off my clothes, kissing my soft lips and sucking my perky tits!

My smooth cunny was already wet before she started fingering it and and I was afraid I was going to squirt when she started grinding her trimmed muff on my bald cunt!

She slowly worked her tongue down to my dripping pussy and my back couldn’t help but arch when she eased her long fingers into my tight ass!

I begged her to stop tongues fucking me!

I knew I was about to drown her in cum!

So she slid her cunt right up to mine and I gushed sweet honey on her soft pretty lips!

Later that night, I heard her and Daddy in the bedroom. I just wonder if he knows the cum he is eating from her cunt is mine!

Chloe the Cheerleader

cheerleader phone sex

Did you see my dance? Our team practiced for weeks just for this game! I’m so proud of it aren’t you? What was that? You want me to give you another dance back at your place? Of course I can! Anything to entertain! I love to dance and you seem to love watching me so come on! Here, sit right down on this seat and I’ll start to strip down my clothes. Giving strip teases are so much fun and I get to feel your cock grow in your pants, oh god it feels so amazing doesn’t it? I never wanna stop at least not until you slam me down on your bed and take me for yourself. Come play with this barely legal cheerleader and make it worth your time. Don’t you love the age play phone sex? A high school cheerleader making that big dick feel huge and explode all over me with your cum! I just can’t get enough of it.

Professor’s Good Submissive Slut

Roleplay Phone Sex


I can’t keep it from my professor that I am a total slut. I tease him in class by spreading my, and showing him my bare pussy. When he comes close to me, I rub my hand on his crotch and feel on his hard cock. This makes my pussy wet and excited for when I see him after class. As soon as everyone is gone, he bends me over his desk lifts my skirt up and spanks me with his ruler. As he spanks me, he plays with my clit making sure I get super wet. I begged him for his cock, so he shoved it deep in my mouth. I sucked it slow just like he likes it hopping he would fuck my pussy next. Just as I wanted, he came up from behind me and thrusted his big throbbing cock in me. I melted feeling my body getting rammed like a naughty whore should. As he pumped me, he played with my clit and fingered my asshole. He knows that is the way to get me to cum hard and quick for him. As I did, he started filling me up which made me cum again. Before I left, he told me that I got an “A” in my next assignment.

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