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wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy needed stuffing. I am alone with no family and no boyfriend. I just wanted some stuffing and some man gravy. I was at the strip club last night, but oddly enough it was pretty dead. Holidays are always slamming, so I am certain the lack of horny men buying VIP time with me had to do with Covid and not Thanksgiving. I was not ready to go home to an empty house when I left the club last night, so I went to the hotel bar next door. I was the belle of the ball. The bar was supposed to close early per the governor’s orders, but the bar owner was a rebel. He just dimmed the lights and locked us inside. There was me and maybe 8 other guys. Not a huge crowd. But enough men to make me not feel lonely. I had one too many Tequila shots and my slut side shined. It shined bright too. I started guzzling cock from a bar stool. The horny men lined up to skull fuck me. I swallowed cum and I swallowed a lot. In the moment, I joked about cum shots. Guys who could not wait, started cumming in shot glasses. Since I am a cum whore, I pounded back their cum shots. It was not a traditional Thanksgiving celebration, but I was not alone. Plus, I got the stuffing I wanted and all the man gravy I could handle.

Pregnant Pageant Whores and Mama

He was willing to pay, and pay good. So what is a young p mommy to do when a lucrative offer comes about? Well, I took this doctor up on his offer. He was actually a scientist, a biologist that specializes in fertility. I answered an ad in a medical research call for participants that was a private sector. Like where doctors and other scientists were the target audience and they would have the personal recommendation of the most fitting subjects. My gyno sent him my way. My lady parts doctor and I have a history. He very much enjoys the very packages he delivered and has enjoyed my delivery portal plenty of times. So, he knows me best.

It was a naughty experiment in having me and my two little pageant whores impregnated together. They are so young and will be given special hormones. Then when we are all fertile, my two daughters and me get to fuck. We will be sharing some big daddy cocks with potent sperm. The three of us will enjoy the load but only I get to enjoy that big fat cock. My girls will be the cum hungry little whores they are and fight over the potent daddy sperm. They will take their little fists in my mommy cunt and start pulling the cum out. They love to fist each other and to fist mommy. They are sperm hungry whores and are excited to be impregnated. 

There was a stipulation in the rules that the girls hated. They aren’t allowed to be fucked by the sperm donor due to legalities. So, we were thinking you could be the perfect on to assist my sluts. They need to feel that daddy dick inside of them and the doctor knew I would come up with a way.

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Big Tit Photos: Give My Tits Some Gravy

big tit photosBig tit photos will compliment your Thanksgiving meal. I want your gravy all over my tits too. I would not mind a good stuffing either. I am usually with my family this time of year, but it is not safe to travel. Are you in the same boat? Bars are closed, so I cannot even go out with my girlfriends and have some drunken debauchery the night before a holiday. I can masturbate, however, and watch porn. I can flirt with my neighbors and sext with my married lovers. I can take nude selfies for blogs and to make my married lovers miss me more. And, I can have phone sex with you. So, although it appears that I will be a party of one this holiday, I still have plenty of things I can do to pass the time. I went outside nude this morning. I snapped some new pictures for my blogs, like this one right here. I wanted to highlight my big jugs so you can imagine giving me your cock gravy. I love the feel and the look of cum on my big tits. This is a Thanksgiving unlike any one before. If you are stuck all alone, let’s celebrate together. We can have some drinks, smoke some weed and masturbate while talking dirty. Who knows? Maybe this will be the least stressful holiday for either of us.

Making Sexy Female Domination Porn for you

Female domination pornSexy Female Domination Porn is what you need to get that fucking monster cock off. You know I am right. There’s something so sexy and sensual about a woman who leads the pack, woof, woof!  My pussy gets hot when I get you right where I want. 

Leading you to orgasm while I mistreat you is so fucking erotic and enticing for me. Your brown skinned Queen of the hood, knows all about nasty sex crazed fetishes. I had a man call me to tell me to stick My Ruger up my ass last night.

I asked loaded or unloaded. Because bitch I don’t mind playing Russian roulette with my own cunt.

But it’s much better to find a homeless LGBT teen who has been thrown away for the holidays and make her my accomplice bitch. Then we will Hunt down a Big ass dick gay boy and use him to fuck you tight ass holes as we beat you and give his big dick in your ass for some deep ass fucking. No one should be alone for the holidays and your ass is mine with the help of a couple of throw always! Click click boom bitch!

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Ass so good I could eat it!

rim jobs phone sex

Rim jobs phone sex is a down and dirty money maker. There is something so sinfully delicious about pressing your face into someone’s ass and lapping at their chocolate starfish. Angling your head to find the perfect spot so that you can lick as much as possible. Pointing your tongue into a makeshift cock to breach their forbidden area. Feeling their pucker give way as you apply firm pressure and begin sliding in and out. Feeling them press their cheeks harder against yours as they try to draw your tongue in further. Alternating between sucking that hole and fucking into it. Hearing the guttural moans release as they enjoy your oral ministrations on their rear passage. I will eat from their anal buffet until they cannot take anymore. I have imagined a daisy chain of ass eaters all strapping in and chowing down. In my personal case I really love the feeling of a man with facial hair tucking into my toad in a hole. The soft texture of his whiskers tickling my taint. I feel sorry for all the people in this world who have never enjoyed eating ass or having their ass eaten. It is a forbidden delicacy that all should try once.

