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It’s hard for me not to get wet thinking about this recent Cum Slut Phone Sex Gangbang. We had the nastiest fun, little Emily Jasmine and I. My friends are the best when it cums to their desiring of this slutkins pussy and starfish.

We were partying up in Canada with some old and new friends. Someone brought a bunch of ecstasy to the party and dosed us all! I party with mainly guys and so it was a bunch of dudes a couple of large Furry Friends and little Emily and I. She gets so strung out and cute.

The fact that she is a little whore and copies me is the cutest thing ever. We started really getting hot dancing around and the ecstasy kicking in. Shedding clothes, doing lines, smoking weed and drinking. This was a bomb ass party. Someone came with the idea of letting the furry fucker lick little Emily and boy was it on! I swear this was a cum soaked bash and I had about 6 fucking cocks plus 2 red rockets and so did Emily!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Talk to me I bite!

BDSM phone chat That’s right I bite, and an skilled in the ways of BDSM phone sex. I’m a rough rider baby, Just ask Julio down at the Biker bar. He likes to get freak nasty with me over the pool table and give everyone a nice show. He has a couple scars from when I bit the shit of him as I came on his cock! Only tonight as I’m bent over the pool table his buddies can’t help but to get some of this mix bitches mouth and throat too! So I’m sucking cock, beer is pouring over my head and down my tits as I give a nice BJ! I’m not mad about it either, as I’m being pulled train on I know whose cock is who and what their secret perversions are. Julio has a thing for little afro puffs and dark cunny. I get him a sweet one on his birthday every year. Although he doesn’t know the money I make from secretly recording him and his little victim, a bitch has to get paid after all. And when I’m nice and drunk and full of Mexican biker cock, I walk the streets looking for men as fucked up as this snuff phone sex bitch!snuff phone sex

Getting Freshmen Cock!

Hot Phonesex

Fall Is my favorite time of year on campus, all the new students means plenty of fresh new cock to play with in between classes! I love seeing all the new freshmen come in still looking like they are in High school, it takes about one semester before they look like real college students. I like to find the cutest and most innocent looking freshmen and ask them if they’d like a VIP tour of the campus. I get the cutie all alone as we tour the most popular places on campus and then I like to show them the more secluded spots, like the stacks in the library where it’s so dark and quiet. I take my little freshie and press him against the books kissing him hard, he gets his dick at attention instantly while my tongue plays with his. I make him get down on his knees and I lift up my skirt, showing him my bald shaved pussy, I tell him to ‘have some cunt’ and he gets straight to licking my hard little clit, I’m not satisfied until my juices are running down his chin and I’ve cum all over his cute little face!

Cheating Phone Sex Mistress

cheating phone sexI love being your cheating phone sex partner. I am a sexy bbw and I fuck a lot of married men. I am always down to show a married man with a neglected cock what a real woman can do for him. Let’s be honest. When was the last time your wife properly drained your balls? I am such a good mistress that married men send me their married men friends. Last night one of my late-night lovers came over for a booty call and he brought a friend. They both had wedding rings on, but I did not care. I have no problem doing multiple guys at once. Look at me? There is plenty of me to go around. I got on my knees and worshiped both their cocks. My lover’s friend was hung. I mean so hung I struggled to take him all the way down my throat, and I never struggle with cock. I am a hungry cock whore. My lover gave me a look of awe as he saw me do my best to take his pal’s neglected cock down my throat. I used my tits to help me. I pushed my boobs together so he could snake his big cock through my 44 EEEs. There was plenty of his cock left after he snaked through my boobs. Enough for my mouth. He was in my throat though. My lover was getting too excited watching me take care of his pal’s neglected big dick. He had me keep sucking him, but on all fours instead of my knees. He wanted some hot ass sex with his favorite mistress. I can handle two hard cocks at once. I love two hard cocks at once. Both men unleashed a gallon of cum in me. So much cum that it will be running out of my fuck holes for days. They came over for a good ball draining and they got it. I never let a man leave my place with backed up balls.

Club Love with Big Daddy King and Cassandra

Daddys girl phone sex

I finally got to meet the true living legend himself, the one and only, Big Daddy King! I had been following Papi King and his sexy OG sugar baby, Cassandra, for months on IG and when I realized they were in my city, I knew that was my chance to finally meet them in the flesh. I picked out my favorite Fashion Nova jeans, the ones that have cutouts of my sexiest ASSets, and a tiny black leather bralette that barely covered my huge tits. I grabbed my stiletto red bottom Louboutin’s and headed to the club. Big Daddy King and Cassandra pulled up in their chrome black Porsche and my heart skipped a beat. I had heard all about Big Daddy’s successful business endeavors and of course his 13 ½ in BBC and that print in his Gucci pants proved at least one of those rumors were spot on. Cassandra flashed a pretty smile and asked me if I wanted to join her and BDK for the night. Of course I said yes. There was no way I’d turn down such an amazing opportunity. Big Daddy King ordered bottles and the three of us hit the dance floor. I grinded and moved my hips to the beat as BDK moved in closer. I could feel his giant anaconda rubbing up against my ass. All that big dick energy and alcohol had my pussy wet and throbbing. Big Daddy and Cassandra must’ve felt it too because next thing I know the three of us were making our way to a private V.I.P. room. That’s when the party really got started. Cassandra and I took off our pants for Big Daddy.  We realized we wore matching black thongs. Big Daddy took off his pants too. His thick, long cock was barely able to fit in the white custom compression shorts he had on. I know they were custom because a thick anaconda like his could never fit in the regular ones. Not like those tiny little white cocks can. BDK’s anaconda was so massive and it wasn’t even hard yet. I just had to get a selfie and shower it with rainbow kisses! Cassandra and I took turns leaving red kiss prints on Big Daddy’s shorts. We looked so hot kissing all over BDK’s sexy BBC. We begged Big Daddy King to pull it out for us to play with. He pulled it out and my mouth instantly watered. I started licking his wide shaft as Cassandra licked and sucked the head, our mouths and tongues meeting somewhere in the middle. BDK’s giant cock was so engorged and hard. It was leaking delicious pre-cum. We made sure to worship Daddy’s massive cock. Impressed with my head game, Papi King was ready to try my tight wet pussy hole. I got on all fours in the doggy style position. I put my face down and my pretty round ass in the air so this larger than life, living legend could deep stroke my kitty. Cassandra pulled out the camera so we could live stream all the action. I got so horny thinking of all the haters with their miniature cocks wishing they were Big Daddy King. But they could NEVER fuck me like this black stallion. Big Daddy King stretched me wide as he deep stroked me from the back. When we felt his BBC was just about ready to squirt all that beautiful billionaire nut sauce, Cassandra and I rubbed our ass together so BDK could shoot his huge load on our gorgeous white asses at the same time. It was so sexy and hot! We thanked BDK for an amazing time and giggled as we realized we had made an audience. Afterwards, Big Daddy King and Cassandra welcomed me as an official sugar baby. I was honored because everyone knows that being one of BDK’s sugar babies is an opportunity of a lifetime. From now on this pretty white pussy is the property of BDK, the true king of all kings! 

Daddys girl phone sex

Sissy Slut Mistress

sissy phone sexWhen me and your wife show up, you need to be on your knees, wearing the sissy faggot clothes I brought for you. Heels and all. I don’t care if she doesn’t know yet because she’s going to know tonight. You’re expected to be on your best behavior as well. You don’t want me telling her that you’ve been taking ten inch cocks into you sissy pussy while you rub your hard clitty do you? Your fag cock is too small to even count as a cock so you better be rubbing on it right now as I speak to you.

Your gorgeous wife and I walk in while dressed in skin tight clothing and high heels, when she stumbles upon you she’s so shocked to see you dressed up in those sissy clothes, she laugh and giggles while pointing you out to me. I laugh with her while you’re kneeling on the ground I whisper to your wife, I pull a strap on out of my over night bag and tell her to put it on. the rest of the night was spent spreading your ass cheeks and making you our sissy faggot slut, and me making your wife cum over and over again right in front of you!

BBC and Drugs Phone Sex

drugs phone sexIt is no secret that I am a drugs phone sex whore. Two things in life I need as much as food and air are coke and boy cum. I am jizz junkie and a boy cum addict. I have a routine for the weekend. Thursday night I go out and score coke for the weekend.  My number one dealer of choice, Marcus, is a black man. We are about the same age. I have been scoring from him since I was a high school girl. His father was my mother’s dealer for over a decade. He inherited his father’s business after his dad died. I have grown up with Marcus. He is just three years older than me. He has been running a drug empire for almost 25 years now. Back in the day I had to pay cash for my coke, but once I became a sexy mommy, he wanted to fuck me for trade. I was never going to say no to that. I was a whore by that time anyway. Marcus loves his version of mommy phone sex. He never got to bang his mommy, but he loves banging white mommies now. Sometimes, I give him a treat and bring my two boys along for the fun. He strokes his big back cock watching me fuck my sons. And my boys stroke their cocks watching me get my dealer’s BBC. They love watching me be a whore. Marcus gets to live vicariously through my sexual exploits with my two horny boys. He also gets my sloppy seconds. He loves using my sons” cum as lube to fuck my ass. Marcus was in rare form Thursday night. He dipped his dick in my cum filled mommy pussy and coated it in boy jizz. Then he gave me a hardcore ass fucking I will never forget. He also gave me double my normal supply of coke. Happens every time I bring my boys with.