GFE Phone Sex Escort

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I have two looks. I can be a tough looking brunette or a blonde goddess. Either way I am sexy as fuck and always in charge. I have a bunch of sugar daddies. All kinds of men too, from all over the world. It is amazing how many countries have shemale lovers. Those countries may not be safe for shemales to live but that does not mean shemale fans cannot come to the US or call a tranny. I have a sheik I met a few months prior to the virus turning the world upside down. He came to America for business but made it a mission to look for a chick with a dick. I was in this LBGTQ bar when I met him. He came in with an entourage. Honestly, I thought he was in the wrong bar. Middle Eastern men have never been my thing only because I know special girls like me are persecuted in their countries. He came up to me and asked me if I was a shemale. With some muscle in the form of bouncers behind me, I told him I was. He showed me a briefcase of more money than I had ever seen at once. He made me a deal. He wanted the shemale domination porn experience. In exchange for one night with me in his hotel suite, I would walk away with the cash. I was nervous it was a set up, but he had a boner and kind eyes. Turned out, he was what he said he was. I gave a sheik an ass pounding for hours. I skull fucked him too. He was my bitch and he paid me handsomely. He is itching to get back to the states. Maybe soon. But until then, he fucks the dildos I send him while we face time. He puts money in my account after every call we have. I have him hooked on shemales and tranny phone sex.

I Have a Hole For You Too

fantasy phone sexAfter a fun night with my hot sugar daddy, we headed back to his place. Lots of coke and lots of drinking and we were certainly feeling the effects. We were both so horny that we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before we were taking our clothes off and going at it. In only my fishnets I got on my knees and started worshiping his big thick cock. Taking him deep and taking him fast. I sucked his balls and rimmed his ass. He lifted me up and as he leaned back, he sat me on his face where he licked and sucked on my cunt until all those wonderful pussy juices covered his face. Then he sat me on his lap facing away from him and rammed his cock inside my tight asshole. As we sat on the chair deep in our anal pleasure, we heard the door open. In walked his teenage son. As he stood there watching, his daddy didn’t miss a pump. I smiled, stretched my pussy hole open and told him I had another hole that needed to be filled. He smiled as he unbuttoned his pants and walked towards us.

Black Cock Phone Sex Sissy Training

black cock phone sexNo one does black cock phone sex like me. I am a black cock whore. I have been one since I was a teen girl. I thought I could go back, but my white girl pussy was not having any white dick again. My husband and I have a unique marriage. He is living a pussy free life. I cuckolded him when we were just dating. He wanted to marry me so badly, he became my black cock fagot and cuckold for life. Now, he helps me train others. I recently started a home school program for cuckolds and sissies. Most of it is online training, but I love subliminal training. I indoctrinate white boys on the beauty of big black cocks. I let them know they are not worthy of white girl pussy. I tell them that sexy babes like me deserve only the best cocks. I will not say that is only black cock. But it is mostly black cock. Many white men secretly want to worship big black cocks. Those with tiny white dicks at least. They just need some encouragement. My husband was the first one I trained. He turned out perfect too. He went from a do not ask do not tell policy to wanting to fluff big black cocks for me. I knew what he was capable of being. I knew he had it in him to be a black cock faggot. He just needed encouragement and training. He needed black cock sissy phone sex. Now the question is, do you?

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Jerry Garcia Pussy

Phone sex Shyla

This is some pretty good shit I am smokin!

I was just on a call and he asked me to send him a picture of my pussy.

So I snapped this selfie.

Now, I know I am a little wasted but y’all see that, right?

Look really close!

Jerry Fucking Garcia is in my pussy!

Do ya see him!

Look, there is his eyes! And his nose! And his mouth!

My pussy has been possessed by the Grateful Deads ghost!

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Do you think he was singing about my slippery wet cunt in Friend Of The Devil?

My pussy will be famous!

People will come for miles just to look at at!

My tight wet pussy will see more action than all the porn stars in all the land!

Oh wait!

Who wants to tongue fuck Jerry Fucking Garcia!


Mommy dearest

Mother-daughter phone sex

I cum so hard during mother-daughter phone sex. There is just such an extra layer of naughtiness when you know that it is your own mothers’ cunt that you are lapping at. Finger fucking the very hole that you came from. Licking and chewing on the same nipples that fed you as a small brat. I love hearing her moan my name and tell me how much she loves my head at her twat again. Asking you if you can taste your dads’ cum from the fucking he gave her last night. I especially enjoy keeping her mouth quiet by lowering my cunt onto her face. I love seeing her face covered in my cum, her fingers all wet from being in my cunt and tasting myself all over her lips. Sometimes I will grab my strap on and make her suck me before I fuck her into oblivion. The best part of having a fake cock is that I don’t have to stop because I came or because I went soft. I have gotten up to 20 orgasms from her in a night and I am aiming for 21 this time. Mom called earlier to let me know that dad was going out of town to golf this weekend and that she is missing her sweet girl. I guess we will be working on that 21 sooner than I thought!

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