Welcome Home Babe

fantasy phone sexWelcome home baby. I have been waiting for you. Waiting to please you like only I can do. My tight young body. My little perky tits, perfect pussy, and heart shaped ass. My mouth just waiting to devour your rock-hard cock. Come join me. Let me take off your clothes and lay you on your back. Kissing your face and slowly making my way down your chest to your hip bones. My pearl necklace grazes your cock and balls, making you squirm with excitement. I position myself between your legs and suck on your balls and then deep throat you.

I take you deep in my little warm mouth. Swirling my tongue around your shaft. My hand moves down and starts rubbing your tight asshole. I push just a little and my fingertip is in. You clench but you love it. I suck you harder and push my finger deeper. You start to relax. I taste the precum and move my head from your cock. A string of your cum and my spit on my mouth as I look at you. I remove my necklace and start to rub it against you ass, pushing the beads a little further with each pulse. You like that and your cock leaks uncontrollable. I pull them out and clean them with my mouth. I smile at you wondering what you are going to do to me.

GFE Phone Sex with a Silver Haired Fox

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. The older I get, the more I want to be spoiled back. For years I gave and gave and never got back, not even sexually. I have earned the right to be spoiled and pampered. I guess you could say, I have paid my dues and I am ready to collect. I was dancing at the club the other night. The DJ played a Poison song because I was in an old Poison tee shirt and black chaps. It was 80s night in the club, and I went as an 80s groupie. I did my dance to “Talk Dirty to Me,” but afterwards a guy wanted the VIP room with me. He was much older than me, but old guys’ money spends the same in my book. He laid a big wad of cash on the table for me. I was suspicious because it was way too much for a lap dance. I was not sure what he wanted. He saw the concerned look on my face and assured me he was not offering to buy me or have me whack anyone for him. I gave him a lap dance to more 80s hairband music. He said he just needed a pretty girl to spend the weekend with him. He seemed nice enough. He appeared plenty rich enough. I agreed. I knew nothing about him. I was going off my gut impression. After the club closed, I went to his hotel with him. He was staying next door at this high-end hotel. I gave him another lap dance. This time with us both nude. He was struggling to get hard, which never happens to me. I took his age into consideration and decided he needed some of the tricks I use on prostate phone sex calls. I sucked his cock and worked a finger in his ass gently. He never stopped me. Within minutes he had a hard cock like he was a teenager again. I drained his balls dry. According to him, the last time he came he had no grey hair. We fucked for almost 48 hours. This morning he took me shopping before he had to catch his flight home. I do not know if I will ever see him again, but I am glad I took a chance on a lonely old man. He was a great fuck. I almost felt bad taking the money because he was so much fun.

My Wet Bald Pussy

Anal Phone SexOn my way to the gas station I saw a group of guys.. They all started whistling and shouting “hey sexy” “wow I like your fat ass” “Damn those tits are huge”… I flipped my hair & looked back and said none of you can handle this! I had on a super short black pencil dress with a black lace thong underneath. I didn’t wear a bra that day because I wanted my perky nipples to show through my dress. One of the guys shouted “shut up you cum whore.” I walked over to him and grabbed him by his balls. I said you wish I was a cum whore you wouldn’t last more than 2 mins in my FAT — TIGHT — JUICY pussy. One of the other guys walked over and smacked my ass. The 3rd guy was like “How sure are you about that? You smart mouth slut how about we all fuck you right here for stepping on our turf. We will teach you a lesson you little bitch.” At that moment I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. Omg! The first guy whipped out his BBC. It was massive!!! He grabbed me by my hair and told me to bend over and suck it with my ass up. I got so turned on with the aggression and the thought of these 3 BBC’s taking advantage of me.. While he was ramming his cock in my throat his buddy slid my dress up, put my panties to the side and started ramming his cock deep in my pussy. Oh My God!!!!! my pussy was dripping everywhere. While I was sucking his cock and being fucked by his friend I was stroking the 3rd guy all i was thinking was I can’t wait for these guys to triple penetrate me… They gang banged fucked me for hours. Oh my god just thinking about it right now is making my pussy pulse. I AM SO HORNY! I am such a Cum whore & I love it!!!

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